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Your Mobile Ally
Since 2003
Major Projects and
Distribution Network
Cuenca City Transportation System
Forklifts for Coca-Cola Factory
Nuevo Central Argentino
Hong Kong KMB Bus
#1 Selling Drive Recorder in UK
Banco Estado
Police Patrol Cars in 8 UK Cities
#1 Selling Drive Recorder in Japan
Addison Lee Minicabs
#1 Selling Mobile DVR in Korea
Over 20 Bus Companies in Japan
UK Prison Transportation Vehicles
Over 60 Bus Companies in South Korea
Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation System
Allianz Insurance
Over 40 Taxi Companies in South Korea
Kyoto City Transportation System
AXA Insurance
Seoul Metropolitan Transportation System
Nagoya City Transportation System
Towergate Insurance
Seoul Metropolitan Town Bus System
Keikyu Bus Corp.(Narita, Haneda Airport Limousine)
Markerstudy Insurance
Sejong City Transportation Bus Mgmt System
Enshu Railway Line
Chartis Insurance
Busan Metropolitan Transportation System
Kansai Airport Monorail System
Azerbaijani National Police Force
Kumho Express Bus Line
Kitakyushu Train and Tram Services
Gyeonggi Province Transportation System
Kitakyushu Monorail System
Chicago Taxi Approved System
Gyeonggi Province Town Bus System
Kumamoto Prefecture Transportation System
NYC TLC Approved System
School Shuttle Buses
New Jersey , Pennsylvania & Ohio School Buses
Hyosung ATM Machines
Mining Vehicles for De Beers
Lancer Insurance Company
Armored Vehicles for Brinks
DHL South Africa
ATI Insurance Company
Louis Vuitton Korea
4 Trucking and Semi-trailer Companies
Wi-Fi Configuration
Once the BRX comes into range of an access
point, it automatically sends system-check
reports, images, log files, eco-drive files, and
configuration info to the data server.
Bus Depot
3G Configuration
Remote Monitoring(Live GPS Tracking)
Event & Emergency Alarm, Geo-Fence Alarm
Health Check Reports.
Playback software is integrated with Google™ Maps 3.0 and Google™ Earth
Displaying vehicle location, driving route, and street view.
CITY BUS Camera System
SCHOOL BUS Camera System
Everyday school and city bus drivers and owners face challenges when driving. Whether it’s changing lanes, heavy traffic,
poor driver behavior, or a passenger event, the importance of mobile vision security is now at its highest level. The BRX micro
DVR can provide up to 8 video and audio channels to ensure the entire bus is covered, inside & out, including the driver seat.
Recommended System
The rugged & secure BRX2008A boasts an
impressive 8 video channels & 8 audio channels
while consuming only 10W of power. Using
an SSD, the BRX is shock resistant up
to 3Gs. Up to 1TB of HDD storage
can be used on the BRX2008A,
saving many weeks of video,
audio, data, & logs.
POLICE Camera System
Rugged IR Camera
Sony High Resolution
Weatherproof IP68
Model: STR-230HIR
IR Dome Camera
Sony High Resolution
Model: STC-300HDIR
EMS Camera System
The IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) evaluated the impact of in-car video systems on state police
agencies and found that filed complaints against officers are reduced 97% upon learning of video evidence. Another impact
of in-car video systems is economical, as police-grade systems often exceed $5K per vehicle. The BRX aims to provide law
enforcement agencies with all of the evidence and reliability they expect, with a lesser burden on already lean budgets.
Recommended System
The rugged & secure BRX2004A utilizes 4 video
channels & 4 audio channels. A shock mounted
& removable HDD / SSD enables law
enforcement agencies to record up to
1TB of video and audio data. Only
7" x 7" x 2", the BRX2004A
can easily mount in existing
Zoom Camera
Sony High Resolution
10x Optical zoom
Model: DTR-600
Wireless Microphone
2.4GHz Digital
1,500ft Transmission
Model: SMIC-2400
TAXI Camera System
FLEET Camera System
Taxi owners, drivers, and city officials can all benefit from a quality in-car video system. D-TEG's BX4000 is proven to be reliable,
easy to install, simple to operate, and affordable for even the tightest budgets. The BX4000 (or OEM equivalents) complies
with the respective official city departments in NYC and Chicago, being one of the few systems approved and installed.
Recommended System
The main recording unit, or brain, of the BX4000
system is only 4" x 2.75" x 0.75". There is a builtin mic, accelerometer, GPS, and
SD storage (up to 32GB). The
BX4000 has four camera inputs
and a video-out to connect an
LCD monitor for playback & rear
back-up monitoring.
COMMERCIAL Camera System
5V Camera(Internal View)
145° Wide-angle Lens
5V IR Camera
Model: STR-100IR
Locking Case
Steel mount
Model: SH-200
Commercial vehicle owners often entrust their expensive properties to their employees. If you're looking to reduce
liabilities or the expensive claims investigation processes, the Smarty Black Box system is for you. Verify exact times and
locations of events, monitor driving routes and movements, and improve driving behaviors with the simple presence of a
on board video surveillance system, complete with camera, GPS, accelerometer, and panic button.
Recommended System
BX1500 Plus
The world's first HD black box recorder.
The BX1500 boasts a 1280x960 megapixel
camera, mic for audio recording, GPS,
accelerometer, & SD card
storage(32GB max). Tool-free
installation & automated
operation makes the Smarty the
perfect driving companion.
Locking Case
Model: LNB-101
Delayed Power
Model: DPWR-200
8 Channel Mobile DVR
For ultimate ruggedness, durability, and
storage capacity, the BRX series DVRs
deliver with 8ch video and 8ch audio.
4 Channel Mobile DVR
Identical to the BRX2008A in capacity,
the BRX2004A is a more economic option
with 4ch of video and 4ch of audio.
BRX2004A & BRX2008A Specification
Recording Channels
Recording Resolution
BRX2004A (4 video, 4 audio channels)
BRX2008A (8 video, 8 audio channels)
NTSC: 704x480, 704x240, 352x240
PAL: 704 x576, 704x288, 352x288
Recording Frame Rate
Delay On/Off
NTSC: 60 (D1), 120 (Half-D1), 240 (CIF)fps
PAL: 50 (D1), 100 (Half-D1), 200 (CIF)fps
Power Delay On (0~30sec), Record Delay Off
mù?^fTa3T[Ph>UU mù
Video: H.264 / Audio: G.711
Alarm In/Out
Power Input
12 to 32 VDC
Serial Port
2 x RS-232C
Power Consumption
AV Output
1 (Front) + 1 (Rear)
1DIN, 178mm(W) x 50mm(H) x 170mm(D)
Power Output
DC12V : 1 (Front) + 1 (Rear)
970g (DVR) + 110g (Removable Pack): 1.08KG
Car Signals
Left, Right, Brake, Reverse, Speed, RPM
Operation Temp.
-10° to 60°
Internal 3 Axis
External GPS
Front Button
10 Buttons
USB Port
1 x USB Host
LAN Port
Remote Control
IR Remote Control
EMS Indicator
G-Sensor, Speeding, Excesive RPM Use,
Over Idling Time
Alarm LED
External Alarm LED
Main Storage
SATA Interface, Removable 2.5” HDD/SSD
Panic Button
External Panic Button
Sub Storage
SDHC Card (up to 32GB)
USB 3G Modem
Key Lock
1 (Front Door) + 1 (Removable HDD/SSD)
Wi-Fi Access Point
4 Channel Drive Recorder
The low-profile Smarty BX4000 has 4
camera inputs, separating the recorder
from the cameras and allowing for more
secure, tamper-resistant installations.
Smarty Drive Recorder
BX1500 Plus
The original Smarty Black Box’s successor.
A 1ch self-contained drive recorder with GPS,
Accelerometer, SXVGA video quality, audio
recording, video out, & SD storage
(up to 32GB).
BX4000 Specification
Recording Channels
Recording Resolution
Recording Frame rate
4 Video, 1 Audio channels
NTSC: 720x480, 720x240
PAL: 720x576, 720x288
NTSC: 30(D1), 30(Half-D1)fps
PAL: 25(D1), 25(Half-D1)fps
BX1500Plus Specification
Image Sensor
1/4" CMOS Digital Sensor 1.2M pixels
Angle of View
120° (horizontal : 88°, vertical : 65° ) or
170° (horizontal : 131°, vertical : 96°) or
90° (horizontal: 72°, vertical: 55° )
Recording Resolution
1280x960 (SXVGA), 640x480 (VGA)
Recording Time
2hours ~ 356hours (14days 20hours)
Recording Frame rate
15fps (1280x960), 30fps (640x480)
Recording Mode
Motion detection, Alarm, Continuous,
Impact, Panic button
Recording Time
Min 65min ~ Max 148hours
Main Storage
4GB SDHC (supports 32GB SDHC)
Recording Mode
Continuous (Driving or Parking),
Impact, Panic button
External GPS Module
Main Storage
4GB SDHC (supports 32GB SDHC)
G Sensor
Internal 3-axis G-Sensor
Internal GPS
Car Signal
Brake, Left Turn, Right Turn, Speed Pulse
Internal 3-axis G-sensor
Remote Controller
Panic, Playback, Shutter button
Panic, Format button
2 (Red/Blue)
2 (Red/Blue)
Analysis Software
PC Viewer (Integrated Google Earth)
Analysis Software
PC Viewer (Integrated Google Earth)
Power Input
10 to 30VDC
Power Input
10 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption
8.3W (when recording 4cameras)
Power Consumption
70mm X 99mm X 21mm, 100g
80mm X 50Ø , 100g
Operation Temp.
-10°~ 60°
Operation Temp.
-10°~ 60°
BRX PC Viewer Software
In addition to the recorded
video data, the D-TEG PC Viewer
also utilizes and presents
supplementary data such as
audio, GPS, g-sensor, and
various car signals to offer a
more organized and thorough
analysis of an incident or
dangerous situation.
Sensor Information
Event Search
Various vehicle information such as speed, RPM, g-sensor, car signals,
and sensor inputs are displayed simultaneously to provide a better
portrayal of the situation and deeper analysis of the event.
Along with a sophisticated calendar search option, use the event
search function to screen speed, g-sensor, car signal, and sensor input
data to ease in locating sought after incidents.
JPG & AVI File Conversion
Report Function
Use the JPG and AVI
conversion application to
convert D-TEG encrypted files
into standard media formats.
Additional data such as speed,
RPM, car signals, g-sensor,
and GPS can also be included.
This data is then nicely
overlaid in yellow text on the
AVI or JPG image.
In case of an accident, a
report with visual evidence
can be easily made with
a click of a button and
adding description about
the situation. These reports
conveniently aggregate all
of the visual and log data
into a nicely organized
Use the blur annotation to mask or
blur portions of a video that contain
sensitive content such as faces or
private information. This function
can be applied during playback,
back-up, and AVI conversion.
ECO Software
A formidable tool to encourage
eco-friendly driving habits.
The ECO program is designed to
assist operators in monitoring and
improving safe, economic, and
environmental driving behaviors.
Used in combination with the
video, audio, and other data, ECO
can be a powerful tool operators
can use to analyze unsafe
situations and tendencies.
Improve Driver Safety and
Encourage Cautious Driving
Daily and Monthly Reports, including
detailed driving statistics, can be printed
to provide operators and drivers visual
verification of the drivers tendencies
which can be used to incite safer and
more economic driving behavior.
Link to
Effective vehicle and driver management
Daily and Monthly safety and economic statistics of all registered drivers can be accessed
and printed into a report. Visual Rankings of each driver easily identifies problematic drivers.
BX1500 PC Viewer Software
BX4000 PC Viewer Software
Google Earth is integrated into the
software and displays the whole route
using the log data allowing for easy
viewing, saving, and managing data.
Speed, time, and other supplementary
data are also shown.
IR Cameras for BRX mobile DVR
650 / 380 TV Lines
Up to 650 TV lines, 120° lens
Water Proof (IP 68), 12/24VDC
2W, 343g, 79x76x54(mm)
-30°C to 85°C
Viewing Angle
120°/ 90°
Available on Request
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
650 TV Lines only
Up to 650 TV lines, 90° lens
Vandal Proof, 12VDC / 2W
263g. 80Øx60(mm)
-10°C to 60°C
Viewing Angle
90° only
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
650 / 380 TV Lines
Up to 650 TV lines, 120° lens
Water Proof (IP 68), 12/24VDC
2W, 205g, 59.2x62x56(mm)
-20°C to 60°C
Viewing Angle
120°/ 90°
Available on Request
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
650 / 380 TV Lines
Up to 650 TV lines, 120° lens
Water Proof(IP67), 12VDC
2W, 470g, 60x62x45(mm)
-20°C to 60°C
Viewing Angle
120°/ 90°
Available on Request
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
Cameras for BRX mobile DVR
650 / 380 TV Lines
Up to 650 TV lines,120° lens
Water Proof(IP68), 12/24VDC
0.9W, 340g, 79x76x54(mm)
-30°C to 85°C
Viewing Angle
145° / 120°/ 90°
Available on Request
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
650 TV Lines only
Up to 650 TV lines, 90° lens
Vandal Proof, 12VDC / 1W
257g. 80Øx60(mm)
-10°C to 60°C
Viewing Angle
120°/ 90°
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
650 / 380 TV Lines
Up to 650 TV lines, 120° lens
Water Proof (IP 68), 12/24VDC
0.9W, 201g, 59.2x62x56(mm)
-20°C to 60°C
Viewing Angle
120°/ 90°
Available on Request
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
650 / 380 TV Lines
Up to 650 TV lines, 120° lens
Water Proof(IP67), 12VDC
0.9W, 468g, 60x62.2x45(mm)
-20°C to 60°C
Viewing Angle
120°/ 90°
Available on Request
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
Cameras for BRX mobile DVR
650 TV Lines only
650TV lines, 90° lens
Vandal Proof, 12VDC / 1W
226g. 70Øx58mm)
-10°C to 60°C
Viewing Angle
120°/ 90°
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
700 / 380 TV Lines
Up to 700 TV lines, 120° lens
Water Proof (IP67), 12VDC / 0.9W
250g, 40x51x44(mm)
-10°C to 60°C
Viewing Angle
145° / 120°/ 90°
Available on Request
Cable Length
8m / 15m / 20m
5V cameras for BX4000
¼” Color CMOS, 170° lens
5VDC / 0.5W
50g. 30x35x25(mm)
-20°C to 60°C
380TV lines, 90° lens
5VDC / 1W
145g. 38x43x35(mm)
-10°C to 60°C
380TV lines,145° lens
IR Camera, 5VDC / 1.5W
148g. 38x43x35(mm)
-10°C to 60°C
380TV lines, 90° lens
Vandal Proof, 5VDC / 1W
257g. 80Øx60(mm)
-10°C to 60°C
Rear View Cameras
⅓” Color CMOS, 163° lens
Water Proof(IP68), 12VDC / 0.4W
92g, 28x26x29(mm)
-30°C to 85°C
Embedded Parking lines On/Off
Minimum Illumination 0.1lx
Police System Accessories
⅓” Sony Super HAD CCDⅡ
10x Optical Zoom
12x Digital Zoom
50°(Wide end) 5.4° (Tele end)
Smart Zoom Lens Control,
12VDC, 2.4W (motors inactive)
390g, 54x65x98(mm)
Day/Night Function, Minimum Illumination 0.25lx
550TV lines at color mode, 570TV lines at B&W mode
Auto Focus, Auto Iris and Zoom Tracking
2,400~2,483MHz bandwidth
95 Channels (2.4GHz)
Transmission up to 1,500ft.
Battery Charging: 3hours
Standby(14days), In use (15hrs)
Lithium-polymer 3.7VDC / 0.4W
74g, 64x46x24(mm)
Audible and led indicator out of range warning
Record on/off key, Mute Function on/off key
Beep mode and vibration mode, Perfect voice quality
D-TEG at a Glance
D-TEG was initially conceived as a small working group within the DVR
division of SK Global. With increasing sales and popularity, the team
decided to spin off D-TEG as a separate company in 2003. Growing
steadily year by year, in 2005, D-TEG rose to a new level complimented
by its new R&D Center and expert software and hardware engineers.
With 10 years of experience, D-TEG has established itself as one of the
leading innovators in the mobile security industry. With proven sales
in over 70 countries worldwide and commendable projects in major
metropolitan cities such as Seoul, Busan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hong
Kong, Chicago, New York City, and London.
D-TEG prides itself in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art
digital security systems to OEM and distribution partners around the
world with notable partners such as Toshiba, NTT Docomo, and Y3K.
In addition to its offices in Korea, Japan, and Russia, D-TEG officially
launched D-TEG America in 2012 to provide faster shipping, better
support, and timely service for our dealers and partners in the United
States and Canada.
Head Office
D-TEG Security Co., Ltd. 3F, Jungmin Bldg, 53 Maewha-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do 463-827, Korea
Tel : +82-31-8016-2516 Fax : +81-31-8016-0252 e-mail : [email protected]
D-TEG America, LLC.
1108 Lunt Ave. Schaumburg, IL 60193 USA Tel : +1(312)981-8774 Fax : +1(847)884-8182 e-mail : [email protected]
D-TEG Security Japan
FUJI Bldg. 5F 32-6, 5Chome Shinbashi, Minato-u, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan (ଊԼ૲‫ٷ‬քࢡՒ5ੜඌ32-6౯݀ɓĘɫ5Ю'
Tel : +81-3-5733-2301 Fax : +81-3-3438-3750 e-mail : [email protected]
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