Manual for Installation, Use and Maintenance
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Group Ltd. • Harby Road • Langar • Nottinghamshire • NG13 9HY
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The CDA Group Ltd cannot be held responsible for injuries or losses caused by incorrect use or installation of this product.
Please note that CDA reserve the right to invalidate the guarantee supplied with this product following incorrect installation
or misuse of the appliance.
Under no circumstances should any external covers be removed for servicing or maintenance except by suitably qualified personnel.
Appliance information:
Please enter the details on the appliance rating plate below for reference, to assist CDA Customer Care in the event of a fault
with your appliance and to register your appliance for guarantee purposes.
Appliance Model
Serial Number
CE Declarations of Conformity:
This appliance has been designed, constructed and marketed in compliance with safety requirements of EEC Directive
2006/95/EEC (Low voltage) and requirements of EMC Directive 2004/108/EEC.
This appliance has been manufactured to the strictest standards and complies with all applicable legislation, including
Electrical safety (LVD) and Electromagnetic interference compatibility (EMC). Parts intended to come into contact with
food conform to EEC/89/109.4
At the end of its working life, the product must not be disposed of as urban waste. It must be taken to a special local
authority differentiated waste collection centre or to a dealer providing this service.
Disposing of a household appliance separately avoids possible negative consequences for the environment and health
deriving from inappropriate disposal and enables the constituent materials to be recovered to obtain significant savings in
energy and resources. As a reminder of the need to dispose of household appliances separately, the product is marked with
a crossed-out wheeled dustbin.
Please note:
This appliance is designed solely to produce ice cubes and dispense chilled water. Other types of use are not permitted
and may prove dangerous. The CDA Group Ltd will not be held liable for any damage caused by incorrect use of the appliance
• Read all instructions thoroughly before use.
• Before first use, you must allow the icemaker to settle for at least twenty four hours prior to switching the power on.
• To protect against fire, electrical shock and injury to persons do not immerse cord or plugs in water or other liquid.
• The use of accessory attachments not recommended by The CDA Group Ltd may result in fire, electric shock or injury.
• If the appliance is switched off, you should allow five minutes before switching it on again to prevent unnecessary damage to the compressor.
• You should only use cold drinking water in this appliance, with water hardness level less than 7˚F.
Control Panel
Water Nozzle
Ice Drawer
Water Tray
Drip Tray
Icemaker control panel
1. On button
2. Off button
3. Water glass button – this button dispenses a small amount of water.
4. Water jug button – this button dispenses a large amount of water.
5. Manual water button – this button dispenses water as long as the button is pressed.
6. Maintenance button – this button allows the icemaker to automatically empty the pipes.
The Icemaker
Before first use:
1. Pull the machine out of its housing by lifting the handle of the machine and pulling it towards you.
2. Fill the water tank (even if the appliance is to be plumbed in to the mains water supply).
3. Turn on the machine at the switch on the left side of the machine.
4. Push the machine back into the housing.
5. Switch on the machine by pressing the ON button.
6 The machine is now ready for use and the display shows ICE ON WATER READY.
The water tank
It is possible to use the appliance without connecting it to the mains water supply. There is an integral water tank
which can be used in this instance. To ensure the best results from your appliance, it is recommended that the water
tank be emptied frequently and refilled with fresh water, and no water be left in the tank for long periods.
When the water tank is empty, the message WATER MISSING will show on the display.
To fill the water tank
1. Pull the machine out of its housing by lifting the handle of the machine and pulling it towards you.
2. Open the lid of the water tank and fill it until the water is 4cm from the top level. Then close the lid.
3. Push the machine back into the housing.
Please note
You should clean the pipes through before first use to remove any impurities in the system after installation. To do
so, follow the steps on the Care and maintance page (p.5)
The Icemaker
To make ice
The icemaker will make ice automatically once it is switched on and will continue to make ice until the ice
compartment is full. Whenever ice is removed, the icemaker will make more ice until the compartment is full again.
To dispense water
The amount of water dispensed from the water nozzle is controlled by three different buttons.
– water glass
– water jug
– manual setting – this button dispenses water as long as the button is pressed.
The water nozzle is height adjustable for ease of use. To adjust the height, hold the black outer section of the water
nozzle and raise or lower it to the height required. The nozzle will automatically remain at the height set.
The water storage tray is located below the ice drawer. In normal use this fills with water, which is chilled and ready
for dispensing; this does not constitute a fault.
To change the preset buttons
It is possible to adjust the amount of water dispensed by the preset buttons ( & ). To do so, place a glass or jug
under the water nozzle and press button 5 until the required amount has been dispensed. Then confirm the setting
by pressing buttons & for the water glass button or buttons & for the water jug button.
Please note:
To stop water dispensing once a preset button has been pressed, simply press the button again.
To dispense ice
When the ice drawer is full, the display shows ICE FULL WATER READY.
Open the drawer fully and use the scoop provided to remove the ice as required.
Please note:
To ensure the ice is fresh, we recommend you empty the ice drawer every 6-8 hours.
If the ice drawer is not emptied for a long period of time, the appliance will go on standby for approximately ten
minutes, and the display shows ICE OFF WATER READY. After the standby period has ended, the appliance will
begin to make ice again. If you do not want to wait for the standby period to finish, press the ON button.
If the ice drawer is slightly open
When the ice drawer is full, the ice maker goes onto standby mode for approximately ten minutes before starting
to make ice again. If the ice drawer is not emptied regularly an excessive accumulation of ice cubes could hinder the
movement of the upper carriage. You are recommended to open the ice drawer slowly after a long period of time
on standby and regularly remove ice cubes from the drawer.
Care and maintenance
Always disconnect the appliance from the power before any cleaning or maintenance.
As the icemaker has a stainless steel or enamel surface, you should use a nonabrasive cleaner. Any abrasive cleaner (including Cif)
will scratch the surface and could erase the control panel markings. Stainless steel can be effectively cleaned by simply using a
dilute solution of water and mild detergent and drying to a shine with a clean cloth.
Proprietary stainless steel cleaners are available. We recommend the CDA E-Cloth available from the CDA Sales Team for cleaning
stainless steel surfaces.
You should remove and clean regularly the water tank, the ice compartment drawer and both sections of the drip tray.
Once cleaning is complete, reconnect the mains power supply.
If the appliance is not to be used for prolonged periods of time, you should empty, clean thoroughly and unplug the appliance.
To empty the icemaker, follow the steps below:
1. Press and hold button and together and then press button
. This will empty the water in the icemaker’s internal system. The display will show ICE OFF WATER EMPTY to confirm the icemaker’s internal system is empty.
2. Empty the ice from the ice compartment.
3. Place a jug under the water nozzle and press button until no more water is dispensed.
4. To make sure the pipework is completely empty, you should unscrew the cap at the back, using a cup to catch the last of the water.
Cleaning the pipes
You should follow the steps below in order to remove any impurities from the system and ensure best performance from your ice
maker. Failure to carry out this simple procedure regularly could cause problems or damage to the workings of the icemaker.
1. Turn off the mains water supply, if applicable
2. Use a sterilising solution such as Milton fluid to clean the removable ice drawer and the ice drawer housing. Follow the instructions supplied with the sterilising solution to ensure the ice drawer is thoroughly cleaned.
3. Fill the internal water tank with 2.5l of water then add a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda to the water.
before emptying the water tank by 4. Use the water empty function (press and hold and , then press
holding ) to flush the system through with the bicarbonate solution from the water tank.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
6. Fill the water tank with 2.5l of water
7. Use the water empty function (press and hold and
) to clear out any bicarbonate solution remaining.
, then press
before emptying the water tank by holding 8. Repeat steps 6 and 7.
9. Turn the ice maker off
10.Turn the mains water supply back on, if applicable, or fill the water tank.
11. Turn the ice maker on. Normal operation will resume.
Bicarbonate of soda is a safe compound and poses no risk to health. It is commonly available and is sold in all supermarkets.
Steam cleaners must not be used when cleaning this appliance.
Ensure that all parts are correctly replaced after cleaning before attempting to use the icemaker.
WATER MISSING shows in the display
The water tank is empty and needs to be refilled
ICE FAULT WATER READY shows in the display
at first switch on
Turn the icemaker off with
switching it on again.
The icemaker emits a continuous beep
UV Sterilizer needs replacing - contact CDA Customer Care
The dispensed water has an unpleasant taste
Ensure that only water pipes suitable for drinking water are used
ICE FAULT shows in the display
remove some ice and turn it on again.
Turn the icemaker off with
We recommend that the unit is not left on permanently.
and the main switch on the side, before
If no water is dispensed when the buttons are pressed, it is possible that an air
bubble may have formed in the pipe. This can be caused when the pipes are
emptied, for example during the cleaning process.
To remove an air bubble:
1. Put an absorbent cloth or a towel beneath the water nozzle.
2. Squeeze the pump provided to remove the air inside the pump.
3. Insert the end of the pump into the water nozzle.
4. Press
, then release the pump to draw the air bubble out.
If necessary, repeat steps 2-4 above.
Do not operate with a damaged cord, plug, after the appliance malfunctions
or has been damaged in any way. You should contact CDA Customer care for
inspection, repair or adjustment.
fig. 2
min. 200cm2
450 min
1. Slide the base unit into the housing ensuring the dimensions are correct as per figure 1.
2. Fix the base unit in place by attaching the 10 screws in to the holes as shown in figure 2 and figure 3. If the sides of the base are not flush with the sides of the housing, then use the shims provided.
3. Push the runners fully closed on the base unit.
4. Connect the plug to the plug socket. This must be accessible after the appliance has been installed.
5. Using an appropriate supply pipe, connect one end of the hose to the threaded inlet of the valve on the dispenser, located at the rear of the appliance.
6. Insert the flow restrictor between two rubber washers, then connect the other end of the pipe to the mains water supply (drinking water only)
7. Insert the appliance into the housing, ensuring that the runners on the machine are located in the runners on the base unit. Then slide the appliance fully into the housing.
450 min
min. 200cm2
fig. 1
fig. 2
fig. 3
If necessary the included 6 metre water hose can be cut down to the
required length using a sharp knife. You should ensure no burrs are left on
the hose.
The water connection fitting and flow reducer are prefitted However, if you
should need to reconnect the fitting, proceed as follows:
Connect one push fit tap adaptor to each end of the water hose.
fig. 4
Insert the supplied flow restrictor and black o-ring into the tap adaptor as
per fig 6. (Please note, the flow restrictor should be fitted to the tap adaptor
that is to be fitted to the water supply tap)
Secure the tap adaptor that does not contain the flow restrictor to the valve
on the back of the appliance and then connect the remaining tap adaptor to
the mains water supply tap.
Once both tap adaptors are securely fitted turn on the water supply and
check for leaks.
Flow restrictor
fig. 5
Please note:
Due to the weight of this appliance, the housing unit must be secured to the
wall prior to installation.
You must ensure that all water connections are sound and check there are no
leaks before completing installation.
For best performance, the mains water pressure must be between 0.1 - 3 bar.
Do not use outdoors.
Do not install near a hob or oven.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not mount over a sink.
fig. 6
Electrical information
Warning! This appliance must be earthed.
Green & Yellow to Earth
Brown to
13 Amp
Blue to Neutral
The mains lead of this appliance has been fitted with a BS 1363A 13 amp fused plug. To change a fuse in this type of plug,
follow the steps below:
1. Remove the fuse cover and fuse.
2. Fit replacement 13A fuse, ASTA approved to BS 1362 type, into the fuse cover.
3. Replace fuse cover.
Important: Do not use the appliance without the fuse cover in position.
How to connect an alternative plug
If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket outlet, then it should be cut off and disposed of safely to avoid the risk of
electric shock. A suitable alternative plug of at least 13 Amp rating to BS 1363 should be used.
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the
coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:• The wire which is coloured GREEN and YELLOW must be connected to the terminal which is marked with letter (E) or by the Earth symbol
or coloured GREEN and YELLOW.
• The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter (N), or coloured BLACK.
• The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter (L) or coloured RED or BROWN.
If in doubt regarding the electrical connection of this appliance, consult a qualified electrician. Do not shorten the supply cable, the appliance may require removing for servicing.
N.B. Ensure that the plug socket is situated in an easily accessible place.
To contact our Customer Care Department, or for Service,
please contact us on the details below.
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Customer Care Department • The
Group Ltd. • Harby Road • Langar • Nottinghamshire • NG13 9HY
T : 01949 862 012 F : 01949 862 003 E : [email protected] W : www.cda.eu
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