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BC-230 Explorer Battery Generator
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Issue 1
Ever wished you could
control your location
lighting as accurately as
studio lighting?
Presenting a 1500Ws
battery generator with
true asymmetric power
distribution and control,
from 31Ws to 1500Ws in
⁄10 stop increments.
With simple expansion
to 3000Ws, find out how
the Explorer’s punch is
portable power,
© 2005 photo by Reeve Banks Photography
EXPLORER precise portable power
Esprit Gemini
power supply sockets
Pulsar radio slave
Charger socket
Sync sockets
Flash head
channel A & B
Carry handle
Photocell receptor
Battery Condition
On/Off button
Menu navigation
rotary dial
Select buttons
Menu button
Flash test button
No Power? ... No Problem!
The portable
with unrivalled
power to size
The Bowens Explorer 1500 represents the
state-of-the-art in portable battery generator
technology. Weighing just under 12kg, this
petite power-pack boasts an enviable power-tosize ratio and recycling capacity while providing
photographers with the flexibility of two
independent digitally controlled channels, both
with 1⁄10 stop increment & accuracy. In addition,
two Bowens Gemini sockets allow the
photographer anything up to four light sources
and a massive 3000Ws from this feature rich
pack: Total freedom & flexibility, whenever and
wherever quality light is required.
Power is nothing without control!
With a large, sunlight-readable graphic display,
photographers can easily view and control
power from 31Ws to 1500Ws in 1⁄10 stop
increments with the simplicity of a rotary dial.
Channels can be independent, combined as
symmetric or even locked in ratio for ultimate
flexibility. At all power levels, ultra-fast flash
duration, superb colour stability and rapid
recycling is assured - perfect for digital capture.
In addition, the pack boasts a powerful 250W
120V timer programmable modelling capability,
eliminating the need to acquire portable specific
flash heads.
Bowens compatibility.
The Explorer 1500 features two Bowens
standard Quad sockets, making it compatible
with the vast range of heads and accessories
produced for the Quad & Duo generators. Two
Bowens Gemini sockets allow the potential
power to be boosted up to 3000Ws. The
Explorer also includes a 24 channel built-in
radio slave, compatible with the Bowens Pulsar.
The EXPLORER Control Panel
The Explorer battery generator is simple and
quick to use. The pack functions are quickly
adjusted with a single rotary dial in combination
with two channel select buttons. A large backlit,
sunlight-readable display clearly shows power
settings, power modes and flash duration along
with battery condition and primary function
status. Pressing the menu button, you can
quickly toggle between modelling, sounder,
photocell, radio slave and power control. A
further press reveals a simple to navigate menu
offering an extensive choice of programmable
functions such as bracketing, modelling timer,
charge control and an ability to save and recall
the pack setup.
At the rear are two independent Quad sockets
which provide the two asymmetric power
channels to the flash heads. Under the unit is
the quick release battery cassette.
Just like the QUADX and QUAD2400
generators, the EXPLORER 1500 boasts many
advanced features designed to make creative
photography simple.
Auto Bracketing.
Bracketing allows three consecutive shots to be
taken at power levels above, at and below the
selected power. Bracketing flash exposures with
the EXPLORER is effortless. The bracketing
interval can be set from 1⁄10 to 9⁄10 stop.
Special Effect Modes.
Three trigger modes are available which allow
you to create delays, multiple flashes and to
sequence flashes. These can be used
independently or in combination.
Camera Synchronising.
The Explorer features two interconnected sync.
sockets located on top of the pack, which allow
time-saving simultaneous connection to a
camera and a light meter. The pack also
features a built-in radio antenna so that you can
make trailing sync leads a thing of the past by
firing the unit via a camera-mounted Pulsar radio
slave. Synchronisation with other lights is
achieved by using the built-in photocell.
Total modelling control.
The modelling can be set to run continuously or
to run for a timed period between 1 to 60
seconds in order to preserve the battery life.
BW7640 - Explorer Battery Generator.
Explorer Battery Versatility
Car Charger
Two flash head outlets with power divided into two independent channels.
Symmetrical or true Asymmetrical power distribution.
Power output from 1500Ws down to 31Ws.
Flash-voltage stabilisation ±1% at maximum power.
Three programmable trigger modes for creative photography.
Low voltage synchronisation, 6V, is safe for digital cameras.
Rapid and programmable recycling capability.
Camera synchronisation made simple with built-in Pulsar radio receiver.
Switchable photo cell.
Switchable ‘ready’ sounder.
3000Ws of power from two Esprit Gemini and two QUAD heads.
150 shots from a single charge at 1500Ws, 180 shots at 1200Ws.
Ultra-short flash durations, 1/5700, for stop-action photography.
User programmable ‘Auto Power Down’ feature to preserve battery life.
Sealed 12Ah battery. Charge & recharge at your convenience.
Stored energy:
Flash head Outlets:
Power Range:
Recycle Time:
(to full power)
Flash Duration:
Power Adjustment:
Colour Temperature:
Sync. Voltage:
31Ws - 1500Ws
0.5 - 3.8 secs (auto)
1/2130 sec.
1/5700 sec.
⁄10 Stop increments.
5300K ±300 (with UV Tube)
± 0.1%
24cm (28cm inc handle)
Quick Facts: EXPLORER 1500 Battery Generator.
The EXPLORER battery
At the heart of the Explorer Battery Generator is,
of course, the battery itself. Unlocking the quickrelease clasp beneath the pack reveals the
powerful high-performance sealed rechargeable
battery that provides the Explorer with it’s
impressive performance.
Charge the way you want to!
The user adjustable charge control feature
means you can balance your usage
requirements with recycling performance and
battery life.
Charge and Charge Again!
The high-performance battery unit can be
charged time after time either within the pack or
standalone, giving consistent and reliable
performance throughout it’s natural life.
Charge while in use!
In situations where there is mains power
available, there is no need to run your battery
down, simply plug in the universal mains charger
to charge the Explorer as you are using it.
Spare Battery.
Save time on location by having a charged spare
battery available.
Charge out of the box!
In photography, time is money! You don’t have
time to wait for batteries to charge so, the
Explorer universal mains charger is capable of
being plugged directly into the battery. This
means you can charge a second battery while
using the Explorer pack saving time and, of
course, money!
Car Charger.
If no mains power is available to recharge your
battery, charge from a vehicle cigarette lighter.
Charge on the move!
The inconvenience of an uncharged battery out
on location is easily eliminated thanks to the
Explorer Car Charger.
Explorer to Gemini Cable.
Cable to power Esprit Gemini Units from the
Mains Charger.
Spare or replacement mains charger.
Remote Triggering
QUADX Flash Head
Yes! You can use your standard Bowens studio
flash heads with the Explorer - no need to buy
extra battery generator specific heads!
This classic lighting accessory gives a unique
full-frontal lighting effect that makes it popular
among fashion photographers.
The Explorer compatible, fan-cooled QUADX
flash head is capable of handling up to 3000Ws
and can be fitted with 120V 100W or 250W
modelling lamps when powered by the Explorer.
The user-changeable flash tube features a
three-electrode design to deliver the fastest
possible flash duration. A UV-balanced Pyrex
dome ensures colour integrity and security.
When combined with the full line of Bowens Stype reflectors and accessories this system will
give you unmatched lighting versatility and
unlimited creative capabilities.
Pulsar Radio Trigger System
The camera mounts to the centre of an opening
that is surrounded by two semicircular 1500Ws
flash tubes to achieve amazing results. To
ensure short flash duration, the flash tubes have
three, rather than two, electrodes and each has
a separate cable. The RingLite can be used
with any QUAD generator and its integral
mounting bracket adjusts for use with virtually
all medium format, digital and 35mm cameras.
For refined lighting effects, two quite different
reflectors are available.
RingLite High-Intensity Reflector
This reflector increases the overall size of the
light source, intensifying the light output.
RingLite Diffuser
For a softer lighting effect, this opal diffuser can
be used with the Ringflash. This will soften the
shadows and is perfect for most direct lighting
Whether you are triggering flash heads for complicated lighting setups or
cameras for remote control nature shots or special effects, this system is
for you.
Other Pulsar features include:
• Long battery life up to 200 hours of continuous use from two AAA
• Low voltage operation of just 3V making it ideal for use with sensitive
digital cameras.
• Compact and lightweight design allows the units to be mounted directly
onto your camera’s hot shoe or to your generator, or monolights.
Each Pulsar unit can be either a transmitter or receiver and is capable of
sending or receiving signals beyond 100m (333’). Unlike IR triggering
systems, the radio-transmitted Pulsar operates around corners and
through walls.
The Pulsar has four separate channels, enabling the photographer to
isolate up to four light sources or to combine them and fire all of them at
once without leaving the camera. Additionally, the Pulsar has a studio
selector switch, which provides isolation from other Pulsar units using the
same channel, and allowing up to six different systems to operate
independently in the same space or studio.
Pulsar Twin Pack
Pulsar Single Unit
Pulsar Clip
A clip-on platform is available, allowing you to clip the Pulsar anywhere that
it is needed.
portable power
© 2005 Photo by Reeve Banks Photography
‘Bowens’® and ‘the power behind the picture’® are registered trademarks of Bowens International Limited.
All models and technical specifications featured in this brochure may be subject to change without notice. © 2005 Bowens International Limited.
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