SimpleLink Wi-Fi Family

SimpleLink Wi-Fi Family
SimpleLink Wi-Fi Family
CC3100 / CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip™ Solutions
TI makes connectivity even easier with the
next-generation SimpleLink Wi-Fi solutions.
The product family features Internet-on-a-chip
solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) space
solving industry challenges for broad embedded applications. The SimpleLink CC3100 and
CC3200 enable:
• Easier Wi-Fi development
• Secure and fast connection to the cloud
• IoT made possible for low-power MCU
• Growing cloud ecosystem for quicker time to
market and long-term platform
With the SimpleLink Wi-Fi family no Wi-Fi
experience is required for the user who can
choose between two options, both pin-to-pin
CC3100 Wireless Network Processor
32 KHz
also be made available. In addition, designers
are given many options to ensure Internet connection in headless applications. Flexible connection methods (provisioning) include Access
Point Mode, WPS, SmartConfig™ Technology
and others. On the security side, an embedded
hardware cryptography engine allows establishing TLS secure Link in 200ms.
Interfacing to any MCU, designed with lowpower radio and advanced low-power modes,
the SimpleLink Wi-Fi family makes sensor-tothe-cloud connectivity possible. Moreover, the
solution contains several Internet protocols
in ROM including mDNS, DNS, SSL/TLS and
HTTP server. There are also several wireless
applications such as instant messaging, email
and more. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi family enables
easy implementation of Internet applications
such as service discovery, email, instant messaging, and security.
CC3200 Wireless MCU
The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 solution
capitalizes on the CC3100 benefits and
80 MHz
SPI or
BAT Monitor
Hibernate RTC
Wi-Fi® Network Processor
The CC3100 device is a Wi-Fi, self-contained
network processor with on-chip web server and
embedded TCP/IP stack that connects easily
to any low-cost and low-power microcontroller
(MCU) such as the MSP430F552, thanks to a
simple UART or SPI driver and host memory
footprint as low as 7kB of code to reside on
the MCU. Hardware design is made easy for
space-constrained boards with a small 64-pin
9×9 mm QFN package. Certified m
­ odules will
Fast Parallel
integrates a high-performance 80-MHz ARM®
Cortex®-M4 MCU and peripherals allowing
customers to develop their application with a
single device. Developers can fully access the
MCU portion with 200kB of application code
available fully independent from the Wi-Fi
processing. The peripheral set includes parallel
camera, I2S ­audio, SDMMC, ADC, SPI, UART,
I2C, PWM, I/Os, built-in power management
and RTC enabling many MCU embedded applications to connect to the cloud.
Software and Support
Both CC3100 and CC3200 devices are supported by a software development kit (SDK)
including software drivers, sample applications, API guide, user documentation and a
world-class support E2E™ community. On the
integrated Cortex-M4, all sample applications
in the SDK are supported with Code Composer
Studio™ Integrated Development Environment
and no RTOS. In addition, a few of the applications support IAR, GCC, Free RTOS, TI-RTOS.
Categories of applications are outlined below:
• Internet-on-a-chip sample applications
•Email from SimpleLink Wi-Fi solution
•Information Center – get time and weather
from Internet
•http server – host a web page on
­SimpleLink Wi-Fi solution
•XMPP – Instant Message chat client
•Serial interface
• Wi-Fi sample apps
•Easy Wi-Fi configuration
•Station, AP modes
•Security – Enterprise/Personal, TLS/SSL
• MCU peripheral samples apps
Getting started: SimpleLink™ CC3100 and CC3200 hardware development kits
Kit name
When to buy this?
SimpleLink Wi-Fi C3200 Internet-on-a-chip wireless microcontroller (MCU)
$29.99 USD
•CC3200 Launchpad
•Single-chip Internet of Things solution with
integrated MCU
Want to use Wi-Fi® wireless MCU – single-chip Interneton-a-chip™
SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 Internet-on-a-chip wireless network processor
•CC3100 BoosterPack + Advanced emulation board +
MSP430F5529 Launchpad
Want to evaluate all CC3100 sample apps, using TI’s ultralow-power MSP430™ MCU family
•CC3100 BoosterPack + flashing and advanced
debug capability
•Compatible LaunchPads (sold separately)
Want to use CC3100 with any other MCU. Need one
EMUBOOST board for flashing, using radio tool, using
SimpleLink Studio (MCU development on PC) or
advanced debug
•Flashing and advanced debug capability for
Needed for flashing CC3100BOOST, using radio tool, using
SimpleLink studio (MCU development on PC), doing
advanced debug with CC3100
•CC3100 BoosterPack – cannot flash without
CC3100EMUBOOST – only one needed for all
•Compatible LaunchPads (sold separately)
If buying additional CC3100BOOST boards – assuming you
already have CC31XXEMUBOOST for flashing, radio tool
and possible advanced debug
$49.99 USD
$36.99 USD
$22.99 USD
$19.99 USD
Growing cloud of ecosystem partners
The TI IoT cloud ecosystem helps manufacturers using TI technology to easily and rapidly connect more to the IoT. Open to cloud service providers
with a differentiated service offering and value-added services running on one of TI’s IoT solutions, the TI cloud ecosystem provides options to meet
individual manufacturer needs.
SimpleLink Studio: Add CC3100 SimpleLink Wi-Fi to any MCU
SimpleLink Studio for CC3100 is a Microsoft Windows®-based software tool to aid in the development of embedded networking applications and
software tool for MCUs. Using SimpleLink Studio for CC3100, embedded software developers can develop and test applications using any desktop IDE,
such as Visual Studio or Eclipse; this allows the code to be easily tested while it is under development, and then later ported to an MCU without having to
be modified. Developers can then connect their applications to the cloud using the CC3100 BoosterPack.
SimpleLink™ Studio
• Use your PC as a host processor
for application development
• Short development cycle
• Easy debug
• Accelerate development on
any MCU
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In some cases, TI components may be promoted specifically to facilitate safety-related applications. With such components, TI’s goal is to
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No TI components are authorized for use in FDA Class III (or similar life-critical medical equipment) unless authorized officers of the parties
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TI has specifically designated certain components as meeting ISO/TS16949 requirements, mainly for automotive use. In any case of use of
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