Oil & Gas AutroSafe 4 brochure

Oil & Gas AutroSafe 4 brochure
A new level in integrated fire and gas detection systems
Autronica Fire and Security AS – Protecting life, environment and property...
Proven, reliable and now even better
AutroSafe IFG 4
– the next generation in fire and gas safety
Our task was demanding, yet simple: Take
the best fire and gas (F&G) safety system
around and make it even better. The
new and improved AutroSafe Integrated
Fire and Gas (IFG) 4 is designed for the
toughest requirements and expands the
possibilities of a F&G detection system
even further. From offshore platforms to
LNG plants to refineries, AutroSafe IFG 4
delivers the most rigorous F&G safety yet.
Autronica Fire and Security launched
AutroSafe, our high-end fire detection
system, in 1999. From day one, AutroSafe
has proven its unique stability and reliability in
more than 15 000 of installations worldwide,
both on- and offshore.
AutroSafe IFG 4 provides advanced functionality for a wide range of applications. The
system is designed to meet all requirements in
the high-end segment of the offshore market.
It is certified according to European directives
(CPD) requiring EN 54 compliance, and is
approved by Factory Mutual (FM) according
to NFPA 72. Additionally, the F&G system is
designed according to SIL2 requirements
Reliable communication is paramount to
your safety. That’s why we’re adding
AutroNet to the AutroSafe IFG system, an
innovative network solution safeguarding
communication between panels. AutroNet
ensures a redundant and high-speed network,
expanding the reach of the AutroSafe IFG
system even further.
History proves you can rely on AutroSafe
IFG. All existing functionality has stood up to
the toughest tests worldwide for more than
10 years. With AutroSafe IFG 4, Autronica
has once again taken fire safety to a higher
"AutroSafe IFG 4 delivers the
most rigorous fire safety yet"
Innovation you can trust
"Should one panel fail
due to a fire & gas incident,
the other will take control"
From secure to double secure
– introducing AutroKeepers that provide dual reporting of events
AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas (IFG)
4 provides the highest degree of security
yet by combining safety, reliability and
At the basic level, the sensor units are
connected in two-wired loops. Consequently,
in case of a single broken or shorted loop,
connection with all units is maintained.
Additionally, two AutroKeeper (patent pending)
units per loop make redundant control of the
loop possible. This is particularly important
since, should the primary loop controlling
panel fail, the secondary backup panel will
take control of the loop.
AutroKeepers are smart relay units that
are connected to the loop, controlling a
panel’s access to it. They may operate
in automatic, semi automatic or manual
modes. The AutroKeeper makes it possible
to communicate with loop units, using a
secondary panel in addition to the primary
one. This ensures that an alarm event is not
lost in case of system node or network failure.
AutroSafe IFG 4 is certified according to
European directives (CPD) requiring
EN 54 compliance.
Built to deliver a higher degree of safety
■ All loop units have a short-circuit isolator – no need for extra loop units
■ Loops are powered from both sides – ensuring redundant loop network
■ AutroSafe SelfVerify® tests each detector and manual call point every day
■ Two AutroKeepers ensure that no events are lost in case of system node or network failure
■ Dual network between all panels secures a redundant panel network
■ Dual connections to process control systems
– improved safety through automated testing and maintenance
When launched in 1999, AutroSafe SelfVerify® was the premium technology enabling fire
and gas detection systems to test themselves. It still is.
AutroSafe SelfVerify® solves all issues
The necessity of reducing high maintenance
of manual maintenance, making time
costs and increasing fire security, encouraged
consuming and costly physical testing no
Autronica to invest considerable time and
longer necessary. With AutroSafe SelfVerify®,
effort in developing this unique technology.
the system checks all
Over the last decade it
has proven its worth in
"Quite possibly the safest
connections and cables
over 15 000 applications
– from detector chamber to
in onshore, offshore and
and most reliable fire safety
alarm output – every single
maritime installations.
system available – ensuring
optimal detection"
The self-testing system
Not only does the system
Most fire detection systems
is capable of provoking
depend on costly and often irregular manual
an alarm, it even verifies the sensitivity of
inspections, which involve a number of
every detector with a calibrated signal. The
challenges and problems:
SelfVerify system ensures that each detector
■ Detectors may be out of reach
always responds to the correct alarm level. In
the event of irregularities, the display on the
■ Service engineers may not have access
operating panel will accurately pinpoint the
to particular areas
source of any problem.
■ Manual testing with gas or smoke is not
calibrated quantities
react if its chamber is filled with enough
■ Test gas or smoke is rarely used in
■ Even a faulty detector will eventually
■ Excessive and irregular intervals between
manual tests of detectors, leaving
damaged detectors unnoticed for far too
AutroSafe SelfVerify® is developed for
worldwide standards and regulations,
and the detectors are certified according
to European directives (CPD) requiring
EN 54 compliance.
AutroSafe SelfVerify® ensures that you
have the safest and most reliable fire safety
system available – a system ensuring optimal
More reliable maintenance
Far less time and cost
Maximum capacity
Minimum downtime
The new AutroSafe 4
– single-point access
AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas 4 systems are managed through a single point of operation
for the download of configuration data or program upgrades. This ensures a faster and safer
method to change or upgrade the system program, using the panel network (AutroNet) or a USB
memory stick. The result is minimum downtime, through quick and easy modifications during
Large capacity
– without compromising security
Our Ethernet-based panel network, AutroNet, connects the different panels through a high-speed
(100Mbps) redundant system, delivering solid, reliable performance in line with current regulations.
64 fire alarm panels
15 000 loop units connected to one system
6 detector loops per panel
127 loop units connected to one detector loop
15 loop units connected to one PowerLoop
31 loop units connected to AutroFieldBus
Event log with up to 10 000 events
Up to
36 000m
– granting unlimited communication options
AutroSafe IFG 4 communicates with equipment using the following protocols
■ MODBUS – allowing connectivity with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
■ AutroCom – allowing interface to control and monitoring systems (AutroMaster)
■ ESPA 4.4.4 – allowing connectivity with devices such as AutroTel alarm routing
via telephone networks and pocket paging systems
■ NMEA-0183 – allowing connectivity with devices such as the maritime
Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)
AutroSafe IFG 4 includes the following communication ports
2 Ethernet ports for AutroNet, AutroCom and configuration data/system software upgrade
1 AL_Com+ port (interfacing loop drivers and I/O units)
1 RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 (AutroCom/ESPA4.4.4/MODBUS/VDR)
1 AutroFieldBus interface
2 USB host ports for printer/USB memory stick
(configuration data and system software upgrade)
■ FailSafe relay output
– balancing intuitive user interface with high technology
During normal operation, the power indicator will always display a steady
green light when the power is ON. No disrupting or unnecessary
information is shown, only indicators relevant to the actual condition
are visible.
– adjustable to any environment
You can change multisensor operation class, adjust a single detector
or a group of detectors or operate class switch for a period of time.
– a wide range for any application
All types and series of AutroSafe detectors, manual call points, I/O units
and sounders can operate on the same detection loop.
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– a new standard in reliable data and information transmission
To provide maximum dependability, Autronica has developed AutroNet – a dual path
transmission network based on a high-bandwidth Ethernet network (100Mbps) suitable for
safety-critical systems.
AutroNet secures the transmission of data and information even if a line fault (break, switch port
fault etc.) is present. Alarms are transmitted safely to all panels because all network traffic is
duplicated along two independent network paths.
The unique combination of AutroNet and AutroSafe IFG results in a flexible and reliable system
which is easy to maintain, modify and expand.
"Flexible and reliable – easy
to maintain, modify and expand"
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Dual path
Twice as secure
Autromaster isems
– making sure you’re in control
AutroMaster ISEMS is an Integrated Safety and Emergency
Management System combining the strengths of
a powerful fire detection system with control and
monitoring functions dedicated to make sure you are
in control in case of a fire and gas incident.
Graphical user interface
The AutroMaster provides an intuitive control and
monitoring interface built to save valuable time when
every second counts.
Status information is displayed in real-time with
Navigation is fast and instinctual and the powerful zoom
functions allow you to monitor all areas in great detail.
AutroMaster displays values for gas density, smoke and heat in dynamic colours, making it easy
to take the necessary actions during emergencies.
Control and monitoring of third party systems can easily be performed via serial protocols or
network interfaces. They provide connection to basically any source – network time servers,
telephone systems for text messaging, public address systems for automated voice messaging,
emergency lights, access control systems, CCTV, automation systems and so on.
Logging and reporting
The AutroMaster keeps track of all events in the system and has a built-in report generator. This
provides a cost-effective system log for maintenance and documentation purposes.
Decision-making tools
In high-risk environments around the world, a seemingly innocuous fire can quickly escalate into
an emergency of large proportions. When disaster strikes and you only have seconds to make
the proper decisions, the right safety and emergency management system is an invaluable asset.
The AutroMaster includes a Decision Support System (DSS) that will help you make the right
decisions at the right time.
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"AutroMaster ISEMS:
Easy to use, provides a full
overview and saves valuable time"
OPC server
– for complete integration
With the AutroSafe IFG OPC server, we accomodate communication between fire
detection systems and controlling emergency systems. This way we have increased the
interoperability between our system and 3rd party supervisory systems.
The AutroSafe IFG OPC server provides a standard OPC interface for the AutroSafe Integrated
fire and gas detection system. OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a software standard issued by
Windows-based applications to access data from process control systems. The basic principle of
OPC is that OPC client applications communicate with an OPC server via a standardized, open
and vendor-independent interface.
n 15
Autronica Fire and Security AS
– a leading innovator of safety
Autronica is a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas safety
equipment. Our products ensure safety in applications on land and sea worldwide.
The company is owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and employs more
than 380 people with great skill and experience in the developing, manufacturing and
marketing of fire and gas safety equipment. Autronica Fire and Security AS is an
international company based in Trondheim, a dynamic city known as the technological
hotspot of Norway.
Protecting life, environment and property...
Autronica Fire and Security AS
Div. Oil & Gas
Lagerveien 24
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Phone: +47 51 84 09 00
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Autronica Fire and Security AS
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Autronica Fire and Security AS
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Div. Oil & Gas AP
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Busan, South Korea
Phone: +82 70 7122 9170
Autronica Fire and Security AS – Division Oil and Gas
Lagerveien 24, NO-4033 Stavanger, Norway n Tel: +47 51 84 09 00 n Fax: +47 51 74 09 99 n [email protected]
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