Measuring technology from Bosch.
Your benchmark for precision:
Measuring technology from Bosch.
Measuring – PLR 25, PLR 50 and PMB 300 L.
Levelling – PCL 10, PCL 20, PLT 2 and PLL 5.
Detecting – PDO Multi and PDO 6.
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As precise as can be:
the Laser Rangefinders
from Bosch.
The Laser Rangefinders PLR 25 and PLR 50 from
Bosch are equipped with state-of-the-art laser
technology. They provide measurements with
ultimate precision and reliability because one thing
is certain: nothing is more precise than measuring
with a laser.
Laser measurement with
PLR 25 and 50
Precise measurement using a laser.
Measuring accuracy of ± 2 mm
(regardless of distance).
By comparison: ultrasonic
Tapered measurement using ultrasonic
technology. Typical measuring accuracy
of ± 50 mm over 10 m.
Precise measurement of distances,
areas and volumes.
Aim at the target, press the measurement button, and read the precise measurement result. That’s how quick
and easy it is to measure distances, areas or volumes with the Bosch Laser Rangefinders PLR 25 and PLR 50.
A particularly handy feature is that you can measure from the front or back edge of the instruments.
Using the laser point and targeting aid, you can accurately measure a distance of up to 25 m (PLR 25) or even up
to 50 m (PLR 50) and the result will be instantly and reliably shown on the large display.
PLR 25 and PLR 50 –
the Laser Rangefinders from Bosch
• The exact measurement point is displayed at distances of up
to 25 m (PLR 25) or 50 m (PLR 50) thanks to the laser point.
• The large display makes all measurement results easy to
• The option of measuring from the front or back edge makes
it possible to also use the PLR 25 and the PLR 50 in hard-toreach areas.
• The non-slip softgrip sits securely in your hand.
PLR 25
• The integrated targeting aid helps you to aim at the target
over longer distances.
• Practical function buttons with self-explanatory symbols
make the instrument easier to operate, for example when
calculating areas and volumes.
• The extremely compact PLR 25 and PLR 50 fit into any pocket.
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Working range
Measuring accuracy
Laser type
Measurement reference
0.05 – 25 m
± 2 mm
635 nm, class 2
Back edge
Front edge
Area, volume calculation
Addition, subtraction
Continuous measurement
Pythagoras function
Memory function
100 x 55 x 25 mm
High-quality storage bag
PLR 50 –
longer range
and Pythagoras function
• The PLR 50 has an indirect measurement function that uses the Pythagoras
formula to perform height measurements
PLR 50
104 x 58 x 36 mm
0.05 – 50 m
measurement point and the object, or
there is no direct surface upon which
to measure.
when there are obstacles between the
• To also perform precise measurements
from hard-to-reach angles and corners,
simply fold out the integrated measuring
pin at the bottom of the instrument.
± 2 mm
635 nm, class 2
Back edge, front edge,
measuring pin
• An intregrated bubble vial helps you
to get the PLR 50 exactly level when
Measuring and marking in no time:
the digital Laser Tape Measure PMB 300 L.
Aligning, measuring, marking. Quickly, easily and without help.
Everything is integrated and conveniently packed into the Bosch PMB 300 L: tape
measure, two bubble vials that form a laser spirit level when combined with the
precision laser, and the marking function. Laser and digital display can be operated
using one button. This makes the multifunctional combi instrument a practical assistant
for measuring and levelling – especially when you are working alone.
PMB 300 L – multifunctional technology
• The digital display shows all dimensions accurate
to the millimetre.
• The laser spirit level makes precise levelling easier –
both horizontally and vertically.
• Objects can be precisely aligned on the projected laser line.
• Measurement points are really easy to mark using the
marking unit.
PMB 300 L
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Laser type
Measuring accuracy
133 x 52 x 80 mm
650 nm, class 2
± 1 mm/m
Tape measure length
Digital display
Right angles
wherever you
want: the
Cross Line Laser
Levels PCL 10
and PCL 20.
Exactly straight lines that you can rely on.
Do you want to lay tiles but you are not sure whether you can do it with the necessary precision? Do you want to
position a new light fixture exactly above the centre of a table without having to make complicated measurements?
Have you been wanting to have a pretty picture gallery to look at when you go upstairs? Now you can!
With a Bosch Cross Line Laser Level you can position everything in a perfectly straight line, even in difficult
situations. These clever laser instruments ensure accurate alignment because they have a self-levelling function.
They provide perfect vertical and horizontal lines every time. There are also practical tripods available for the
cross line laser levels, which provide absolute stability in any position.
PCL 10 / PCL 20 –
the Cross Line Laser Levels from Bosch
• Both instruments always sit securely and comfortably in your
hand thanks to their ergonomic softgrip.
• The glass cover on the laser ensures clear, bright laser lines
and protects the laser against damage.
• The on/off switch has an integrated transport lock for secure
fixing of the laser.
• Both instruments can be fitted to all conventional tripods
thanks to their integrated ¼-inch tripod thread.
PCL 10
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Laser type
Class 2, 635 nm
Laser functions
LED display of the PCL 10
Cross line
LED display of the PCL 20
• The LED display indicates when the cross line laser levels are
ready for use: a red light means the laser is not levelled and
cannot be used, whereas a green light means you can start
Working range
Up to 10 m
Measuring accuracy
Self-levelling time
Self-levelling range
• The smooth side contact surface
of the PCL 10 makes it easier to
place the instrument flat against
measurement and work surfaces,
e.g. walls.
108 x 66 x 92 mm
Tripod thread
± 0.5 mm/m
approx. 4 sec
± 4°
500 g
¼-inch thread
incl. storage bag, optionally available
with 1.1 m aluminium tripod
The PCL 20 – for even more
• The mode setting of the PCL 20 is used to
select any of the laser functions: cross lines,
horizontal and vertical single lines.
• The additional plumb function transfers a
point from the floor to the ceiling.
This function is, for example, ideal for installing
light fixtures on ceilings.
• The rubber foot guarantees absolute stability
and exact results.
PCL 20
123 x 67 x 110 mm
Class 2, 635 nm/650 nm (line, point)
Cross lines
1 horizontal + 1 vertical line
+ angle + plumb
Mode settings – choose any function
Up to 10 m
± 0.5 mm/m
approx. 4 sec
± 4°
Mode display with 5 functions
600 g
¼-inch thread
incl. storage bag and wall holder, optionally
available with 1.5 m aluminium tripod
Vertical line
Horizontal line
Cross line
Plumb point
Cross line fixed
Straight forward tiling –
with the Tile Laser PLT 2.
Whether on the floor or the wall, straight or diagonal: the PLT 2 enables quick, accurate and straight forward
tiling. Thanks to the two clearly visible laser lines arranged at an exact 90° angle, every tile is laid with maximum
precision. A wall holder and three integrated bubble vials help you to align the PLT 2 vertically, horizontally or
diagonally. Pictures and shelves can also be aligned easily and quickly using the PLT 2.
PLT 2 – perfect for precise tiling
on floors and walls
• Two clearly visible laser lines at an exact 90° angle make
it easier to precisely lay tiles and laminate.
• The PLT 2 sits securely in your hand thanks to its large grip zone
with softgrip.
• A wall holder and the magnetic base plate of the PLT 2
enable efficient working on walls.
• The functional base plate with a contact edge, e.g. for
door frames, is equipped with a 90° scale in 5° steps.
• The PLT 2 is quickly aligned on the wall for diagonal or
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Working range*
Measuring accuracy
Laser type
240 x 180 x 180 mm
± 0.5 mm/m
635 nm, class 2
Wall holder
* depending on lighting conditions
straight patterns using the three integrated bubble vials.
A spirit level that fits into any shirt pocket:
the Laser Pen PLL 5.
Forget the good old spirit level. Instead put the Laser Pen PLL 5 from Bosch in your shirt pocket. It is hardly
any thicker than a ballpoint pen, has a range of up to 5 metres and is really easy to use. Simply switch it on,
align it using the integrated bubble vials – and the Laser Pen projects an exact, long laser line that you can use
as a reference point. It comes complete with a wall holder that can be fitted to any surface, e.g. with adhesive
tape or pins. Also practical: the PLL 5 can be finely adjusted to the exact position on the magnetic plate.
PLL 5 – the features of the small precision instrument
• The laser can be precisely aligned horizontally and vertically thanks
to the integrated bubble vials.
• The PLL 5 has minimal dimensions and is hardly any thicker than a
ballpoint pen.
• The wall holder with magnetic plate is used to set the exact position
finely and precisely.
• The laser is levelled and aligned quickly thanks to its flat contact
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Laser type
635 nm, class 2
Working range
Up to 5 m
Measuring accuracy
± 1 mm/m
Spirit level function
Illustration 1:1
140 x 30 x 20 mm
130 g
Wall holder + 2 pins
Detect what you
can’t see:
the PDO Multi
and the PDO 6.
No matter where you are working: as a precaution, you should take a look
inside the wall beforehand. With the handy, digital Detectors PDO Multi
and PDO 6 from Bosch you can see what stands in your way: live cables,
copper pipes as well as girders and frames made of ferrous and non-ferrous
metals. The PDO Multi can even detect wooden substructures. And this
with the highest precision and, above all, safety: the illuminated red/
green LED ring shows you where and when you can drill holes safely, and
it makes marking easier.
PDO Multi and PDO 6 –
the Detectors from Bosch
• The red/green luminous ring on both instruments shows you
where it is safe to drill and makes it easier to mark the drilling
• The automatic calibration on both instruments is automatically
activated when the instruments are switched on, which means
that they are immediately ready for use.
• The non-slip softgrip ensures safe and comfortable handling.
PDO 6 –
the characteristic features
• The display of the PDO 6 uses a bar display to indicate the
detection strength. It also indicates live cables and shows the
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Maximum material
measurement depth
charging state of the battery.
• Thanks to its single-button operation, the PDO 6 can be
switched on and used without any pre-setting.
140 x 85 x 35 mm
Metal, copper,
power cables
Metal 6 cm
Copper 5 cm
Power cables 3 cm
195 g
The PDO Multi – for even
more applications
• The large display of the PDO Multi uses a bar display to indicate
the detection strength. It differentiates between ferrous and
non-ferrous metals, indicates live cables and shows the charging
state of the battery.
• Objects can be located even more accurately using the zoom
mode of the PDO Multi.
• The function buttons of the PDO Multi make it easy to switch
the mode from metal to wood detection.
• The pencil holder is ideal for storing your pencil, so that it is
quickly within reach when you need it.
PDO Multi
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Maximum material
measurement depth
205 x 85 x 34 mm
Metal, copper,
power cables, wood
Metal 8
Copper 6
Power cables 4
Wood 2 – 3
250 g
High-quality storage bag
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