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Ulead PhotoImpact 12
Professional Image Editing Made Easy
Features and Benefits
Ulead® PhotoImpact® 12 is a complete image-editing suite for managing, editing and sharing all your digital
images. Handy ExpressFix™ mode makes common photo enhancements fast and easy. Choose from a full range
of effects and powerful yet easy-to-use tools for outstanding results. Create and share photo projects, calendars,
prints or slideshows, on disc, Web or email.
Tools for Everyday Photo Tasks
Easy to Learn and Use
NEW! ExpressFix™ Mode
Enhanced Welcome Screen
Perfect for beginners and great for everyday photo tasks.
Automated enhancements and easy-to-understand options
get you started fast.
The Welcome Screen saves you time. Go straight to the
appropriate tool, mode or program that you want to use.
Easily return to the Welcome Screen to quickly change
Enhanced Digital Camera Wizard
A simplified dialog box provides a more streamlined
workflow for transferring your photos from your camera to
your computer.
Auto-process Commands
Make standard photo adjustments automatically with oneclick Levels, Brightness & Saturation, Color, Focus,
Straighten, Crop, Enhance and Contrast tools. The new Auto
Reduce Noise feature automatically cleans up digital
artifacts in photos shot in low light conditions or at high
ISO settings.
Remove Red Eye
Easily remove red eye from people, and yellow or green
eyes from animals, in your pictures.
UNIQUE! Scanned Image Fix
Straighten, crop, improve focus, brightness & color balance,
fix red eye and add a frame with shadow, for easy post
processing of scanned images.
Photo Frames
Choose from over 260 frames with the option of adding
text, image logos and EXIF data.
Optimize images and export them as attachments to your
e-mail application for seamless sharing.
Save for Mobile
Easily save files to display on your mobile phone, PDA, or
other portable device.
NEW! SmartGuide – “How-to” Help
Learn how to edit – while you edit! SmartGuide provides
step-by-step directions on-screen that teach you how to
accomplish many basic and advanced photo-editing,
Webpage, video and DVD menu creation tasks. Links take
you directly to the tools you need.
Enhanced Friendlier Interface
New, big buttons allow you to quickly switch between
ExpressFix, Full Edit, Video & DVD and Web modes.
Another button lets you start a new or open an existing
Photo Project, Calendar, Web Album, Web Slideshow or
open the Mobile Image wizard. Jump directly to other
programs such as Photo Explorer, COOL 360 and GIF
Animator without closing the main program.
UNIQUE! EasyPalette™
Visually choose from a thumbnail library of 800 objects and
2,500 customizable effects. Just drag-and-drop effects onto
any image, selected area or object for the most intuitive
way to apply effects. Even save macros and images to the
Dockable panels
Improve your workflow by locking frequently used panels
and toolbars together for complete control over your
workspace. Now you can turn docking on/off for individual
Enhanced Split View FX Previewing
Choose from an array of creative and paper-saving output
The enhanced effects dialog box allows for fast previewing
and increased productivity. The screen can be resized
freely, even up to full screen. You have the option for an
adjustable one-screen Split View, or two-screen Dual View
Web Albums & Slideshows
Lightning-fast Browse Manager
Print Multiple Photos & Print Posters
Upload photos to the Web or burn a slideshow to disc, and
share with your family and friends.
Instantly see image thumbnails, so you can choose photos
and get working fast.
Quick Command Panel
Save time by recording macros to perform a set of tasks on
any group of images.
Batch Convert
Increase your productivity by converting the file format,
data type and resolution of multiple images with just one
UFO Preview
View PhotoImpact vector graphics files directly in
Windows® Explorer – so you’ll know exactly which files
you want to open.
High-End Image Editing
NEW! Auto White Balance Control
Make the colors in your photos look natural. The enhanced
white balance feature uses advanced perceptual
technology to correct colors the way your eyes see. Auto
presets allow for quick color adjustments. Detailed settings
let you fine-tune the colors of your photos, precisely the
way you like them.
Enhanced Reduce Noise
More powerful and much faster, the enhanced Reduce
Noise feature uses anisotropic diffusion, providing cleaner,
sharper images than ever before. Sliders let you precisely
adjust the level of noise reduction you desire.
Enhanced RAW file support
Brighter previews, improved performance and a greater
number of supported camera models make working with
your RAW images better than ever.
Enhanced 16-bit image support
Take advantage of PhotoImpact’s selection tools while
editing high color depth images. Create and store full 16bit color depth objects in the UFO file format.
Correct Chromatic Aberration
Clean up chromatic aberration and “purple fringing” found
in images taken with some of today’s high-resolution,
small-sized sensors.
Photo Correction Commands
For more precise image adjustment:
Curves, Levels, Color Balance, Color Cast, Color
Replacement, Brightness and Contrast, and Focus
Enhance Lighting improves exposure by simulating
fill flash or by brightening backgrounds.
Lens Distortion corrects spherical and trapezoidal
distortions typical of wide-angle lenses.
Sharpen focuses blurry images by enhancing the
contrast between bordering pixels while limiting
speckling with built-in noise reduction feature.
Gaussian Blur lets you apply easy-to-use blur effects
with simple, precise controls.
Complete Creative Suite
NEW! Photo Project Templates
Share your photos in greeting cards and CD & DVD labels
that capture the excitement of any occasion. Choose from
70 customizable templates. The 3-step wizard makes it
simple and fast!
UNIQUE! Object Extraction Wizard
Professionally extract objects in minutes! Transport your
family to exotic places they’ve never been. Or combine
dreams with reality. Compose a scene of a mouse chasing
a cat. Just paint around the edge of your subject, click on
the background, extract and refine. Four steps and you’re
done. There’s even an undo option.
Border Anti-Aliasing
Generate an anti-aliased border so image edges won’t
appear pixelated.
Enhanced High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Intuitive Selection tools
Combine bracketed exposures of the same scene to create
stunning, professional images that capture color and detail
in both shadows and highlights. Delete elements of the
scene that change between shots. Enhanced with preset
curves for more camera models.
Smart Lasso
UNIQUE! SmartCurves
Make selections based on what you can see without
selecting unwanted hidden elements.
A selection tool that automatically finds an object’s best
edges. Works well with straight-edged objects set against
high-contrast backgrounds.
SmartCurves is automatic image adjustment that
compensates for camera response curve anomalies. You
get high-quality tonal correction tailored for your camera,
for spot-on results.
Soft Edge on objects
UNIQUE! SmartRemove Scene Compositor
Seamlessly blend composited objects into any background
for professional-quality montages.
Selectively paint out moving elements from multiple shots
of the same scene, so you can compose an image with just
the elements you want. Show your subject in a series of
poses or create a crowd where there was none.
Large file performance
Robust support for images taken using digital cameras with
resolutions of 8 Megapixels or higher.
Add soft feathery edges for striking montages and smooth
alpha-channel video overlays.
UNIQUE! Match Background Color
UNIQUE! Object-based Approach
Unlike layer-based programs, PhotoImpact’s objects allow
for more intuitive image compositing.
Transform Tool
Correct or modify images and objects with robust
transform features including Resize, Distort, Add
Perspective and Rotate in Virtual 3D.
Add Vignette
Painting tools
Create soft-edge oval frames that make your portraits
stand out. With this “spotlight” effect, you can draw
viewers’ eyes to your subject and reduce distracting
background elements.
Paint using 12 different natural media tools such as Crayon,
Charcoal, and Pencil. Includes support for pressuresensitive graphics tablets.
Color Cast
Perfect your photos using 14 different retouching tools,
including Dodge, Burn, Remove Scratch and many others.
Set the right mood. Easily “warm up” or “cool down”
photos by clicking on any image color and adjusting the
hue and saturation using the color wheel.
Photographic Filters
Full-screen dialog boxes for easier previewing. Achieve
professional results that normally require specialized effect
filters, including:
- Diffraction
- Multi-vision
- Gradient
- Diffuse Glow
- Sunlight
- Motion Blur
- Moon
- Star
- Duotone
- Spot
- Film Grain
Artistic Effects
Creative effects for montages and other compositions:
- Engraving
- Cartoon
- Artistic Screening
- Pen and Ink
- Stippling
- Contour Drawing
- Mosaic Tiles
- Impressionist
Painting Effects
Achieve fantastic results with:
- Decoupage
- Oil Paint
- Weave
- Etching
- Finger Paint
- Pattern Fill
- Halftone
- Smear
- Brick Tiles
Layer Mask
Explore amazing compositing control with nondestructive
layer masks. Customize a mask’s transparency using
painting & gradient tools and enjoy the flexibility of being
able to rotate, resize, paint in or paint out masks just like
objects. Link and unlink an object to a selection mask so
that you can change the object’s position and adjust the
layer mask’s size and properties. Great for montages!
Enhanced Text Tool
Wrap, bend, and distort 2D & 3D text with freehand paths
and even add a border. Now resize text directly on-screen
without leaving the Text Tool.
Enhanced Path Tool
Easily design 2D & 3D objects including editable polygon
shapes, lines and text. You can also define the number of
sides to create customized shapes. Now you can choose
between large and small node sizes for greater flexibility
in working with paths. Save time by batch converting
multiple path objects to images.
Enhanced Z-Merge
PhotoImpact is object-based rather than layer-based,
allowing objects to interact for amazing 3D image depth
control. Now maintain the spatial relationships between ZMerged objects while resizing.
Multiple Node Editing
Select several nodes from a path object and adjust them
simultaneously for exciting creative possibilities.
Powerful Retouching tools
Touch-up Tool
Easily remove undesirable image details, such as skin
blemishes, by subtly duplicating another area of the same
Color picker
Set the default color picker for more precise creative
Stamp Tool
Add custom-designed stamps for fun birthday and holiday
Web, DVD and Video Graphics
Enhanced Component Designer
Design tailor-made objects with hundreds of preconfigured
toolbars, buttons and bars. Now you can also create DVD
menu buttons and Web and video objects, such as lowerthird graphics, rollover buttons and banners, all in three
easy steps.
DVD Menu Maker Plug-in*
Make custom DVD menus for use in Ulead DVD
MovieFactory® 5 and Ulead® VideoStudio® 10. Create
various different styles, including Thumbnail, Text and OneScene menus. Even create high-definition menus! DVD
Menu Maker gives you complete control over all of the
menu elements.
DVD Menu library
The EasyPalette comes with DVD backgrounds, buttons,
and frames - great for use with any DVD-authoring
NEW! Web and Blog Page Templates
These ready-to-use and customizable templates let you
design your own Web and blog pages easily and quickly.
Image Map Tool
Easily create linked hotspots on images for Web sites that
are more visually intuitive and user friendly.
UNIQUE! JavaScript™ Effects
Take advantage of interactive Web page components like
cascading menus, rollovers, and scrolling text – all without
typing a line of code.
Still and Animated Effects
Explore your creative side with galleries that include
hundreds of Lighting, Particle, Material and Texture
Optimize Images
Compress image files into smaller-sized, Web-friendly
formats for faster e-mail and Web uploads.
Save Images for Video
Generate GIF & PNG images with transparent alphachannel layers for export as video overlays.
Bonus Software
System Requirements
Photo Explorer 8.6 with RAW support
An efficient management tool to transfer, browse, modify
and distribute your digital media. Create fun calendars,
catalogue your photo discs, burn slideshow videos & discs
and do so much more.
PhotoImpact Album 12 with RAW support
Catalogue photos with a database and back up photo
albums by burning directly to disc. Easily organize and
archive your entire photo collection.
Ulead® COOL 360™
Turns your series of images into 360-degree panoramas.
Ulead® GIF Animator™ 5.05
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4,
Windows® XP Service Pack 2 Home Edition /
Professional, Windows® XP Media Center Edition,
Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition
Intel® Pentium® III compatible or above
CD-ROM Drive
256 MB RAM
750 MB available hard drive space for program and
content files.
True Color or Hi-Color display adapter with 1024x768
resolutions or higher.
File Format Support
Enjoy multiple object composition and round-trip editing.
*Available for download late 2006
Digital Device Support
Digital cameras, USB card readers, TWAIN/WIA
compliant scanners
Pressure-sensitive graphics tablets
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