Little Wonder 6020 Owner's manual

Little Wonder 6020 Owner's manual
Assembly Instructions for
Crack Cleaning Kit (P/N 6020)
for use with more Little Wonder Edgers
1.* Unscrew the two hex head cap screws
(P/N 129C) from the red cast iron cutter head (P/N
2.* Remove the two lock washers (P/N 129D) and two
flat washers (P/N 163).
3. Remove the Blade guard (P/N 129B).
4. Remove the 1/2 x 20 nut (P/N 130) from the Cutter
Head Shaft.
5. Remove one Blade Washer (P/N 128) and the
Edger blade (P/N 129).
*Note: These cap screws and washers will be used
to attach the new Brush Guard and complete the
assembly. Also keep Blade Washer (P/N 128) and 1/2
x 20 nut (P/N130). These will be used when the edger
blade is reassembled.
After the Blade Guard and Blade have been removed, continue assembly as follows.
6. Make sure ONE Blade washer (P/N 128) is on the
Cutter Head Shaft, and up against the Bearing (P/N
124). The flat side of the Blade Washer (P/N 128)
must be facing away from the bearing. the side
with the step must be against the bearing.
7. Slide the Wire Wheel Brush (P/N 4046) onto the
Cutter head Shaft.
8. Attach new 1/2 x 20 Flange Nut (P/N 4051) onto
shft and tighten.
9. Position the new, fulley enclosed Brush Guard (P/N
129B-W.17) over the wire wheel brush (P/N 4046).
10. Align the holes in the Brush Guard (P/N 129BW.17) with those on the Cutter head (P/N 126).
Secure with two hex head screws (P/N129C), lock
washers (129D) and flat washers (P/N 163) that
you removed from the Blade Guard (P/N 129B) in
step one.
To reassemble the Edger Blade and Blade Guard, simply reverse the procedure.
Specifications, descriptions, and illustrative material in this literature are as accurate as known at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.
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