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Wireless Mouse
With Laser pointer
Projection System
PC , DVD Player
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Prepared by: Bob Morrison
STLCC, Instrumentation Specialist
Original Feb08, Last Revision Sep 10
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Projection: BRDG, Document Camera, Desktop
Model Epson ELPDC05
General Device Type Document camera
Width 27.4 in Depth 21.3 in Height 21.8 in Weight 21.6 lbs Still Image 1024 x
Features Remote control , Image Sensor , Type CCD 1/3" , Lens Iris F/2.8 , Focus
Adjustment Automatic, manual Interfaces Video S-Video, composite video
Expansion / Connectivity
Interfaces 1 x management - RS-232C - 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) ¦ 2 x display / video VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) ¦ 1 x display / video - S-video output - 4 pin miniDIN ¦ 1 x display / video - composite video output - RCA
Cables Included 1 x S-Video cable ¦ 1 x display cable ¦ 1 x VGA cable
Power Device Power supply ( 50/60 Hz ) 43 Watt Battery AAA type x 2
HotLink to EPSON Brochure, overview…. pdf
Provides high-performance 18X optical zoom for capturing minute features
2X digital magnification (with live camera) works together with the optical zoom to enlarge images up to 35 times
Features built-in image rotation - 90º, 180º, 270º
Clear Screen/Image mode eliminates random noise
Built-in RS-232C interface for communication with a remote control system
Designed to provide powerful support for your presentation, the ELPDC05 High Resolution Document Imager from Epson® gives you true XGA 1024x768
pixel resolution. Utilizing a 1/3" CCD, this imager captures fine details in images, text and 3-D objects. Its built-in base light provides optimum image
quality for transparencies, slides, negatives, blueprints, and X-rays, while a live camera enables users to zoom in up to 35 times. The unit's RGB
switching function allows for seamless transitions between two applications. The one-touch freeze function stabilizes motion on the screen and displays it
as a still image. The built-in scrolling feature ensures an extensive image coverage while, the built-in white balance feature enhances contrast.
Compatible with a full line of Epson® PowerLite® projectors, this Document Imager comes with a wireless remote control. Featuring a convenient handle
and compact design, the ELPDC05 Document Imager is easy to carry at your next presentation.
Included Accessories:
Remote Control, 2 AAA Batteries, Power Cord, RGB Video Cable, RCA Video Cable, S-Video Cable
Manufacturer Part# : V12H162020 Dell Part# : A0374595
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 2
Projection: BRDG Classroom, Computer ,Doc Camera, Laptop
Personal Laptop:
1. Insert extra RGB (blue connector) from
rear Doc camera to laptop rear blue port
2. Insert green audio cable to laptop port
3. Set toggle switch to Laptop mode
4. Turn on Document Camera
5. On left side of Doc Camera, push the
RGB1 button to switch to laptop video
6. Push Laptop fn and Func key to activate
shared monitor mode if necessary
Document Camera
Objects, Paper or
Doc Camera
FIRST LOCATE 2” x 2” white SWITCH box
and set to the device you are using for input.
Adjust volume using the thumb wheel box and/or the
Amplifier volume control inside the cabinet.
Document Camera Controls:
1. Turn on with toggle in right rear on top
2. On left side, MAIN button must be lit (on)
Light Controls.
1. Press once for Upper Lights (document)
2. Press again for Base transparency light
3. Press again to turn off lights
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Web, DVDs
1. Press On/Off
2. Select COMP1
for computer
3. Select Video for
camera or
Page 3
Projection: BRDG Lab Rooms; Computer, Doc Camera, Scope
FIRST LOCATE SWITCH 2” x 2” white box
Source Toggle Switch (behind PC on desktop)
Comp= Computer, DVDs, Powerpoint, Web
Proj = Document Camera
Camera Light Controls:
1. Press once for Upper Lights (document)
2. Press again for Base transparency light
3. Press again to turn off lights
Document Camera
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 4
Projection: @BRDG, Epson Remote, PN 145258901
Point remote toward ceiling
projector and depress to turn
projector on and off.
Turn off projector when not in use
NOTE: At present, Page Up/Down do not
function at BRDG Park, use Wireless
Presenter/pointer on next slide
- Depress Pointer to activate
- Use pad/arrows to move pointer
-Requires 2 AAA batteries, install on
rear panel.
Hotlink to Epson Remote User Manual
…. Pdf (9mb)
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 5
Projection: Wireless Presenter/Mouse, Laser Pointer
Kensington, K0941A with laser, required 2 AAA batteries
Press for Laser Pointer, use
Caution when pointing
Laser will not operate unless
the USB has been removed
Move Back in Slides
Blank/Black Screen
Move Forward in Slides
1. Install in PC USB port
-Requires 2 AAA batteries, install on
rear panel. Note Laser will not
light if batteries are low.
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 6
Projection: Walkie-Talkie, Motorola, Talkabout@ BRDG
Hotlink to Motorola Talkabout
User Manaul….pdf
3. Press Musical note to
send a call tone alert
to others on the same
4. Press side button to talk,
then release to listen
Press MENU and hold >2
seconds to turn unit ON
of OFF
2. (Optional) Press quickly to
set other parameters:
channel, ring tone, on/off
Requires 3 AAA batteries
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 7
Projector: @BRDG, Epson 3LCD, w LAN connection
ID Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway Addr:
MAC Addr:
IP Addr display:
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
On or OFF
Page 8
Projection: Portable Projector, InFocus LP 340
Source button: cycles
from Video to
Laptop Keyboard: MUST
Use Fn+F8 to share
laptop display with
Zoom: Wheel to zoom
image in/out
Focus control
Blue/Monitor connector
to Projector
Remote IR Receiver
Connection to Projector
Image Source Connector
to Laptop or other
Remote; Basic projector
(not laptop) controls;
Menu, Source, Standby
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 9
Projection: Play DVDs, BRDG, Instructor PC
1. Insert DVD in PC drive, then Select “Play DVD Video using PowerDVD” from the menu.
At present, Windows Media Player is not recommended.
2. If Menu does not open, go To “My Computer”, select DVD Drive, “Play using PowerDVD”.
3. Adjust volume using the PCSettings menu, Speaker icon on the Windows lower toolbar,
and using thumb wheel on the small 2” x 2” box along speaker line.
4. Use the “HOME” icon to stop, restart, resume, or skip to DVD sections.
Projection : @BRDG, Axiovert 25, R124 / SLCC # 0097770
To Projector
To PC/Monitor
Control Unit (CCU)
Set Gain to
W green
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
View Selector Knob
Eyepiece (clockwise)
Projection (ccw)
Page 11
Microscopy: Scope, Capturing Images for PC and Projector
Power on the Microscope, VCR/DVD player, Camera Control Unit (CCU), and the
Projector (CCU is MTI –DAGE 2” x 5” box)
Make sure the Gain switch on the CCU is set to “Manual” to avoid camera
attempts to rebalance brightness and thus dim your scope image.
The VCR/DVD player must be turned on and the channel set to “L2” to pass
through video from the scope camera to the projector “video” setting.
The diaphragm/condenser tube should be pulled fully forward in a locked
Projector in SM238 is controlled by Epson remote, red power-on button. The
“Video” button at the 6-9pm position gives control to the camera.
Turn the View Selector Knob on the scope (next to the main focus dials) clockwise
until it hits stop at about 4pm position, this directs light toward the eyepieces
Focus on specimen, adjust condenser, and light controls to get desired image
Turn the View Selector Knob counterclockwise to stop position about 10am position,
this directs light toward the camera. If the microscope/camera image does not
appear, go to the next page of these instruction to check the wiring plan and/or call
Media Services.
Capturing Images on the PC, start the Adobe Photoshop Program
Select “Start from Scratch”, then “CANCEL” the next popup menu
Select “File”, then “Import”, then “D-link USB Video Capture Device”
Adjust brightness and other parameters using slide bar controls
Select “Capture Still Image”, and verify capture in popup window
Select “File”, then “Save”, then enter a filename and format (usually .jpg)
Close/Exit the Adobe Photoshop application when finished with all captures
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 12
Projection: @ FV, SM244, 245 , Nikon Labophot -2
Camera Control CMACamera
Slide #7)
Turn “on” (green light) on
bottom shelf of cart
View Selector
Control Rod
Eyepiece (push in)
Camera ( pull out)
VCR/DVD Player, Turn On
And set to VCR mode
Turn dial on selector box
To DVD/VCR setting.
Selector box
Epson remote used
To power on projector
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 13
Projection: SM244 & SM245 Microscope to Screen
Power on the Microscope
Power on the VCR/DVD device and set it to VCR mode.
Power on the Projector using the Epson remote
Power on the white Sony CMA-D2 1” x 6” box on the bottom shelf
Turn the dial on the small video selector control box to DVD/VCR settings
Focus the specimen in the microscope eyepiece as you would for normal
observations. Note, this requires that the View Selector Rod (blue on
diagram) is in the full “in” position to deflect light toward the eyepieces.
Pull the View Selector Rod (blue box on diagram) on the right side of
the microscope frame supporting the eyepiece to the “out” position.
This deflects light from the eyepiece to the camera
If you still see any light in the eyepieces, pull the View rod to the full out
When finished with the camera/projector, push the View rod to the “in”
position to resume using the eyepiece for adjustments or another
Note: If the projected view dims or adjust automatically to an unsatisfactory image,
adjustments can be made on the camera Auto Exposure modes (see slide #7). A
setting to manual mode is often effective.
Link to SM 244 and SM245 Computer/Projection Instructions (pdf)
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 14
Camera: Sony DXC-390P
Automatic exposure modes
AE Level
- adjusts the standard brightness level up to +/- one F
–stop in a lens iris>
AE Speed
- selectable AE ( Auto Exposure) reaction speed to suit
applications under varying lighting conditions
AE Area
- AE Area is a light metering system that includes 6
different modes ( Multi, Slit, Mid, Manual, Large, Spot)
Video outputs
RGB, Y/C, and Composite Video outputs
Rear View, ports
Side View, Controls
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 15
Projection : @ BRDG MTI-DAGE Camera Control Unit (CCU) and Camera
Cable from Camera connects to CCU on back panel
Via BNC connector to EXT-SYNC terminal
VBS output to Monitor or
other device using BNC
connector from VIDEO
port on back panel of CCU
S-VIDEO output is also
CCU, located on PC
Or Nearby
On/Off w Green
Indicator Light
Camera, mounted on
HotLink to DC-330 Camera Specs on a website
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Page 16
Projection: BRDG Lab Room Improvement Options
Option #1 Canted Screen
- Better angle but,
- Costly to move 10’ screen and projector mounted in ceiling near HVAC, Sprinklers, Elec
- Could drop below ceiling to reduce some cost but may not be “attractive”
Option #2 Centralize Location
- Good angle but blocks whiteboard, some blockage by Instructor PC
- Same costly ceiling move issues as #1
Option #3 Move to longitudinal end of classroom
- Good view angle for most, some blockage by students in first bench
- Same costly ceiling move issues as #1
Option #4 Add Flat Screen TV to supplement projection screen
- No costly ceiling and projector moves required
- Would require routing VGA/HDMI and adapters if needed
- Additional uses of Flat screen for announcements, special notices.
Add Flat TV Option #4
FVCC:BioTech;Morrison 8/28/2012
Moved Option #2
Moved Option #3
Problem: With larger class sizes, some students cannot see the screen clearly
SCREEN (current)
Page 17
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