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Washing and drying
like professionals.
Introducing the HomeProfessional series from Bosch.
Edition 2013
2| Bosch HomeProfessional
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Even if it does sound old-fashioned, at Bosch we are still building our appliances the way we did 125 years
Sensor technology
AquaStop™ with guarantee
ActiveWater™ technology
ago. Our standards have always remained the same: nothing leaves our factory until it is 100% perfect
A network of intelligent sensors
The AquaStop™ system provides
An automatic load sensing function,
in terms of quality, performance and sustainability. That is why we also sometimes take more time
automatically control the wash process
100% protection against water
which adapts the water consumption
to research, develop and test our appliances. We have remained true to the principle of Robert Bosch
that not only ensures perfect wash
damage. Bosch guarantees it for
to the relevant load size. This means
results, but minimal water and energy
the entire service life of the appliance.
that 1 kg of laundry can be washed
all those years ago; we would rather lose money than the trust of our customers. And we think that
just as efficiently as a full 8 kg load.
this is actually quite modern.
User-friendly concept
Asymmetrical porthole
EcoSilence Drive™
VarioSoft™ drum system
AntiVibration™ side walls
Stylish, straightforward control panel
Gentler, swifter washing, thanks
Powerful, durable, quiet and efficient.
The unique system with its special drum
The AntiVibration™ design of the
with JogDial for easy selection
to the uniquely designed glass
That's the brushless motor that provides
design, two drum action and asymmetrical
side walls provides more stability
of wash programs, spin speeds,
porthole window.
better overall washing performance.
porthole, ensures top washing results and
and reduces vibrations. It also
longer lasting fabrics.
helps regulate noise levels, making
temperature and other functions.
it very quiet during the spin cycle.
4| Bosch HomeProfessional
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Wash programs
The Bosch HomeProfessional has the perfect
program for all types of textiles. Be it your
Allergy Plus
new jeans, woollen garments or favourite
party dress, Bosch offers a number of special
Down Wear
A higher water level, extra
HomeProfessional wash programs
Allergy Plus
rinse cycles and a higher water
Down quilts also have ample room
in the large VarioSoft™ drum.
On top of several wash programs,
care and convenience.
detergent residues left in the laundry
the HomeProfessional series also
for exceptional hygienic cleaning. Good
offers the following special programs.
news for those with sensitive skin.
Express 15/Super Quick 15
Delicate/Silk Program
A short wash program of
A wash program suitable for
approximately 15 minutes for up
moistened and washed gently.
temperature (e.g. 60°C) wash away
programs to provide the ultimate in garment
Down feathers are optimally
Down Wear
silks, delicate viscose and
Mixed Load
A program designed to wash
Mixed Load
mixed fabrics of up to 3 kg in
to 2 kg of lightly soiled washing. Packing
synthetic items. The standard wash
less than 60 minutes. Ideal for garments
in a wash, two rinse cycles and improved
temperature is preselected at 30°C,
that need to be washed urgently, without
rinse spinning, this is one of the shortest
and depending on the fabric wash
the need to wait for a full load.
complete wash programs.
instructions, may be increased to 40°C
or even reduced to a cold wash to
PowerWash 60
provide a temperature-controlled wash.
For stubborn stains or heavily
The PowerWash 60 program
for medium soiled loads for
soiled garments, a prewash
Reload Function
will loosen dirt and remove it prior
up to 5 kg, provides excellent wash
Reload Function allows
to the main wash.
results in just 60 minutes.
you to add additional items
of laundry after the program has
Wool Program
started if it is within safe water
The wool program is tailored
and temperature levels.
to give the optimum treatment
For even greater efficiency,
Bosch has developed a program
for the resource-savvy. On selected
for wool garments. It offers a gentle wash
models, the Eco Wash program offers
action at an optimum temperature of
The Sportswear wash program
an initial 60 minute wash cycle before
30°C. The gentle spin at the end of the
is designed specifically for
the first rinse. Ideal for light-to-medium
cycle extracts water gently, which helps
functional and sports fabrics with
soiled garments, the longer wash
garments retain their shape.
micro-fibre technology, like those used for
reduces resource consumption, while
gym, cycling or jogging. The program offers
still providing impressive wash results.
This program is ideal for
2 kg of shirts and blouses.
two rinse cycles with a gentle washing
action for greater fabric protection.
Clothes are tumbled gently
The gentle spin cycle makes ironing
Dark Load
effortless and for greater convenience,
no-iron shirts can simply be hung to dry.
Dark Load
during the normal program
Dark clothes, particularly jeans,
spin cycle and then at the end
often need special treatment.
of the spin phase. This keeps laundry
The Dark Load program features low
fluffy and tangle-free for reduced
water temperatures, which provide better
creasing and easy ironing.
wash results for darker garments. The
gentle washing action helps protect fibres
against bleeding and keeps dark clothes
looking new. During the spin intervals, a
small amount of residual moisture in the
fabric prevents the laundry from creasing,
which helps reduce ironing time.
Features vary depending on models.
Easy Iron
6| Bosch HomeProfessional
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Drying features
The Bosch HomeProfessional heat pump dryer is the perfect complement to any laundry.
Down Wear
Glass Door
Even heavy textiles are fully dried thanks
This special drying program
Selected Bosch dryers feature
A gentle drying program
developed to handle the
HomeProfessional drying features
the degree of moisture remaining is
with interval spinning. It dries up to 1.5 kg
offers maximum visibility during
functional and sports fabrics with
On top of several drying features,
constantly measured, so bath robes and
of down textiles to feather-light perfection
the drying program.
micro-fibre technology. This program
the HomeProfessional dryer also
hand towels, come out soft and fluffy.
without the addition of agitating aids
offers the following special programs.
Down Wear
is a moisture-controlled program
a clear glass door, which
to moisture-controlled programs in which
(e.g. tennis balls).
Glass Door
SuperQuick 40
40 The SuperQuick 40 program
can dry a maximum of 2 kg in
40 minutes; a handy and quick program
Condenser dryers collect the
condensed water vapour that
Low Heat
Low Heat Delicates
Bosch dryers have an innovative
The time remaining display
low heat feature that protects
shows the remaining drying time,
occurs during the drying process in an
temperature-sensitive textiles by
while the delay function can delay the
easy-to-access container. As a result, they
automatically reducing the heat
program start time between 60 minutes
do not require external wall ventilation.
and extending the drying time.
and 24 hours.
Sensor Care
Sensor Care
Reduced Ironing
The built-in Sensor Care
The reduced ironing feature with
electronics monitor the moisture
two setting options helps reduce
levels throughout the drying cycle, while
creasing and extends the anti-creasing
the Sensitive Drying System offers the
phase once the program has ended.
perfect drying programs for your garments.
With gentle handling, improved airing
and less creasing, the results are
simply perfect.
SelfCleaning Condenser
For maximum convenience,
the condenser is automatically
cleaned up to four times during the
drying cycle. This eliminates manual
cleaning, which is required by
conventional condenser dryers.
Sensitive Drying System
Drying System
The Sensitive Drying System
from Bosch is designed to pamper
your clothes. With a large interior and
a sculptured drum surface, your washing
is penetrated by a constant flow of gentle
air from all sides. The unique SoftFlow®
paddles rotate individual garments to take
the rough out of the tumble and provide
even drying results.
Features vary depending on models.
for synthetic fabrics, selected cottons
and blended fabrics.
complements the Sportswear washing
program in selected Bosch washing
8| Bosch HomeProfessional
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The dryer that is 33% more
economical than the qualifying
limit for 6 star energy rated dryers.
more economical than the qualifying
limit for 6 star energy rated dyers
Save even more energy with the
The SpeedPerfect option can be added to practically every drying program for perfect,
add-on EcoPerfect option, turning
gently dried laundry in record time. Select SpeedPerfect, for instance, to dry a 3.5 kg
load of easy-care garments to 'cupboard dry' in just 36 minutes.
drying efficiency with the EcoSilence Compressor
The centerpiece of the HomeProfessional dryer is the EcoSilence Compressor.
the HomeProfessional into one of
Australia's most economical dryers.
109 kwh / 52 x 0.21 (cents) per use
For the cost of one cup of coffee
(an average coffee costs $3.50),
the HomeProfessional dryer can
dry over 7 loads of washing.
Thanks to advanced technology, it compresses the refrigerant at high speed,
which produces superior drying results no matter whether you wish to dry
items extra fast or more economically.
^ Cost based on current Victorian average for electricity as at March 2013, excluding service charges (44 cents per kWh).
Only applies to HomeProfessional WTY88700AU. Tariff given is a general rate and for exact cost, adjust to your local electricity tariff detailed by your energy provider.
10| Bosch HomeProfessional
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This much is for sure:
you can trust in our service.
Reliable, experienced, fast. The customer service of Bosch;
before and after purchase.
Made in
HomeProfessional Front Loading Automatic Washing Machine
Home Professional ActiveAir Technology Condenser Dryer
Spin Plus
Allergy Plus
Sensor Care
Steel Drum
Drying System
–– 8 kg capacity
–– 400 - 1600 rpm spin speed*
–– 7 kg capacity
–– ActiveAir technology
Consumption rates
–– 5 Star water rating,
57 litres per wash
–– 4 Star energy rating,
320 kWh per year
–– Large 32 cm wide porthole and
180º opening Comfort door
for easy loading and unloading
–– LC clear text display with
TouchControl buttons and
JogDial with integrated
on/off button
Wash Programs
–– 14 programs with 4 special
options: Prewash, Easy Iron,
Extra Rinse and Rinse Hold
–– Mixed fabrics
–– Delicates/Silk program
–– Wool
–– Allergy Plus
–– Rinse/Freshen up
–– Dark Wash
–– Super Quick 15
–– Sportswear
–– Down Wear
–– EcoSilence Drive™ for faster,
quieter and more energy
efficient performance
–– VarioPerfect® provides option
for speed or energy efficiency
–– ActiveWater™ technology
with recommended detergent
dosage and automatic
load adjustment
–– AntiVibration Design® for
greater stability and quietness
–– VarioSoft® drum system
–– Foam detection with additional
rinse cycle
–– Automatic stabilisation
–– AquaStop™ anti-flood
–– Child lock
–– Pump protector
–– Self-cleaning detergent drawer
–– Time delay start
–– Time remain indicator
–– Audible end-of-cycle signal
–– Very quiet operation
–– Shirts/Blouses
Dimensions (HxWxD)
–– Start and reload function
–– 850 x 600 x 590 mm
–– Cold fill
Optional: WTZ11400 Stacking kit –
for seamless stacking of the
HomeProfessional dryer on top of the
HomeProfessional washing machine.
Consumption rates
–– 6 Star energy rating,
109 kWh per year
–– Large 32 cm wide porthole and
180º opening Comfort door for
easy loading and unloading
–– TFT clear text display with
TouchControl buttons and
JogDial with integrated
on/off button
–– Glass door
–– Large and easily accessible
lint filter
Drying Programs
–– 16 program
–– Mixed fabrics
–– Delicates/Silk program
–– Timed programs
–– Towels
–– Super Quick 40 minute
drying program
–– Sportswear
–– Down Wear
–– Shirts/Blouses
–– Easy Iron option
–– Automatic self-cleaning
–– VarioPerfect® provides option
for speed or energy efficiency
–– AntiVibration Design® for
greater stability and quietness
–– Sensor drying
–– Precise adjustment
to the drying level
–– Stainless steel drum
Quality service straight from the
manufacturer. Original Bosch.
Original accessories.
Effective care products.
We are committed to quality even when it comes to after-sales
Take a look at our extensive range of accessories for some
service because no one knows Bosch appliances better than
inspiration: discover additional uses, replace old materials for
our highly trained service engineers. Working with the latest
optimum operation or simply give a trusty home appliance a good
equipment for measuring, diagnostics and repairs, Bosch
work-over. With the right care, you will be able to enjoy your high-
service engineers only use original Bosch spare parts.
quality appliance for many years to come. To help you do so, we
offer a wide range of Bosch certified cleaning and care products.
with SoftFlow® paddles
for less creasing
–– Automatic anti-crease
cycle (120 minutes)
–– Automatic drum stop
when door is opened
Reliability guaranteed.
No compromises.
Extensive customer service network.
Just a call away.
–– Child Lock
All Bosch home appliances are produced with maximum
Customer Care
care with high-quality materials. We promise it in our 2-year
Our friendly Bosch Customer Care team is on-hand to provide
manufacturer‘s warranty on all appliances.
competent, reliable assistance. Before or after purchase, the
–– TFT program progress display
Bosch team will be happy to advise you on products, their use
–– Warning indicators for
and special functions.
lint filter and condensed
water container
–– Drum interior light
–– Time delay start (1-24 hours)
–– Time remain indicator
Bosch Customer Care: 1300 368 339
Lifetime service.
It goes without saying at Bosch.
–– Audible end-of-cycle signal
–– Very quiet operation
Service & Repairs
Our team is there to provide the right advice on faults, arranging
Once your warranty period is over, we are still there
Dimensions (HxWxD)
to assist you. You can rely on expert care and first-rate
–– 842 x 595 x 635 mm
service throughout the life cycle of your appliance.
All descriptions and technical diagrams are intended as a guide only. For additional technical information, full dimensional and installation details, please refer to the
instruction and installation manuals supplied with the appliance. *To protect garment fibres, maximum spin speed available on cottons programs only.
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm.
From missing instruction manuals to appliance repair –
we take care of everything.
a visit of a service engineer and ordering the right accessories
or spare parts.
Bosch Repairs & Service, Accessories
and Spare Parts: 1300 360 447
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.
BSH Home Appliances Pty Ltd
7-9 Arco Lane
Heatherton VIC 3202
Postal Address
PO Box 505
Moorabbin VIC 3189
Customer Service
Phone: 1300 368 339
1300 306 818
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