Centricity University Services

Centricity University Services
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Centricity University
Unlimited access to proven
education resources
Knowledge is power.
Although new technology may offer a clear return on investment,
employees can resist or underutilize it unless sufficient time
is devoted to explaining its capabilities and benefits. Our solution
specific training managers have developed more than 70 radiology
imaging informatics courses with the learner in mind, increasing
understanding and adoption.
Recognizing the need to deliver training that fits work schedules
and lifestyles, GE Healthcare, in partnership with HealthStream,®
offers Centricity University. This innovative training solution includes
unlimited staff access to online and classroom-based courses
through one easy subscription service. Your organization gains
increased staff proficiency with their radiology workflow, flexibility
for users to learn at their own pace, and predictable budgeting
and forecasting of training costs.
imagination at work
Centricity University1, offered by GE Healthcare, delivers
the benefit of proven expertise to help your team drive
understanding and increase adoption of GE Healthcare
solutions. Our team of Radiology Imaging Education
specialists brings proven experience:
Average 17 years of clinical experience
Average 13 years of training experience
80 percent of specialists have clinical background prior
to joining GE Healthcare
80 percent of specialists have training background prior
to joining GE Healthcare
More than 100 remote instructor-led courses delivered
per year
More than 70 radiology course offerings
Student-teacher ratio for headquarters classes: 9 to 1
Student-teacher ratio for remote instructor-led classes:
15 to 1
Whether driving rapid adoption of your Centricity solution or
furthering your department’s competitive edge, Centricity University
is your resource for increased learning. GE Healthcare has partnered
with HealthStream, recognizing their proven track record in more
than 50 percent of all U.S. hospitals. GE Healthcare customers now
have direct access to the Centricity University course curriculum,
enabling users to learn anytime, from anywhere2.
Increased staff productivity
• Staff gains proficiency in their radiology workflow
A Learner’s Perspective
As a new employee with OhioHealth, Ruth Babbert, Senior System
Analyst, had never worked with Centricity RIS-IC. Ruth decided to
pursue the Centricity RIS-IC Application Manager Certification to learn
both the front-end and back-end functionality of the software, along
with the tasks and duties of a RIS-IC Application Manager. When asked
about the quality of the training program, Ruth said, “It was very
thorough.” Further, she was able to quickly apply what she learned in
her new role. She also noted that she felt better supported in this online
learning course than she had in the online college classes that she had
taken recently, because there was always someone available to answer
questions. Ruth’s favorite part of the program was the ability to
practice what she was learning in a hands-on training lab right away.
• Flexibility to select a variety of courses without additional cost
• Administrative reporting to review training records
at the student and facility level
CE credit opportunities
• Content approved by American Society
Having the ability to actually perform the tasks
that I had just seen demonstrated in the tutorial
reinforced the skill and gave me the confidence
to perform the same tasks on my own system.
Ruth Babbert
Senior System Analyst
of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) for CE credits
• Radiology Technologists can complete credits necessary for
American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) renewal
• Applicable for IT system administration certification, if required
Predictable training costs
• One fee per organization provides unlimited
staff access
• Subscription-based service requires no capital outlay
• Subscription is included in your monthly GE Healthcare
Software Maintenance payment as an operational expense
• Budgeting and forecasting are simplified and predictable
Learn more at www.gehealthcare.com/CentricityUniversity
Currently available for Centricity PACS and Centricity RIS-IC
HealthStream. (2010). HealthStream: About. Retrieved April 24, 2013,
from: http://www.healthstream.com/about.aspx
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