Data Acquisition - HIK
Scalable, Open-Architecture Data Acquisition Solutions
Integrated Data Acquisition
Signal Conditioning Systems
Precision Performance.
Accurate Data.
Repeatable Results.
Reliable Measurements. First Time. Every Time.
Qualification and performance testing is rigorous and unforgiving. Retests are
expensive in both time and money. More often, they’re not even feasible. Test data
must be captured correctly the first time. Thus, the reliability of the data acquisition
system, the accuracy of the measurements, and integrity of the data must be faultless
for each and every test. The risk is too high to compromise on the test instruments.
That’s why for decades, customers worldwide
have relied on VTI.
Our customers depend on us to deliver highly accurate data when they are faced
with their most critical testing needs. VTI systems deliver the highest performance
available in a scalable, open-architecture platform. With powerful software tools
that aid the developer in the setup and control of test configurations, errors are
minimized. These high-performance systems, whether LXI or VXI, have been proven
to consistently deliver accurate, repeatable data in applications worldwide.
Combine all
transducer types
into one, easy-to-use
distributed systems
Scalable from ten
to tens of thousands
of channels
Integrated signal
conditioning and
guarantees data
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
The Old Way:
Non-Integrated Data Acquisition System
complex | time consuming | expensive | prone to data errors
The VTI Way: Integrated Data Acquisition Solution
error free
Guarantee Accurate Results
Cut Development Time. Improve Test Integrity.
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.
Each of VTI’s modular instruments is designed with configuration flexibility
using industry standard interfaces, which minimize obsolescence by supporting
forward-looking and backward compatibility.
n Integrated solutions eliminate external cabling, simplify field installation and setup,
and reduce concerns associated with electrical noise and maintenance.
n Powerful, turnkey software speeds setup and eliminates programming time,
debugging and program validation.
n DAC Express© is fully documented, reducing training time and assuring
consistency of test duplication.
n Longevity – advanced industry standard designs outlive current test requirements.
n Open-architecture platforms enable seamless integration with other devices
including VXIbus, GPIB, PXI and LXI.
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Integrated DAQ Solutions.
Powerful Software Tools.
Proven Hardware for Precision Measurements
n End-to-end self-calibration assures repeatable, accurate results
n High-density, scalable instruments easily handle high channel count applications
n Integrated signal conditioning and excitation optimizes input device performance
and accuracy
n Advanced filtering on each channel
n Web-based monitor and control
n Easily aggregate multiple instruments to increase throughput
n Leverage the power of LXI to create high channel count systems
n Independent filtering per channel ensures signal integrity
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Instrumentation Performance
Fully synchronized, distributed measurements
n Open-architecture platforms that are compatible
n LXI Class A technology delivers a seamless interface for external devices
n IEEE 1588 – deterministic synchronization and triggering
n Easily enables run-time test configurations
n Full-featured programmability ensures that run-time test configurations, such as
analog and digital filtering, gain ranges, bridge completion, and excitation sources,
are easily defined
Measurement Solutions
EX1000A EX1016A EX1048A EX10SC EX1266 EX1629 VT1413C VT1432B
EX1000A-TC EX1032A
VT1415A VT1433B
Voltage 
Voltage (>15V)
Bridge (Strain / Pressure)
Load / Force
Frequency / RPM
Digital I/O
Analog Output
RTD Simulator
Deterministic Control
Measurement Speed
Powerful Software for Fast Setup
and Real-Time Data Monitoring
While our instruments are compatible with standard programming environments, our
DAC Express and VTIcoda turnkey software programs are designed by experienced
test engineers to accelerate test setup and simplify data acquisition, monitoring and
analysis. These programming-free environments feature intuitive GUIs and provide
auto instrument discovery and facilitate easy channel configuration. Data display
formats are user-selectable for optimum visualization of test parameters.
Applications Worldwide and Global Support
VTI’s overall design philosophy delivers cost-effective solutions that leverage a
unique combination of precision accuracy, high performance, modularity and
reusability. With support from the industry’s leading test instrumentation company,
VTI’s customers have complete confidence in their test results and the assurance of
the lowest total cost of ownership.
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Class A
Class B
Open-Architecture Solutions –
The Freedom to Choose
Class C
Open Hardware –
Maximize Performance, Minimize Risk
VTI cofounded LXI*, an industry standard for Ethernet-based test instrumentation,
and is also the industry leader in VXI- and VME-based switch modules. VTI switching
solutions incorporate LXI Class A technology, the superset of the LXI specification
that delivers backplane-like performance in the footprint of a box. Why buy “LXI-lite”
(Class B or C) products when you can have it all?
LXI Class Definition
n Distributed data acquisition systems over LAN
n Synchronized measurement data to IEEE 1588 precision
n Highly deterministic hardware-based triggering using the LXI Trigger-Bus
n Protection against PC bus obsolescence
n Assurance of multi-vendor instrument interoperability
n Scalable solutions that optimize rack space
*LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation
Open Software –
Expedite System Readiness
The most significant investment of any automated test project resides in the system
software. VTI’s commitment to delivering open-architecture solutions extends to
software utilities and tools that reduce development time while allowing the flexibility
to choose the application development environment.
Device Identification over the Web
n An API that conforms to the industry standard IVI specification
n Transportable front panels that monitor and control instruments from anywhere,
on any web-enabled device
n OS independence with drivers that work seamlessly in Linux and Windows
n C++ LabViewTM, LabWindowsTM/CVI, Visual Basic driver support
n Automatic instrument discovery
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Turnkey DAC Express for
Faster Setup and Acquisition
DAC Express is one of the most powerful data recording/logging software packages
available. It quickly and easily provides setup, monitoring and recording functions
for test applications. If your measurements include noise, vibration, temperature,
pressure, strain, voltage, digital states, rpm or other transducer-based parameters –
and you’re feeling the pressure of time – a DAC Express system is the right solution
for you.
Set up channel assignments
quickly using pull-down menus
Set up multiple graphs
and meter displays with
the click of your mouse
Accuracy is ensured with
end-to-end calibration
n Intuitive GUI. No programming required
n Combine synchronized multichannel analog, digital, and frequency measurements
n File sizes up to 2 Giga samples per channel
n Combine dynamic and static measurements
n Multifunction data logging
n Automatic instrument discovery of connected devices
n Simulation mode supports virtual setup before hardware is available
n Real-time display customizes easily to optimize visualization
n Easily export data to MATLAB™, Excel™ and other standard programs
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Intuitive software saves you valuable time.
VTI performance hardware gives you confidence
in your measurements.
Time Is Precious
When your new product introduction date is set in stone and you aren’t finished
testing, you can’t afford to waste time with tedious programming tasks. DAC Express
is fast to set up because it requires no programming. Connected hardware is
auto-identified and ready for assignment to measurements.
The Right Data The First Time
Performance validation testing of a new product requires a data acquisition system
with answers you can trust. Non-repeatable results are not results at all. With features
like superior self-calibration and certified accurate measurements, VTI’s hardware
provides all the measurement performance and reliability you need.
Data Logger Configuration
You can easily configure a wide mix of channel types using DAC Express. Common
measurements, such as temperature and strain, can be streamed to disk while
on-line monitoring displays show key values for the operator. Sometimes you need
more than just analog data. If your job requires recording digital states, relay settings,
shaft rpm, pulse train rates, or similar parameters in addition to analog signals, this
system is the answer.
Automatic Instrument Discovery
If VTI’s data acquisition instruments are powered up and connected to your PC,
DAC Express will automatically identify those resources for you. All installed signal
conditioning is also identified so there is no question about which signals you can
No Hardware Yet? No Problem!
Get a head start even before you have hardware. Use the DAC Express “simulate”
mode to preconfigure instruments, then install the instruments when they’re
No Programming Required
The intuitive software user interface simplifies the timeconsuming tasks of:
n Configuring hardware
n Conditioning transducers
n Setting measurement rates
n Developing display routines
n Creating data files
n Exporting data for analysis and report generation
It’s as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Setup
2. Record
3. View
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Set Up Channels With Table/Menu Pull-Downs
Simply click on the tabs at the bottom of the screen to display the available
measurement channels (shown below). This example screen shows three high-speed
inputs connected to accelerometers and two connected to microphones.
Select transducers from the pull-down menus are shown in the highlighted window.
The additional tabs allow you to select several types of signal conditioning for
low-speed measurements such as temperature, voltage, resistance, or strain. For
the few transducers not defined, you can easily convert the measured voltages to
engineering units using a built-in mx+b linearization routine (provided in a separate
setup window).
Keep things organized with
“Project View.” The tree view
on the left side of the screen
image shows the steps and
related documents that can
be kept with a specific test.
This is called the “Project
View” of your test.
In the Data Recorder mode,
a pull-down menu controls
Cal Zero and Auto Cal
to completely calibrate
your test setup from A/D
to transducer. All displays
from bar graphs to XY
plots maintain calibrated
engineering units.
Select Measurement Rates
Once you’ve created the channel connections, you can set the sample rates in the
timebase screen (not shown). The channel measurement rate for high-speed digitizer
channels can be set independently from that of the scanning A/D channels. You can
also set the length of the test and the triggering conditions before starting
the test.
Just Press “Record”
It’s as simple as that. Measurements will start and stop based on the criteria specified
in the timebase setup. But, there’s more to good data acquisition than just recording.
DAC Express supports many powerful data monitoring, display and export features.
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Aircraft Structural Test
The Challenge
Accurately measure and synchronize over 3,000 channels of strain gauge inputs
distributed across a commercial airframe.
The Solution
The EX1629 high-performance strain gauge instrument delivered exceptional
measurement accuracy in a distributed topology that simplified setup and
Key application features include:
n Independent 24-bit A/D per channel
n Precision onboard excitation
n Complete end-to-end self-calibration
n LXI-based Ethernet connectivity
n Integrated TEDS support
n Trigger bus device synchronization
Ethernet connection
hub/switch to
Single Ethernet
from EX1629s
to hub/switch
Ethernet connection
hub/switch to
Multiple EX1629 instruments strategically located
around the aircraft are wired to individual strain gauge devices
Small Turbofan Testing
The Challenge
Accurately measure and synchronize high-level voltages with a single platform.
The Solution
The EX1000A and EX1048A High-Performance Voltage and Temperature instruments
provided the flexibility of measuring low-level as well as high-level voltages levels in a
distributed topology, along with simplified setup and configuration.
Key application features include:
n Quick and reliable connectorization
n Adjacent channel noise immunity
n Multiple gain range capability
n Complete end-to-end self-calibration
n LXI-based Ethernet connectivity
n IEEE 1588 bus device synchronization
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Solid Rocket Motor Reliability Testing
The Challenge
Maintain measurement stability and accuracy in a hostile environment located 1500
meters from the safety of the bunker.
The Solution
Thermocouple, strain gauge and high-speed signals were acquired using the
EX1048A, EX1629 and VT1432B/EX2500, respectively. The instrumentation design
permitted operation under these harsh conditions without sacrificing accuracy or
Key application features include:
n End-to-end self-calibration
n Independent filtering per channel
n Open-thermocouple detection
n Scalability
n RJ-45 connectivity
n DAC Express intuitive software
SRM test
Personnel, mission control bunker
Cement instrumentation bunker
 EX1048A / EX1629A / VT1432B control PC
 EX1048A
 DAC Express for data acquisition and display
 EX1629A high-speed strain
signal conditioning
 VT1432B wideband strain digitizers
Rail Car Load Testing
The Challenge
Place measurement instrumentation at specific locations within a moving rail car and
gather data from load sensors.
The Solution
The EX1000A and EX10SC provided the right combination of voltage and bridge
measurement capability. Individual channel definition simplified transducer placement
and field connectivity.
Key application features include:
n Individual channel configurability
n Simple field terminations
n Independent filtering per channel
n Scalability
n DAC Express intuitive software
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Roller Coaster Performance Testing
The Challenge
Measure key performance characteristics to confirm
operational integrity of the roller coaster cars.
The Solution
The EX1629 provides accurate transducer excitation and
measurement in a single, high-performance package.
During coaster test runs, accelerometers are strapped into
the car and data is gathered to identify out-of-tolerance
points on the rail system.
Key application features include:
n High-speed inputs
n Software-selectable shunt calibration
n Integrated bridge excitation
n Simplified start-up using standard API
n Easy-to-use RJ-45 strain
input connectors
n Ability to operate under challenging
environmental conditions
Critical Temperature Monitoring
The Challenge
Measure and control temperatures in coolers and freezers used for the storage of
blood products. The critical nature of this application requires extremely accurate and
stable temperature measurements.
The Solution
The EX1048A Precision Thermocouple instrument provides exceptional measurement
accuracy and stability. LXI Class A capabilities include simplified measurement
distribution and data synchronization.
Key application features include:
n 1,000 Sa/s
n Independent filtering per channel
n Visual open-thermocouple detection
n Stable cold junction compensation (CJC)
n LXI Class A certification
Ethernet wire
connects PC to
EX1032A instrument
Thermocouple cabling
connects directly
to the EX1032A
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Storage chamber
Large-Scale Stress Screening
The Challenge
Generate stimulus signals while accurately measuring chamber temperatures and
monitoring device response.
The Solution
The EX1266 provides the ability to generate a variety of outputs to the devices under
test. The responses are then measured along with chamber and device temperatures.
Key application features include:
n Flexible signal routing and stimulus
Office PC
• Test controls
• Status & results
n Embedded scan list test
n Wide variety of signal routing
Ethernet connectivity
n Compatible digital I/O and
analog output modules
n LXI-based web access and
control capabilities
Stimulus and
measurement I/O
and device
Temperature chamber
Wind Turbine Health Monitoring
The Challenge
Measure run-time electrical and mechanical characteristics of wind turbines in remote
The Solution
The EX1016A paired with the EX10SC provides the ability to measure numerous
transducer inputs on a single platform. Temperature, pressure, RPM and current were
acquired with the necessary isolation. The EX1629 allows the user to measure strain
gauges which are then seamlessly integrated into the data stream.
Key application features include:
n Flexible per-channel input configuration
n Remote software-controlled bridge
shunt calibration
n Remote instrument self-calibration
n Synchronization of different signal types
n Ethernet-based LXI data transmission
from remote locations
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Precision Thermocouple and Voltage
Instrumentation with Flexible Inputs
EX1000 Series
EX1000A • EX1000A-TC • EX1016A
EX1032A • EX1048A • EX10SC
Accurate. Powerful. Easy to Use.
The EX1000 family of LXI Class A instruments are the most advanced, full-featured
data acquisition solutions available on the market today. These scalable, standalone
instruments provide superior measurement accuracy and repeatability thanks to fully
integrated signal conditioning, advanced CJC, and end-to-end self-calibration.
Flexible Channel Configuration
A wide range of transducer types, including pressure, strain, temperature, position
and voltage, can be combined in this flexible solution. Each input incorporates an
independent signal conditioning path with software-selectable filters for maximum
flexibility. Complete channel independence ensures data integrity regardless of
sample speed or input overload conditions.
End-to-End Self-Calibration
Complete end-to-end self-calibration is provided for each signal path on a
programmable basis. A highly accurate calibration source provides reference signals
that are applied prior to analog filtering and gain circuits to compensate for drift,
aging, or temperature variations. Self-calibration is simple and quick, and can be
performed as often as desired.
Scalable for Synchronized High-Speed,
High Channel Count Measurements
With LXI Class A-compliant features like a built-in hardware trigger subsystem, the
EX1000 family supports easy integration and synchronization of multiple devices
including existing VXIbus instrumentation.
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Open Transducer Detection
Each channel is configured with open transducer detection functionality, providing
a continuous indication of the channel’s status. Open transducer detection can
be activated or deactivated on a per-channel basis. The detection mechanism is
embedded in the signal conditioning circuitry and accurately provides an open circuit
indication in the event of a broken or intermittent transducer.
Cold Junction Compensation
The heart of any truly accurate thermocouple measurement system is the CJC
implementation. These instruments combine multiple precision thermistors, a
significant thermal mass, and careful parts placement to provide world-class
measurement performance.
Unmatched Signal Conditioning Flexibility
to meet your most demanding needs
The EX10SC modular signal conditioning platform expands measurement
capabilities to address the most demanding industrial signal acquisition challenges.
This extension is designed to ensure seamless integration and connectivity, with
exceptional measurement flexibility. Signals from a wide variety of transducer types
can be mixed and matched, on a per-channel basis, ensuring complete coverage
from a single, high-performance measurement platform.
Isolation and Protection
Challenging measurement environments, such as areas with high levels of electrical
noise or transient power surges, require unique protection capabilities. The EX10SC
signal conditioning platform provides exceptional input protection and isolation
across a wide range of operating conditions, protecting valuable instrumentation and
ensuring measurement integrity.
Simply match the signal characteristics with the appropriate signal conditioning
module, make connections with the easy-to-use termination access points, and start
collecting data.
n Thermocouple
n Potentiometer
n High-level voltage
n Strain gauge
n Frequency
n Thermistor
n Pressure
n Current
Simplified Installation, Setup and Control
The EX1000 family of instruments is ideal for distributed measurements, which
reduce cabling and installation expenses. Connect directly to your network using
industry standard Ethernet cable and switches.
An onboard, web-accessible user interface allows you to instantly verify
communications and instrument functionality. IVI and VXI Plug and Play drivers
provide a familiar application programming interface to further reduce integration and
program development time.
Turnkey software operation using DAC Express, provides out-of-the-box functionality
across the entire product family. This intuitive programming-free environment
provides instrument setup, data logging, and a measurement display, which ultimately
results in faster time to test.
Ordering Information
48-Channel precision voltage instrument
48-Channel precision thermocouple
and voltage instrument
16-Channel precision thermocouple instrument
32-Channel precision voltage instrument
32-Channel precision thermocouple instrument
16-Channel precision voltage instrument
48-Channel precision thermocouple instrument
16-Channel signal conditioning expansion chassis
(Modules sold separately. See below)
EX10SC Modules
Input Range
Current input 0 to 20mA
EX10SC-8B33-03 RMS voltage
0 to 10V 0 to +5V
2/3-wire RTD (100Ω Pt) 0ºC to +600ºC (+32ºF to +1112ºF)
4-wire RTD (100Ω Pt) 0ºC to +600ºC (+32ºF to +1112ºF)
Potentiometer 0 to 10kΩ
Strain gauge ±10mV (excitation +3.333V / sense 3mV/V)
Strain gauge ±30mV (excitation +10.0V / sense 3mV/V)
Voltage input ±1V
Voltage input ±10V
Voltage input ±20V
Voltage input ±40V
Voltage input ±60V
2-wire transmitter 4 to 20mA
Frequency input 0 to 1kHz
Frequency input 0 to 10kHz
Frequency input 0 to 100kHz
J-thermocouple –100ºC to +760ºC (–148ºF to +1400ºF)
K-thermocouple –100ºC to +1350ºC (–148ºF to +2462ºF)
T-thermocouple –100ºC to +400ºC (–148ºF to +752ºF)
Accessories and Cable Assemblies
24" EX10SC to EX10xx interconnect cable
Rackmount slide rails
Rack mount kit for EX10XXA Series
Table top kit for EX10XXA Series
High-Performance Remote Strain Gauge
Measurement Instrument
The 48-channel EX1629 sets a new standard of performance for stress and fatigue
testing. Independent 24-bit A/D converters on each channel, extensive softwareselectable filtering, and independent signal conditioning paths provide exceptional
accuracy and reliability.
n Standalone compact 2U instruments
n 48 channels per box
n Sample rates up to 25 kSa/s
n 24-bit A/D converters per channel
n Per-channel, software-configurable signal conditioning
n Integrated TEDS support
n Per-channel bipolar excitation
n Complete end-to-end self-calibration
n Measure voltages up to 15 volts
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Precision. Accuracy. High Performance.
Highest Accuracy. Lowest Overall Hardware Costs
The compact modular EX1629 delivers superior measurement accuracy at a
cost-effective price per channel. This single instrument can perform both high-quality
static and high-speed strain gauge measurements in critical test applications. The
EX1629’s flexible design makes it easy to reuse in future test programs, resulting in
the highest return on your hardware investment. This design also keeps overall test
hardware costs down.
Any Channel. Any Bridge or Voltage Input.
The EX1629 features software-configurable strain/voltage conditioning and excitation
in a single 19-inch, 3 1/2 inch-high rackmount enclosure. This flexibility allows the
connection of quarter bridge, half bridge, full bridge, or voltage inputs to any channel,
minimizing setup time and wiring changes. There is no need to reconfigure hardware
to make measurement changes.
Performance and measurement integrity are enhanced with independent bridge
excitation per channel. Bridge excitation sources are not shared between channels;
single channel failures do not affect other channels.
Easily Combine and Measure 10,000+ Channels
For large data acquisition applications, multiple EX1629s are easily synchronized
together in a master-slave relationship via the external LXI Trigger Bus. Easy strain
gauge wiring and conditioning for both static load and vibration testing greatly
simplify high channel count test setup.
Reduce Errors and Field Wiring Costs
Integrated Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) provides positive transducer
identification, eliminating cabling errors. Extensive testing has qualified the standard
RJ-45 telecom connector and cable as the ideal low-cost physical connection for
strain gauges. This cuts cost and makes connections quicker.
Ethernet Interface Ideal for Distributed Environments
The EX1629 can be placed at strategic points throughout the test cell, minimizing
cabling and setup time. For comprehensive, programming-free data recording, setup,
management and viewing, use EX1629A instruments with one of VTI’s full-featured,
turnkey software solutions – DAC Express or VTIcoda.
Ordering Information
48-Channel high-performance strain instrument
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Multifunction Scanning Measurement and
Switching System
EX1200 Series
The EX1200 leverages the same technology that made SMIP the most successful
modular switching platform for high-performance requirements in the military and
aerospace markets. Now, VTI makes this powerful solution commercially available for
functional test systems, process monitoring, signal switching, automotive ECM, cable
harness and battery testing, and temperature/data logging. The primary functions of
the EX1200 focus on signal switching, temperature/data logging, level detection, and
scanning DMM.
n Standalone compact 1U instrument
n High-density switching subsystem
n Scanning 6.5 digit DMM
n Synchronized precision measurements
n Scalable (6 plug-in slots per chassis)
n Mix voltage and temperature channels
n Temperature channels support all thermocouple types (RTDs and thermistors)
n Built-in CJC
n Intuitive, web-based GUI for monitor and control
n Robust web-based interface simplifies setup and acquisition
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
High Density. Scalable. Cost Effective.
Easy Setup and Control
n Internal 5-wire DMM bus simplifies cabling
Multiple calibration sets yield more accurate data across a temperature range.
• Up to eight per module
• Calibrate across multiple ambient temperatures • Minimize inaccuracies attributed to temperature deviations
n Full-featured switching scan list and tight synchronization with DMM minimizes
processor overhead, increasing test throughput
• Switch/measure can be tightly integrated onboard to minimize any latency
in bus traffic
• Smallest footprint available for switching/scanning applications – up to
576 2-wire multiplexer channels in a 1U footprint
n LXI Class A communications interface eliminates platform obsolescence and
support cost concerns
Scalable Architecture. Small Footprint.
n Low cost-per-channel across a wide range of channel counts
n 1U provides granularity to address small channel requirements
n Multiple boxes ‘daisy chain’ together for larger applications
Ordering Information
EX1202 2-slot mainframe, 1/2 rack 1U, no internal DMM
EX1206 6-slot mainframe, 1 rack U, no internal DMM
EX1262 2-slot mainframe, 1/2 rack U with built-in
6.5 digit DMM
EX1266 6-slot mainframe, 1 rack U with built-in 6.5 digit DMM
EX1200-3048 48-Channel 2-wire 2 A multiplexer
EX1200-3048S 48-Channel 2-wire FET multiplexer
EX1200-3096 96-Channel 2-wire, 0.5 A multiplexer
EX1200-3608 8-Channel, +/- 20 V, 20 mA analog output
EX1200-4003 128-Crosspoint matrix, 2-wire, 2 A
EX1200-2002A 12-Channel 16 A SPDT switch
EX1200-5002 32-Channel 2 A SPDT switch
EX1200-7008 Resistance simulator
EX1200-7416 16-Channel comparator/interrupter
EX1200-7500 64-Channel digital I/O
Terminal block with internal CJC (104 pin connector)
Terminal block with internal CJC (200 pin connector)
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
Universal, Full-Featured, Single Platform VXI Solutions
Distribute your VXI-based
VTI leads the industry in VXIbus technology. Our modular-based systems handle
all signal types for both high- and low-speed data acquisition through the use of
integrated signal conditioning plug-ins that deliver unmatched performance. Since we
recognize that your existing VXI investment is significant, we will continue to deliver
the most comprehensive, precision, high-performance VXIbus instruments available.
First LXI Class A Gigabit Ethernet Slot 0 Interface
n 40 MB/sec block transfer rates
n Embedded web interface for
interactive control from anywhere in
the world
n Onboard LXI Trigger Bus distributes
the VXI backplane trigger lines
n Drop-in replacement for existing
slot 0 interfaces
Synchronized Distributed Precision
The EX2500A slot 0 controller bridges VXI with LXI via an Ethernet
interface. This facilitates new hardware compatibility with legacy
systems while delivering the power and flexibility of LXI.
Ordering Information
EX2500A LXI-VXI Gigabit Ethernet slot 0 interface
Includes TCXO timebase option
Includes OCXO timebase option
High-Performance Scanning A/D
with Integrated Signal Conditioning
The 64-channel VT1413C is ideal for high-performance data
acquisition applications that require a compact, single slot
configuration. This instrument features high-speed scanning, 16-bit
resolution, high accuracy, dual-ported FIFO buffer for fast data
transfers, and a current value table for online data monitoring.
Complete end-to-end self-calibration further enhances the
measurement accuracy and stability of the instrument.
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
64-Channel A/D
and Algorithmic
Closed Loop
VT1415A with Terminal Blocks
The VT1415A, VT1419A and VT1422A instruments build on the functionality of the
VT1413C by adding closed loop control and remote channel multifunction DAC
capabilities. These powerful data acquisition instruments can handle analog and
digital input/output in both static and dynamic modes.
More Powerful Than PID Controllers
Because it’s easier to configure than large custom control systems, the VT1415A/
VT1419A/VT1422A fill a unique niche by providing both control and precise data
acquisition functionality. The design includes an onboard DSP that assures all inputs,
calculations, and outputs are completed between scan intervals, eliminating drift and
jitter in the control algorithm. The user-programmable algorithms are easy to modify,
eliminating latencies common in higher level software.
n Adjust individual signal gains
n Signal filtering reduces sensor-based noise
n Over-voltage protection
n Open transducer detection
n Combine SCPs for a wide variety of inputs
Plug-On Modules Optimize
Signal Conditioning
VT1413C with six SCPs
Each signal conditioning plug-on (SCP) is a modular, high-density transducer
interface for use with the VT1413C, VT1415A, VT1419A, and VT1422A series
of scanning A/D data acquisition instruments. SCPs are typically configured in
8-channel increments to uniquely address specific transducer characteristics.
SCP configuration options include fixed and programmable gains, filtering, signal
conditioning for thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors, bridge measurements, event
counting, frequency, resistance, digital I/O and analog outputs.
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Ordering Information
VT1413C Scanning A/D converter, includes spring clamp
terminal block
VT1413C-02 Scanning A/D converter, includes screw connector terminal block
VT1415A Algorithmic closed loop controller,
includes spring clamp terminal block
VT1415A-02 Algorithmic closed loop controller,
includes screw connector terminal block
VT1415A-A3F Interface to rackmount terminal panel,
deletes spring clamp terminal block
VT1419A Multifunction plus measurement and control module
VT1419A-011 Screw terminal block
VT1419A-013 Spring-clamp terminal block
Remote channel multi-function DAC module
VT1501A 8-Channel direct input SCP
VT1502A 8-Channel 7 Hz low-pass filter SCP
VT1503A 8-Channel programmable filter/gain SCP
VT1505A 8-Channel current source SCP
VT1506A 8-Channel 120 Ω strain completion & excitation SCP
VT1507A 8-Channel 350 Ω strain completion & excitation SCP
VT1508A 8-Channel x16 gain & 7 Hz fixed filter SCP
VT1509A 8-Channel x64 gain & 7 Hz fixed filter SCP
VT1510A 4-Channel sample & hold input SCP
VT1511A 4-Channel transient strain SCP
VT1512A 8-Channel 25 Hz fixed filter SCP
VT1513A 8-Channel ÷ 16 fixed attenuator &
7 Hz low-pass filter SCP
VT1518A 4-Wire resistance measurement SCP
VT1521 4-Channel high speed bridge SCP
VT1531A* 8-Channel voltage output SCP
VT1532A* 8-Channel current output SCP
VT1533A* 16-Bit digital I/O SCP
VT1536A* 8-Bit isolated digital I/O SCP
VT1538A* Enhanced frequency/totalize/PWM SCP
* For use with VT1415A, VT1419A and VT1422A.
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About VTI Instruments Corporation
VTI Instruments delivers precision instrumentation for electronic
signal distribution, acquisition, and monitoring. ISO 9001
registered, the company serves the following key markets:
aerospace, defense, and energy and power generation.
VTI’s technology allows its customers to optimize their
capital investment through product longevity, while ensuring
unmatched measurement integrity and data reliability. With
offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia, worldwide product support
is provided through a network of VTI-certified engineering
representatives. VTI is a sponsor member of the VXI Consortium
and a founding member of the LXI Consortium.
For more information visit
or email [email protected]
VTI Instruments Corporation – World Headquarters, USA
Tel: +1 949 955 1894
VTI Instruments Corporation, Europe
Tel: +44 1295 660008
w w w. v t i i n s t r u m e n t s . c o m
DAQ Brochure Rev. 04
VTI Instruments Corporation, Asia
Tel: +91 80 4040 7900
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