Savin C2408/C3210
Print, copy,
scan and fax.
Black and white
and full color.
Savin C2408/C3210
C2408/C3210 – Compact Systems
The Answer
You're Looking For
The Savin C2408/C3210 blend highperformance multifunctional capabilities
and economical operation in a single,
compact system. Now you don't need
to tie up valuable office space with
separate systems for black and white
and full color output. And, you'll save
money by reducing the need for separate supplies and multiple maintenance
contracts. At 8/10 ppm for full color
output and 24/32 ppm for black and
white, the C2408/C3210 will change
the way you look at office equipment.
In fact, a C2408 or C3210 may very
well be the only document imaging
system you need!
You Can Afford Color
Full color output used to be costly and
was reserved for highly specialized applications. But now the C2408/C3210
combine low acquisiton costs with operating costs that are virtually the same as
comparable B/W MFPs. And, when you
think about the considerable advantages
that color brings – a competitive edge, a
professional look, a reduction of outside
printing costs – then you can’t afford
not to have color in your office.
Paper And Electronic Files
Working Together
If your business is like most, it’s likely
that you have more than a few documents
that exist only on paper. The question…
how do you integrate those paper-based
documents with the documents that
exist on your network in electronic
form? The answer…a C2408/C3210
with network scanning capabilities.
• Quickly scan up to 50 pages – black
and white or full color, single-sided or
two-sided – and then save them to the
Hard Disk Drive as PDF, TIFF or
JPEG files.
• Scan full color images at 600 x 600
dpi resolution and 8 bits per pixel,
which accurately captures fine details
and 16.7 million colors.
• Expertly control image quality from a
workstation on the network using the
TWAIN interface and the image editing
application of your choice.
Once you’ve scanned your documents,
Savin technology makes them easy to
Document Server Technology
With Savin’s revolutionary Document
Server, there’s no “digital divide” separating hardcopy and electronic documents.
The Document Server efficiently manages
hardcopy and electronic files while facilitating advanced print-on-demand capabilities. And, working with documents
in the Document Server is a pleasure:
• Store documents in the Document
Server and distribute them any way
you want – paper, e-mail or fax – all
without re-transmitting/scanning.
• Easily create complex documents –
including those that are a mix of hardcopy and electronic files – and distribute/
output them on an as-needed basis.
Scan To E-Mail
Implement a real-time, electronic document delivery service – eliminating the
need to print and then distribute documents via costly overnight services or fax.
And, with the ability to manually type in
e-mail addresses, there are virtually no
limits on who you can communicate with.
With High-Performance Multifunctio
Optional 500-Sheet Finisher
Optional Automatic Reversing Document Feeder
Standard Duplex Unit
Optional 1,000-Sheet Finisher
Standard Bypass Tray
Standard 2 x 250-Sheet Paper Trays
Optional 2,000-Sheet Large Capacity Tray
Scan To File
Scan documents to file and make it easy
for workgroup members to collaborate
on mission critical documents.
Sit Back, Click “Print”
Connect your C2408/C3210 to your
LAN and your entire workgroup gains
access – via one of two standard page
description languages – to black and
white, full color, duplexing and automatic stapling – right from the desktop.
• PCL 5c provides an instantly familiar
user interface, reducing user training time.
• RPCS (Refined Print Command Stream)
makes instant document production
experts out of anyone in your office.
RPCS dramatically increases user
productivity by making all output
selections a single click away via easy-
to-identify graphic icons. Optimized
for Windows® clients, RPCS provides
superior performance when printing
documents created in popular Windows
applications such as Word, PowerPoint
and Excel.
• For those environments with Macintosh
clients, or for those who use desktop
publishing applications, there’s an
optional Adobe PostScript 3 interpreter.
onal Capabilities.s
The optional Internal Shift Sort Tray can sort
and collate hardcopy output without the
expense of a finisher.
Walk-Up, Press “Start”
Simplicity At Work
As copiers, the C2408/C3210 excel in
every way. Scan Once, Print Many and
Trayless Duplexing ensure that the document workflow moves at the speed of
your business. The C2408 and C3210
come standard with all the capabilities
that increase user productivity and
enhance versatility – including Automatic Image Optimization, Job Preset,
Electronic Sorting, Twin Color and
One-Touch Enlargement/Reduction.
Even while incorporating the most
sophisticated document processing and
management technology available, the
C2408/C3210 are easy to use. An intuitive Touch Screen Panel expertly guides
you through any task – from basic to
advanced – with ease.
Dial The Number, Press "Send"
Add the optional Super G3 Fax module
and the C2408/C3210 become your
communication hub. Featuring ultra-fast
transmission speeds and high-end fax
functionality – including support for up
to three lines for simultaneous transmission and reception – the C2408/C3210
Series’ fax option will instantly achieve
“hero” status in your busy office.
LAN-Fax capabilities boost productivity
by allowing users to enjoy “walk-up”
functionality without ever leaving their
desks. And, if you have a hard time separating faxes from print or copy output,
it’s easy to program the C2408/C3210
to print incoming fax messages in cyan
or magenta for quick visual identification.
Additionally, the C2408/C3210 automatically analyze your documents and
then fine-tune the output settings, which
means you can focus on more pressing
business matters.
Automatically route incoming faxes to a specified
output tray and you'll never have to worry about
missing an important fax message.
Won’t Quit Until The Job’s Done
Regardless of your document finishing
requirements, the C2408/C3210 Series
has a solution that eliminates the
tedious task of hand-collating mixed
color and black and white output.
• Standard Electronic Sorting and Image
Rotation eliminate the need to purchase
additional hardware and automate
time-consuming hand-collation tasks –
a significant productivity enhancer!
• Select from a 500-sheet Finisher that
automatically staples up to 30 pages in
one position, or a 1,000-sheet Finisher
that handles documents as large as 12"
x 18" and automatically staples up to
50 pages in up to two positions.
Routine maintenance tasks are a breeze thanks
to the C2408/C3210's easy-to-replace toner
Customize A C2408/C3210 To Meet Your Specific Requirements.
2 x 250-Sheet Trays
100-Sheet Bypass Tray
2 x 500-Sheet Trays
Auto Duplexing
Platen Cover
2 x 250-Sheet Trays
100-Sheet Bypass Tray
2,000-Sheet LCT
Auto Duplexing
500-Sheet Finisher
Intelligent Software
Enhanced Capabilities
Great hardware is just the beginning.
The C2408/C3210 Series comes with
a variety of utilities designed to ensure
the very best document management
functionality available.
Job Binder features seamless integration
with the RPCS utility, which enables
users to assemble pages from a variety of
documents – regardless of application –
and then print them as a new document.
And, Job Binder allows complete access
to any of the C2408/C3210’s advanced
finishing and duplexing functions.
Document Management
Working in conjunction with the
Document Server, DeskTopBinder Lite
allows users to access and work with
stored documents from the desktop.
DeskTopBinder Lite makes it easy to view
documents, combine different documents
into one and apply finishing selections –
all from the comfort of your desk.
Scan Solutions
Save scanned documents as PDF, TIFF
or JPEG files, and then distribute them to
any client within the immediate network
segment via ScanRouter Lite. ScanRouter
Professional facilitates in-bound fax
routing or upgrade to GlobalScan, our
server based enterprise scanning solution
featuring LDAP support and network
Network Management
SmartNetMonitor provides “real time”
status reports – including paper and toner
levels, system configuration and on/offline status – for any connected Savin
peripheral device. Additionally,
SmartNetMonitor allows users to redirect print jobs to a similarly equipped
C2408/C3210 in the event the targeted
system runs into difficulty. And,
SmartNetMonitor supports printing via
multiple connected Savin peripheral
devices, which greatly enhances overall
2 x 250-Sheet Trays
100-Sheet Bypass Tray
2,000-Sheet LCT
Auto Duplexing
1,000-Sheet Finisher
Complementing SmartNetMonitor is
WebStatusMonitor, which provides
support for Macintosh users and users
printing across an Intranet or Internet
via a standard Web Browser.
Comprehensive Solutions
The Savin C2408 and C3210 are the
only names you need to know when
it comes to the most comprehensive
document management solutions
available today.
For more information contact your
authorized Savin sales location.
Original Type
Original Size
Copy Sizes
Maximum Imageable Area
Paper Sizes
Standard Trays
Bypass Tray
Warm-up Time
1st Copy Time
Copy & Print Speed
Full Color
Thick Paper
Multiple Copying
Input Paper Capacity
Dual laser beam & dry electrostatic transfer system
with mono-component development system
Max: 11" x 17"
Input: 600 dpi/8 bits (256 gradations)
Output: 600 dpi/2 bits
Max.: 11" x 17" on 12" x 18";
Min. 3.94" x 5.83"
11.69" x 17"
11" x 17", 8.5" x 14", 8.5" x 11", 5.5" x 8.5",
7.25" x 10.5", 8.5" x 13", 8.25" x 13"
12" x 18" to 3.875" x 7.5"
Approx. 99 sec.
B&W: 7.8 sec. (letter size, first tray)
Color: 18 sec. (letter size, first tray)
8 ppm
10 ppm
24 ppm
32 ppm
4/6.5 (4C/B&W)
2/3.2 (4C/B&W)
Up to 100 copies
500 sheets; Maximum: 2,600 sheets;
100-sheet bypass
2 x 500-sheet Paper Bank; or, 2 x 1,000-sheet LCT
Output Tray Capacity
Standard: 500 sheets
Maximum Output Capacity 1,250 sheets (with SR790)
Paper Weights
16 - 28 lb. Bond
16 lb. Bond to 90 lb. Index
Reproduction Ratios
7 Reduction & 5 Enlargement: 400%, 200%,
155%, 129%, 121%, 100%, 93%, 85%, 78%,
73%, 65%, 50%, 25%
From 25% to 400% in 1% increments
Auto Duplex Copying
Duty Cycle
100,000 developments (30% color)
Standard: 128 MB; Maximum: 384 MB
Hard Disk Drive
40 GB
Dimension (WxDxH)
Power Source
Power Consumption
Original Sizes
Original Types
First Scan Speed
Scan Mode
Scan Density
Program User Setting
Image Rotation
Shift/Erase Image
Cover Sheets
Image Color Adjustment
Proof Copy
Interrupt Copy
User Codes
Full Color; Black & White; Single Color; Twin Color
Black and one color; Black and Red
Auto Text and Photo Separation Mode; Photo
Mode; Text Mode; Map Mode; Second
Generation Mode; Pale/Low Density Mode
Auto Magnification Selection; Directional
Centering; Margin Adjustment; Erasing Center;
Erasing Border; Erasing Center/Border
Yes: Front; Front & Back
Automatic Color Calibration; Auto Text and
Photo Separation Mode; Photo Mode; Pale/Low
Density Mode
Yes: 8 Stamps; Date Stamping; Page Numbering
Up to 10 programs
Up to 80 user codes
Savin Corporation Stamford, Connecticut 06904 ©2003 Savin Corporation.
SAVIN® is a registered trademark of Savin Corporation. All other trademarks
are the property of their respective owners. Product specifications subject to
change without notice. *Only the C3210 is Energy Star compliant.
Printed in U.S.A. (S1756) 35M 1/03
600 dpi, 400 dpi, 300 dpi, 200 dpi (Default), 100 dpi
11" x 17" to 5.5" x 8.5"
0.8 sec.(exclude transmission time)
BW: 32 ppm (Letter/200 dpi/1 Bit/MMR)
FC: 5 ppm (Letter/200 dpi/8 Bit/JPEG )
BW Text, BW OCR, BW Text/Photo, BW Photo,
BW Grayscale, FC Photo, FC Text
7 Levels
Yes: Up to 9 programs
Yes: Effective only in BW scan mode
TWAIN driver
Printer Languages
Hard Disk Drive
Optional Interfaces
Network Protocols
Color Selections
Twin Color
Original Selection
21.65" x 26.37" x 30.74"
(41.22" with PS510 or PS520)
187 lbs.
120V 12A 60Hz
1.5KW or less (Full Configuration)
1800 x 600 dpi; 600 x 600 dpi;
300 x 300 dpi (PCL 5c B&W only)
PCL 5c (emulation), RPCS;
Optional: Adobe PostScript 3
35 Intellifonts
RM5261A 250MHz
128 MB; 384 MB Max.
40 GB standard
10/100BaseTX; Parallel Port IEEE 1284 (ECP)
Wireless LAN Interface (IEEE 802.11b);
IEEE 1394 x 2 port (6 pin)
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, AppleTalk (Auto Switching)
SmartNetMonitor; WebStatusMonitor;
DeskTopBinder Lite; ScanRouter Lite
PCL 5c: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.X/2000/XP
RPCS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.x/2000/XP
PostScript: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.x/2000/XP
Mac OS 8.6 or later; OS X; UNIX
Scanning Speed
Modem Speed
Transmission Speed
SAF Memory
G3 Transceiver; Optional: G3
200 x 200 dpi; 200 x100 dpi
1.11 seconds/page
33.6 kbps
3 sec.; 2 sec. with JBIG option
MH, MR, MMR; Optional: JBIG
2 MB Std.; 26 MB with option
Automatic Reversing Document Feeder DF75 (Standard on C3210)
Platen Cover
2-Tray Paper Bank Unit PS510 (500 x 2)
2,000-Sheet Large Capacity Tray PS520 (1,000 x 2)
1,000-Sheet Finisher SR790
500-Sheet Finisher SR830
Internal Shift Sort Tray Type 1232
Bridge Unit Type 1232
One-Bin Fax Tray PT290
Wireless LAN Interface IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 1394 Interface
Memory Options: 144-pin DIMM; SDRAM PC133 CL3;
128 MB RAM; 256 MB RAM
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