Section 5 - All-In
All-In-One Workstations
Akai .......................................514-516
Fostex ....................................517-519
Roland/Boss .........................524-532
Tascam ..................................533-535
Yamaha .................................536-541
24-Track Digital Personal Studio
The DPS24 is a self-contained digital studio that takes the professional
recording, mixing, effects and editing capabilities of the DPS16 to an
even higher level. For starters, the DPS24 combines 24-tracks of
uncompressed 24-bit/96kHz random access recording and a 44
channel, 20 bus digital mixer with 100mm touch sensitive moving
faders that support onboard dynamic and scene automation. A wide
range of inputs and outputs are available right out of the box
including 28 analog inputs and an MPLP (Multi-Purpose LightPipe) optical interface which can be used for 8 channels of ADAT
lightpipe or stereo S/PDIF I/O. 12 rotary encoders allow you to
adjust a channel's entire parameter set at the touch of a button.
The system’s user interface can be further enhanced with the
included ak.Sys Track View utility which allows real-time track
displays to be viewed on any Mac or PC computer with a USB
24-Bit/96kHz Digital Recorder
Supports 24-tracks of linear
(uncompressed) 16/20/24-bit recording
and playback at 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz
Up to 20 tracks can be recorded
simultaneously without compromise to
the systems performance
44-Channel Digital Mixer
44-channel digital mixer consists of 12
input channels, 24 disk tracks and 4 stereo
effects returns
◆ Each channel features —
➣ Level, Pan, Solo and Mute
➣ Compressor/Limiter/Expander
➣ Noise Gate
➣ 3-band EQ (hi/low shelving, sweepable
mid w/variable Q)
➣ L/R routing, Group 1 – 8 routing
➣ Four pre/post FX sends for accessing the
internal FX
➣ Four pre/post FX sends for accessing
external effects and/or Studio outs for
talkback monitoring
Built-in Automation
Both dynamic (moving fader) and scene
automation are supported
The twelve 100mm Q-Touch
touch-sensitive moving faders provide full
dynamic automation of level and pan,
channel on/off, FX/AUX sends and FX
select, with UNDO/REDO
The Q-Touch technology makes recording
and editing mix automation data as easy as
touching and moving a fader. You can easily
correct any mistakes made when recording
automation — simply grab the fader, make
the adjustment and the original control
movement will be overwritten
◆ Automation
parameters such as levels,
mutes and pans can be enabled/disabled
during automation recording allowing you
to capture only what you want
12 Faders
24-track recording is supported via a
special transfer mode designed to allow
you to make digital transfers from other
sources in a single pass
total of 256 virtual tracks, limited only
by available disk space, can be freely
assigned to any of the 24 physical tracks for
Twelve faders and Five fader banks
➣ Bank 1 controls the levels of the 12 inputs
➣ Bank 2 controls tracks 1-12
➣ Bank 3 controls tracks 13-24
➣ Bank 4 controls the Group/FX levels
(Faders 1-8 control the Group Outs
while faders 9-12 control the stereo FX
➣ Bank 5 is a USER bank that allows the
12 faders to be customized by the user
RECORD SAFE mode allows you to
protect automation on individual channels
from being accidentally overwritten
In EDIT mode, when you’re moving bits
and pieces of audio around, you have the
option of including any automation data
associated with the specified audio region
This allows you to maintain the integrity of
the mix for that region
Analog Outputs
Analog Inputs
Two RCA tape inputs are provided for
patching cassette deck or CD player as well
as two 1/4˝ AUX inputs for bringing in a
sub-mixer or external effects processor
Switchable phantom power is available for
input channels 1-4
Input channels 1 - 4 also offer separate balanced 1/4˝ TRS Send and Return jacks that
can be used as
➣ Channel inserts for patching external
dynamics and EQ processors
➣ Direct channel outputs
➣ Direct ADC inputs — When using
external mic-preamps, the ADC inputs
allow you to bypass the DPS24’s input
stage, and route signals directly to the
24-bit A/D converters
Non-Destructive Editing
Non-destructive Copy, Cut, Erase, Insert,
Paste and Move functions are supported,
with 256 levels of undo/redo, using an edit
“clipboard” in much the same way as computer-based applications
◆ Audio
regions can be copied within the
same project, or between different projects
Up to two tracks can be viewed in the
waveform screen at once, making it easier
to edit stereo tracks
DSP functions include phase-coherent
Timestretch, Pitch Shift, BPM Match,
Varispeed, Reverse and Normalize. As with
the other edit functions, the user has the
option of including the automation
parameters when manipulating the audio
Two 1/4˝ stereo headphone outputs, with a
dedicated volume control, are provided on
unit’s front panel
Coaxial (RCA) stereo input and output
MPLP (Multi-Purpose Light-Pipe)
optical interface switchable between
2-channel SPDIF mode and 8-channel
ADAT mode is also provided
Optional I/O Interface Cards
Three interface slots, on the rear panel,
support a variety of I/O expansion options
➣ SMPTE time code reader/generator card
➣ Firewire (IEEE 1394)
➣ 68 pin SCSI (50 pin SCSI is standard)
➣ 16 channels of ADAT In/Out with sync
MIDI In/Out/Thru connectors support
MIDI Time Code (MTC), MIDI Clock
◆ Wordclock
I/O is provided using a single
BNC connector
Akai’s ak.Sys Control and Networking PC/MAC Software
The USB interface provides a realtime SVGA TrackView
display using ak.Sys software installed on a Mac or PC as
well as networking capabilities with other Akai products, and
software updates
Using the optional 1394 Firewire interface board, ak.Sys will
support VST plug-ins, allowing the ak.Sys computer to be
used as a realtime effects engine for the DPS24
Digital I/O
Separate 1/4˝ Main, Nearfield and Mono
monitor outputs, accessible via a front
panel switch, are provided for reference
checking a mix
Media & Storage
Dedicated Controls
A generous complement of dedicated
function keys, transport buttons and rotary
encoders are available
◆ Multi-function rotary encoders located above
the faders have a collar of LEDs around them
that let you see their values at a glance
➣ Hit the Q-STRIP keys and use the 12
encoders to adjust pan or effects sends
➣ Hit the Q-CHANNEL key and use the 12
encoders to adjust a channel’s entire
parameter set
◆ A dedicated multi-track jog wheel for
‘reel-rocking’ and you begin to get the
feeling that it’s you that’s in charge, not the
machine’s arcane operating system
Equipped with a large capacity 60 GB
internal IDE drive that provides over 5
hours of audio on 24 tracks at 48kHz, (12
tracks at 96kHZ) — Additional IDE drives
are available at low cost
The built-in SCSI interface allows you to
link up to seven additional external SCSI
drives providing the flexibility of recording
cuts of any length, limited only by the size of
the selected storage medium
A built-in 5.25˝ drive bay supports an
optional CD-R/CD-RW drive, providing a
cost-effective means of project archiving
as well as allowing users to produce
professional quality audio CDs
DSP Functions
5.1 surround mixing will be supported
using analog the Stereo/Main/Near or
digital (MPLP) outputs
keyboard input for track/project naming
◆ The 1/4˝ footswitch port supports the Alesis
ADAT LRC (Little Remote Control)
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Twenty four inputs divided into two banks
provide a choice of –
➣ (Bank A) Twelve balanced mic/line
inputs using XLR-1/4˝ TRS combo jacks
➣ (Bank B) Twelve balanced line inputs
using 1/4˝ TRS jacks
◆ The desired input type can be individually
selected with a push button switch located
at the top of each channel strip, virtually
eliminating the need for continual
re-patching by allowing several devices to
be connected at any once
◆ A Hi-Z instrument input on the front
panel that overrides input 12 when a guitar
or bass is connected
Internal 4-Bus Effect Section
4-bus 56-bit multi-effects processors offer
44 types of high quality, fully editable
effects including a wide range of reverb,
modulation, delay, EQ, dynamics processors and combination effects as well as a
multi-band dynamics processor with 4bands of compression or expansion,
adjustable cross-over points, adjustable
slopes and reduction metering
Effects can be inserted to any input or
playback channel or routed (pre or post
fader) from each individual channel via
AUX send / return 1–4
Reverb Effects
Small Room
Mono Delay
Big Room
Ping Pong Delay
Small Hall
Panning Delay
Big Hall
Stereo Delay
X-Over Delay
Live House
Tape Echo
Medium Hall
Multi Tap Delay
Bright Hall
Dynamics Processing
Stereo Chorus
X-Over Chorus
Noise Gate
Digital EQ
Stereo Flanger
The Scale parameter allows you to choose
from 13 different scales plus two user-programmable scales
◆ An
external MIDI keyboard can be used to
control the target pitch in real-time
Touch Wah
X-Over Flanger
Q-Link features make searching through
complex layers of menus a thing of the
past by providing direct access to all major
Record, Edit, Mix, and Effect functions
◆ 6 Q-Knobs located on the large tiltable
LCD display offer easy realtime access to
effects parameters and system control.
Pan Flanger
Mono Phaser
Combination Effects
Stereo Phaser
Chorus / Delay
X-Over Phaser
Flange / Delay
Pan Phaser
Phaser / Delay
Pitch Shift
Rotary Speaker
Other Effects
Auto Pan
Trigger Pan
Pitch Corrector
What is Non-Destructive Editing?
When a section of audio is copied from one location to another, that audio is re-written
on the disk and exists in two separate locations on the drive. This is an inefficient use of
disk space and makes your recorder work hard much than it needs to when accessing
audio. With non-destructive editing there is no duplication, or re-writing, of the audio
on the disk.
Instead, non-destructive editing uses pointers to reference audio on the disk. So when
you “copy” the audio you are only adding a second set of pointers that reference the exact
same audio on the disk, not re-writing the same audio to another location on the disk.
This makes edit functions much faster than on many portable studio products, as well as
making the most efficient use of your disk space
Enhanced Q-Link Navigation
Mono Flanger
The large 6-inch diagonal (320 x 240)
graphic LCD display, provides precise
feedback of how a track is shaping up with
a graphic representation of audio cues on a
scrolling track sheet
Mono Chorus
Parameter adjustments are provided for
controlling the amount of pitch correction,
vibrato, root note and tuning calibration
from 415Hz – 466Hz (default is A440Hz)
Modulation Effects
The Q-link Navigation System is a row of
assignable encoders, above the channels,
faders designed to provide quick and direct
access to all major mixing functions
including EQ, Aux send levels, and effects
parameters, without the need to wade
through complex menu layers. Encoders
can be quickly assigned to make adjustments to FX/AUX Send levels, or adapted
to become a full Q-Channel channel strip
providing access to all parameters of an
individual channel
Realtime Pitch Corrector
The Pitch Corrector algorithm allows you
to correct the pitch of monophonic tracks,
such as a vocal, in real-time
Delay Effects
Q-Link Navigation System
Effects Types
Graphic waveform editing is provided
down to the sample level with up to 256
levels of UNDO
◆ A number of editing functions can be
applied to single or multitrack sections of
audio including — copy-overwrite, copyinsert, cut-overwrite, cut-insert, insertsilence, cut-discard, cut-move
◆ A choice of 54 preset timestretch
algorithms provide an unprecedented
variety of timestretch options each of
which are capable of delivering phase
coherent processing of stereo recordings
◆ You are also able to normalize and change
the levels of audio regions up or down
Locate Features
Up to 100 locate points in a song can be
named and stored. A “Direct Locate
function” that assigns locate points to the
keys on the front panel is also available
Both Manual Punch In/Out (using the
transport buttons or a footswitch) and
Auto Punch In/Out (at specified In and
Out points) are supported
8-Track Digital Multitracker
The Fostex MR-8 is an affordable, ultra-portable eight
track digital multitracker which records and plays back 8
tracks of uncompressed audio using a CompactFlash
media card. Audio can be recorded at high quality 44.1
kHz/16 bits or 22.05 kHz/16 bits in the extended mode.
The MR-8 also features an 8-channel digital mixer, digital
effects including the delay/reverb, mastering effects and
guitar/bass amp and mic preamp simulation insert effects. The four
track cassette-style user-interface allows you to intuitively carry out all
the process for digital multitrack recording including overdubbing, track
bounce and mixdown – nearly all of the functions available on the MR-8 are
accessed directly from physical knobs and buttons located on the top panel.
8-tracks of recording
and playback
using readily
Compact Flash
cards (a 128MB
card is included)
16-bit Delta Sigma A-to-D and D-to-A
converters and high quality sound uncompressed linear 16-bit/44.1 kHz digital audio
recording and playback (normal mode).
2-track simultaneous recording and 8
tracks playback
Approximately 25 track-minutes of recording time is available using 128MB Compact
Flash Card in normal mode (16bit/44.1kHz). Extend Mode (16-bit/22.05
kHz) doubles the available recording time
Inputs and Outputs
Two analog input channels –
Channel 1 gives you a choice of a balanced
XLR mic input or a 1/4˝ unbalanced line
or Hi-Z guitar input Channel 2 Gives you
a choice of a balanced XLR mic input or a
1/4˝ unbalanced line input
1/4˝ TRS main/monitor outputs
Two 1/4˝ stereo headphone outputs with
level control
Optical S/PDIF digital output
Digital effects include delay and reverb using
a newly developed algorithm for the MR-8
◆ Guitar Amp simulation (Brit Stack, U.S.
Metal, and 60’S Combo) with analog style
distortion on input A at “Guitar” position)
and Microphone simulation (Dynamic,
Condenser, Tube) on input A at “Line/Mic”
position) as insert effect
◆ A mastering effect is provided on the stereo
bus that allows you to process a song after it
has been bounced or during mixdown.
Intuitive Interface
Intuitive, four track cassette-style operation
is ideal for new comers to the world of digital
multitrack recording.
◆ 128 x 64 dot-matrix LCD and self illuminating keys show current operating status
◆ Using the built-in USB port, on the rear
panel, and the free MR-8 WAV manager software allows you to transfer WAV file data
between the MR-8 and a Windows PC
(XP/2000/ME/98SE) for data editing, CD
burning (normal mode) and backup
Two locate points are provided for executing a variety of editing functions including auto-punch in and out recording
Erase, Copy, Paste, Move and Exchange
mono or stereo track data with one level
of undo/redo.
Part editing allows you to Erase, Copy,
Paste, Move and Exchange data from
within two locate points of a track. Part
editing also allows one level of undo/redo.
Powered by 6 AA alkaline batteries (provides just over 2 hours of normal use) or
with the included AC adapter
A built-in microphone allows instant
access for recording ideas or events.
The metronome function generates guide
clicks according to the tempo map.
MIDI output allows you to transmit MTC
or MIDI Clock for synchronization with
another MIDI compatible device such as a
drum machine or computer.
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Digital Personal Studio
The Fostex VF80 is an affordable all-in-one digital
multitracker that provides 8-track digital recording, an
intuitive digital mixer, A.S.P.+ digital effects with mic
and guitar amp modeling, 99 scene memory, waveform
display, XLR inputs with phantom power and an
optional internal CD-R/RW burner. Fostex’s proprietary
FDMS-3 technology enables more efficient disk and CPU
usage allowing you to obtain a greater amount of
recording track minutes per drive without data
compression, and faster editing and DSP operations.
VF80 • VF80CDR
8 playback tracks plus an additional 16
ghost tracks that allow you to record multiple takes and choose or “comp” the best
20-bit A-to-D converters and 24-bit D-toA converters.
Internal 3.5˝ 20GB IDE hard drive provides 64 total track hours of uncompressed
16-bit digital audio at a sample rate of
CD-1A internal CD-RW drive (optional in
the standard VF80) for mastering, data
back-up and WAV file import and export.
A.S.P.+ digital channel effects provide 44
types of effects including reverb, panning,
hall, reverb, chorus, flange, and pitch shift
effects as well as mic modeling, guitar amp
simulations and distortion.
Two simultaneous inputs,with trim
controls, on/off switches and peak LED
indicators, including two XLR inputs with
phantom powered and two unbalanced
1/4˝ instrument inputs.
The Bounce function allows audio from
tracks 1 through 6 to be bounced to tracks
7 and 8 at the touch of a button.
Left and right 1/4˝ main outputs and a
1/4˝ stereo headphone output with level
Mastering Mode allows you to apply one of
10 preset Mastering Effects, including EQ,
compression and effects to tracks 7 and 8
during your final mix to the internal CDRW drive or an external recorder.
Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O.
1/4˝ footswitch input provides hands-free
manual punch I/O.
Digital Mixing
Eight 60mm faders including six mono
faders (channels 1 -6), one stereo fader
(channels 7 and 8) and a Master fader for
the stereo bus.
Non-destructive Copy, Move, Paste and
Erase audio editing with undo/redo.
Two-band shelving EQ with ±18db boost
and cut (at 100 and 10k Hz) on channels
1-6 with access to a 36 preset EQ library.
Find precise editing points using the waveform display and audio scrubbing using
the onboard jog wheel.
The 99 mix scene memory, with title edits,
allows you to store an entire mixes fader
positions, EQ and effect settings for later
recall or automated scene changes during
final mixdown.
Clipboard data can be automatically
repeated up to 99 times.
Auto punch in and out.
±6% varipitch control.
Inputs and Outputs
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
Training Mode
Center signal cancellation and full control
of audio speed (tempo) without altering
the pitch can be applied to tracks 7 and 8
allowing you to practice along with a stereo
MIDI In and Out connectors allows
synchronization and control using MTC,
MMC and MIDI clock as well as song
position pointer.
Digital Personal Studio
The VF160 is a 16-track digital recording, non-destructive
editing, mixing and mastering with an internal CD-RW
drive included as standard equipment. Up to sixteen
tracks can be recorded simultaneously to the included 20GB internal IDE hard drive. The waveform
display and 16x zoom feature provides precise editing.
The digital mixer features 60mm faders, 3-bands of
EQ,solo-in-place as well as two effect and two aux sends for all
16 channels with a 99 mix scene memory. Other features include two
independent multi effect DSPs packed with a preset library of great sounding
algorithms. And not only are there 8 analog inputs, including two XLR mic inputs
with phantom power, there is also an 8 channel ADAT optical I/O that will interface with
a host of computer-based DAWs, digital mixers as well as a host of outboard processors.
16 playback tracks and 8 track simultaneous record plus 8 additional ghost tracks
for multiple takes (16-track simultaneous a
recording is available when using ADAT
interface in addition to analog inputs).
7 on the fly marker points, 7 Edit Memory
& 99 Event Memory.
Internal CD-R/RW drive.
.WAV file export and import.
99 programs (songs).
3.5" IDE hard drive bay includes a 20GB
drive and is upgradeable to accommodate
larger drives.
Digital Mixing
17 (60mm) input faders – 8 x analog/track
inputs, 8 track inputs and 1 x Master fader
(stereo buss).
Fader pairing allows channels to be
grouped in stereo sets.
Solo, 3-band EQ and plus a Low Pass Filter
on all 16 channels.
Two channel compressors assignable to
channels 13/14 or 15/16 with EQ off).
◆ Master compressor and 3-band EQ.
◆ Two effect sends and two pre/post switchable AUX sends.
◆ Two built-in Fostex A.S.P. digital effects.
◆ 100 mix scenes per program.
ADAT Mixer Mode
Use the VF160 as the front-end, mixer and
control surface for your PC/Mac-based
audio/midi workstation equipped with an
ADAT card and a MIDI interface.
Inputs and Outputs
Eight balanced/unbalanced 1/4˝ TRS
inputs (channels 1 - 8).
Channels 7 and 8 also give you the option
of two XLR inputs with phantom power or
1/4˝ instrument inputs plus 1/4˝ TRS
inserts for injecting outboard processors
into either signal.
Unbalanced 1/4˝ L/R Monitor outputs and
a 1/4˝ stereo headphone outputs.
Two AUX Sends via single 1/4˝ TRS connector (TIP: send 1 / RING: send 2).
Unbalanced RCA L/R outputs.
Optical digital I/O switchable between
eight channel ADAT and S/PDIF.
50-pin SCSI-2 connector supports additional storage devices including external
CD-RW drives.
A.S.P. (Advanced Signal Processing Technology)
The A. S. P. is Fostex’ proprietary digital effect processing technology
designed to provide maximum efficiency from a small amount of DSP
power. The H. F. A. (Harmonic Feedback Algorithm) achieves a rich high
density Early Reflection sound and wonderfully smooth High Dump
response while the H. D. L. P. (Hi-Density Logarithmic Processing) delivers
an elaborate reverb simulation with clear sounds without the graininess
caused by numerous integrated delay module interference.
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D1200CD / D1600 V40
Digital Recording Studios
The D1200 and D1600V40 are all-in-one, digital audio
workstations that deliver uncompressed 16- and 24-bit direct to
hard disk multi-track recording, automated mixing, powerful
built-in REMS effects processing, a wide range of I/O and
routing flexibility, as well as intuitive non-destructive
editing capabilities. The D1200 offers 12 tracks of audio
playback at 16-bit (6 tracks at 24-bit) and the D1600V40
provides 16 tracks of playback at 16-bit (8 tracks at 24-bit).
The D1200’s 16 channel, 4 bus digital mixer and the
D1600V40’s 24 channel, 8 bus digital mixer each feature
level, pan, mute, solo, 3-bands of EQ as well as effects
inserts and 3 effects sends on each channel. Mixer, EQ and
effects settings can be stored within each song as scenes and even
controlled in realtime via MIDI and external controllers. Balanced XLR and 1/4˝ TRS analog inputs with high-performance
balanced preamps will allow a variety of audio sources to be connected directly to the systems, ranging from mic level to a
+16 dBu level. A dedicated 1/4˝ Hi-Z input is also provided for direct connection of a guitar or bass. The internal CD-R/RW
drive, included with both units, makes it possible to backup/restore data, or to create audio CDs in a single integrated package
— Go from recording to effect processing to mixing down to CD while staying completely in the digital domain.
Both units offer uncompressed 16-bit and 24-bit
record and playback at 44.1kHz
The D1200 offers 4 simultaneous record tracks
and 6 playback tracks at 24 bit or 4 simultaneous
record tracks and 12 playback tracks at 16-bit
Each of the D1200’s 12 tracks offers 8 virtual
tracks, for a total of 96 tracks per song
Serious EQ
Digital Mixer Section
PASE (Pure Audio Sound Engine)
The D1200 features 16 mixer channels
which are divided into four input channels and 12 playback tracks. The
D1600V40 has 24 mixer channels divided into 8 simultaneous input channels
and 16 playback tracks
The D1200 has 9 channel faders (6 mono
and 3 stereo) with pan controls and a
master fader that provide smooth, precise level adjustments over individual
channels and the overall output level.
The D1600V40 has 16 channel faders
with pan controls
The D1600V40 offers 4 simultaneous record tracks
and 8 playback tracks at 24 bit or 8 simultaneous
record tracks and 16 playback tracks at 16-bit
Each of the D1600V40’s 16 tracks offer 8 virtual
tracks for a total of 128 tracks per song
Each channel has its own Level, Pan,
Solo and Mute controls, Phase (polarity)
reverse, a 3-Band EQ as well as an effects
insert, two Master effects sends and an
Aux send for accessing an external effects
◆ During mixdown, input channels on can
be used for submixing external audio
sources such as sequenced MIDI tracks
as well as outboard effects processors
Three bands of EQ, each with a
boost/cut range of ±15dB, are provided
for each analog input and mixer channel
➣ High shelving band at a fixed
frequency of 10kHz and a Low
shelving band at a fixed frequency
of 100Hz
➣ Sweepable Mid band with a
frequency range from 100Hz to 20kHz
Because EQs are separate for the input
and mixer channels you are able to
assign different EQ settings for recording and playback
Mixer settings such as fader, EQ, pan
and effects can be stored in a “scene” —
Up to 100 scenes can be stored per song
The Scene playback function allows you
to assign scenes for automatic recall at
the time locations you specify within
the song
Automation data can be sent and
received in realtime, as controller data
via a MIDI compatible sequencer,
keyboard or computer
The Virtual Track Concept
◆ Allows
you to record multiple passes of
instrumental or vocal performances which
can then be compared, allowing you to choose
the best one or the best phrases from each
take can be edited to create the perfect take
◆ Choosing
virtual tracks as the recording
destination when bounce-recording allows
you to combine the data of all tracks,
including effects and EQ into two tracks
without losing any data
A Pairing function allows adjacent channels to be grouped as a stereo pair – ideal
for stereo synths and drum loops
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Mix Automation
D1200CD / D1600 V40
Analog Inputs
Non-Destructive Editing
A variety of analog audio sources can be
connected directly to the mixer and
instantly routed to any channel, ranging
from mic level to a +16 dBu level.
All inputs feature high-quality balanced
preamps with individual Trim controls and
overload LEDs.
The D1200 has two 1/4˝ TRS and two XLR /
1/4˝ TRS combo connectors.
The D1600 has four balanced XLR / 1/4˝
TRS mic/line inputs and four balanced
1/4˝ TRS inputs.
Individually switchable +48V phantom
power which is provided for each of the
D1600V40’s four XLR mic inputs.
Both units also provide an unbalanced
1/4˝ Hi-Z input which allows you to plug a
guitar or bass directly into the units.
Analog inputs and the 24-bit S/PDIF input
can be utilized as Sub Inputs that can be
used to send external audio sources such as
keyboards, samplers or effects processors
directly to the Master bus.
Operations such as copying, pasting, or
erasing phrases are as easy as specifying
the IN, OUT, and TO locations.
The Scrub function lets you listen to the
recorded sound of a track as if you were
manually rocking the reels of an
open-reel tape recorder, giving you
precise control when editing tracks and
for finding the exact punch points.
99 levels of undo/redo makes it easy to
compare complex edits and arrangements.
To make the most efficient use of hard
disk space, you are able to select between
1, 8 or 99 levels of Undo.
Four Locate points and 100 Mark points
with names) are available per song providing quick and easy access to playback
and editing locations.
The Normalize function lets you boost
the overall level of track to the
maximum volume without clipping.
The Time Expansion/Compression
function makes it possible for phrases of
differing tempo to be matched after they
have already been recorded, or to make a
phrase fit into a specific time.
Scrub Mode
Optimize Track Data creates one piece of
audio from several “fragmented” regions,
resulting in perfect track playback and
better conservation of hard disk space.
Reverse playback can be applied to single
or multiple tracks and copied to new
audio regions or tracks.
Single and multiple tracks can be faded
in and out or even crossfaded using one
of six fade curves.
Digital I/O
Outputs & Monitoring
Separate L/R Master and Monitor Outputs
via unbalanced RCA phono jacks on the
D1200 and 1/4˝ jacks on the D1600V40.
A 1/4˝ Auxiliary Output accessed by the
Aux send on each channel can be used for
connecting an external effects processor.
A 1/4˝ stereo headphone output with level
control is provided for both units.
◆ The Monitor function lets you create a
monitor cue mix for all tracks that includes
level and pan settings that are independent
of the mix routed to the Master outputs.
24-bit optical S/PDIF I/O includes a builtin sample rate converter that automatically
converts 48 or 32 kHz sources to 44.1kHz.
The internal CDRW-1X8 slim-line CDR/RW drive makes it possible to backup
and restore data, to create audio CDs, as
well as playback and record directly from
an audio CD.
A CD burner with the same capabilities is
included with the D1600V40.
CD Burning
Effects Section
Each song can contain up to eleven
simultaneous effects programs —
to eight insert effects, including
guitar, bass and vocal multis, can be
inserted into an any analog input or
mixer channel.
➣ Two master effects can be applied to
the send from each channel.
➣ A final stereo effect can be applied to
the master L/R as the last stage.
Each effect program is created with one
of 98 different algorithms using Korg’s
REMS (Resonance structure and
Electronic circuit Modeling System)
192 preset effects (128 insert effect
presets, 32 master effect presets, and
32 final effect presets) created by
professional musicians and studio
Preset programs can be editing and
stored in 192 user program locations.
An expression pedal, available
separately, can be connected to control
an insert effect in realtime.
➣ Up
Guitar Multi
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
D1200CD / D1600 V40
Media & Storage
Control Surface
Both units include an internal 40 GB hard
drive providing up to 62 hours of total
audio data at the 16-bit resolution
The comfortable size and logical layout
of the control surfaces make navigation
on both units easy and intuitive
The D1200 has a built-in USB interface
that allows direct connection with a computer. A 2GB partition of the 40GB hard
disk is reserved to allow simple drag and
drop data transfer between the D1200 and
the computer using the .wav file format
◆ The D1600V40’s user-installable 3.5˝ hard
disk cartridge/bay system supports affordable, readily available IDE hard disks that
can be exchanged when switching between
projects. A 50 pin SCSI-2 port supports a
variety of fixed and removable drives providing additional record, playback and
data back-up options
◆ Data backed up from earlier D-Series digital recording studios can be restored into
the D1600V40, allowing easy transfer of
data. Playable D12, D1200 and D16 drives
can also be played back by the D1600
Both units provide a full range of
transport controls including scrubbing as
well as dedicated buttons that provide
instant access to system functions
A large 240 X 64 pixel backlit display
provides clear access to setup and editing
operations, including precision graphic
waveform editing
The D1200’s display flips up for easy
A built-in Metronome with 96
metronome patterns and 215 PCM-based
drum patterns covering many different
genres of music provide inspiring tempo
guides when laying down tracks
◆ Drum patterns can even be recorded to
tracks and used within your songs
A number of dedicated LED indicators
provide visual feedback of system activity
➣ Hard
disk / CD-R / MIDI activity
➣ Track
status (play, input, rec, mute)
➣ Transport
TouchView Display
The D1600V40 features a 240x64 pixel, backlit
TouchView LCD display system which allows
you to select pages, tabs, and parameters, and
set their values by pressing their related objects
on the screen. Also displayed, during recording or playback are level meters and time
locations as well as various other parameters
Synchronization & Tempo Control
MIDI In/Out connectors allow you to:
(MIDI Time Code) and MIDI Clock can be sent or received allowing the units to synchronize with an external sequencer
➣ Use
MMC (MIDI Machine Control) to allow Stop/Play/FF/Rew/Record/Locate functions to
be sent and received between the units and an external sequencer
Up to 200 tempo map events, that can be dialed in numerically or created using Tap Tempo or
MIDI Clock, are available per song, allowing tempo, time signature and rhythm patterns to
change during recording and playback
The Trigger Recording function allows recording to begin
automatically in response to an audio input
The Auto-Save Feature ensures that song data will be automatically
saved automatically when selecting new songs and on power-down
Built-in auto chromatic tuner – In addition to tuning a guitar or
bass, you can even check the tuning of a playback track
Auto and manual punch-in/out recording makes it easy to
re-record just the desired portion of a performance
Loop recording and playback lets you set specific in / out points
within a song and loop the audio. This allows you to:
➣ Rehearse intricate parts to be recorded
➣ Use the punch-in function while looping, and add new data as the
loop plays
➣ Use the loop playback feature to audition specific regions of
recorded audio
The Program Play function allows you to playback multiple songs in
any order, from the internal drive and external drives
Digital Recorder
The PXR4 delivers 4 tracks of high-quality digital recording and mixing,
pro-level editing functions along with great sounding digital effects in a
compact, ultra-portable package. The PXR4 records directly to readily
available SmartMedia cards from 4MB to 128MB — a 16MB card is
included. A full compliment of onboard I/O is provided including a
dedicated guitar input, stereo mic/line inputs, stereo line and headphone
outputs are provided as well as a USB port that allows you to transfer
files between the PXR4 and your computer in stereo MP3 format. The
PXR4 can be powered by two AA batteries or the included AC adapter. There’s
even a built-in stereo mic ready to capture your musical ideas at a moment’s notice.
Recorder Section
Record 4-tracks of high-quality digital
audio directly to SmartMedia cards from 4
to 128 MB - a 16MB card is included
Three recording modes afford maximum
flexibility by enabling you to select the one
that’s right for the task at hand depending
on the recording quality and time you
High-quality mode captures your
performance with impeccable clarity
Economy mode delivers maximum
recording time
Professional Editing
Eight virtual tracks per track allow you to
record multiple takes of the same track
and select your favorite one
Equipped with everything you’d expect
from a digital recorder many times larger
including easy-to-use punch in/out,
bounce, copy and delete functions even
time compression and expansion
Five faders, one per track, plus a master
fader as well as dedicated controls are
provided for all key features making
parameter selection and editing easy
Clear, backlit display uses an intuitive
icon-based user interface
Model PXRC-00S 16MB SmartMedia card
◆ AC Adapter
Soft Case
Application Note!
Inputs & Outputs
1/4˝ input with a hi/low impedance switch
Stereo mic/line input
1/8˝ stereo output jack, plus a stereo
headphone output
Using the built-in USB port, you can
transfer song data to and from your computer in stereo MPEG format
Not only is the PXR4 a great
multitrack recorder, it is also
an outstanding tool for
practicing guitar —
Hook up a CD player to the line
inputs and record a song you want
to learn
Plug in your guitar and dial in the
appropriate amp model and effects
Use the Time Compression/
Expansion to slow down the
tempo of a solo by half without
altering its pitch
Use the rhythm and metronome
patterns to practice your rhythm
playing and scales
Digital Effects
Intuitive Interface
55 different rhythm patterns plus 36
metronome patterns, using high-quality
PCM sounds are provided for use as a
recording guide, or to create the actual
rhythm track for your song
Included Accessories
Standard mode provides an excellent
balance between recording quality and
memory use
77 different built-in effects, based on
Korg’s proprietary REMS technology deliver ultra-realistic models from guitar amps
and pedals to world-class microphones as
well as studio essentials like reverbs, delays,
modulation effects and more
100 preset and 100 user multi-effects
programs with up to five simultaneous
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
Metronome / Rhythm Patterns
Portable Digital Studio
The BR-532 is a compact and affordable battery powered 4-track digital
workstation designed to give the guitarist and songwriter “on-the-go” the freedom
to record whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Up to four tracks of
simultaneous playback is provided along with 32 Virtual Tracks per song. Audio
is recorded directly to affordable SmartMedia cards (a 32MB card is included).
Plug your dynamic mic, guitar, bass or keyboard directly into the BR-532 and
record using the high quality COSM amp modeling effects without the need
for external processing gear. There’s even a built-in microphone. A separate
Rhythm Guide track keeps the groove going with a choice several stereo drum
patterns available in a variety of styles. The four playback tracks and rhythm guide can be
mixed (bounced) down to a stereo file along with onboard effects.
Four simultaneous playback tracks and two
simultaneous record tracks
◆ A total of 32 Virtual Tracks (8 per track)
are available for capturing multiple takes
◆ Audio is recorded to ultra-thin 3.3V
SmartMedia cards — cards up to 128MB
are supported — a 32MB card is included
◆ When more tracks are needed, you can digitally bounce all four tracks with effects to
a single or pair of virtual tracks
◆ Digital non-destructive track editing tools
include Copy, Paste, Move, Erase with one
level of Undo/Redo
◆ Three locator points provided instant
access to specific edit points and Auto
punch In and Out points
◆ Manual punch In/Out is also provided
◆ 24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters and
32-bit internal processing
Balanced XLR and 1/4˝ TRS mic inputs
allow you to connect a dynamic mic without adapters
dedicated Hi-z 1/4˝ instrument input is
provided for plugging a guitar or bass
Left and right unbalanced RCA line inputs
Left and right unbalanced RCA line outs
are available for mixdown or monitoring
There are four volume faders for each
channel and a master fader
◆ A dedicated pan button lets you control
the L/R position of each playback track
◆ Besides standard Play, Stop, Record FF and
Rew controls, a Time/Value dial is provided
that lets you shuttle to the desired song
position as well as adjust the values of various editing functions
Recording Mode
32MB Card
built-in microphone allows you to
capture ideas anytime, anyplace even when
you don’t have a mic with you
Up to 7 hours of on-the-go recording
using 6 “AA” alkaline batteries (included) –
an optional PSA-120 AC adapter is available
The built-in Rhythm Guide, with tap
tempo button and dedicated volume fader,
provides 8 drum kits using real
PCM-based sounds and patterns, in a
variety of styles, that can be used during
recording and even bounced along with
the four playback tracks
Multiple patterns can be combined to
create a full rhythm track
20 character by 2 line backlit LCD display
Rhythm Guide
optical digital output lets you record
directly to a computer, standalone CD
recorder or other digital device
MIDI output allows you to sync the BR532 with your drum machine, groove
sequencer or computer
Two Types Of
Editable Stereo Effects
The first effect is an Insert Effect that can
be applied during tracking with a wide
variety of COSM amp models and effects
patches designed specifically for recording
guitar, bass, vocals and keyboards without
relying on external amps and processors
The second effect type is a Loop Effect
which allows you to apply spatial effects
like reverb, chorus, flanging and doubling
to individual playback tracks during mixdown. Each playback track has its own
send control for adjusting the depth of the
effect for that track
1/4˝ stereo headphone output
Mixer and Transport Controls
Truly Portable
Inputs and Outputs
AT 349 W. 34th STREET (with purchase of $100 or more)
Additional Features
◆ An Auto
Sub Mix switch on the rear panel,
allows you to monitor the line inputs while
recording from the guitar or mic inputs
The Phrase Trainer lets you slow the tempo
of guitar licks without changing pitch
The Center Cancel function removes lead
vocals from a mix
built-in chromatic guitar and bass tuner
is available via a dedicated tuner button
1/4˝ footswitch jack accommodates start
and stop playback, punch in/out recording
and effects bypass
BR-1180 / 1180CD
Digital Recording Studios
The BR-1180 is a an affordable digital workstation that offers ten playback
tracks and 80 Virtual Tracks plus a stereo mixdown track — all recorded
to an internal 20GB hard drive. Using the optional CD-RW drive
(included with the BR-1180CD) for burning your music to CD,
you’ve got a powerful system with true all-in-one flexibility. Other
features include a large icon-based user interface, phantom power
for the XLR mic inputs, MIDI controllable faders and recallable
mixer/effects scenes. The built-in rhythm guide lets you assemble great
sounding drum parts using high quality PCM sounds. You can also import
.Wav loops and automatically match them to the tempo of your song, making
it easier than ever to have a great sounding rhythm section.
◆ Two
Input and Output Flexibility
◆ Two
◆ One
◆ 1/4˝
XLR and 1/4˝ TRS mic inputs with
switchable phantom power available to the
XLR inputs
expression pedal input (compatible
with the Roland EV5) allows realtime control of effects parameters such as Wah-Wah
Insert Effect and two Loop
(send/return) Effects processors – one for
chorus/delay and the other for reverb
Speaker modeling
Mastering Tool Kit
Icon-Based User-Interface
◆ The
Mastering Tool Kit provides nine fullyeditable processing stages including EQ,
multi-band dynamics and limiting
designed specifically to help you create the
perfect final mix
Internal CD-RW Drive
◆ The
optional user-installable CD-RW drive
(included with BR-1180CD) provides high
speed data backup and audio CD creation of
your mixes. You can also use the CD-RW
drive to import .WAV files such as drum
loops to be used within a playback track or
the rhythm track.
Enhanced Mixing and
Transport Functions
◆ Each
playback track has its own volume fader
(channels 9 and 10 share a single fader) as
well as pan and two bands of sweepable EQ
◆ You can store and recall up to 8 mixer and
effects setting configurations per song
◆ MIDI input allows you to control and
automate fader movements from an external
controller or sequencer
◆ 1000 markers help indicate you instantly
navigate thru your song along with audio
scrubbing function make it easy to do quick
and precise edits.
◆ The
◆ 64
x 40mm icon-based backlit LCD interface simplifies the recording, bouncing and
mixing process by providing concise visual
information of the current status
Rhythm Guide and Loop
Phrase Sequencer
◆ The
Loop Phrase Import feature allows you
to create and edit loop-based audio phrases
within an audio track. You can also import
loop-based phrases (including .Wav files
imported via CD-RW) into the rhythm
guide for a fast way to arrange them to fit
your song’s form and tempo.
◆ Additional
rhythm patterns can be loaded
via MIDI as Standard MIDI Files.
signal first enters the EQ section which
includes a five band parametric EQ, Low
Cut Filter and Enhancer. The signal is then
split into three frequency bands (Low, Mid,
High) each with its own level control. Each
frequency band is then sent to its own
Expander and Compressor and then into a
mixer section which allows you to readjust
the volume of the three frequency bands.
Finally the signal is sent to a limiter and a
soft clip algorithm for achieving level maximizing for your mix without distortion.
◆ The
final signal can be dithered between 8
and 24 bits.
Uncompressed (16-bit): 60 hours
120 hours
160 hours
190 hours
240 hours
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
track simultaneous record and 10 playback tracks – tracks 1 - 8 are mono tracks,
tracks 9 and 10 are combined as a stereo pair
◆ A dedicated stereo Master Track delivers easy
digital mixdown and track bouncing
◆ 80 Virtual Tracks (8 per track) for working
out different arrangements and capturing the
perfect solo
◆ The internal 20GB hard drive supports 16-bit
linear uncompressed recording as well as
Roland’s proprietary modes
BR 1180CD Bundled
with Discrete Drums CD
with professionally recorded
drum loops.
24-bit Digital Studio Workstation
The VS-1824CD is an affordable all-in-one 24-bit virtual studio
with 18-track playback, 28-channels of automated digital mixing, onboard effects (including COSM guitar amp, microphone and speaker modeling), precision editing functions
and built-in CD burning capabilities. Up to eight tracks can
be recorded simultaneously using a wide range of high quality inputs including two XLR mic inputs with phantom power, six
1/4˝ TRS mic/line inputs and a dedicated 1/4˝ guitar input. Even with all
of this power and sophistication, the VS-1824CD is surprisingly easy to operate with
many of the system’s most important and innovative features available with only a single
button push and Roland’s own EZ-Routing functions that take you step-by-step through
the process of configuring recording, mixing, bouncing and mastering set-ups.
True 18-Track Recording
simultaneous playback tracks, 8
simultaneous recording tracks and a total
of 288 Virtual Tracks (16 per track)
Track Editing
◆ 18
◆ Time
◆ Dedicate
◆ Graphic
any pair of tracks to create your
final two-track mix
◆ Internal
10GB hard drive provides enough
space for an album’s worth of songs.
and D-to-A converters combined with the 24-bit MT Pro recording
mode provides true 24-bit signal path.
Compression / Expansion can be
applied to single or multiple tracks by as
much as 75 to 125%.
waveform display and scrubbing
(with a resolution as fine as 1/3000 second)
allow you to find precise editing points.
◆ 999
levels of Undo/Redo
◆ 24-bit A-to-D
28 Channel Mixer with
AutoMix Automation
◆ 18
playback channels plus 10 input channels available for tracking or for adding
external synths, samplers and effects alongside your audio tracks during mixdown.
◆ Choice
of 3-band EQ on up to 16 channels
or 2-bands EQ on all 28 channels.
◆ All
mixer settings including fader levels,
pan, EQ and effects can be stored as scenes
and easily recalled. There are eight mixer
scenes available per song.
◆ The
onboard Auto-Mix function makes it
possible to automate level changes and
panning in realtime.
◆ Automix
data can be edited using an event
list and copied to other locations.
Inputs and Outputs
◆ Balanced
XLR Mic inputs with switchable
phantom power (channels 1 and 2)
◆ Balanced
1/4˝ TRS mic/line inputs (channels 3-8) and a 1/4˝ Hi-Z guitar input
◆ Four Aux
◆ Coaxial
sends using RCA connectors.
and Optical S/PDIF digital I/O
◆ Independent
L/R Master and Monitor outputs using RCA connectors
◆ 1/4˝
headphone output
25 pin SCSI connector is provided for
adding external storage devices
In, Out/Thru connectors allow you
send and receive MTC (MIDI Time Code)
or MIDI Clock for synchronizing with an
external MIDI sequencer or even a second
VS recorder
1/4˝ foot switch input can be assigned to
allow manual punch in/out, transport
start/stop, mark point selection and more.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
◆ A VS8F-2
effects board provides two stereo
effects processors (four mono) with 240
preset and 200 user effects patches based
on a wide variety of effects types including
reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, dynamics,
EQ, Voice Transformer, COSM guitar amp
and mic modeling and more.
second board can be added for a total of
4 stereo/8 mono simultaneous effects.
◆ The
Mastering Tool Kit includes a multiband compressor and offers several templates for creating polished mixes.
Built-In 24x4x4 CD-RW Drive
◆ Create
audio CDs and backup data as well
as import drum loops and other CD audio
data using the CD Capture function.
◆ Audio
CD images can be created and saved
to the hard disk which significantly speeds
up the CD writing process.
Recording Time (at 2 GB, 1 track)
Rec. Mode
48.0 kHz
742 min.
370 min.
370 min.
742 min.
990 min.
1,188 min.
1,484 min.
44.1 kHz
808 min.
404 min.
404 min.
808 min.
1,078 min.
1,292 min.
1,616 min.
32.0 kHz
1,114 min.
556 min.
556 min.
1,114 min.
1,484 min.
1,782 min.
2,228 min.
LCD Display
◆ Six
function keys, under the display,
switch between screens and execute
◆ The VS8F-2
is a user-installable dual stereo
(four mono) effects board that provides the
VS-1824CD and VS-2480(CD) with 250
Preset and 200 User effects patches based-on
36 of Roland’s best effects algorithms, configured in single and multiple algorithm chains
◆ Single
◆ EZ-Routing
Step Editing functions
provide a step-by-step guide that walks
you through the required setup
procedures required for recording,
mixing, bouncing and mastering
◆ Quick
Editing allows you to jump directly
to specific parameters when preparing to
record, mix, bounce and master
number of processing effects have also been
included to provide a broad creative palette for
which to process tracks such as Lo-Fi processing, a Voice Transformer and Vocoder
◆ Each V-Studio
includes a single VS8F-2 effects
board plus you can add a second board to the
VS-1824CD and up to seven more boards into
the VS2480/VS-2480CD
VS-CDR3 CD Recorder Option
Onboard Mastering Tools
Mastering Tool Kit with split-frequency
compression, enhancers, limiters and
parametric EQ designed to give your
mixes more punch and attitude.
ADA-7000 8-Channel A/D-D/A
is an external multi-session
40x read/16x write/10x rewrite CD recorder
option available for the VS-2480 as well as
many of Roland’s legacy V-Studios.
◆ Includes Toast (Mac) and EZ CD Pro (PC)
CD burning software, a SCSI cable and blank
CD-R and CD-RW discs.
COSM Speaker Modeling
Speaker Modeling simulates the
sound of a variety of well known reference monitors (when used with Roland’s
24-bit Digital Reference Monitors) for
creating mixes that translate in a variety
of listening environments
DR-10 / DR-20 Dynamic Mics
◆ Professional-quality
dynamic mics
with cardioid polar pattern
◆ Frequency response from 60 - 15k Hz
◆ Talk switch for on/off control
◆ Includes hardshell carrying case with
mic clip and cable
A 2U rackmount analog I/O expander for
R-BUS-ready products like Roland’s VS-2400CD
and VS-2480 digital workstations. It features 24-bit
and up to 96kHz A-to-D and D-to-A conversion via
8 balanced XLR/TRS inputs with RCA and balanced
XLR outputs.
Level Meter Bridge
Gives VS-2480 users super-accurate,
10-segment LED metering for up to
94 channels (24 simultaneously), plus a monitor readout, main
readout, track status indicators, and an LED which displays timecode
and bar/beat information. Can also be rackmounted (requires optional
VS-24MBA adapter for use with VS-2480/2480CD).
AE-7000 AES/EBU Interface
A 1U rackmount box that converts signals between
R-BUS and AES/EBU for up to 8 channels of
simultaneous digital I/O. It is the perfect solution for
integrating products like Roland’s VS-2400CD and
VS-2480 digital workstations with other professional
equipment adhering to the AES/EBU format, such as
ProTools. Word Clock is also supported.
The RBC-1 (3´) and RBC-5 (15´) R-BUS cables for
exchanging up to eight channels of two-way, 24-bit
digital audio between the ADA7000 or AE7000 and
the VS2400CD and VS2480(CD).
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
preset EZ-routing templates are provided
for you to edit and then store to any of 29
user templates locations for later use
algorithm patches include many studio
essentials like reverb, chorus and delay; while
multiple algorithm chains include guitar and
vocal multis that use a combination of COSM
modeling and standard effects
large, angled 320 x 240 dot backlit
LCD display uses icons, event lists, text
and metering to provide simple
navigation and and a visual indication of
the unit’s current status
◆ The
Digital Studio Workstation
The VS-2400CD is a Digital Studio Workstation that delivers professional 24-track
recording, 48 channel automated mixing, effects and CD burning at an affordable
price. Many of the VS-2400CD’s features have been inherited from Roland’s flagship
workstation, the VS-2480CD including premium analog components, motorized
faders, mouse-based “Drag and Drop” editing and a VGA Monitor output
that provides powerful software control. The VS-2400CD even has some
unique features of its own such as RSS 3-D panning and V-LINK that
allows the VS-2400CD to integrate with Edirol video products thus
allowing you to trigger video images via MIDI events. One
VS8F-2 effects board is already installed and there’s room for one
more for a total of four simultaneous stereo effects. An internal,
low-profile CD burner comes standard, giving you everything they
need to burn CDs or even import .WAV files directly into a song.
shown with
VGA monitor
Inputs and Outputs
24-bit/96kHz Sound Quality
◆ 24-track
playback up to 24-bit (12 tracks at
96kHz) and 384 Virtual Tracks (16 V-tracks
per track) for “comping” the perfect lead
vocal or solo.
◆ Eight
simultaneous record tracks are available right out of the box. You can achieve
16-track simultaneous record tracks when
interfacing with the built-in 8 channel RBus port.
◆ 24-bit A-to-D
and D-to-A converters and
56-bit internal processing provide lots of
headroom and dynamic range
◆ Eight
XLR mic, 1/4˝ TRS line inputs
with switchable phantom power that
allow condenser mics to be used with
the mic inputs.
8 can be switched to accept an
unbalanced 1/4˝ Hi-Z instrument.
◆ Left
and right balanced 1/4˝ TRS Aux A and
Aux B outputs.
◆ An
R-Bus port allows you to add 8 more input
channels via XLR / 1/4˝ TRS (ADA-7000) or
AES/EBU (AE-7000) R-BUS interfaces.
◆ Channel
◆ Coaxial
and optical S/PDIF digital
inputs and outputs.
◆ Independent
left and right balanced
1/4˝ TRS Monitor and Master outputs.
In, Out/Thru connectors not only provide MTC, MIDI clock and MMC functionality, they also allow the VS-2400CD to act as a
MIDI control surface or be operated from an
external device.
Flexible 48-Channel Mixing
with Motorized Faders
◆ The VS2400’s
48-channel, fully automated
digital mixer consists of the 16-channel
Input mixer, 24-channel Track mixer and
eight effect returns.
◆ Thirteen
motorized faders instantly update
to their proper level position as soon as
you select the channel group you want to
◆ Scene
memories of all mixer parameters
can be stored and recalled at the push of a
button. There are 100 mixer scenes available per project.
◆ Dedicated
4-band EQ (2 shelving and 2
peaking) and dynamics on 32 channels.
Simultaneous Record / Playback Tracks
Sample Rate
96, 88.2, 64 kHz
96, 88.2, 64 kHz
Recording Format
M24, M16, CDR
MTP, MT1/2, LIV, LV2
M24, M16, CDR
MTP, MT1/2, LIV, LV2
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
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Mouse-Based Editing
Insert, Cut and Erase editing using the
included mouse and the LCD display or
use an optional VGA monitor which serves
as a the ultimate graphic “Information
Display” for navigating playlists, mixer settings, and EZ Routing
◆ “Drag-and-drop” Copy, Move, Exchange,
◆ Graphic
waveform display and scrubbing
features makes finding edit pints a snap
◆ 999
levels of Undo to back you up
second PS-2 input accommodates an
optional ASCII keyboard for quick and
efficient naming of tracks and phrases.
Onboard Effects
A. Software-style, mouse controlled graphic
waveform editing
◆ Two
stereo effects processors expandable to
four via additional VS8F-2 Effects
Expansion Boards.
B. Edit levels, panning and more for all 24
tracks using the Track Mixer screen
RSS 3-D Panning
◆ The
RSS Panning function provides
dedicated 3-D panning without complicated
editing. Using this function, you can create
a 3-D sound field with up to six mono
sources and write it into the Automix.
D. EZ Routing – Simply drag a “virtual”
audio cable from source to destination
E. Access individual channel parameters
(EQ curves, compressor settings, effects
and more) using the Channel View
R-BUS Options
◆ ADA-7000
8 channel 24-bit A-to-D and
D-to-A converter with balanced XLR/ 1/4˝
TRS inputs for connecting additional
microphones or instruments
◆ AE-7000 AES/EBU
C. The Playlist screen provides a global
view of your arrangement and allows
drag-and-drop editing of audio regions
using the mouse
◆ An
8-channel R-BUS port allows you to
expand the I/O in a variety of analog/
digital formats and provides the ability to
record up to 16 tracks simultaneously. You
can also use the R-BUS port to exchange
eight channels of 2-way audio and MIDI
data between your V-Studio and a PC.
is a video synchronization and
control protocol that is a built-in component of many of the latest generation
of products from Roland including the
allows you to trigger video clips
from MIDI events, or you can use the
V-Fader function to control parameters
such as color balance and brightness.
(at 10GB Partition, conversion
in 1 track, unit: minutes)
Sample Rate
*In “CDR” recording mode, two tracks are always used in a pair (channel link is on), so
recording time is half the above-listed.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
VS-2480HD / VS-2480CD
24-Track Digital Studio Workstation
The VS-2480 is Roland’s top-of-the-line, self-contained V-Studio and is
Roland’s first recording workstation to offer 24 tracks of true 24-bit digital
recording, with an unprecedented 64 channel digital mixer controlled
y 17 motorized faders, dynamics for 48 channels, 4-band EQ and
filtering for each channel and two stereo effects expandable up to
8. Analog inputs included 8 XLR mic/line inputs with phantom
power and 16 balanced 1/4˝ mic/line inputs. 24 Phrase
Pads allow you to trigger and sequence samples directly
from disk. All of these advanced features are greatly
enhanced by full mouse-based editing capabilities using the
large LCD display or an optional VGA monitor. You can even mix
in 5.1 surround sound — ideal for DVD production. The VS2480 offers an
optional CD-RW drive with CD burning software for the Mac and PC and the
VS-2480CD adds an internal CD-RW drive.
shown with
optional VGA
◆ 16-track
simultaneous recording makes it
possible to capture a full band in a single
◆ The VS-2480CD
ships with a fixed 80GB
internal hard drive and is compatible
with large-capacity 3.5˝ IDE hard drives up
to 128GB.
◆ The VS-2480HD
includes a 40GB internal
IDE hard drive
64 Channel
Fully Automated Mixer
◆ 64
channel mixer – 24 input channels, 24
playback tracks, 8 Aux master channels and
8 FX return channels
◆ 48
channels of dynamics processing and
4-band EQ plus Filter per channel
◆ 16
rotary knobs can be switched between
controlling a channel’s panning and Aux
sends 1-8 or as a single channel strip for
direct control over a channel’s dynamics
and EQ
motorized faders can be layer switched
for controlling all available channels.
Expandable I/O
◆ 16
simultaneous inputs (standard) including eight XLR connectors with phantom
power and 16 balanced 1/4˝ TRS inputs
not to mention the ubiquitous dedicated
1/4˝ guitar input. Each input has a sensitivity knob that can accommodate mic and
line level signals and a switchable 20dB pad
◆ Eight balanced 1/4˝ TRS jacks assignable as
8 direct outputs or in pairs as dedicated
Monitor, Master, Aux A and Aux B outputs
◆ Dual 1/4˝ TRS headphone outputs
◆ Dual R-Bus ports allow you to add 16 additional inputs via 8 channel XLR/ 1/4˝ TRS
or AES/EBU R-BUS interfaces
◆ Includes
one VS8F-2 effects board which
provides access to two high quality stereo
effects processors (4 mono).
◆ You can add optional VS8F-2 Effect
Expansion Boards for up to eight stereo or
16 mono effects
◆ 17
◆ Route
any signal just about anywhere
you want— such as to internal or
external effects
Rear view
of the
Phrase Pad Sequencer
◆ The
Phrase Pad function allows you to trigger up to 24 different audio phrases such as
one-shot SFX or vocals directly from disk
◆ Each phrase is assigned to one of the 24
Track Status/Phrase buttons located above
each fader
◆ Phrase Pad performances can be sequenced
and played backed alongside audio tracks
and bounced onto audio tracks
Additional Features
◆ Word
Clock input (BNC) slaves to a
master clock for jitter free recording
◆ A SMPTE input makes it possible to sync
the to video.
◆ Equipped for 5.1 Surround Mixing –
panning is made easy using the included
mouse or using the optional VE-7000
Channel Edit Controller’s built-in joystick.
◆ A built-in Realtime Spectrum Analyzer
helps you tune your EQ to compensate for
the room’s dynamics and create more
accurate mixes.
DS-30A • DS-50A • DS90A
They All Feature
◆ Compact
2-way near-field reference monitors with built-in
bi-amplifier design
◆ 24-bit/96kHz
◆ Specially
designed bass-reflex cabinets deliver an exceptional flat
frequency response with minimal phase shifts and distortion
◆ Custom
active crossover circuitry delivers crystal-clear sound and
flat frequency response.
The DS-30A Features
polypropylene cone LF driver and a
1˝ soft dome HF driver.
◆ Analog
coaxial and optical digital inputs
balanced XLR connections and TRS 1/4˝ input
◆ Magnetically
shielded drivers for use in proximity to CPU
◆ Adjustable
Input, Low Frequency, and High Frequency levels
The DS-50A Adds◆ Compatible
◆ 6.5˝
◆ 78
◆ 5˝
◆ 48
Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
±3 dB
◆ Third
order active crossover at 2.3kHz
◆ 30W
bi-amplified design – 20 W LF
amplifier, 10W HF amplifier
◆ 111⁄6
x 615⁄16 x 97⁄8˝(HxWxD)
◆ Weighs
13 lbs. 8 oz.
with COSM Speaker Modeling
found in select Roland V-Studios and V-Mixers
The DS-90A Adds-
◆ 5˝
polypropylene cone LF driver and a .75˝ soft
dome HF driver.
◆ 68
Hz to 22 kHz frequency response ±3 dB
◆ Third
order active crossover at 2.3kHz
◆ 50W
bi-amplified design – 30 W LF
amplifier, 20W HF amplifier
◆ 12 ⁄4
x 7 ⁄4 x 10 ⁄2˝(HxWxD)
◆ Weighs
polypropylene cone LF driver and a
1˝ soft dome HF driver.
Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
±3 dB
◆ Fourth
order active crossover at 2.6kHz
◆ 90W
bi-amplified design – 60 W LF
amplifier, 30W HF amplifier
◆ 145⁄8
x 9 x 15˝(HxWxD)
◆ Weighs
33 lbs. 1 oz.
17 lbs. 11 oz.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
Roland’s 24-bit Digital Nearfield Reference Monitors were designed to be the perfect match
for the BOSS and Roland digital studios as well as any computer-based or standalone
digital workstation. Each monitor employs a bass reflex cabinet and a 2-way bi-amplified
design. An active crossover system feeds each amplifier delivering an ultra-flat response that
is sure to aide in creating accurate mixes. The DS series monitors 24-bit/96kHz digital
inputs are a no-brainer for the all-digital production environment and help eliminate the
noise and hum problems associated with analog cabling. The DS-30A are the most
affordable way to add pristine 24-bit/96kHz digital monitoring to your studio. They are
ultra-compact monitors that utilizes a 30-watt bi-amp design with a 5˝ propylene low
frequency driver and a 1˝ soft dome tweeter — ideal for any
application where a smaller high-quality monitor is needed. The
DS-50A feature a more powerful 50W bi-amp design with a 5˝
polypropylene woofer and .75˝ soft dome
tweeter. The DS-50A are the ideal nearfield reference monitor if you need a
monitor system with a small footprint and their wider frequency response allows
them to take advantage of the COSM Speaker Modeling features found in the
Roland and Boss workstations. The DS-90A are Roland’s most powerful nearfield
monitors and are the reference standard monitors for use with COSM Speaker
Modeling. They employ a 90W bi-amped design with a 6.5˝ polypropylene cone
and 1˝ soft dome tweeter. If you’re looking for a premier monitoring system, with
the widest possible frequency response, for your V-Studio workstation, look no
further than the DS-90A.
24-bit/96kHz Digital Reference Monitors
Simultaneous Recording
Simultaneous Playback
Recording Media
Approx Max Record Time (Minutes)
Virtual Tracks
Phrase Pad Playback with Sequencer
Digital Mixer
Dynamics/EQ per channel
Fader Grouping, Channel Copy
Total Inputs
Total Mic Inputs
XLR's with Phantom Power
Guitar Input
Total Outputs
8 Channel R-Buss Digital I/O Ports
EZ Routing
Word Clock Input
Snapshot (Scene)
SMPTE Timecode Input
On-Board (Stereo)
Optional Effects (Stereo)
COSM Amp Modeling
COSM Mic Modeling
Speaker Modeling
Mastering Tool Kit
RSS Panning
User Interface
Mouse-based control
ASCI Keyboard Output
VGA Monitor Output
Locate Points
CDR Capability
CDR Support
Track at Once
Disc at Once
CD Track Edit
.WAV File Import/Export
Built-in Guitar Tuner
PCM Rhythm Guide
Free Logic VS Software
Discrete Drums Loop CD
Smart Media
8 (16 w/ R-Bus)
No/3 bands
Yes /5 bands
Yes/5 bands
via MIDI
via MIDI
1 insert/ 1 loop 1 insert/ 2 loop 1 insert/ 2 loop
w/ Option
w/ Option
w/ Option
w/ Option
w/ Option
w/ Option
The Pocketstudio 5 is a low-cost portable digital multitrack recorder that allows you to
playback up to four tracks of digital audio, recorded to readily available Compact Flash
cards (a 32MB card is included). An internal MIDI tone generator allows you to
arrange and playback the patterns of 100 onboard Standard MIDI Files for use
as backing tracks for your compositions. Other features include computer
interfacing via a built-in USB port over 100 internal effects, a built-in
condenser mic and the ability to run for 2 hours using six “AA” batteries.
Four audio playback tracks available for recording vocals, guitars
and other instruments
16 bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters and 24-bit internal processing
at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz
◆ All
Six faders provide volume control of the four playback tracks, the
tone generator and the master output
Two simultaneous analog inputs with trim
controls and overload indicators
Inputs and Outputs
Input A is a 1/4˝ guitar/line level input
Input B has a choice of an 1/8˝ mic
input or a 1/4˝ mic/line level input
1/8˝ stereo line level output
1/8˝ stereo headphone out with level
Internal Synth Module
◆ An
internal high-quality General MIDI
compatible tone generator, with 16 multitimbral parts, 128 instruments, 5 drum kits,
as well as chorus and reverb, can be used to
play back Standard MIDI file sequences
alongside the four audio tracks. Each of the
16 parts has independent control over level,
pan as well as chorus and reverb send levels
100 standard MIDI files are available in a
variety of musical styles to provide a solid
foundation for building backing tracks for
your compositions
Each MIDI file contains six standard song
components or patterns (Intro, Verse 1,
Verse 2, Fill 1, Fill 2 and end)
Eight user-defined marker points allow
you to quickly access the different sections
of a song
Two additional marker points can be used
for Auto punch in and out and repeat
playback Manual Punch in and out is also
Cut, Copy and Paste editing of audio and
MIDI tracks (with undo) using bars/beats
Two Track Bouncing Modes –
Mode 1 (Bouncing) four playback tracks
(with or without the tone generator)
Mode 2 (Bounce +) allows you to
combine the two inputs along with four
playback tracks (with or without the tone
The key and running order of each pattern,
as well as the tempo and instrumentation
of the songs can all be changed
Over 100 High Quality Effects
Two multi-effects are available during
recording (one effect for each of the two
inputs) —
➣ The effect for Input A is primarily for
use with guitars (either electric or
acoustic) and bass and includes a
variety of amp simulators and
distortion effects that are combined
with reverb, chorus, flange or delay
➣ The effect for Input B is primarily
meant for use with vocals and other
instruments including drums and
separate reverb effect is also available for
use with the audio tracks during mixdown
built-in USB port allows you to transfer
files between the Pocket 5 and a Macintosh
or Windows computer
◆ MIDI input connector allows you to
control the internal tone generator using a
MIDI keyboard
◆ Large LCD display navigated by a
multifunction cursor pad and data wheel
◆ Tape-style transport controls
◆ Built-in guitar tuner
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
information (audio tracks, MIDI files) is stored on readily
available Compact Flash cards between 8 MB and 128 MB – a 32
MB card is included
Each of the four playback tracks as
well as the two inputs have Bass and Treble EQ with sweepable
frequency control and ±12dB boost and cut
◆ Pan controls are also available for the 4 playback tracks
◆ Final stereo mix down is created using the MP3 file format
◆ Runs for two hours using six alkaline AA batteries (an AC adapter is
also included)
◆ A built-in condenser mic and a headset microphone deliver true
Compact Digital Multitrack Recorder
8-Track Digital Portastudio
The 788 brings together 8 tracks of direct to hard disk recording and editing, a
full featured and flexible digital mixer, two assignable effect processors and
optional CD burning capabilities with the ease of use and affordability of
a Portastudio. The hard disk recorder offers 250 virtual tracks per song,
and non-destructive editing with 999 levels of undo and redo giving you
plenty of room to experiment without fear of over doing it. The mixing
section offers complete routing flexibility with the ability to control 18 simultaneous
inputs at mixdown — 8 playback tracks, 6 analog inputs, and 2 stereo effects. The powerful effects
can be configured as stereo effects, dynamics, or even as a multi-effect processor for guitar effects. Once you’ve created the perfect
mic, you can use an approved SCSI CD-R or CD-RW drive to burn audio CDs directly from the 788.
Recording Section
◆ Audio
is all recorded with Tascam’s own
hard disk recording engine that provides 8
tracks of uncompressed 16-bit or 24-bit
recording and playback at 44.1kHz
SCSI-2 connector is provided allowing
you to record and playback to/from an
optional, external hard drive up to 64GB
8 full featured channels, 6 input submixer
channels and an 8 channel cue mix
Seven channel faders are provided for controlling six mono channels and a stereo
pair of channels assigned from the input
connectors, or from the recorded tracks
Includes an internal 7.5 gigabyte hard
250 Virtual Tracks are provided per song
allowing you to record multiple takes and
choose the overall best performance or
create the perfect take by editing together
the best phrases from different takes
Each of the 8 mixer channels feature —
➣ Input-to-channel assignment (input or
track), Digital pad/gain, 3-band EQ,
Level, Pan, Solo, Effect and Aux sends
The Effect and Aux sends are assignable
pre- or post-fader allowing optimal setup
and routing flexibility
The pre-EQ, Digital pad/gain control
allows you to attenuate signals up to 42dB
and increase signals up to 6dB, in 6dB
Channels may be linked in stereo pairs,
allowing them to share control settings
The six submixer inputs are available during mixdown for combining synths, samplers and drum machines with the 8 audio
High and Low sweepable shelf bands and a
parametric mid band with selectable “Q” are
provided for each of the 8 mixer channels –
Boost/Cut (per band)
±12 dB
Low frequency range
32 Hz–1.6 Hz
Mid frequency range
32 Hz–18 kHz
Mid Q Control
0.25/0.5/1/2/4/ 8/16
High frequency range
1.7 kHz–18 kHz
Punch In/Out
Executing overdubs and manual punching
is as simple as a single button push or, for
hands free punching you can use an
optional RC-30P punch pedal
The Auto Punch feature lets you rehearse
and punch in and out at exact locate
in/out points. Auto Punch points can also
be created using the last Manual Punch
The Auto punch will allow you to loop
record up to 99 takes that can be auditioned and selected at a later time
The Last Take Load function allows you to
recall your last Auto-Punch session so you
can audition them all over again
Routing & Scene Memory
Digital Mixing Section
3-Band EQ
◆ You
can store and recall up to 128
commonly used input assignment
(routing) patterns to a user-library available
to all songs.
Each song has a 10 scene library where you
can store and recall all of the mixers routings and settings. Saved settings include —
Input assignments, EQs, Effect levels, settings and assignment, Aux send levels, Pan,
Digital pad/gain, as well as Cue mixer,
Fader and Submixer settings.
Contents of the recorded tracks, as well as
inputs from the sub-mixer can be mixed
down to the stereo outputs, which can be
fed to the analog or digital outputs for
mixdown cassette or DAT
Pre-Master Function
◆ Alternately, you
can “pre-master” or
bounce a stereo mix that includes all 8
tracks, the 6 inputs, plus the two effect
processors to the hard disk. This will allow
you to audition and trim a mix before
committing it to tape or disc using the
optional CD burner
Inputs & Outputs
Non-Destructive Editing
The most common editing functions
(COPY, MOVE, and SILENCE) are all
located on the surface while some of the
more advanced functions are accessible in
the Track Edit menu
Besides editing tracks individually, It is also
possible to edit across tracks, or on
multiple tracks
999 levels of undo / redo with an undo
history list allow you to freely experiment
with different edits without fear of losing
Track scrubbing and waveform displays
(with multiple zoom controls) help you
easily find precise edit points
Generate and chase MIDI Clock, Song
Position Pointer or MIDI Time Code
(MTC) for locking up drum machines,
sequencers and other studio devices
including another 788
tempo map containing tempo and time
signature information can also be transmitted and received over MIDI
Waveform / Jog View
Locate Functions
Controls for locate points are provided on
the surface of the unit, along with standard
project navigation keys like Return to Zero
Up to 999 location marks can be assigned
in each song. These markers are stored in a
list that can viewed by time or the location
marker title
◆ An
optional external CD-RW burner
(32x12x10) allows you to burn CDs from
mastered tracks - and provides a cost
effective way of backing up valuable data.
can also import and export .Wav files
using ISO-9660 formatted discs
Timing for locate points can be expressed
in Absolute Time, MTC or in musical
terms (Bars and Beats)
Direct location lets you use the cursor keys
and the dial to locate a specified position
The Last Recording Position (LRP)
function allows you to return instantly to
the point where recording last started —
ideal for playing back a track you just
recorded, retaking a bad performance or if
you need to overdub different tracks at the
same position
◆ You
◆ Audio
can be recorded one track at a time,
leaving the CD open for more songs to be
added later - or you can choose multiple
songs to be recorded in one complete pass,
making a 100% Red Book-compliant CD
ready for mass duplication
Two high quality effect engines capable
of producing a wide range of high
quality effects including reverb, delay,
chorus, pitch shifter, flanger, phaser,
and reverb + gate
◆ A library of user definable presets
allows you to store up to 128 customized patches for recall at any time
◆ Effect 1 can serve as a stereo effect
processor, accessed from individual
channel sends, or as a multi-effect
processor, assigned to a specific input
◆ Multi-effects can consist of up to five
simultaneous effects – although tailored
for guitar and bass they can also be
used for other instruments as well
◆ An independent library with 128 user
definable presets is also provided for
the multi-effect processor
◆ Effect 2 can also serve as a stereo effect
processor, or it can be assigned as
independent dynamic processors
across every channel on the mixer or as
a single stereo dynamic processor on
the stereo output
◆ The dynamics also have a 128 user
definable preset library
◆ Effect and Aux Sends can be assigned
as pre or post fader, allowing them to
be configured for effect and monitor
routing purposes
◆ Separate routing and scene memories
can store and recall your favorite settings
repeat playback function allows you to
loop a section of a song based on selected
IN and OUT points
The Slow Speed Audition (SSA) function
allows you to play back a pair of tracks at
the same pitch, but at a slower tempo. This
is an ideal rehearsal tool when combined
with repeat playback function
varispeed control allows you to play back
and record at speeds ±6% of the original –
ideal for overcoming differences in tuning
built-in metronome provided a useful
tempo guide. The metronome sound can
be generated by it’s own internal source or
an external MIDI device
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
MIDI I/O Synchronization
Built-in Effects
Track editing functions include —
24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters
◆ 6 Analog Inputs —
➣ Four 1/4˝ TRS (balanced or
unbalanced) analog mic/line inputs –
the fourth input can be switched to
accept a high impedance guitar input
that can access the internal effects
◆ A 1/4˝ stereo Aux Input is available for
plugging in a drum machine, synth or
effects processors
◆ Any input can be easily assigned to any
mixer channel by simultaneously pressing
the buttons for the input and the channel
◆ Separate outputs are provided for the
monitor and stereo mix sections, allowing
you to monitor at different levels without
affecting the recording or mixdown levels
◆ The stereo output is also duplicated as a
S/PDIF digital output, allowing you to mix
down digitally to a DAT, MD or standalone
CD recorder
◆ A stereo Aux Send output can be used with
an external effect processors or for additional headphone mixes
16-Track Digital Audio Workstations
Although the AW16G is Yamaha’s most affordable digital audio
workstation, it still must be considered an all out professional
recording system – sacrificing a few of the frills but not audio quality!
Features include 16 playback and 8 simultaneous record tracks of
uncompressed 16-bit audio at 44.1kHz, a 36 channel mixer
controlled by 13 (45mm) faders, dual stereo effects processors plus
mastering effects and dynamics and 4-band parametric EQ on
every channel (a unique feature indeed at this price point). Eight mic/line
inputs are provided including two XLR inputs with phantom power and a 1/4˝ Hi-Z
instrument input. The included 20GB internal hard drive drive provides 4,000 total track
minutes of audio storage (enough room for over 50 five minute songs while the built-in
CD-RW drives audio CD and data backup capabilities complete the all-in-one workstation picture.
8 simultaneous record tracks, 16-track playback with 144 virtual tracks (8 per track)
◆ 16-bit (uncompressed) audio resolution at a
sampling frequency of 44.1kHz (± 6%)
◆ 24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters and
32-bit internal processing
◆ Built-in 2.5˝ 20GB IDE hard disk
Two onboard digital effects processors
using the same DSP found in other AW
series workstations have access to 40 Preset
and 88 User patches ranging from Reverb,
Delay, Modulation, Distortion, Dynamics
to Multi-effect combinations
36 Channel Mixer
36 simultaneous inputs, controlled by 13
(45mm) faders, are available at mixdown
including 16 playback channels, 8 mic/line
inputs, 4 internal effect returns and 4 stereo
quick loop sampler pads
◆ Each channel (except for the effect returns)
has 4-bands of fully parametric EQ,
dynamics (compression, expansion, gate
and ducking), bus assign and pan as well as
channel on/off, pad and phase reverse
◆ The 8 bus outs include two busses, two
external Auxes and two stereo effect sends
◆ A 96 Scene Memory allows you to store all
mix parameters for all channels and recall
them at the touch of a button. You can create different scenes for each section of a
song or A/B compare mixes
◆ You can also save the entire configuration of
a single channel’s settings to the dedicated
64 Preset Channel Library
◆ Independent Dynamics and EQ Libraries
each containing 40 Factory and 88 User
Presets tailored to specific applications.
An Input Channel library, with 40 presets,
offers a variety of amp and speaker
simulators along with many traditional
and not so traditional effects designed
specifically for capturing professional
sounding vocals, acoustic and electric
guitars, and bass tracks
13 types of studio-quality mastering effects
are available on the main outputs for adding
presence and punch to your final mix
Eight analog inputs are available for
recording or submixing synths and effects
during mixdown including — two phantom
powered XLR inputs, six 1/4˝ TRS mic/
line inputs and a hi-Z instrument input
A pair of unbalanced 1/4˝ outputs are
provided for stereo monitoring and a
second pair of unbalanced 1/4˝ stereo/aux
outputs can be used for accessing external
effects and headphone mixes a 1/4˝ stereo
headphone output is also provided
Optical S/PDIF digital I/O
Inputs and Outputs
Quick Loop Sampler
Up to 44 seconds of stereo audio samples
can be assigned to 16 flash memory
locations, independent of the 16 audio
tracks, and triggered via 4 stereo sample
pads – ideal for recording drums, loops
and sound effects
◆ A CD-ROM with over 250MB of of
professionally produced drum kits, loops
and other stereo samples is included
◆ The Slice function will automatically sync
loops to match the BPM of the current
song without changing their pitch
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
Easy To Set Up and Use
Built-In CD-RW Drive
Route input sources to the tracks you want
to record to by pressing the respective
Input and Track buttons. The graphic display shows the connections you’ve made
Burn final mixes directly to inexpensive
CD-R media or back up your recording
session data directly to the highspeed CDRW drive
Display 240 x 64 dot backlit LCD
A Song Marking feature that lets you split a
single song files into separate tracks –
invaluable for indexing long jam sessions
Track Editing
Non-destructive track editing functions
include erase, delete, insert, copy, move
and exchange
Compatible with the backup file formats of
both the AW4416 and the AW2816
You can also import from audio CD and
import/export audio in WAV file format
Synchronize with synths, drum machines
and sequencers using MTC, MIDI clock
and MMC commands
Use faders as a control surface for Cubase,
Logic and Sonar
Sound Clip function allows you to capture
and experiment with musical ideas at a
moments notice, without having to
configure time-consuming input routings,
track assignments and other setups
Up to 180 seconds of looped recording
time is provided using special memory
allocation, separate from the 16 record
tracks – Just plug in, hit record, and go
Phrases can then be copied to a track, or
assigned to a sample pad
Built-in metronome follows an internal
tempo map
Magnetically shielded, so you can use them
near computer monitors and speakers
without having to worry about electromagnetic interference
MIDI In, Out and Thru
Remote mode allows you to create remote
programming templates by sending MIDI
control data from an external device into
the AW16G. Controller assignments can
then be used for realtime parameter control (i.e. the filter cutoff of a synth.
Additional Features
AW16G, AW2816 and the AW4416
Punch Pedal .........................................14.99
Hard drive tray to use
multiple hard drives ............................49.95
AW4416 Quick Start Video................24.95
ADAT Cable
15´ ADAT optical cable
(2 required for input and output) ........Call
AW16G Bag
Canvas carry bag for the AW16G .......44.95
TDIF Cable – 15˝ Tascam I/O cable ...Call
AW2816 Case
Custom Case for the AW2816 ..........179.95
Professional monitor headphones......49.95
AW4416 Case
Hard carry case for the AW4416 ......199.95
AW2816 Case
AW16G Bag
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1-800-875-6951 •
A number of destructive editing capabilities are also available including time compression and expansion in a range of 50%
to 200% and pitch change ± one octave
◆ There is also one level of Undo
◆ Locate points include Start, Out RTZ, A/B,
Last Record In/Out
◆ 99 Marker points can be assigned and
quickly accessed using locate commands
◆ Manual and Auto punch I/O
Sound Clip – Idea Sketchpad
AW2816 / AW4416
16-Track Digital Audio Workstations
The AW2816 and AW4416 are compact console-style Digital Audio
Workstations that deliver fully professional multi-track recording,
mixing, non-destructive editing, effect processing as well as an
internal CD-RW drive option for CD mastering and archiving
— Complete music production systems, right at your fingertips! Both units offer sixteen tracks, plus a stereo mixdown
track, of uncompressed 16- and 24- bit recording and playback
directly to/from an included internal 20 gigabyte hard drive.
The AW2816’s 28 input x 18 bus mixer and the AW4416’s 44
input x 20 bus mixer each provide features that meet or exceed the power
and performance of the now-legendary Yamaha 02R Digital Mixer including EQ and
Dynamics on every channel, fully automatable motor-driven faders and an intuitive
all-digital patching system. The state-of-the-art 24-bit A-D and D-A converters employed
on each of the unit’s inputs and outputs as well as the 32-bit internal mix processing (44-bit for the 4-band parametric EQs)
ensure that the pristine sound quality of the 16-track-plus-stereo 24-bit hard disk recorder is maintained throughout the
production process. Both units also feature the same extensive non-destructive audio editing capabilities at the song, track.
The two available stereo multi-effect processors, based on the Yamaha ProR 3, can be individually assigned as channel
inserts or in a send/return configuration. A number of optional I/O interface cards are available for each unit that provide
direct connectivity with all types of digital and analog gear – the AW2816 has one expansion slot while the AW4416 has
three. The AW4416 also features 8 built in polyphonic sample pads and a special recording track which can be used to trigger
and sequence loops, sound effects or even for flying in background vocals.
Mixer Sections
16 Track Hard Disk Recorder
◆ Sixteen
tracks of uncompressed audio
recording and playback with selectable word
lengths of 16-bit or high resolution 24-bit
and sample rates of 44.1 or 48 kHz
16 independent record/playback tracks
each with up to 8 virtual tracks plus a
stereo mixdown/bounce track provide a
total of 130 tracks
The AW2816’s 28 inputs are comprised of
freely assignable input channels
derived from 8 analog inputs, digital
stereo inputs and 8 channel Option
I/O slot inputs
➣ 16
hard disk playback channels
stereo effect return channels
➣ Virtual
tracks can be used to record
alternate takes of a part. The best take
can then be selected or the best phrase
of multiple takes can be edited together
to create the final track
➣ The
stereo mixdown/bounce track
allows all 16 tracks to be mixed down
directly to disk, including effects and
automation, as a single stereo track
8 tracks can be recorded simultaneously on
the AW2816 or 16 tracks on the AW4416
The AW4416 adds 16 freely assignable inputs
derived from 8 analog inputs, digital stereo
inputs, (3) 8 channel Option I/O slot inputs
and 8 sampling pad inputs for a total of 24
input channels and 44 total inputs
◆ The AW2816’s offers 18 mix busses 8 group
buses, 6 AUX buses, the stereo bus and the
stereo SOLO bus – The AW4416 adds two
more aux busses for a total of 20 mix busses
◆ The input channels and the 16 playback
tracks feature individual Attenuation, Phase
(polarity) Reverse, Channel Delay,
Dynamics, Bus Assign, 4-band Parametric
EQ, Pan and Channel ON/OFF (mute)
◆ Mixer channels and busses are controlled via
smooth and responsive 60mm motorized
faders (8 on the AW2816 and 16 on the
AW4416) that represent actual levels when
using automation or switching between mix
layers or scenes
AW2816 / AW4416
Analog Inputs & Outputs
24-Bit Coaxial Digital I/O
Unbalanced RCA L/R main outputs and
balanced 1/4˝ TRS L/R monitor outputs are
provided as well as a 1/4˝ TRS headphone
output with level controls
Four unbalanced 1/4˝ TS Omni outputs,
assignable from the 4 aux sends on each
mixer channel, are ideal for an external
effects processor or for creating alternate
monitor mixes for headphones
Allows you to mix and transfer audio files
between mastering decks, samplers and
computer-based audio systems
Open-ended Expandability
Optional Yamaha Mini-YGDAI cards can
provide up to 8 channels of additional I/O
in a wide range of formats including
mLAN, ADAT lightpipe, T-DIF, AES/EBU
and Analog
Performance enhancing cards are available
from 3rd party companies including the
AP8AD and AP8DA AD/DA converter
cards from Apogee as well as the Y56K DSP
card from DSP developer Waves which
provides on-board access to industry-standard processors such as the L1 mastering
limiter and TrueVerb high resolution reverb
Up to 96 individual scenes, containing
complete control and parameter setups,
can be saved within each song
Scenes can be fully automated to change on
the time axis within the song
◆ Fader
movements and parameter changes
can be recorded and reproduced in real
time using the built-in “Automix” functions
An Event List allows you to edit the time
position, value and channel status of
individual automix events
Up to sixteen automixes can be written to
special memory areas within a song and
recalled at any time. Data for the sixteen
automixes in memory are saved on the
hard disk as part of the current song
Can act as either master or slave for
synchronization via MTC or MIDI CLOCK
for virtually unlimited system expansion
and is also MMC compatible, allowing
remote transport control via MIDI control
change and parameter change messages
Optional Internal
CD-RW Drive
Built-In Multi-Effects
Two stereo effect processors, utilizing
custom Yamaha DSP LSIs, provide a wide
range of ambience, delay, modulation,
distortion, and amp simulator effects
Reverb Hall, Reverb Room,
Reverb Stage, Reverb Plate,
Early Ref, Gate Reverb,
Reverse Gate
Effects can be used in an Aux send/return
configuration or inserted directly into an
input channel or the stereo bus
Mono Delay, Stereo Delay,
Modulation Delay,
Delay LCR, Echo
A preset “Effect Library” provides a broad
range of setups that can be used as is or as
a starting point for your own variations
Edited effects programs can be stored in
any of the effects libraries 86 user locations
Guitar Effects:
Effect Edit View
Chorus, Flanger,
Symphonic, Phaser,
Tremolo, Auto Pan,
HQ. Pitch, Dual Pitch,
Rotary, Ring Mod,
Mod. Filter
The CD-RW drive option allows you to use
inexpensive, reliable CD-R or CD-RW
media to take your projects from initial
recording right through to creating audio
CDs without leaving the digital domain as
well as back up and retrieve valuable audio
and mix data. You can also use the CD-RW
drive to play back audio CDs or load audio
and other data directly from CD-ROMs
A 50-pin SCSI-2 interface is provided for
direct connection to a wide range of fixed
and removable data storage devices
including CD-RW drives
MIDI In/Out/Thru jacks and a TO HOST
interface provide direct connection to
MIDI-capable computers and MIDI
devices allowing you to automate mixer
functions from an external MIDI controller
or sequencer. MIDI controller data can be
recorded as automix data for vastly
enhanced automix versatility
A footswitch jack makes it easy to punch in
or out while playing an instrument
Peripheral Connectivity
Distortion, Amp simulate
Dyna. Filter, Dyna. Flange,
Dyna Phaser
Rev+Chorus, Rev>Chorus,
Rev+Flange, Rev>Flange,
Rev+Sympo, Rev>Sympho,
Rev>Pan, Delay+ER,
Delay>ER, Delay+Rev,
Delay>Rev, Dist>Delay
Other Effects:
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1-800-875-6951 •
rear panel
Eight balanced high quality analog inputs
are provided right out of the box –
➣ Channels 1 & 2 feature two balanced
XLR / 1/4˝ TRS mic/line inputs with
switchable phantom power
➣ Channels 3-8 offer balanced 1/4˝ TRS
jacks for microphone or line input
➣ Channel 8 also offers an unbalanced 1/4˝
Hi-Z input that allows direct connection
of an electric guitar or bass
Scene Memory
and Automation
AW2816 / AW4416
EQ and Dynamics
On All Channels
4-band fully parametric EQ and
dynamics processing are provided for all
input channels and the main stereo
outputs. The stereo effects returns offer
4-band parametric EQ
◆ Separate
EQ and Dynamics Libraries are
provided, each containing 128 presets
001 - 040 have been
professionally configured for specific
recording tasks
Compressor & Expander Parameters
Threshold (dB)
–54 to 0 (55 points)
1.0:1 to ∞:1 (16 points)
Attack (ms)
0 to 120 (121 points)
Outgain (dB)
0 to +18 (36 points)
hard - 5 (6 points)
Release (ms)
6 ms to 46.0 sec (160 points)•
➣ Presets
➣ Presets
041 to 128 are user presets
where you can save your own setups
4-Band Fully
Parametric EQ
All editing is non-destructive, meaning the
original audio data is left untouched
As many as 15 undo/redo levels are available,
leaving plenty of opportunity to change your
mind – even after several edits
Basic operations such as copy and move
Advanced editing functions including time
compression/expansion (50% - 200%) and
pitch change (±1 octaves) capabilities that
give you extraordinary creative control
Compander Parameters
Threshold (dB)
–54 to 0 (55 points)
1.0:1 to 20:1 (15 points)
Attack (ms)
0 to 120 (121 points)
Outgain (dB)
–18 to 0 (36 points)
Width (dB)
1 to 90 (90 points)
Release (ms)
6 ms to 46.0 sec (160 points)•
◆ Each
of the four bands features–
Frequency Range ...........21 Hz–20.1 kHz
Boost/Cut Range ..........................±18 dB
Q Range Bandwidth...................10 – 0.10
Non-Destructive Editing
The HIGH and LOW EQ bands can be
switched to shelving EQs by turning the
Q knob fully clockwise or a Low or
High Pass Filter by turning the Q knob
Gate and Ducking Parameters
Threshold (dB)
–54 to 0 (55 points)
Range (dB)
–70 to 0 (71 points)
Attack (ms)
0 to 120 (121 points)
Hold (ms)
0.02 ms to 2.13 (216 points)
Decay (ms)
6 ms to 46.0 sec (160 points)*
Name, Comment, Delete,
Copy, Optimize, Protect
Name, Erase, Copy, Exchange, Slip,
Append, Time Comp/Expand,
Pitch Change, Import, Export
*@ 44.1kHz
Erase, Delete, Copy, Move, Insert, Append,
Time Comp/Expand, Pitch Change, Export
Region Name, Erase, Delete, Copy, Move,
Divide, Trim In/Out, Time Comp/Expand,
Pitch Change, Import, Export
Digital Patching
Digital Patch (In) View
Routing Inputs to the 16 hard disk
recorder tracks and/or 18 mix buses is
done entirely within the digital domain
using an intuitive graphic interface. This
provides an easy and efficient way of
configuring seemingly complex record/
mix setups while eliminating the signal
loss inherent in analog patching systems
Quick Record View
Up to 20 different patch configurations
can be saved in the internal “Patch
Library” memory for instant recall
The “Quick Record” function automatically sets up 8 record tracks (or up to 16
when an optional I/O card is installed)
when starting work on a new song
Intelligent location functions allow you to
find locate points fast and easy —
➣ Direct
key access to START, END RTZ,
and ROLL BACK points
Signal routing is aided by an graphic
interface to ensure that the patching
process is easy and intuitive
Quick Record
Locate & Auto-Punch Functions
➣ Up
to 99 assignable locate points, which
can be specified in time or measure
numbers, are available per song
A precision Wave Display allows you to
search for locate or edit points by viewing
the audio waveform
A tempo-map coupled metronome
provides a guide for creating precise auto
punch-in/out points
AW2816 / AW4416
l Stepa
Sampling Pads
8 sample pads are provided allowing you to trigger drum loops,
incidental hits and sound effects or fly in vocal choruses without
taking up valuable hard disk playback tracks
Samples can be assigned to the pads in a number of ways —
➣ Recorded
➣ Loaded
directly from a mixer input channel
from hard disk or other external SCSI device
➣ Imported
from an audio CD or in WAV format from CD-ROM
Up to sixteen sounds can be assigned to the eight pads by switching
between the two available pad banks and each sample pad can be
individually assigned to any of the 24 mixer input channels
The sample pad section offers 8-notes of polyphony and the ability
to load up to 90 seconds (approx. 8MB) worth of samples into the
available RAM
Inputs and Outputs
Channels 1 and 2 offer 1/4˝ TRS insert I/O that allow you
to patch external analog signal processing devices
Sounds are sampled into the 8 pads at the same bit depth (16 bit or
24 bit) and sample rate (44.1 kHz or 48 kHz) as the current song
Three Option I/O slots are provided on the rear panel
allowing you to add 24 additional inputs and outputs to
the system in a variety of analog and digital formats
Each sample pad can trigger a mono sample — stereo samples can be
utilized by assigning the left and right audio regions to adjacent pads
The playback start and end locations of a sample can be trimmed
allowing you to eliminate unwanted portions of a sample
A simple sequencer is provided that allows you to record and edit,
with frame accuracy, the timing of trigger events that occur when
you strike a pad
Events can be moved, copied repeatedly as a pattern, or erased
Interfac s
# of Inputs & Outputs
Resolution / Sample Rate
Digital I/O
ADAT Lightpipe
24-Bit, 44.1/48 kHz
(2) Toslink
Digital I/O / Word Clock Out
24-Bit, 44.1/48 kHz
D-sub 25pin / BNC
Digital I/O
24-Bit, 44.1/48 kHz
D-sub 25pin
Digital I/O / MIDI
8/8 (audio) 16/16 (MIDI)
24-Bit, 44.1/48 kHz
IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
Analog Inputs
4 Inputs
Analog Outputs
4 Outputs
Analog Inputs
8 Inputs
1/4˝ TRS
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AW441 Features
Self-Contained Palmtop Recording Studio
The Zoom PS-02 Palmtop Studio combines a “smart media” multi-track recorder,
drum and bass machine, guitar multi-effect processor and amp modeler in a super
compact device small enough to fit in your jacket pocket. As it is portable and
self-contained, you can easily create a digital multitrack demo anytime, anywhere.
This new generation multi-track recorder uses a SmartMedia card and offers 3
audio tracks, a stereo drum track and a bass track for a combined 6 tracks of
creative power. Even better, up to ten virtual takes per audio track let you hone
a song until you get it just right. And digital technology ensures that the sound
stays crisp even after multiple passes.
The PS-02 incorporates more than 200 rhythm patterns using realistic drum and
bass sounds. Various patterns for intros, fill-ins, and endings let you build your own song
configurations. You can program drum patterns and bass chord progression for up to 100 songs. 50 template songs are
already contained in the unit, which can be used for practice or as stepping-stones for your own creations.
The PS-02 features 50 built-in effects for all sorts of instruments, with the capability to use 6 modules and 8 types simultaneously.
The patch memory with 60 preset and 60 user patches lets you create and store your own variations. For guitars, the
Variable Architecture Modeling System developed for the GFX-8 Guitar Effects Processor is used, letting you record with
genuine amp modeling sounds. A built-in microphone allows convenient vocal recordings, while a high-quality Mic-preamp
with a direct connection of a dynamic microphone, allows high class recordings of vocals and any kind of instrument.
Three available audio tracks are recorded
directly onto a Smart Media card.
Record and playback up to 3 separate
audio tracks with the ability to digitally
“bounce” tracks together.
Each audio track offers 10 additional
virtual tracks or “takes” to choose from.
bounce function available with panning capability allows you to overdub or
mix audio tracks onto a buffer track for
an endless number of audio tracks.
Track function lets you record up
to ten takes on each of the audio tracks.
One of these takes can be selected and
played back.
Inputs and Outputs
20-bit oversampling A-to-D and D-to-A
◆ Unbalanced 1/4˝ input with switchable gain
settings for accommodating both guitar and
mic level signals.
◆ Built-in dynamic microphone and
Auto-chromatic tuner
◆ 1/4˝ stereo output jack and 1/8˝ mini stereo
headphone output.
◆ 1/8˝ mini stereo aux input
◆ Virtual
◆ You
can get approximately 17 minutes of
recording time in Stereo “Hi-Fi” mode
with a 64MB memory card (32kHz) or
over 2 hours in Mono “Long” mode with
a 128MB memory card.
punch in/out function is also available.
Stereo recording of a CD or MD source
input via the AUX IN jack is also possible.
24-bit Multi-Effects and
Guitar Amp Modeling
Rhythm Track
2 internal tracks of drums and percussion
and 1 internal track of bass sounds each with
256 preset patterns
◆ A selection of High-quality stereo drum patterns, drum kits and bass sounds can be
sequenced as a basis for your recording.
◆ Incorporates more than 200 rhythm patterns
using realistic drum sounds. Combine patterns and chords to create up to 100 songs –
ideal for composition or practice.
variety of Zoom guitar-based multieffects are provided as well as a number
of guitar and bass modeling sounds using
proprietary VAMS technology.
dedicated Vocal effects can be used
with the PS-02’s built-in dynamic
◆ Additional
effects are available at mixdown and for mastering.
60 preset and 60 user effects programs
are provided based on a total of 50 effects
– up to 6 effects can be used per program.
Back-lit LCD display
Runs on the included power supply or up
to 4 hours using 4 AAA batteries.
Extremely compact size – 3.58 x 3.26 x
1.32˝ (HWD).
Includes an 8 MB Smart Media card,
power supply unit and a belt clip.
For Any Inquiries Regarding Your Order, Call Our Customer Service:
(800) 221-5743 • (212) 239-7765 • FAX: (800) 947-2215 • (212) 239-7549
4 tracks simultaneous playback tracks and 2 tracks simultaneous
record tracks.
17 track-minutes of recording time in Hi-Fi mode (32kHz) using the
supplied 32 MB Smart Media card, 34 track-minutes at Lo-Fi (16kHz)
8 virtual takes per track, a total of 32 tracks can be recorded.
Five 45mm faders (four channel and one master)
The digital bounce feature allows you to internally mix the four
playback tracks down to two tracks.
Two-band parametric EQ, pan and an effect send are provided for
each channel.
Two 1/4˝ inputs with continuously
variable input gain to accommodate a wide
variety of audio sources.
Digital editing tools include Copy and
Paste, Erase and Exchange.
Large back-lit LCD displays two input levels,
tracks 1-4 and Master L/R output levels.
Manual and Auto Punch In/Out
Two 1/4˝ Aux inputs are provided also for
accommodating line level signals
Location can be displayed either as
Measure/Beat or Min/Sec/mSec.
Built in metronome and chromatic tuner.
Unbalanced RCA master outputs and a
1/4˝ stereo headphone output.
50 marker points for transport position
and A-B Repeat, from any point or any
Send effects such as Hall, Room, Doubling,
Delay (Short and Long), Chorus (Mono
and Stereo) are adjustable using the Track
Parameter function.
Free downloadable “MRS-4 Card
Manager” software can convert audio files
for each track to/from WAV files and can
be used with your desktop DAW software.
Links with the Zoom MRT-3 RhythmTrak.
The MRS-4 receives signal directly from
the outputs of the MRT-3 and is
synchronizes via MIDI clock.
Runs on 4 “AA” batteries or an optional AC
power supply.
Inputs and Outputs
Additional Features
Insert effects include dynamic effects such
as compression and limiting as well as guitar-based effects like cabinet Simulation
and a mic preamp can be easily added to
the tracks.
The Power, Boost and Vocal Mix Down effects can be used simultaneously with the send
effects for a perfectly finished mix.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
With it’s simple 4 track cassette-like interface, the MRS-4 is truly digital
recording made easy. Just turn the power on and start recording.
Saving recorded audio to smart media cards, the MRS-4 can
bounce tracks without degradation, giving you a virtually
unlimited number of tracks. The custom back-lit LCD screen
always displays all functions along with 8 points x 8 level meters
(input 1 & 2, track 1-4, master L/R), and location in
Minutes/Seconds/m-Seconds plus optionally in Bars and Measures.
With the MRS-4, extensive digital editing tools are at your fingertips. Copy &
Paste makes it a snap to create loops, erase any unnecessary parts or exchange data
between tracks. Up to 50 marker points can be inserted anywhere in a song, A-B repeat from
any point or block is possible, and manual and auto punch in/out capabilities are included.
Up to 2 tracks can be recorded simultaneously. With 8 virtual takes for each 4 physical tracks, you get up to 32 takes of
recording. Save your work to the supplied 32MB Smart Media card, and get 17 track-minutes in Hi-Fi mode and 34 trackminutes in Long mode. With an optional 128MB card, you can record up to 135 track-minutes in Long mode. Stereo-Link
function enables stereo sources (like synthesizer, sampler, drum machine) to maintain their surround-sound. Stereo bouncing is possible onto virtual takes even when the 4 playback tracks are full.
The MRS-4 is light-weight and compact, has a 2 way power supply as Battery and PSU, and will operate for over 5 hours
with 4 AA batteries, allowing for flexible song writing anytime, anywhere.
Four-Track Digital Recorder
Digital Multitrack Hard
Disk Recorders
The MRS-1266 and MRS-1266CD represent
Zoom’s most advanced digital audio workstations. Both units feature ten tracks of 16-bit /
44.1kHz playback, 24-bit effects, plus two independent drum and bass tracks using the built in drum
machine and bass synth. Both units accommodate six simultaneous
record tracks from a variety of input sources including: two
XLR mic inputs with switchable phantom power; two 1/4˝
instrument inputs; and six 1/4˝ line inputs. That’s enough
inputs and tracks to capture your whole band live. The
MRS-1266CD includes an internal CD-R/W drive (optional on
the MRS-1266) that allows you to back-up data from the internal
20GB hard drive as well as make audio CDs from your final mixes.
MRS-1266 & MRS-1266CD
Six track simultaneous record tracks and
ten playback tracks: 8 mono and one
stereo. A stereo master track is also provided for mixdown.
Ten virtual tracks are provided for each of
the ten audio tracks and the stereo master
track. This allows the you to record multiple takes and pick the best performance.
With a 20 GB hard drive, you can record
up to 60 hours of music.
The bounce function allows you to mix
down the 10 ten audio tracks along with
the drum and bass tracks into one or two
new audio tracks. The target for the
bounced tracks can be V-tracks or the dedicated master track.
◆ Audio
is recorded using CD quality
(uncompressed) 16-bit 44.1kHz to the
included 20GB internal hard drive.
◆ All
internal processing as well as A-to-D
and D-to-A conversion is done at 24-bit.
The optional internal CD-R/RW drive
(included in the MSR-1266CD) allows you
to create audio CDs of your mixes and
back-up data.
◆ You
can store up to 999 songs with 100
marker points per song and 100 sequence
and manual scenes per song.
Rhythm Section
Twelve faders: channels 1 -8 are mono
channels, 9/10 is a stereo channel, drum,
bass, stereo master
◆ Each channel features a dual band EQ with
sweepable frequency ±12dB boost and cut;
two effect sends; pan and solo
◆ Besides the 10 playback tracks, there are six
simultaneous inputs for accessing external
synths and processors, and a stereo master
channel for mixdown.
Inputs and Outputs
Two XLR balanced mic inputs with switchable phantom power as well as two 1/4˝
unbalanced Hi-z instrument inputs and six
1/4˝ unbalanced line inputs.
◆ Stereo RCA main outputs and an optical
S/PDIF digital output
◆ 1/4˝ stereo headphone output plus a 1/4˝
stereo sub out (each with dedicated level
controls) that can be used for a second set
of phones or for carrying a submix
◆ MIDI In and Out connectors will allow
you to use an external MIDI controller
and/or sequencer to program the 1266’s
drum and bass patterns, or you can use the
MIDI out to control external devices.
Built-in bass and drum Machine with 12
touch sensitive pads (a full chromatic
scale), 30 note polyphony and a 20,000
note capacity.
◆ There are over 400 pre-programmed patterns included plus you can create over
500 of your own patterns per project.
◆ You can create your own original patterns
using either step or real-time recording.
◆ 127 different sounding drum kits with 36
sounds per kit (12 pads x 3 banks) featuring the best of Zoom's critically acclaimed
drum sounds. 26 high quality bass
sounds, each with a 5 oct. range are also
◆ Completed rhythm patterns can be
processed with the insert and Send/Return
effects and bounced to an audio track.
Phrase Import
Pre-recorded drum beats, samples and
phrases can be imported using the optional
CD-R/RW drive.
Up to 100 samples can be stored per project, and by cutting and pasting, loops can
be created and dropped in and out or
songs quickly and easily.
MRS-1266 & MRS-1266CD
24-bit Digital Multi-Effects
There are two effects types available: an
insert effect and two Send/Return Effects
The Insert effect can be inserted into any
input channel, track channel or on the master fader channel for mixdown.
There are 94 different insert effects available
based on five different algorithms including
VAMS (Variable Architecture Modeling
System) Guitar/Bass Amp Modeling,
Microphone, Line, Dual input (guitar and
vocal mic) and Mastering. Each algorithm is
built from four major effect modules (compressor, pre-amp/drive, equalizer and modulation/delay).
total of six effect types can be chained
together, and saved into any of the 280 patch
locations available for each project.
The two Send/Return effects allow you to
add chorus/delay and reverb separately on
each track via the send control available on
each channel. There are 20 chorus/delay
patches and 20 reverb patches available per
(Variable Architecture Modeling System)
refers to ZOOM’s amplifier modeling system. It accurately simulates the sound of
classic amplifiers and cabinets. This hybrid
analog / digital processing allows you to
plug in a guitar, bass or any other instrument direct, and get a rich, accurate amp
tone without having to mic a real cabinet.
Designed with ergonomics in mind with
all of the functions and buttons logically
positioned for easy, intuitive access. Level
meters and tracking info is displayed on 96
x 63mm back-lit display. The ins and outs
you use the most-guitar/bass, headphones,
sub-out, expression pedal, and foot switch-are all located on the front of the chassis.
Additional Features
◆ An
optional, user-installable USB
interface will allow you to share audio data
with a Windows or Macintosh computer
and your favorite DAW software.
Built-in auto chromatic tuner
footswitch jack can be used to start and
stop the transport or can be switched to
control punching in and out
Track Editing
Auto and manual punch in and out recording.
You can specify precise start and end points
using the Scrub and Preview functions and
practice the part using the A/B repeat function.
Additional track editing features include: the
ability to Trim the beginning or end of a specified track; combine usable portions of a different takes, Copy/ Erase/ Exchange whole tracks,
and Copy/ Move/ Erase/ Reverse just a specified
part of track.
◆ You
can also set the Fade In or Out time
of a track using any one of three fade
◆ An
expression pedal input can be used
with the optional Zoom model FP02
expression pedal for controlling effects
The time compression and expansion algorithms allows you to to change the length of a
specified track without affecting its pitch. You
are given the choice of overwriting the existing
audio track or pasting the modified track data
to a new track.
ZUSB-01 is a USB option card that
allows you to connect the MRS-1266 or
MRS-1266CD to your PC or Mac.
CD-01 - Optional (User Installable) CD-R/
RW Drive Kit for the MRS-1266 allows you
to master and burn your own CDs, backup
and restore project data as well as import
WAV/AIFF and Audio CD data.
FP02 – Expression
pedal for
controlling effects
FS01 footswitch
for controlling
start/stop and punch I/O.
Scene Memory Automation
◆ You
can save fader positions, effects patches, send-return effects and key status as a “Scene”.
Up to 100 scene setting locations are available per project.
◆ You
can automate level and effect changes by assigning specific scenes to different location
markers within a song.
ORDER & INFO. (212) 444-5088 • FAX: (212) 239-7770 (800) 947-7008
1-800-875-6951 •
This chart shows the structure of the
various Insert effect algorithms including
the six effects and the I/O routing available per algorithm. Each effect within
each algorithms is fully editable.
Logical User Interface
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