ISM のカタログをダウンロード

ISM のカタログをダウンロード
Intelligent Sensor Management
in the Chemical Industries
You Want to Do More with Less
You’re always on the lookout for
ways to increase productivity and
reduce costs. That’s why, to help
you do more with less, we’ve combined our extensive experience in
developing advanced measurement
solutions, with digital technology.
ISM in the Chemical Industries
The result is a process analyzer
platform that increases measurement system reliability, improves
process safety, and significantly
reduces maintenance efforts. You
may call it revolutionary. We just
call it ISM.
So, if you want to increase measurement uptime, simplify sensor
handling, and lower operating
costs, read on...
Greater process
Easy sensor
ISM in the Chemical Industries
Greater Process Reliability
In the chemical industries a certain
amount of downtime is inevitable
and necessary for cleaning or
maintenance purposes. This is
totally acceptable as long as it is
kept to a minimum.
also in sustaining equipment integrity. However, constant exposure to
often harsh process environments
takes its toll and causes them to
become increasingly sluggish or
inaccurate until they finally fail.
Invaluable in-line measurements
In-line analytical sensors are the
eyes and ears of your plant. They
are of great value not only with respect to end product quality but
Predictive maintenance
ISM provides diagnostic tools that
confront this challenge by keeping
you informed on the status and
performance of your sensors.
ISM in the Chemical Industries
Thereby allowing you to correct
problems before they affect processes, product quality, or plant
Digital communication
ISM sensors feature a digital output
that ensures 100 % signal integrity.
External influences such as moisture will not alter the measured
value, giving you greatly improved
Increased operational uptime
ISM in the Chemical Industries
Easy Sensor Handling
Traditional analog sensors require the use of a transmitter as
a man-machine interface. Operation typically involves complicated
navigation through complex menu
structures when a sensor needs to
be calibrated or verified.
ISM sensors come pre-calibrated
and start measuring immediately
upon connection to the transmitter.
ISM in the Chemical Industries
Simple calibration
ISM sensors can be connected
directly to a laptop or desktop
computer via a USB connection.
Using the unique iSense software,
calibration is straightforward, and
can be done in the comfort of the
workshop, away from process and
weather. Once calibrated the sensor can be quickly put back into
service, saving time spent at measurement points.
Audit trail
iSense automatically stores all
activities involving a sensor’s calibration and maintenance, and can
document this electronically or as
a PDF – no more need for writing
calibration reports! iSense also
gives you a detailed overview of
sensor performance, telling you at
a glance how long sensors will be
fit for measurement.
Convenient lifecycle management
ISM in the Chemical Industries
Reduced Maintenance
Shrinking of maintenance departments and budgets is a global
phenomenon that not only leads
to more work being done by fewer
people, but also to the disappearance of employee know-how. That,
in its turn, may result in improper
equipment handling, potentially
leading to more maintenance and
downtime. Additional work aside,
it’s still a fact that more than half
ISM in the Chemical Industries
of all maintenance is conducted
based on a fixed schedule and is
actually unnecessary.
Timer allows you to perform true
predictive maintenance and use
your resources more efficiently.
Advanced diagnostics
ISM sensors continuously check
themselves for wear. Inside the
probe, sophisticated algorithms use
process variables and calibration
data to calculate when calibration
is due. The Adaptive Calibration
Plug and Measure
With ISM, measurement point startup and commissioning is easy,
error-free and, above all, fast. Using
self-configuring transmitters, time
spent at the measurement point is
shorter than ever, right from first
Low cost of ownership
ISM in the Chemical Industries
ISM Solutions
One universal platform …
METTLER TOLEDO offers an extensive range of in-line solutions that
measure key analytical parameters:
• pH
• DO
• Conductivity
• Oxygen in gas phase
... for plant-wide use …
From raw material storage to
chemical synthesis, from process
ISM in the Chemical Industries
water preparation to wastewater
treatment: Whether in safe or
hazardous areas your entire plant
benefits from the unsurpassed reliability and ultra-low maintenance
requirement that ISM provides.
… adaptable to your needs ...
Our tailored offering ensures full
inter-operability with all common
control system architectures, and
features single-parameter / singlechannel instruments as well as
multi-parameter / multi-channel
devices for convenience and
… providing full visibility
Integrating ISM diagnostics into
your control system or asset management software enables continuous remote access to measurement
performance data, providing you
with unequalled process safety at
all times.
ISM in the Chemical Industries
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