Advanced, affordable chilled water solutions.
Residential and
Light Commercial
Chilled Water System
McQuay Hydroflex System
• Advanced communicating
McQuay Smart Manager
controls allow easy remote
monitoring of the complete
chilled water system for
superior comfort, reduced
energy consumption.
• Cooling only and heat pump
models for year-round comfort
in a variety of climates.
• Multiple compressors provide
staged capacity capability for
precise temperature control,
high efficiency.
• Independent zone control
provides superior comfort
based on the air conditioning
requirements of each zone.
• Outperforms DX Systems:
– Longer piping lengths and
bends do not diminish
– Refrigerant is confined to
the chiller to avoid
refrigerant leaks in the
– Oil is confined to the chiller
to avoid poor oil return that
can cause compressor
Chilled Water Solutions Made Affordable
The McQuay HydroflexTM system is a chilled water air
conditioning solution that has been packaged for light
commercial and residential applications, at a cost that makes it
ideal for your budget.
Chilled water systems are widely used in heavy commercial and
industrial applications to deliver superior comfort in multiple
spaces. Using the proven benefits of chilled water avoids the
restrictions of traditional ducted systems and offers more
capacity control than direct expansion refrigerant systems for
precise, efficient comfort air conditioning. Refrigerant and oil
are confined outdoors, in the chiller, to avoid leaks inside the
building and poor oil return that can cause compressor damage.
The Hydroflex system captures these benefits for buildings that
are ideally suited for zoned comfort conditioning, including
offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, shopping complexes,
condominiums, apartments and villas.
Flexibility and Simplicity
Comprehensive Solution
McQuay is committed to offer you the best system for your air
conditioning requirements. We provide a comprehensive
solution for selecting equipment, designing the water piping and
providing easy operating control of your Hydroflex system.
Available with cooling only or heat pump operation, the
Hydroflex system incorporates the technology of advanced
communicating controls, microprocessor-controlled chillers and
a diverse variety of fan coil and air handler selections. Userfriendly software programs facilitate equipment selection,
giving you total flexibility to customize your system to meet the
specific requirements your application.
Sourcing from McQuay for your air conditioning requirements
provides you with products that are manufactured to the highest
quality standards in ISO certified facilities. The strength of our
global organization and local support give you a reliable source
for technical support, parts and service for your Hydroflex
MicroprocessorControlled Chillers
Diverse Fan Coil and Air
Handler Selections
Communicating Controls
Smart Manager Controller
Chiller Network BUS
(up to 50 units)
Complete Control of Hydroflex Systems
The heart of the McQuay Hydroflex system is the Smart
Manager controller, which manages the operation of up to 120
chilled water fan coil units and 50 chillers from one point inside
your building. Featuring advanced microprocessor technology,
comprehensive control features and a user-friendly interface,
Smart Manager allows you to provide maximum comfort and
reduce the operating and service costs of your Hydroflex
Besides allowing users to independently control each connected
unit, the Smart Manager controller can provide zoned or global
control based on the air conditioning system load of your
building. In addition, through the Smart Manager interface with
LCD display, users can program energy saving setbacks and
receive alarm notifications and operating data to keep your
Hydroflex system operating at peak efficiency.
All McQuay chillers and fan coils are pre-programmed to be
compatible with the Smart Manager controller, reducing
installation and start-up costs, and promoting reliable operation.
Fan Coil Network BUS
(up to 120 units)
Programmable timer allows you to preset
unit ON/OFF mode individually or by zone to
conserve energy during unoccupied periods.
Features and Benefits
Supports up to 50 chillers and 120 fan coil units. Meets the
requirements of a wide variety of applications.
Displays up to 46 chiller and 6 fan coil faults/alarms.
Simplifies troubleshooting and reduce valuable service time.
Priority settings. Offer users flexibility to preset the priority of
operation on chiller(s) or fan coil unit(s) so that units are
automatically forced OFF if the priority units are OFF.
Threshold value setting. Offers users flexibility to preset
operating thresholds that will automatically force all units into
COOL or HEAT mode if the number of units requiring either
mode crosses the threshold for that mode.
Programmable timer. Allows users to preset two ON/OFF
timers for each unit and up to five timers for multiple units based
on the time and day of the week to greatly reduce energy costs
during unoccupied periods.
Alarm messages display on the Smart
Manager LCD to simplify troubleshooting.
Alarms are automatically cleared once the
fault has been resolved
Holiday setting. Allows users to preset up to 10 holiday timers
(99 day duration each) to automatically turn units OFF and greatly
reduce energy costs during unoccupied holidays.
Alarm memory backup (EEPROM). Will display the last state
of Chiller/Fan Coil unit alarms prior to a power failure and allows
service technicians to view previous alarm records to assist in
troubleshooting and maintenance.
Password protection for advanced parameter settings
(Chillers). Helps prevent the loss of key chiller operating
parameters that have been set by experienced professionals.
Low power mode (Chillers and Fan Coils). Helps conserve
energy during an electrical power breakdown, operating on a builtin backup battery with no LCD display and one timer and
interrupt active.
Key parameter display. Saves service technicians time by
allowing key parameters (defrost/compressor discharge sensor
temperature, water in/out temperature, compressor ON/OFF status
and COOL/HEAT mode water-in temperature, etc.) to be viewed
on the Smart Manager keypad versus at each unit.
Accumulative compressor run time. Allows service technicians
to view compressor run times and provides a reminder for routine
system service.
Multiple temperature zone control. Fan coil units can be
managed independently or in zones with similar air conditioning
requirements to provide maximum comfort.
Real Time Clock (RTC). Time and date appear on all LCD
screens for easy reference and can be set by the user.
Threshold value setting automatically
forces units into HEAT or COOL mode
once the threshold for that mode
has been crossed.
Air-Cooled Mini Chillers
MAC 20/25/30 C/CR
M4AC 20/25/30 C/CR
Cooling: 5.3 / 6.7 / 8.1 KW
Heating: 6.5 / 7.3 / 9.2 KW
Refrigerant: R-22, R-407C
M5AC 30/40/50/55 CR
Cooling: 7.3 / 11.7 / 13.5 / 14.9 KW
Heating: 9.8 / 13.6 / 15.4 / 18.0 KW
Refrigerant: R-410A
Chilled Water Solutions For Hydroflex Systems
The McQuay Hydroflex system includes a complete line of aircooled chiller products that allow you to closely match the air
conditioning requirements of your residential or light
commercial application.
Selection of your McQuay chiller and the connecting piping for
your Hydroflex system is made easy by our user-friendly
section software.
McQuay chillers are equipped with all necessary components
for chilled water air conditioning, including a circulating water
pump, expansion tank, compact brazed plate heat exchanger and
differential pressure switch. Each unit includes a
microprocessor controller that is pre-programmed to integrate
with the Smart Manager controller through a simple connection
in the unit’s wired control panel.
This comprehesive approach helps ease the job of the installer
and promotes reliable start-up and efficient operation over the
life of your Hydroflex system.
New Tandem Compressor Mini Chiller
Model M5AC 30/50/55 C/R
MAC 40/50/60 C/CR
M4AC 40/50/60 C/CR
Cooling: 11.7 / 13.5 / 15.5 KW
Heating: 12.6 / 15.2 / 17.3 KW
Refrigerant: R-22, R-407C
High Efficiency
• High efficiency compressors
minimize mechanical losses, gas
flow losses and turbulence.
Tandem Compressors Provide
Capacity Step Control
• 3 steps (0%-40%-60%-100%) for
M5AC 40 and 50 CR
• 2 steps (0%-50%-100%) for
M5AC 30 and 55 CR
Eliminates Requirement For Water
• Tandem compressors combined with microprocessor
algorithm control can eliminate the requirement for a
water tank
MAC 80/100/120/150 C/CR
M4AC 80/100/120/150 C/CR
Field-Selectable Power Supply
• Single phase and 3 phase power supply connection
Cooling: 22.6 / 27.6 / 33.1 / 40.5 KW
Heating: 26.4 / 32.2 / 35.2 / 38.7 KW
Environmentally Friendly
• Zero ozone depletion potential R-410A refrigerant.
Refrigerant: R-22, R-407C
Features and Benefits
Compact design. Integrate easily into the architechtural design
of residential and light commercial buildings.
Scroll compressors. Provide quiet, reliable opearation over a
wide temperature range, and include phase protection to prevent
reverse rotation (Models MAC/M4AC 20 C/CR and M5AC
30/50/55 C/R use a rotary compressor with phase protection).
Fully equipped for hydronic applications. Factory-packaged
and tested units lower installation costs and promote reliable
start-up and efficient operation.
Brazed plate heat exchanger. Closely arranged AISI 316
stainless steel plates provide highly efficient heat transfer.
High Efficiency, Stainless Steel Brazed
Plate Heat Exchanger
Microprocessor control. Factory-integrated to provide
efficient operation, alarm notification and to initiate unit
protective actions.
Partial loading. Models MAC/M4AC 80~150 C/CR and
M5AC 30/50/55 C/R have two separate refrigerant circuits so
units can operate at 0-50-100% of rated capacity for improved
efficiency, especially at low load conditions.
Boiler connection. Allows units to serve as sole heating water
source in cooling only systems, or as a booster heat source in
heat pump systems.
Unit protective devices. Including high and low pressure
switches, discharge temperature sensor, pressure relief valve,
compressor water pump and fan motor overload protection.
Anti-freeze protection. Including a built-in heater in the BPHE
to prevent water from freezing inside, an anti-freeze sensor that
shuts down the compressor if the water temperature becomes
too cold and a water pressure differential switch to verify that
water is flowing in the pipes when the chiller is in operation.
Sequencing control. Models MAC/M4AC 80~150 C/CR and
M5AC 30/50/55 C/R compressors will cut in and out,
depending on their cumulative operating time, to avoid
compressor overload and promote longer compressor life.
Modular installation. Models MAC/M4AC 80~150 C/CR are
available for modular connection in a network of up to 50
chillers using the microprocessor controller. External water
piping connections can be made from the left or right side of
the unit.
Front panel access. Provides easy access to components for
maintenance and service.
Environmentally friendly refrigerant. Models using nonozone depleting R-407C and R-410A refrigerants are available
in early support of the Montreal Protocol.
Chiller Control Panel Allows
Customized Control Over Each
Connected Unit
McQuay Chiller Control Panel
Features and Benefits
• Standard with each McQuay chiller.
• Unit-mounted or remotely installed up to
100 meters from the unit.
• Allows user to input unique parameter
settings for customized control.
• Provides current operation status and
alarm display.
• Provides tracing fault record for easy
• 8-line grapical LCD display is easy to
• Menu selction and 8-button keypad
allow easy screen navigation and
modification of selected values.
Chilled Water Fan Coils
NIM Copy
Space Conditioning Solutions For Hydroflex Systems
McQuay offers an extensive line of chilled water fan coil units to
meet any indoor residential or light commercial application. Wall,
ceiling or floor mounted models in a range of capacities match the
installation and air conditioning load requirements of a variety of
spaces. Because they often reside in occupied spaces, McQuay
provides quiet operation and an aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic
design to match any decor.
McQuay chilled water fan coil units are microprocessor-controlled,
with built-in self-diagnostic and unit protection algorithms for
reliable operation and easy troubleshooting. Units include a
wireless or wired controller as standard, allowing occupants to
easily adjust comfort settings. Units may also be controlled using
the McQuay Network Interface Module (NIM) for individual,
zoned or global control from a single personal computer.
Wall Mounted
G12 Wireless
MWM 005/007/010/015/020/025 FW
MWM 301 W
SLM Wired
• Slim, compact and lightweight
• Low sound pressure level
• 3-stage filtration system (except MWM 301 W)
• Detachable and washable air intake grille
• Automatic air swing
• Mode and fan speed selection, 24-hour real timer
AC-5300 Wireless
Ceiling Convertible
MCM 007/010/015 CBW
G12 Wireless
MCM 020/025/040/050 DW
• Flexibile installation under ceiling or
SLM Wired AC-5300 Wireless
floor standing
• Automatic Air swing
• 2-way air discharge (horizontal and bottom) for better air distribution
• Strong air flow volume and air throw distance makes units ideally
suited for restaurants, shops and other light commercial buildings.
• Mode selection, fan speed, 24-hour real timer
Features and Benefits
Ceiling Cassette
MCK 010/015/020 CW
570mm (w) x 570mm (l)
SLM Wired Controller
MCK 15/20/25 BW
650mm (w) x 650mm (l)
Netware III
Wired Controller
2 Pipe System: MCK 020/025/030/040/050 AW
4 Pipe System: MCK 020/025/030/040/050 AWH
820mm (w) x 820mm (I)
• 4-way air discharge to provide better air distribution to room
• Automatic air swing
• Easy service and maintenance
• Built-in high pressure head drain pump can pump condensate water
up to 700mm
• Built-in water float switch helps prevent condensate water overflow
• Mode selection, fan speed, 24-hour real timer
Ceiling Concealed
MCC 010/015/020/025/030/040/050/060 CW
SLM Wired Controller
MCC 028/038 CW
Netware III
• Wide capacity range
Wired Controller
• 4 speed fan motor
- Each speed offers different external static pressure and air flow for
installation flexibility to match application requirements
• High External Static Pressure available up to 18mm
• Ssecondary drain pan provides protection against condensate water
• Availability of various optional duct accessories specially designed to
for Model MCC-CW
• Filter adaptor kit of 1 inch is available as optional accessory
• Mode selection, fan speed selection
Ceiling Convertible
MCM 007/010/015 CBW
G12 Wireless Controller
MCM 020/025/040/050 DW
• Flexibile installation under ceiling or
floor standing
• Microprocessor control
• Automatic Air swing
• 2-way air discharge (horizontal and bottom) for better air distribution
• Strong air flow volume and strong air throw distance makes it a
perfect choice for light commercial such as restaurants, shops
• Mode selection, fan speed, 24-hour real timer