Top 5 Reasons FieldFox is the Ideal Tool for Testing MW Cables and Cable Subsystems

Top 5 Reasons FieldFox is the Ideal Tool for Testing MW Cables and Cable Subsystems
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Top 5 Reasons FieldFox is the Ideal Tool for Testing Microwave
Cables and Cable Subsystems
Your challenges
By far, the most widely used components in modern RF and
microwave communication systems are cables or transmission lines
(such as waveguides, coaxial and twisted-pair cables). They are also
the leading cause of failure in these types of systems. Plus, most
problems are not easy to see just by looking at the cable. That’s why
it is critical for technicians and engineers to understand how to test
these devices with a comprehensive tool that can troubleshoot all of
these types of devices deployed in the field.
Your solution
FieldFox handheld analyzers are the most comprehensive handheld
solution for cable and transmission line testing. FieldFox is the
industry’s only handheld that can make return loss, distance-tofault (DTF) and time domain reflectometry (TDR) measurements in
one instrument. It also has the ability to measure VSWR, one-port
cable loss, impedance, insertion loss, and S-parameters with magnitude and phase.
1. The most comprehensive test solution for cable test
–– Line sweep: return loss, VSWR, DTF, cable loss and insertion loss
(coax and waveguide)
–– TDR cable test: impedance vs. distance and reflection coefficient vs.
–– Full 2-port vector network analyzer: S-parameters (magnitude and
–– Time domain
–– 1-port mixed mode S-parameters (magnitude and phase) to characterize twisted pair cables
–– Frequency converter measurements (scalar)
–– Extended range transmission analysis (ERTA) measures scalar insertion
loss of in-situ microwave cables with long distances between test
ports where each end of the cable is not easily accessible
2. Rugged enough to meet MIL-specs
–– Completely sealed instrument enclosure provides measurement stability in harsh environments
–– Specially designed connector bay protects RF connectors from damage due to drops or other external impacts
–– Water-resistant chassis, keypad and case withstand wide temperature
ranges and salty, humid environments
–– Case withstands shock and vibration
–– Wide operating temperature -10 to +55 ºC (14 to 131 ºF)
–– Meets MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 requirements
–– Type tested and meets MIL-STD-810G, Method 511.5, procedure I
requirements for operation in explosive environments
–– Meets IEC/EN 60529 IP53 requirements for protection from dust and
3. Make quick and accurate cable measurements in the field without a cal kit
–– Each instrument is CalReady at the RF Out port, immediately
following power-on or preset. This means it’s already calibrated and ready to make measurements such as one-port
cable loss, VSWR, return loss, and DTF measurements at the
test port.
–– Industry’s first and only QuickCal: With traditional test instruments, you need to calibrate using a calibration kit (cal kit)
when you add an additional device to the test port, such as a
jumper cable or adapter. FieldFox provides the industry’s first
and only built-in calibration system called QuickCal, which allows you to calibrate without the hassle of carrying a cal kit.
–– Broadband calibration: FieldFox allows you to make broadband
calibrations, which means the instrument is calibrated over the
maximum frequency span. After a broadband calibration, you
can change the frequency range or number of points without
recalibrating the instrument.
–– FieldFox provides the most comprehensive calibration techniques in the market place, and also supports OSL T full 2-port
cal, waveguide calibration and external ECal.
–– FieldFox leverages Keysight performance VNA calibration
engines to provide the results consistent with benchtop results
in the lab and production floor.
4. Easily save, transfer and manage files
–– FieldFox can save tests as state file/setup files, trace + state
files, screen capture (png format) and CSV files. These files can
be easily shared with other applications, like Microsoft Office
and FieldFox’s Data Link software.
–– Data and picture files can be saved to an internal flash drive,
external USB flash drive or SD flash card. Files can be copied
or moved from one media to another media without using any
special software.
–– USB mouse and keyboard are supported to operate FieldFox
like any laptop or PC for easy file naming.
–– FieldFox’s Data Link utility software can import trace files saved
by FieldFox, process the data and generate reports.
5. Future-proof with flexible upgradability
The base FieldFox analyzer is a fully functional cable and antenna
tester – which means no extra options are needed to put your
team to work. However, if your tasks change in the future, you can
easily upgrade FieldFox with simple software license keys with the
following functions: spectrum analyzer, power meter, interference
analyzer, insertion loss measurement, full-2 port vector network
analyzer, GPS, DC power supply and more – all without sending the
unit back to Keysight for the upgrade.
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