Electronic Theatre Controls Sensor Specifications

Electronic Theatre Controls Sensor Specifications
Electronic Theatre Controls
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North America Product Catalog
Control Eos Titanium (Ti), Eos Ti RPU3, Gio, Ion, Ion RPU, Element, Net3 RVI, Universal Fader Wings,
Radio Focus Remote (RFR), Net3 Gateways
Smart Solutions SmartFade, SmartFade ML, SmartSoft software, SmartPack Portable Pack, SmartPack
Wall Mount, SmartPack Touring System, SmartBar 2 dimmer bars, SmartModule 2, SmartStand, SmartSwitch
Power Control & Distribution
Sensor3 Installation Rack, Control Electronics Module (CEM3),
Sensor modules, Sensor3 Touring Rack, Sensor3 Portable Pack, Echo Relay Panel, Echo Preset Station, connector
strips, gridiron junction boxes, pigtail and outlet boxes, NEMA wall plates, floor pockets, Retractable Lighting
Position (RLP)
ETC LED Fixtures Source Four LEDs, Source Four LED CYC Adapter, Desire D22, Desire D40, Desire
D40XT, Desire D40XTI, Desire D60, Desire D22 Studio, Desire D40 Studio, Desire D40XT Studio, Desire
D40XTI Studio, Desire D60 Studio, Selador Classic Lustr+, Selador Classic Paletta, Selador Classic Vivid-R, Selador
Classic Pearl
Source Four Fixtures Source Four Mini, Source Four, Source Four jr, Source Four 14º, Source Four 70º,
Source Four 90º, Source Four EDLT option, Source Four Zoom, Source Four jr Zoom, Source Four PAR EA, Source
Four PAR MCM, Source Four PARNel, Source Four Fresnel, Source Four MultiPAR
Unison Paradigm | Unison Mosaic | SmartLink | Source Four Paradigm LightDesigner, Paradigm
ControlDesigner, Wall Mount Touchscreen, Portable Touchscreen, Handheld Touchscreen, Architectural Control
Processor, Control Enclosure (ERn), Dimming Enclosure (DRd), Unison Power Control Modules, LinkConnect
Station Power Modules, Heritage Control Stations, Paradigm Central Control Server, Unison Mosaic Tessera
Panel Controller, Unison Mosaic Show Controllers, Unison Mosaic Remote Modules (RIOs), Unison Mosaic
Show Controller X, Unison Mosaic Designer Software, Unison Mosaic LED Drivers, Unison Mosaic Button
Stations, Unison Mosaic Ethernet Switches, Unison Mosaic DMX/RDM Opto-Splitters, SmartLink Architectural
Control Processor (ACP), SmartLink Heritage Button Stations, SmartLink TimeClock, Source Four HID, Source
Four HID jr, Source Four HID Zoom, Source Four HID jr Zoom, Source Four HID PAR, Source Four HID PARNel,
Source Four XT
ETC Rigging Prodigy Fixed-Speed Hoists, Prodigy Variable-Speed General Purpose Hoists, Prodigy Stage
Electrics, Prodigy Houselight Hoists, Prodigy EXO Fixed and Variable-Speed General Purpose Hoists, QuickTouch
controller, QuickTouch+ controller, Foundation controller
from the CEO
We have so much new to
show you this year – more
ETC innovations to light up your world and work. In these pages, meet Eos Ti, the newest desk in our awardwinning lighting control lines. We designed Eos Ti to contain and exceed the powerful functionality of Eos –
mastering your hybrid lighting rigs filled with conventional fixtures (like ETC’s Source Fours), moving lights,
multimedia devices, and LEDs (like our Selador x7 Color System luminaires and Source Four LEDs).
Our expanded Source Four LED and Desire LED lines bring unprecedented rich color and whites to your
stage, studio, exterior and interior productions. Our Sensor3 Power Control system (it’s not enough to call it
“dimming” anymore) offers our new ThruPower modules, accommodating the variety of load types in your
hybrid lighting systems.
And per your demand, we’ve introduced the powerful little Source Four Mini. You’ve wanted an ultra-compact
spotlight to do specialty lighting for as long as the Source Four’s unique light has existed. Now you have one.
I hope that as you look at our products here you will see beyond them too, to the reasons they are the best
in the industry: ETC has the best people. I’m very proud of that. ETC is entering its 39th year of existence –
from the early college-student band of inventors to the current ETC international community of over 700
people (not counting our representatives, dealers and certified technicians, who are part of the ETC family
as well). The history of ETC marks milestones in product introductions, awards, installations, acquisitions,
and expansion. But the real story has always been about the brainpower and heart of the individuals who
work here. At the same time, we recognize the people behind the use of our products worldwide – you.
We want to take the opportunity to tell you that your passion for lighting and rigging drives and inspires us.
Thank you for choosing ETC.
fred foster
a better way
ETC was begun in 1975 with the
passionate belief that there was a
better way to make a lighting control console. We developed one of the first microprocessor-based systems,
with the then blindingly fast 2MHz 8080 CPU. Now our award-winning lighting control desks are thousands of
times more powerful than those versions. And we keep believing lighting control can be even better.
We also proved that the HPL lamp in a Source Four® made for a better spotlight – unmatched light output and
energy savings. Well over three million Source Four-family fixtures now light up venues and productions worldwide.
And we offer you a better way to seize the efficiencies of LED lighting: eco-friendly ETC LED fixtures with the
power and punch that theater and broadcast productions require, plus a stunningly beautiful seven-color range.
The most vivid, saturated color available from LED technology: the award-winning Source Four LED™ and Selador
series, including the Desire® LED line.
With our Unison® family, now comprising Paradigm®, Mosaic®, and SmartLink® products and more, we are
giving you far better – and greener – solutions for handling sophisticated architectural lighting, as well as for
building-systems and dynamic show control.
We also believe there is a better way to serve customers. Our Project Management group serves as your
intermediaries and customer advocates. They support your installation’s unique needs, create submittals, assist
specifiers, process order changes, facilitate shipping, and coordinate technical-service involvement. They listen
to you and respond with solutions for your lighting success.
We are always here with customer support. Call us when you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at
1-800-688-4116. Our regional offices and over 200 authorized service providers around the world will do what
it takes to solve your problem. The show must go on. That’s the ETC ethic.
The great playwrights of history said ‘Life is theater.’ At ETC, we light life. And we’re always looking for better
ways to do that for you.
The speed of light: Complete Control™ by ETC
ETC’s lighting control desks and systems master the most ambitious lighting rigs – from legions
of conventional fixtures, to moving lights, media servers, LEDs, and more. We have a console
Eos Titanium (Ti)
Eos Ti RPU3
for every production or venue.
For lighting professionals devoted to the operational ‘DNA’ of ETC’s award-winning Eos®
family, the choice now includes not only the Gio , Ion , and Element desks but the new Eos
Titanium. The flagship of the console line, Eos Ti™ is aimed at venues with big work to do –
Net3 RVI
Universal Fader Wings
Broadway and West End shows, opera, TV, and beyond.
Radio Focus Remote (RFR)
Net3 Gateways
The Gio fills the mid-range position in the family, between Eos Ti and Ion, offering powerful
Eos functionality in a compact, portable footprint – to fit anywhere and to take on the road.
SmartFade and SmartFade ML consoles
[see Smart Solutions chapter]
For productions with less ambitious budgets – but ambitious lighting still to do, ETC offers
Ion, with the Eos-brand pedigree but geared to a smaller scale.
Element maintains the Eos operational style but offers a simplified feature set in a stand-alone
console, making it ideal for modest rigs that need more basic hands-on fader control.
And for complete control over any rig the future may hold, the most comprehensive ACN
network – ETC’s Net3™ – is ready. Net3 protocol provides the best traffic management for
high-capacity applications, speaking directly to complex devices.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
This stunning Middle Eastern cultural landmark is one of the most ambitious lighting projects in the world. From
architectural and ambient lighting indoors to artistic illumination outdoors (including a 29.5-day cycle mimicking the
phases of the moon), the Grand Mosque stands apart for its lighting control. Four ETC Congo® consoles were used to
program the exterior lighting, and the cues are run on six Congo Light Servers™. Specially written ETC control software
provides a sophisticated fault-reporting system, ensuring that the 19,000 conventional and 1,250 intelligent-lighting
fixtures communicate via RDM and ACN using Net3™ Gateways. The Grand Mosque also employs 52 ETC Matrix Mk II
dimmer racks and 15 ETC Unison® CMEi Processors for the architectural lighting control.
Powerful doesn’t have to be hard. Eos Titanium, or, Eos Ti™, is the
new flagship of ETC’s Eos® lighting control line. As professional
production values rise, and lighting rigs become more complex, Ti takes the pressure off. Lighting designers and
programmers can think less about the mechanics of their system and more about art. The Ti platform – like all Eos-line
desks – speaks the language of light: a common-sense syntax and operational clarity that makes show-programming
workflow go faster. No ‘interpreting’ required.
Introducing Eos Titanium
Eos Ti’s hardware and software innovations lighten the load. More direct control with stunning multi-touch screens and
more visual terrain, plus a generous backlit, user-definable keypad and a potent solid-state hard drive.
Run your lighting show with full Eos
software and hardware. The Eos Ti
Remote Processor Unit is a compact 3U 19” rack-mount device, providing primary and/or backup processing for Eos
lighting control systems. It can be used in conjunction with Eos Ti or Ion® consoles and also as a stand-alone lighting
playback unit.
Eos Ti Remote Processor Unit (RPU3)
4,096 / 8,192 / 12,288 or 16,384 outputs/parameters
Dedicated master playback fader pair
10 definable motorized faders, with 30 pages of control
999 cue lists, 200 active playback faders, and 999 submasters
Dedicated pan/tilt encoders, four pageable encoders
Two integral articulating 17” LCD multi-touch displays
Supports three external DVI/SVGA monitors; can be singleor multi-touch
Device discovery and troubleshooting via RDM
ETC Sensor® CEM+, CEM3™, and FDX dimmer feedback
and controls
ETCNet2™, Net3™/ACN, Art-Net and Avab® protocols
Multiple MIDI and SMPTE Inputs
Client and Offline programming on PC (Windows 7 or XP) and
native on Macintosh (Intel only, OS X)
Show information can be imported from Obsession™, Express™,
Expression®, Emphasis®, Congo®, Transtechnik NT, Avab VLC, and
Strand 500/300 series show files via ASCII
Two 802.af-compliant PSE Ethernet ports, individually configurable
Eos Ti Remote Processor Unit 3 (RPU3)
Net3 Remote Video Interface 3 (RVI3)
Net3 Radio Focus Remote (RFR)
Eos Client Software Kit
Universal 2x10 and 2x20 Fader Wing
Remote-control apps for handheld devices: iRFR™ (Apple® devices)
and aRFR™ (Android® devices)
4,096 / 8,192 / 12,288 or 16,384 outputs/parameters
Supports 3 DVI/SVGA high-resolution monitors
(touchscreens optional)
Two 802.af-compliant PSE Ethernet ports, individually configurable
Eos Ti Control
Gio masters the mid-range position in the Eos® family, between the new
Eos Titanium™ and Ion® – boasting the same powerful programming DNA. Gio
offers Eos functionality and popular operational syntax, in a compact, portable footprint – to fit anywhere or to take on
the road.
Gio control desk
Gio introduced popular new technologies to the Eos line-up. The desk features backlit buttons to make working in dark
places easier (and saves your dimmable Littlites® for seeing your script instead!). Gio also includes two integral, articulating
multi-touch displays and supports up to three external displays, all of which can also be multi-touch.
Gio’s keypad layout makes moving between Eos-console platforms a snap. And, Gio can integrate into an Eos Ti or Ion
system with ease, acting as a primary, back-up, or client console in combination with the rest of the family. All of the
accessories for Eos and Ion service Gio as well.
Gio – more Complete Control – from ETC.
10,000 channels (devices)
2048, 4096, 6144, or 8192 outputs/parameters
Dedicated master-playback fader pair
10 definable motorized faders, with 30 pages of control
999 cue lists
200 active playbacks
999 submasters
Four pageable haptic encoders
Two – 12.1” integral multi-touch displays
High-density live and blind displays
Electronic magic sheets
Virtual Media Server Control with stock content (user images may
be imported)
ETCNet2™, Net3™/ACN, Art-Net and Avab® protocols
Multiple MIDI and SMPTE Inputs
Client/server networking and synchronized backup
Offline and Client programming on PC (Windows 7 or XP) and
native on Macintosh (OS X Intel)
Show information can be imported from Obsession™, Express™,
Expression®, Emphasis®, Congo®, Transtechnik NT, Avab® VLC, and
Strand 500/300 series show files via ASCII
12 discrete on-line users with partitioned control
Seven multipurpose USB ports (pointing devices, keyboard,
touchscreens, flashdrives)
Eos-line Remote Processor Unit 3 (RPU3)
Net3 Remote Video Interface 3 (RVI3)
Net3 Radio Focus Remote (RFR)
Eos-line Client Software Kit
Universal 2x10 and 2x20 Fader Wing
Net3 Gateways
Remote-control apps for handheld devices: iRFR™ (Apple® devices)
and aRFR™ (Android® devices)
Gio Control
Eos®-brand ease, power and operational style in a small, affordable package. Civic
theaters, university stages, worship productions, touring shows – ETC’s Ion console
brings compact lighting control to any multimedia-filled lighting rig. Ion’s small footprint makes it the perfect fit for any
ambitious production: use it as a stand-alone system in space-challenged applications or as a remote programming station
for an Eos system. Ion’s modular design lets you add submaster wings for more hands-on control.
Ion control desk
Mouse-free navigation! Ion sports many of the sophisticated features of an Eos, which are accessed through front panel
controls or up to two external monitors, with touchscreen capability.
With Ion’s add-on Fader Wings you can access up to 300 pageable faders to support main console operation. Connect
the wings directly on either side of Ion or use them as stand-alone accessories connected through a USB.
Connect Ion to an Eos system and use it as a convenient facepanel for programming and accessing system information.
The Ion Remote Processor Unit supports stand-alone
operation, or can be networked with other Eos or
Ion devices for fully synchronized primary / backup operation. Supporting up to two monitors, which can also be
touchscreens, and with a small 2U, 19” rack-mount form factor, the RPU supports the full functionality of Ion. It can be
used with all Eos/Ion product family accessories. The Ion RPU is available in two parameter counts, 2048 or 3072.
Ion Remote Processor Unit (RPU)
1024, 1536, 2048, 2560 or 3072 outputs /parameters
10,000 channels (devices)
Dedicated master playback fader pair
Dedicated grand master and blackout
999 cue lists
200 active playbacks
999 submasters
Four pageable encoders
Channel summary or table views, user configurable
Blind spreadsheet views
Direct blind access to all record targets from the facepanel
Electronic magic sheets
ETCNet2™, Net3™/ACN, Art-Net and Avab® protocols
Network feedback from Sensor+™ and RDM devices
Multiple simultaneous MIDI and SMPTE inputs
Synchronized backup
Off-line programming using PCs (XP or Vista) or Mac (OS X Intel)
Show information can be imported from Obsession™, Express™,
Expression®, Emphasis®, Congo®, Transtechnik NT™, Avab VLC, and
Strand 500/300 series show files via ASCII
Four discrete on-line users with partitioned channel control
Ion Remote Processor Unit (RPU)
Net3 Remote Video Interface (RVI)
Net3 Radio Focus Remote (RFR)
Eos Client Software Kit
1x20 Fader Wing
2x10 Fader Wing
2x20 Fader Wing
Net3 Gateways
Remote-control apps for handheld devices: iRFR™ (Apple® devices)
and aRFR™ (Android® devices)
Ion Control
The basics of lighting control, redefined. Designed for smaller venues,
Element provides the simplicity of hands-on control of intensity for up to
120 channels on LTP channel faders. Available in two versions: Element 40, with 40 faders that can be switched from
channel to submaster operation with the turn of a switch; and Element 60, with an additional 20 faders that are always
in submaster mode.
Element™ control desk
When you’re ready, move up to Element’s powerful command-line functions for Go-button playback of timed cues.
Command prompts appear on-screen so that you can see real-time, context-sensitive help instructions as you work,
making it easy to learn Element’s command-line syntax.
Adding more complex devices to your rig for big shows? Element has On Demand ML Controls designed for on-screen
manipulation of accessories like scrollers, mirror heads and gobo rotators or more complex devices like LED fixtures and
moving lights.
Element is a stand-alone console with onboard DMX outputs and the ability to distribute data via an Ethernet network
to ETC Net3™ Gateways, if needed. Element supports connection of Client PCs and Net3 Remote Video Interfaces in
Mirror Mode and also supports the Net3 Radio Focus Remote via USB or Ethernet, the iRFR™ for iPhone ® /iPod touch® via
WiFi, and the Phone Remote.
Winner of a WFX Product of the Year Award.
1024 outputs /parameters
250 or 500 channels (devices)
Dedicated master playback fader pair
Dedicated grand master and blackout
One cue list
300 submasters
120 channel faders (40 x 3 pages)
On Demand ML Controls
Channel Summary and Table Views
Blind views with Spreadsheet
ETCNet2™, Net3™/ACN, Art-Net and Avab® protocols
MIDI and SMPTE Inputs (SMPTE via Net3 Show Control Gateway)
Offline programming using PC (XP or Vista) or Mac (OS X Intel)
Show information can be imported from Obsession™, Express™,
Expression®, Emphasis®, Congo®, Transtechnik NT™, Avab VLC, and
Strand 500/300 series show files via ASCII
Net3 Remote Video Interface (RVI)
Net3 Radio Focus Remote (RFR)
Element Client Software
Phone Remote
Touchscreen compatible
USB keyboard and mouse, optional
Remote-control apps for handheld devices: iRFR (Apple® devices)
and aRFR™ (Android® devices)
Element Control
View console functions from the tech table or
designer’s work spot. The Remote Video
Interface is a convenient 2U 19” rack-mount device that provides remote video and local programming functions for Eos
Ti™, Gio®, Ion®, and Element™ desks. Controls on the front of the unit include the power switch, USB port and 20 buttons
for commonly used functions. These buttons have default mapping, reflecting commonly used features for the designer
or assistant designer. Eos Ti, Gio, and Ion provide the ability to easily reprogram these keys as your system requires. When
the RVI is used with an Eos Ti, Gio, or Ion – Net3™ RFRs and Universal Fader Wings can be attached via USB.
Net3 Remote Video Interface™ (RVI)
Modular hands-on control. ETC’s Universal Fader Wings are accessories
for Eos Ti, Gio, and Ion desks. The compact Wings offer flexible playback
options at an economical price. The Wings may be connected physically to either side of the Ion or may be used as standalone wings connected to the Eos Ti, Gio, or Ion with a provided USB cable. Also available for the Ion and for rack-mount
installations, the economical 1x20 Universal Fader Module offers 20 faders without LCD displays. This module fits across
the top of the Ion, and can be mounted into a 19” equipment rack.
Universal Fader Wings
Powerful wireless solution for remote control.
Compatible with the Eos Ti, Gio, Ion, and Element,
ETC’s Radio Focus Remote handheld transmitter unit provides immediate access to frequently used commands for dimmer
and channel checks and offers an array of soft keys for more advanced functions. Soft keys and status information from
the console are displayed on the handheld’s OLED display. The small receiver unit plugs directly into and is powered by a
USB connection on the desk or a powered Ethernet connection in your lighting network.
Net3 Radio Focus Remote™ (RFR)
Supports up to two DVI /SVGA high-resolution monitors
(touchscreens optional)
USB ports for pointing devices, alpha-numeric keyboards or other
control devices
Front panel LEDs to indicate status
Compatible with Eos Ti, Eos®, Gio, Ion, and Element desks
Modular design
Local or remote power/data
20 or 40 faders
One or two LCD displays for labeling
Two keys per fader for various functions (based on current mapping)
Direct or remote connection via USB
1x20 Universal Fader Module fits directly on console
Module offers rack-mount option
Wings and modules compatible with Eos Ti, Eos, Gio, Ion, Eos/Ion
RPUs, Net3 RVI, and Eos Client PCs
Handheld transmitter
Generous radio range
Bright and easy to read OLED display for Softkeys and
System Feedback
Dual Encoders with integral switches for variable control
of intensity and other moving-light parameters
Hard and soft keys for commonly used commands and
advanced functions
Programmable Sleep feature
On/Off switch
Supports multiple systems operating separately in same area
Plugs into USB or powered Ethernet connection
Belt clip and wrist strap/lanyard hanging point
Compatible with Eos Ti, Eos, Gio, Ion, and Element desks
RVI | Universal Wing | RFR
Network at the speed of light. ETC’s powerful Net3 gives you an open network
with the highest degree of reliability. Net3 products use industry-standard ACN
communications to migrate functions of existing protocols into a network-native environment. Net3 allows you to connect
to any network and start controlling the system.
Net3™ Networking
Continuing to lead the industry’s development of the ESTA standard for ACN and related protocols, ETC is committed to a
plug-and-play environment for networked systems and cooperative protocol support for all lighting manufacturers’ products.
ETC pioneered Ethernet-based networking in lighting systems. ETCNet™ gave you plug-and-play simplicity and the power
to transmit DMX, video, and remote-focus data on a single wire. ETCNet2™ took you to the next level with a fully switched
TCP/IP network with innovations such as EDMX, ETCLink™ over Ethernet, Unison® architectural integration, prioritized
control, and HTP merging of multiple control sources. Net3 pushes the boundaries further, proving that – protocols aside
– not all networks are created equal.
Real-time dynamic feedback
Simple setup and configuration
Tested beyond standard-use applications for failure prevention and assured performance
Net3/ACN native, and sACN (DMX over Ethernet)
Modular output ports for flexible configuration
5-Pin XLR, RJ45, and terminal options
DMX and RDM support for any Net3 console/Net3 Concert™ software
Portable and rack-mount options
Net3 Four Port DMX/RDM Gateway
Powered using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) or AC adapter
Net3/ACN native and sACN (DMX over Ethernet)
Input (M) or output (F) connector
DMX and RDM support for any Net3 console/Net3 Concert™ software
Portable and wall-mount options (wall-mount uses twogang backbox)
Powered using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) or AC adapter
Net3 Two Port DMX/RDM Gateway
ETCNet, ETCNet2, and Net3/sACN (DMX over Ethernet)
Portable and wall-mount options (wall-mount uses singlegang backbox)
Powered using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) or
low-voltage adapter
Net3/ACN native
Net3 One Port Gateway
16 contact closures (single-pole, double-throw outputs)
24 analog/digital inputs
RS-232 serial port
Portable or rack-mount options
Powered using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) or AC adapter
Net3 I/O Gateway
Supports MIDI Show Control and MIDI Time Code to Net3 consoles
Net3/ACN native
MIDI in/out/through
SMPTE input for timecode synchronization
Portable or rack-mount options
Net3 Show Control Gateway
Powered using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) or AC adapter
Net3 Networking
ETC Smart Solutions™
No production is too small to have great lighting systems by ETC. Our Smart Solutions mean
simple but powerful compact lighting gear for every event – gigs, industrials, touring productions,
Smart Solutions control
SmartFade ML
school plays, house-of-worship pageants, festivals, small theaters, and more. Set up anywhere
SmartSoft software
and light like a pro. There are even Smart Solutions for your permanently installed lighting needs.
Smart Solutions dimming
ETC lighting quality, at a smart price.
SmartPack Portable Pack
Smart consoles! SmartFade and the award-winning SmartFade ML are the little ETC boards
with the big console attitudes. Portable but powerful – SmartFade and SmartFade ML work as
SmartPack Wall Mount
SmartPack Touring System
SmartBar 2 dimmer bars
main control boards or as back-up consoles. They’re ideal for beginners or pros. And SmartSoft™
your console.
ETC’s SmartPack® dimmers with SmartLink® provide ETC performance in economical units that
SmartLink Control
[see Architectural chapter, page 80]
fit into any space. Choose the SmartPack Portable Pack for temporary, rack-mounting in any
space, or the SmartPack Touring System – a little road warrior with professional dimming power.
For permanent installations, there is the budget-friendly power of SmartPack Wall Mount.
Need the flexibility of distributed dimming? With ETC’s SmartBar 2® or SmartModule 2™ you
can place your dimmers wherever you need to – near your fixtures, on the floor, in the truss,
under the set – for maximum lighting control convenience. SmartBar 2 and SmartModule 2 are
both designed to offer out-of-the-box dimming solutions. Each can be used wherever and
whenever specific performances demand flexibility within a lighting system. Both dimming
products are self-contained, with on-board processing, local and remote control and output
ETC’s SmartSwitch® with SmartLink is a cost-conscious architectural control solution when you need
no-nonsense ‘on-off’ relay functionality for any light. SmartLink is a budget-minded lighting control
system for basic applications, allowing you to recall lighting looks with the push of a button.
(Easy remote control of presets and sequences in Unison® DRd, SmartPack, and SmartSwitch!)
SmartModule 2
software on your PC or Macintosh computer adds enhanced displays and interactive controls to
Blackhawk Church
Madison, Wisconsin
Blackhawk Church’s expansive facility includes several busy worship spaces, multi-use rooms, and offices. To keep up
with the lighting needs for their schedule of worship services, special productions, and day-to-day activities, Blackhawk
employs ETC’s versatile and economical SmartFade control console. One board for all levels of expertise. Ministry leaders
can design the lighting for events beforehand, and then volunteers can easily play back the looks on the SmartFade –
changing the lighting on-the-fly, as needed. Compact and lightweight – SmartFade is also easy to take from one space
to another. Blackhawk can even use it outdoors. One lighting board serves many needs – saving on tight church budgets
and time.
Perfect for small theaters, touring shows, schools, and houses of
worship, or as backup consoles in larger systems, ETC’s SmartFade
lighting control consoles are lightweight, portable, and packed with features. The SmartFade 1248 and 1296 can be
fitted with a bracket for use in an equipment rack. The slightly wider SmartFade 2496 doubles the available control
channels and faders, while adding only nine inches of width. From its basic Two Scene mode to the full-featured Normal
mode, SmartFade is flexible enough to suit beginners or experienced operators. SmartFade’s DMX Backup mode provides
systems designers with a simple solution for console backup and stage manager's panels. Able to capture the state of an
entire DMX universe and store 24 or 48 individual memories, the DMX Backup mode can take over automatically in the
event of a main-console failure.
SmartFade control desks
Control over moving lights! Winner of two WFX product
awards, SmartFade ML is one powerful little lighting desk.
Compact, versatile, and simple to use, ML builds on the concepts of SmartFade, adding intuitive control for automated
fixtures. Direct fixture-select keys show the current color mix so that managing small rigs is simple. SmartFade ML’s
memories, sequences and cue stack provide flexible playback options. Backlit elastomer buttons make it easy to operate
ML in dark locations. And for more information fast, simply connect your PC running the SmartSoft application, to gain
editing and display options unheard of on a desk of this size. SmartFade ML offers two DMX ports for 1024 outputs and
has a capacity of up to 24 moving lights and up to 48 conventional dimmers, as well as built-in effects. The direct
parameter controls on SmartFade ML’s 24 faders makes moving lights accessible to anyone.
SmartFade ML™ control desk
Compatible with SmartFade and SmartFade ML, SmartSoft runs on a PC or
Macintosh computer and connects to your console via USB, for real-time
displays and editing functions. This software can also be used as an offline editor or a learning tool. SmartSoft is available
as a free download from ETC at www.etcconnect.com/downloads.aspx
SmartSoft™ software
1248, 1296 and 2496 versions
Two Scene mode, Normal mode and Backup mode
DMX Out/DMX In (full universe)
MIDI In and MIDI Out connectors
USB port for connection to optional SmartSoft PC display software
(PC not included with console)
Use with or without SmartSoft PC display software
Sequences (48 24-step sequences and a 199-step cue stack)
Manual, timed and rate-override playback
Magic function creates random output and sequences
Snapshots for temporary storage of looks
SD card slot for show backup
LCD menu for configuration and preview
English, French, German, and Spanish language support
24 moving lights and 48 separate dimmers
1024 outputs on 2 x DMX connectors
Built-in moving light personalities
Color-coded button function, including indication of color mix
for fixtures
Dual LCD screens and 3 encoder dials for control, level indication,
and menu display
Move-while-dark and parameter fan features
24 each of Groups, Focus, Color and Beam Palettes
Focus and Intensity Effects built in
10 Snapshots
288 memories
144 24-step sequences
1 cue stack of up to 199 steps
USB port for connection to optional SmartSoft PC display software
(PC not included with console)
Use with or without SmartSoft PC display software
MIDI remote control in and out, compatible with SmartFade and
music sequencers
Smart Solutions Control
Don’t compromise on power because of size
requirements. ETC developed a family of affordable
power control products built to the scale and needs of smaller productions and venues: restaurants, houses of worship,
TV studios, video shoots, schools, industrials, semi-professional touring shows, and beyond. Smart Solutions provide
standard phase-control dimming in a super-compact form, plus ETC reliability and service at a smart price.
Smart Solutions™ in power control
Three convenient SmartPack® choices mean dimming for everyone. Available with either six 2400-watt dimmers or twelve
1200-watt dimmers, the SmartPack Portable Pack is the flexible, plug-and-play solution for small entertainment events,
school and house-of-worship productions, or roadshow applications. SmartPack Wall Mount is for space-starved venues
that need permanent, affixed dimming with a small footprint, such as restaurants, clubs, school auditoriums, and houses
of worship. Both SmartPack versions do DMX and SmartLink® architectural control. Plug in a SmartFade® lighting console
for easy programming and let SmartPacks run on their own, or access the 32 built-in presets and internal sequencer
remotely via SmartLink button stations. Both SmartPack Portable Pack or SmartPack Wall Mount can run the presets in
sequence automatically. By simply adding a low-cost LinkConnect Station Power Supply, you can access the presets and
sequence from ETC's SmartLink button stations or TimeClock.
Hit the road! The SmartPack Touring System is a small, flexible touring rack with incredible reliability and performance.
Perfect gear for anything from weekend gigs to regional festivals and small touring productions. The rack has built-in
mains distribution – all in one box – and, like the other SmartPacks, is one of the most lightweight and portable systems
made. The rugged SmartPack Touring System allows you to choose your pack style: 10A or 20A and your choice of
outputs. The system provides you with what you need for a simple show – power distribution, including convenient
outlets; as well as all the standard SmartPack features. Thanks to SmartLink you get added flexibility for pack-to-pack
communication and synchronization of the presets and built-in sequence.
19” two-space (2U) rack-mount enclosure
Wide range of output panel options
Built-in presets (32) and sequencer for stand-alone operation
Fully-rated all-magnetic circuit breakers
DMX512A compatible
UL and cUL Listed
Compact wall-mount unit
6 x 20A or 12 x 10A dimmer packs available
True SCR reliability based on acclaimed ETC Sensor®
dimming technology
Standard output connections via DIN Rail terminals
Fully-rated all-magnetic circuit breakers
Built-in presets (32) and sequencer for stand-alone operation
Built-in SmartLink control provides pack-to-pack communication
of presets and sequences, with optional stations
Built-to-travel roadcase systems
2- or 4-pack system available
Cam-Lok® power input
Circuit-breaker power distribution per pack
Optional main breaker and Cam-Lok Feed Thru
DMX512A compatible
UL and cUL Listed
Smart Solutions Dimming
SmartBar 2 gives you distributed dimming for smaller portable or permanent installations –
without busting your budget. It provides an integrated dimming and fixture-mounting solution
for compact, low-wattage applications such as rentals, industrials or small touring productions. Plug in and play. Schools,
churches, community theaters, gigs, and outdoor events benefit from SmartBar 2’s easy, ‘no-professional-required’ setup.
No ladders necessary either. SmartBar 2 is fully digital, with operational and programming features similar to SmartPack ® –
presets, chases, choice of dimmer curves – as well as many new features. A lighting control console is optional, thanks to
SmartBar 2’s chases and local control, but pair it with a SmartFade® board and you have the perfect production
combination. And a SmartBar 2 high-power option is available to handle twice the fixtures on a four-circuit bar!
SmartBar 2
SmartModule 2 combines a proven dimmer design with portable packaging to
provide yet another Smart Solution. Available with either four or six dimmers,
SmartModule 2 comes in a convenient convection-cooled package, with your choice of output connectors. An integrated
module includes local control capabilities and 20 pre-programmed chases for unattended operation. Each dimmer curve
may be changed at the control module, which also provides a DMX In and Thru connector. Combine SmartModule 2
with SmartBar 2 for ‘anywhere dimming,’ anytime.
SmartModule 2™
ETC’s SmartStands are the perfect complement to your SmartBars. The crank-up stand can
easily be loaded with a dimmer bar and lighting fixtures, providing great illumination for
events in conference and convention rooms, gymatoriums and cafetoriums, studios and black-box spaces. The SmartStand
provides a convenient, safe alternative to rigging or homemade hanging positions.
2, 4, and 6 circuit
1200W circuit-breaker load protection per output
Integrated digital dimming
Choice of output connectors
Programmable functions such as min/max levels, fade times,
non-dim operation and dimmer curves
Built-in chase sequences
DMX In and Thru connectors
RDM identification and remote addressing
Optional high-power bars available with two 20A power leads
UL and cUL Listed
Four or six dimmers
Single-phase 3-wire plus ground, 20A feed for the 4-circuit modules
Three-phase 4-wire plus ground, 20A feed for the 4-circuit modules
1200W circuit-breaker load protection per output
Choice of output connectors: stage pin, Edison, twist-lock (and
6-circuit veam)
Stand-alone operation with chase sequences
UL and cUL Listed
Perfect platform for SmartBar 2 and Source Four® fixtures
Heavy duty stand rises to height of 12’
Fold-away hand crank for gradual height adjustment
Double risers extend simultaneously
Articulating leg to level stand on uneven surfaces
Sturdy adjustable footstep
Smart Solutions Dimming
ETC’s SmartSwitch is the cost-conscious architectural
control solution when you need no-nonsense ‘on-off’ relay
functionality for any light source. SmartSwitch controls your relays via SmartLink control, DMX, or in stand-alone operation
with 32 presets and a sequence. Holding 24 or 48 relays, these compact panels bring the fundamentals of 120 to 277
volt switching to applications like schools, restaurants, ballrooms, multipurpose rooms, houses of worship, office buildings,
and entertainment facilities with DMX control.
SmartSwitch with SmartLink
Flexible and adaptable, SmartSwitch handles a wide variety of load types and will grow with you: if you need more
functionality, just add more relays. Simply add a LinkConnect Station Power Supply, and you can control SmartSwitch
using ETC’s SmartLink button stations or TimeClock.
Designed to combine with ETC’s SmartPack® Wall Mount dimming, SmartSwitch completes a budget-saving system.
Cost-saving, fuss-free lighting control for basic applications. Recall your lighting
looks with the push of a button. No need for software: you can connect ETC’s
SmartPack, SmartSwitch, Unison® lighting control systems, and more – and share preset and sequence control between
them. When you add SmartLink Station Power Modules and SmartLink stations, you can remotely command those
presets and sequences and easily address which presets a station activates. [For more information on SmartLink, see the
Architectural chapter.]
SmartLink Control
Smart compact cabinet holds up to 24 relays
Rugged-steel industrial enclosure
Manual or DMX control of relays
Mechanically latching 20A H.I.D. rated relays by Panasonic
Single-pole (120/277V) and double-pole relays (208/240V)
Supports multiple load types
Relays can be added in the field
Voltage barrier for discrete relay power feeds
Common programming with SmartPack dimmers
Built-in SmartLink control provides pack-to-pack communication
of presets and sequences, with optional stations
Smart compact cabinet holds up to 48 relays
Rugged-steel industrial enclosure
Manual or DMX control of relays
Mechanically latching 20A H.I.D. rated relays by Panasonic
Single-pole (120/277V) and double-pole relays (208/240V)
Supports multiple load types
Relays can be added in the field
Voltage barrier for discrete relay power feeds
Common programming with SmartPack dimmer
Built-in SmartLink control provides pack-to-pack communication
of presets and sequences, with optional stations
Smart Solutions Switching
ETC Power Control and Distribution
Sensor’s acclaimed dimming has evolved – to Sensor3 Power Control. Entertainment lighting
has entered the most radical period of change since the transition from carbon-arc to tungsten
ETC Power Control
Sensor3 Power Control Installation Rack
Control Electronics Module (CEM3)
light sources. New types of fixtures are everywhere – in theater, broadcast production, and
Sensor Modules
architectural applications. Sensor3 Power Control is designed to handle change. For thousands
Sensor3 Touring Rack
of venues and productions worldwide, ETC’s power-handling systems are the trusted workhorses
Sensor3 Portable Pack
behind the scenes and on the road, chosen for adaptability, reliability and longevity.
Echo Relay Panel
Echo Preset Station
The ideal new theater design or retrofit uses a hybrid lighting system that can accommodate all
loads – tungsten, LEDs, arc-source movers. The new Sensor3 ThruPower Module allows you to
switch freely between constant power, on/off switching with air-gap relays, and dimming for
Smart Solutions dimming [see
Smart Solutions chapter]: SmartPack
Portable Pack, SmartPack Wall Mount,
SmartPack Touring Systems, SmartBar 2,
SmartModule 2, SmartStand
your lighting loads.
ETC Distribution
ETC’s CEM3™ is the powerful new platform for Sensor3 Power Control, giving you high
performance, easy-to-use control, plus rock-solid system backup. And ETC‘s Net3™ offers
Gridiron junction boxes
Pigtail and outlet boxes
Ethernet-native connectivity to the highest quality systems with options for any venue. Sensor3’s
NEMA wall plates
tight integration with ETC consoles makes it an extension of them, for unparalleled system
Floor pockets
management, even when you’re working remotely. And any ACN-based software or console
Retractable Lighting Position (RLP)
can be seamlessly integrated into the Sensor3 system.
Power distribution is as important in a high-stakes entertainment or architectural-lighting system
as any of the more glamorous system components. From junctions and outlet boxes to connector
strips and more, ETC gives you the most durable, reliable and affordable distribution solutions.
We’re also specialists in custom distribution. Whatever the size or scale of the lighting installation,
we’ll tailor the distribution to meet your needs.
Connector strips
Palazzo Hotel and Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada
Thanks in part to ETC products, the Palazzo Las Vegas is one of the greenest hotel and resort complexes on the Strip and
one of the largest LEED-certified structures. Energy-efficient building-control systems are a cornerstone of LEED
compliance. ETC Sensor dimming and a Unison® lighting control system were part of the installed lighting package, plus
more than 100 ETC Source Four® fixtures, which are an energy-frugal standard. The Unison system is programmed to
save energy through occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, as well as performing astronomical functions and
interfacing with photo cells. The Palazzo’s annual savings in electricity is reckoned to be more than 10.6 million kilowatt
hours. Palazzo demonstrates that an upscale property can meet standards for quality, beauty, and environmental
responsibility simultaneously. Palazzo’s lighting gear list includes 50 ETC dimmer racks, 97 Unison stations,1847 ETC
dimmer modules, 52 Source Four HID 150W fixtures, and 50 Source Four 375W fixtures.
Photo © Blake Marvin
Superior design for better performance. ETC’s
Sensor3 Power Control systems are workhorses for
venues ranging from schools and houses of worship to TV studios, theaters, concert halls and opera houses worldwide,
adapting to today’s hybrid rigs and rapidly changing lighting needs.
Sensor3™ Power Control Systems
With CEM3 (Control Electronics Module) control, you are assured optimized power-handling through options such as
16-bit control, ultra-vigilant voltage regulation, and plug-in modules that have been engineered for tool-free, effortless
replacement. Designed to interface fully with Net3™, Sensor3 provides remote management to the lighting console and
master electrician’s computer.
Sensor3 ThruPower modules allow free mixing of dimming, switching and constant power on a circuit-by-circuit basis
without your having to replace hardware in your Sensor® system. Sensor’s plug-in modularity allows for more configurability,
customization and easy maintenance. To meet your system’s unique needs, Sensor modules are available in a wide variety
of risetimes and amperages.
And you can take advantage of ETC’s innovative Dimmer Doubling™ (twice the control, half the circuits) and save further
on dimmer costs.
6-, 12-, 24-, and 48-module configurations
12- to 96-circuit configurations
Front-access installation with easily accessible line, load and
control terminations
Single- or three-phase operation (SR48 is three-phase only)
100V, 120V, and 230V versions, 50/60Hz
Neutral Connect (GFCI) and Delta versions available
100,000A Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)
UL924 Listed for emergency-lighting bypass
Compatible with Net3 Concert™ software
Works with any Sensor dimmer rack or pack
Graphical LCD display and number-pad user interface
Direct Net3 Ethernet control and two DMX inputs
Up to 16 spaces with 16 presets per space
Emergency/Panic interface
Supports Advanced Features (AF) option
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling
Existing Sensor racks are upgradeable
16-bit control option
Variety of modules to meet all needs
10 to 100A ratings
350, 500, or 800µs risetimes
ThruPower, GFCI and Delta modules available
Sensor3 Power Control
Sensor3 Touring Racks are the standard in the industry, with more units
on the road than any other brand. Lighting professionals trust only
Sensor3 for their high-stake concert tours and road shows. Show after show, city after city, Sensor3 Touring Racks deliver
the level of reliability and durability of permanently installed dimmers.
Sensor3 Touring Rack™
Thousands of Sensor3 Touring Racks roll onto stages worldwide each day, making the tour grind easier with their highdensity modular design, fully magnetic circuit breakers, network communication, and remote monitoring capabilities.
Their lighted patch bays and output panels, plus flexible connectivity, simplify set-up. And now, with CEM3 power control,
networking your touring systems is easier and more flexible.
World-class performance, industrial-strength construction and an array
of connection options make Sensor3 Portable Packs the professional
choice for smaller touring shows, industrial rentals, compact video productions, and rehearsal spaces.
Sensor3 Portable Pack™
Sensor3 Portable Packs deliver built-in features that many installation racks would envy: modular design and fully magnetic
circuit breakers. Add to that optional Advanced Features communication and remote monitoring options.
Rugged design and construction based on years of
road-tested performance
Available in 24- and 48-module configurations
Up to 48 and 96 20A circuits (50A and 100A available)
ThruPower modules available
Cam-Lok® power input and pass-through connectors
Full complement of Multi-pin and discrete connectors
available on all racks
Two or four patch outputs per channel
Rack options include bump buttons, custom output panels,
motor power, and moving-light power
Direct Net3 Ethernet control and two DMX inputs
Supports Advanced Features (AF) option
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling™
Available in 6- and 12-module configurations
Up to 12 or 24 20A dimmers (50A and 100A available)
ThruPower module available
Cam-Lok input connectors
Pass-through Cam-Lok connectors available
Many output options available
Optional castered cart available
Direct Net3 Ethernet control and two DMX inputs
Supports Advanced Features (AF) option
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling
Sensor3 Power Control
ETC’s Echo Relay Panel answers the call for more inventive
power distribution in today’s advanced lighting systems. By
accepting a mains power feed to the cabinet, the panel distributes switched power from built-in relays and can optionally
provide 0-10V control for LEDs or fluorescent fixtures. The rack can be controlled using industry-standard DMX or over
Ethernet. It can also store presets that can be recalled from Echo Preset Stations. The EchoConnect control network allows
up to six stations and six panels to be connected together. The 120V Echo Relay Panel can be configured for one-, two-, or
three-pole relays and 10, 15 or 20A branch breakers. Its narrow width allows it to be conveniently surface mounted or
recessed between standard wall studs. At 20 inches wide and six inches deep, the 277V model offers one-pole breakers
and relays. All panels display breaker state, relay state and energy usage per branch circuit.
Introducing Echo Relay Panel™
ETC’s Echo Preset Stations allow the recall of presets in
ETC power-control products that support EchoConnect.
Each station provides five or ten buttons and is designed to complement the look of any interior environment. In standard
or customized colors, the Echo Preset Stations suit any space – schools, meeting rooms, houses of worship, restaurants,
hotels, and convention centers. The Echo Preset stations are also simple to install using EchoConnect and require no software
for configuration.
Introducing Echo Preset Station™
Two models: 120V (ERP) or 277V (ERPA)
Recess or surface-mounted
30-space breaker subpanel included
Freely mix one-, two- and three-pole 20A relays
20A HID-rated latching relay with 100,000 cycle rating
Energy usage, breaker state, and relay status available per relay
EchoConnect station bus
Built-in presets and sequencing
Ethernet card for sACN control
Low-voltage 0-10V control
DALI control
Ten-button preset station
Contact input
Preset activation from Echo Relay Panel and Sensor3™ Power
Control system
Five- or ten-button options
Five color options: cream, ivory, gray, black, or white
Topology-free wiring infrastructure
Up to 1,640 feet of station wiring
Echo Relay
Innovative power distribution to match the art of lighting. ETC’s distribution products have
been engineered for easy customization, shipment, installation, and service. Combine data
and power for your intelligent lighting needs with optional DMX or Ethernet within connector strips. Every installation is
unique. ETC gives you the individual attention you need: prompt quotes, customized drawings, and customized product.
UL Listed
Stage Pin, Twist-Lock®, Edison, and/or TRUE1 connectors standard (others available)
Connector strips available with DMX or network connectors
Labels (standard) with options for engraved Lamicoid or engraved aluminum covers
Terminals are clearly labeled (printed snap-in labels)
Easily configurable wiring and circuit placement
Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel construction
Textured powder-coat, scratch-resistant black finish standard
Available in custom configurations, lengths, and colors
Optional LED indicators per circuit output
Available with DMX or Ethernet
DIN rail-mounted screwless “tension clamp” terminals
Innovative shipping packaging
Widest assortment of mounting and hanging hardware
Optional LED indicators per circuit output
Two sizes – up to 30 or up to 60 circuits
DIN rail-mounted terminals can be field reoriented for
easier installation
Hinged covers, mountable in any orientation
Standard 20A circuits (other ratings available)
Easy connection for conduit circuit runs or drop cables
Four low-profile sizes (6”, 12”, 18”, 24”)
Dense versions – 1.25” spacing (3-8 circuits, Stage Pin only)
Recessed, surface, U-bolt and C-clamp mountings
14-gauge steel end caps
Terminals included with pigtail boxes
Choice of connector types
Wall pockets available (up to 6 circuits)
Optional LED indicators per circuit output
An inexpensive alternative to surface and recessed outlet boxes, ETC’s
NEMA-style Wall Plates are available for Stage Pin, Edison and TwistLock® connectors. Made for use with industry-standard back boxes, the wall plates are easy to install and easy to wire.
The wall plates are one more part of an innovative family of distribution products, all with uniform look and reliability.
NEMA-Style Wall Plates
Every theater needs them! Flush with the stage surface and located around the perimeter
of the stage, floor pockets provide a safe connection for set lights, shin busters, and
ground rows. Designed to fit the needs of data, video and audio applications, floor pockets are a flexible addition to
your distribution package.
Floor Pockets
Are you trying to avoid permanent lighting positions
and yet still need a few lights for special events?
The RLP offers a flexible option – an extra lighting position and power for a few additional lights when required.
Accommodating up to four lights, the RLP provides the perfect lighting solution for multipurpose rooms, ballrooms, and
even churches. And, when it’s not needed, the RLP conveniently and easily withdraws into the ceiling – out of sight.
Retractable Lighting Position (RLP)
1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-circuit plates
Stage Pin, Twist-Lock, Edison, or TRUE1 connectors (others available)
Industry standard back boxes
Up to six outlets – Stage Pin, Twist-Lock, Edison, TRUE1, or
low-voltage connectors
Choice of connector type
Provisions for an integral barrier for low-voltage circuits
Cast-iron covers with a non-skid tread pattern and cable notches
Wall pockets available (up to six circuits)
Two positions – stored and working
Finger-operated latch with counter balance for ease of motion
Up to four outlets – Stage Pin, Twist-Lock, Edison, or TRUE1
Replace any one outlet with DMX connector
Rated for 1000 pounds
UL Listed
Standard in white and black
LED fixtures by ETC
Guarding the quality of light is the driving principle behind ETC’s LED innovations. We give
lighting designers the tools to make their artistry – with the specific colors they demand, as well
LED lighting by ETC
Source Four LEDs
Source Four LED CYC adapter
as precision color control with no compromising.
Desire D22
Desire D40
ETC’s Selador® LED technology is the winner of LDI, PLASA, ABTT, PALME, Live Design, and WFX
Desire D40XT
product awards. Compared to other LED fixtures that use just three or four colors, our Selador-
Desire D40XTI
based fixtures produce a broader, richer spectrum of whites and a more vivid, nearly limitless
Desire D60
color palette. While low-quality RGB illumination casts people and objects in an unflattering
Desire Studio D40
Desire Studio D60
light, Selador’s unique seven-color system imparts natural, enhancing tones. Beautiful light with
exceptional output and energy savings.
Selador Classic Lustr
Selador Classic Paletta
Selador Classic Vivid-R
Give your stage, studio, or architectural space the LED lighting that can be trusted in every
application – from key, front, fill, and side light to color washes and cyc lighting, interior or exterior.
Whether you choose our Selador Desire®, Selador Classic, or Source Four LED™ fixtures, you have
the best LED technology available.
Seven-color LEDs providing the most comprehensive color spectrum in an LED fixture
High brightness, intense-color light with low power consumption
Superior control electronics for smooth low-end dimming
IP 20 rated [Desire XT and XTI – IP66 rated]
100V to 240V 50/60Hz internal power supply
DMX in-and-thru
Rugged all-metal housing
Selador Classic Pearl
Fox Theatre
Oakland, California
Shuttered for over 40 years, the historic Fox Theatre has been renovated and restored to its former artistic splendor, with
the added mission of going ‘green.’ ETC’s Selador LED fixtures highlight the theater’s vast spaces, high ceilings, and
intricate decor, which include ornate Moorish motifs. Thanks to the flexibility of the x7 System, the Selador fixtures impart
rich, bold color to the architectural details while transitioning through hues for further dramatic effect. As the audience
enters, the Selador lighting gradually changes, enveloping the space. Lush, colorful lighting achieved – while saving on
energy costs – with Selador LED technology.
The industry’s favorite spotlight – in high-efficiency LED versions. ETC’s awardwinning Source Four LED fixtures combine ETC’s exclusive Selador® LED color
technology with Source Four® light quality. Source Four LEDs look, feel, and focus like Source Fours – producing a sharp,
clean beam of focusable light or creating smooth washes. And for the power used, their light output is exceptional:
between 30 and 50 lumens per watt, depending on the model.
Source Four LED™
Demand the best color. The Source Four LED Lustr+™ offers superior light quality, richness of color, and precision control.
Like ETC’s Desire Lustr+™ luminaire, the Source Four LED Lustr+™ employs the Selador x7 Color System™ for the most
comprehensive palette.
The many colors of white. The new Source Four LED Studio HD™ white-light spotlight performs in high-definition
broadcast, film, and video production where people (with varying flesh tones) need to look their best. The Studio HD
combines exceptional light output with broad-spectrum variable white light (2700K-6500K), for truer color rendition on
camera. It is ideal for key, bounce, smooth, or textured lighting. And like all Source Four LED and Desire® fixtures, the
Studio HD has flicker-free options to prevent the side effects that can arise when using LEDs with high-speed and rollingshutter cameras. More great whites: the Source Four LED Tungsten™ produces a warm, beautiful light at a 3000K color
temperature; the Source Four LED Daylight™ replicates a natural, cool light at 5600K.
Double duty with one fixture.
Attach the CYC adapter, and any
Source Four LED becomes a superior tool for lighting cycloramas. Switch out the adapter, and a Source Four LED returns
to use in any other position, on or off stage. Fewer Source Four LED CYC units are needed to cover a cyclorama because
their light stretches so high and is so evenly distributed. Using the Selador x7 System, the Source Four LED CYC adds bold
colors and drama to any cyclorama, and can be fine-tuned to accentuate or suppress hues in painted backdrops.
Introducing Source Four LED CYC adapter™
Selador x7 Color System™ for industry’s best LED light
Sharp, clean beam for Source Four-quality optics
Up to nine fixtures can be linked via power in/thru connectors
DMX512 in/thru via five-pin XLR connectors
Multiple control options, including RGB, strobe, and console-free
master/slave mode
15-bit virtual dimming engine for smooth fades and minimal color
shift during dimming
Source Four LED Lustr+
Source Four LED Daylight
Settings and presets can be copied to multiple fixtures
Adjustable PWM output (920-1500Hz and High 25K) for flicker-free,
high-speed camera work
Accepts all conventional Source Four accessories and lenses
Stand-alone (on-board controls – no controller required)
Can control other Source Four LED and ETC Desire fixtures
Black (standard), white or silver (optional) or custom colors
ETL Listed to UL1573; IP20 rated
Blends beautifully alongside incandescent and other sources
Source Four LED Lustr+ has Selador x7 Color System array for bold
colors, subtle tints
Source Four LED Tungsten
Source Four LED Studio HD
Source Four LED Tungsten 3000K array emulates warm-white
light/tungsten look
Source Four LED Daylight 5600K array emulates natural
daylight look
Source Four LED Studio HD broad-spectrum, variable white light
(2700K-6500K) for truer color rendition on camera
Lights subtly-painted drops with Selador x7 color
2:1 luminaire spacing (for every 1ft back, there can be 2ft
between luminaires)
Smooth, homogenized distribution
Highly tuned optics (not just folded tin)
Works within the footprint of traditional incandescent cyc lights
Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
Heat- and impact-resistant polycarbonate optics
Designed for use with all Source Four LED fixtures
Source Four LED Fixtures
Winner of five international product awards: ETC’s Selador®
Desire high-performance LED luminaires. With Desires, productions and facilities have the best professional tools to achieve brilliant, high-quality and energy-saving lighting – indoors
and outdoors. The Desire line offers versatility and variety: the compact-but-bright D22 with 22 LED emitters; the brighter
D40 with 40 emitters, the IP66-rated D40XT and D40XTI for outdoor use; and the super-bright D60 with 60 emitters.
The luminaires feature Selador’s x7 Color System™, using up to seven colors of emitters to provide the widest color gamut
possible from LED fixtures. The x7 light renders scenery, textiles, and people beautifully and realistically. And, every Desire
fixture is factory calibrated to ensure that fixtures added to existing inventory match as closely as possible.
Desire x7 LED Luminaires
The Desire user interface helps you quickly configure the luminaire to your specific task. Tailor the light to your needs by
choosing specific profile and performance settings. Desire luminaires can be controlled from a DMX controller – like an
ETC lighting console – or right on the back of the fixture via stand- alone control functions.
Great color flexibility. Desire’s DMX profile selection (RGB, HSI, HSIC, Direct, and Studio) lets you choose the control
personality that is best for your programming situation. The Red Shift option allows Desire fixtures to mimic the natural
color shift in a tungsten fade. Adding Plus-7 settings to the more intuitive control modes, like HSI and RGB, gives precision
control over individual LED colors. You can quickly modify the color to get the exact shade you want.
Multiple arrays
50,000-hour LED life
DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
Easy control with multiple modes and fixture settings
Round, oblong, and linear beam-diffusers available
22 emitters
Compact 8” footprint, less than seven pounds
Easy-access slots for secondary lenses and accessories
40 emitters
UL 1573-rated for stage and studio use
Desire D22 Lustr+
Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
Also available in Studio Daylight™, Studio Tungsten™, and Studio HD™ arrays
Uses standard 7.5-inch PAR accessories
40 emitters
IP66-rated for exterior, wet-location use
Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
Secondary lenses available for multiple beam-spread options
Mounting accessories for temporary outdoor use
Desire D40 Lustr+
Also available in Vivid™, Fire™, Ice™, Studio Daylight, Studio Tungsten, and Studio HD arrays
40 emitters
For permanent installations
IP66-rated for interior, exterior, or wet-location use
ETL 1598-rated for general luminaire installation lighting
Trim ring allows safe access to accessories in the field
Secondary lenses available for multiple beam-spread options
Mounting accessories for pole- or wall-mounts
60 emitters for brightest variant in Desire family
Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
Easy-access slots for secondary lenses and accessories
Secondary lenses available for multiple beam-spread options
Desire D60 Lustr+
Also available in Vivid, Fire, Ice, Studio Daylight, Studio Tungsten, and Studio HD arrays
Desire LED Fixtures
The right white light. The Selador Desire® Studio LED
luminaires are ETC’s white-light fixtures designed
expressly for broadcast, film, video, and stage use. The right bright light: The Studio line comprises the D22 with 22
emitters; the D40 series and the IP66 outdoor-rated D40XT and XTI, with an array of 40 Luxeon® Rebel™ emitters; and
the D60, with a more powerful 60-emitter array.
Desire Studio LED™ Luminaires
The breakthrough Studio HD™ was developed in consultation with TV-lighting experts. It starts with warm-white and
cool-white LEDs to provide continuously variable color temperatures. Five colors from the Selador x7 Color System™ are
added to the array. Together they produce high-quality white light for the most demanding professional lighting situations.
The Studio HD gives the precise color of white light the instant it’s needed. Intensity, color temperature, and green levels
can be adjusted and saved into a lighting console or right at the fixture at on-location shoots. Studio HD excels at
illuminating people – creating a natural looking, photogenic light that can be fine-tuned to skin tones, flattering and
complementing all pigmentations. So the talent looks great, time after time.
When high-efficiency punch is more important, the Desire® range offers the Studio Tungsten™ and the Studio Daylight™
fixtures. Both were developed in response to demand by international lighting pros for specific color temperature, nonvariable, high-intensity LED light sources. The Studio Tungsten uses LEDs designed to produce white light at 3000 Kelvin.
The Studio Daylight is perfect for designers working in video, film or architectural situations requiring 5600 Kelvin.
White light for high-brightness applications
D22 Studio has 22 Luxeon® Rebel™ LED-emitter array
D40 Studio has 40 Luxeon Rebel LED-emitter array
D60 Studio has 60 Luxeon Rebel LED-emitter array
D22, D40, and D60 Studio available in three white-light
configurations: Studio Daylight, Studio Tungsten, Studio HD
All D40 Studios available in IP66-rated XT and XTI versions for
exterior, all-weather use
Desire Studio D40 HD
Desire Studio D40 Tungsten
Round field diffuser lenses and oblong diffuser lenses available
User-friendly control-interface with multiple modes and fixture
settings for console-free operation (no UI on XTI)
Full RDM capability
Up to ten fixtures may be linked via power in/thru connectors
per 15A circuit
‘Studio’ control mode allows stand-alone operation with no
DMX console required
Desire Studio D40 Daylight
In D22, D40 and D60 configurations
Color-temperature- and tint-variable white light with added
x7 spectrum
High-definition white light (great in person and on camera)
In D22, D40 and D60 configurations
For low-power, high-intensity, tungsten-like warmth
3,000K (CRI-90) tungsten LED emitters
Desire Studio D60 HD
Desire Studio D60 Tungsten
In D22, D40 and D60 configurations
High-volume single-color 5600K light output
Replaces high-wattage HMIs
Desire Studio D60 Daylight
Desire LED Fixtures
Winner of a WFX Product of the Year Award. Lustr is the all-around theater
performer in the Selador® Classic series. Think watercolors: warm or cool white
light slowly evolving into soft tints and then into pure saturated color. In Lustr, the Selador x7 Color System™ is optimized
to produce theatrical-quality whites and tints that render skin tones naturally (indispensable for HD TV and film production)
– while still creating the deep colors that ETC LEDs are known for.
Lustr LED fixtures
In key, fill and front-light applications, the Lustr provides a soft beam of light that blends beautifully with the ETC Source
Four® fixtures in your lighting system. Lustr’s subtle tinting and strong color capability are the perfect solution for lighting
scenery and creating powerful color washes.
Finally – bright light, in color or in white. Broadcast studios, theaters, and houses of worship will love the total-package
performance of Lustr.
A riot of color. ETC’s value LED fixture, Paletta is a jewel-tone superstar in the
Selador Classic series, providing a broad color palette for stage washes, cycs
and scenery lighting. Paletta offers theater- and broadcast-lighting designers an amazing assortment of rich, full colors in
a low-profile source – a great color-changing companion to your ETC Source Four fixtures. Paletta also boasts the lowest
energy consumption of the Selador family, affording you the green-minded energy savings and longevity of LED technology.
Paletta LED fixtures
Use the powerful color-handling functionality of an ETC lighting control system to easily match Paletta’s light to your
favorites gels from any major manufacturer or adjust the x7 System to create your own signature palettes.
x7 Color System optimized for white light and tinted colors
Designed for medium-throw distances where soft blending is
important: studio key, fill and wash lighting; tinted stage washes
Frosted optics for a soft beam pattern
High-efficiency 2.5W Luxeon® Rebel™ emitters for long life and
maximum energy savings
Superior control electronics for smooth low-end dimming
IP 20 rated
100V to 240V 50/60 Hz internal power supply
DMX in-and-thru via 5-pin XLR connectors
Rugged all-metal extruded housing
Black and optional anodized colors
11”, 21”, 42”, and 63” unit lengths
Double yoke option stacks two units for space-efficient coverage
ETL and CE Listed
x7 Color System optimized for a wide gamut of deep, rich colors
Designed for medium-throw distances: cycs and scenery,
architectural wall washes, broad stage washes
Blended for uniformity and a soft beam pattern
High-efficiency 2.5W Luxeon Rebel emitters for long life and
maximum energy savings
Superior control electronics for smooth low-end dimming
Rugged all-metal extruded housing
IP 20 rated
100V to 240V 50/60 Hz internal power supply
DMX in-and-thru via 5-pin XLR connectors
Black and optional anodized colors
Narrow 5” profile fits in small spaces
11”, 21”, 42”, and 63” unit lengths
Double yoke option stacks two units for space-efficient coverage
ETL and CE Listed
Selador LED Fixtures
Shade your eyes. Vivid-R is the color and intensity powerhouse in the
Selador® Classic series. Go bold with Vivid-R – vibrant LED lighting when
you need color punch. These fixtures are designed to give you the highest center-beam brightness and robust color. You
get the brilliant color that you expect from Selador x7 Color System LEDs, with the beam qualities of a PAR fixture.
Vivid-R™ LED fixtures
Vivid-R can be used wherever you need an extra kick of strong, deep color. And, with the low-heat output of the Selador
series, you can have your colors blazing, without overheating your talent. Bright, dramatic and energy-efficient, Vivid-R
is a great fit for large-scale events, broadcast, and installations.
Designed for broadcast and stage needs, the Selador Pearl features a carefully
chosen mix of warm white (3200K) and cool white (5700K) LEDs that can be
adjusted to provide just the right color temperature of white light. Pearl uses the same lens system as all Selador fixtures,
giving the user incredible control over field size – from a narrow, soft-edge 17° spot – to an extremely wide 80° field of
light. Going green? Limited power? Pearl produces 3460 lumens from less than 125 watts.
Pearl™ LED fixture
x7 Color System optimized for a range of deep, high-intensity colors
Designed for long-throw applications: large cycs, stage washes,
sidelight and box-boom washes, high-impact architectural washes
Clear optics for a direct and strong PAR-like beam quality
Superior control electronics for smooth low-end dimming
IP 20 rated
100V to 240V 50/60 Hz internal power supply
DMX in-and-thru via 5-pin XLR connectors
Black and optional anodized colors
Double yoke option stacks two units for space-efficient coverage
ETL and CE listed
Color-range-specific Fire™ and Ice™ fixtures available
11”, 21”, 42”, and 63” unit lengths
Beam angle 8° and field angle 17°
Ultra-quiet cooling
100V to 240V 50/60 Hz internal power supply
DMX in and thru via 5-pin XLR connectors
IP 20 rated
ETL and CE listed
11”, 21”, 42”, and 63” unit lengths
Selador LED Fixtures
ETC Source Four fixtures
ETC’s Source Four-brand lighting fixtures are the choice of entertainment-lighting professionals
Source Four family
worldwide. No other lights provide such lighting punch while keeping heat generation to a
Source Four Mini
minimum. ETC pioneered green lighting by replacing inefficient 1000W fixtures with our energy-
Source Four
Source Four jr
saving 575W and 750W HPL-powered Source Four fixtures. And Source Four optics are
Source Four 14º
unsurpassed in imaging excellence. These are the world’s best lights – with more than 3 million
Source Four 70º
units shining in venues across the globe – outperforming and outlasting all others.
Source Four 90º
Source Four EDLT option
An evolution of brilliance…
The Source Four ellipsoidal spotlight debuts, stunning the lighting world and
garnering the LDI Best Entertainment Lighting Product of the Year.
Source Four Zoom
Source Four jr Zoom
Source Four PAR EA
Source Four PAR MCM
Source Four PARNel
The Source Four jr takes the TCI Lighting Product of the Year award.
The Source Four Zoom wins the LDI Best Entertainment Lighting Product.
The genre-bending Source Four PARNel® receives the ESTA Dealer’s Choice Award.
ETC’s Source Four Revolution® moving light wins EDDY and ABTT Lighting Product of
Source Four Fresnel
Source Four MultiPAR
the Year Awards.
ETC adds field angles – the 14º, 70º, and 90º – to the Source Four family, plus the
EDLT lens-tube option for stunning contrast and crispness.
ETC goes even greener with introduction of Source Four 70W HID in its
architectural line.
ETC debuts the long-awaited Source Four Fresnel™ (which wins the PLASA Members
Choice Award) and the Source Four XT®, for the outdoors [see Architectural chapter].
ETC introduces the Source Four LED™ spotlight, which sweeps the ABTT Lighting
Product of the Year, the PLASA Award for Sustainability, the LDI Debuting Product of
the Year, and the Live Design Lighting Product of the Year 2013.
ETC introduces the ultra-compact Source Four Mini™ spotlight.
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, West End, London, Great Britain
The hit revival of the musical Oliver!, starring Rowan Atkinson, took London’s West End by storm, racking up recordsetting ticket sales. Lighting designer Paule Constable worked to evoke the magic and moods of Charles Dickens’ timeless
story, creating stunning visual displays. Constable’s elaborate light plot included more than 150 conventional ETC Source
Four® fixtures and 50 Source Four Revolution® moving lights to achieve many of its spectacular effects. And to control
this elaborate mixed-media rig, Constable chose ETC’s award-winning Eos® console.
Photo © Michael Le Poer Trench
At only nine inches long and weighing just over a
pound and a half, the Mini is the tiniest Source Four
ever, but it lives up to its family name for projection, punch, and efficacy. It may be cute, but the Mini is a serious
lighting tool. Its 50-watt tungsten/halogen MR16 lamp is brighter than you’d expect from an instrument of this size.
The Mini also performs like a Source Four – with crisp optics; crystal-clear image projection; a bright, even field; and
user-friendly operation.
Introducing Source Four Mini™
The Mini’s compact size means that even more installations can have Source Four functionality. Sometimes you need
a spotlight a third the size of a normal fixture to highlight a special detail or prop on a set – to do an important bit of
fill or accent lighting in a particular scene. The Mini is also a perfect fit for small-scale installations, like light labs,
children’s theaters or puppet theaters, as well as venues like museums, stores, and restaurants that need an extremely
low-profile fixture that can easily blend into an architectural or artistic design.
The Mini is available in four field-angles: 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°, with a 2.5-inch diameter lens. It comes in a portable
version with a miniature C-clamp, a canopy-mount design with an integral transformer, or a track-mounted design.
All Mini models accept a range of conventional-spotlight accessories and include an E-sized pattern holder and a gelmedia frame. And beyond standard black, white, and silver, the Mini is available in custom colors to blend into or
complement any surrounding design.
19°, 26°, 36° and 50° field angles
9” long, 2.5” diameter
50W tungsten/halogen MR16 lamp with 5,000-hour average life
Portable, canopy-mount and track-mount versions
E-size pattern holder
Gel media frame
Rotating barrel ± 175°
Three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly
Tool-free lamp replacement
Insulated rear handle
Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
Black, white, silver or custom colors available
4.5 x 1.5” color-matched canopy
Canopy-mounting hardware for 4” ceiling junction box included
12V transformer in canopy for hardwired (120V or 230/240V) input
Yoke-mounted 12V transformer in color-matched case
Miniature C-clamp included
3’ power cable and choice of Edison, UK or EU plug
ETL-Listed and compatible with EUTRAC-brand track
Factory-installed, integral 12V transformer in color-matched (black
or white) adapter
Source Four Fixtures
The fixture that changed the lighting industry. Source Four combines the energy-saving
power of the patented HPL lamp, with a dichroic reflector and optical-quality lenses, for the
coolest beam on the market. That means your patterns and shutters last longer and your performance space stays cooler.
Source Four
No other light offers such optical brilliance. Source Four’s revolutionary technology gives you a clean white beam for
unequaled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field. It’s the favorite fixture of lighting designers everywhere.
Rated for up to 750 watts, the Source Four punches through saturated colors and offers great long-throw performance.
Ultra-efficient for more lumens per watt: at 575 watts, the Source Four literally outshines 1000W ellipsoidals. And at 750
watts – well, no point comparing – there are no other fixtures in its class.
Venues and shows across the United States use their Source Fours in tandem with ETC’s Dimmer Doubling™ technology
to gain more dimming circuits and lighting flexibility. With Dimmer Doubling one circuit equals two separate dimmer
channels, which in turn allows you to power up twice as many Source Fours.
5º, 10º, 14º, 19º, 26º, 36º, 50º, 70º, and 90º field angles
Rated up to 750W
Super-efficient HPL lamp
Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat from beam
Interchangeable lens tubes
Rotating barrel ± 25º
Three-plane stainless-steel shutterblade assembly
Tool-free lamp adjustment
Insulated rear handle
Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
EDLT lens option in 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° angles
Custom colors available
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling
26°, 36°, and 50° fixed-field angles
Rated up to 575W
Super-efficient HPL lamp
Interchangeable lens assemblies
Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat from beam
Two-plane stainless-steel shutterblade assembly
Tool-free lamp adjustment
Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
Custom colors available
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling
Source Four Fixtures
More tools for your Source Four workbox! There’s a Source Four
field angle for every lighting throw distance. ETC’s Source Four 14º
gives you a powerful alternative for front-of-house positions where a 10º field would be too small or 19º too big. Ideal
for performance venues and churches where 30’ to 70’ throws are encountered, the 14º makes a great retrofit fixture for
lighting professionals who miss 8x13 ellipsoidals.
Source Four 14º, 70º, 90º
We have you covered – with the brightest short-throw fixtures available! The Source Four 70º and 90º fixtures give you
ultra-wide spotlighting for positions with low trim heights, like low ceilings or back-of-set specials. Choose the 70º or
90º when you need more controlled light coverage than a wide-angle wash, plus powerful pattern projection from a very
short throw distance.
When your lighting situation requires the most precise optics for projecting gobo
images or logos, the Source Four Enhanced Definition Lens Tube (EDLT) option is
an invaluable addition to your Source Four inventory. The EDLT attaches easily to any new or existing Source Four fixture
body and is available in 19º, 26º, 36º and 50º field angles. Without compromising on light output, EDLT provides
heightened sharpness and stunning contrast to images when the Source Four is used as a pattern projector. With the
innovative EDLT option on your Source Four, the best spotlight available gets even better.
Source Four EDLT
Seeing is believing: A side-by-side comparison of gobos projected with and without the EDLT demonstrates the
clear difference.
Source Four
Source Four
with EDLT
14° field angle for intermediate-throw applications
Precision dual aspheric glass lenses with high-quality coatings
Heightened crispness and contrast
Rated up to 750W
All standard Source Four features
70° and 90° field angle for short-throw applications
Precision glass aspheric lenses with high-quality coatings
Heightened crispness and contrast
Rated up to 750W
All standard Source Four features
For 19º, 26º, 36º and 50º field angles
Heightened sharpness and contrast
Increased output
Advanced, dual aspheric lenses with anti-reflective coatings
Fits all new and existing Source Four fixture bodies
Source Four Fixtures
40% brighter than others’ zooms! You don’t have to compromise on
brightness when you need the versatility of a variable-focus ellipsoidal
spotlight. This is the zoom for the most discerning international lighting professionals. Just one fixture to achieve a variety
of field angles, with all the advantages of the acclaimed fixed-focus Source Four: bright even field (even brighter than the
fixed-focus units!), cool beam, and amazing efficiency. The dichroic mirror means shutters and accessories stay cool, and
drop-in accessories are interchangeable with fixed-focus Source Fours. Rated up to 750W, Source Four Zoom gives you
Source Four’s crisp optics for excellent imaging and field quality, with added field-angle flexibility.
Source Four Zoom™
And ETC’s patented one-handed zoom operation makes adjustments quick, simple and safe. Technicians can focus with
one hand and hold the ladder with the other. And the unique lens-tube door provides quick and easy access when you
want to clean the lens assembly (tool-free!).
If you’re looking for the field-angle versatility of a zoom ellipsoidal with
the economy and compact design of a smaller fixture, you’re looking for
the convenient Source Four jr Zoom. School stages, houses of worship, black-box theaters, and budget-minded
productions will find the jr Zoom to be a great solution for their smaller-scale or short-throw lighting needs. There’s no
compromising on quality either – Source Four jr Zoom boasts ETC’s standard rugged fixture construction and performance.
Source Four jr Zoom™
15-30° and 25-50° beam spreads available
Rated up to 750W
Super-efficient HPL lamp
Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat from beam
One-handed zoom operation
Field-angle and focus scale markings
Rotating barrel ± 25º
Three-plane stainless-steel shutterblade assembly
Tool-free lamp adjustment
Easy-access lens cleaning
Insulated rear handle
Rugged die-cast and extruded-aluminum construction
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling™
25-50º beam spread
Rated up to 575W
Super-efficient HPL lamp
Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat from beam
Two-plane stainless-steel shutterblade assembly
Tool-free lamp adjustment
Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
Custom colors available
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling
Source Four Fixtures
Elegant, compact, efficient and flexible – this is no
ordinary PAR can. ETC’s Source Four PAR goes
beyond with its rugged die-cast aluminum construction and acclaimed Source Four lighting technology.
Source Four PAR™ EA and MCM
Changing beam angles is easy: Source Four PAR comes with a set of four snap-in lenses that mount in a cool, rotating
ring. That also means no more reaching into a hot can with cracked porcelain sockets. And when you need a new lamp,
just use your stock of Source Four HPLs (no need to carry a large inventory of expensive PAR64 lamps).
Source Four PAR’s compact design means more units can be mounted on a pipe or fit into a truck. Combined with
reductions in power and cable requirements, the Source Four PAR is perfect for touring. The fixture is available in two
versions: EA (Enhanced Aluminum) and MCM (Metal Cold Mirror) versions. EA is a perfect PAR choice for ‘normal’
applications, but when your space requires the coolest performance environment, choose MCM, engineered with a cool
beam as top priority.
With the PARNel, ETC introduced a new category of fixture to the lighting
world. Featuring the patented wave lens design and easy focusing knob, the
PARNel lets you quickly access a range of 25 to 45 degrees – a smooth, soft, symmetrical field that you can spot or flood
like a Fresnel, but do even more with. ETC went beyond mere imitation and created a fixture with Fresnel functionality
and the awesome performance of a Source Four PAR. Awarded the ESTA’s Dealer’s Choice Award for Equipment, the
PARNel has taken its place on professional lighting rigs worldwide.
Source Four PARNel
Rated up to 750W
EA (Enhanced Aluminum) reflector
Super-efficient HPL lamp
Interchangeable lenses
(VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL – standard; XWFL – optional)
Die-cast faceted reflector
Die-cast aluminum construction
Custom colors available
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling™
Rated up to 575W
MCM (Metal Cold Mirror) reflector for cool beam performance
Super-efficient HPL lamp
Interchangeable lenses
(VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL – standard; XWFL – optional)
Die-cast faceted reflector
Die-cast aluminum construction
Custom colors available
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling
Rated up to 750W
Enhanced Aluminum Reflector
Super-efficient HPL lamp
25º-45º variable field focus
Easy spot-to-flood adjustment knob
Die-cast faceted reflector
Die-cast aluminum construction
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling
Source Four Fixtures
A Fresnel that’s a Source Four®! Winner of the PLASA Member’s Choice
Product Award, ETC’s Source Four Fresnel gives you the soft-focus lighting
you love, with Source Four quality and efficiency. Lighting designers prize the controlled blending washlight and soft
beam you can only get from a barn-doored Fresnel. Our fixture combines the classic Fresnel optical system with the HPL
lamp technology that makes Source Four fixtures the professional choice. And like all Source Fours, this Fresnel is energysaving: the 750W unit produces the same light output as others’ 1000W Fresnels. Choose lamp wattage to suit your
application and energy requirements – from 375W to 575W to 750W.
Source Four Fresnel™
Our innovative socket and access door let you change out the lamp from underneath the fixture – without breaking focus
– saving time and trouble. ETC makes it simple to adjust the fixture from spot to flood, with a full-sized zoom knob for
better grip. Replace your old Fresnels with ones built to last: Like all Source Fours, the ETC Fresnel is made of rugged diecast aluminum.
We applied the award-winning optics of our Source
Four PAR to a time-honored theatrical workhorse and
made it into a lighting thoroughbred. Lamped with the HPL, this is a powerful striplight. The Source Four MultiPAR in
3-, 4-, or 12-cell lengths offers excellent light distribution, energy savings, and ETC’s quality construction. The design
capitalizes on the thermal management of the PAR reflector while still allowing easy access to the lamp without breaking
focus. We made innovations we wanted to see in a striplight, including Source Four energy efficiency and light output, a
beautiful field, and the flexibility to change from three to four circuits (and vice versa) for the MultiPAR-12.
Source Four MultiPAR striplight
7”/175mm aperture
Zoom range: 9°-52° beam angle; 20°-65° field angle
Barn-door beam-shaping
Rated up to 750W
100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Super-efficient HPL lamp (same as all Source Fours, for
common inventory)
Quick eXchange socket enables easy lamp changes
Full-sized zoom-adjustment knob
Sliding yoke mount for variable balance point
Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling™
UL and cUL Listed
3-cell, 4-cell, and 12-cell versions
Rated up to 750W
Enhanced Aluminum (EA) reflector
Super-efficient HPL lamp
Focus-free lamp mounting
Interchangeable lenses
(VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL – standard; XWFL – optional)
Die-cast faceted reflector with integral heat-sink fins
Extruded and die-cast aluminum construction
Tool-free lamp replacement
Hanging brackets or floor trunnions optional
Source Four Fixtures
Unison Paradigm
LightDesigner software
ControlDesigner software
Wall-Mount Touchscreen
Portable Touchscreen
Handheld Touchscreen
Architectural Control Processor
Control Enclosures
Dimming Enclosures
Unison Power Control Modules
LinkConnect Station
Unison – Complete Control
Heritage Control Stations
Central Control Server
Building on decades of lighting innovation, ETC brings you the most comprehensive architectural
control systems on the market. Lighting designers and specifiers swear by ETC products, used in
thousands of venues around the globe, including theme parks, conference centers, casinos,
Unison Mosaic
Mosaic Tessera Panel Controller
Mosaic Show Controllers
restaurants, retail stores, museums, schools, theaters, and houses of worship.
Mosaic Remote Modules
Mosaic Show Controller X
ETC drew on its history of expertise to expand and update the Unison control line. These
Mosaic Designer Software
innovative offerings – including Paradigm®, SmartLink®, and Mosaic® – were developed with the
Mosaic LED Drivers
same dedication to quality as ETC’s award-winning consoles, fixtures, and dimming.
Mosaic Button Stations
Mosaic Ethernet Switches
As a pioneer in the development of open standards in networking, ETC believes that all of your
Mosaic DMX/RDM Opto-Splitters
lighting control system’s components should be interoperable. Unison draws on innovative core
technologies for truly 21st -century lighting functionality and building control: LinkConnect
(freedom to wire control stations however needed), NetConnect (data plus power using Power
SmartLink Architectural
Control Processor (ACP)
SmartLink Button Stations
over Ethernet and no external power supplies), and MeshConnect (wireless connectivity for
portable touchscreen controls).
And of course, Unison systems – like all ETC products – are backed by ETC’s industry-leading
SmartLink TimeClock
SmartPack Wall Mount with SmartLink
[see Smart Solutions, p. 22-23]
SmartSwitch with SmartLink
[see Smart Solutions, p. 26-27]
service promise. ETC technical support is a phone call away all day, every day, so your questions
or concerns can be handled right now.
Source Four fixtures
Source Four HID
Source Four HID jr
Source Four HID Zoom
Source Four HID jr Zoom
Source Four HID PAR
Source Four HID PARNel
Source Four XT
Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center
Madison, Wisconsin
Making a city icon out of light. Madison, Wisconsin’s Monona Terrace is a beacon across the lake, Illuminated outside
and in with the help of ETC architectural systems. The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building is a glowing centerpiece of
the cityscape, employing an ETC Unison Paradigm® control system. Paradigm’s time- and energy-management
functionality let this LEED Silver EB facility make the most of incoming natural light. And changing the lighting
configurations for complex daily conference events is fast and easy. Area by area, room by room, Paradigm creates the
custom lighting levels and looks that make this building and 2,000 feet of shoreline memorable.
Dramatic lighting, dramatic efficiencies. A new paradigm for control. Designed as
a new way of thinking about building control, ETC’s visionary Unison Paradigm
system goes where none has gone before – fully fusing architectural lighting-control advances with entertainment-lighting
control technology. ETC brings our award-winning expertise in both areas together to give you the best of both worlds.
Unison Paradigm
Paradigm delivers a new level of comprehensive control – sophisticated facility-lighting and building systems integration.
And it does so with unprecedented flexibility and simplicity: a green-minded energy-management system that capitalizes
on daylight-harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings, combined
with dynamic effects that make a venue exciting. Plus the power to speak fluently to different devices from different
manufacturers over the same control system.
The Unison Paradigm family includes powerful software, elegant touchscreens, wall stations, modular control electronics,
dimming and control enclosures, and accessories to offer the most customizable and people-friendly control systems available.
State-of-the-art software for lighting and building control systems.
LightDesigner™ represents a true shift in how lighting control and
dimming systems are programmed, freeing the design team to create
effective lighting control scenarios, for day-to-day operations, special
events, and special effects. LightDesigner works the way you want it
to, with effective pre-programming and simulation capabilities that
allow you to visualize and test out changes to the lighting design, as
well as access powerful, real-time live control and live editing of your
Unison® Paradigm Control System.
Green light. LightDesigner’s EnergyManager suite of features helps
you harness maximum energy savings by using daylight harvesting
(DaylightManager), occupancy sensing (OccupancyManager), and
time-based controls (TimeManager) simultaneously.
The face of the system – the look of your lighting controls. Companion
to LightDesigner, ControlDesigner™ software gives you the tools to
create the look of your Touchscreen pages and other user interfaces,
pre-visualizing your control interface. Free for download from ETC’s
website www.etcconnect.com, ControlDesigner lets you choose from
built-in graphics or build your own as you develop unique interfaces
ahead of time and load them when you are ready.
ControlDesigner’s DesignView function allows you to create and
edit control pages using extensive design tools, ensuring that each
page has the look and controls you need, when you need them.
ControlView lets you visualize and test each screen and action before
uploading the design to the Touchscreens.
Unison Paradigm
Paradigm’s elegant Touchscreens are customized to your interior
design – while putting complete lighting and building control at your
fingertips. Available in wall-mount, portable or handheld versions, all
Touchscreens use high-resolution, widescreen, color liquid-crystal
displays (LCD) that are bright and easy to read. Designed to your
specifications with ControlDesigner™ software, the Touchscreen’s
intuitive graphics guide you through control options. Adapt your
Touchscreen’s look, choosing buttons, faders, animation, pop-up
windows, transparent pages, and Secure-it Touch electronic Lock out.
The permanently-installed Unison Wall-Mount Paradigm Touchscreen™
with its DuraFrame design is built to withstand the busiest environments and is available in standard painted finishes (cream, ivory, gray,
black and signal white), as well as custom paints or anodized finishes.
Unison Paradigm Portable Touchscreens are rugged, portable
control devices that can be moved wherever you have a wired
connector station. The Portable’s DuraShell aluminum frame acts as
a workstand when open and a screen protector when closed. The
Portable Touchscreen communicates to the system via a flexible
LinkConnect cable, which also powers the device, for use during fast
changeovers or wherever you need temporary control. And, the
Portable loads just the controls you need, based on the location you
plug it into – allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand, no
matter how many rooms you have to work with.
Unison Handheld Paradigm Touchscreen™ is an elegant portable
control device that can be used wired or wirelessly. In wired mode,
the Handheld Touchscreen communicates to the system via a flexible
LinkConnect cable, which also powers the Handheld and attaches to
the Portable LinkConnect jack, Access Point or Tabletop Dock, for use
wherever you need control for long periods of time. Used wirelessly,
the Handheld Touchscreen employs ETC’s innovative MeshConnect
wireless technology to communicate with the Paradigm’s Tabletop
Touchscreen Dock or Paradigm Access Point Accessories.
Built from the ground up with performance, reliability and ease of use
in mind, the powerful Paradigm Architectural Control Processor
module contains state-of-the-art electronics and is packed with input
and output ports. Designed to keep the lights on in your facility – even
in critical emergency situations – the Paradigm® processor uses solidstate components, with no fans, disk drives, or moving parts, for
die-hard 24/7/365 operation.
Get connected. The Paradigm processor is the center of your lighting
control infrastructure. The ACP allows full Ethernet network control
using NetConnect, featuring ETC’s Net3™, powered by ACN, and
native networking ports. The Paradigm Architectural Control Processor
gives you the integration options you need, including two fully
configurable DMX512A ports, which can be set as inputs or outputs,
a bi-directional RS-232 serial port, along with four dry-contact inputs
and four relay outputs. Or, you can use your Internet browser to
view and edit elements of the system using LightDesigner Access,
Paradigm’s built-in web interface.
Mission-critical functionality and power. Ultimate convenience.
Sophisticated buildings require sophisticated lighting control
solutions. For large-scale, multifunction, multi-partitioned venues
where the stakes for system reliability are high, ETC offers the most
comprehensive architectural control available: Paradigm control in an
ERn enclosure.
The Unison ERn Control Enclosure was designed to perform one
important task: support all of the capabilities of the Paradigm Lighting
Control System. With the ERn enclosure, you choose the features
you need for your facility’s unique lighting and building control:
processing, station support, power options, and networking.
Convenient in size but a powerhouse in functionality, the ERn is
available in two sizes – ERn2 and ERn4 – to meet the needs of your
lighting and building-control system now and in the future. ERn is the
center of a network infrastructure, with no need for external gear. The
optional Ethernet Switch Module for ERn provides five ports for
10 / 100 networking with four ports supplying 802.13AF-compliant
Power over Ethernet, making it the definition of a NetConnect system.
And, like most infrastructure equipment, the ERn series is available in a
19” equipment-rack version.
Unison Paradigm
ETC’s Unison DRd Series Enclosures are the workhorses behind the
scenes, supporting a networkable Paradigm® processor and a variety
of dimming, switching and option modules. These dimming enclosures
are trusted for their reliability and versatility. Designed with long-term,
round-the-clock operation in mind, Unison DRd’s dimming, control,
and station power components are now modular, making service and
support easier than ever.
Scaled to the power you need. Unison DRd is available in 6- and 12module enclosures for up to 24 dimmers and can be cross-bussed
from the same main power input, combining enclosures for up to 48
dimmers from a single feed, while only needing one control processor
for both enclosures. When it comes to fluorescent dimming, Unison
DRd can handle it all: two- and three-wire dimming ballasts with
standard modules, DALI Ballasts and 0-10V ballasts. And DRd doesn’t
stop at fluorescent control: we do reverse-phase dimming (trailing edge)
for electronic low-voltage transformers, and a range of other loads.
Unison modules are hard at work in venues across the globe. They are
available in voltages for every need: 120V, 230V, 240V and 277V.
Designed specifically for use in Unison DRd Series enclosures, these
modules are heavy-duty, high-grade commercial dimmers. Each
module is UL-Listed for continuous duty at five, ten, 15 or 20 amp
capacities. Universal modules are available for incandescent, magnetic
low-voltage, two- and four-wire fluorescent, neon, cold-cathode,
or switched loads, or in specialized modules, such as, three-wire
fluorescent, relay, or constant current. Reverse-phase (trailing edge)
dimming of electronic transformer loads is available with the electronic
low-voltage dimming module series.
The LinkConnect Paradigm Station Power Module™ series provides the
power for all of your Unison Heritage™ and Paradigm stations. Based
on Echelon's LonTalk® protocol with LinkPower, LinkConnect allows
you to communicate over a two-wire, topology-free data bus –
simplifying system wiring. And the LinkConnect Station Power Module
sends power, along with communication, down the same pair of wires
for up to 32 stations. When you need more stations or need to cover
more distance, you can add Paradigm Repeater or Dual Repeater
Station Power Modules to your system.
ETC’s Unison Heritage Control Stations are used in lighting systems
worldwide, from smaller-scale venues like schools, restaurants and
houses of worship to large-scale networked convention centers and
theme parks. Elegant and clean-lined, Unison Heritage controls are
designed to complement – not to compete with – the aesthetics of
any interior environment, while being easy to install using LinkConnect.
The Unison Heritage series of button and button/fader control stations
can be customized to suit any décor and application – available in a
wide range of sizes, color and configurations. Heritage faceplates use
our Fastener-Free attachment system and may also be made to order
–from custom legends in the font and color you choose, to a unique
look using materials you specify.
Maximum security. Prevent unauthorized use of your lighting control
system in public spaces with Secure-It Keyswitch Stations. You specify
combinations of buttons or faders with a local, momentary or
maintained key-lock in a single-gang faceplate, or choose button
stations with key-only access. Secure-It technologies provide you with
multiple levels of control protection.
Not all system interaction involves people: a variety of Heritage
interface stations (DMX in and out, network, AV serial, contactclosure, and more) are available when interaction with other building
systems or peripheral equipment is required.
The Paradigm Central Control Server™ scales up Paradigm systems to
master the most complex lighting. By integrating a BACnet®
communication system and incorporating exclusive new ETC Virtual
Touchscreens, Paradigm Central Control Server achieves the most
comprehensive building-wide control while also benefiting even
single-processor installations. The PCCS thinks globally and acts locally,
allowing internal subsystems to act independently, while one
command center monitors the entire system – simultaneously
logging, overriding, driving, and managing the components.
With Central Control Server, multiple Paradigm systems can be
programmed independently of each other and consolidated into a
single system. This provides essential systems-management for multivenue theme parks, cruise ships, performing arts centers, casino and
resort venues, museum complexes, and the like, where lighting
operations can now subdivide from facilitywide control down to even
one preset lighting scene.
Designed to interface with ASHRAE’s BACnet IP, Paradigm Central
Control Server synchronizes and stitches together separate systems.
It is not merely triggered by BACnet, it bi-directionally listens, registers,
and replies to event scheduling, ensuring that the system runs its
events even if connection to BACnet is lost.
Paradigm Central Control Server’s Virtual Touchscreen stations and
large-format touchscreen integration provide customized control
anywhere. A Virtual Touchscreen may be a touchscreen computer or
a conventional computer with monitor and keyboard/mouse control.
Configured by ETC’s LightDesigner™ and ControlDesigner™ software,
the interfaces are tailored to the needs of any application.
Unison Paradigm
Be memorable. Special effects are no longer just for the stage. Everyday
life has become the staging ground for entertainment experiences. It is
not enough to engineer a space or structure functionally. The art and wonder of interactive lighting, automation, audio
and visual spectacle, kinetic-art displays, water effects, and more are captivating people’s attention – differentiating a
venue, creating a landmark, making a truly memorable event.
Mosaic Show Control
Unison Mosaic is the solution for merging disparate elements – show control, LEDs, moving lights, media effects, and
more into one visionary work – seamlessly closing the distance between architectural and entertainment technology.
The Unison Mosaic Show Control System assembles the pieces you need, giving you the freedom to focus on creativity not
technology. Mosaic provides state-of-the-art software and hardware tools. Easy to learn and use, Mosaic Designer Software™
provides the canvas for your artistic design, from conception through programming and execution. Mosaic Show Controllers ™
(MSCs) are the ultra-compact hardware solution, running your shows reliably, with peace-of-mind precision. And the MSC’s
wide range of inputs and outputs include industry-standard network protocols to facilitate system integration as needed.
For retail, museum, and themed spaces, art installations and special events – any unique environment – Mosaic control is
the solution.
Touch this. The ancient word for ‘tile,’ a ‘tessera’ is a part of a greater
mosaic and an object of utility itself. The Unison Mosaic Tessera®
Controller (MTPC) is both a part of a greater sophisticated networked
system and a full standalone controller, in a compact interface. The
versatile Tessera combines a sleek 4.3” touchscreen with a 512-channel
DMX-Over-Ethernet Mosaic controller. Complex lighting shows using
devices like moving lights, color-mixing LEDs, conventionals, and
dimmers can all be controlled by Tessera. It also handles impromptu
show control, accessories, automation, waterworks, and other
non-lighting effects.
Each device supports onboard triggering over Ethernet. Additional
channels and triggering interfaces are supported by optional MSC
controllers and remote devices attached over an Ethernet network.
Tessera’s integrated show-control capability is programmed and
configured using Mosaic Designer™ software. With RealEngine
functionality, Tessera ensures an accurate representation of your full
show – whether in software simulation or played live to connected
controllers. Tessera also employs LiveControl for live output of your
Mosaic show file to Mosaic controllers and fixtures during simulation.
With DesignerAccess, Tessera draws on an internal Web server with
pages providing status, configuration information, remote monitoring,
and remote show uploads. The QuickChange function allows showdata to be stored on a flash memory card, which can be conveniently
transferred to another Tessera.
Packed with power. These ‘instant-on’ compact devices run your
sophisticated shows reliably and precisely, time after time. The
Mosaic Show Controllers support DMX512 and DMX-Over-Ethernet
protocols to control color-mixing fixtures, conventional dimmable
fixtures, and automated lights. MSC1 offers 512 channels; MSC2
offers 1024 channels (or, 340 RGB color-mixing units); and for the
ultimate compact performance, the MSC4 offers 2048 channels with
the same solid-state package. You can choose to output DMX512
directly to your devices or send the data to your network using DMXover-Ethernet protocols: streaming ACN, Philips KiNet™, Art-Net™,
or Pathway XDMX™.
Each MSC has the same extensive range of external triggering
interfaces, including Ethernet, RS232 Serial, MIDI, and digital inputs.
The built-in real-time clock triggers precise timed events, including
‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ astronomical cues. Additional triggering
interfaces are supported by Mosaic’s optional RIO devices. [See
RIOs, p. 76].
Unison Mosaic
Expand your reach. The Mosaic Remote Input/Output Modules (RIOs)
expand the advanced show-control capabilities of your system in
interactive installations, allowing lighting and AV to respond instantly
to the environment or viewer. As accessories to the Mosaic Show
Controllers™ (MSCs and MTPC) and Mosaic Show Controller X
(MSCX), all RIO devices employ familiar, simple, and reliable Ethernetwiring topology with IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
RIO 8/0
When you need to accept discrete triggers from third-party equipment
to complete your system, choose the RIO 8/0. Featuring eight
configurable Tri-Mode inputs, the RIO 8/0 accepts almost any input
from the necessary equipment: digital-active high, digital-active low,
or contact closure, and an integrated, bi-directional serial port
(RS232/RS485). Up to 100 RIO 8/0 devices can be used in one system.
RIO 4/4
When you need both input triggers and control over other devices in
the same location, choose the RIO 4/4. Featuring relay outputs and
configurable Tri-Mode inputs, as well as an integrated, bi-directional
serial port (RS232/RS485), the RIO 4/4 allows you to integrate with
almost any third-party device. Up to 100 RIO 4/4 devices can be used
in one system.
RIO 0/8
When you need to issue commands to third-party devices (such as
building-automation and alarm systems, effects controllers, and
automata), rely on the RIO 0/8 with eight fully isolated relay outputs,
as well as an integrated, bi-directional serial port (RS232/RS485). Up
to 100 RIO 0/8 devices can be used in one system.
When you need connections for audio input or linear timecode
(SMPTE and others) and MIDI timecode input and output, you need
Mosaic RIO Audio (MRIO-A). MRIO-A modules can co-exist on a
network as part of a distributed system: four supported for audio
input; six supported for linear timecode and MIDI.
When you need control for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
(DALI) ballasts or to accept triggers from other DALI-capable control
systems, Mosaic RIO DALI offers connection to a single DALI loop (up
to 64 devices) for individual and DALI group scene control. Up to 12
RIO DALI devices can be used with the MSC and MTPC Controllers,
while up to 64 can be used with an MSCX — that’s 4096 DALI
devices. Ideal for commercial and architectural applications.
Extreme show control. The “X” in MSCX stands for that exceptional
project that demands much more control power and integration.
Designed to meet the needs of landmark projects, the MSCX is
available in capacities ranging from 10,240 channels of DMX-overEthernet (20 universes) up to more than 100,000 channels (200 DMX
universes, or, 34,000 RGB LEDs!) from a single 19” equipment-rackmounted unit.
Like its siblings MSC1 and MSC2, the MSCX has an extensive range
of external triggering interfaces, including Ethernet, RS232 Serial,
and DMX input. A built-in real-time clock triggers precise timed
events, including ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ astronomical cues. As a DMXover-Ethernet device, the MSCX also empowers you to send the data
to your network using Ethernet protocols ETCNet2, Philips KiNet, ArtNet2, or Pathway XDMX, simultaneously. But unlike any other Mosaic
device, the MSCX includes VideoConnect – digital video outputs using
Firewire and DVI connections to master pixel mapping on video-based
fixtures, as well as a Firewire digital-video input for live-video mapping
in real time.
All Mosaic Show Controllers feature QuickChange, where invaluable
show data is stored on a removable flash memory card, which can be
transferred to another MSC if needed. The Mosaic RealEngine drives
your Designer-created show flawlessly in real time. For LiveControl
functionality or show upload, MSCX accepts Ethernet connections
from the Mosaic Designer software running on your PC. MSCs also
feature DesignerAccess, an internal Web server with active pages –
providing status, configuration information, remote monitoring, and
remote show uploads.
Freedom to focus on creativity not technology. Unison Mosaic Designer
Software provides the framework for creating your unique work of
art. Everything you need is here: from importing project plans for
system layout, to positioning lighting fixtures and other devices in
the plan, to editing triggers and timelines, picking specific colors,
programming special effects, mapping pixels to an array, playing back
video clips, visualizing the results, and uploading your show.
With Mosaic – you don’t need a console. You already have one –
inside the Designer Software. From your Mac or PC, create an infinite
mosaic of show looks with Designer’s TimeSlice using visual, timelinebased blocks. Use ColorPick, Designer’s powerful color selector to
change intensity and hue. EasyFX brings out the artistry of your design
with a comprehensive range of customizable special effects. And,
Designer’s PixelMap goes way beyond traditional lighting effects,
allowing you to define a group of fixtures as a virtual screen and then
play back static or video images on it. Use this as true video playback
across an LED array or to generate dynamic and fluid color effects
across large numbers of LEDs and other fixtures.
Unison Mosaic
Mosaic LED drivers can be used with any DMX controller for direct
and efficient control of single-color LED fixtures. With options for both
constant current and constant voltage, you can get the right tool to
work with your power supply.
The Mosaic Constant Current LED Driver (LED-C) provides six channels
of LED control for constant-current fixtures. The Mosaic Constant
Voltage LED Driver (LED-V) provides six channels of LED control for
constant-voltage fixtures. Each can be paired with a standard power
supply to power both the LED driver and the connected fixtures.
The LED drivers offer one power supply input and DMX in and thru,
creating six discrete outputs to LED fixtures. Constant-current modules
offer a variety of outputs – 350mA, 500mA and 700mA – with inputs
from 15 to 48Vdc. Constant-voltage modules run 12 to 24Vdc with
a maximum channel output of 40W (180W total power). These
compact drivers fit any installation. They feature manual and
automated addressing, fixture test modes, standard DMX protocol,
support RDM configuration, and are convection cooled.
These DIN-rail-mounted drivers are the perfect accessory for any
Mosaic control system.
Mosaic Button Stations (BPS) interface with any Mosaic Controller
(MSC, MSCX, and MTCP) over a standard Power-over-Ethernet
network. With support for up to 100 stations in a single system,
button stations can be placed remotely to trigger any system action
or timeline. Simple addressing using a rotary switch is provided on the
rear of the station, and Mosaic Designer software is used to assign
button actions and LED indicator responses. With faceplates for North
America and Europe, the button stations are available in finishes of
white, cream, black, or black with an aluminum bezel, to complement
your décor. Or, go your own way: Design your own look by choosing
the clear acrylic version with a customizable insert.
The Mosaic Ethernet Switch (MSC-NET) allows for multiple Mosaic
Controllers or accessories to be networked together. The MSC-NET
offers five unmanaged Ethernet ports, with four ports also providing
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The DIN-rail mounted switch is the perfect
accessory for any Mosaic Show Control System.
The Mosaic DMX/RDM Opto-Splitter (MSC-OPTO) distributes four
outputs of a single DMX universe from a Mosaic control system to
other devices. The DIN-rail mounted splitter also supports Remote
Device Management (RDM) and is the perfect accessory for any
Mosaic Control System.
Unison Mosaic
Architectural lighting control for any budget! Plug-and-play – SmartLink
architectural lighting control is ready to go, out of the box. Low installation cost.
No programming or commissioning. No DMX wiring required. No software, computer or external devices necessary.
SmartLink control
Smart savings. SmartLink’s system functionality is free in ETC’s SmartSwitch® or SmartPack® and is a low-cost option in
Unison® systems. Recall fundamental lighting looks with SmartLink button stations, which allow simple access to presets
and sequences. We also offer the functional and stylish SmartLink TimeClock, giving you access to all your presets and
time-of-day control, from a single location. You choose what fits your location’s aesthetics and needs.
SmartLink’s two-wire, topology-free LinkConnect system gives you the freedom to put stations where needed, without
worrying about wiring. SmartLink is a high-quality, low-cost solution for lighting control applications such as restaurants,
retail stores, schools, houses of worship, and more.
Designed exclusively for the Unison DRd enclosures, the SmartLink
ACP provides smooth lighting fades for up to 48 channels. The
SmartLink ACP features a QuickLoad SD card slot, which can be used
to store the system data for later access, even while the system is in
use. The ACP’s Secure-It User Access control keeps data protected,
using multiple levels of user access at the facepanel.
The ACP offers 64 presets and a sequence, and can support 16
SmartLink control stations when you add a LinkConnect Station Power
Module. The SmartLink ACP also accepts a DMX512A input for control
by other devices. The combination of DMX and LinkConnect allow
you to Snapshot a lighting scene for use later as one of the system
presets, by simply pressing and holding a button.
Light touch. A lot of power. Available in convenient five- and tenbutton configurations, SmartLink stations provide direct access
to lighting presets and sequences. With Plug-and-Play addressing,
you don’t need to program the stations, but you can effortlessly
change which presets they access. Using the two-wire, topology-free
LinkConnect network, up to 16 button stations can be employed
in a system. SmartLink stations are available in neutral colors to
complement all interiors: cream, ivory, black, gray and signal white.
The SmartLink TimeClock brings low-cost, easy-to-use time-of-day
control to ETC Unison, Sensor®, and SmartPack dimming, as well as
to SmartSwitch relay systems.
When energy consumption is a concern, SmartLink TimeClock is
a smart choice. Meeting ASHRAE-90.1 and Title 24 standards,
TimeClock maximizes the energy efficiency of your lighting system.
Anyone can program the SmartLink TimeClock for set-it-and-forget-it
operation. Automatically activate lighting presets and sequences using
event-recurrence modes like ‘everyday,’ ‘weekday,’ ‘weekend,’ and
‘daily.’ It also offers fully configurable Daylight Saving Time settings.
The SmartLink TimeClock follows the design of other SmartLink
stations. The attractive two-gang device has a coordinating overlay and
plastic faceplate available in cream, ivory, black, gray and signal white.
Unison SmartLink
Source Four® lighting power for anywhere! If your
commercial venue needs the lighting punch and long
throws of a theatrical spotlight or the even, clean wash of a PAR-style fixture, the solution is Source Four HID. Call attention
to architectural details. Project patterns and logos. Frame signage. Source Four HID's long-life 12,000-hour lamp is available
in both 70W and 150W versions. That means low maintenance – perfect for locations that can't be reached often or
easily – and low-wattage options, great for working within strict energy-consumption guidelines.
Source Four HID™ fixture family
Source Four HID gives you the level of performance of a 2,000-hour incandescent Source Four fixture but with 10,000
additional hours. The metal-halide fixture features the Source Four's famous cool beam, imaging, pattern projection, and
bright, even field. Source Four HID uses an electronic ballast with a power factor of greater than 95% compared to some
competitors’ ballasts at less than 70%. And HID's ballast has an efficiency of greater than 90%. With its low operating
current, you can safely place more Source Four HIDs on a standard lighting circuit than you can other manufacturers’
units that operate less efficiently. Plus, Source Four HIDs are UL Listed for damp locations.
A Source Four HID for every commercial environment. The standard Source Four HID comes in field angles to suit almost
any throw-distance! Use the Source Four HID jr™ when space is tight. The Source Four HID Zoom™ allows you to alter
field angles for multipurpose venues or make last-minute on-site changes. The Source Four HID PAR™ gives you brilliant
wash lighting, and the Source Four HID PARNel® gives you multiple effects – dramatic pools of light or room-filling washes.
The Source Four HID PAR and HID PARNel offer four field spreads and a 25°-45° zoom range. Source Four HIDs are
non-dimmable fixtures.
5°, 10°, 14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70°, and 90° field angles
15°-30° and 25°-50° Zooms
70W and 150W versions
Yoke-mounted 120V or 277V electronic-ballast options
Ships with 70W or 150W ceramic metal-halide lamp
12,000-hour lamp life with 3000°K color temperature
Optional 4200°K 12,000-hour lamp available
Barrel rotates ± 25°
Black, white, and silver standard; custom colors available
EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube) option available
26°, 36°, and 50° fixed-field angles
25°-50° Zoom
Available in 70W and 150W versions
Yoke-mounted 120V or 277V electronic-ballast options
Ships with 70W or 150W ceramic metal-halide lamp
12,000-hour lamp life with 3000°K color temperature
Optional 4200°K 12,000-hour lamp available
70W and 150W versions
Yoke-mounted 120V or 277V electronic-ballast options
Ships with 70W or 150W ceramic metal-halide lamp
12,000-hour lamp life with 3000°K color temperature
Optional 4200°K 12,000-hour lamp available
PAR features interchangeable lens set
(VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL – standard; XWFL – optional)
PARNel features 25°-45° zoom
Source Four HID
Great spotlighting for the great outdoors. Responding to popular demand, ETC
created a Source Four® for exterior use: the Source Four XT HID Zoom™. The fixture
offers the acclaimed operational benefits of Source Fours – optical acuity, brilliant light output and energy efficiencies, in
a waterproof, dust-tight housing for all-weather use. The XT’s durable industrial design coupled with a 12,000-hour,
150W high-intensity-discharge source make it ideal for long-term use anywhere.
Source Four XT
Unlike interior-rated spotlights modified with add-on housings to work outdoors, this is a sleek, fully sealed and selfcontained fixture. XT is also aesthetically neutral so that it blends into any location – from outdoor architectural installations
to entertainment venues to themed environments and more.
Engineered for a variety of long-throw situations, the XT uses the same 15° to 30° or 25° to 50° optical system as the
Source Four Zoom™. And, like other Source Fours, the XT employs Source Four B patterns and dichroic color. With its
built-in shutters, the XT is ideal for highlighting architectural detail, as well as for framing building features and signage.
XT’s mounting options allow you to light from wherever you need to: Place the fixture on the ground, hang it by yoke,
attach it to poles, walls, or other structures.
Designed for the long haul, the Source Four XT requires minimal maintenance. Technicians can re-lamp the fixture without
breaking focus or accessing the optical chamber. Also, the fixture’s ballast is mechanically separate for cooler operation,
and fully pre-wired for fewer installation hassles.
Low-copper die-cast and extruded-aluminum construction
Stainless-steel, metric hexagonal hardware
150W ceramic metal-halide lamp (not dimmable), 12,000-hour life
Integral 120V or 277V electronic ballast, with greater than
90% efficiency
IP66 rated — watertight structure seals optical chamber
UL and cUL Listed for wet locations
Removable barrel for easy focus
Barrel hangs on yoke for hands-free operation
Tilt-down ballast housing for lamp change, without disturbing focus
15° to 30° or 25° to 50° zoom range with high efficiency optics
Dual internal pattern holders suitable for “B”-size metal or glass
patterns and color
Two-plane stainless-steel shutter assembly with shutter rotation
Bronze, black, and white standard; custom colors available
Variety of mounting options (yokes, pole-top adapters,
wall mount, etc.)
Pattern Holder (B-size) for steel patterns
Pattern Holder (B-Size) for glass patterns and color
Grid Louver and Half Shield options for glare control
External media holder, holder for glass or gel color for external
mounting on fixture housing
Source Four HID
ETC Rigging™
The old way: Dangerous manual-rigging practices. The new way: The safety of ETC Prodigy®
automated rigging.
Prodigy Hoists
Fixed-Speed Hoists
Variable-Speed General
Purpose Hoists
Prodigy scales the heights, doing the heavy lifting and climbing for you. Whether for a
Stage Electrics
performance or maintenance use, Prodigy rigging raises and lowers your stage lights, scenery,
Houselight Hoists
and curtains smoothly, precisely and safely – at the touch of a button.
EXO Fixed- and Variable-speed
General Purpose Hoists
Prodigy’s smarter hoist technology allows you to mount rigging anywhere: front-of-house
ETC Rigging Control
positions, low spaces, or areas with restricted ceilings. Prodigy’s revolutionary Cable
Management saves precious ceiling space by allowing systems to retract to just 30 inches while
neatly storing up to 48 circuits.
And Prodigy hoists, with ETC’s Compression Tube technology, impose no lateral forces on
structures – going where automated and conventional rigging could never go before –
into schools, gyms, churches, historic buildings, lobbies, atriums, museums, restaurants,
and beyond.
Every hoist is tested under full load before leaving the factory. All electrical and electronic
connections, lift-line integrity and terminations, limit switch functions, operation switches,
and other components are tested by ETC factory technicians. Each hoist receives final
inspection by quality managers before the equipment is packaged and shipped.
More peace of mind: Prodigy Fixed and Variable-Speed hoists, Cable Management systems,
QuickTouch®, QuickTouch+®, and Foundation™ controllers, and circuit-distribution systems
have been tested and authorized by Underwriters Laboratory to bear the UL listing.
Latino Cultural Center
Dallas, Texas
Smarter, safer, and more affordable rigging. Hosting hundreds of performances, visual art, and educational events a year,
the Latino Cultural Center in Dallas (LCC) needed an efficient and versatile rigging system. The Center’s 300-seat theater
employs 20 ETC Prodigy hoists for raising and lowering both stage lighting and scenery battens – all operated by an ETC
QuickTouch 24 control system.
Available with Working Load Limits of 650, 800, 1000, 1300, 1500,
or 1900 pound capacities
Adds no lateral loads to the building
Loft blocks can be located anywhere along Compression Tube
without regard to location of structural members
Built-in load profiling and slack-line detection in every hoist
Dual brakes for ultimate safety
208V or 480V motors available
UL Listed
Working Load Limits of 650 to 1900 pounds
Speed averages 30 feet per minute
Up to eight lift lines
Anywhere positioning of loft blocks/liftlines without regard
to structure
Operated by ETC QuickTouch® and Foundation™ Controllers
208V or 480V motors available
Working Load Limit of 1000 pounds
User-adjustable operating speeds 0-180 feet per minute
User-adjustable ramp-up and ramp-down speed control
Dual brakes for ultimate safety
Built-in Prodigy Cable Management System for up to 48 circuits,
eight data lines, and multiple grounds
Fixed-speed hoist
Factory-wired fixture-mount and circuit-distribution trough up to
105’-0” long
Built-in pantograph that can be wired with dimmed, switched, and
emergency circuits (barriered) in a single trough that supports both
canopy and stem-mounted architectural fixtures
Motorized rigging that adapts to your space
EXO Powerheads can be installed upright, underhung or vertically
EXO systems use traditional upright or underhung head blocks and
loft blocks
Available with motor capacities of 900, 1400, and 2000 pounds in
Fixed Speed, along with 1200 pounds in Variable Speed
Prodigy EXO Powerheads weigh from 450 to 660 pounds,
depending on model
All Powerheads include load profiling and slack-line detection as
standard safety features
Small size: Powerheads are only 17 7/8'' to 20 3/4'' high, 48 3/8” to
56 3/8” long and 16'' to 18'' wide, depending on model
Unique Prodigy Hybrid Drum: Powerhead manages up to eight
liftlines in a machine 1/3 the length of other hoists
Fail-safe motor brake and Prodigy load brake: Two independent
braking systems ensure safe overhead lifting
Built to PLASA/ANSI E1.6-1 motorized-hoist standards
ETC Rigging
Rigging confidence with the touch of a button. No other
rigging control systems at this level offer such extensive
operational and safety-feedback features. QuickTouch®, QuickTouch+® and Foundation™ controls are the command centers
of ETC Rigging. These systems activate and monitor the lifting functions of Prodigy® fixed- and variable-speed hoists and
system safety features. Each controller logs the use of the entire hoisting system and the behaviors of each hoist, while
providing diagnostics on itself and the entire hoisting system. If a fault occurs, hoists communicate the type and location
of the fault via the controller’s LCD screen. As a safety backup, hoist functionality is limited during a fault condition. The
controller also tracks the system’s annual-inspection schedule, and records the usage of each hoist (moving distance,
peak loads, and fault conditions since install and last inspection). QuickTouch, QuickTouch+ and Foundation produce
inspection reports that can be transmitted to archives at ETC, ensuring that required inspections occur, while reporting
problems or misuse.
ETC Rigging™ control systems
Simple and intuitive operation
Hard-wired E-stop and dead-man circuits
Self-test and safety check at each turn-on
Annual inspection-alert message
Simple wiring topology requires no auxiliary contactor
cabinets – one control cable between hoist(s) and
control stations
Hoist-usage statistics and log files
Completely quiet – no fans, no spinning hard drives
Automatic inspection report generated as pdf
Optional multiple E-stop locations
Hold-to-run controls
Optional handheld remote control
ETC Rigging’s QuickTouch controllers simplify show setup and lamp
replacement. With the touch of a button, lighting battens can be
moved to lamp-change position and back again to their precise
focus position.
QuickTouch versions to control 1, 4, 8, 12, or 24 fixed-speed motors
QuickTouch+ offers added ability to manually control variable-speed
One user trim per motor on QuickTouch
Five trims available on QuickTouch+
Graphical LCD display for position, load, and status messages
Illuminated and dimmable control buttons
Surface and flush-mount backboxes
Optional locking door and rack-mount kit
Powerful control — to create and run pre-programmed shows at
the touch of a button. For multipurpose stages, Foundation’s
presets can be used to create and restore specific stage
configurations for constantly recurring events.
Controls up to 48 fixed- or variable-speed motors
Eight user trims and two user limits per motor, plus two
system-wide trims
15” LCD multi-touch screen
Four operating modes: Manual, Preset, Cue Stack, Playback
Manual and target moves
Joystick for manual operation and speed override
Up to 999.99 rigging cues
Time- or speed-based cues with individual wait times and speeds
per motor
Show-file storage on internal drive or external USB stick
Multilevel password-protected user access
Automatic backlight adjustment based on ambient light conditions
Optional handheld remote Enable/Go button
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