Esprit 22 or 24
ESPrit ear level
Microphone ports
Transmitting coil
Battery cover
Esprit 22
for Nucleus
22 implants,
along the
Transmitting cable
Ear hook
Transmitting coil
Sensitivity / volume
Program switch
0 = off
P1 = program 1
P2 = program 2
Transmitting cable
ESPrit 24
for Nucleus
24 implants
They are the same
device but use
transmitting leads.
The ESPrit ear level consists of the processor and transmitting coil
and cable.
Transmitting coils and cables
There are different coils and cables for the Nucleus 22 (done
before 1996) and the Nucleus 24 implants.
The coil for the ESPrit 22 has a two pin socket and has E22
embossed in the centre on the back of the coil. The cable has two
The coil for the Nucleus 24 has three pins. The cable has three pins.
In order to replace the transmitting cable, the battery cover needs to
be removed (see Changing the Batteries below).
Once the cover has been removed, you need to insert the smaller
plug on the transmitting cable into the socket.
Make sure that the cable fits into the
groove at the base of the ESPrit.
Then replace the battery cover.
To do this, line up the hinge with the pin
at the base of the processor and
carefully close the cover.
Make sure that the cable exits at the
base of the device.
The Magnet
To remove this or to hold it less firmly against the head, turn it anticlockwise.
To replace it or tighten the hold, turn it clockwise.
Do not change the magnet strength without consulting the clinic.
Switching on and off
The coil must be on the child’s head before switching on the
processor or it will shut itself off.
The processor is switched on and off using the program switch.
There are two program slots available and the implant centre will
advise which one is activated for general use, usually P1.
Changing the batteries
Switch off the processor.
Pull the cover back as in the diagram.
The two batteries should be inserted with the
positive side up.
If the processor is switched on and no sound is heard, it is worth
switching it off again for a few seconds and then trying again.
Rotary wheel control
This can be set to adjust volume or sensitivity.
There are a number of accessories which can be attached to the
device. To attach them, the battery cover needs to be removed and
replaced by the audio cover as follows:
Switch off the processor.
Remove the
battery cover
Line up the hinge with
the pin at the base of
the device and close the
cover carefully.
Connect the accessory
into the base of the
audio cover.
Some audio equipment requires an accessory adaptor cable to be
plugged into the audio cover and then connected to another cable
which connects to the external device.
For more information, see troubleshooting ESPrit or try the Cochlear
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