AutoTrak 2.0 Tech Specs application/pdf

AutoTrak 2.0
Automated Camera Tracking System
Vaddio’s AutoTrak 2.0 Automated Camera Tracking System is designed for use in a variety of stand-alone
presenter tracking applications, or used in combination with the Vaddio AutoPresenter and preset camera
trigger devices such as StepVIEW mats, micVIEW and AutoVIEW IR sensors to trigger camera presets as
part of a fully Automated Content Presentation System (ACPS).
The AutoTrak 2.0 introduces SmoothTrak and AutoTilt, the latest HD tracking system technology on the
market. The presenter wears an IR lanyard that emits infared light, received by the IR PTZ reference
camera. Video from the IR camera is sent to the AutoTrak 2.0 CPU, which tracks the IR Lanyard movement
and issues RS-232 commands to the Tracking camera to follow the presenter. The new AutoTilt™ tracking
feature follows the instructor as they move closer or further away from the camera. The combined pan
and tilt action results in SmoothTrak, an accurate tracking motion that follows the presenter precisely
and smoothly.
Added to the AutoTrak 2.0 system, is the AutoTrak POD, which enables the presenter quick access to
three tracking camera presets. The rescan button allows the presenter to acquire the IR lanyard without
having to walk in front of the IR Reference camera. The addition of this four-backlit POD provides the
presenter with a valuable presentation control tool.
The AutoTrak 2.0 HD-18 PTZ Cameras are used for both IR and Tracking Cameras, providing multiple video
format and resolution options. The system is packaged with the Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI SR Interface
for the tracking camera that outputs HD video (YPbPr and DVI-D/HDMI) up to 100 feet from the cameras
Cat-5e cables.
AutoTrak 2.0 also introduces a package that includes Vaddio’s ClearVIEW HD-20 PTZ, HD-only camera, for the Tracking Camera, which
provides a true native HD image of the presenter for the following resolutions: 1080p/30/25, 1080i/60/59.94/50fps, 720p/60/59.94/50.
The HD-20 camera features superior image acquisition, color reproduction, clarity and separate/concurrent YPbPr and HDMI outputs. The
HD-20 also provides smoother pan and tilt performance for AutoTrak 2.0.
The optional EasyTalk™ Wireless Audio Interface for the AutoTrak 2.0 enhances the audio capabilities and works in conjunction with
the AutoTrak 2.0 IR Lanyard and Belt Pack. The AutoTrak 2.0 IR Lanyard’s central medallion contains a high quality, unidirectional
microphone. The belt pack uses an HD wireless transmitter with 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology that
can turn on or off. The 2.4GHz full frequency audio offers interference free operation and wideband sound quality.
998-7250-000 North America, 999-7250-001 Int’l *
• AutoTrak 2.0 CPU Camera Tracking Interface
• IR Lanyard with Unidirectional Microphone Element
• Battery Pack with Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Unit
(Powers IR Lanyard, Wireless Mic and Transmitter built into Lanyard
and Belt Pack)
• AutoTrak 2.0 HD-18 PTZ Tracking Camera with AutoTrak 2.0 Software
• AutoTrak 2.0 HD-18 PTZ Camera with IR Filters
• Dual HD-18 Wall Mount Bracket and hardware
• Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI SR Interface with DVI/HDMI and YPbPr HD
video outputs
• AutoTrak POD
• Keyboard and Mouse
• Quick-Connect Interfaces (for Cat-5e cabling)
• Control Adapters and Power Supplies
* Shown with HD-20
* International Systems include Euro and UK power cables.
** For Systems 999-7260-000 North America and 999-7260-001 Int’l - Replace the HD-18 PTZ Tracking Camera with the HD-20 PTZ Tracking Camera
AutoTrak 2.0 System 999-7250-000 with Optional EasyTalk Wireless Audio Interface
(Belt Pack with 1” RP-SMA Antenna Transmitting Wireless Mic Audio at 2.4 GHz)
Near End
AutoTrak 2.0 IR Lanyard and
Rechargeable Belt Pack
Far End
AutoTrak HD-18 IR
Reference Camera
with Filters
HD Video
AutoTrak Pod
Power &
Data Cat-5e
YPbPr HD Video
RGBHV Monitor
not included
Audio Output: Balanced Line Level (XLR), Unbalanced Line Level
(on RCA) or USB 2.0 using the driverless UAC standards for Video
AutoTrak HD-18
Video Tracking
Power & HSDS
Video Cat-5e
AutoTrak Dual HD-18 Mount
*Optional EasyTalk Wireless Audio
Interface for AutoTrak 2.0
To Audio System
Receiving Audio from Wireless Belt Pack
Transmitter at 2.4 GHz
Video & & Video
AutoTrak 2.0 CPU
RS-232 Cat-5e Cables
Keyboard & Mouse
AutoTilt Automatic
Presenter Tracking
Provides the ability to track the presenter and provide a smoother camera image as the presenter moves closer or
further from the camera. AutoTilt provides a quicker response time to presenter motion, allowing the presenter to move around freely and naturally.
AutoTrak Pod A four-push button pod that allows the presenter to select up to three (3) tracking camera presets and provides a rescan button which starts the rescanning for the IR Lanyard.
HD-20 HD PTZ as Main Tracking Cam
Using the Vaddio HD-20 as the Tracking camera provides true native HD imaging, smoother pan/tilt performance, color reproduction, clarity and HD YPbPr and HDMI outputs.
White Balance Provides additional color (red and blue) controls, added to AutoTrak 2.0 software, to provide color matching of
other cameras within the presentation room.
Lanyard with
Belt Pack
The Belt Pack includes a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery to provide extended hours of operation and can be charged
with the micro USB Power Supply or plugged directly into a computer USB port for recharging. The IR Lanyard contains the IR LEDs, which the IR Reference camera tracks. The Belt Pack provides power to the IR Lanyard and the Wireless Microphone Transmitter built into the Belt Pack. The IR Lanyard and the Belt Pack are ready to be used with the Optional EasyTalk™ Wireless Audio Interface for the AutoTrak 2.0 for high quality voice support.
Optional EasyTalk™ Wireless Audio
The EasyTalk™ Wireless Audio Interface for the AutoTrak 2.0 works with the high quality unidirectional microphone built into the IR Lanyard and the HD Wireless 2.4 GHz. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Transmitter that is built-in to the Belt Pack.
The EasyTalk™ Wireless Audio Interface for the AutoTrak 2.0 features analog audio outputs and a driverless USB 2.0 audio interface for use with soft client conferencing systems or PC lecture capture applications. Includes easy to use front panel controls of volume, mute and pairing and simple dip switch settings for DSP functions. It also incorporates AGC (automatic gain control), EQ (equalization), compression and mic filtering and simple dip switch settings for DSP functions.
Part Numbers AutoTrak 2.0 Dual HD-18 Kit with Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI Interface; North America 999-7250-000
AutoTrak 2.0-HD-18 and HD-20 Kit with Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI Interface; North America 999-7260-000
AutoTrak 2.0 Dual HD-18 Kit with Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI Interface; International 999-7250-001
AutoTrak 2.0-HD-18 and HD-20 Kit with Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI Interface; International 999-7260-001
AutoTrak 2.0 Rechargable Belt Pack and Lanyard
Battery Type and Size/Battery Life Connectors
Battery Pack Size/Weight
Lanyard Medallion Features
Lanyard Weight with Cable
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack, Up to (8) hours with full charge
5-PinminiXLR-MforLanyard,RP-SMA connectorfor1”(25.4mm)antenna
4.5” (114.3mm) Hx3.0” (76.2mm) Wx 1.25” (31.75mm) D/0.5 lbs (0226796185 kg)
Mic Element connected to Belt Pack for Wireless transmission to Optional EasyTalk AutoTrak 2.0 Wireless Audio Interface
0.15 lbs (0.0680388555 kg - roughly)
AutoTrak 2.0 CPU (1-RU rack mount)
Proccessor /Graphics RGBHV Output
DVI-D Output
Video Card/Memory/Storage
RS-232 Interfaces/USB Ports
Intel® Atom™ Dual Core Processor with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
One (1) DE-15-F (15-pin HD) Connector (resolution limited to 800 x 600 @ 60 Hz) for Menus
One (1) on DVI-D Connector (resolution limited to 800 x 600 @ 60 Hz) for Menus
Internal with 3-RCA-F and 1-Y/C-F Connectors , 1GB DDR2, 16GB Compact Flash
Four (4) RS-232 on DB9-M / Six (6) USB 2.0 Ports
110V -240V, 50/60Hz Switching Power Supply (internal)
AutoTrak HD-18 Cameras for 999-7250-000 and 999-7250-001 Systems
Image Sensor
Signal Systems Lens/Horizontal Viewing Angle Pan Range/Tilt Range Dimensions (H x W x D)/Weight 1/3-Type CCD, 1.3 Megapixel
HD: 1080i/59.94/50, 720p/59.94/50; 1080p @ 60/59.94/50/30/25;, SD: Composite 480i NTSC or 576i PAL
18x Optical Zoom / 3.2 to 55.2 degrees (16:9)
+170 degrees to -170 degrees / +90 degrees to -30 degrees
8.55” (217.2mm) H x 6.748” (171.4mm) W x 7.134” (181.2mm) D / 5.8 lbs (2.63 kg)
AutoTrak HD-18 Cameras for 999-7250-000 and 999-7250-001 Systems
6.49mm diagonal (1/2.8 Type) 3.27M pixels Exmor High-speed CMOS Image Sensor
Image Sensor Signal Systems 1080i/59.94/60/50, 720p/59.94/60/50, 1080p/30/25 (SD Resolutions not Supported)
Lens/Horizontal Viewing Angle 20x Optical Zoom Lens with HiLD™ (High Index Low Dispersion) Glass, F1.6 Wide to F3.5 Tele, 11-Elements in 9-Groups
Pan: +170 degrees to -170 degrees, Tilt: +90 degrees to -30 degrees
Pan Range/Tilt Range Dimensions (H x W x D)/Weight 7.81” (198.37mm) x 6.67” (169.42mm) x 7.057” (179.25. mm) / 5.6 lbs. (2.63083592 kg.)
Optional EasyTalk Wireless Audio Interface for AutoTrak 2.0 - 998-7230-000 (North America) 998-7230-001 (International)
Balanced Line Level (on XLR - M connector) , Unbalanced Line Level (on RCA-F connector) , USB 2.0 (driverless
Audio Outputs UVA standard)
12 VDC, 1.0 Amp Switching Supply, 5.5mm OD x 2.5mm ID
Power Supply/Connector Dimensions 1.72” (43.688mm) H x 18.93 (480.822mm) W x 6” (152.4mm) D
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