BYD F3DM Owner`s manual

BYD F3DM Owner`s manual
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Thank you for choosing BYD F3DM. Your selection of BYD Auto is a wise investment. It will give you years of
pleased driving. Reading this manual thoroughly can get familiar with the operation and enhance the enjoyment
of driving your new vehicle. Keep this manual properly in your vehicle for future reference. Please also transfer
this manual upon resale of your vehicle so that the next owner can still access the useful information for F3DM.
BYD F3DM adopts Dual Mode power system with power train, dual pressure controller, and power battery. As
the wiring structure is complicated, please do not modify, remove or disassemble any subsystem of the hybrid
vehicle without permission, such as vehicle alarm, sound system and other electronic components. Otherwise,
it may affect your vehicle’s performance or cause serious injuries to you or others. In addition, damage,
performance problems or injuries resulting from the modification are not covered by BYD’s warranty.
This manual is guidance of operating BYD F3DM properly rather than an indication about configurations of BYD
F3DM. For any information about configurations, please read corresponding contract (if have), or consult your
BYD authorized dealers. Illustrations in this manual are for reference only, which may vary with actual vehicles.
For the sake of product upgrades from time to time, we reserve the full right to make changes to the information
on technology, features and spare parts at any time without prior notice.
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F3DM Owner’s Manual
Your valuable comments and opinions will be warmly welcomed. In order to provide better service to you, please
leave your contact information with your dealer. If any change of your contact, please contact BYD authorized
dealers to update your information immediately.
March 2011
All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced or copied, in whole or in part, without the written
permission of BYD Auto
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F3DM Owner’s Manual
Safety Instructions……………………………………………………………………………………………… 5
Important information before driving your vehicle…………………………………………………………… 6
mportant information about your BYD F3DM………………………………………………………………… 8
Accessories, spare parts and modification of your BYD F3DM…………………………………………… 9
1.Operations of Instruments and Controllers……………………………………………………………… 19
1)Appearance of Instrument Panel………………………………………………………………………………… 19
2)Key and Car Door………………………………………………………………………………………………… 25
3)Seats, Seat Belts, Steering Wheel and Rear-view Mirrors…………………………………………………… 43
4)Lights, Wipers, EV and HEV Switch……………………………………………………………………………… 65
5)Instruments and Maintenance Indicators………………………………………………………………………… 73
6)Ignition Switch, Parking Brake and Parking Assistance System……………………………………………… 85
7)Auto Audio System………………………………………………………………………………………………… 91
8)Air-conditioning System………………………………………………………………………………………… 101
9)Charging System……………………………………………………………………………………………………111
10)Other Equipment……………………………………………………………………………………………………117
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F3DM Owner’s Manual
2.F3DM Auto Driving………………………………………………………………………………………… 123
3.Starting and Driving………………………………………………………………………………………… 135
4.In Case of An Emergency………………………………………………………………………………… 145
5.Corrosion Prevention and Appearance Care…………………………………………………………… 159
6.Maintenance and Care Instructions……………………………………………………………………… 169
7.Self-maintenance…………………………………………………………………………………………… 179
1)Foreword.………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 179
2)Engine and Chassis…………………………………………………………………………………………… 185
3)Electric Appliance……………………………………………………………………………………………… 195
8.Part Specifications………………………………………………………………………………………… 207
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F3DM Owner’s Manual
Safety Instructions
As you read this manual, you will find
some safety and vehicle damage
Warnings and Notices. This information
is intended to help you avoid injury to
you and your passengers or damage
This is a warning against anything
which may cause serious injury to
people or serious damage to the
vehicle if you don’t follow these
The safety symbol shown above
to your vehicle. So do follow these
warnings and Notices carefully.
The types of warnings, notices what
they look like, and how they are used
in this manual are explained as follows;
besides, specific marks are stick on
your vehicle. Illustrations in this manual
are only for reference. Please refer to
Safety Symbol
This is a warming against anything
means: “Do not...”; “Do not do this”; or
“Do not let this happen”.
which may cause injury to people
or damage to the vehicle or its
equipments if you don’t follow these
the vehicle as standard.
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F3DM Owner’s Manual
all types of collisions, Airbags are only
Control your speed
Important information
before driving your
designed to supplement seat belts
Excessive speed is major factor in
and can’t supersede the seat belt. So
crash injuries and may lead up to
ensure that you and your passengers
death. Generally, the higher the speed
always wear seat belts properly.
always leads to the larger risk. Never
The safety is very important. To avoid
Restrain all children
drive faster than the speed is safe for
unnecessary damages or injuries,
The children who are below 12 years
current conditions, regardless of the
please read through the operating
should be restrained in back seat.
maximum speed posted.
instructions and other information on
Infant and little children should be
No Drunk Driving
labels in this manual.
restrained in child seat. Older children
No drunk driving, and don’t let your
Yo u s h o u l d k n o w t h a t i t i s n o t
should use a booster seat and a
friends drunk driving, either.
practical or possible to warn all the
shoulder belt until they can use the belt
Pay attention to the task of driving
hazards associated with operating or
properly without a booster seat.
maintaining your vehicle, you must
Beware of airbags hazard
Engaging in mobile phone conversation
have your own good judgment.
While airbags can protect you in
or other activities that keep you from
Yo u s h o u l d f o l l o w t h e i m p o r t a n t
collisions, they also will cause serious
paying close attention to the road,
information below before driving your
or fatal injuries to people who do not
other vehicle and pedestrians may
operate properly, such as sit too close
cause a crash. Remember, situations
to the airbags, or who are not properly
can change quickly, and only you
Wear your seat belt every time when
restrained. Therefore, Ensure to follow
can decide when it is safe to divert
you drive
all instructions and warning in this
attention away from driving.
Keep your vehicle in safe condition
A seat belt is your best protection in
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F3DM Owner’s Manual
The tire blowout or mechanical failure
may cause extremely accident. To
reduce the possibility of such problems,
yy When charging, please park your
check your tire pressure and condition
vehicle in well ventilated places.
frequently, and perform all regularly
yy Power battery is installed on your
scheduled maintenance.
vehicle, so please do not drive it
throughout deep water.
yy To keep your F3DM in a good
performance, please drive
your vehicle in the condition
which temperature is above
-10℃(14 ℉)
The battery of BYD F3DM is placed
high temperatures while you drive,
yy Because your BYD F3DM is a
do not touch those components
hybrid vehicle, which is not used
the battery needs to be replaced,
(such as engine) to avoid injury.
widely, for you enjoy the after-sale
yy Medical devices (such as cardiac
and repair properly, do not drive
pacemaker) may be interfered by
your F3DM far away from the sale
radio wave, so please consult your
service areas.
yy There are some parts that reach
doctor before you driving your
yy Because the structure of the hybrid
under the guard board of trunk; if
please contact your BYD authorized
dealer, do not replace the battery by
yourself, it may cause injury to you.
vehicle is more complex, so it may
Battery posts, terminals and related
take a longer time to repair your
accessories of your F3DM may
F3DM, please be more patient.
contain lead and lead compounds. In
order to reduce the harm to you, do
wash your hands after handling.
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F3DM Owner’s Manual
Scrapping of your BYD
Important information
about your BYD F3DM
Precautions for use of hybrid vehicle
vehicle has both high voltage DC and
The SRS airbag and seat belt devices
New vehicle warranty
AC systems as well as a 230-400volt
in your BYD F3DM contain explosive.
Your new vehicle is covered by the
system. DC and AC high voltage are
If the vehicle is scrapped with the
following BYD limited warranties:
very dangerous. It may cause death
airbags and some seat belt devices,
New vehicle warranty
or serious injury, severe burns and
this may cause an accident such as
Emission control systems warranty
electric shock.
fire. Please remove the systems of
Your F3DM is a hybrid vehicle. The
the SRS airbag and seat belt devices
by your BYD authorized dealer before
disposing your F3DM
yy Do not touch the high voltage
Engine exhaust, some of its
cables (orange colored) and their
constituents and a wide variety of
connectors to avoid injury to you
automobile components contain or
or others.
emit chemicals known to the State of
yy Do fol l ow the w arni ng l abel s
California to cause cancer and birth
attached to the high voltage parts.
defects and other reproductive harm.
yy Do not remove or replace the high
voltage parts such as the inverter
unit, power battery etc.
Yo u s h o u l d c o n s u l t y o u r B Y D
authorized dealer when your vehicle
or battery needs to be disposed
of. It may cause death or serious
injury if the battery is not disposed of
properly. So your F3DM battery must
be dismantled by BYD authorized
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2011-4-13 18:36:38
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Accessories, spare
parts and modification
of your BYD F3DM
yy If an accident happen ,pull your
Spare parts or accessories in the
yy Do not touch the exposed electric
market may not be genuine or
authorized for BYD vehicles. BYD shall
not responsible for their performance,
repair, or replacement, or for any
damage or adverse effect caused by
them, if you use them in your F3DM.
You should not modify your BYD
F3DM with non–genuine BYD
products. It could affect your vehicle’s
performance, safety or useful life
with modification with non–genuine
BYD products .Besides, damage or
performance problems resulting from
the modification are not cover by the
warranty of BYD.
vehicle off the road, push the
“P” position switch, stop the DM
system and remove the key
wires which are protruding inside
or outside of your vehicle, it may
cause electric shock.
yy Do not touch any high voltage
wirings and their connectors,
and high voltage parts such as
converter unit, hybrid vehicle
battery, etc to avoid injury to you.
yy If any suspicious fluid leaks,
never touch it because it may be
electrolyte from the hybrid vehicle
battery. If it leaks to your skin
or eyes, wash off at once with
plenty of water, and get immediate
medical treatment to avoid
serious injury.
yy If your vehicle need to be
towed, please contact your BYD
authorized dealer for advice
High Voltage
Your vehicle is equipped with cables
connected to parts of the vehicle
subject to high voltage (about 400 V at
maximum). There are some other parts
that reach high temperatures while you
driving. Do not touch battery cables
(orange–colored) or their connectors
which are under high voltage and
dangerous. Observe the caution labels
in the vehicle carefully.
Beware of the tires of your vehicle
Check the tire inflation pressure
periodically to avoid an accident which
caused by underinflated or overinflated
tire inflation pressure.
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F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Please do not use vehicle below
yy Orange colored cables are all hightension lines on BYD F3DM. For
your safety, please do not touch
such cables.
yy BYD F3DM is equipped with power
battery contains high -tension
electricity. If any problem happens
on BYD F3DM, please contact the
BYD authorized dealers. Do not
repair it by yourself. It may cause
an electrical shock.
yy Do wear insulating gloves (the
gloves can resist at least 500V)
before operating the high voltage
components. It must be operated
by professional technicians.
- 10 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:38
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Overall Unit Parameters of
Front Overhang
Rear Overhang
Front Camber
Total toe-in:-0.5~3mm(left-
Four -wheel
Front Wheel Toe-in
0.25~1.5mm,the right is
Kingpin Inclination Angle
Kingpin Caster Angle
Rear Camber
Rear Wheel Toe-in
Engine Displacement
Engine Maximum Power
MG1 Maximum Power
MG2 Maximum Power
Maximum Speed
Maximum Gradeability
Approach Angle
Departure Angle
Curb Weight
Maximum Wheel Steering
Cross Weight
(considering road
- 11 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:38
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Introduction about BYD
F3DM System
with low noise and zero emission, In
BYD F3DM (Dual Mode)
energy, which can recycle and convert
Under EV mode, power battery
the kinetic energy lost in braking to
provides electrical energy to electric
It is combined petrol engine with
electrical energy and store it in power
motor power 2 for driving car.
electric engine, BYD F3DM is able
battery. The electrical energy can be
to drive by electric engine or petrol
used later.
addition, F3DM equipped with recycle
electric motor assistance braking
Work Mode of BYD DM
1. “EV” – EV mode:
Compared with other hybrid electrical
Features of BYD DM System:
cars, BYD F3DM has a power battery
Compared with common gasoline
with large capacity, which can increase
vehicle, BYD DM system has a better
the driving range greatly under EV
power performance, which can improve
mode. F3DM can be charged with 180-
fuel economy in HEV mode. In EV
240V AC, which is convenient for you
mode, BYD F3DM will run
to charge your vehicle. You will not rely
on gasoline anymore if your F3DM can
2. “HEV” – HEV mode:
be charged in certain drive range in
(1) HEV mode A: The engine reaches
its best working condition and directly
drives the car, and the electric motor
power 1 runs with the petrol engine to
charge the power battery.
- 12 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:38
F3DM Owner’s Manual
(2) HEV mode B: The petrol engine
(3) HEV mode C: When a lower power
and electric motor power work together
output required by overall unit, turn
to drive the vehicle, which provides a
to the HEV mode, the engine drives
higher output power.
electric motor power 1 to generate
Vehicle Identification of BYD
Vehicle Identification No.
electricity for the electric motor power
2 to drive the car and the spare
electricity will be stored in the power
- 13 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
cylinder block of engine, as shown in
the figure.
1.The vehicle identification number is
attached on the cabin sheet as shown
Figure above shows the fuel grade
in the figure above, which is for owner
indication sign, which is posted on the
1.Indication sign of antifreeze
inner side of the fuel lid.
2.Warning sign of air-conditioning
2.Factory nameplate (posted where
shown in the above figure) also marks
3.Warning sign of cooling fan
the identification number.
3.The vehicle identification number
(flexible mark) is posted on the left
upper side of the instrument panel as
shown in the figure, which is used for
owner registration.
Engine Number
The engine number is marked on the
- 14 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Figure above shows the indication sign
sign of air bag, which is posted on
of the child protection device, which is
the driver side sun visor.
posted below the child protection lock
The spare parts in the figure below are
on the inside of the rear vehicle door.
all high voltage. Do not disassemble or
repair your vehicle by yourself, it may
cause an electric shock
Figure above shows the warning sign
of auxiliary air bag, which is posted
blow the right side of instrument panel.
Figure above shows the indication sign
of tire pressure, which is posted below
lock ring of the left front door.
Figure above shows the warning
- 15 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
The high voltage spare parts of the vehicle:
1.Power Battery
2.The Main Electric Motor Power Controller
3.DC-DC and Air Conditioning Driver
4.Charger On-board
5.High Voltage Power Distributor
6.Solar DC - DC controller
7.High Voltage Cable
- 16 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Your F3DM is equipped with high voltage electric power drive equipment. Do not touch the electric components such as
cables, switches, etc. To avoid electric shock.
yy To avoid any injury, do not check and repair your vehicle by yourself. If your vehicle was breakdown, please contact
your BYD authorized dealer.
yy If your F3DM has to be repaired, it must be operated by BYD authorized dealer or professional person wearing
insulation gloves(the gloves can resist at least 500 voltage).
- 17 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
- 18 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-1
Operations of Instruments and Controllers
Appearance of Instrument Panel
Appearance of Instrument Panel…………………………………… 20
Appearance of Main Instrument Panel…………………………… 21
Appearance of Combination Instrument…………………………… 22
Sign on Combination Instrument…………………………………… 23
- 19 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Appearance of Instrument Panel
1. Side defroster outlets
2. Side vents
3. Instrument cluster
4. Center vents
5. Remote calling device (optional)
6. Power window switches
7. Right glove box
8. Cup holder
9. Central glove box
10. Rear ashtray
11. Parking break
12. Transmission gear
13. Left small glove box
14. Hood release handle
15. Door and window lock switch (contained
in the power window switch of left front
16. Central door lock switch (contained in
the power window switch of left front
- 20 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Appearance of Main Instrument Panel
1. Headlight and turn signal switches
2. Wiper and washer switches
(windshield wiper and washer)
3. Parking assistance system
switch and indicator
4. Car audio
5. Electronic clock
6. Emergency flasher switch
7. A/C control module
8. Small glove box
9. Front ashtray
10. Cigar lighter assembly
11. Rear defrosting switch
12. Ignition switch assembly
13. Steering column regulating mechanism
14. Multi - function switches
15. Power exterior rearview mirror switch
16. Rear fog light switch
17. EV mode switch
18. HEV mode switch
- 21 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:39
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Appearance of Combination Instrument
1. Left Display Screen
2. Speedometer
3. Right Display Screen
- 22 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:40
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Sign on Combination Instrument
Brake system warning
Anti–lock brake system
warning light
Driver’s seat belt reminder
Low engine oil pressure
warning light
Turn signal indicator lights
Malfunction indicator lamp
SRS Fault Warning Light *
Open door warning light
Discharge warning light
Lower Fuel Oil Warning
High coolant temperature
warning light*
Tail light indicator light
Headlight high beam
indicator light
Front fog light
Rear fog light
OK Indicator
DC Fault Warning Light *
Electric power steering
system warning light
- 23 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:40
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Charging Connection
Low P ow er Warni ng
Power System Fault Warning
Light *
Light *
Power Battery Fault
Electric engine Fault
Warning Light *
Warning Light *
Items marked with “*” are maintenance indicators. For details, please refer to
“Maintenance of Indicators and Warning Buzzer” in Section 1-5.
- 24 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:40
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-2
Operations of Instruments and Controllers
Key and Car Door
Key…………………………………………………………………… 26
Side Car Door………………………………………………………… 27
Wireless Remote Control…………………………………………… 29
Replace Battery of Remote Control………………………………… 31
Power Windows……………………………………………………… 33
Luggage Compartment Lid………………………………………… 34
Hood…………………………………………………………………… 36
Anti-theft System…………………………………………………… 37
Fuel Tank Cap………………………………………………………… 41
- 25 -
使用手册小330.indd 25
2011-4-13 18:36:40
F3DM Owner’s Manual
If you need additional keys, contact
your BYD authorized dealer to create a
yy Do not insert the key in the wrong
Should you find anything unusual,
contact BYD authorized dealer as
soon as possible.
To a v o i d t h e k e y d a m a g e d o r
improperly performance, observe
Key Number Plate
the following instructions.
yy The key should be operated with
Two keys are provided for the vehicle,
which can open all the doors of your
a clean hand and fingers.
yy Do not insert the key forcefully.
yy Do not insert any key other than
genuine formal keys into the key
The doors may lock automatically
by anti-theft system. It is
yy Do not pull out the key forcefully
when it cannot be removed.
yy Do not put water, oil, foreign
Your key number is shown on the
plate. Keep the plate in a safe place,
not in the vehicle.
recommended to keep a spare key
objects, etc. into the key slot.
BYD authorized dealer can create
with you, in case the doors locked
yy D o n o t i n s e r t a w e t , o i l y o r
a new key with the key number. We
damaged key into the key slot.
recommend writing down the key
with the key inside the car.
yy Do not stick a seal on the key.
number and storing it in a safe place in
- 26 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:40
F3DM Owner’s Manual
case that you need a duplicates.
If your key is locked in the car with the
backup key unavailable, we strongly
Insert the key into the keyhole and turn
urges you to contact BYD authorized
dealer for help. If you must get the
To unlock: turn the key clockwise.
key urgently through breaking the
To lock: turn the key anti-clockwise.
vehicle window, consider breaking the
smallest window to reduce the repair
If the vehicle equipped with a central
cost to be the lowest one. Do take care
control door lock, all the doors will be
of yourself to avoid an injury when
locked or unlocked simultaneously with
Move the lock knob as shown in the
breaking the vehicle window.
the driver’s door.
picture above.
Side Car Door
! Warning
Do not put your finger into the keyhole.
Your finger might be injured.
To unlock: Pull the knob backward.
To lock: Push the knob forward.
If you need to lock the car door outside
without key or wireless remote control,
set the lock knob to locked position
before closing the door. The exterior
handle outside has to be lifted when
closing the front doors.
- 27 -
使用手册小330.indd 27
2011-4-13 18:36:40
F3DM Owner’s Manual
small pit) down on the rear side.
Notice: Do not to lock the key in your
To lock: Push the switch (with a small
bump) down on the front side.
The driver’s door can be opened inside
All the doors can be locked or unlock
by pulling the door handle even if the
simultaneously with the central lock
lock knob is depressed.
The driver’s door cannot be locked if
the key is in the key slot.
Auto Lock and Unlock of Car Doors
When the car speed exceeds 20km/h,
Slide the lock rod to “LOCK” position,
all the car doors will lock automatically.
the childproof door locks are fixed, as
Turn the ignition key from “ON” to
shown in the picture above
“ACC” or “LOCK” to unlock all the car
When these locks are set, the rear
doors cannot be opened from the
These systems can be cancelled.
Please refer to “Settings of Optional
The rear doors can be opened from the
Functions” in this section for details.
outside when the doors are unlocked.
Childproof door locks (on vehicles with
The childproof locks are located on
rear doors)
rear edge of each rear door and
must be set separately for each door.
Push the switch as shown in t h e
Setting the lock for one door will not
picture above.
automatically fix the lock for both
To unlock: Push the switch (with a
- 28 -
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2011-4-13 18:36:41
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Provided any children stay in the car,
you’d better use this function.
The doors can be locked and unlocked
Wireless Remote Control
by pushing the switches slowly and
securely. The indicator light on the key
will flash once.
Ensure vehicle doors are locked
before driving, especially when
any children are in the car. Use
Changes or modifications not
the seat belt properly and locking
expressly approved by the party
all vehicle doors can prevent
responsible for compliance could
the driver and passengers from
void the user’s authority to operate
being thrown out in an accident.
Meanwhile, it can also prevent
1. LOCK button
the vehicle doors from accidental
2. Indicator
3. UNLOCK button
4.Panic switch
The wireless remote control system is
used to lock or unlock all doors, or
activate the theft deterrent system
from a distance about 2m nearby the
the equipment.
Please observe the instructions below
to avoid any damage when using
remote control:
yy K e e p t h e k e y a w a y f r o m h i g h
temperature, such as on the
yy Do not disassemble it.
yy Do not knock it or dropp it.
yy Do not put it in water.
- 29 -
使用手册小330.indd 29
2011-4-13 18:36:41
F3DM Owner’s Manual
If the wireless remote control key does
another operation.
with the turn signal lights flashing
not perform properly, please check as
Lock Car: press LOCK button, then all
for about 15 seconds. (When you
doors will be locked simultaneously
uncertain the location of your vehicle,
yy Check for any radio transmitter, such
and the turn signal lights will flash
this function is helpful to locate it.)
as a radio station or an airport which
Press LOCK button again to enter the
can interfere with normal operation
If the key is in the ignition switch, you
searching status for the second time.
of the key.
can not lock the car doors with LOCK
yy The battery may be low. Check
Warning Release: when the car is
the battery in the key. Replace the
If the key is not in the ignition switch,
under anti-theft mode with the alarm
battery when necessary,
press LOCK button on the remote
being activated, press LOCK button,
please refer to “Replace Battery of
control, then all the doors will be locked
then all the doors will be locked once
Remote Control” in this Section for
once, and the buzzer will buzz once
and the warning will be released. The
without entering anti-theft status.
vehicle will remain under anti-theft
If you lose your key, contact your BYD
When the doors are locked but the
authorized dealer as soon as possible
vehicle does not enter anti-theft status,
to avoid theft, or an accident.
press LOCK button on the remote
UNLOCK button
control and then all the doors will be
Press the switch once for one action.
locked once.
The operation will not be repeated if
LOCK button
Press the switch once for one action.
the button is held for a long period of
The operation will not be repeated if
Search Car: When the car is under
time. Release it and press it again for
the button is held for a long period of
anti-theft status, press LOCK button
another operation.
time. Release it and press it again for
and the vehicle will buzz a long sound
- 30 -
使用手册小330.indd 30
2011-4-13 18:36:41
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Unlock: press UNLOCK button, then all
for 30 seconds. If you do not open it
the doors are unlocked simultaneously
within the said period, all the doors will
and the turn signal lights will flash
be locked again automatically.
once. The turn signal lights will flash
Do not drop or throw the Wireless
Remote Control
three times if the vehicle is under anti-
Cancel Anti-theft Status: The anti-theft
Protect the wireless remote control
theft status.
status (including that anti-theft alarm is
from extreme temperature.
The vehicle can be unlocked even the
enabled) can be cancelled by pressing
Do not immerse the wireless remote
key is in the ignition switch,
UNLOCK button, then all the doors
control in any liquid.
.When the vehicle is under anti-theft
will be locked once and the turn signal
mode with the alarm being activated,
lights flash three times and.
insert the ignition key into the ignition
switch and press UNLOCK button to
Panic Button
exit anti-theft status and unlock all the
Press panic button at any time for 1.5
seconds or longer, the alarm sounds
If all doors are unlocked by remote
intermittently and the turn signal lights
control, the rear interior light and
flash. The warning sound will last
ignition key indicator (optional) will be
for 30 seconds, if you want to stop
on for about 30 seconds. (This function
warning earlier, press unlocking button
is optional; for details, please refer to
once or press the panic button again.
“Settings of Optional Functions”).
(Do not press this button in driving.)
Replace Battery of Remote
Please use CR2016 lithium battery
or equivalent to replace the battery,
or contact BYD authorized dealer for
replacement. Follow the steps below
for replacement:
After unlocking the door by remote
control, all the doors will be opened
- 31 -
使用手册小330.indd 31
2011-4-13 18:36:41
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Dispose of the depleted battery
according to local laws or
3. Install a new battery with positive (+)
side up. Please get the lid on for the
yy Make sure the positive side and
1.Open the remote control with a
remote control.
slotted screwdriver or a similar tool.
After replacing the battery, please
yy installed correctly
check whether the remote control
yy Do not replace the battery with
c a n w o r k n o r m a l l y. I f i t c a n n o t
work normally, please contact BYD
authorized service station for repair.
negative side of the battery are
wet hands to avoid rust.
yy D o n o t t o u c h o r m o v e a n y
component of the remote control,
or it may affect proper operation.
To avoid a choking hazard, keep the
2.Remove the depleted battery of the
remote control.
battery and component away from a
yy Do not bend the electrode of the
battery insertion and that dust or
oils do not adhere to the case.
yy Close the lid of remote control
- 32 -
使用手册小330.indd 32
2011-4-13 18:36:41
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Specifications of Remote Control
Frequency range: 314.9-315.1MHz
Transmission Power: ≤5500μV/m (field
Power Windows
Spurious emission limit: ≤610μV/m
Occupied bandwidth: ≤300kHz
Automatic operation:Push the
yy D o n o t a l t e r t h e e m i s s i o n
frequency, increase the emission
power (including but not limited
to adding emission frequency
amplifiers), equip external
antenna or use other emission
yy Do not interfere with wireless
communication; stop using
it immediately is case of any
yy Do not use it near aircrafts or
switch down completely or pull it up
Switch on each door can control the
completely. The window will open or
corresponding window.
close fully. Move the switch in the
The ignition key shall be at “ON”
opposite direction lightly and then
release it, the window will be stopped.
WINDOW by the switch on the driver’s
Door Locking
Normal Operation: The window moves
as long as you hold the switch.
To open: Lightly push the switch down.
To close: Lightly pull the switch up.
- 33 -
使用手册小330.indd 33
2011-4-13 18:36:41
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy When small children are in the
vehicle, prevent them using the
The switch on each passenger’s door
power window switches without
or the switches on the driver’s door
tcan control each passengers’ window.
Press the window lock switch
The window moves as long as you
to prevent them from making
hold the switch.
unexpected use of the switches.
yy Make sure the ignition key is
To open: Push the switch down.
removed before leaving the car.
To close: Pull the switch up.
Luggage Compartment Lid
The passenger ’s windows can be
operated if the window lock switch on
the driver’s door is pressed.
yy As the power windiw does not
equip with anti-pinch function.
To open the luggage compartment
Use caution when using to avoid
lid outside, insert the key and turn it
serious injury.
- 34 -
使用手册小330.indd 34
2011-4-13 18:36:41
F3DM Owner’s Manual
For precautions on loading luggage,
please refer to “Precautions on
Internal Control Handle of Luggage
Cancel the Function of Internal Control
Loading Luggage” in Chapter 2.
Handle of Luggage Compartment
To close the luggage compartment
lid, just pull and press it down. Check
whether it is locked tightly after closing.
Keep the back door closed while
driving. This not only keeps the
luggage from being thrown out, but
also prevents exhaust gases from
entering the vehicle.
After closing the luggage compartment,
To open the luggage compartment lid,
pull up the internal control handle of
luggage compartment under the driver
insert the key and turn it anticlockwise
to disable the internal control handle of
luggage compartment.
- 35 -
使用手册小330.indd 35
2011-4-13 18:36:41
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Before closing the hood, ensure you
have not forgotten any tools, rags,etc.
and return the support rod to its clip—
this prevents rattles. Then lower the
hood and make sure it locks into place.
If necessary, press down gently on the
front edge to lock it.
2. In front of the vehicle, pull up the
auxiliary catch lever and lift up the
To open the hood:
1. Pull the hood lock release lever. The
the hood securely from falling down
sound an alarm if any of the doors or
Before driving, be sure that the hood
hood is forcibly unlocked or the battery
is closed and securely locked.
accident may occur.
the slot, make sure the rod supports
To deter vehicle theft, the system will
unexpectedly while driving and an
After inserting the support rod into
on to your head or body.
hood will pop up slightly.
Otherwise, the hood may open
terminal is reconnected when the
3. Hold the hood open by inserting the
vehicle is locked.
support rod into the slot.
- 36 -
使用手册小330.indd 36
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Anti-theft system
Manual Setting Functions
Set the anti-theft system manually with
Under anti-theft status, the system
will raise the alarm if the following
conditions are detected.
yy Any car door is unlocked.
yy The ignition switch is turned to “ON”.
yy Reconnect the battery or anti-theft
controller after disconnecting.
yy Insert the ignition key.
remote control.
Press LOCK button on the remote
control to enable anti-theft function,
then the turn signal lights flash once
and all the doors will be locked.
About 1 second later, anti-theft function
is enabled, and then anti-theft warning
light (dashed part in the picture) begins
to flash slowly.
If any door is unlocked, press LOCK
button, then the alarm sound a long
tone and the vehicle can not enter antitheft function; please follow the steps
yy Close all the doors
yy Reset the anti-theft system.
If someone tries to damage you car
or break in, the system will sound the
Automatic Setting Functions
alarm and the turn signal lights flash.
It is optional. You need to change the
- 37 -
使用手册小330.indd 37
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
function mode; please refer to “Settings
● If anti-theft function is not enabled,
again automatically and enter anti-theft
of Optional Functions”.
the turn signal lights flash twice.
status if no door is opened.
If no operations on the remote control
● If anti-theft function is enabled, the
within 30 seconds after remove the key
turn signal lights flash three times and
Enable Anti-theft Function
and closing all the doors, the car will
anti-theft warning light flashes rapidly;
If any abnormalities below are detected
enable anti-theft function automatically.
when you turn the ignition switch to
by the anti-theft system, the signal
Under anti-theft status, insert the key
“ON”, the indicator will go out.
lights will flash and the alarm will sound
into ignition switch, then the
When anti-theft function is disabled,
for about 30 seconds.
lights flash for caution but the alarm will
the rear interior light and ignition key
yy Any doors open.
not sound; when you turn the ignition
warning light (optional) will be on for
yy Insert the ignition key.
key to “ON”, anti-theft function will be
about 30 seconds, even if no doors are
yy Reconnect the battery or anti-theft
released (to unlock in anti-theft mode
open. (Delay time for two lights can be
is only limited to this status); also you
changed. For details, please refer to
can press UNLOCK button to release
“Settings of Optional Functions”).
Restart Alarming
anti-theft function.
If anti-theft function can not be disabled
Under the following conditions, alarm
by remote control, you disable it by
will be enabled again after it stops.
Disable Anti-theft Function
the key; just turn the ignition switch
● Any door is opened.
Press UNLOCK button on the remote
from “ACC” to “ON” ten times within 15
● Insert the key into ignition switch.
control, and then all the doors will be
seconds after opening the doors.
The alarm sounds, the turn signal lights
unlocked to disable anti-theft function.
After anti-theft function is disabled,
flash for about 30 seconds and then
The system will give a sign about the
The doors will be unlocked for 30
stop for 15 seconds, which will repeat
vehicle conditions as follows:
seconds, all the doors will be locked
continuously three times. The times of
- 38 -
使用手册小330.indd 38
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
repetition can be changed. For details,
Settings of Optional Functions
alarm of three cycles and nine cycles
please refer to “Settings of Optional
Optional Anti-theft Functions
will be disabled automatically. When
● Automatic Setting Functions
the alarms of 6 and 9 cycles are
For details, please refer to “Steps for
disabled, it will be restored to the
Reset Anti-theft System
Changing Optional Functions”.
default “alarm of 3 cycles”.
If anti-theft system is not under the
● Auto Lock and Unlock
● Enable Alarm of Nine Cycles
status above, alarm will stop after
For details, please refer to “Steps for
Similarly, you can select to change
the repetition ends. After alarm
Changing Optional Functions”.
it into alarm of 9 cycles. When this
stops, the anti-theft system will be
● Lighting System on the Car
function is selected, the default to
set automatically if the Auto Setting
For details, please refer “Rear Interior
enable alarm of three cycles and six
Functions is selected.
lights” and “Ignition Key Warning Lights
cycles will be disabled automatically.
(optional)” in this Chapter.
When the alarms of 6 and 9 cycles
Stop Alarming
● Enable Alarm of Six Cycles
are disabled, it will be restored to the
When the anti-theft alarm sounds, you
When anti-theft alarm is enabled, the
default setting “alarm of 3 cycles”.
can press LOCK button to stop it, but
alarm sounds and turn signal lights
● 15-Second Time Delay for Getting
the anti-theft function is still enabled.
flash for about 30 seconds and then
into the Car
When anti-theft alarm sounds, you
stop for about 15 seconds, which is
When all the car doors are unlocked
can press the UNLOCK button to stop
regarded as a cycle. Default of auto
by remote control, the rear interior light
it and the anti-theft function will be
setting is to enable alarm of three
and ignition key warning light (optional)
cycles, yet which can be changed to
will be on about 15 seconds (default:
six cycles.
30 seconds). When this function is
After the alarm of six cycles is set,
selected, about-30-second time delay
- 39 -
使用手册小330.indd 39
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
for getting into the car will be cancelled
driver-side door twice within 10
seconds. (Close → Open → Close →
● 30-Second Time Delay for Getting
Open → Close).
into the Car
5. Repeat to turn the ignition switch
When all the car doors are unlocked
from “ACC” to “ON” three times.
by remote control, the rear interior light
and ignition key warning light (optional)
will be on about 30 seconds. It is the
Then, anti-theft indicator is on.
default selected function of the system.
6. Refer to the table below, press
Lighting system
To select this function, be sure to
LOCK button on the remote control
Enable alarm of 6 cycles
cancel 15-second time delay for getting
and make sure the indicator flashes.
Enable alarm of 9 cycles
into the car. If both 15-second and
You can press LOCK button to search
30-second time delay are selected,
whether the door is open or closed.
the system will select 15-second time
When this function is selected, the turn
delay automatically.
signal lights flash once with a buzzing
Times for
sound; to disable it, just open any door
Steps for Changing Optional Functions
and close it; if the turn signal lights
1. Check if anti-theft function is
flashes twice with two buzzing sounds,
it indicates this function is disabled. If
2. Close all the doors.
unsuccess, open the door again and
3. Insert the key into ignition switch.
then close it. Change cancelled status
4. Repeat opening and closing the
to set status.
Selected Functions
Auto setting functions
Door auto lock and
15-second time delay for
getting into the car
30-second time delay for
getting into the car
Vi b r a t i o n s e n s i t i v i t y
settings (optional)
7. You can complete function setting by
doing any items below.
● Turn the ignition switch to “ON”.
● Close the driver-side door for over
- 40 -
使用手册小330.indd 40
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
30 seconds.
● Press LOCK button once more on
the remote control.
yy Do not smoke, cause spark or allow
2. To remove the fuel tank cap, turn
the cap counterclockwise by 90
degrees (to the pressure point 1), and
For more details about this function,
open flames when refueling. The
then turn it a additional 30 degrees
you can consult BYD authorized
fumes are flammable.
(to point 2). Pause slightly before
service station.
Fuel tank cap
yy When opening the cap, do not
removing it.
remove the cap quickly. In hot
It is not unusual to hear a slight
weather, fuel under pressure could
swoosh when the cap is opened.
cause injury by spraying out the
filler neck if the cap is suddenly
yy Insert the fuel nozzle fully, or fuel
may splash out.
1. To open the fuel filler door, pull the
lever up.
Turn off the hybrid system
- 41 -
使用手册小330.indd 41
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Make sure the cap is installed
3. The removed cap can be stored on
the back side of the fuel filler door.
Position the cap so that the hooks
point to the left and right, and set it in
to prevent fuel spillage in
the receptacle on the back side of the
the event of an accident.
yy Use only a genuine BYD fuel tank
When installing the cap, turn the cap
cap for replacement. It is
clockwise until you hear a click. And
check whether the cap is tightened
to regulate fuel tank pressure.
securely Make sure the cap is
tightened securely. If the cap is not
To prevent damage to the cap, apply
force only in the turning direction to
the cap. Do not pull or pry it.
tightened securely, the malfunction
indicator lamp will come on. The
indicator lamp will go off when driving. ,
Contact your Toyota dealer as soon as
possible if the indicator lamp does not
go out.
- 42 -
使用手册小330.indd 42
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-3
Operations of Instruments and Controllers
Seats, Seat Belts, Steering Wheel and
Rear-view Mirrors
Seats………………………………………………………………… 44
Front Seats precautions…………………………………………… 44
Rear Seats precautions…………………………………………… 47
Middle Handrail of Rear Folding Seats…………………………… 48
Seat Belts…………………………………………………………… 48
SRS for Driver and SRS for Front Seat Passengers…………… 52
Steering Wheel……………………………………………………… 62
Power Exterior Rearview Mirrors…………………………………… 63
Interior Rearview Mirror……………………………………………… 64
- 43 -
使用手册小330.indd 43
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
During driving, all vehicle occupants
should have the seatback upright, sit
well back in the seat and use seat belts
provided correctly.
yy Do not drive the vehicle unless
the occupants are properly
seated. Never let passengers
to ride in the cargo area or on
top of a folded–down seatback,
Persons not properly seated and/
or not properly restrained by seat
belts can be seriously injured in
the event of emergency braking
or a crash. During driving,
Passengers should not stand up
or change seats while the vehicle
is moving. Otherwise, severe
injuries can occur in the event of
to your breastbone. If you sit less
emergency braking or a crash.
than 250 mm (10 in.) away now,
you can change your driving
Front seats precautions
Driver seat
position in several ways: _ Move
your seat to the rear as far as you
can while still reaching the pedals
comfortably. Slightly recline the
back of the seat. Although vehicle
yy Sitting too close to a front driver
designs vary, many drivers can
airbag can result in serious injury
achieve the 250 mm (10 in.)
or death if the front airbags
distance, even with the driver
inflate. The National Highway
seat all the way forward, simply
Traffic Safety Administration
by reclining the back of the seat
“NHTSA” advises: Since the risk
somewhat. If reclining the back
zone for driver airbag is the first
of your seat makes it hard to see
50–75 mm (2–3 in.) of inflation,
the road, raise yourself by using
placing yourself 250 mm (10 in.)
a firm, non–slippery cushion, or
from your diver airbag provides
raise the seat if your vehicle has
you with a clear margin of safety.
This distance is measured from
the center of the steering wheel
that feature.
yy If your steering wheel is
adjustable, tilt it downward. This
- 44 -
使用手册小330.indd 44
2011-4-13 18:36:42
F3DM Owner’s Manual
points the airbag toward your chest
Seat adjustment precautions
up the seat position adjusting
instead of your head and neck.
The seat should be adjusted as
recommended by NHTSA above,
while still maintaining control of the
foot pedals, steering wheel, and
your view of the instrument panel
yy Once a seat is adjusted correctly ,
rock it back and forth to make
sure it is locked in position.
yy Do not adjust the seat in
driving vehicle as the seat may
unexpectedly move and cause
Front passenger seat
the driver to lose control of the
yy Sitting too close to a front
passenger airbag can result
in serious injury or death if the
front airbags inflate. The front
passenger seat should be as far
from the airbag as possible with
the seatback adjusted, so the front
passenger sits upright.
mechanism or unexpectedly push
yy Be careful that the seat does not
lever and the seat may suddenly
move, causing the driver to lose
control of the vehicle.
yy While adjusting the seat, do
not put your hands under the
seat or near the moving parts.
Otherwise, your hands or fingers
may be caught and injured.
—Adjusting front seats
hit a passenger or luggage.
yy After adjusting the seatback,
push your body back against the
seat to make sure the seat is
locked in position.
yy Do not put objects under the
Otherwise, the objects may
interfere with the seat–lock
- 45 -
使用手册小330.indd 45
2011-4-13 18:36:43
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Rotate the knob 1 to adjust to the
desired position.
Pull up the handle 1, slide the seat
yy S i t t i n g t o o c l o s e t o a f r o n t
backward and forward to the desired
passenger airbag can result
position. Release handle 1 and ensure
in serious injury or death if the
LEVER (Optional)
the seat is securely locked in the
front airbags inflate. The front
position. (Make pedal plate, steering
passenger seat should be as far
wheel and instrument panel within the
from the airbag as possible with
scope of easy control for the driver).
the seatback adjusted, so the
front passenger sits upright..
Lean forward and pull the lever 2 up.
Then adjust the seat back to the
desired angle and release the lever.
Turn the lever and adjust seaback
lumbar support to the desired position.
- 46 -
使用手册小330.indd 46
2011-4-13 18:36:43
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Adjust the center of the head
Lower the head restraints to the lowest
position. Unlock release button and
fold the seatback down.
restraint so that it is closest to the
Each seatback can be folded
top of your ears.
yy After adjusting the head restraint,
This could enlarge the luggage.
make sure it is locked in position.
yy Never remove head restraints while
For your safety and comfort, adjust the
head restraint before driving,
Adjust the head restraints to the
Rear Seats
Folding down Rear Seats (optional)
◆ Never sit on the center seat
because the rear center seat belt
cannot be fastened correctly when
the rear left seat is folded down.
desired position while pressing the lock
release button.
The head restraint is most effective
when it is close to your head.
Therefore, using a cushion on the
seatback is not recommended
- 47 -
使用手册小330.indd 47
2011-4-13 18:36:43
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy When returning the seatback to
the upright position, observe the
following precautions in order
ntegral Rear Seats (optional)
restrained at all times with the seat
It can not be folded.
belts provided. Improperly positioning
the seat belts can cause serious injury
Middle Handrail of Rear
Folding Seats (optional)
to prevent personal injury in a
If a child is large enough to properly
locked by pushing forward
wear seat belts, the child should sit in
and rearward on the top of the
the rear seat and must be restrained
seatback.And make sure the red
using the vehicle’s seat belt. According
mark on the button on the top
to accident statistics, the child is safer
of seatback can not be seen.
yy Make sure the seat belts are not
twisted or caught in the seatback
and are arranged in the proper
position and are ready to use.
are designed for people of adult size,
yy Make sure seatback is securely
seat belt from operating properly.
The seat belts provided for your vehicle
who large enough to properly wear
collision or sudden stop:
Failure to do so will prevent the
or death in a crash.
when properly restrained in the rear
The middle handrail of rear seats, pull
seat than in the front seat.
it out as shown in the figure above.
If all children can’t be seated and
restrained properly in a rear seating
Seat belts—
position, properly restrain the largest
—Seat belt precautions
occurs and seat belts are not worn
BYD strongly urges that the driver and
properly, the force of the rapid inflation
passengers in the vehicle be properly
of the airbag may cause death or
child in the front seat. If an accident
- 48 -
使用手册小330.indd 48
2011-4-13 18:36:43
F3DM Owner’s Manual
serious injury to the child.
Do not allow any children to stand up
●Do not damaging the belt or other
parts of the seat belt. Keep them from
or kneel on either rear or front seats.
The seat belts provided for your
being caught in the seat or the door.
Otherwise child could suffer serious
vehicle are designed for people of
● Check the seat belt regularly whether
injury or death during emergency
adult size, large enough to properly
it is cut, worn or loose. Damaged parts
braking or a crash. Also, do not let the
wear them If the child isn’t large
shall be replaced with new ones. Do
child sit on your lap. Holding a child in
enough to properly wear the vihicle’s
not disassemble or modify the system.
your arms does not provide sufficient
seat belt, it is not safty for the child
● Keep seat belt clean and dry. Clean
on the vehicle.
it with neutral soap or lukewarm water.
Pregnant woman. If you are pregnant,
BYD recommends consult with your
doctor for specific suggestion each
time. Keep the lap belt as low as
possible across the hips and not on the
Injured person. BYD recommends to
wear a seat belt .Depending on the
injury,first check with your doctor for
specific suggestion.
Bleaching agents, dyes or grinding
Follow the instructions below when
using seat belt:
● One seat belt shall be applied to one
passenger only. It’s not allowed that
two or more passengers share one
seat belt—even for children.
● Do not over slant the seat back.
The seat belt provides the maximum
cleaning agents are not suitable for
seat belt cleaning - they may severely
damage the seat belt. (refer to “Interior
Cleaning” in section 5 for detail)
●The seat belt system (including
bolts) should be replaced after serious
crashes, even if the damage is not
protection when the seat back is in the
upright position.(Refer to instructions
on seat adjustment).
- 49 -
使用手册小330.indd 49
2011-4-13 18:36:43
F3DM Owner’s Manual
—Fastening front and rear seat belts
Tug on the belt to make sure the belt
is securely latched .Check that the belt
3-point Seat Belt
is not twisted, A twisted belt can cause
serious injuries in a crash.
The seat belt length automatically
adjusts to your size and the seat
yy After inserting the tab, make sure
the belt is securely latched and
that the belt is not twisted.
yy Do not insert coins, clips, and
other little things. In the buckle
The retractor will lock the belt during a
as this may prevent you from
sudden stop or in crash. It also may
properly latching the tab and
lock if you lean forward too quickly. A
slow, easy move will be allowed, and
yy If the seat belt does not function
Adjust the seat to desire position and
you can move around freely.
normally, immediately contact
sit up straight and well back in the
If the seat belt cannot be pulled out of
your BYD authorized dealer. Do
seat. To fasten your belt, pull it out from
the retractor, firmly pull the belt and
not use the seat until the seat
the retractor and insert the tab into the
release it. The seat belt will be able to
belt is repaired, because it cannot
pull out from the retractor.
protect an occupant from injury.
- 50 -
使用手册小330.indd 50
2011-4-13 18:36:43
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Take up slack
Too high
yy Both high–positioned lap belts
and loose–fitting belts could
cause serious injuries due to
sliding under the lap belt during
Keep as low on hips as possible
a collision or other unintended
event. Keep the lap belt
Adjust the position of the lap and
shoulder belts.
Position the lap belt as low as possible
across your hips—not on your waist,
then pull up on the shoulder part of
the belt so the lap part fits snugly .
This lets your strong pelvic bones take
the force of a crash and reduces the
chance of internal injuries.
positioned as low on hips as
yy Do not place the shoulder belt
under your arm
yy Make sure all seat belts are
properly potisioned before
Seat belts with an adjustable shoulder
Adjust the shoulder anchor height to fit
your body.
To raise: move the anchor up.
To lower: Press the lock release button
and slide the anchor down.
Make sure the anchor is locked in
position after adjustment.
- 51 -
使用手册小330.indd 51
2011-4-13 18:36:43
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Adjust the seat as needed and sit up
straight and well back in the seat. To
yy Always make sure the shoulder
fasten your belt, pull it out from the
belt is positioned across the
retractor and insert the tab into the
center of your shoulder. The belt
SRS driver and front
passenger airbags
should be kept away from your
neck and not cross your arm
instead of your shoulder. Failure
to do so could reduce the amount
of protection in an accident
and cause serious injuries in a
To release the belt, press the buckle
2-point Seat Belt
Draw out
release button and allow the belt to
The SRS (Supplemental Restraint
System) front airbags provide further
If the belt does not retract smoothly,
protection for the driver
pull it out and check for kinks or twists.
and front passenger in addition to the
Then make sure it remains untwisted
primary safety protection provided by
as it retracts.
the seat belts.
In response to a severe frontal
impact,the SRS front airbags work
together with the seat belts to reduce
- 52 -
使用手册小330.indd 52
2011-4-13 18:36:43
F3DM Owner’s Manual
injury by inflating. The SRS front
airbags reduce injuries mainly to the
driver’s or front passenger’s head or
chest caused by hitting the vehicle
The front passenger airbag is activated
even with no passenger in the front
SRS is an auxiliary device for seat belt,
which can protect passengers’ head
and chest from serious injury in severe
front crashes.
SRS cannot supersede seat belts and
is only a part of the whole passive
safety protection system of the vehicle.
Note that SRS has the best protection
performance only when working
together with fastened seat belts. For
the safety of yourself and your family,
please pay special attention to the
“warning” and “Notice” in this section.
properly. Wearing a seat belt during
an accident reduces the chances
yy T h e S R S a i r b a g s y s t e m i s
of death or serious injury or being
designed only as a supplement
thrown out of the vehicle.
to the primary protection of the
yy I m p r o p e r l y s e a t e d a n d / o r
driver side and front passenger
restrained infants and children
side seat belt systems .The front
can be killed or seriously injured
seat occupants can be killed or
by the deploying front airbags.
seriously injured by the inflating
An infant or child who is too
airbags if they do not wear the
small to use a seat belt should
available seat belts properly.
be properly secured using a child
During sudden braking just
restraint system. BYD strongly
before a crash, an unrestrained
recommends that all infants and
driver or front passenger can fall
children be placed in the rear
forward into direct contact with
seat of the vehicle and properly
or close proximity to the airbag
restrained. The rear seat is the
which may then deploy during
safest for infants and children.
the collision.To ensure maximum
yy Please keep sitting in correct
protection in an accident, the
posture so that you can get the
driver and all passengers in the
maximum protective effect of the
vehicle must wear their seat belts
seat belt and SRS.
- 53 -
使用手册小330.indd 53
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Do not dismount parts of SRS
without permission.
SRS ECU consists of a safing sensor
System Components
SRS Airbag Warning Indicator
The airbag SRS is designed to activate
when the vehicle sustains sufficient
SRS Airbag system is monitored by
longitudinal deceleration in severe
ECU and integrated self-diagnosis
(usually frontal) collisions where the
function. Its status is indicated by
forward deceleration of the vehicle
warning indicator on the instrument
exceeds the designed threshold level.
The airbags did not inflate in a collision
●Airbag warning light will be on for
does not mean that something is wrong
with the system . Rather, it means the
forces were not sufficient to cause
activation. Airbags can inflate in frontal
and near frontal collisions, but not
rollover, side impact, or rear impacts.
Always wear your seat belts properly.
and airbag sensor.
about 5 seconds after turning on
The SRS consists of the following
ignition switch ,which indicates that the
components and their locations are
system is normal.
shown in the illustration:
This warning indicator monitors SRS
1. SRS warning light
airbag ECU, impact sensor, inflator,
2. Airbag module for front passenger (
warning light, connecting wire and
airbag and inflator)
power supply. (For details, please refer
3. SRS electronic control unit (ECU)
to “Maintenance Indicator lights and
4. Airbag module for driver (airbag and
Warning Buzzer” in Section 1-5)
5. Impact sensor
- 54 -
使用手册小330.indd 54
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
If any of the following
conditions, airbag system may
have Malfunction troubles:
yy The indicator is not on when
turning on the ignition switch.
yy Turn on the ignition switch, and 5
seconds later, the warning light
remains on or it flashes and goes
on again after going out.
yy The indicator is on after turning
off the ignition switch.
yy The indicator comes on or flashes
while driving.
If any SRS trouble indicated by
warning light, please contact your
BYD authorized dealer for inspection
as soon as possible. Otherwise, the
airbag system can not work properly
in case of accident
SRS Airbag Triggering Conditions
The airbag is triggered under the
following conditions: severe frontal
crashes and some special crashes.
In case of minor front collision, side
collision, but it won’t be triggered by
rear collision or roll-over, airbag system
generally won’t be triggered.. In such
accidents, fastening the seat belt, can
protect the driver and passenger in the
normal way.
The decisive factor for triggering SRS
is the result of judgment through
comprehensive intelligent comparison
of the deceleration curve, which is
produced in a collision and acquired by
the electronic control unit (ECU), with
the set value. If the signals, such as
deceleration, produced and detected
in the collision is lower than the set
reference value in the ECU, the airbag
won’t be triggered even though the car
may have been severely deformed in
the accident.
BYD SRS ECU on setting has taken
various common misuse and domestic
road conditions into full consideration.
However, as causes and conditions
of crashes are widely variable, for the
sake of your safety, please strictly
abide by this manual to use the vehicle
correctly and avoid misuse; otherwise,
the airbag may be incapacity.
- 55 -
使用手册小330.indd 55
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Protection Principle of SRS Airbag
residue as soon as possible to prevent
may be hot for several minutes
If an impact results in a forward
any potential skin irritation with soap
after deployment, so do not touch!
deceleration beyond the designed
and water. You shall exit the vehicle
The airbags inflate only once. The
threshold level , the system triggers
safely immediately if available.
windshield may be damaged by the
the airbag inflators. At this time a
While the system can reduce serious
inflating airbag.
chemical reaction in the inflators very
injuries, it may also cause minor
quickly fills the airbags with non–toxic
abrasions, swelling or temporary
gas to help restrain the froward motion
hearing loss. Because airbags must
of the occupants. The front airbags
inflate rapidly and with considerable
then quickly deflate, so that there is
force, there is the risk of death or
no obstruction of the driver’s vision
serious injuries such as fractures,
and it should be necessary to continue
facial and eye injuries or internal
driving. When the airbags inflate, it is
injuries, particularly to occupants who
normal to notice a smoke-like, powdery
are not properly restrained or are other
residue or smell the burnt propellant.
out of position at the time of airbag
They produce a loud noise and release
deployment. Thus, it is extremely
some smoke and residue along with
important that occupants be properly
non–toxic gas. This does not indicate a
restrained as far away from the airbag
fire. This smoke may remain inside the
cover as possible while maintaining
vehicle for some time, and may cause
vehicle control.
some minor irritation to the eyes, skin
Parts of the airbag module (steering
or breathing. Be sure to wash off any
wheel hub, airbag cover and inflator)
Sitting too close to a front airbag
can result in serious injury or death
if the front airbags inflate.
BYD strongly recommends that:
yy The driver sit as far back as
possible from the steering wheel
while still maintaining control of
the vehicle.
yy T h e f r o n t p a s s e n g e r s i t a s
far back as possible from the
yy All vehicle occupants be properly
restrained using the available
seat belts.
- 56 -
使用手册小330.indd 56
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Do not sit on the edge of the seat
Do not allow a child to stand up or
Do not put anything on or over the
or lean against the dashboard when
to kneel on the front passenger
airbag module . Placing objects on
the vehicle is in use, since the front
seat, since the front airbag inflates
or over the airbag inflation area may
airbags inflate with considerable
with considerable speed and force.
cause those objects to be propelled
speed and force. Otherwise, you
Otherwise, the child may be killed
by the airbag into your face and
may be killed or seriously injured.
or seriously injured.
torso causing serious injury.
Sit up straight and well back in the
_ Do not hold a child on your lap or
seat, and always use your seat belt
in your arms.
- 57 -
使用手册小330.indd 57
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Do not service ,repair ,or modify
any wiring.
yy Do not service ,repair ,or modify
any components , such as the
steering wheel pad, steering
w h e e l , c o l u m n c o v e r, f r o n t
passenger airbag cover, front
passenger airbag or SRS
electronic control unit(ECU).
yy Doing any of these may cause
sudden SRS front airbag inflation
or disable the system, which
could result in death or serious
Conditions for SRS Airbag Not to Be
yy Modifying or adding equipment
to the front end of the vehicle
Hit a cement pillar, tree or other
(including frame,bumper ,front end
slender objects.
body structure and tow hooks)
may affect the performance of
the airbag system , increasing
the risk of injury .
yy Do not modify the front end of the
vehicle .
yy Additional equipment may affect
the performance of the airbag
Hit under a truck.
sensors increasing the risk of
Failure to follow these
instructions can result in death
or serious injury. Consult your
BYD authorized dealer about any
repairs and modifications.
- 58 -
使用手册小330.indd 58
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Suffer from being hit by other cars
The car rolls.
behind it.
Hit a deeper pit.
In some conditions, SRS airbag may
Knock into a wall on its side.
not be deployed, such as conditions in
Hit the ground on the way down.
the figure above.
Conditions for SRS Airbag to Be
Hit bulges on the side of the road,
safety strips or stones on the street.
Suffer from being hit on its side by
other cars.
yy In the conditions above, SRS airbag
may be deployed, as shown in the
figure above.
yy If the car is subject to severe impact
from the bottom, SRS airbag may
be deployed.
- 59 -
使用手册小330.indd 59
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy SRS is designed toonly match
specified certain vehicle models,
any variation in suspension,
tire size, bumper, chassis and
other original equipments may
adversely affect the function
of SRS. In addition, it is strictly
prohibited to apply any airbag
parts to other vehicle models;
otherwise it might lead to SRS
failure, resulting in personal
yy During driving, please wear the
seat belt properly and maintain a
correct sitting posture. Otherwise,
airbag deployment may increase
the risk of injuries in accidents.
yy It’s very important for the driver to
maintain a distance of at least
25cm between the chest and
yy Never allow children to sit on the
the steering wheel, which allows
front seat without protection. If
maximum protection when the
a collision triggers the air bag,
airbag system is triggered. That
the child passengers may get
is to say, it’s necessary to adjust
seriously injured or even killed.
the front seats and the head
yy Don’t leave any person, a nimal
restrain according to the figure
or object in the deployment range
of each occupant; in addition,
of driver/front seat passenger air
the driver’s arms shall only bend
bag. It is extremely dangerous
slightly, stretching nearly straight.
for an adult to hold a child on the
yy Do not paste or cover the surface
of the steering wheel lid or the
yy Any accessories, such as phone
surface near the airbag on the
holder, cup holder and ashtray,
right of the instrument panel with
shall not be installed on airbag
any objects; and do not make
decoration lid or within airbag
any other decorative treatment at
deployment range. Otherwise,
such places. These two places
risk of injury will be increased in
shall be cleaned only with dry
the accident when SRS airbag is
or slightly wetted cloth, and it
is prohibited to knock at such
places violently.
yy Don’t make any modification to
any part of the airbag system,
- 60 -
使用手册小330.indd 60
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
including labels.
yy A l l o p e r a t i o n t o t h e a i r b a g ,
including removal of airbag
supplied with the vehicle to the
next owner when transferring the
required for repairing other
yy When disposing the car or parts
parts (such as detachment of
of SRS, please comply with
the steering wheel), can only be
applicable safety regulations
made by BYD authorized dealer.
and disposal procedures. BYD
and road conditions into full
consideration. However, avoid
serious impact at the bottom of the
car and do not drive toughly in poor
road conditions in order to prevent
yy T h e a i r b a g s y s t e m m u s t b e
authorized dealer have a good
Supplemental Information
replaced in a BYD authorized
knowledge of these regulations
● Please read this manual carefully. If
dealer within 15 years as of the
and the detailed disposal
you want to transfer or dismantle the
date of delivery (manufacture
procedure is also available on
vehicle, please notify the owner or the
date indicated on the quality
Repair Manual.
demolition unit that the car is equipped
with airbag system, and recommend
certificate and Repair Manual).If
yy The air bag system has strong
the airbag is replaced before that
resistance capacity against the
them to read the manual carefully.
date, it shall be recorded in the
surrounding electromagnetic
● After the airbag system is deployed,
Repair Manual.
i n t e r f e r e n c e . H o w e v e r, t o
please don’t touch any part of the
yy The airbag is disposable. Once
avoid accidents, please do not
airbag module to avoid burning,
the air bag is triggered or
use the vehicle beyond the
and ask a BYD authorized dealer to
damaged, the system must be
electromagnetic environment
remove it. Once the air bag has been
specified by national laws.
deployed, please install a new airbag
yy Please hand over all material
yy SRS has taken various misuses
system as soon as possible.
- 61 -
使用手册小330.indd 61
2011-4-13 18:36:44
F3DM Owner’s Manual
● The airbag system only functions
_ There is collision at the front part
steel wheel to desired angle and push
in case of serious frontal collisions.
of the vehicle (shaded part in the
the lever up to lock the steering wheel
It doesn’t mean that the airbag
illustration) which is not severe enough
in position.
system has problems when it doesn’t
to trigger the deployment of the airbag.
respond to the collision, but improper
The pad section of the steering wheel
maintenance or failure to repair may
or front passenger airbag cover
affect the normal performance of the
(shaded in the illustration) is scratched,
airbag system.
cracked, or has other damages.
while the vehicle is moving. Doing
Steering Wheel
Do not adjust the steering wheel
so may cause the driver to
the vehicle and an accident may
occur resulting in death or serious
_ After adjusting the steering wheel,
try moving it up and down to make
sure it is locked in position.
If any of the following cases, please
contact your BYD authorized dealer as
soon as possible:
To change angle of steering wheel,
_ The SRS front airbags have been
hold the steering wheel and push down
the lock release lever, then adjust the
- 62 -
使用手册小330.indd 62
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Outside Rearview Mirrors
Do not adjust the mirror during
driving. Doing so may
cause the driver to mishandle the
vehicle and an accident may occur
resulting in death or serious injuries.
Press the switch to select L (left) or R
2. Control switch – it is used to adjust
the outside rear-view mirror.
Push the switch in the desired
When ignition switch is at “ACC” or
“ON”, you can adjust the mirror.
outside Rear-view Mirror Controller
Adjust the mirror so that you can just
If ice should jam the mirror, do not
see the side of your vehicle in the
operate the control or scrape the
mirror face. Use a spray de–icer to
Be careful when judging the size
free the mirror.
or distance of any object seen in
the outside rear view mirror on the
passenger ’s side because it is a
convex mirror. Any object seen in a
Adjust the outside rear-view mirror with
convex mirror will look smaller and
this switch.
farther away than when seen in a flat
1. Selection switch – it is used to select
the outside rear-view mirror which shall
be adjusted.
- 63 -
使用手册小330.indd 63
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Inside Rearview Mirror
Night driving——the lever is at position 2.
Note that the rearview clarity may
be slightly reduced to weaken glare
at night. inside rearview mirror has
direction indication function, which will
be activated when: Ignition switch is at
Adjust the interior rearview mirror to an
angle where you can just see the rear
of the vehicle inside.
During night driving, you can pull the
adjusting lever on the lower edge of
Do not adjust the mirror while the
vehicle is moving. Doing so may
cause the driver to mishandle the
vehicle and an accident may occur
resulting in death or serious injuries.
the mirror to weaken the glare caused
by headlights of the following vehicle.
Daytime driving——the lever is at
position 1.
At this position, the reflection in the
rearview mirror has greater clarity.
- 64 -
使用手册小330.indd 64
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-4
Operation of Instruments and Controls
Lights, Wipers, EV and HEV Switch
Headlights and Turn Signals………………………………………… 66
High Mount Brake Light……………………………………………… 67
Emergency Flashers ………………………………………………… 67
Front Fog Light( optional )…………………………………………… 68
Rear Fog Light……………………………………………………… 68
Rear Interior Light…………………………………………………… 69
Ignition Key Warning Light………………………………………… 69
Front Windshield Wipers and Washer……………………………… 70
EV and HEV Switch………………………………………………… 71
Multi-function Switch………………………………………………… 72
- 65 -
使用手册小330.indd 65
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Headlights and Turn Signals
surroundings, When in position3, it can
Do not place anything on the
automatically turn on the light while
instrument panel, and/or do not affix
driving into the dark areas.
anything on the windshield to block this
To prevent the battery from being
discharged, do not leave the lights
on longer than necessary when the
DM system is not running.
Light Reminder Buzzer
If you open driver-side door and
remove the key when the widthindicator lights are turned on, the
buzzer w i l l sound w ar ning t one,
reminding you to turn off the lights.
To turn on the following lights: Twist the
headlight/ turn signal lever knob.
Position 1 – width-indicator lights,
To prevent the battery from being
license plate light and instrument
discharged, do not leave the switch
illumination lamps, overall unit
on longer than necessary when the
backlight, etc.
DM system is not running,
Position 2 –headlights and all of the
Position 3 (“Auto”) – headlights and/or
all of the above (same with position 2).
The automatic light control sensor is on
They automatically turn on or off
the top of the driver’s side instrument
depending on the darkness of the
- 66 -
使用手册小330.indd 66
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
even with the knob turned to “OFF”.
lever up or down to the pressure point
(position 2) and hold it.
If the turn signal indicator lights (green
lights) on the instrument panel flash
faster than normal, a front or rear turn
signal bulb is burned out.
High Mount Brake Light
When you step on brake pedal, the
High / low beams – For high beams,
light comes on together with the rear
turn the headlights on and push the
Turn Signals
brake light, warning that the car is in
level away from you (position 1). Pull
To signal a right steering, push up your
braking to prevent accidents.
the level toward you (position 2) for low
left handle to position1; to signal a left
steering, push down your left handle to
The headlight beam indicator light
(blue light) on the instrument panel will
The DM system must be in the “IG-ON”
tell you that the high beams are on,
Flashing the high beam headlights
The lever automatically returns after
(position 3) -- pull the lever all the way
you make a turn, but you may have
back. The high beam headlights turn
to return it by hand after you change
off when you release the lever,
To turn on emergency flashers, just
You can flash the high beam headlights
To signal a lane change, move the
push this switch as shown on the
Emergency Flashers
- 67 -
使用手册小330.indd 67
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Front fog lights (optional)
Rear Fog Light
The turn signal light switch will not
To turn on the fog lights, first twist left
To turn on rear fog lights, push this
work when the emergency flashers are
switch to the position of sidelight or
switch. Rear fog light will go on in the
headlight, then twist the front fog light
following cases:
switch to “ON”.
When front fog lights (optional) switch
Front fog indicator on the instrument
are turned on – when headlight or
panel indicates that the light comes on.
width-indicator lights are turned on, the
picture above.
All turn signal lights will flash. To turn
them off, just push the switch once
Turn on the emergency flashers to
warn other drivers if your vehicle must
be stopped where it might be a traffic
hazard. Always pull as far off the road
as possible.
To prevent the battery from being
discharged, do not leave the lights
on longer than necessary when the
DM system is not running.
rear fog lights will be turned on.
When front fog light (optional) switch
is turned off – when the headlights are
turned on, the rear fog lights will be
turned on.
When there are no front fog lights –
when headlights are turned on, press
- 68 -
使用手册小330.indd 68
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
the rear fog light switch, then the rear
wireless remote control, rear interior
fog lights will be turned on.
The interior light switch has the
light and ignition key warning light will
When rear fog lights are turned on, the
following positions:
remain on for 30 seconds.
rear fog light switch indicator on the
“ON” – Keeps the light on all the time.
You can enable or disable this function.
instrument panel will go on.
“OFF” – Turns the light off.
Please refer to “Settings of Optional
When headlights are turned off, even if
“DOOR“–Turns the light on when any
Functions” in Section 1-2.
you turn on the headlight switch again,
door is opened. When all doors are
the rear fog lights won’t be turned on.
closed, this light will go out.
When all other lights are turned off,
rear fog lights will go out automatically.
Illuminated Entry System
To turn on the rear fog lights, press
With the switch in the “DOOR” position,
the switch again under the condition
the light comes on when any of the
mentioned above.
doors is opened. When all the doors
Ignition Key Warning Light
are closed, the light will remain on for
Rear Interior Light
30 seconds.
However, in the following cases, the
light goes off immediately:
To turn on the interior light, slide the
● All the doors are closed when the
To see ignition switch easily, the
DM system is in “IG-ON” mode.
ignition key warning light goes on when
●Using wireless remote control to
any doors are open.
close and lock all doors.
●The light remains on for 30 seconds
When all the doors are unlocked by
after all the doors are closed.
- 69 -
使用手册小330.indd 69
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
●When all doors are locked by using
To turn on the windshield wipers, move
it will continues squirt fluid with low
wireless remote control or after all
the lever to the desired setting.
speed wiping the window and when
doors are closed, turn the ignition
The DM system must be in the “IG-ON”
the windshield wipers are off, they will
switch to “ON”, then the light goes out.
operate a couple of times after the
●When all doors are unlocked by
wireless remote control, the light will
be on for about 30 seconds, even if the
doors are not open.
You can enable or disable this function.
Please refer to “Settings of Optional
Functions” in Section 1-2.
Front Windshield Wipers and
washer squirts.
Lever position
Speed Setting
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
For a single sweep of the windshield,
push upward the lever from OFF very
quickly and then release, it will sweep
once and then back to its position.
For instructions on adding washer fluid,
see “Adding washer fluid” on Section
I n f r e e z i n g w e a t h e r, w a r m t h e
windshield with the defroster before
using the washer. This will help prevent
the washer fluid from freezing on your
windshield, which can block your
It will continue sweeping if you push
it longer than 0.5s. It will stop if you
completely release it.
Do not operate the wipers if the
To squirt washer fluid, pull the lever
windshield is dry. It may scratch the
backwards to yourself within0.5s,
it will squirt fluid without wiping the
window; if it function for a long time,
- 70 -
使用手册小330.indd 70
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
EV and HEV Switch
acceleration or insufficient power.
yy Be careful for the conditions
around your vehicle when driving
under pure EV mode, pedestrians
may not aware your vehicle
because of no noise of engine.
HEV Mode
EV Switch
HEV Switch
EV and HEV switches are designed
to shift between EV mode and HEV
mode. Indicator on the switch indicates
that the vehicle runs under the
corresponding mode.
EV Mode
In general conditions, push EV switch,
then its indicator goes on and the
vehicle runs under EV mode.
yy You are expected to make a
Push HEV switch, then its indicator
goes on and the vehicle runs under
HEV mode.
proper choice according to
the battery power, when the
vehicle cannot shift to EV mode
yy DM system can judge whether
shift to HEV mode according
to the actual situations and
battery power while driving. DM
system may shift to HEV mode
automatically in case of rapid
- 71 -
使用手册小330.indd 71
2011-4-13 18:36:45
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Multi-function Switch
As EV and HEV have memory
effect, the car will run in the mode
used last time after starting.
If the power is very high, engine
may not be able to start under HEV
Backlight on the instrument panel
The backlight will circularly adjust fiverange brightness when push the multiODO/SET:
function switch. (the light on instrument
Every time you press ODO/SET button,
panel will go off when the width-
the instrument will shift from odometer
indicator light comes on)
to trip odometer TRIP A, trip odometer
TRIP A to trip odometer TRIP B, and
trip odometer TRIP B to odometer.
When readings of trip odometer TRIP
A or TRIP B are displayed, long press
ODO/SET button for over 2 seconds,
readings of trip odometer will be
- 72 -
使用手册小330.indd 72
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-5
Operations of Instruments and Controls
Instruments and Maintenance Indicators
Tachometer…………………………………………………………… 74
Fuel Gauge…………………………………………………………… 74
Engine Coolant Temperature Meter ……………………………… 74
Wattmeter…………………………………………………………… 75
Battery Coulomb Meter……………………………………………… 75
Electric motor Coolant Temperature Meter ……………………… 76
Odometer and Trip Meter…………………………………………… 76
Service Reminder Indicators & Warning Buzzers………………… 77
- 73 -
使用手册小330.indd 73
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
The left information display screen
the tachometer does not indicate the
When braking, accelerating or turning
displays tachometer, fuel gauge,
rotating speed while in HEV mode the
a corner, the meter may swing because
engine coolant temperature meter ,
tachometer shall work and indicate the
of the fuel sloshing in the fuel tank.
electric motor coolant temperature
rotating speed of engine.
If the fuel level approaches “E” or the
meter, odometer, wattmeter, etc.
The right information display screen
d i s p l a y s c o u l o m b m e t e r, e n e r g y
low fuel level indicator light turn on, fill
Fuel Gauge
the fuel tank as soon as possible.
When driving on a slope or turning a
conversion prompt, gears and power
corner, fuel in the tank may slosh, the
fuel indicator may fluctuate or low fuel
level warning light may often comes on
Engine Coolant Temperature
When power supply is ON, this fuel
gauge indicates the approximate
quantity of fuel remaining in tank.
Nearly full – Indicator at “F”.
Tachometer displays the engine speed
Nearly empty – Indicator at “E”.
by 1000times rpm (round per minute).
Generally the tank shall be kept more
In pure EV mode, it is normal that
than 1/4 full.
When power supply is ON, this
- 74 -
使用手册小330.indd 74
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Meter indicates the engine coolant
temperature when the engine is
working. The engine temperature
varies with climate and engine load
The light comes on, warning that the
engine coolant temperature is too high.
so please stop the car immediately to
the engine or the electric motor,
otherwise, the engine would be
damaged. If the light flashes
rather than having any abnormalities.
Battery Coulomb Meter
repeatedly, please contact BYD
authorized dealer for help.
cool down the engine.
The engine may get overheated in the
following cases:
● Driving up a long hill on a hot day. ;
● When the car is used to tow a trailer.
When ignition switch is turned on, this
meter indicates the power of battery.
If the meter points at red area, it
yy Do not remove the thermostat
in the engine cooling system,
When the power supply is “ON”, this
otherwise the engine may run
meter indicates the power of the overall
yy When the warning light is on,
please stop the car to cool down
When the wattmeter indicates negative
indicates the battery power is too low.
In this case, please go to charging
station to charge the battery as soon
as possible.
value, overall unit is in power feedback
- 75 -
使用手册小330.indd 75
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Electric motor Coolant
Temperature Meter
driven since the trip meter was set to
zero at the last time.
3. TRIP FUEL – shows the driving
mileage with the engine involved.
4. TRIP SOC – shows the driving
mileage without the engine involved.
To reset the Trip Meter to zero, please
Information is displayed as follows:
press ODO/SET button for over 2
seconds when display the Trip Meter
When power supply is ON, this
Instruments Backlight Adjustment
meter indicates the electric motor
By pressing backlight adjusting button
coolant temperature when electric
on the central control panel, you
motor is working. The electric motor
can adjust the backlight brightness
temperature varies with climate and
load capacity.
Power Conversion Indicator
The right information display screen
Odometer and Trip Odometer
indicates the corresponding conversion
By pressing ODO/SET button on the
of fuel, power and the driving energy of
central control panel, indications of
1. ODO – shows the total distance the
the overall unit, according to the actual
odometer and trip odometer will be
vehicle has been driven.
status of usage.
displayed alternately.
2. TRIP A/TRIP B – shows the distance
- 76 -
使用手册小330.indd 76
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Service Reminder Indicators & Warning Buzzers
If the indicator or
buzzer comes on
You shall do
Parking Brake System Indicator
Possible cases: low braking fluid level, braking system failure, or parking brake is not released.
You shall release parking brake or stop immediately and contact BYD authorized .dealer.
Driver’s Seat Belt Reminder Indicator
Fasten driver’s seat belt.
Auxiliary Battery Charging System Indicator
Stop immediately and contact BYD authorized dealer..
Low Oil Pressure Indicator
Stop immediately and contact BYD authorized dealer..
Malfunction Indicator Lamp
Stop immediately and contact BYD authorized dealer..
Low Fuel level Indicator
Fill up the tank.
Anti-lock Brake System(ABS) Indicator
Stop immediately and contact BYD authorized dealer..
Open Door Indicator
Check and make sure all doors are closed properly.
- 77 -
使用手册小330.indd 77
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
SRS Indicator
Take vehicle to BYD authorized dealer immediately.
High coolant temperature Indicator
Stop immediately and cool down the engine or electric motor.
Hybrid System Warning Light
Stop immediately and contact BYD authorized dealer..
Electric Power Steering System Warning Indicator
Stop immediately and contact BYD authorized dealer..
Low Power Indicator
Charge the power battery.
Power Battery Failure Indicator
Stop immediately and contact BYD authorized dealer..
Electric Motor Failure Indicator
Stop immediately and contact BYD authorized dealer..
DC-DC Fault Indicator
This light comes on when there is a fault in DC-DC system. Please stop your
car immediately and contact BYD dealer.
Key reminder buzzer
Remove the key.
Light reminder buzzer
Turn off the light.
- 78 -
使用手册小330.indd 78
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
(a) Brake System Warning Indicator
the parking brake is released when
These indicators come on in the
the “IG-ON” mode is enabled.
(d) Low Oil Pressure Indicator
following cases when the “ IG-ON”
The parking brake system indicator
This indicator warns that engine oil
mode is enabled.
remains on together with the “ABS”
pressure is too low.
When the brake fluid level is low.
If it keeps on while you are driving,
When parking the car and the parking
stop immediately and contact BYD
brake is applied.
(b) Seat Belt Reminder Indicator
authorized dealer..
When ABS system failure.
This indicator reminds you to buckle up
When the engine is started, this
the driver’s seat belt.
indicator might flash occasionally
Once the “IG-ON” mode is enabled,
or come on of short duration after
It is dangerous to continue driving
the reminder indicator flashes if the
emergency braking. It is normal that
driver ’s seat belt is not fastened.
this indicator goes out when speeding
Unless the driver fastens the belt, the
up gradually.
indicator keeps on flashing.
The indicator comes on when the oil
when the brake fluid level is low and
brake system is at fault.
level is extremely low. The indicatior is
Have your vehicle checked at BYD
(c) Auxiliary Battery Charging System
not designed to indicate the oil level,
authorized dealer in the following
which must be checked by the dipstick.
This indicator warns that there is a
The indicators do not come on even if
problem somewhere in the auxiliary
the parking brake is applied when the
battery charging system.
“IG-ON” mode is enabled.
If it comes on while you are driving,
The indicator are always on even after
please contact BYD authorized dealer.
- 79 -
使用手册小330.indd 79
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
(g) Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
keeps on when the “IG-ON” mode is
Do not drive the vehicle with the
The indicator comes on when the
The indicator comes on while you are
indicator on—even for one block. It
“IG-ON” mode is enabled. If the anti-
may ruin the engine.
lock brake system works properly,
the indicator turns off in few seconds.
(e) Malfunction Indicator Lamp
This lamp comes on when there is a
fault in engine EFI system.
When this lamp is on, please contact
Thereafter if the system malfunctions,
the indicator comes on again.
When the “ABS” indicator is on (the
braking system indicator is off), the
BYD authorized dealer for help.
anti-lock brake system does not
(f) Low Fuel Level Indicator
still operates. In this case, the wheels
This indicator flashes when the fuel
tank becomes nearly empty.. refuel as
soon as possible.
When driving on a slope or turning
a corner, shaky fuel in the tank may
cause the indicator be turned on
operate but the brake assist system
could lock up during a sudden braking
or braking on slippery road surfaces.
If either of the following conditions
If the ABS indicator remains on
together with the parking brake
system indicator, immediately stop
your and contact BYD authorized
In this case, not only the anti-lock
brake system will fail but also the
vehicle will become extremely
unstable during braking.
occurs, this indicates a malfunction
somewhere in the parts monitored by
(h) Open Door Indicator
the warning light system, and please
This indicator remains on until all the
contact BYD authorized dealer as soon
doors are completely closed.
as possible.
The indicator does not come on or
- 80 -
使用手册小330.indd 80
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
(i) SRS Indicator
(j) High Coolant Temperature Indicator
malfunctions, this indicator comes on
This indicator will come on when the
The indicator operates to warn that
“IG-ON” mode is enabled. After about
engine and electric motor are almost
If any of the following cases occurs,
5 seconds, the indicator will go off.
overheating. Park the car immediately
this indicates a malfunction somewhere
This means the system of the airbag is
to cool down the engine or electric
in the parts monitored by the indicator
operating properly.
system and please contact BYD
This indicator system is intended to
The engine or electric motor may get
authorized dealer as soon as possible.
monitor airbag ECU, crash sensor, air
overheated in the following cases:
The indicator does not come on
charging device, warning indicator,
Driving up a long hill on a hot day;
when the “IG-ON” mode is enabled or
interconnecting wiring and power
lack of or leakage of the coolant fluid.
remains on.
When the car is through the stop-and-
The indicator comes on while driving.
If either of the following conditions
go pattern in driving, the AC device
occurs ,this indicates a malfunction
is on together with the engine idle
somewhere in the parts monitored by
running for a long time.
the indicator system. Please contact
When the car is used to tow a trailer
Do not drive the vehicle with the
indicator on—even for one block. It
BYD authorized dealer as soon as
possible to service the vehicle:
(k) Hybrid System Warning Indicator
● The indicator does not come on
This indicator will come on when
when the “IG-ON” mode is enabled or
the “IG-ON” mode is enabled. If
remains on.
the Dual Model system is working
● The indicator comes on while driving.
normally, the indicator will go off after
may ruin the power system.
several seconds. Later if the system
- 81 -
使用手册小330.indd 81
2011-4-13 18:36:46
F3DM Owner’s Manual
(l) Electric Power Steering System
(m) Low Power Indicator
Warning Indicator
If any of the following cases
The indicator comes on when the
This indicator will come on when
occurs, immediately stop
power is low, warning that driver shall
the “IG-ON” mode is enabled. If
your vehicle and contact BYD
lower the car speed and charge the
EPS system is working normally,
authorized dealer immediately.
battery immediately after parking.
the indicator will go off after several
In this case, swerve would be
seconds. Later if there is a fault in the
very inflexible. You should hold
(n) Power Battery Failure Indicator
system, this indicator will come on
the steering wheel firmly while
This indicator comes on when
something was wrong.
If any of the following cases occurs,
yy The indicator does not come
If any of the following cases occur, this
this indicates a malfunction somewhere
on when the “IG-ON” mode is
indicates a malfunction somewhere in
in the parts monitored by the indicator
enabled or remains on.
the parts monitored by the indicator
system and p lease conta ct BYD
In this case, EPS system may
system and please contact BYD
authorized dealer as soon as possible.
not work normally, so please park
authorized dealer as soon as possible.
● The indicator does not come on
your car in a safe place.
● The indicator remains on when the
when the “IG-ON” mode is enabled or
remains on.
yy This indicator comes on while
“IG-ON” mode is enabled.
● The indicator comes on while driving.
● This indicator comes on while driving.
(o) Electric Motor Failure Indicator
The indicator comes on when there is
a failure in electric motor system.
- 82 -
使用手册小330.indd 82
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
If any of the following cases occur, this
Check Maintenance Indicator Lights
indicates a malfunction somewhere in
1. Pull up the brake parking handle.
the parts monitored by the indicator
Braking system warning light will come
system, and please contact BYD
authorized dealer as soon as possible.
2. Open a door.
● The indicator does not come on
The open door indicator comes
when the “IG-ON” mode is enabled or
on when the door does not close
remains on.
● The indicator comes on while driving.
3. Close all the doors.
The open door indicator goes off when
(p) Key Reminder Buzzer
all doors closed completely.
This buzzer reminds you to remove the
4. When the “IG-ON” mode is enabled,
key if you open the driver’s door when
apart from indicator for opened door,
the ignition key is on “ACC” or “LOCK”.
all the maintenance indicator lights
come on. Several seconds later, ABS
(q) Light Reminder Buzzer
system fault indicator and SRS fault
This buzzer reminds you to turn off the
indicator go out.
light if you open the driver’s door, with
If any maintenance indicator light or
parking light or headlight on,
buzzer does not function as per the
If the red warning indicators (such
as auxiliary battery charging system
indicator, parking brake system
indicator, low oil pressure indicator,
high coolant temperature indicator ,Hybrid
system warning indicator, Electric
Power Steering System Warning
indicator, power battery failure
indicator, electric motor failure
indicator on the instrument panel
come on while driving, please park
your car immediately and check
for fault as per instructions in this
manual. If necessary, please contact
BYD authorized dealer for help
procedure above, please have the car
checked in BYD authorized dealer as
soon as possible.
- 83 -
使用手册小330.indd 83
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
- 84 -
使用手册小330.indd 84
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-6
Operations of Instruments and Controllers
Ignition Switch, Parking Brake and Parking Assistance
Ignition Switch Equipped with Steering Wheel Auto-locking
Mechanism…………………………………………………………… 86
Parking Brake………………………………………………………… 86
Parking Assistance System………………………………………… 87
- 85 -
使用手册小330.indd 85
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
high-voltage equipment cannot be
Ignition Switch Equipped with
Steering Wheel Auto-locking
Parking Brake
If you open the driver-side door
with the key in the position “ACC”
or “LOCK”, the buzzer will sound to
remind the driver to remove the key.
“LOCK” – DM system stops working
and steering wheel is locked. You can
remove the key only in this position.
Make sure you insert the key
completely before turning it from “ACC”
to “LOCK”.
When parking your car, you must pull
When you start DM system, if the key
up the parking brake firmly to prevent
seems to be locked in the position
the car from sliding.
“START” – reserved gear.
“LOCK”, firstly you should make sure
To set: Pull up the parking brake
“ON” – start DM system and turn on all
the key is inserted completely and then
handle .For better parking effect, firstly,
the auxiliary equipment.
turn the key while turning the steering
depress the brake pedal until the
When the ignition switch is turned
wheel gently
vehicle completely stops, then pull up
to “ON”, each system of the vehicle
the parking brake handle firmly.
performs self-detection function.
To release: pull up the parking brake
“ACC” – only auxiliary equipment such
handle (as shown mark 1 in picture
as radio can be operated, but other
above) gently, then press down the
- 86 -
使用手册小330.indd 86
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
button (as shown mark 2 in the picture
above) and then release it (as shown
mark 3 in the picture above).
To remind you that the parking brake
has been set, the parking brake
Parking Assistance System
Before washing your BYD F3DM,be
indicator light in the instrument panel is
Please follow the instructions
on until you release the parking brake.
below, otherwise it may cause
unsafe driving which may result
in an accident:
Do not use the parking assistance
Before driving, make sure that
system when the speed exceeds
parking brake is fully released and
10Km/h (6.21miles/h).
the parking brake indicator is off.
yy D o n o t a d d a n y t h i n g t o t h e
parking assistance system within
the working scope of the sensor.
sure to observe the following
instruction to avoid the risk of
damage to your vehicle:
Do not wash the sensor with water
or steam, otherwise it may cause
malfunction of the sensor.
When parking the car, the parking
assistance system, which can probe
barriers through a sensor, will remind
the driver of the distance between
the car itself and the barriers through
the buzzer. Please make sure to pay
attention to the area around your
vehicle when using this system.
- 87 -
使用手册小330.indd 87
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Sensor Types
When pressing the switch
, the
button ( ) will light up to remind the
drivers that the system is working.
light up.
Distance Display and Buzzer
When any obstacles are detected
b y t h e s e n s o r, t h e i n d i c a t o r i n
When any obstacles obstacle are
corresponding position will flash
detected by the sensor, the system
according to the distance between
will give off different alarms according
the obstacles and the vehicle with the
1. Front Corner Sensor
to the shape of the obstacles and the
buzzer giving off the sound for warning.
2. Rear Corner Sensor
distance between the vehicle and the
3. Rear Central Sensor
Parking Assistance Sensor Switch
Working Example of Rear Central
When the power supply is at “ON” and
the switch turns on, the system enters
working status.
120 to 80
80 to 50cm
3. Rear central sensor is working
50cm or
Last for
When any obstacles are detected, the
1. Front corner sensor is working
2. Rear corner sensor is working
indicator in corresponding position will
- 88 -
使用手册小330.indd 88
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Working Example of Front Corner
or overloaded;
● Driving on the rugged road, slope,
gravel road or grassland;
60 to 50cm
50cm or
Last for
The probing range of sensor is
brake of large vehicles or other noises
displayed in the figure above. Please
generating ultrasonic waves.
note that object extremely closed to the
● There is another car equipped with
car may not be detected by the sensor
parking assistance system nearby;
and the probing range of sensor may
● Towing ring is installed in the car;
vary with the shapes and materials of
● The bumper or sensor is hit strongly;
the obstacles.
● The car are close to a higher or
Sensor-Detected Information
zigzag road curb;
Accuracy of detection may be
● In very hot or cold weather;
affected by some car conditions and
● Install a non-original suspension
surroundings. Possible causes are
which is lower than the original one;
listed below:
Beside conditions above, the actual
● The sensor is dirty, wet or misty;
distance between some objects and
● The sensor is snowy or frozen;
car may not be detected by the sensor
● The sensor is covered;
due to the shapes of the objects.
● The car leans to one side obviously
Shapes and materials of the obstacles
About 600mm
About 1200mm
Sensor in working status
Front sensor will work when vehicle is
driven forwards; and all the sensors
will work when vehicle is driven
● The sensor is repainted;
About 600mm
About 1200mm
● It is noisy around the car, due to the
sound of horn, motorcycle’s engine, air
- 89 -
使用手册小330.indd 89
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
may prevent the sensor from detecting.
Pay more attention to obstacles below:
● Electric wire, fence, rope, etc;
Parking assistance system can only
●Cotton, snow and other materials
perform an auxiliary function and
absorbing radio wave;
cannot replace the driver to observe
●Objects with sharp edges and
when driving. So please be careful
when driving your vehicle.
●Low barrier;
●High barrier with its top part extending
towards your car;
● Objects under the bumper;
● Objects close to the vehicle;
● People nearby the car (depending on
the type of clothing the people wear)
If the buzzer screams, any barriers
may be detected by the sensor or
the sensor may be interfered by
the external environment. If this
phenomenon continues to exist, please
contact your BYD authorized dealer to
have your vehicle inspected.
- 90 -
使用手册小330.indd 90
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-7
Operations of Instruments and Controllers
Auto Sound System
Use of Vehicle CD…………………………………………………… 92
- 91 -
使用手册小330.indd 91
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Major Technical Parameters
can not only be used to play CD/MP3
Use of Vehicle CD
Functions and Features
1. CD usable
2. Built-in AM/FM radio
3. Shock-proof mechanism
music, but also to receive AM/FM
4. 25W×4 maximum output power
output power
5. Audio input usable.
radio which can satisfy your demands.
humanized use interface can make you
a fashion leader.
When vehicle is not started and
FM frequency
battery, please turn off CD system.
AM frequency
Disassembling any part of Vehicle
CD is not allowed.
Using mobile phone may affect the
effect of CD system.
Major features:
Multimedia CD sound system can
format) disk; MP3 audio input; built-in
AM/FM stereo radio; 30W×4 maximum
output power.
in order not to exhausting the
liquids on CD system.
there is no need to use CD system,
Please do not splash drinks or other
play both CD and CD-R (burning CD
Advanced and innovative design and
Caution for using disk:
1. Do not use disks of the following
types, or it may damage the player
or disable the function of inserting/
Operation Instructions
ejecting disk.
Multimedia CD sound system, one
of the Vehicle CD series products
developed by BYD Auto Co., Ltd.
- 92 -
使用手册小330.indd 92
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
1) Do not touch the surface of disk with
your hands when taking the disk
√ ×
1) Only use disks with diameter of 12cm
3) Disks with transparent or semitransparent burning area
4) Disks sticked with adhesive tape
and label
2) Wipe the disk from the inside out
with soft cloth
In case of traffic accident, please
2) Inferior or deformed disks
take care when adjusting vehicle
CD system.
3) Rub the inner and outer edge of
new disk with the side of pencil or pen
to remove chippings on the edge
- 93 -
使用手册小330.indd 93
2011-4-13 18:36:47
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Caution for Using CD player:
1. You are not allowed to put two disks
in the CD player at the same time and
CD disk
do not put/take anything other than CD
into CD player (coin, name card, etc.);
1) Disk with
Recording disk
foam or other
(Only for CD music)
2. Failure of Sound Playing
1) Check if CD player system is mute;
if so, press “
” on the control panel
to cancel mute setting;
2) Check if connection wires of speaker
are disconnected; if so, reconnect
3) Check if the speaker is damaged;
3. Go to service store or buy specific
if so, replace the speaker with a new
cleaning disk in BYD authorized
one. If these three conditions above
service station regularly (clean it every
are normal, it usually may be caused
5,000km) for cleaning your CD player.
by short circuit between certain group
of speakers and the car body.
2) Do not insert other things in the disk
Trouble Shooting
3. No Sound Coming Out from Certain
entry, such as bank card and coin.
1. Failure of CD Playing
Speaker when Playing CD
2. Multimedia CD sound system can
1) Check if the specifications of disk
In this case, please check if CD player
play CD and CD-R (burning CD format)
are in compliance with the right status
system has a setup error. Solutions:
and please use 12 cm genuine CD
enter channel shift settings, set the
following modes BAS, TRE, BAL, FAD
2) Check if the disk is scratched,
to “BAS: 0; TRE: 0; BAL: 0; FAD: 0”
diaphanous or dirty; if so, replace it
according to standard settings, and
with a genuine disk.
exit; then the sound will return to
VCD disk
- 94 -
使用手册小330.indd 94
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
4. Poor Reception of FM/AM Radio in
CD player
1) Check if the car is in an environment
interfered by strong electromagnetic
field or in a comparatively closed place
2) Check if the radio station stops
broadcasting in a specified time, which
leads to no radio signal.
- 95 -
使用手册小330.indd 95
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Function Description of Vehicle CD Player Panel
1-6 Channel Pre-selection
Disk Ejecting Button
Audio Tuning / Manual
Tuning Button
Adjusting Knob
Auto Channel-
CD Switch Button
Saving Button
AM Radio Selection
FM Radio Reception and
Selection Button
Audio Input Reception and
Radio Tuning / Disk
Track Selection Button
Switch Button
Next Disk Button
Last Disk Button
Audio Input Port
Random Play Button
Ten-second Disk Preview
Repeat Button
- 96 -
使用手册小330.indd 96
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
button to switch to “AM” mode, and
will display “NO AUX” on its screen and
Operation Instructions for Vehicle CD
there are “AM1 and AM2” for your
returns to the previous play mode.
Player Panel
If you insert an external audio
Power/Volume Regulating Knob: you
FM Radio Selection Button: when
equipment when CD player is
can tune the volume by turning the
playing in non-FM mode, press this
turned on, the system will switch to
knob; and power on/off by pressing this
button to switch to “FM” mode, and
external audio equipment play mode
there are “FM1, FM2 and FM3” for your
Audio Adjusting/Manual Adjusting
Knob: press this knob to switch the
Audio Input Switch Button: insert one
modes between “BAS – TRE – BAL -
end of audio wire into external audio
FRD” circularly; turn the knob left or
equipment (such as MP3), and the
right to adjust in a certain audio mode.
other end into AUX input hole, turn on
Auto Channel-Saving Button: in radio
CD player, press AUX button and make
mode, a short press previews the
sure the external audio equipment
saved channels, a long press searches
is turned on, and then the CD player
channels and saves the searched
will play music in the external audio
channel automatically.
equipment .
CD Switch Button: when playing in
In other play modes, press AUX
non-CD mode, press this button to
button, and then the player will switch
switch to CD mode and play CD disk.
to external audio equipment play mode
AM Radio Selection Button: when
automatically. If no external audio
playing in non-AM mode, press this
equipment at that moment, the player
yy CD Mode: indicates that CD
player is playing CD.
yy Radio Mode: indicates that CD
player is in radio status.
Radio Tuning/Disk Track-selection
● CD Mode: You can select last or next
song by pressing this button, make a
long press to perform “Fast forward or
Fast Backward” and release it to return
- 97 -
使用手册小330.indd 97
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
to normal playing.
Ten-second Disk Preview Button:
Previous-disk Button:
●Radio Mode: Press this button for
● CD Mode: Scan all tracks and play
● Radio Mode: Long press this button
about 0.5 seconds to perform a single-
the first ten-second contents of each
for more than 2 seconds to save the
step search upwards or downwards
song in proper order.
current channel; press it for about
for last/next channel where signal is
● Radio Mode: Long press this button
0.5 seconds and you can listen to the
for more than 2 seconds to save the
saved channel.
current channel; press it for about 0.5
Disk Play/Pause Button:
seconds to listen to the saved channel.
● CD Mode: Play/pause the disk.
Next-disk Button:
● CD Mode: When playing CD, press
● Radio Mode: Long press this button
Random Play Button:
this button to stop playing and display
for more than 2 seconds to save the
● CD Mode: Play tracks at random.
the number and total time of tracks
current channel; press it for about 0.5
Repress this button to cancel the
in the disk. Then press “Play/Pause”
second to listen to the saved channel.
previous operation.
button again to restart playing.
● Radio Mode: Long press this button
● Radio Mode: Long press this button
Repeat Button:
for more than 2 seconds to save the
for more than 2 seconds to save the
● CD Mode: Replay the track. Repress
current channel; press it for about 0.5
current channel; press it for about 0.5
this button to cancel the previous
seconds to listen to the saved channel.
seconds to listen to the saved channel.
Mute Button: press this button to mute
● Radio Mode: Long press this button
and repress it to cancel mute settings.
for more than 2 seconds to save the
current channel; press it for about 0.5
seconds to listen to the saved channel.
- 98 -
使用手册小330.indd 98
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
volume. Press “-” to lower the volume.
Use of Steering Wheel Sound Control
Switch (optional)
Last Track/Forward Channel Search
● CD Mode: Press this button to select
Mute Button
Control Button
Last Track/
Upwards Channel
Searching Button
Next Track/
Searching Button
track upwards.
● Radio Mode: Press this button to
forward search a channel where signal
is available.
Next Track/Backward Channel Search
● CD Mode: Press this button to select
track downwards.
When CD player is working, you
●Radio Mode: Press this button to
can control the playing of it through
backward search a channel where
steering wheel sound control switch.
signal is available
Mute Button: Press this button to mute
and press it again to cancel mute
Volume Control Button: Tune the
volume. Press “+” to increase the
- 99 -
使用手册小330.indd 99
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Trouble Shooting Guide for Vehicle CD
No power supply or no sound
Disk has been loaded, but there is
no sound
Cause Analysis
1. Ignition switch of car is not
1. Please turn the key to “ACC” or
turned on.
2. Wires are not connected
2. Check if the wires are
connected properly
1. Disk is placed reversely
1. Place the disk properly
2. Disk is dirty or seriously
2. Clean the disk or replace it with
a new disk
1. Fasten CD player with
There is jumping sound due to
1. Unstable installation
2. Disk is dirty or scratched
Pre-selected channels disappear
Battery cable is not connected
Connect the battery cable to an
and there is no memory
usual electriferous terminal
Loud noise from FM stereo and
Radio station is too far away or
Select other radio stations with a
mono channel broadcasting
signal is too weak
higher signal frequency
installation components
2. Clean or replace the disk
- 100 -
使用手册小330.indd 100
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-8
Operations of Instruments and Controllers
Air-conditioning System
Auto Air-conditioning System – Control Panel…………………… 102
Operation Gist………………………………………………………… 106
Side Ventilation Opening…………………………………………… 108
Check and Replace Air-conditioner Filter………………………… 108
- 101 -
使用手册小330.indd 101
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Auto Air-conditioning System – Control Panel
1. Blower speed-regulating button: adjusting air flow
2. “OUTSIDE TEMP”: outside temperature display
3. “TEMP”: air-conditioner temperature regulating button
4. “AUTO”: auto mode button
5. “OFF”: air-conditioner OFF button
:Internal-external recycling mode selecting button
7. “MODE”: air outlet mode selecting button
8. “REAR”: rear defrost switch
9. “FRONT”: front defrost switch
10. “A/C”: compressor on/off button
Blower speed-regulating button: adjust air volume
Press “∧” (increase) or “∨” (decrease) button to adjust
the rotating speed of blower, that is, to adjust air flow
In auto operation, the rotating speed of blower is not
required to be adjusted, unless other speed is required.
“OUTSIDE TEMP”: outside temperature display button
- 102 -
使用手册小330.indd 102
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
indicate the outside temperature and
In heating mode, “PTC” appears on
press “OUTSIDE TEMP” or “TEMP”
the display screen of air conditioner,
button again will indicate the air-
indicating PTC heater is working.
conditioning temperature.
When PTC heater stops working, “PTC”
disappears from the screen.
“TEMP”: air-conditioner temperature
The switch of PTC heater is controlled
regulating button
automatically by the system.
Press “∧” to increase the temperature
and press “∨” to lower the
“AUTO”: automatic mode button
Press “OUTSIDE TEMP” button
to switch the temperature display
When it is adjusted to the minimum
between air-conditioning temperature
temperature, “COLD” displays; while
and outside temperature.
“HOT” displays when it is adjusted to
To prevent the battery from being
When pressing “OUTSIDE TEMP”
the maximum temperature.
discharged, do not leave the
button, outside temperature instrument
air conditioning on longer than
indicates the Celsius temperature of
necessary when the DM hybrid
outside air.
system is not operating.
The key must be at “ON”.
Repress this button to turn off the
When air-conditioning system is turned
on, press “OUTSIDE TEMP” button will
For automatic operation of air
conditioner, please press automatic
mode button. After the button is
- 103 -
使用手册小330.indd 103
2011-4-13 18:36:48
F3DM Owner’s Manual
pressed, the indicator goes on
6.Internal-External recycling mode
indicating that automatic operation
selecting button
status is selected.
Press this button to select airflow
In automatic operation status, air-
source of air-conditioning system.
conditioning device will, according to
1) Internal Recycling – press this
the set temperature, select a proper
button, the indicator will go on to
rotating speed for fan and airflow
enable air circulation in the car, speed
direction and automatically control the
up cooling or heating the inside and
rotating speed of compressor and PTC
prevent dirty air outside from entering
power to get the temperature in car
the car.
reaching the set temperature rapidly.
2) External Recycling – Repress this
To select your own setting, you can
5.“OFF”: air-conditioner OFF button
button, the indicator will go off to
control it manually.
Press this button to turn off the air-
introduce fresh air outside into the car
To exit automatic operation, press
conditioning system.
for circulation.
“OFF” button, blower speed-regulating
button, “MODE” button or front
7.“MODE”: air outlet mode selecting
defrosting switch.
To select airflow direction, please press
air outlet mode selecting button.
In automatic operation mode, the
airflow is not required to be adjusted,
unless other airflow modes are
- 104 -
使用手册小330.indd 104
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
function of time delay for 15 minutes
windshield, used for defogging or
1) Instrument Panel – airflow mainly
before shut-off. In other words, if no
defrosting the front windshield for a
comes from the ventilation opening of
other operations on this button within
clear view. Repress this button, the
instrument mounting panel.
15 minutes after pressing it, the system
indicator will go off and airflow status
2) Dual Source – airflow comes from
will shut off rear defrosting function
set last time will be restored.
ventilation openings of floor and
For settings of air outlet mode selecting
instrument mounting panel.
button, please refer to “Settings of Air
3) Floor – airflow mainly comes from
the ventilation opening of floor.
Outlet Mode Selecting Button” below.
4) Floor/Windshield – airflow mainly
When cleaning the inside of the rear
10. “A/C” Switch
comes from the ventilation openings of
window, pay attention not to scratch
Press “A/C” switch, the air-conditioning
floor and windshield.
or break heating wire and connector.
device can be turned on and “A/C”
switch indicator will go on.
8. “REAR”: rear defrost switch
Press this button, the indicator will
go on and the resistance wire of rear
windshield will start to heat up for
defrosting and defogging. Repress this
button, the indicator will go off and rear
defrosting function will be off.
To avoid power waste due to longtime heating, the rear defroster has the
Please be noted that the rear defroster
is not designed to dry the raindrop and
snow melt.
9. “FRONT”: front defrost switch
Press this button, the indicator will
go on, and airflow will mainly come
Press “OFF” button to turn off the
whole air-conditioning system.
Repress“A/C” switch, the indicator will
go off and cooling will be turned off. In
this case, the system cannot guarantee
that the temperature in car can be
adjusted to a proper set value.
from the ventilation opening of front
- 105 -
使用手册小330.indd 105
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
possibility of fogging on the windows.
Tips: Using Air Conditioner System
● If driving behind other cars on a road
which is not clean, or driving in the
In wet weather with high humidity,
Operation Gist
wind and dust, you are recommended
function during cooling procedure.
● To quickly cool the car exposed in
to set internal-external recycling mode
Temperature difference between the
the hot sun, please drive for several
selecting button to internal recycling
windshield and the outside air may
minutes with windows opening.
temporarily and
lead to the fog on windshield and
● Make sure the air inlet grid in front
speed of blower to a proper speed.
obstruct your view.
of windshield is not blocked by things
please do not use defogging
set the rotating
such as leaves or snow.
● In wet weather, do not let cooling
To acquire a better effect, set the
air blow onto the windshield. Due to
controller to:
To prevent the battery from being
temperature difference between the
For automatic operation
discharged, do not leave the air
outside and inside of windshield, the
conditioner, vehicle CD and lighting
windshield will be fogged.
system on longer than necessary
● Always keep clear under the front
when the indicator “OK” on the
seat so as to make the air fully
instruments is off.
recycling in car.
● In cold weather, set the high rotating
speed of blower for one minute so as
to clear the snow or moisture in the
Press automatic mode button.
Temperature – set to the suitable
Air admission – external recycling
(outside air)
Air conditioner - OFF
air inlet channel, as it will reduce the
- 106 -
使用手册小330.indd 106
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
For manual operation
Rotating speed of fan – set to the
suitable rotating speed.
Air Conditioner
●To lower the temperature rapidly, set
To acquire a better effect, set the
the internal-external recycling mode
controller to:
selecting button to Internal Recycling
For automatic operation
for several minutes’ circulation.
Temperature – point at high
Press automatic mode button.
Air admission – external recycling
Temperature – set to the suitable
(outside air)
Airflow – floor
Air admission – external recycling
Air conditioner - OFF
(outside air)
To acquire a better effect, set the
controller manually to:
Rotating speed of fan – set to the
suitable rotating speed
●To increase temperature rapidly,
For manual operation
select Internal Recycling for several
minutes. To avoid fogging on the
window, select External Recycling after
heating up the inside of the car.
● Select Floor/Windshield airflow to
heat up the inside of the car while
defogging or defrosting the windshield.
Rotating speed of fan – set to the
suitable rotating speed
Te m p e r a t u r e – p o i n t a t l o w
Temperature – point at low
Air a– external recycling (outside
Airflow – instrument panel
Air conditioner - OFF
Air admission – external recycling
(outside air)
Airflow – instrument panel
Air conditioner - ON
- 107 -
使用手册小330.indd 107
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Side Ventilation Opening
Check and Replace Airconditioner Filter
replace the filter.
To maintain the efficiency of air
conditioner, you must check and
replace its filter according to
maintenance schedule. (Please refer
to Maintenance Schedule in Chapter 6)
If you are not satisfied with the airflow
control, check the side ventilation
Air conditioner filter lies in the rear side
opening which can be opened or
of glove box as shown in the figure
1.Press both sides of the right glove
closed as shown in the figure.
box, unfasten the pothook and take
Air conditioner filter can prevent
down the right glove box.
dust from entering the car through
ventilation opening.
Air conditioner filter may be blocked
after being used for a long time. If you
find extremely low airflow efficiency in
air conditioning or heating or fogging
easily on the windows, please do
- 108 -
使用手册小330.indd 108
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
2.Remove the filter rack from the exit
of filter as shown in the figure above.
Filter of air conditioner must be
installed into place properly. Using
air conditioner with its filter removed
will reduce its dust-proof effect and
also affect its performance.
3. Take out the filter from filter rack.
4. Check the surface of filter.
If it is dirty, do replace it.
Keep the arrow upwards when
installing filter and filter rack.
Press both sides of right glove box
and close the glove box.
- 109 -
使用手册小330.indd 109
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
- 110 -
使用手册小330.indd 110
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-9
Operation of Instruments and Controls
Charging System
Charging System…………………………………………………… 112
Power Battery………………………………………………………… 114
Solar Panel…………………………………………………………… 114
- 111 -
使用手册小330.indd 111
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
key to LOCK, take out the charging
Charging System:
wire, open the lid of the charging port,
DM system has unique charging
insert the charging plug in the charging
function, which can provide power
port, then insert the power plug in
for the vehicle by offering electrical
the socket of charging terminal post
or specified socket, turn the power
on after making sure the connection
Performance Parameters:
is proper, and then the car will be in
After charging begins, there will be
Input Voltage: 180~240V 50Hz
charging status automatically.
a slight voice made by the fan of
charger in the trunk; then please
Input Current: 9~13A
Charging Time: 7 hours
Charging Plug
charging port)
observe the combination instrument; if
it is displayed as below, meaning it is
charging now.
Charging Port
Charging Wire:
Use of Charging Device:
After parking the car properly, turn the
Power Plug
power supply)
After charged, please first turn the
power off, pull out the power plug, then
- 112 -
使用手册小330.indd 112
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
press the button on charging plug, pull
out the plug from the charging port
slowly and tidy up the charging wire.
yy When the SOC power indicator
light on the instrument is blinking,
it means the power is low, please
charged in time.
yy F3DM is starting of motor. When
the power battery is depleted,
yy High-tension distribution box and
vehicular charger in trunk are in
working status during charging;
it’s normal that there will be
several “click” made by relay
absorption and “buzz” made by
the fan of the charger.
yy S y s t e m w i l l s t o p c h a r g i n g
automatically when the power is
yy Please do not charge in the
you cannot start the car, in
open air in rainy day, to protect
that case please contact BYD
the power and charging port
authorized service provider.
from water which may cause a
yy Please check whether there are
foreign materials in the charging
yy Do not spray water with high
port and charging plug before
pressure gun towards charging
port when washing car, to protect
yy Suggest you should put the car
the charging port from water.
yy Please charging in a relatively
safe place (avoid liquid, fire etc).
yy Please charge in the LOCK gear.
yy In case of cannot charged or
other abnormal phenomenon,
please contact BYD authorized
service provider. Do not examine
it by yourself.
yy Please use the specified charging
socket and wire, do not change
charging devices by yourself.
yy When the car is in charging,
children should not play around
the charging wire.
yy Please do not twist the charging
wire together when it’s in
in ventilated place when it’s in
- 113 -
使用手册小330.indd 113
2011-4-13 18:36:49
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Solar Panel (if equipped)
If the charging wire is lost or
Solar panel is installed on the car roof
damaged, please go to BYD
as shown below, which can absorb
authorized service provider to buy
optical energy and convert it into
specified charging wire and do not
electric energy to offer power for the
select one by yourself.
power battery..
Vehicles are installed by power
battery; please do not drive your car
through deep water for a long time.
Power Battery
Power battery: supply power to all the
electric equipment of the vehicle.
Major charging mode for power battery:
charging through charging port.
Auxiliary charging mode for power
battery: charging through solar.
yy In case of storing the car for a
long time, please make sure the
power battery is full of power.
Otherwise, the power battery will
be over discharge, which may
degrade the battery performance
or even damage the battery.
yy Please avoid frequent rapid
Solar Panel
acceleration or high-speed
driving for a long time when the
battery power is low, which may
degrade the battery performance
or even damage the battery.
- 114 -
使用手册小330.indd 114
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
● Please do not wash the car roof
for a long time with high-tension
gun, to protect the solar panel from
● please clean the solar panel
immediately to avoid any damage
under below situations:
1. When it is adhered with oil stain,
plenty of dust, chemical substance
or other dunghills.
2. When there are scraps of paper,
leaves on the roof.
- 115 -
使用手册小330.indd 115
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
- 116 -
使用手册小330.indd 116
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 1
Section 1-10
Operation of Instruments and Controls
Other Equipment
Electronic Clock……………………………………………………… 118
Outside Temperature Display……………………………………… 118
Cigar Lighter and Ashtray…………………………………………… 118
Floor Mat……………………………………………………………… 122
- 117 -
使用手册小330.indd 117
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Electronic Clock
If the power of the clock is cut off, the
indicate the outside temperature.
time will automatically be set at 1:00
(one o’clock).
button, will return to air-conditioning
Outside Temperature Display
Cigar Lighter and Ashtray
To set the hour: Push the “H” button.
To set the minutes: Push the “M”
If you need to adjust integer time
rapidly, press “:00” button.
When you press “OUTSIDE TEMP”
button, the temperature meter indicates
For instance: if the time is between
the temperature of outside.
1:01 and 1:29, press “:00” and then the
The key must be on “ON”.
time will be changed to 1:00. If the time
Press this button again to turn off the
is between 1:30 and 1:59, it will be
changed to 2:00.
When air-conditioning system is
The key must be on “ACC” or “ON”.
on, press “OUTSIDE TEMP”, will
- 118 -
使用手册小330.indd 118
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Cigar Lighter and Front Ashtray
Do not press the cigar lighter
without releasing it.
To reduce the possibility of human
injury in case of accident or hard
braking, close the ashtray after
Cigar Lighter and Rear Ashtray
Cigar Lighter
To use cigar lighter, just press it in.
After it is lighted up, it will popup
automatically for use.
Use: To use the ashtray, pull it out.
To prevent fire, please quench the
After using the ashtray, push it back to
cigarettes and matches before put
the original position completely.
them into the ashtray, and ensure
Front: to remove the ashtray, just press
the ashtray is fully closed.
the locking spring strip and pull it out.
To prevent fire, do not put paper or
Rear: to remove the ashtray, just clamp
other inflammable substances into
both sides of ashtray and then pull it
the ashtray.
When using cigar lighter, make sure
the key is on “ACC” or “ON”.
- 119 -
使用手册小330.indd 119
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Left Small Glove Box
Right Glove Box
To open the right glove box, pull the
Small Box on Air-Conditioning
Adjusting Panel
To use the left small glove box, press
down the handle.
To use small box of air-conditioning
adjusting panel, press down the handle
To reduce the chance of injury in
case of an accident or a sudden
stop, always keep the glove box
doors closed while driving.
To reduce the possibility of human
injury in case of an accident or a
sudden stop, always keep the small
box closed while driving
- 120 -
使用手册小330.indd 120
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Central Glove Box
Cup Holder
To open the central glove box, lift up
the locking handle while lifting the lid of
central glove box.
yy when you open the glove box,
please do not clamp your fingers.
The cup holder is designed for holding
cups or drink–cans securely.
To use the cup holder, open the lid.
yy To reduce the possibility of human
injury in case of an accident or
a sudden stop, always keep the
central glove box closed while
- 121 -
使用手册小330.indd 121
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Floor Mat
yy Do not place anything else other
than cups or drink–cans on the
cup holder, as such items may be
thrown about in the compartment
and possibly injure people in the
vehicle during sudden braking
or in an accident. To reduce the
chance of injury in case of an
accident or a sudden stop while
driving, keep the cup holder
closed when not in use. Take due
Make sure the floor mat is properly
care not to catch your fingers
placed on the floor carpet. If the
when the cup holder is opened.
floor mat slips and interferes with
the movement of the pedals during
driving, it may cause an accident.
- 122 -
使用手册小330.indd 122
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 2
F3DM Auto Driving
Break-in Period……………………………………………………… 124
Fuel…………………………………………………………………… 124
Fuel shut-off System………………………………………………… 125
Three-Way Catalytic Converter…………………………………… 125
Engine Exhaust Warning…………………………………………… 126
Consumption of Engine Oil………………………………………… 127
Gear Shifting………………………………………………………… 129
Electronic Power Steering System………………………………… 130
Brake System………………………………………………………… 130
Brake Pad Wear limit indicators…………………………………… 133
Precautions on Luggage Loading………………………………… 134
Suspension and Chassis…………………………………………… 134
- 123 -
使用手册小330.indd 123
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Break-in Period
Break-in is needed for engine. You are
recommended to perform break-in at
Appropriate fuel is the basis of engine
Do not use leaded gasoline, which
HEV mode in the first 2,000 km, please
performance, also the key of emission
may cause the three–way catalytic
drive gently, avoid high-speed driving;
control and component maintenance.
converter to lose its effectiveness
complying with following instructions
Engine damage or emission exceeded
and the emission control system to
can extend the life of your car.
resulting from using improper fuel is
function improperly. Also, this can
not covered by BYD F3DM warranty.
increase maintenance costs.
yy Avoid full-throttle acceleration
when starting and driving.
yy Avoid driving at high speed at
HEV mode when the power
(SOC) is low.
yy Avoid hard stops during the first
300 km.
yy Avoid driving the car for a long
time at the same high or low
yy Do not tow other car during the
first 2,000 km.
If drivability problems are
Fuel Type
encountered (poor hot starting,
Select unleaded gasoline with an
vaporizing, engine knock, etc.),
Octane Rating of 87 or higher.
discontinue its use.
To prevent wrong operation of gas
Take care not to spill gasohol during
station, BYD F3DM is equipped with
refueling. Gasohol may cause paint
a small fuel tank opening which can
match with the special nozzle of leadfree gasoline pump, neither can the
larger standard nozzle of leaded
gasoline pump.
Engine Knock
When you are using fuel recommended
abovementioned, in case of feeling
serious engine knock, or hearing
steady knocking at a steady speed on
- 124 -
使用手册小330.indd 124
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
level roads, please contact Your BYD
authorized service provider.
But it’s normal to hear slight knocking
for a short time when the car is
accelerating or driving on an uphill
road, please don’t worry.
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel shut-off System
T h e f u e l s h u t – o ff s y s t e m s t o p s
supplying fuel to the engine to minimize
the risk of fuel leakage when the
engine stalls upon accident. To restart
Inspect the ground under the car
before restarting the DM system.
The three-way catalytic converter is
an emission control device installed in
the exhaust system, in order to reduce
pollutants in exhaust gas.
If you found that liquid has leaked
onto the ground, the fuel system has
been damaged and needed repair.
In this case, please contact BYD
authorized service provider and do
not repair it by yourself.
Three-Way Catalytic
yy When the engine is running, keep
people and combustible materials
away from the exhaust pipe. The
exhaust gas is very hot.
yy DO not drive, park or idle your
car on ground over anything
that burn easily such as grass,
leaves, paper.
the DM system after the fuel shut–off
system activates, press the ignition
switch to “ACC” or “LOCK”, and start it.
- 125 -
使用手册小330.indd 125
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
A large amount of unburned
gases flowing into the three–way
catalytic converter may cause
it overheat and create a fire
hazard. To prevent this and other
dangers, please follow below
yy Only use lead-free gasoline.
yy Do not drive the car when the fuel
level is extremely low; running
out of fuel may cause the engine
to misfire and overload on threeway catalytic converter.
yy Please do not leave the car
running idle.
yy Avoid high-speed driving for a
long time when the power is
extremely low.
yy Do not push or pull the car for
yy Do not turn off ignition while
Engine Exhaust Warning
yy Keep your engine in good running
order. Malfunctions in the engine
electrical system, electronic
ignition system or fuel system
could cause an extremely high
yy If the engine becomes difficult
to start or stalls frequently,
please take your car for a check
yy To ensure that the three–way
catalytic converter and the
entire emission control system
o p e r a t e p r o p e r l y, y o u r c a r
must receive the periodic
inspections required by the BYD
Maintenance Schedule (please
refer to Maintenance Schedule in
Chapter 6).
yy Avoid inhaling the engine exhaust
yy Make sure the exhaust system
has no leakage or loose
connections. The system should
be checked regularly. If you hit
something or hear abnormal
exhaust noise, have the exhaust
system checked immediately.
yy Do not run the engine at HEV
mode in garage or closed space
except for the time needed to
drive the vehicle in or out. It’s
very dangerous if the exhaust
gases cannot escape.
yy Please lock up the trunk while
driving. Open or unclosed trunk
or rear door may cause exhaust
- 126 -
使用手册小330.indd 126
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
gas to be drawn into the car.
yy To ensure normal operation of
ventilation system, keep the inlet
grilles in front of the windshield
clear of snow, leaves or other
yy I f y o u s m e l l e x h a u s t g a s i n
t h e c a r, o p e n t h e w i n d o w
immediately, figure out the place
where the exhaust gas come
from, and make it corrected .
Consumption of Engine Oil
yy When the exhaust pipes installed
It is normal that an engine need to
through both sides of the car
consume some engine oil during
are heat, it may burn your body,
normal engine operation. The causes
please keep your hands or other
of oil consumption in a normal engine
parts of body away from the
are as follows.
inferior edge of the car.
● Pistons, piston rings and cylinders
yy Do not get close or touch the
are lubricated by engine oil. When a
three-way catalytic converter
piston moves downwards in a cylinder,
w hen the engi ne i s runni ng
a thin film of oil will be formed on
or within half an hour after it
the cylinder wall. In deceleration,
the resulting high negative pressure
will suck some engine oil from the
Consumption of Engine Oil
Function of Engine Oil
Engine oil is used to lubricate and cool
the inside of the engine and plays a
major role in maintenance the engine
in proper working order.
film to the combustion chamber. The
sucked-in engine oil will be combusted
together with the oil film on the cylinder
wall during the high-temperature
combustion in the chamber.
●The intake valve stems are also
lubricated by engine oil. Some engine
oil is sucked into the combustion
- 127 -
使用手册小330.indd 127
2011-4-13 18:36:50
F3DM Owner’s Manual
chamber together with the intake
For example, if a vehicle is used for
regularly. BYD recommend that the
air and participates in combustion.
repeated short trips, and consumes
engine oil level should be checked
High temperature exhaust gas may
a normal amount of oil, the dipstick
every time you refuel the car.
also combust the engine oil used to
may not show any drop in the oil level
lubricate the exhaust valve stems.
at all, even after 1000 km or more.
Consumption of engine oil depends
This is because the oil is gradually
on its viscosity and quality and actual
becoming diluted with fuel or moisture,
vehicle conditions.
making it appears that the oil level has
High speed driving and frequent
not changed. The diluting ingredients
acceleration/deceleration at HEV mode
evaporate out when the vehicle is
will increase the consumption of engine
then driven at high speeds, as on an
For details on checking engine oil
expressway, making it appear that oil
level, please refer to “Check Engine Oil
A new engine may consume more
is excessively consumed after driving
Level” in Section 7-2.
engine oil as its pistons, piston rings
at high speeds.
Failure to check oil level regularly
could result in serious engine
trouble due to insufficient oil.
and cylinder walls have not become
Significance of Checking Engine Oil
Consumption of Engine Oil
One of the key points of vehicle
Please be noted that the oil may
maintenance is to keep the engine oil
become diluted and make it difficult to
at optimum level, so that oil function
judge the true level accurately.
will not be impaired. In one word, it is
important to check the engine oil level
- 128 -
使用手册小330.indd 128
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
switch “ON” and press down the gear
Gear Shifting
shifting handle button to shift from P
gear. Unlocking button can also be
used for mechanical unlocking for gear
Gear Shifting
Handle Button
shifting mechanism.
Reverse gear (R) – to apply reverse
gear, you cannot do this until parking
the car properly. To switch N gear to
P gear, please press the gear shifting
handle button.
Neutral gear (N) – when you need to
Gear Shifting Handle Position
stop the car temporarily and get power
Parking gear (P) – in this position,
train started, you can shift to N gear.
gear shifting mechanism has a locking
Driving gear (D) – use this gear for
function. To apply parking gear, you
normal driving. With your foot holding
must press gear shifting handle button.
down the brake pedal, shift the selector
To avoid damaging gear in the power
lever to “D”. Release the parking
train, you cannot apply parking gear
brake and brake pedal. Depress the
until parking the car properly. When
accelerator pedal slowly for smooth
you have to switch parking gear to
other gears, please step on brake
pedal, turn the key to the ignition
yy Gear shifting handle must be at P
or N gear when starting the car.
yy When you want to stop the car
at D, N or R gear, you should
step on brake pedal forcibly as
well as move your feet from the
accelerator pedal. Whatever the
reason is, the driver must shift
to P gear and pull up the parking
brake handle as long as he
leaves the car.
yy N e v e r p u t y o u r f o o t o n t h e
accelerator pedal while shifting,
unless it may cause abrupt
yy W h e n d r i v i n g f o r w a r d , i t i s
forbidden to use R or P gear
and please make sure you have
stopped the car properly before
using P or R gear to avoid
damaging the transmission.
- 129 -
使用手册小330.indd 129
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
In case of frequently manipulating or
Electronic Power Steering
fully turning the steering wheel for a
long time, the power steering effect
If any of the following conditions
The electronic power steering system,
may be limited to avoid overhea. In
about power steering system
which offers steering power by electric
this situation, you should stop turning
warning light, it indicates the
engine in steering, can help the driver
the steering wheel or park your car
power steering system may have
to control the steering wheel easily and
and turn the switch to “ACC” or “OFF”.
a malfunction. Please contact your
accurately. When the key is turned to
It takes about 10 minutes to for the
BYD authorized service provider for
“ON”, warning light for power steering
system to restore power.
a check as soon as possible:
1. When turning the ignition switch
system turns on and the system starts
to “ON”, the light does not turn on or
yy W h e n t h e a u x i l i a r y b a t t e r y
2. The indicator light is always on
to self-inspect. After 3 seconds, the
warning light for power steering system
will turn off if there is no fault in the
system; if not, the light will not turn off.
After self-inspection, if there is any
trouble while driving, the warning light
will also turn on.
In the following conditions, you may
feel it’s difficult to operate the steering
wheel while the warning light for power
steering system does not turn on
(Because it is not a malfunction)
power is low, you may feel the
steering becomes heavy. It is a
malfunction, please contact BYD
authorized service provider for a
yy When turning the steering wheel,
is always on.
while driving.
In this case, it is much more difficult
to turn the steering wheel and you
should hold the steering wheel firmly
and drive slowly.
you may hear electric engine
noise, made by steering electric
engine. It is not a malfunction.
- 130 -
使用手册小330.indd 130
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Brake system adopts a power system
If the DM system indicator blinks
yy Do not step on the brake pedal
with two independent vacuum sources:
with rapid clicking, system switches
repeatedly after you park the
one is to provide vacuum negative
to HEV mode automatically, and the
car, since every time you step on
pressure through air inflow by electric
engine starts, these mean there is
the brake pedal, it will consume
engine and the other is to provide
a malfunction in vacuum pump and
vacuum pressure.
vacuum negative pressure through
auxiliary device, thus please park
yy If accident happens, vacuum
vacuum-pumping by vacuum pump.
your car in a safe place and contact
booster may not work, but the
If any faults occur in vacuum pump
BYD authorized service provider.
brake can still work normally.
Brake System
or assistance devices during driving
at EV mode, the engine will start
automatically and also provide vacuum
source for brake system.
However, you need to step on
Vacuum Booster
the brake harder and the braking
Vacuum booster realize boosting effect
distance will also be ncreased.
by vacuum source provided from
yy It is forbidden to let your car skid
negative pressure formed by air inflow
before the DM system is enabled.
of the electric engine or by vacuumpumping of vacuum pump. If vacuum
source is cut off in driving, you need to
step on the brake pedal harder to stop
the car.
Anti-lock Brake System (with “ABS”
warning light)
The anti-lock brake system is designed
to prevent the wheels from locking
in a sudden braking or driving on the
- 131 -
使用手册小330.indd 131
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
slippery road, which helps to increase
electric engine for several seconds
the vehicle steadiness..
when just starting the car, it indicates
It is an effective way to check if ABS
ABS in self-inspection rather than any
If any of the following conditions
is working by stepping on the brake
occur, please stop your car at a safe
pedal: if ABS is working, the driver
The following conditions may occur,
place and contact BYD authorized
may feel pulsation on brake pedal and
when ABS is working, which does not
service provider immediately:
hear noises. In this case, you can let
mean any malfunction in ABS.
yy When the handbrake completely
ABS work only by stepping on brake
● You may hear working sound from
release, the parking brake
pedal forcibly. However, do not step on
ABS and feel pulsation on brake
warning light is still on; The
it repeatedly in hard braking, as it may
pedal as well as vibration of car
parking brake fault warning light
increase the braking distance.
body and steering wheel. Even if you
suddenly light while driving.
ABS starts working, when you
stop the car, you may still hear the
In either case, this can indicate
accelerate the speed to over 10km/h.
sound of electric motor in the engine
that the brakes do not work
.ABS stops working, when you reduce
properly and your braking
the speed to 10km/h.
● The brake pedal move a bit forward
distance will be longer. Please
In rainy day, stepping on brake pedal
after ABS stops working.
step the brake pedal firmly and
on slippery road surfaces such as on
a manhole cover, a steel plate at a
construction site, joints in a bridge, etc,
is easier to activate ABS.
bring the car to an immediate
yy The “ABS” warning light turns on
while driving.
You may hear clicking sound from front
In this case, not only the anti–lock
engine compartment or sound from
brake system will fail but also the
- 132 -
使用手册小330.indd 132
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
vehicle will become extremely
unstable during braking. In the
Tires of specified size with proper
Driving with the parking brake
event of above, please contact BYD
pressure are installed in all the
engaged can reduce braking
authorized service provider.
vehicle wheels (4 for each car);
ABS measures the rotating speed
Before driving, make sure the
of each wheel by rotating-speed
parking brake is fully released and
sensor. If other unspecified tires are
the parking brake system indicator
Do not overestimate ABS: ABS can
used, the rotating speed cannot be
is off
help to control the car, but it is still
measured accurately, which may
very important for you to comply with
cause stopping distance increase.
all the precautions and keep proper
In the following conditions,
speed as well as a safe distance
compared with cars without ABS,
with the car in front, since the
cars equipped with ABS may need a
function of ABS to vehicle stability
longer stopping distance:
and effectiveness of steering wheel
yy Driving on the rugged, cobbled or
operation is limited.
In case of high-speed driving
in a rainy day, if anti-skidding
performance of tire goes beyond its
allowable capability or the car runs
idle, ABS cannot help to control the
Disc Brake
F3DM is equipped with disc brakes.
Brake pad wear limit Indicators
snowy road.
yy Driving the car equipped with tire
yy Driving on such places as junction
of roads.
yy Driving on the bumpy or rugged
- 133 -
使用手册小330.indd 133
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
The brake pad wear limit indicators on
heavy articles in the front part to keep
your front disc brakes gives a warning
weight balance.
noise when the brake pads are worn to
● Do not load unnecessary items to
where replacement is required
save fuel.
If you hear alarm sound or friction
● Please do not place any inflammable,
noise in driving, you should
explosive or corrosive articles in the
Do not modify the suspension/
immediately contact BYD authorized
chassis with lift kits, partition panels,
service provider for check and replace
● Please keep the luggage storage box
springs, etc. It can damage the
clean and dry.
maneuvering performance resulting
Do not continue driving your car when
● Please keep the luggage storage
in out of control.
there is alarm sound.
box closed and locked while driving to
Suspension and Chassis
reduce the chance of injury when there
Precautions on Luggage
is an accident or a sudden stop.
When carrying luggage or goods by
the car, follow the instructions below:
●It is recommended to load the
luggage or goods in the Luggage
storage box. Make sure all the items
are fastened in proper place.
● Keep proper weight balance across
the car. It is recommended to place
- 134 -
使用手册小330.indd 134
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 3
Starting and Driving
Before Starting the DM system…………………………………… 136
Safety Check Before Driving……………………………………… 138
Driving Tips in Various Conditions………………………………… 140
Driving Tips in Winter………………………………………………… 141
TowTrailer …………………………………………………………… 142
How to Save Fuel & Electrical Energy and
Extend Auto Service Life …………………………………………… .143
- 135 -
使用手册小330.indd 135
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Step6: Depress the brake pedal and
Before Starting the DM
How to Start the Car
shift the transaxle to D or R position.
Please follow the procedures below:
And make sure the instruments display
1.Check if the car is in charging, if so,
Step 1: Lift the anti-theft system.
D or R position.
turn off the power, take off the charging
Once you set the anti-theft system
Step 7: Release the parking brake.
cable and keep it properly.
by pressing “LOCK” on the wireless
Step 8: Release the brake pedal
2.Make sure all windows mirrors
remote control, you must press
g r a d u a l l y, a n d r e s t y o u r f o o t o n
,and outside lights are clean and
“UNLOCK” to cancel it before driving,
accelerator pedal lightly to accelerate
unobstructed .
or you cannot start the car.
the vehicle.
3.Check the area around the vehicle
Step 2: Turn the ignition switch to
before entering it, such as snows,
“ON” to start the car, and then the
puddle, space and barrier.
instruments will check automatically.
4.Visually check the tires. If a tire looks
Before starting the car, make sure the
low, use a gauge to check its pressure.
transaxle is in “P” or “N”position.
5.Adjust seat position and height,
Step 3: Check if there is any warning
seatback angle, waist-holding angle,
information on instruments display, If
head restraint height and steering
yes, please carry out car examination
wheel angle.
refer to section 1-5.
6.Check the steering wheel adjustment.
Step 4: Adjust the inside and outside
(see section 1-3 “Steering Wheel”).
rear-view mirrors of the car.
7.Lock up all doors.
Step 5: Make sure all doors had been
8.Fasten seat belts.
lock up and seat belts were fasten.
Make sure procedure in “Before
Starting the DM System” is
performed before starting the DM
- 136 -
使用手册小330.indd 136
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
If the Car Cannot Start
If the Dual Mode transaxle is in R or
Refer to “If the Car Cannot Start” in
D, the “OK” light can’t be lightened
Chapter 4.
yy If the system determines that the
engine should be started, but it
and the Dual Mode can’t work. so
make sure the transaxle is in “P”
If the Car Is Overheated
or“N” before turning the ignition
Refer to “If the Car Is Overheated” in
switch to “ON”.
Chapter 4.
does not start normally within 20
seconds, the system will perform
automatic protection and start
the engine again on its own; if
the engine can not work normally
When starting the car on downhill
slope, to avoid the vehicle creeping,
please following the procedures
below after performing step 6 :
1.Depress the accelerator pedal
2. Release the parking brake.
yy Do not start the DM system from
outside, or an accident may
after the third start-up, please
contact BYD authorized dealer
for repair.
yy Be sure to sit on the driver seat,
and fasten seat belts, then start
the system when driving.
When driving on damp road, it is
necessary to avoid driving through
ponding road, as if a large amount
of water enters the front engine
compartment, the engine and/or
electrical parts may be damaged.
- 137 -
使用手册小330.indd 137
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
seat belt has no wear or scratching.
Safety Check Before Driving
Vehicle Exterior Conditions
Instruments and Controllers: take
Tire: check if the tire pressure is normal
special care to make sure service
Before driving, you had better conduct
and if the tire has any cut, damage or
reminder indicator, instrument lighting l
a safety check for the car. Several
excessive wear.
and defroster work normally.
minutes’ check can make for safety
Wheel Nuts: make sure there is no
Brake: make sure the pedal has
driving and allow you to enjoy driving.
loose or missing nut.
enough free space.
If you are unfamiliar with car system,
Leakage: check if there is fuel oil,
you can ask BYD authorized dealer to
engine oil, antifreeze or other fluid
Inside Front Engine Compartment
check your car.
leakage under the car after parking.
Spare Fuse: make sure all types of
(water dropping generated by air
fuses in correspondence with the
conditioner is normal).
specifications of the original rating
Lighting: make sure all the headlights,
charge ones are available.
If you make safety check in a closed
width-indicator lights, turn signal lights
Antifreeze level: make sure the
garage, make sure the garage has
and other lights work normally.
antifreeze level is between the
good ventilation.
Please pay attention to precautions
maximum and minimum scale marks in
Vehicle Interior Conditions
the reservoir.
Spare tire, jack and wheel nut wrench:
Brake Fluid Level: make sure the brake
check tire pressure and make sure the
fluid level is between the maximum and
jack and wrench is in place.
minimum scale marks in the reservoir.
Seat belt: check whether the buckle
Clutch Fluid Level: make sure the fluid
can fasten seat belt firmly. Make sure
level is between the maximum and
- 138 -
使用手册小330.indd 138
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
minimum scale marks in the reservoir.
Auxiliary Battery and Cables: all units
After Starting Engine (HEV Mode)
Exhaust System: listen to the sound to
of the auxiliary battery shall be added
yy Do not pile up children’s toys in
check whether there is any leakage. If
with the distilled water to the right level.
the car, which may post potential
any leakage, you shall have it repaired
Check whether there are corroded
danger, especially in hard braking
immediately. (Refer to “Engine Exhaust
or loose terminals, and whether the
and collisions, in which case,
Warning” in Chapter 2.)
battery box has cracks. Check whether
these toys may cause personal
Engine Oil Level: shut down the engine
cables and connection are proper.
and stop the car on flat ground, then
Other Cables: check whether there
yy P l e a s e c h e c k y o u r c a r i n
are damaged, loose or disconnected
ventilated place when the engine
is running ,or the engine exhaust
Fuel Pipe: check whether there is
may cause serious injury.
leakage or bad connection in fuel pipe.
yy Avoid burning from hot parts, let
check oil level with a dipstick. (Refer
to description in Section 7-2.)
In Driving
Instruments: make sure the indicators
the engine and exhaust system
and speedometer work normally.
cool down before touching any
Brake: under safe traffic conditions,
make sure braking does not result in
yy Avoid injury from moving parts.
deviation of the car.
Do not run the engine unless
Other Abnormalities: check whether
instructed to do so.
there is any leakage or loose
connection, abnormal noises and
other abnormalities.
- 139 -
使用手册小330.indd 139
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Driving Tips In Various
brake applied. If they stilldo not work
safely, pull to the side of the road and
yy Please note that the brake will
● Driving slowly in gusty crosswinds,
call your BYD authorized dealer for
be overheated and function
which is helpful for better control.
abnormally if you steps on the
brake pedal too frequently.
● Driving the car slowly onto curbs at a
right angle.. Avoid driving onto any high
sharp-objects and other road hazards.
Otherwise the tires may suffer severe
damage such as burst.
●Slow down vehicle speed on bumpy
or rugged roads. Otherwise the impact
could cause severe damage to the
tires and/or wheels.
●Washing the car or driving through
deep water may get brakes wet To
see whether they are wet, check that
there is no traffic near you and press
the brake pedal lightly. If you do not
feel a normal braking force, the brakes
are probably wet. To dry the brakes,
slightly step on the braking pedal while
driving the car carefully with parking
yy Make sure that parking brake is
released fully and the parking
brake indicator is off before
yy There is a high voltage battery
pack at chassis ,please drive
with caution when wading.
yy Do not rest your foot on brake
pedal while driving, It can cause
dangerous overheating, needless
wear and poor fuel economy.
yy When driving down a long or
steep hill at high speed, you can
switch to HEV mode and brake
with the motor braking.
yy Be sure to operate the shift gear
after the vehicle stops steadily.
And to avoid accident, never put
your foot on the accelerator pedal
while shifting.
yy In slippery road require special
caution , Sudden acceleration or
emergency braking could cause
the vehicle to spin or skid.
yy When the brake is wet, do not
continue driving, as wet brake
requires a longer braking distance
and may cause deviation of the
direction of the car. Also, in this
case parking brake can not hold
the vehicle securely.
- 140 -
使用手册小330.indd 140
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Be sure to put the DM transaxle in
and electric motor power.
suitable for the cold weather.
“P”, apply parking brake, shut off
Please refer to section 7-2 for information
Do not use plain water, which may
oil. Leaving a large volume of summer
the DM system and remove the
ignition key when you leave your
car . Or the vehicle will creep and
start abruptly with the accelerator
pedal being depressed by
mistake. This may cause rapid
acceleration, and lead to death or
serious injury.
Driving Tips in Winter
Make sure you have a proper freeze
protection for engine coolant.
You are required to use the antifreeze
specified by BYD and select the
proper model according to the ambient
Improper use of antifreeze may
damage the system components
needed to be cooled, such as engine
Make sure viscosity of the engine oil is
damage the system components
needed to be cooled, such as
engine and electric motor power.
on recommended viscosity of engine
oil in the engine in winter, may cause
harder starting. If you are not sure about
which oil to use, please contact BYD
authorized dealer for help.
Checking the Auxiliary Battery
Cold temperatures may reduce the
Avoid Door Lock Freezing
capacity of the auxiliary battery and
Spray some deicing agent or glycerin
power battery, so it must be in top
into the door lock hole to prevent the
shape to provide enough power for
lock from freezing
starting. Visually check the
auxiliary battery is described in section
Use a washer fluid containing
7-3. BYD authorized dealer can check
antifreeze solution.
charging level of the auxiliary battery
Such products are available in BYD
and power battery for you.
authorized dealers and all auto part
stores. Follow the manufacturer ’s
direction for how much to mix with
- 141 -
使用手册小330.indd 141
2011-4-13 18:36:51
F3DM Owner’s Manual
fenders can make steering difficult.
During extreme winter driving, stop and
Tow Trailer
Don’t use engine antifreeze or
check under the fenders occasionally.
other substitutes as washing
Depending on where you are driving,
transportation of passengers. Towing a
liquid, because it may damage the
we recommend you carry some
trailer may pose bad effect to operation,
vehicle’s paint.
emergency equipment.
performance, braking, endurance and
Some of the things you might put in
fuel economy (fuel consumption) of
In case the parking brake may be
the vehicle are tire chains, window
the car. Safety and comfort in driving
frozen, you’d better not drive your car
scraper, bag of sand or salt, flares,
depends on the proper use of device
immediately until the parking brake
small shovel, jumper cables, etc.
and driver’s good habit in careful
driving. For your and others’ safety, do
gets unfrozen.
When parking, push the “P” position
switch and block the rear wheels or the
wheels which may lead to sliding of
the car. Do not use the parking brake,
for snow or water accumulated in and
around the parking brake mechanism
may freeze, making it hard to release..
Prevent ice and snow from
accumulating under the fenders.
Ice and snow built up under your
BYD F3DM is designed for
Be careful when running on a
slippery surface,because it may
cause your stopping distance
not over load the car or tow a trailer.
Damage or failure caused by towing
a trailer for business purpose is not
covered by BYD warranty.
become longer and abrupt shifting
could cause the vehicle spin or
skid. Therefore, it’s necessary to
avoid speeding up, emergency
braking and the high-speed while
driving in this condition.
- 142 -
使用手册小330.indd 142
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
●Keep your tires inflate at the correct
pressure. Improper inflation pressure
yy In towing a trailer, do not exceed
●For a new auto or an auto with new
cause tire wear and wastes fuel and
the maximum rated load of the
driving system parts (engine, electric
electrical energy. Refer to description
hook, or it may cause accident
motor power, transmission, differential
in section 7-2.
and severe personal injury.
mechanism, wheel bearing, driving
● Do not carry unneeded weight in
yy As towing a trailer may require a
shaft, etc.), do not tow any trailer in the
your vehicle. Excess weight put a
longer braking distance, you shall
first 2000 km travel.
heavier load on the engine, causing
maintain a safe distance with
●When towing a trailer, the increased
greater fuel consumption.
other vehicles. At the speed of 10
load requires more frequent
●Accelerate slowly and smoothly.
km/h, the interval between your
maintenance of the car.
Avoid rapid acceleration when starting
car and the vehicle in front of you
shall be no less than the total
length of your car and the trailer.
Avoid hard braking to prevent the
car from skidding, which may get
the car out of control.
●Make sure the tire pressure is proper.
Refer to description in section 7-2.
the vehicle.
How to Save Fuel & Electrical
Energy and Extend Auto
Service Life
●Avoid unnecessary stopping or
Improving fuel and electrical energy
free from traffic signaling lights. Keep
is easy –just take it easy .It will make
proper distance from other vehicles. It
your vehicle last longer too. Here are
will also reduce wear on your brakes..
some specific tips on how to save
●Avoid heavy traffic or traffic jams
money on fuel and electrical energy as
whenever possible.
well as repairs
●Maintain a moderate speed on
braking. Maintain a steady pace. Drive
according to the indication of traffic
signaling lights or drive on the road
- 143 -
使用手册小330.indd 143
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
highways. The faster you drive, the
and lower operation costs, keep
greater fuel consumption. By reducing
all maintenance work on schedule,
your speed, you can cut down on fuel
and if you often drive under severe
conditions, see that your vehicle
●Keep the Front Wheels in Proper
receives more frequent maintenance.
Alignment. Improper alignment not
(Refer to Chapter 6)
only cause faster tire wear, but also put
extra load on the engine, which in turn
waste fuel.
●To increase driving comfort and
safety, avoid hitting the curbstone and
slow down on rough roads.
●Keep the chassis clean and free of
mud etc. It helps lessen the vehicle
weight and prevent corrosion.
●Adjust and Keep Vehicle at Best
Performance. A dirty air cleaner,
improper valve clearance, dirty
plugs, dirty oil and grease, brakes
not adjusted etc. all lower engine
performance contribute to poor fuel
economy. For longer life of all parts
If you do not use the vehicle for a
long time (2 weeks or more), the
power battery and auxiliary battery
will discharge and their power will
decrease. Therefore, in order to
make up for the discharging, you
can take either of the following
methods to charge the batteries
once every two weeks:
1.using charge device
2. Starting the DM system for
about 30 minutes with all electrical
components turned off.
- 144 -
使用手册小330.indd 144
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 4
In Case of An Emergency
If the Car Cannot Start ……………………………………………… 146
If the DM system stalls in Driving…………………………………… 146
If the Car Overheats………………………………………………… 146
If the Car Has Flat Tires…………………………………………… 148
If the Car Gets Stuck………………………………………………… 154
If Car-towing is Needed……………………………………………… 155
Emergency Maintenance Switch…………………………………… 157
- 145 -
使用手册小330.indd 145
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
are very dim or do not come on at all,
If the Car Cannot Start
the battery is discharged. Please refer
(a) Simple Check
to “Jump Starting” in section 7-3.
Before conducting this check, make
3.Check whether the power battery is
sure the starting procedure in “How
discharged, if yes, charge the battery
2. Please slow down the car gradually,
to Start the Car” in Chapter 3 is
keep moving in a straight line and run
performed properly and there are
4. Check if there is sufficient fuel in the
off the road to a safe place.
sufficient fuel and power.
tank. Insufficient fuel also cause the
3. Follow “Car Starting Methods” and
check if the car can get started by
car cannot startup.
try to start the car again.
using the spare key. If it works, your
If you find nothing is wrong, but the car
If the car cannot start, please see “If
key may be broken. Please contact
can’t start. You will need a qualified
the Car Cannot Start Up”.
BYD authorized dealer to check your
technician to find the problem. Please
key. If none of your keys work, the
contact your BYD authorized dealer.
vehicle control system may have a
malfunction, please contact BYD
authorized dealer for help. (Refer to
description “Keys” in Section 1-2.)
1.Check that the auxiliary battery
If the DM system stalls in
1. Turn on the emergency flashlight.
If the DM system is off, the boosters
of brake and steering device cannot
You cannot start your vehicle by
work, which makes steering and
pushing or pulling it.
braking much harder than usual.
connections are tight and clean.
2.Turn the ignition switch to the ON
If the Car Overheats
position, turn on the headlights, and
If the high coolant temperature warning
check their brightness. If the headlights
light comes on, if there is no power
- 146 -
使用手册小330.indd 146
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
output or if there is loud knocking or
ping noise, that means the power train
or engine controller is overheated.
Driving in the condition of car
Please handle it as per the procedures
overheats can cause serious
damage to your engine.
1. Turn on the emergency flashlight,
and apply the parking brake. Shut
Steam and spray from overheated
down air conditioner if it is running.
engine can seriously scald you.
2. If there is antifreeze or steam boiling
Do not open the hood if steam is
out of the tank, shut down the DM
coming out.
system. Wait until the steam subsides
the DM system running and check the
electric cooling fan. If electric cooling
fan do not work, turn the ignition off,
call your BYD authorized dealer for
fan and things, such as hands and
clothes, to avoid a danger caused
stop it. Put the transaxle in P position
antifreeze or steam boiling over, leave
Keep a proper distance between the
by abrupt startup of the fan.
drive the car safely off the road and
before opening the hood. If there is no
3. Check whether there is obvious
antifreeze leakage under the radiator,
hose. Water draining from the air
conditioning is normal if it has been
4. If any antifreeze leakage, you shall
stop the engine immediately. Please
contact BYD authorized dealer for
5. In case of no obvious leakage,
please check the antifreeze reservoir;
if the level is below the MIN mark or
there is no antifreeze in the reservoir,
add some
antifreeze to the reservoir
up to the maximum scale mark with the
DM system is running.
- 147 -
使用手册小330.indd 147
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Removal of the radiator cap Under
high temperature can cause the
antifreeze to spray out, and serious
injury may be resulted from scalding
fluid and steam blown out under
Always let the engine and radiator
cool down before removing the
radiator cap.
If the Car Has Flat Tires
Turn on the emergency flashlight.
Drive slowly along the shoulder until
you get to an exit or an area to stop a
safe place away from the traffic lanes.
Park the car on firm, level and nonslippery ground.
Put the transmission in P and apply the
parking brake.
Turn the ignition switch to “LOCK”
All the passengers get out of the car
6. When the antifreeze temperature
on the side away from traffic.
be cooled to normal, check the
Read the following instructions
antifreeze level in the tank again and
add additional antifreeze up to the
maximum scale mark if necessary.
Large drop of antifreeze level means
leakage in the system. Please contact
BYD authorized dealer for immediate
To reduce the possibility of serious
personal injury, please obey the
instructions below when you lift the
car by a jack.
yy Follow the directions for changing
a tire exactly, and never get
under the vehicle when it is
supported only by the jack
yy When the car is lifted by a jack,
do not start and run the DM
yy Park the car on firm, level and
non-slippery ground, apply
parking brake tightly and shift
the transmission to P gear. If
n e c e s s a r y, b l o c k t h e w h e e l
diagonally opposite to the one
being changed.
yy Make sure to set the jack properly
- 148 -
使用手册小330.indd 148
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
in the jack point. Raising the
vehicle with jack improperly
positioned will damage the
vehicle or may allow the vehicle
to fall off the jack and cause
personal injury.
yy When the car is supported by
jack, no one is allowed to get
under the car.
yy Use jack only for lifting the car
while tire changing.
yy D o n o t l i f t u p t h e c a r w h e n
someone is in it.
yy Do not put anything at the top or
bottom of the jack while lifting the
yy Just lift the car to a height
that allows tire removal and
Tools Required and Spare Tire
yy Do not continue driving the car
with a flat tire. Driving even a
short distance on a deflated
tire can lead to tire failure, also
reduce fuel efficiency and tire
life, and may affect the vehicle’s
handling and stopping ability.
yy Use the spare tire as a temporary
r e p l a c e m e n t o n l y. G e t y o u r
regular tire repaired or replaced,
and put on your vehicle as soon
1. Take out tools required and the
as you can.
spare tire.
3.Spare tire
In emergency conditions, you may
have to repair the car by yourself.
Please well know the use method and
storage location of the jack and various
- 149 -
使用手册小330.indd 149
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Loosen and remove the spare tire
carrier, then take out the spare tire.
Block Wheels
To store the tire, please put the outside
of the tire downward in place, and then
fasten the tire in the opposite order to
prevent it from being thrown forward
when there is a crash or emergency
Remove: rotate the terminal in direction
Note: when fastening the original tire
1 until the jack becomes flexible.
of the car with methods of fastening
Storage: rotate the terminal in direction
the spare tire carrier, please put the
2 until the jack is fixed tightly to prevent
side with higher convex plate facing
2. While lifting, please lay the block
it from being thrown forward when
under the wheel in the diagonal
there is crash or emergency braking.
direction of the flat tire to prevent the
car sliding.
Put the block in front of a front wheel
or behind a rear wheel.
- 150 -
使用手册小330.indd 150
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Unscrew wheel nuts
Jack Positioning
Lift the Vehicle
4. Place the jack under the proper
3. Unscrew all bolts on the flat tire.
lifting point, as shown in the figure.
5. Make sure nobody is in the car, and
Unscrew all bolts on the wheel before
Make sure that the jack is placed on
lift up the car to a height that allows
lifting the car.
the flat and solid ground.
installation of spare tire.
Unscrew the bolts on the wheel anti-
Please notice that it needs larger
clockwise. For better torque, you can
ground clearance to install the spare
fit the wrench to the nut with its handle
tire than removing the flat tire.
on the right side, as shown in the figure
To lift up the car, please insert the
above. Grip at the end of the wrench
jack handle into the jack (loose joint)
handle and pull upwards. Please avoid
and rotate it clockwise. When the
the wrench slipping off the nut.
jack touches the car and starts lifting,
Do not remove the nuts, just loosen
please check again if the jack is at the
right position.
- 151 -
使用手册小330.indd 151
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Take off the flat tire and put it aside
bolts may get loose, which may cause
Move the spare tire to the installation
the tire falling off while driving.
When the car is supported only by
position, align the bolts to tire holes,
jack, no one is allowed to get under
and then raise the tire until the top bolt
the car.
fits into the screw hole. Rotate the tire
Pay attention to the exhaust pipes
and push it until all bolts can fit into
on both sides of car in using jack, to
corresponding screw holes.
Reinstall Wheel Bolts
avoid burns.
Replace Wheels
7. Put on the spare tire. Reinstall all
wheel bolts (tapered end inward) and
tighten them as much as you can by
Before installation, please brush off all
hand. Push the wheel backward and
corrosive materials on the installation
see if you can tighten them more..
surface with a wire brush. During
6. Remove wheel bolts and replace the
installation, the metal area on the
installation surfaces must be in good
contact with each other, or the wheel
- 152 -
使用手册小330.indd 152
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
8. Lower down the car to ground and
tighten the wheel bolts.
yy Please make sure no part of your
Do not apply engine oil or lubricant
To lay down the car, please rotate the
on the nuts, or they will get loose,
jack handle counterclockwise.
body and no one nearby will get
which may cause the wheel
Please use a wheel wrench to tighten
injured while laying down the car
detached and lead to serious
the wheel bolts. Do not use any other
accident. If there is engine oil or
tools or lever other than your hands,
yy After the tire is replaced, Have
lubricant on the bolts or nuts, clean
like hammer, tube, or your foot. Make
the wheel bolts tightened with
them immediately.
sure the wrench is securely engaged
torque wrench to 110N·m (11.5
over the bolts.
kgf·m). Otherwise if the torque
As per the order shown in the figure
is insufficient, the nuts will get
above, tighten the bolts slightly one by
loose, which may cause the
one, repeat the procedure until all the
tire fell off and result in serious
bolts are fastened firmly.
Lower Down Vehicle
onto the ground.
After Tire Replacement
9. The tire pressure after replacement.
Adjust the tire pressure to the
specification specified in Chapter 8.
If the current pressure is lower than
specified, please drive the car slowly
to the nearby service station for air
- 153 -
使用手册小330.indd 153
2011-4-13 18:36:52
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Do not forget to install the tire valve
cap, or dust and moisture will enter
the valve core to cause possible air
leakage. If the tire valve cap is missing,
please use a new one immediately.
10. Keep all the tools, jack and flat tire
properly and fasten the flat tire in the
spare tire carrier.
Flat tire shall be repaired by the
professional technician. The flat tire
should fasten as follow way, with higher
convex plate side facing upwards. See
the following illustration.
yy Store the jack, wheel, and tools
securely before driving. Loose
items can fly around the interior
in a crash or sudden braking, and
could seriously injure occupants.
yy After tire replacement, please do
not drive over 70km/h and single
travel cannot exceed 100km; you
If the Car Gets Stuck
If the car gets stuck in snow, mud, or
sand, please try to get it out by pushing
it forward or backward. Or you can call
a towing service to pull it out (see the
next section If Car-towing is Needed)
shall drive slowly to the nearest
If there are persons or objects near
BYD authorized dealer to get the
the car, please do not try to move
tire replaced. Otherwise, serious
the car by pushing it forward and
accidents such as tire burst and
backward. If not, once the car gets
failure of operation may occur.
out and suddenly moves forward or
yy If you ever replaced a tire, make
backward, there may be personal
sure that the tire’s specifications
injury or damage to objects.
match those of the original tires.
yy when the compact spare tire is
installed,avoid driving over obstacles
and drive slowly on rough, unpaved
roads and speed bumps.
- 154 -
使用手册小330.indd 154
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Proper equipment will help ensure
If Car-towing is Needed
Tow from the front
Tow from the back
that your vehicle is not damaged
while being towed. Your vehicle can
yy You are required to release P
be damaged if it is towed incorrectly.
gear before towing the car, that’s
Although most operators know the
to say, when the engine starts,
correct procedure, it is possible to
you shall shift transaxle to N gear
make a mistake. To avoid damage to
before driving. If P gear is locked,
your vehicle, make sure the following
you can only tow the car by lifting
precautions are observed.
the front wheels off the ground, or
it may damage the transmission
Precautions for Towing:
Use flat bed truck
Use safety chain system and abide
yy Do not tow with sling type truck,
by applicable national and local laws.
either from the front or rear. This
If you cannot shift the transmission or
may cause body damage.
start the DM system, your vehicle must
be towed by a flat bed truck.
yy When l i fti ng w heels, should
ensure adequate ground
clearance for towing the raised
vehicle. Otherwise, in the
course of towing vehicle may be
- 155 -
使用手册小330.indd 155
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Emergency Towing
10km and keep the speed below
30 KM/h.
yy Please use the specified towing
yy The DM system shall be running
hook, cable or chain and tie the
in towing; if not, boosters of
cable or chain to the hook tightly,
brake and steering device cannot
or it may damage the car and
work, which makes steering and
cause serious injury or death.
braking much harder than usual.
yy Do not tow the car from the
rear with all four wheels on
For emergency towing, we recommend
you to have it done by
your BYD
authorized dealer.
If you cannot find a towing company
under emergency situation, please
tie the towing cable or chain to the
emergency towing hook at the bottom
of the car for temporary towing. In this
case, you shall be extremely careful.
the ground, or it will seriously
damage the transmission.
yy You are required to release P
gear before towing the car, that’s
to say, when the engine starts,
you shall shift transaxle to N gear
before driving. If P gear is locked,
you can only tow the car by lifting
The driver must be in the vehicle to
steer the car and control the brake.
Towing in this way may be done only
on hard–surfaced roads for a short
distance and at low speeds. Also the
wheels, axles, transmission, drive train,
steering, and brakes must be in good
the front wheels off the ground, or
it may damage the transmission
yy Do not tow the car farther than
- 156 -
使用手册小330.indd 156
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
handle when using and then pull it out
Take extremely attention when
yy When the ignition key is at “ON”,
towing the car. Avoid sudden starts
strictly prohibit from plugging/
or unstable operation which would
unplugging the emergency
effect great stress on the emergency
maintenance switch and
towing hook and towing cable or
connectors on the box.
chain. It may cause the hook and
yy Before repair/dismantle the whole
towing cable or chain break and
unit, do pull out the emergency
maintenance switch first.
cause serious injury or damage.
yy Do not pull out the emergency
Emergency Maintenance
Functions of emergency maintenance
maintenance switch and
connectors on the box when the
car is being charged
In vehicle maintenance and
emergency, cut off all high-voltage
system in the unit.
Emergency maintenance switch is
under the guard board of luggage
c a r r i e r. P r e s s t h e b u t t o n o n t h e
- 157 -
使用手册小330.indd 157
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Please check that the ignition
key do turn to “LOCK” position
and the emergency maintenance
switch has been installed on
the high-voltage distribution box
before charging the battery.
yy You’d better pull out the
emergency maintenance switch
if the car is not used for a long
yy Do not pour any fluid or solid into
high-voltage distribution box and
on the connectors of box. Do
not start the car when fluid and
solid enter into the high-voltage
distribution box.
yy When there is no emergency
maintenance switch, do not
●It’s strictly forbidden to compress
or knock the shell of the controller.
If any sunk part and crack on the
shell, you shall stop the car and
call your BYD authorized dealer for
You shall be responsible for all
consequences arising from the
operations in violation of the rules
replace it with any other
conductive metal.
yy Avoid an electric shock, it’s strictly
forbidden to touch the highvoltage parts without security
yy It’s strictly forbidden to disconnect
the high-voltage distribution box
yy Do not plug/unplug the connectors
of battery administrator in driving
and parking.
- 158 -
使用手册小330.indd 158
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 5
Corrosion Prevention and Appearance Care
Protecting F3DM from corrosion…………………………………… 160
Tips on maintenance of vehicle surface…………………………… 161
Washing and waxing………………………………………………… 162
Cleaning the interior………………………………………………… 165
- 159 -
使用手册小330.indd 159
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
corrosion, especially when temperature
winter or live near the ocean, please
Protecting F3DM from
range just above the freezing point.
wash the running part of the car at
●When certain parts of the car are
least once per month to minimize
Proper maintenance of your car can
always under circumstances with high
help ensure long-term corrosion
humidity and moisture, even if the rest
●It is effective for cleaning chassis
parts may be dry, corrosion will occur.
and wheel cover under high pressure
The most common causes to corrosion
●High ambient temperature may cause
water or steam. Pay more attention
to your vehicle are:
corrosion to those components which
to the vehicle’s underside and wheel
●The accumulation of road salt, dirt
cannot get dry quickly due to lack of
housings as it is difficult to see all the
and moisture in hard-to-reach areas
proper ventilation.
mud and dirt. It will be much more
under the vehicle
Those above signifies the necessity to
harmful to simply wet the mud and
●Clipping of paint, or undercoating
keep your car, especially its underside,
debris without removing. Drain holes
caused by minor accident or by stones
as clean as possible and to repair any
in the lower edge of doors, rocker
and gravel.
damage to paint or protective coatings
panels and frame members should not
If you live in particular areas or operate
as soon as possible.,
be allowed to clog with dirt, because
your vehicle under certain environment
To prevent corrosion on your F3DM,
trapped water in these areas can
condition, care is of utmost importance:
please follow the guidelines below:
cause corrosion.
●Road salt or dust with chemicals will
Washing your car regularly can keep
●Wash the underside of your vehicle
accelerate corrosion. Salt also exists in
it clean. But to prevent corrosion,
thoroughly when winter is over.
the air near the sea coast or in areas
please the following points should be
For further information, please refer to
of industrial pollution.
“Washing and Waxing”.
●High humidity will accelerate
●If you drive the car on salted roads in
Check the condition of your vehicle’s
- 160 -
使用手册小330.indd 160
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
paint and decorating components;
would protect your vehicle from mud.
If there are chips and scratches in
The larger the size of mudguard and
(1) Clean the dirt on the car
the paint, please repair it immediately
lower clearance altitude are the better
before, during and after using
in order to prevent corrosion from
protection your vehicle will get. Small
your vehicle, which can minimize
staring at this location. If the chips and
mudguard for wheel cover is optional
adhered dirt by electrostatic.
scratches have gone though the bare
for BYD F3DM, installation of which is
(2) Wash your F3DM timely after
metal surface, please contact the BYD
available at BYD authorized dealer.
rain. The rain stain on the car body
authorized dealer for repair.
Park the vehicle in a well ventilated
will shrink in size after rain, which
Check the interior of your F3DM; Water
garage or a roofed place rather than
means acid materials in the rain will
and dirt will accumulate beneath the
in a damp or poorly ventilated place.
concentrate. Clean the taint as soon
floor mats and could cause corrosion.
If you wash your car in the garage
as possible to avoid harm to your
Please check the underside of the
or drive on a wet or snowy road, the
vehicle finish caused by the taint.
floor mats occasionally to make sure
garage may get damp and it will cause
(3) Wash the car after the engine
the area is dry. Please pay particular
corrosion. Even though the garage
cools down. Do not wash your car
attention when transporting chemicals,
is dry, the car will also get damp and
in strong sunlight or under high
cleansers, fertilizer, salt and similar
suffer corrosion if the ventilation is
temperature, otherwise the detergent
materials which should be transported
will form taint on the paint surface
in proper containers. In case of any
spillage or leakage, please clean and
dry the affected area immediately.
Use mudguard. When driving in salted
roads or roads with gravel, mudguard
after quick drying. If washing the
Tips on Maintenance of
Vehicle Paint
car by yourself, please use special-
Please pay attention to the following
water. Do not use mild soap water and
points in using and maintaining of the
detergent with high alkaline, which
purpose detergent and neutral active
- 161 -
使用手册小330.indd 161
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
may wash away grease in the paint
such things, please clean them with
is scratched, sinking or peeling off,
and speed up aging. When washing
special cleanser and do not scratch
please make repair in time, and
the car in car wash, you’d better
them with a blade or clear them
you are recommended to go to a
prevent the staff from using grease-
up with gasoline in order to avoid
professional auto beauty store.
removing detergent, or the paint may
causing damage to vehicle finish.
(10) Use carbon detergent to
be damaged. When driving your car
(6) Pay attention to not touching
clean glossy metal parts, and
in coastal areas with heavy pollution,
the paint with oily and dirty hands
apply wax regularly for protection.
you shall wash the car on a daily basis.
or wiping it with an oily rag; please
(11)High qualified cleaner is needed
(4) Use damp, clean and soft cotton
do not stick any oily tools or put
when washing your decorative parts.
mitt to wipe the car, and make sure
cloth with organic solvent on the
Do not use excessive force when
metal and sand article does not exist in
c a r, t o a v o i d c h e m i c a l r e a c t i o n .
waxing to prevent the base layer from
it. Do not use dry cloth, sponge or towel
(7) If there is no obvious scratch, do
exposing when the paint is penetrated.
to wipe it to avoid scratching the paint.
not make repainting as the new paint
Apply wax on the paint film and go
When wiping, move the cloth gently
color may vary from the original paint.
to auto beauty store for maintenance
along the running water, and do not
(8) In case that the car will not be
regularly (at least once per quarter) to
move in circle or perpendicular to the
used for a long period, please park it
keep the vehicle finish glossy.
running water. Do not rub or press hard
in a well-ventilated garage or a similar
in case that you may scratch the paint.
place, and use a special-purposed
(5) Clean some special traces with
car cover in winter. For a short period
very strong causticity as soon as
parking, please select a shade place.
Clean the car in normal way.
possible (such as asphalt, bird
(9) Prevent strong impact, knock
The following cases may cause
manure and insect remains). For
or scratch to the paint. If the paint
weakness to the paint or corrosion to
Washing and Waxing
Cleaning for BYD F3DM
- 162 -
使用手册小330.indd 162
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
the body and parts. Please wash your
3. Rinse thoroughly. Dried soap may
vehicle as soon as possible.
Hand-washing your BYD F3DM
cause streaking. You may need to
yy When driving in the coastal areas
Work in the shade and wait until the
rinse each section right after you wash
yy When driving on a road sprinkled
car body is not hot to touch.
with antifreeze.
4. To avoid water streak, please dry the
yy When having coal tar, tree sap, bird
droppings and insects
yy When driving in the areas with a lot
of smoke, soot, dust, iron dust and
chemical substances.
Please be careful not to injure your
hands when cleaning under floor or
yy When the vehicle becomes
remarkably dirty with dust and mud.
! Warning
Do not splash water on the
electric components in the engine
compartment in case that the
malfunction of electric components
body with dried soft cotton towel. Do
not rub or press hard, or the paint may
be damaged.
Plastic wheel ornaments
The plastic wheel ornaments may be
damaged by organic substances. If any
1. Rinse off loose dirt with a hose.
organic substances spill on ornaments,
Remove any mud or road salt in the
please wash it off with clean water and
underside of your car or in the wheel
check whether the ornaments are hurt.
2. Wash with a mild car-wash soap and
mixed detergent should accord with
the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a
soft cloth dripping the cleaner and wipe
your car gently. Do not use excessive
force and let soap and clean water
Do not install damaged plastic wheel
ornaments, or they may drop off the
wheel while driving and cause an
remove the dirt.
- 163 -
使用手册小330.indd 163
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Aluminum Wheels: Wash it only with
scratched. Damages to the paint
combined cleaner and wax.
neutral soap water or neutral detergent.
surface will reduce its durability and
2. Please use polish and car wax
Plastic bumpers: Wash carefully. Don’t
gloss, especially for dark vehicles. Staff
with high quality. If the paint has been
use soap water with abrasive cleaners
from carwash may advise you about
seriously weathered, please use the
because bumper face is soft.
washing process proper for your car.
cleaning polish followed by a separate
Road tar: Remove with turpentine or
wax. Follow the instructions and
cleaners marked as non-harmful to the
painted surface.
Do not use organic substances
precautions from the manufacturer
To prevent damage to the antenna,
waxing is needed for the chrome as
make sure to remove it before
driving it though an automatic car
(gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, and
strong solvent) as they may be toxic
or cause damage.
carefully. Make sure that polishing and
well as the paint.
3. Wax your car again when water
does not bead but remains on the
surface in large patches.
Waxing BYD F3DM
Polishing and waxing is suggested to
maintain the original beauty of your
Automatic Car Washing
Always remove the plastic bumpers
Your vehicle may be washed in an
Waxing shall be done once per month
if your car is re-painted and placed
automatic car wash, but please notice
or if the car body doesn’t repel water
in a high heat paint waxing booth.
that some types of brushes, unfiltered
High temperature may cause
water, and the wash process adopted
1. Please wash and dry the car body
damage to the bumpers.
by the machine may cause the paint
before waxing, even if you use a
- 164 -
使用手册小330.indd 164
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Cleaning the interior
! Warning
Please use high quality foam cleaner
to clean the carpet.
First use the dust collector to remove
as much dust as possible. Several
Do not wash the floor with water,
types of foam cleaners are applicable:
or allow the water to flow onto the
some are packed in aerosol can, and
floor while cleaning the interior and
others are powders or liquids which
exterior; otherwise water may enter
shall be mixed with water to produce
the audio devices or other electric
foam. Rub in overlapping circles.
components above or under the
Do not use water so as to keep the
carpet (or mat), which may result in
carpet dry. Please read and follow the
fire or malfunction of the devices
detergent instructions closely.
Do not use dye or bleach on the
belts, or intensity of the belts may
be minimized.
yy Do not use the seat belts until
they become dry.
Glazing can be cleaned with any
household cleaner.
and corrosion of the car body.
Do not splash water or spill liquid on
Seat Belts
the floor. This may prevent the side
The seat belt can be washed with mild
airbags from activating correctly,
soap or lukewarm water.
which may result serious injury.
Use sponge or soft cloth to clean it.
Check the belts for excessive wear or
fraying, or cuts.
When clean the internal side of
the window, pay more attention to
the heater wires or its connectors
in order to not be damaged and
- 165 -
使用手册小330.indd 165
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Air conditioning control panel, audio,
instrument panel, console panel and
switches can be cleaned with wet and
soft cloth.
Soak a clean soft cloth into water or
lukewarm water and then wipe off the
dust gently.
yy Do not use organic substances
(solvent, kerosene, alcohol and
gasoline) or acids or alkaline.
Such chemical substances may
lead to discoloring, staining or
yy Before using detergent or polish,
make sure that there is not any
substances mentioned above in
yy If you use new liquid car
freshener, please do not spill the
Leather Trimming inside the Car
Leather interior
The leather can be cleaned with
neutral detergent for wool products.
Remove the dirt with a soft cloth
dipped with 5% of neutral detergent in
volume fraction. Intended for woolen
fabrics, and then wipe off all traces of
detergent with a clean wet cloth.
Whenever any part of the leather gets
wet or after cleaning, please dry with
a clean soft cloth and keep it in the
ventilated shade for drying.
liquid with harmful substances
onto the interior surface of the
car. Clean any spilled liquid
immediately using the method
mentioned above.
- 166 -
使用手册小330.indd 166
2011-4-13 18:36:53
F3DM Owner’s Manual
! Warning
yy If a stain fails to be removed by
a neutral detergent, a cleaner
without organic solvent is
yy Never use organic substances
such as ethereal oil, alcohol,
gasoline or acid or alkaline
s o l u t i o n s t o c l e a n l e a t h e r,
because these above may cause
the leather discoloring.
yy Using a nylon brush or synthetic
fiber cloth may scratch the fine
grained leather surface.
yy D i r t y l e a t h e r m a y g e n e r a t e
leather to harden and shrink.
Thus, please keep your car in
shade, especially in the Summer.
yy Temperature in the interior may
increase easily during the hot
summer day. Avoid placing the
items made of vinyl or plastic or
containing wax as these tend to
stick to the leather when hot.
yy Improper washing method to the
leather may cause discoloring
and staining.
For more questions, please contact
BYD authorized dealer for help.
mildew, so please be careful
about oil spots and keep the
leather clean.
yy Long exposure to direct sunlight
may cause the surface of the
- 167 -
使用手册小330.indd 167
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
- 168 -
使用手册小330.indd 168
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 6
Maintenance and Care Instructions
Maintenance requriements………………………………………… 170
Does your car need repairing?……………………………………… 171
BYD F3DM Maintenance Schedule………………………………… 172
- 169 -
使用手册小330.indd 169
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Maintenance Requirements
are all well-trained and will get the
latest service information, such as
Regular Maintenance is Very
Please follow BYD F3DM Auto
technique proceedings, maintenance
Maintenance and Repair Manual.
gist and internal training program
BYD strongly recommends you to
You’d better go to BYD authorized
of special service station. They all
protect your new F3DM by following
dealer for scheduled maintenance.
have completed study in BYD Auto
the maintenance program, because
regular maintenance serves the
purposes below:
yy Save fuel
yy Extend vehicle’s service life
yy Enjoy driving
yy Driving safety
yy Driving stability
yy Meet maintenance requirements
yy Meet governmental regulations
Company to better serve you before
BYD F3DM auto has been designed
to be an economical car that is easy to
be driven and maintained without too
many maintenance services required
before. The maintenance programs
are needed, in order to keep your car
running with best travel efficiency.
Where can you get maintenance
It is best to get your car maintained
at the local BYD authorized service
Technicians in BYD Auto Company
BYD authorized service stations
have spent a large amount of money
on special tools and maintenance
equipment which helps for better
service as well as reducing expenses.
The maintenance department of BYD
authorized service station can perform
all the maintenance programs for your
F3DM auto– reliable and economical.
Which maintenance items can be
completed by drivers?
Many maintenance items can be easily
completed by driver himself, as long
- 170 -
使用手册小330.indd 170
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Does your car need repair?
indicate carbon monoxide leak. Drive
Pay attention to changes of car
with the windows open and check the
methods of using basic auto tools.
performance and sound, as well as
exhaust system immediately.)
For easier operations, please refer to
visualized signs for necessary repair.
Flat tire; excessive noises made by
Chapter 7.
Some important clues are as follows:
tires during turning a corner; uneven
Engine misfire, stumbling or pinging
tire wear
Abnormal noises when starting the
The car leans to one side when driving
Special tools and professional skills
straight on a level road Abnormal
Such abnormalities as coolant at a
noises related to suspension system
high temperature continuously, coolant
Loss of brake effectiveness; sponge
not running or leakage.
feeling like brake pedal; pedal almost
Abnormal noises in the electric engine.
touches floor; vehicle pulls one side
Excessive vibration during the electric
when braking
engine running.
The temperature of antifreeze of
Failure of starting the vehicle
engine or electric engine continues to
Leakage in power train.
be high.
Bad smell in power train.
If any condition above arises, please
Obvious reducing of power.
drive your car to BYD authorized
Water leakage under the vehicle
service station as soon as possible,
(however, water dripping from the air
as your car may probably need
conditioning after use is normal.).
adjustment or repair.
as you have some knowledge about
mechanical maintenance and the
are required for part of maintenance
operation. These shall be completed
by professional technicians at BYD
authorized service station, even
though you are a well-experienced
technician, as staff in BYD
authorized service station can keep
a maintenance record of your car,
which will do a big favor during your
next maintenance service.
Change in exhaust sound (it may
- 171 -
使用手册小330.indd 171
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
! Warning
Maintenance intervals for each item
are all recorded in the maintenance
Do not keep driving your vehicle
before any inspection, or it may
Rubber hose (used for cooling and
cause serious damage to your car
heating system, brake system and fuel
and yourself.
system) shall be checked by qualified
technicians according to the BYD
BYD F3DM Maintenance
BYD F3DM maintenance schedule is
designed for ensuring stable driving,
reducing faults and driving safely and
F3DM maintenance schedule.
These are extremely important
maintenance items. If any deterioration
or damage, the hose shall be replaced
Refer to the schedule for intervals
of maintenance, which is almost
scheduled according to the reading on
odometer or time interval, subject to
what comes first.
Rubber hoses will deteriorate from
aging, which may cause expansion,
abrasion or breakage.
For maintenance items out of the
expiration date, your vehicles should
be maintained at the same interval.
- 172 -
使用手册小330.indd 172
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Requirements for Maintenance Program
BYD F3DM auto must be maintained according to the normal
maintenance schedule (Please refer to “Maintenance Schedule”).
If the car is operated under the following one or more special clues, some maintenance items are required to be performed
more frequently.
A. Road Conditions
Drive on the rugged, muddy or snow-melt road
Drive on the dusty road
B. Driving Conditions
Tow a trailer with camping trailer or top clamping bracket
The car runs repeatedly for a short distance below freezing
point, within 5 miles.
The car has idled for a long time or long run at a low speed
such as police car, taxi or delivery car.
- 173 -
使用手册小330.indd 173
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Maintenance Schedule
Reading on odometer or months, subject to what comes first
×621 miles
Power Train
1. Check if there is any crack, flying
chip, wear on the ribbed belt and then
adjust its intensity.
2. Replace
the timing
371QA engine
train of
3. Check whether the ignition cable is
spark plug
4. Check
and change
spark plug
the spark
Rigorous using
5. Check the ventilation system of
crankcase (PCV valve and ventilation
6. Check if the cooling water pipe is
damaged and confirm that the pipe joint
is locked tightly
7. Check the engine antifreeze level in
the overflow tank
Check it every 12,000 miles; replace it every 50,000 miles; check and replace it in advance
according to the rigorous conditions.
Replace it every18,000 miles
Replace it every50,000 miles
Check and replace it in advance according to the conditions
- 174 -
使用手册小330.indd 174
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
8. Replace the engine antifreeze
9. Replace
General using
the air
Rigorous using
10. Replace
General using
the engine
11. Replace
the engine
oil filter
General using
Rigorous using
12. Check the battery
13. Check the ignition timing
14 Check and adjust the valve
15 Check if the exhaust pipe connectors
has air leakage
18. Throttle Body
19. Injection nozzle
20. Check the oxygen sensor
21. Check the three-way catalytic
22. Fuel filter
23. Fuel tank cover, fuel pipe and joint
24. Activated carbon canister
25. Check and replace the conditions
lubricant in gearbox
Replace it every two years or every 25,000 miles
Clean it every 1,500 miles; replace it every 10,000 miles
Check and replace it in advance according to the conditions
R: every 3,000 miles or 6 months
R: change it every 3,000 miles or 6 months
R: every 2,000 miles
Clean it every 6,000 miles
Change it every 6,000 miles or 6 months
R: shorten the cycle if necessary
- 175 -
使用手册小330.indd 175
2011-4-13 18:36:54
F3DM Owner’s Manual
26. Check the lubricant
in the electric engine and
Chassis and Car Body
27. Check the set screws for fixing
28. Brake pedal and parking brake
29. Brake pad and brake disc
30. Brake fluid
31. Pipeline and hose of brake system
32. Hydraulic system oil
33. Steering wheel, draw bar
34. Transmission shaft dust cover
35. Ball pin and dust cover
36. Front and rear suspension device
37. Tire and inflation pressure
38. Check the front and rear wheel
39. Check if the wheel bearing has end
41. Cooling or heating system
42. Air filter of air conditioner
43. Refrigerant of air conditioner/cooling
44. Check the SRS system
45. Check the car body for damage
R: shorten the cycle if necessary
Every year
- 176 -
使用手册小330.indd 176
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
(1) Meaning of the symbols in the table
I = check, correct or replace when necessary; R = replace, change or lubricate; C = clean.
(2) Shorten the time for replacing engine oil filter according to the dirty degree of the gasoline engine.
(3) Rigorous using conditions indicate:
Often drive the car in dusty areas or expose the car long in salty air.
yy Often drive the car on the rugged road, road full of water or mountain road.
yy Drive in the cold areas.
yy The engine runs idle at the same place for a long time or the car often runs for a short distance in cold seasons.
yy Use the brake frequently and often slam the brake.
yy Often use the car as a tractor-trailer. Use the car as a taxi.
yy Above 32℃, drive the car in the crowded urban area for more than 50% running time.
yy Above 30℃, drive the car at 75 m/hour or a higher speed for more than 50% running time.
Overloaded running
- 177 -
使用手册小330.indd 177
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
- 178 -
使用手册小330.indd 178
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 7
Section 7-1
Fuse location………………………………………………………… 181
- 179 -
使用手册小330.indd 179
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Appearance of Front Engine Compartment
1. Clutch fluid tank
2. Power distribution box 3#
3. Gasoline engine
4. Driving electric motor controller
5. Brake fluid tank
6. DC and air conditioner controller
7. Power distribution box1#
8. Power distribution box 2#
9. Motor cooling radiator
10. Electric motor cooling radiator
11. Overflow tank
- 180 -
使用手册小330.indd 180
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Fuse Location
Notes of Do-it-yourself maintenance
In case of doing maintenance by
yourself, be sure to follow the correct
procedures in this section.
Please note that incorrect or
incomplete maintenance may result in
operating problems.
This section makes explanations only
on maintenance operations that are
Please refer to “Fuse and Relay” in
relatively easy to do on your own.
Chapter 8 for names of electrical
As said in chapter 6, there are still a
devices protected by each fuse.
number of items that must be done
by a qualified technician with special
Utmost attention should be paid to
avoiding accidental injuries when
working on your vehicle. Precautions
below should be especially careful to
When the DM system is operating
with the “OK” indicator on, the
engine is automatically started in
some case. When you inspect the
engine compartment, be sure to
press the “POWER” switch to the
“OFF” mode.
Keep your hands, clothes and
tools away from the moving fans
and drive belt of engine, when the
engine is on(You’d better tie up long
hair and remove accessories such
as finger ring, watch, necktie and so
on to avoid any injury.)
yy Engine compartment —engine,
radiator, exhaust pipe, hold-up
vessel of power steering fluid and
spark plug cover— will be hot
after driving. Do not touch them,
as it may cause burns. The
- 181 -
使用手册小330.indd 181
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
temperature of engine oil, fluid
special care, as it contains
and spark plug may also be very
poisonous gas and corrosive
sulfuric acid.
yy If the engine is very hot, do not
yy Use eye protection whenever you
remove the radiator cover or
work on or under your vehicle
screw off the drain plug to avoid
where you may be exposed to
burning yourself.
flying or falling material, fluid
yy Do not leave any flammable
material in the engine
spray, etc.
yy U s e d e n g i n e o i l c o n t a i n s
compartment such as paper and
potentially harmful pollutants,
which may cause skin disorders
yy Be sure that the DM system is
such as skin inflammation or skin
in the “OFF” mode if you work
cancer, so care should be taken
near the electric cooling fans or
to avoid prolonged and repeated
radiator grille. With the ignition
contact with it. To remove used
on, the electric cooling fans will
engine oil from your skin, wash
automatically start to run if the
thoroughly with soap and water.
engine coolant temperature is
yy Do not leave used oil within the
high and/ or the air conditioning
is on.
yy Handle the storage battery with
reach of the children.
yy Dispose of used oil and filter only
Do not dispose of used oil and
filter in household trash, in sewer
or onto the ground. Refer to BYD
authorized service station for
recycling or disposing methods.
yy Take care when filling the brake
fluid reservoir because fluid can
harm your eyes and damage
painted surfaces. If fluid gets in
your eyes, flush your eyes with
clean water immediately. If you
still feel uncomfortable with your
eyes, go to the doctor.
yy Basic check is needed before
driving, or it may cause an
yy If the maintenance is not applied
or properly applied, it may cause
serious damage to you and your
in a safe and acceptable manner.
- 182 -
使用手册小330.indd 182
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
! Warning
yy R e m e m b e r t h a t b a t t e r i e s
and ignition cable carry high
currents or voltages. Be careful
of accidentally causing a short
yy If you spill the fluid, be sure
to wash it with water to avoid
damaging the components or
yy Do not allow dirt or anything else
to fall through the spark plug
must wash it with water, to avoid
Location of Jack
damaging the components or
paint finish.
yy Do not drive with the air filter
removed, or excessive engine
wear could result. Also backfiring
could cause a fire in the engine
yy Do not scratch the glass surface
with the wiper frame.
yy When closing the hood, check
to make sure that you have not
forgotten any tools, rags, etc.
yy Do not pry the outer electrode
of spark plug against the central
yy Use only spark plug of special
type, as using other spark plugs
When jacking up your vehicle with
may cause engine damage, loss
the jack, position the jack correctly as
of performance or radio noise.
shown in the illustrations.
yy If the brake fluid overflows, you
- 183 -
使用手册小330.indd 183
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
! Warning
When jacking, be sure to observe
the following to reduce the possibility
of personal injury:
yy Avoid breathing in exhaust gas
from the engine, which may
contain carbon monoxide that is
colorless and odorless and may
cause consciousness loss and
even death.
yy Do not put any part of your body
under the vehicle supported by
the jack. Personal injury may
yy Do not start or run the engine
● Make sure the jack is placed
on the right jack point. Raising
the car with jack improperly
positioned may damage the car
or allow the car to fall off the jack,
which may result in personal
yy Do not stay under the car when it
is only lifted up by a jack. Please
apply a car supporting bracket.
yy Do not lift the car up if there is
somebody in it.
yy When raising the vehicle, do not
place any objects on top of or
underneath the jack.
while your vehicle is supported
by the jack.
yy Stop the vehicle on a level firm
ground, firmly set the parking
brake and put the transaxle in “P”.
Make sure to place the jack
correctly, or your vehicle may be
- 184 -
使用手册小330.indd 184
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 7
Section 7-2
Engine and Chassis
Check Engine Oil Level……………………………………………… 186
Check Antifreeze Fluid Level……………………………………… 187
Check Radiator and Condenser…………………………………… 188
Check Tire Inflation Pressure……………………………………… 189
Check and Replace Tire…………………………………………… 190
Replace Tires………………………………………………………… 191
Tires Rotation………………………………………………………… 191
Replace Wheels……………………………………………………… 193
Precautions on Aluminum Wheel…………………………………… 193
- 185 -
使用手册小330.indd 185
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Check the Engine Oil Level
Low level
Full level
Be careful not to touch the hot
exhaust manifold.
correct range, install the fill cap handtight.
Oil quantity, L (qt.,lmp.qt.):
Be careful not to drop the engine oil
Add oil
Too full
Turn off the ignition switch and check
the oil level on the dipstick.
To get a true reading, make sure the
vehicle is on level ground and preheat
the engine. Wait several minutes after
shutting down the engine.
Pull the dipstick out, place a piece of
fabric at its end and wipe it clean.
Insert the dipstick again, push it in as
far as it will go, or the reading will not
be correct.
Pull the dipstick out and look at the oil
level while holding a rag under the end.
on the vehicle components.
If the oil level is below or little higher
than the lower hole, add oil of the
same type as already in the engine.
Remove the engine oil fill cap and
add engine oil in small quantities at a
time, checking the dipstick. You are
recommended to use a funnel when
adding oil.
If the oil level is between the lower and
upper holes, the oil level is acceptable.
When the level reaches within the
yy Be careful not to spill the engine
oil on the vehicle components.
yy Avoid overfilling or the engine
may be damaged.
yy Check the oil level with dipstick
again after adding the engine oil.
Engine Oil Selection
Only use lubricating oil approved by
BYD-authorized dealer or equivalents
to satisfy the following grade and
Engine Oil Grade for Gasoline Engine:
SAE Viscosity Grade:
SAE 5W—30
above -30℃
- 186 -
使用手册小330.indd 186
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
SAE 15W—40
above -15℃
API Service Symbol
the SAE viscosity grade such as 10W-
API Grade: SG or above
30.“Energy-Conserving” shown in the
Amount: 3L (liter)
lower portion, indicates that the oil has
Recommended viscosity (SAE):
the oil fuel-saving capabilities.
The ILSAC (International Lubricant
Standardization and Approval
Committee) Certification Mark is
Predicted temperature range prior to
next oil change
displayed on the front of the container.
ILSAC Certification Mark
Check Antifreeze Fluid Level
In extremely cold weather, SAE 10W-
Oil Identification Mark
30 oil or oil with higher viscosity may
Either or both API registered marks are
cause difficulty to start, so SAE 5W-30
added to some oil containers to help
oil is highly recommended.
you select the oil you should use.
The antifreeze fluid heat storage
The API Service Symbol is located
tank reaches high temperature
anywhere on the outside of the
inside. It is dangerous if hot
antifreeze is discharged when
The top portion of the label shows the
replacing. For replacement of the
oil quality by API (American Petroleum
antifreeze fluid, contact your BYD
Institute) designations such as SL.
authorized dealer.
The center portion of the label shows
- 187 -
使用手册小330.indd 187
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Look at the transparent antifreeze fluid
tank when the engine is cold to see
if it is between the “MAX” and “MIN”
To avoid personal injury, if the steam
lines on the tank. If the level is low,
comes out from the front hatch, do
add antifreeze fluid. (For the antifreeze
not open it before the steam to be
fluid type, see “Antifreeze fluid type
selection” described below.)
To prevent burning yourself, do
The antifreeze fluid level in the tank
not remove the radiator cap when
will vary with the temperature of the
engine is hot.
engine. However, if the fluid level is on
or below the “MIN” line, add antifreeze
Antifreeze fluid type selection
fluid. Bring the level up to the “MAX”
Only use antifreeze authorized by
BYD authorized dealer. Choose and
If the antifreeze fluid level drops within
add suitable type of antifreeze fluid
a short time after replenishing, , there
into cooling system according to
may be a leak in the system. Visually
environment temperature.
check to the radiator, hoses, radiator
Use of improper antifreeze fluid may
cap, drain cock and water pump.
damage your engine system.
Do not use plain water alone, which
may cause damage on engine
cooling system.
Please contact BYD authorized dealer
for further details.
Check Radiator and
If any of the above parts are extremely
dirty or you are not sure of their
condition, take your vehicle to BYD
authorized dealer.
If you couldn’t find any leak, have your
BYD authorized dealer test the cap
pressure and check for leaks in cooling
- 188 -
使用手册小330.indd 188
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
To prevent burning yourself, be
The tire inflation pressure is 230
Keep your tires properly inflated.
careful not to touch radiator or
kpa while the spare tire inflation
Otherwise, the following conditions
condenser when the engine is hot.
pressure shall be 420 kpa.
may occur and cause an accident
Do not operate by yourself to avoid
damaging the radiator or condenser.
resulting in serious injuries.
You should check the tire inflation
pressure every two weeks, or at least
Check Tire Inflation Pressure
once a month. And do not forget the
Keep your tire inflation pressures at the
proper level.
Improper tire pressure may increase
For information on recommended
gas consumption, reduce driving
cold tire inflation pressure and tire
comfort and tire service life, and pose
dimension, please refer to Chapter 8.
danger to road safety.
If the tire need air filling frequently,
please contact BYD authorized dealer
for a check.
Low tire pressure (under inflation)
yy Excessive wear
yy Uneven wear
yy Poor handling
yy Possibility of blowouts from
overheated tire.
yy Poor sealing of the tire bead
yy Wheel deformation and/or tire
yy High Tire Pressure (Over inflation)
yy Poor handlingExcessive wear of
center of tire tread
yy A greater possibility of tire
damage from road hazards.
- 189 -
使用手册小330.indd 189
2011-4-13 18:36:55
F3DM Owner’s Manual
The following instructions for checking
tire inflation pressure should be
Check and Replace Tire
Tire Tread wear indicator
tread wears down below 4mm (0.16
If there were tire damage such as cuts,
●Check tire pressure only when the tire
splits, cracks deep enough to expose
is cold. If the vehicle has been parked
the fabric, or bulges indicating internal
for at least 3 hours and has not been
damage, the tire should be replaced.
driven for more than 1.5km or 1 mile
If a tire often goes flat or cannot be
since, you will get an accurate cold tire
properly repaired due to the size or
inflation pressure reading.
Check Tire
location of a cut or other damage, it
●Tire inflation pressure gauge must be
Check the tire tread for tire wear
should be replaced. If you are not sure,
used. The appearance of a tire can be
indicator. If the wear indicator is visible,
consult with BYD authorized dealer.
misleading. In addition, a few pounds’
the tire shall be replaced.
If an air loss occurs while driving, do
difference may degrade ride and
The tire on your BYD F3DM has built-
not continue driving with a deflated
in tread wear indicators to help you
tire. Driving even a short distance can
●Do not bleed or reduce tire inflation
know when the tires need replacement.
damage a tire beyond repair.
pressure after driving. It is normal for
When the tread depth wears to 1.6mm
Any tires which are over 6 years
the tire inflation pressure to be higher
(0.06in.) or less, the indicators will
old must be checked by a qualified
after driving.
appear. If you can see the indicators in
technician even if damage is not
●Make sure valve cock is installed on
two or more adjacent grooves, the tire
tire. It blocks dust, damp from entering
shall be replaced. The lower the tread,
Tires deteriorate with age even if they
tire and prevent air leakage. Install a
the higher the risk of skidding.
have never or seldom been used.
new one if it lost.
The snow tires will be useless if the
This rule also applies to spare tires and
- 190 -
使用手册小330.indd 190
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
tires in storage.
Replace Tires
or rear tires at the same time.
See “If you have a flat tire” in Chapter
Please follow the instructions below,
4 for change procedure.
When replacing a tire, only use
or an accident may occur resulting
Keep the wheels in balance when
replacement tires and wheels that are
in serious injuries.
replacing tires.
of the same size, load index, speed
yy Do not mix radial, bias belted,
An unbalanced wheel may affect
rating and type as those originally by
or bias-ply tires on your vehicle,
vehicle handling and tire life. Wheels
as this may cause dangerous
can get out of balance with regular
Use of any tire or wheel not
handling characteristics resulting
use and should therefore be balanced
in loss of control.
recommended by BYD can affect
the safety and performance of your
yy Only use tires with size
vehicle, such as operability, passenger
recommended by manufacturer’s ,or
comfort, calibration of speedometer
it may cause dangerous handling
and odometer, ground clearance
characteristics resulting in loss of
between the car body and tire or tire
Tire Rotation
Never replace the tire on BYD F3DM
with an used tire.
Unknown tire may cause great danger.
You are recommended to replace four
tires at one time, or at least both front
- 191 -
使用手册小330.indd 191
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Tire rotation diagram
wear and damage. Abnormal wear is
be scratched by the chain band, so
usually caused by incorrect tire inflation
remove the covers before putting on
pressure, improper wheel alignment,
the chains.
out-of-balance wheels, or severe
Choose Tire Chain
Use the tire chains of correct size.
To equalize tire wear and extend its
Regulations regarding the use of tire
service life, you are recommended to
chains vary according to location or
rotate tire positions every 10,000 km.
type of road, so always check the local
However, the most appropriate timing
regulations before installing chains.
for tire rotation depends on driving
Install Tire Chain
habit and road surface conditions.
Install the chains on the front tires
as tightly as possible. Do not use tire
chains on the rear tires. Retighten
chains after driving 0.5-1.0 km(1/4-1/2
●Do not include a spare tire when
rotating the tires.
When installing tire chain, carefully
follow the instructions of the chain
When rotating tires, check for uneven
If wheel covers are used, they will
yy Do not exceed 50 km/h or
the chain manufacturer’s
recommended speed limit,
whichever is lower.
yy Drive carefully avoiding bumps,
holes, and sharp turns, which
may cause the vehicle to bounce.
yy Avoid sharp turns or locked-wheel
braking, as use of chains may
adversely affect vehicle handling.
yy W h e n d r i v i n g w i t h c h a i n s
installed, be sure to drive
carefully. Slow down before
entering curves to avoid losing
control of the vehicle. Otherwise
an accident may occur.
- 192 -
使用手册小330.indd 192
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Replace Wheels
tire or tire chain clearance to the body
When to Replace Wheels
and chassis.
When the wheel has damage such as
Do not replace the wheel on your
bending, crack or severe corrosion, it
vehicle with a used tire as they
aluminum wheels with correct
shall be replaced.
may have been subjected to rough
specifications; for specific parameters,
If damaged wheel is not replaced
treatment or high mileage and could
please refer to chapter 8.
timely, the tire may slip off the wheel or
fail without warning. Also, bent wheels
●When installing aluminum wheels,
cause loss of handling control.
which have been straightened may
check that if the wheel nuts are tight
have structural damage and therefore
after driving your vehicle the first
Wheel Selection
should not be used. Never use an
1600km (1000 miles).
When replacing wheels, make sure
inner tube in a leaking wheel which is
● If you have rotated, repaired, or
that the wheels are replaced by ones
designed for a tubeless tire.
changed your tires, check that the
with the same load capacity, diameter,
rim width and offset.
Correct replacement wheels are
available at BYD authorized dealer.
A wheel of a different size or type
may cause serious affect on handling,
wheel and bearing life, brake cooling,
speedometer/odometer calibration,
Precautions on Aluminum
●You are recommended to use
wheel nuts are still tight after driving
Do not use a wheel of which the
size is not recommended by the
manufacturer, or the vehicle may
losing control and cause serious
injury or death.
1600 km (1000 miles).
● When using tire chains, be careful
not to damage the aluminum wheels.
●Only use BYD wheel nuts and wrench
designed for your aluminum wheels.
●When balancing your wheels,
use only BYD balance weights or
stopping ability, headlight aim, bumper
equivalent and a plastic or rubber
height, vehicle ground clearance, and
- 193 -
使用手册小330.indd 193
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
●As any wheel, periodically check
your aluminum wheels for damage. If
damaged, replace immediately.
- 194 -
使用手册小330.indd 194
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 7
Section 7-3
Electric Appliance
Check Auxiliary Battery Status……………………………………… 196
Check and Replace Fuses………………………………………… 199
Add Washer Fluid…………………………………………………… 201
Replace Bulb………………………………………………………… 201
- 195 -
使用手册小330.indd 195
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Check Auxiliary Battery Status
The auxiliary battery is located behind
the rear seat backrest, when checking
it, you have to cut off the emergency
maintenance switch and
Open the luggage compartment shield.
Precautions on auxiliary battery
yy If electrolyte gets in your eyes,
The auxiliary battery produces
flush your eyes with clean water
flammable and explosive hydrogen
and get immediate medical
attention. If possible, continue
yy Do not cause a spark from the
to apply water with a sponge or
battery with tools.
yy Do not smoke or light a match
near the battery.
The electrolyte contains poisonous
and corrosive sulfuric acid.
yy Avoid contact with eyes, skin or
yy Do not drink electrolyte by
yy Wear protective safety glasses
when working near battery.
yy Keep children away from battery.
cloth on the way to hospital.
yy If electrolyte gets on your skin,
thoroughly wash the contact area.
If there is any pain or burn, get
medical attention immediately.
yy If electrolyte gets on your clothes,
there is a possibility of its
soaking through to your skin, so
immediately take off the exposed
clothing and follow the procedure
above, if needed.
yy I f y o u a c c i d e n t a l l y s w a l l o w
electrolyte, drink a large quantity
of water or milk. Follow with milk
- 196 -
使用手册小330.indd 196
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
of magnesia, beaten raw egg
or vegetable oil. Then go
immediately for emergency help.
Check Auxiliary Battery Appearance
Electrode contact
terminals with grease to prevent further
Check the Internal Status of Battery
b. If terminal is loose, tighten its clamp
Check the internal status of the battery
nuts; but do not overtighten.
according to instructions on the outer
c. Tighten the hold–down clamp only
shell and status indicators of the
enough to keep the battery firmly in
place. Overtightening may damage the
battery case.
Earth wire
Check whether the battery and its
terminal is corroded, loose, cracked or
has loose hold-down clamp.
a. If the battery is corroded, wash it
off with a solution of warm water and
baking soda. Coat the outside of the
yy Charging the battery without
disconnecting the wires may
yy Make sure the power system and
cause serious damage on ECU
all accessories are cut off before
and other electrical devices on
performing maintenance.
the vehicle. Remove the battery
yy W h e n c h e c k i n g t h e b a t t e r y,
remove the ground cable from
the negative terminal (“–” mark)
first and reinstall it last.
yy Do not cause short circuit when
using tools.
yy Make sure no solution gets into
the battery when washing it.
wires first before connecting the
battery to charger.
yy When the engine is not running,
use electrical devices for a long
time may cause over discharge
of the battery, which may lead to
difficulty to start the car or even
permanent damage to the battery.
- 197 -
使用手册小330.indd 197
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Do not use electrical devices,
such as audio system, light
system, for a long time when the
engine is not running.
yy Before leaving the vehicle, make
sure the doors are closed and
all electric appliances (such as
lights) are turned off.
Do not add electrolyte by yourself
when replace a new battery for its
lacking of electrolyte.
negative terminal easily, you should
Jump start
put the positive and negative plastic
If the auxiliary battery is run out,
protective cover aside.
the DM system can be started by
3).Connect the clamp of the positive
following procedures.
jumper cable to the battery positive (+)
All needed tools are:
1. A set of jumper cable;
4).Connect the clamp at the other end
2. A vehicle with 12volt auxiliary battery
of the positive jumper cable to the
or a 12volt auxiliary battery.
positive (+) terminal on the booster
You are highly recommended to call
BYD authorized dealer for help if you
5).Connect the clamp of the negative
are not sure about the procedures.
jumper cable to the battery negative
Before jump start your vehicle:
(–) terminal;
Turn off all the electrical components,
6).Connect the clamp at the other end
such as climate control, audio system,
of the negative jumper cable to the
lights .est. Turn the ignition switch to
negative (–) terminal on the booster
OFF, and pull the parking brake;
To avoid causing spark, make sure that
7).Turn on the ignition switch and
the jumper cable connects correctly.
starting the DM system;
8).Once your vehicle is running,
1) Remove the trunk board;
disconnect the clamp of negative
2) In order to clamp the positive and
cable from your vehicle, then from the
- 198 -
使用手册小330.indd 198
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
booster battery. Disconnect the clamp
fault warning light is on in the multi-
of the positive jumper cable from your
information display when power is on.
vehicle, then from the booster battery.
3. The power battery fault warning light
If the auxiliary battery is discharged
is on when power is on.
with the transaxle in “P”, your
vehicle cannot be moved unless
Keep the ends of the jumper cables
away from each other and any metal
yy Make sure the clamps of the
on the vehicle until everything is
jumper cables connect the right
terminal, and avoid accidentally
Do not touch the clamps of the
touching anything except the
jumper cables while starting the
right terminal.
vehicle. Otherwise, you may cause
an electrical short.
the front wheels are raised. This
is because the front wheels are
locked by means of the parking lock
Check and Replace Fuses
yy Do not touch the clamps of the
jumper cables while starting the
vehicle. Otherwise, you may
Any following conditions happened,
please contact your BYD authorized
dealer for a check:
1. The instrument cluster display still
off when power is on.
cause an electrical short.
yy Do not let the jumper cable
connect the positive (+) terminal
with the negative (–) terminal is
A Type
2. The battery charging system
- 199 -
使用手册小330.indd 199
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
B Type
C Type
for locations of the fuses.
light” fuse, which is not essential in
Turn the ignition switch and inoperative
driving, and substitute it for a fuse with
component off. Pull a suspected fuse
the same amperage.
straight out and check it.
If you don’t have the same amperage,
Find out which fuse may be causing
use one that is lower, but as close as
the problem. The lid of the fuse box
possible to, the rating. If the amperage
shows the name of the circuit for each
is lower than that specified, the fuse
fuse. See Chapter 8 for the functions
might be blown again. but this does not
of each circuit.
indicate anything wrong. Be sure to get
Type A fuses can be pulled out by
the correct fuse as soon as possible
the pull–out tool. The location of the
and return the substitute to its original
pull–out tool is shown in the illustration
“Front Engine Compartment” in
You’d better purchase a set of spare
Chapter 8.
fuses and keep them in your vehicle
If you are not sure whether the fuse is
for emergencies.
burnt out, replace it with a good one.
If the new fuse i mm ediately be
If the fuse has blown, push a new fuse
blown again, there is a problem with
into the socket.
the electrical system. Contact BYD
If headlight or other electric
Only install a fuse with the amperage
authorized dealer for a check as soon
components do not work, check the
rating designated on the fuse box lid.
as possible.
fuses. Replace the fuses if necessary.
If there is no spare fuse in emergency
See Section 7-1 “Location of Fuses”
situation, you can pull out “Interior
- 200 -
使用手册小330.indd 200
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
yy Make sure the key is turned to
LOCK before replacing the fuse.
washer tank may be empty. Check the
dealer and most auto parts stores.
washer level on the content gauge. If
Follow the manufacturer’s directions
the washer level is below “LOW” mark,
for how much to mix with water.
you shall refill the washer.
Make sure to put back the funnel in
place after filling the washer tank.
yy Never use a fuse with higher
amperage rating, or any other
object to replace a fuse. This
may cause serious damage and
Don’t use engine antifreeze or any
possibly a fire.
other substitutes for it will damage
the vehicle paint.
Add Washer Fluid
Replace Bulb
If the washer does not work, the
Before Adding Washer
The following illustrations show how
Pull out Washer funnel and hang it on
to take off the bulbs. When replacing
the brake of front engine hood support.
a bulb, make sure the ignition switch
You may use plain water as washer
and light switch are off. Use bulbs with
fluid. However, in cold areas where
the wattage ratings given in the table
temperatures range below freezing
point, you have to use washer fluid
Parking light and rear parking light
containing antifreeze. This product
consists of a group of luminous
is available at your BYD authorized
diodes. When the number of burnt
- 201 -
使用手册小330.indd 201
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
out luminous diodes affects the car’s
the rain or in a car wash. This is not a
compliance with local laws, please
problem because the fogging is caused
send the car to BYD authorized dealer
by the temperature difference between
for replacing bulbs.
Rear fog light
High mount brake light 16
the outside and inside of the lens, just
Name plate light
like the windshield fogged up in the
Door light
Front interior light
rain. However, if there is a large drop
yy To prevent burning yourself, do
there is water pooled inside the light,
Rear interior light
contact BYD authorized dealer.
Luggage compartment
not replace the light bulbs when
it’s still hot
yy Halogen bulbs have pressurized
of water on the inside of the lens, or if
Front parking light
handling. They can burst or
Headlight (low beam)
Rear parking light
shatter if scratched or dropped.
Headlight (high beam) 55
Front fog light
Parking light
Only use a bulb of the above listed
Front turn signal light
21 PY21W
Side turn signal light
Rear turn signal light
21 PY21W
Backup light
gas inside and require special
Hold a bulb only by its plastic
or metal case. Do not touch the
glass part of a bulb with bare
The inside of the lens of exterior lights
such as headlights may temporarily
fog up when the lens becomes wet in
- 202 -
使用手册小330.indd 202
2011-4-13 18:36:56
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Remove Clamp
Install Clamp
3. Remove the bulb by turning it
counterclockwise, then pull it out.
1. Left Headlight: remove clamp and
take away the tube of air filter.
Remove and install the cover clamp as
shown in the following illustration.
2. Pull off the connector while pressing
down the buckle.
4. Install the new bulb in reverse order.
If the connector is too tight, shake it
You don’t have to adjust the headlight
after replacing the bulb. If it needed,
- 203 -
使用手册小330.indd 203
2011-4-13 18:36:57
F3DM Owner’s Manual
please contact BYD authorized dealer.
Front Turn Signal Light
2. Remove the lamp holder by turning
The steps of installation are in reverse
Side Turn Signal Light
1. Remove it by turning
Front of Car
3. Remove the bulb.
The steps of installation are in reverse
1. Push forward and remove the bulb.
Backup light
2. Remove the bulb by turning
- 204 -
使用手册小330.indd 204
2011-4-13 18:36:57
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Remove the bulb and socket by turning
the socket counterclockwise, and then
pull out the bulb counterclockwise.
The steps of installation are in reverse
Rear Turn Signal Light
2. Pull the bulb straight out of socket.
The steps to replace the bulb of rear
The steps of installation are in reverse
turn signal light are the same with
2. Remove the bulb socket by turning
backup light.
High Mount Brake Light
Rear fog light (left)
1. Remove the bulb socket from the
3. Remove the bulb.
fog light by turning counterclockwise.
Push it forward and remove it.
The steps of installation are in reverse
- 205 -
使用手册小330.indd 205
2011-4-13 18:36:57
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Name plate light
1. Remove the bulb socket by turning
2. Remove the bulb.
The steps of installation are in reverse
- 206 -
使用手册小330.indd 206
2011-4-13 18:36:57
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Chapter 8
Part Specifications
Maintenance Specifications………………………………………… 208
Fuse and Relay……………………………………………………… 209
High-voltage Cable…………………………………………………… 213
- 207 -
使用手册小330.indd 207
2011-4-13 18:36:57
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Gasoline Engine Oil Level:
Maintenance Specifications
Power Train Lubricating
Electric engine Maintenance Parameters:
Apply to all the seasons for South
and Spring, Summer and Autumn
Amount of Transmission
Amount of generator oil
Apply to Winter for North
1. 2 L
Amount of electric motor oil
0.6L (between the upper
Amount of hydraulic oil
and lower limits of hydraulic
oil tank)
Lubricant type
Electric engine oil type
Hydraulic oil type
Shell Tellus Arctic32
Engine Maintenance Parameters:
Using amount of engine lubricant:
for North
3.7 L
SG grade or above
Cooling System
Total Capacity
Tire Specifications and Pressure
Original Tire
Spare Tire
Tire Specifications
T125/90R16 98M
Tire Pressure KPa
- 208 -
使用手册小330.indd 208
2011-4-13 18:36:57
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Power distribution box of front hook 1#
Aluminum Wheel Specifications
Wheel Nut
Power distribution box of front hook 2#
Battery Model
12V 60AH
Fuse and Relay
Front Compartment and Instrument
Power distribution box of front hook 2#
- 209 -
使用手册小330.indd 209
2011-4-13 18:36:57
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Front Engine Compartment Distribution
Box 1#
Power distribution box of front hook 4#
Left front high
Right front high
Right front low
Left front low
Vacuum pumpⅠ
IG1 power Ⅱ
Front headlight
fuse protector
Solenoid valve
Water pump
Interior light
Gear P electric
Electronic horn
Warning light
EFI main relay
- 210 -
使用手册小330.indd 210
2011-4-13 18:36:57
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Va c u u m p u m p
Vacuum pumpⅠ
Electrical horn
Fan 2
Fan 3
Fan 1
Vacuum pump Ⅱ
Gear P
Major power
Hydraulic oil
Electronic fan
Backup fuse
Backup fuse
Front Engine Compartment Distribution
Backup fuse
Box 2#
Backup fuse
Backup fuse
Backup fuse
Backup fuse
Backup fuse
Major electric
engine controller
Transmission ECU
Master control
Module second
gear power
Front Engine Compartment Distribution
Box 3#
Battery charging
Front headlight
EPS insurance
- 211 -
使用手册小330.indd 211
2011-4-13 18:36:58
F3DM Owner’s Manual
IG1 relay Ⅱ
DC relay Ⅱ
Instrument Panel Connecting Box 4#
A/C control
Warning light
2# ignition
switch power
Air conditioner
Fuel pump
control system
Cigar lighter
Braking light
Car door
2# door and
window power
Ignition switch
power supply
Rear window
1# door and
window power
Rear fog light
Front fog light
Backup relay
- 212 -
使用手册小330.indd 212
2011-4-13 18:36:58
F3DM Owner’s Manual
Instrument Panel Cable Plug-in Relay
Floor Cable Plug-in Relay
High-voltage Cable
High-voltage Cable
Width-indicator light relay
Backup light relay
Front fog light relay
Blower relay
Air conditioner contactor
DC contactor relay
Positive pole contactor
Pre-charging contactor
Negative pole contactor
Charging contactor relay
- 213 -
使用手册小330.indd 213
2011-4-13 18:36:58
F3DM Owner’s Manual
- 214 -
使用手册小330.indd 214
2011-4-13 18:36:58
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