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TEAM Badge (EWB100)
Miniature push-to-talk over WLAN communicator
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Top three key messages for the TEAM Badge (EWB100)......................................................................... 6
Value proposition and selling points .......................................................................................................... 6
Technical solution overview ........................................................................................................................ 10
Key differentiators ........................................................................................................................................ 12
EWB100 configurations and accessories................................................................................................... 13
Vertical, geographical and horizontal markets .......................................................................................... 14
Qualifying sales questions........................................................................................................................... 15
Enterprise Mobility Services ........................................................................................................................ 16
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EWB100 Partner Brief
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The TEAM badge (EWB100) brings a new level of affordability and portability to mobile voice, providing
basic Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications that enables enterprises to extend the benefits of on-the-spot
voice to new workers and workgroups inside the four walls. This miniature device gives store associates,
task workers and other employees the capability to instantly respond to customer or management
requests, receive and confirm tasks and to reach out for assistance on the spot. With a voice connection
clipped to their lapel, workers have instant access and are instantly accessible, eliminating wasted time
and improving business efficiency.
The TEAM badge uses the Motorola TEAM Express voice client, providing one-to-many PTT over WLAN
broadcast communications with private one-to-one callback. The TEAM badge easily integrates with your
customer's existing 802.11b/g WLAN architecture — no servers or PBX integration required
(communications are limited to a single WLAN subnet). The intuitive 5-button user interface practically
eliminates the need for user training, further simplifying deployment. In addition, the TEAM badge can
interoperate with:
• Other Motorola voice-enabled devices via the TEAM Express client, including Motorola mobile
computers (purchase/download required)
• TEAM VoWLAN devices (TEAM Express is included with EWP1000/2000 R1.5 or later)
• Two-way radios via the TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS)
This rich interoperability provides enterprises the freedom to select the right device with the right features
and services for their different users — while still enabling push button voice communications between
users on different networks.
The TEAM badge is purpose built to offer convenient and
affordable push-to-talk (PTT) communications — providing the
right form factor, acoustic performance and price point for the
job. Weighing in at 1.6 oz. (45.37g) and just 2.5 in. x 1.5 in. (6.35
cm x 3.81 cm), the TEAM badge is unobtrusive and easy to carry
in any environment. The compact and lightweight device can be
clipped to a shirt, tucked in a pocket or worn on a neck or wrist
lanyard. The TEAM badge also features Motorola's superior
voice technology, with high-quality specifications for loudness,
echo/noise suppression and more. Durable construction ensures
the TEAM badge stands up to everyday use including the ability
to withstand dust, liquid spills, wipe downs and inevitable drops.
The 590mAh battery provides ample power for a full 10-hour
With the cost-effective TEAM badge, you can help your
customers extend their existing mobility solution to new workers
and workgroups, enabling real-time collaboration between more workers. As with other mobile
communications solutions, your customers can expect multiple benefits and an outstanding return on
investment (ROI), including:
Improved service and sales: Sales associates can reach backroom staff to check inventory, check
pricing, bring an item to the sales floor for a customer and more, eliminating the need to leave the
customer’s side — and the opportunity for lost sales.
Improved staff utilization: Supervisors can reach task workers — for example, to reassign retail
associates to other departments to address periods of heavy customer traffic — improving the
efficiency of task management and enabling the same number of task workers to complete more
tasks per day.
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Improved customer and employee safety: The ability to reach maintenance staff in seconds allows
supervisors to dynamically re-prioritize tasks throughout the day, ensuring for instance, prompt
attention to a recent spill that could impact employee and customer safety.
Increased Return on Investment (ROI) for existing technology investments: The ability to
leverage your existing wireless LAN and Motorola mobile devices increases the utilization and
lifecycle of your existing mobility investments, improving both ROI and Total Cost of Ownership
Product positioning within Motorola’s voice-centric portfolio
Understanding how the TEAM badge is positioned within Motorola’s voice centric device portfolio will help
you better recognize TEAM badge sales opportunities. Following is a high level overview of the devices in
this category, the capabilities of each, what is involved in deployment and the target industries and users.
TEAM Badge (EWB100):
− Capabilities: The TEAM badge offers basic PTT communications (one-many with private
response). Designed to provide crucial voice connectivity inside the four walls, the TEAM badge
improves worker productivity and task management by improving voice communications between
task workers and their supervisors. Offers speakerphone and headset modes. The TEAM badge
is interoperable with TEAM Express equipped mobile computers (see TEAM Express Sales
Guide) and TEAM VoWLAN devices (EWP1000/2000). It can also interoperate with two-way
radios using the TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS) (see RLS Addendum in TEAM VoWLAN Sales
− Deployment requirements: The TEAM Badge is easy to deploy over an 802.11b/g wireless LAN
(WLAN) — no servers or PBX integration is required. IT can quickly and easily load and launch
the easy-to-use included application on any PC, enter the network name and security settings. Up
to 32 different talk groups can then be created and assigned to the various EWB100 devices.
− Target users: Task workers that require only basic voice communications in retail, healthcare,
warehouse and hospitality. (Communications limited to a single WLAN subnet)
CLS Series Two-Way Business Radios:
− Capabilities: Two-way radios provide Enterprise customers with simple one button push-to-talk
operation extending communications outside of buildings. Designed specifically for the retail
market, CLP and CLS on-site two-way radios are ideal for customers not using a WLAN system.
Motorola Business two-way radios can interoperate with TEAM badge using the TEAM Radio
Link Solution (RLS). Designed with business productivity in mind, CLS and CLP two-way radios
and accessories provide durable communication solutions with dependable coverage, long lasting
battery life and ease of use.
− Deployment requirements: Delivering extended range, Motorola two-way radios operate on 99
UHF business exclusive frequencies. Affordable and easy to deploy, on-site two-way radios are
off-the-shelf ready and there are no monthly fees, no monthly costs and no per minute charges...
Customize your radio settings with customer programming software to keep your team connected
while providing responsive customer service.
− Target users: Retail, restaurant, education and hospitality workers requiring multiple channels,
extended range and durability.
EWB100 Partner Brief
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TEAM VoWLAN Solution:
− Capabilities: The TEAM VoWLAN provides a complete mobile office in a voice centric device. The
comprehensive solution provides integrated voice and data services delivered over the enterprise
WLAN, creating mobile access to key voice and data services within the enterprise or campus:
PBX telephony; enterprise-grade and TEAM Express push-to-talk; corporate email, calendar,
contacts and other personal information management (PIM) tools; text messaging, and access to
the Internet/Intranet as well as line of business applications. The portfolio consists of two handset
models (professional and semi-rugged), both offering headset and speakerphone modes.
− Deployment requirements: The TEAM VoWLAN solution components include the Wireless
Services Manager (WSM) appliance, Network Services Manager (NSM) software, and VoWLAN
Windows Mobile® devices (EWP1000/EWP2000). The WSM resides between the PBX and the
VoWLAN device, enabling interoperability with a range of PBXs and provides support for
numerous features that enhance performance and security. The NSM software provides
provisioning and management of the TEAM solution
− Target users: Workers in virtually any vertical industry who require mobility within the enterprise
and need comprehensive mobile voice functionality (telephony) as well as access to productivity
(email, calendar, contacts) and line of business applications.
Motorola’s new devices delivering real-time communications access to all
associates – the TEAM badge (EWB100) and CLP
Motorola’s CLP two-way radio and TEAM badge bring new levels of portability and affordability to mobile
voice, enabling organizations to extend the benefits of wireless communications throughout the enterprise
– ultimately redefining the customer experience and helping organizations gain competitive advantage.
The EWB100 and CLP devices provide similar capabilities to our customers, but allow them to choose the
right device for their environment and application. There are some clear cut decision points such as
whether or not the customer has voice capable WLAN coverage – if not, the appropriate device is the
CLP; or does the customer wish to enable interoperability with mobile computers (without deploying RLS)
– if so, the EWB100 is the appropriate device. The majority of the scenarios may not be quite as
apparent initially, but as you review the customer environment and needs, the right device or combination
of devices will be clear. The following table highlights key differentiators. There is also a feature/spec
comparison table in the FAQ section of this document.:
Product Differentiators
CLP Two-Way Radio
TEAM Badge (EWB100)
Operates on UHF business exclusive
No infrastructure needed
Indoor and outdoor use – 160,000 sq ft.
(12 floors)
Out of the box ready - turn on and go
Easy integration with existing enterprise
WLAN (single subnet)
Interoperability with mobile computers,
IP addressable enabling application
List price - $249 (Partner Select 1A)
Repeater Capable – extends range up to
420,000 sq ft.
List price - $199
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Top three key messages for the TEAM Badge (EWB100)
1. Voice communications for all your workers: The TEAM badge brings a new level of affordability to
mobile voice, with a fast, easy to deploy PTT over WLAN solution. With its low price point, enterprises
are able to extend the benefits of mobile voice communication to every task worker in the four walls.
The TEAM badge easily integrates with virtually any 802.11 b/g WLAN, without servers, PBX
integration, network gateways or other infrastructure. The TEAM badge can be up and running in
minutes, requiring only simple network provisioning and WLAN coverage.
2. Fast, easy path to interoperability: The TEAM badge features the TEAM Express voice client,
creating instant interoperability with other TEAM Express devices including Motorola voice-enabled
mobile computers, TEAM VoWLAN devices and two-way radios (with TEAM RLS). Workers have the
right device to do their job while still being connected to the people and information they need,
improving productivity and ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.
3. Small and unobtrusive — the right image for your company: The TEAM badge eliminates the
need for disruptive overhead paging — making it an ideal fit for retail, hospitality, healthcare and other
environments where customers are present. At just over an ounce and a half and 2.5 in. H x 1.5 in.
W/6.35cm H x 3.81cm W, the tiny wearable device can be easily clipped on a shirt or worn on a
lanyard around the neck or wrist.
Value proposition and selling points
Value proposition
The TEAM badge delivers a number of strategic business benefits that help improve worker productivity,
reduce costs and elevate the general business image:
Improves workforce productivity and manageability: Keeps workers and supervisors connected
and instantly accessible with the ability to receive, place and respond to PTT broadcast calls, as well
as privately respond to a caller. Workers are able to address issues, answer questions, receive tasks
and confirm task completion right on the spot, without having to search for a wired phone, supervisor
or co-worker. Managers can instantly communicate tasks to employees — for example, to clean a
spill in an aisle, fix a leaky faucet or pick items for a customer order — no matter where they may be
in the facility (within the WLAN coverage area and a single subnet). In addition, task management is
improved — dynamic task delegation allows supervisors to now monitor, delegate, and prioritize and
reprioritize tasks as needed — all in real time.
Improves customer service and satisfaction: In retail, hospitality and other customer-centric
environments, the TEAM badge delivers the accessibility and rapid response times needed to provide
a higher level of customer service. When a customer needs assistance, employees can contact the
appropriate person with the press of a button — whether they need a price or inventory check, a
product expert to answer a question or a supervisor to help resolve a customer complaint. And
integration with a customer kiosk or call box instantly alerts employees when a customer needs
support for prompt service.
Protects and extends the value of existing technology investments: The TEAM badge can be
easily integrated with your customers’ existing wireless LAN, and is interoperable with a wide range of
other Motorola devices including voice-enabled mobile computers (equipped with TEAM Express)
TEAM VoWLAN smartphones and two-way radios (with TEAM RLS) — improving the return on
EWB100 Partner Brief
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investment for your customer's existing technology infrastructure, as well as expanding the value of
the TEAM badge devices.
Reduces operational expenditures: The TEAM badge requires minimal provisioning and
Future-proofing: As part of the overall TEAM portfolio, the EWB100’s voice client (TEAM Express)
will interoperate with other TEAM solution devices/solutions as they become available. (Note that
capabilities will still be limited to the TEAM Express 1.0 capabilities for those devices using the TEAM
Express 1.0 client).
Improve branding with customization option: Customers have the option to customize the TEAM
badge with a company logo and color, promoting brand recognition as well as enabling customers
who need assistance to more easily identify employees.
Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and provides outstanding investment protection: While
the TEAM badge is built for business, accidents happen — and when they do, your customers want
to know that the support they need to keep their devices up and running at peak performance is right
at their fingertips, ensuring business continuity. The TEAM badge is eligible for Service from the Start
Advance Exchange Support, which provides next-business-day replacement of devices requiring
repair. This service also includes Comprehensive Coverage, a unique offer that:
Covers internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage
Significantly reduces unexpected repair expenses
Provides service peace of mind and investment protection
Helps to differentiate Motorola from the competition
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Key selling points: features and benefits
Miniature form factor — just 1.6
oz./45.37g and 2.5 in. L x 1.5 in W/6.35
cm L x 3.81 cm W
Push-to-Talk over WLAN
Small, compact and lightweight: Unobtrusive in any
environment; easy to carry — can be clipped to a shirt,
pocket, or attached to a neck or wrist lanyard
Provides convenient PTT communications without the
need for additional infrastructure; enables instant
employee accessibility for improved customer service and
productivity; eliminates annoying overhead pages
Allows your customers to leverage existing wireless
networks; enables cost-effective voice wherever there is
WLAN coverage
Superior voice quality; purpose built for voice, the
EWB100 features Motorola-class acoustic performance
with high quality specifications for loudness, frequency
response, distortion and echo/noise suppression
technologies; easy to hear, even in noisy environments
Directs sound toward the user for peak acoustics;
improves ease-of-use and ensures workers can easily
hear incoming calls
Built to endure use in tough enterprise environments;
withstands dust and liquid spills; can be wiped down at the
end of each shift; easily endures the inevitable drops and
bumps throughout the workday
Intuitive and easy to use; virtually eliminates the need for
user training and the associated costs
Provides ample power for a full 10 hour shift
Motorola-class acoustic performance
Top facing speaker
Enterprise durability — IP54 sealing
and 5 ft./1.5 m drop specification
Simple five button interface
590mAh Li-ion battery
Sealed industrial headset jack
Customizable branding labels
Service from the Start Advance
Exchange Support
EWB100 Partner Brief
Supports multiple headset options (with adapter); 15,000
insertion rating protects the reliability and quality of the
voice connection throughout the life of the device; built in
breakaway improves worker safety
Able to reflect and promote your customer's image;
enables easier identification of employees
Award-winning service and support includes
Comprehensive Coverage for no additional charge —
“you’re covered”.
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Customized Branding
The TEAM badge can be custom-branded with your customer’s logo to promote their brand and make
store employees easier to locate. A minimum order quantity is required.
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Technical solution overview
Following is an overview of the technical specifications for the EWB100 (Enterprise Wireless Badge):
Physical Characteristics
2.5 in. H x 1.5 in. W x 1.01 in. D/6.35cm H x 3.81cm W x 2.56cm D
LED flash, Beep or WAV file
1.6 oz./45.37g
Main Battery:
Battery Life:
590mAh Li-ion battery (internal)
10 hours of continuous operation
ICES 003 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B
Electrical Safety:
EN 60950-1, C22.2 No. 60950-1, UL 60950-1, IEC 60950-1
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EEC
RF Exposure:
FCC Part 2, OET Bulletin 65, RSS102
User Environment
Drop Specifications:
5 ft./1.5m drop to concrete, 6 drops per 6 sides, at room temperature;
4 ft./1.2m drop to concrete across the operating temperature range
Operating Temperature:
14° F to 104° F/-10° C to 40° C
Storage Temperature:
-40° F to 158° C /-40° C to 70° C
Wireless LAN Voice and Data Communications
Data rates:
802.11b: up to 11 Mbps; 802.11g: up to 54Mbps
Frequency range:
All country dependent: 802.11b – 2.4GHz; 802.11g – 2.4GHz
Output power:
100mW U.S. and international
Voice services:
Walkie-talkie style (1:Many) and private call back; supports up to 32
call groups
IEEE® 802.11b/g
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Motorola Mobile Computers (requires purchase/download of TEAM
Express Client):
MC 3090 – Windows Mobile® 6.1; Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0
MC3190 – Windows Mobile 6.1
MC5574/90 – Windows Mobile® 6.1
MC7090/94/95 – Windows Mobile® 6.1; MC70 – Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
MC7596/98 – Windows Mobile 6.1
MC9090/94 – Windows Mobile 6.1, 5.0; MC9090 – Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
MC9596 - Windows Mobile 6.1
VC5090 – Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
VC6096 – Windows Mobile 6.1
WT4090 – Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
TEAM VoWLAN Smartphone (EWP1XXX/2XXX, R1.5 and later) – client is preloaded (included)
Two-way radios (requires TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS) – see RLS
spec sheet for further information)
Device warranty
The EWB100 is warranted against defects in workmanship and
materials for a period of one year (12 months) from date of shipment,
provided the product remains unmodified and is operated under normal
and proper conditions.
Recommended Services
Customer Services
EWB100 Partner Brief
Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support
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Key differentiators
The Motorola EWB100 offers a number of strategic and technical product differentiators including:
Small, compact and lightweight: Weighing just 1.6 oz./45.37g, the TEAM badge is lighter than any
other solution available. The miniature device can be easily worn on a shirt or lapel, tucked inside a
pocket, or comfortably worn on a lanyard. Because the form factor is comfortable and unobtrusive
enough to wear throughout a full shift, employees are accessible at all times, and the devices are less
likely to become lost or damaged.
Low cost: With a list price of $249 per unit, the EWB100 makes voice communications possible for
every worker.
Voice interoperability across a variety of Motorola EMb devices: TEAM badges can interoperate
with existing TEAM VoWLAN smartphones and a range of Motorola mobile computers and two-way
radios (with TEAM RLS), providing value-added functionality that leverages existing investments. As
a result, workers with different devices can reach each other easily and instantly, over the same voice
Easy to deploy: TEAM badges easily and seamlessly plug into your customer's existing network —
no server or software is needed. As a result, your customer's sole cost is the hardware.
Motorola-class acoustic performance: The EWB100 excels when it comes to voice quality. With
voice-optimized specifications for loudness, frequency response, distortion and echo/noise
suppression technologies, the TEAM badge is easy to hear, even in noisy environments. And, it
features a top-facing speaker that directs sound toward the user for peak acoustics.
Enterprise durability: The TEAM badge offers the convenience of a miniature, lightweight form
factor with industry leading durable construction to endure the rigors of use in a wide variety of
enterprise environments.
5 ft./1.5 m drop specification
IP54 sealing, providing protection against dust and spills
Operating temperature range: The EWB100 delivers reliable operation across a very wide range
of temperatures — from 14° F to 104° F/-10° C to 40° C
Investment protection: Enterprise Mobility Services are one of the top differentiators of Motorola
products. Customers rely on Motorola to keep their businesses running. Now they can also rely on
the most complete services that Motorola has ever offered. Motorola recommends Service from the
Start Advance Exchange Support for the EWB100. This service speeds response time through nextbusiness-day replacement of devices requiring repair. It also includes Comprehensive Coverage,
which covers internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage. In addition, it
entitles your customers to the technical software support and software downloads they need to help
keep their TEAM badges operating at peak performance levels. There’s no better way to give your
customers total service peace of mind.
EWB100 Partner Brief
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EWB100 configurations and accessories
The following chart provides a complete list of the available configurations and accessories.
Customer Order
EWB100 Configurations
10-pack, EWB100 TEAM badge
EWB100 Partner Brief
10-dock charging station for
EWB100 (AC line cord sold
US AC line cord
Audio headset
Neck lanyard
Wrist lanyard
1-pack; EWB100 TEAM Badge
(replacement only)
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Vertical, geographical and horizontal markets
Target Users
In-store associates
who don't currently
carry a mobile
Walkie-talkie style PTT group communications
Private (1:1) response
Mobile task management
Event staff
Front gate
Theme park
Janitorial staff
Asset maintenance
Nursing staff
Walkie-talkie style PTT group communications
Private (1:1) response
Mobile task management
Walkie-talkie style PTT group communications
Mobile task management
Overhead paging replacement
Janitorial staff
Walkie-talkie style PTT group communications
Private (1:1) response
Mobile task management
(hospitals, nursing
homes, assisted living
Manufacturing and
It is important to note that the TEAM badge is designed to operate on a single WLAN subnet (it is
possible to extend beyond a single subnet, but this will require IT/WLAN configuration work)
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Qualifying sales questions
Uncover the business problem:
What business problem are you trying to solve through use of a mobile device?
Who is the intended user group (for example, janitorial staff, retail associates, warehouse staff)?
Do you need or want to increase productivity and responsiveness for your mobile workers inside the
four walls?
Do managers have difficulties distributing tasks to employees? Do you need to be able to more
efficiently manage your staff?
Do you have classes of workers who currently do not carry any kind of mobile device?
Uncover the opportunity and areas where the strengths of the EWB100 are
key selling points:
Could your organization benefit from improved intra-employee communication?
Are you looking for a basic PTT solution, and do you have a wireless LAN?
Do supervisors or other employee groups already carry a Motorola voice-enabled device? Would you
like to extend voice communications across all employees, regardless of device type?
Are portability and device weight key factors?
Would productivity and/or customer service be improved if all employees were accessible at all
Is company image important? Would you appreciate an unobtrusive solution that can be customized
to carry your brand?
Do you currently use overhead paging systems? Would the customer/patient/guest experience be
improved by eliminating noisy and distracting pages?
For retail/hospitality applications, are you able to locate your employees quickly in order to respond
rapidly to customer requests?
For manufacturing applications, would worksite safety be improved through always-on voice
Service-related questions:
What level of post-sales service and support do you expect?
How long can you afford to be without your product?
Is turnaround time flexible?
What is the impact of downtime on your business?
If we could offer you a service plan that covers your EWB100 investment from accidental breakage
for a one-time, upfront cost, would you be interested?
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Enterprise Mobility Services
Customer Services for the EWB100
Seamless integration with Motorola’s Customer Services team helps ensure ongoing support for your
customer’s complete solution. Our experienced support engineers are available to assist customers with
problem diagnosis and resolution — helping to ensure their mission-critical systems are always up and
running at peak performance.
The following Enterprise Mobility Services are available to keep the EWB100 operating at peak
performance throughout its lifecycle:
Service from
Start Advance
Service Description
• Advance replacement of
devices requiring repair
• Comprehensive Coverage
• Full access to technical
support resources
• Rights to download software
releases and supporting
Time of
Length of
Up front with
the hardware
(prepaid) or
within 30
Any time
One year
NOTE: please refer to Solution Builder for the most up-to-date information, including global pricing.
Enterprise Mobility Services sales philosophy
Sell Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support up front with every TEAM badge:
Selling service upfront provides more value to the customer, is much easier and results in a higher
success rate than just selling the hardware
Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support is a multi-year prepaid program that:
− Provides rapid response times with next-business-day delivery of replacement devices
− Includes Comprehensive Coverage for no additional charge
o Covers internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage
− Entitles customers to the technical software support and software downloads they need to help
keep their devices operating at peak performance levels
Enterprise Mobility Services value proposition
Even the most reliable products require a maintenance plan and support strategy. Enterprise Mobility
Services agreements deliver a number of business benefits to help ensure customers derive full value
from their investments. Enterprise Mobility Services complete the solution by:
Providing increased performance
− Protect product uptime
− Reduce impact on productivity and revenue
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Delivering price-protected costs
− Decrease financial risk with fixed, prepaid repair costs
− Put it in the budget and forget it
Helping to ensure service peace of mind
− Investment protection
− Covers much more than warranty
− Unparalleled repair capabilities
For more information, please visit or
EWB100 Partner Brief
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: When is General Availability?
A: TEAM badges will be available for purchase in the US and Canada to PartnerSelect members
beginning January 6, 2010.
Q: What accessories are compatible with the TEAM badge?
A: The list of accessories is included with pricing information earlier in this document. The accessories
include a 10-slot charge cradle, neck lanyard, wrist lanyard and audio-only headset.
Q: What can be customized?
A: The TEAM badge offers a branding label that can be customized for your customers. Additionally, it is
possible to customize other parts of the device, such as the plastics, to meet particular color scheme
Q: What battery is available for the TEAM badge? Is it replaceable?
A: The EWB100TEAM badge ships with a 590mAh Li-ion battery, rated to provide power for a full 10hour shift based on low and medium usage profiles over the first three years of the device's life. The
battery is not field replaceable.
Q: Is the TEAM badge compatible with other Motorola mobile devices?
A: Yes. The TEAM badges interoperate with TEAM VoWLAN smartphones (EWP1xxx/2xxx – TEAM
Express client pre-loaded on R1.5 and later) and TEAM Express enabled mobile computers. They
can also communicate with 2-way radios via the TEAM RLS.
Motorola Mobile Computers (requires TEAM Express Client):
• MC 3090 – Windows Mobile® 6.1; Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0
• MC3190 – Windows Mobile 6.1
• MC5574/90 – Windows Mobile® 6.1
• MC7090/94/95 – Windows Mobile® 6.1; MC70 – Microsoft Windows CE5.0
• MC7596/98 – Windows Mobile 6.1
• MC9090/94 – Windows Mobile 6.1, 5.0; MC9090 – Microsoft Windows CE5.0
• MC9596 - Windows Mobile 6.1
• VC5090 – Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
• VC6096 – Windows Mobile 6.1
• WT4090 – Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
Q: Do the TEAM badges require integration with an enterprise PBX?
A: No. The TEAM badge easily integrates with your customer's existing 802.11b/g WLAN architecture
— no servers or PBX integration required (communications are limited to a single WLAN subnet).
Q: How are the TEAM badges configured?
A: The TEAM Badge (EWB100) is configured using a web-based configuration and deployment utility.
This intuitive application makes it easy for the customers’ IT staff to configure the TEAM badge on
their network in a matter of minutes. Configuration requires a single access point connected to a PC,
with a defined configuration included in the EWB100 User Manual. This will allow the TEAM badges
to connect to this PC and receive the proper network configuration for the WLAN. This configuration
method allows IT staff to configure the network settings once, and deploy these settings
simultaneously to a large number of TEAM badges.
Q: What is the warranty period for the TEAM badge (EWB100)?
A: One year.
EWB100 Partner Brief
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Q: Which Enterprise Mobility Services are available for the TEAM badge?
A: Motorola offers Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support, which minimizes downtime with
next-business-day replacement of TEAM badges (EWB100) that require repair. This unique program
includes Comprehensive Coverage, providing end-to-end and inside-outside protection for the
EWB100. Unexpected repair expenses are significantly reduced, providing service peace of mind
from the date of purchase. And technical software support helps keep the TEAM badge running at
optimal efficiency — and employees connected to their critical business systems.
Q: Do Motorola’s Service from the Start programs have to be purchased within 30 days of the
product purchase?
A: Yes. Motorola recommends that customers purchase service at the same time they purchase their
TEAM badges for support right “from the start”.
Q: What are the differences between the EWB100 and the CLP two-way radio?
A: The following tables highlight the key differentiators and provide feature and specification
CLP Two-Way Radio
TEAM Badge (EWB100)
Operates on UHF business exclusive
No infrastructure needed
Indoor and outdoor use – 160,000 sq ft.
(12 floors)
Out of the box ready - turn on and go
Easy integration with existing enterprise
WLAN (single subnet)
Interoperability with mobile computers,
IP addressable enabling application
List price - $249 (Partner Select 1A)
Repeater Capable – extends range up to
420,000 sq ft.
List price - $199
EWB100 – TEAM Badge
2.5 x 1.5 x 1.01 in.
6.35 x 3.81 x 2.56 cm
3.5 x 2.0 x 0.75 inches
88 x 50 x 19 mm (standard battery)
1.6 oz./45.37g
2.38 oz. (67.5g) (w/ standard battery)
LED flash, Beep or WAV file
Voice Assisted Operation, beep and LED
Lithium Ion, 590mAh (internal)
10 hours of continuous operations
User replaceable
Lithium ion 5/5/90, 1130 mAh = 12 hours,
1800 mAh = 18 hours
PTT: group
PTT: 1-1
PTT: private
# talk groups
Up to 6 Channels
3-color. In-use indicators: private call,
network not accessible, low battery
Charging indicators: pre-charge mode,
charging, fully charged
Smart status glow – indicates active
channel, radio transmit and receive, scan
and battery status
EWB100 Partner Brief
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5 button
5 button
VoWLAN – 802.11 b/g
Can use existing WLAN – should be
optimized for voice
Operates on licensed UHF business
Coverage area
Dependent on WLAN coverage; limited
to a single subnet
Up to 100K square ft (est)
Works with: TEAM VoWLAN devices
and Motorola (TEAM Express
equipped) mobile computers. Also
interoperable with 2-way radios via
Works with existing business two-way radios
(CLS, RDX, etc.).
Interoperable with TEAM VoWLAN and
TEAM Express devices via TEAM RLS
IP54 & MIL-SPEC 810
5 ft/1.5 M
5 ft
Top facing speaker; optional headset
Headset - wired or Bluetooth
Simple IT configuration
Ready to use, but also customer
EWB100 Partner Brief
IP Addressable - extensible to enable
support for task management
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