DSP Subwoofer
Product highlights
Meridian’s first DSP Subwoofer,
DSW delivers powerful,
authentic bass with room-filling
performance to enhance both
music and movie soundtracks.
Meridian SpeakerLink
connectivity makes DSW quick
and easy to install. A three-way
switch determines the digital
channels to which the unit
Ideal for use with a Meridian
Surround Controller or in systems
incorporating Audio Core 200.
Designed with the power needed
to complement the bass response
of Meridian Digital Active
Loudspeakers, which already
exhibit impressive bass extension.
DSW is a powerful and dynamic subwoofer
offering exceptional performance in a wide
range of Meridian system applications.
Designed to complement Meridian’s Digital
Active Loudspeakers, DSW is an extremely
powerful unit. It is ideal for use in a
complete surround-sound configuration of
DSP3200 or DSP3300 loudspeakers, for
example, or to complement larger Meridian
loudspeakers such as the DSP5200.
DSW subwoofers can even be paired with
DSP7200 loudspeakers where appropriate.
The unit includes full thermal protection
and an advanced, sturdily-constructed,
long-throw, high-power 12in drive unit. It is
driven by a powerful closed-loop Class D
amplifier capable of delivering up to 600W.
The driver points downwards and thus
removes any tendency to sideways cabinet
Designing a Meridian Subwoofer
The design criteria for a subwoofer to
complement Meridian Digital Active
loudspeakers differ significantly from those
of a subwoofer designed for conventional
systems. To begin with, Meridian Digital
Active Loudspeakers already include a
significant deep bass extension that far
exceeds the capabilities of conventional
loudspeakers of a similar size.
Thus, to make a meaningful contribution
to the bass reproduction of the Meridian
system in which it is installed, a Meridian
subwoofer design must generate a
significant level of low bass. This, in turn,
dictates a larger, more powerful driver
and appropriate cabinetry. The result is a
digital subwoofer that is not only suitable
to complement DSP3200 and DSP3300
systems but larger loudspeakers in the
range, such as the DSP5200, as well.
New high-power long-throw 12in
driver and amplifier combination
delivers maximum performance
under total DSP control, for full,
impressive yet fully-integrated
Downward-facing driver
minimises lateral movement.
Extremely strong internal cabinet
construction for maximum rigidity
at high power levels.
Ideal for the most bass-heavy
music and the most powerful
action movie soundtracks.
Simplified configuration
An additional benefit of the Meridian
approach is that the subwoofer does not
require the phase control found on many
conventional active subwoofers. This is
because the phase control is designed to
compensate for performance differences
in an unknown system that could include
Meridian Audio Limited
ng No.
This drawing is the propert of Meridian Audio Limited and must not be copied or disclosed to a third party without the consent of Meridian Audio Limited
Initial Issue
‘1’; ‘1+2’ & ‘2’ labels
DSP Subwoofer
Outline Technical Specification
This device complies with Part 15 of the
Hz 550W
FCC Rules.
is subject
to the
following two conditions: (1) this device
may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) this device must accept any interference
received, including interference that may
cause undesired operation
Power Inlet
Digital Channel
T2.5AH 250V
for 220-240V~
Replace with same
type fuse
Disconnect supply before changing fuse.
Replace with same type fuse.
Debrancher avant de remplacer le fusible.
Utiliser un fusible de rechange du
meme type.
•Meridian SpeakerLink in and out (RJ45)
•Channel selector switch for channel(s) 1, 1+2
or 2
DSW connector panel layout
one of many types of main loudspeakers
that are not under the direct control of a
controller. In a Meridian system, this is not
the case.
Connector panel
The connector
the DSW
1) See drawing
- 12 (located
under for
and thus hiding the
cable entry)
includes Meridian SpeakerLink
Meridian Part No.
Meridian Audio Ltd.
Latham Road;
Cambridgeshire; PE29 6YE
Tel : 01480 445678
Fax : 01480 445686
•Plywood cabinet with extensive internal
structures for maximum strength & rigidity
21 Mar 2011
Supplier Part No.
input and output connections so that DSW
3200SW Inlet Panel - Hi Volt
can be “daisy-chained” to other speakers in
3200SW-11 •1 02
x 12in long-throw bass driver, facing
the system. A three-position selector switch
marked ‘1 1+2 2’ allows the unit to be set
to pick up the appropriate digital signal
from the SpeakerLink feed.
In most cases, the phase control is in fact
an attempt to compensate for an inability
to establish the correct delay setting in
signals sent to the main loudspeakers.
In a Meridian surround system, however,
loudspeaker delay is configured as part of
the setup and installation of the surround
controller, so this issue does not arise. As a
result, the phase control can be dispensed
with as it is completely unnecessary.
Typical applications
In addition to being suitable for use with
any Meridian Surround Controller, DSW
is ideal for use in a system incorporating
Audio Core 200 – for example with a pair
of DSP3200 loudspeakers. Here, the
Audio Core 200 can be used to select the
crossover setting below which audio to the
DSP3200 loudspeakers is rolled off, and
the DSW is activated.
DSW is also a perfect complement for
larger Meridian Digital Active Loudspeakers
such as the DSP5200. In addition, multiple
DSW subwoofers can be used in a
DSP7200-based system.
In normal operation, the bass end of the
main loudspeakers is rolled off and all
bass is handled by the subwoofer(s).
Alternatively, a surround system including
DSW can be operated in “Bass Heavy”
mode – ideal for action movie soundtracks,
for example, and certain types of music –
where both the main loudspeakers and the
subwoofer are configured to handle bass
Drawing No.
In the case of a surround system with a
single subwoofer where the Centre and
Subwoofer loudspeaker feeds are carried
by the same cable, the switch is set to pick
up Channel 2, which is generally defined
as being the Subwoofer channel in the
surround controller. In the case of a system
with multiple subwoofers, 1 or 2 can be
selected to pick up the left or right channel
feed according to the position of the unit. In
the case of an Audio Core 200 system, the
switch would be set to 1+2 so as to handle
the bass for both left and right channels.
Cabinet and construction
Despite utilising a 12in driver, the DSW
is relatively compact and yet capable of
very high performance. To manage the
level of power the unit can produce, the
plywood cabinet is extremely robust, with
exceptionally strong, carefully-positioned
internal struts. In addition, the driver itself is
mounted in a “nest” of internal ribs that hold
it firmly in position for the maximum stability
and control.
Issue No.
•Closed-loop Class D Power amplifier rated at
600W peak.
•Overall distortion typically <0.02%
Power consumption:
•550W max
•Rear-mounted LED
•Height on standard feet (recommended for
use on a carpeted floor): 445mm (17.52in);
height on standard feet plus rubber shock
absorber (recommended for use on a hard
floor surface): 450mm (17.72in)
•Width at base: 380mm (15in)
•Depth at base: 430mm (17in)
•22kg (48.4lb)
The unit is raised off the ground by three
feet, thus remaining stable at all times. The
feet, which are suitable for carpeted floors,
are supplied with optional rubber tips,
which can be used on hard floor surfaces.
The unit is available as standard in highgloss black or high-gloss white.
DSW.DS-ENG v1.99 • REƒ • 20111020
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