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SYS-LINK explained
SYS-LINK (system link) is the Allen & Heath connection standard for linking two consoles together to
expand the number of input channels feeding the mixes. One becomes the ‘slave’ to the other ‘master’
console. All the slave console mix busses including main LR, groups and auxes connect directly to the
master console mix busses without using up valuable input channels. The PFL/AFL system is also
linked so that all channels can be monitored using the master console headphones and meters. The
slave console master section is not used as its signals are taken before the mix inserts and output
faders. Both consoles must have the SYS-LINK option fitted. A single multiway cable is all that is
required to link the WZ3 to another Allen & Heath console fitted with SYS-LINK.
SYS-LINK versions 1 and 2
The MixWizard WZ3 uses the more recent SYS-LINK Version 2 standard. This benefits from balanced
interconnections which allow longer cable length with less chance of noise and interference pickup
than the earlier, unbalanced SYS-LINK Version 1. Both versions operate at -2dBu line level. V1 uses
the 25way D-type connector. V2 uses the 37way D-type connector. Two consoles fitted with SYS-LINK
V2 can be linked using a 36-core shielded cable wired one to one to two 37way male D-type
connectors. It is also possible to connect between SYS-LINK V2 and V1. This requires a 37way to
25way adapter cable wired to unbalance the connections. Wiring details are provided later. The
interconnecting cable is not included in the kit and should be sourced elsewhere or ordered separately
from Allen & Heath.
WZ316:2 / WZ312:2 / WZ320S SYS-LINK V2 output option
Option kit W312/16-SLV2 is available from Allen & Heath. This can
be installed in the WZ316:2, WZ312:2 or WZ320S console to provide
a SYS-LINK V2 output connection. Note that an input connection is
not provided. These consoles may be used as ‘slave’ channel
expanders only. For information on fitting the option refer to
document AP5735.
WZ314:4:2 SYS-LINK V2 input and output option
Option kit W31442-SLV2 is available from
Allen & Heath. This can be installed in the
WZ314:4:2 console to provide both SYS-LINK
V2 input and output. The console may be
used as either a ‘slave’ or a ‘master’. For
information on fitting the option refer to
document AP5737.
WZ3 SYS-LINK Applications Note AP5736
Linking consoles
Plug the ‘slave’ console SYS-LINK V2 output
into the ‘master’ console SYS-LINK V2 input.
Make sure the connectors are fully plugged
in and their securing screws tightened.
If one console has more than one SYS-LINK
connector, plug into the socket marked ‘A’.
SYS-LINK V2 to V2 connection
37way male to male D-type cable wired
one to one. 36-core shielded cable with
screen soldered to pin 19.
Recommended cable length 2.9 metres,
maximum length less than 5 metres.
SYS-LINK V2 to V1 connection
37way male to 25way male D-type cable wired as shown below. Minimum 18-core shielded cable with
screen soldered to chassis at both ends. Maximum cable length 2.9 metres.
A suitable cable is available from Allen & Heath – part number AH6552
25way 37way
25way 37way
Pin 1 > 1
Pin 18 > 10
Pin 2 > 2
Pin 19 > 12
Pin 3 > 5
Pin 20 > 13
Pin 4 > 7
Pin 21 > 14
Pin 5 > 9
Pin 22 > 15
Pin 6 > 11
Pin 23 > 16
Pin 14 > 3
Pin 24 > 17
Pin 16 > 6
Pin 25 > 18
Pin 17 > 8
Pin 13 > 20 to 37 (linked 0V) (pin 13
also connected to 25way chassis)
37way Pin 19 = chassis
25way Pins 7 to 12,15 not connected
37way Pin 4 not connected
(Pin allocations shown are for ‘A’ connectors – adapter cable
is also suitable for ‘B’ connectors)
Custom applications
To connect other audio equipment using the SYS-LINK connectors always ensure unused audio inputs
are linked to 0V ground at the input connector. This is to prevent interference pickup on unterminated
high impedance inputs. Do not link unused outputs to ground. Connect line level signals of -2dBu.
Use balanced connections where possible. For unbalanced signals link signal ‘-‘ to 0V. To activate
PFL/AFL link PFL DC to 0V through a 15k ohm resistor (37 way Pins 3 to 1).
If you require further information or advice please contact Allen & Heath technical support.
WZ3 SYS-LINK Applications Note AP5736
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