Intraoral Phosphor Storage Plates

Intraoral Phosphor Storage Plates
A/ T
ScanX. An entirely
better way of Imaging.
Now with In-Line Erase.
With ScanX ®
you will never see
imaging the same
way again.
I maging is a highly visible activity in every dental
plus you want to contain workload and associated costs.
practice. Radiographs are an indispensable component
Our research revealed that every imaging system
of successful treatment. Consider the enormous
currently in use, whether film or digital, fell short in
impact imaging has on the quality of your patient
at least one critical area.
care within your own practice. Radiographs aid
diagnosis, records keeping and insurance submittal.
You employ them in planning a treatment regimen
and in evaluating its progress.
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seis es of tra roim
ofdtirtaiodnitaiol nfialm
l fiplm
While Imaging is an essential function and delivers
unquestioned benefits, it adds to the workload and
increases overhead in your practice. Though an X-ray
We asked the dental community and listened to your
answers. You told us you wanted an imaging system
that is very easy to use, familiar in operation, rapidly
produces images of outstanding resolution and at the
same time eliminates messy, lengthy, repetitive tasks.
You also said the entire dental team must feel comfortable working with the product.
We listened and your answers became the ScanX
Digital Imaging System.
exposure takes just a fraction of a second, that
instant creates much secondary work and a signifi-
A/T ScanX
cant paper trail. Films must be processed, usually in
Need a range of all sizes,
including Intraoral,
Panoramic, Cephalometric and
TMJ? The classic ScanX
accommodates all.
the darkroom, put in carriers and displayed. After
viewing, they are placed in the patient’s file and
returned to storage. Duplicates must be made for
insurance purposes.
Now every ScanX model has
In-Line Erase.
There is still more to do. Processor maintenance. Paper
shuffling. Chemistry disposal. You know these activities
impose recurring time and financial costs. They can even
distract you from your primary focus: providing the best
dentistry possible.
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At Air Techniques, we understand the importance of
Imaging. You must have diagnostic quality radiographs,
A/T ScanX Intraoral
Are your imaging needs
entirely intraoral?
The ScanX Intraoral
is right for you.
ScSancaXniXs iospotipmtim
ScanX is a very sophisticated Digital Imaging System
their practice. ScanX is available in two models. If your
that reads the latent X-ray image on a Phosphor
imaging needs range from intraoral to extraoral choose
Storage Plate (PSP) and sends that image to your
the classic ScanX. If your imaging needs are entirely intra-
computer. ScanX is the best value combination of
oral choose ScanX Intraoral.
speed, resolution, ease of use,
workload reduction and user
peace of mind. Optimized
imaging is fit-like-a-glove
performance; the kind only
available with ScanX.
ScanX brings you truly helpful dental imaging technology:
Your entire imaging process
is remarkably improved.
■ Diagnostic
quality, detail
rich images are available
in seconds.
Film, processor and
chemicals are eliminated.
Operates in normal room
lighting; you do not need
a darkroom.
Imaging costs are
Image filing, transmittal
and availability are
virtually instantaneous.
Patient care and
education are enhanced.
ScanX delivers optimized imaging by shattering per-
Image resolution
formance benchmarks in three critical categories:
The images produced by ScanX are high resolution and
image resolution, speed of image acquisition and ease
detail-rich. At Standard Resolution, intraoral images
of operation. The progress created by ScanX in any
display 10 lp/mm (line pairs per millimeter), a new
one of these three categories alone is a breakthrough.
benchmark. Using the High-Resolution setting, intraoral
Combined, they generate a synergistic technology
images exhibit 15 lp/mm, performance well beyond that
development so powerful we believe most dentists
available from competing systems. The Extra-High
will see ScanX as the preferred imaging solution for
Resolution setting yields an astonishing 18 lp/mm.
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ScanX is designed for you
ScanX is extremely fast because it has a continuous
ScanX will allow you and your entire team to
rapid-feed system; there are no drums or carousels
concentrate more on dentistry, your primary focus.
to load or change. Only 17 seconds after the first
You will accomplish more imaging tasks far easier
intraoral PSP is fed, that image is available; subsequent
than ever before.
images in as little as 4 seconds. A full mouth series can
into a child’s mouth, unlike thick sensors.
Comparative Scan Times
2nd Intraoral and
imaging affordably. ScanX PSP’s are available
in all sizes.
4 Minutes
6 – 12 Minutes
< 2 Minutes
> 2 Minutes
Is your practice growing? ScanX accommodates
your increasing Imaging requirements with no loss
4 Seconds
> 2 Minutes
17 Seconds
1st Intraoral
Orthodontists and Panoramic/Cephalometric X-ray
owners can enjoy all the advantages of digital
5 Minutes
Full Mouth Series
Pedodontists: The thin size 0 PSP fits comfortably
of efficiency. No need to waste time moving
sensors among operatories. ScanX imaging speed
Other Scanners
and capacity presents you with an extraordinary
savings advantage compared to wired sensors.
be viewed in less than 2 minutes. Extraoral image
All that is required for digital imaging is ScanX, a
acquisition speed is equally impressive. Panoramic and
computer and software. We wanted you to have
TMJ images are available in 25 seconds; Cephalometric
software choices. Air Techniques has worked with
in 32 seconds. These numbers are truly remarkable.
several providers to ensure ScanX integrates
Competing PSP scanners take several minutes to perform
seamlessly with their programs. You are free to
the same task; as long as or longer than wet processing.
choose among several software options.
ScanX will read all PSP's, including sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,
Panoramic, Cephalometric and TMJ. Four interchangeable guides enable ScanX to accept multiple PSP sizes
in the same scan cycle. ScanX Intraoral will accommodate all sizes of PSP’s except Panoramic, Cephalometric
and TMJ.
EasEeasoef oofpeOrpaetiroantion
Expose. Use your existing
X-ray unit.
ScanX is simple to use. Once a PSP is inserted,
scanning and erasure is automatic. The entire process
is quick and uncomplicated: Expose, Insert, View. Plates
are automatically erased inside ScanX. Air Techniques
wanted users to feel immediately comfortable with
ScanX function. We designed it so your staff would
feel a similarity with a traditional processor.
View. Intraoral images
in just 17 seconds,
Panoramic and TMJ
in 25 seconds and
Cephalometric in just
32 seconds.
Insert. One step scanning
and erasure. No carousels,
darkrooms or chemicals.
ScanX will enhance the value of your time. Your
imaging routines remain familiar yet the process
becomes exceptionally efficient with outstanding
results. ScanX represents a tremendous opportunity
to give more patients better care while managing
your time more efficiently.
ThTehaedavadnvatangtaesgeosf oPfSPStPecthen
Imagine an imaging medium as thin as a typical
business card, thinner even than a dental film pack.
Without wires, it is almost weightless and simple to
position. Flexible, comfortable, economical. These are
reasons why Air Techniques chose Phosphor Storage
Plate technology. A PSP is inserted into the mouth like
film and to your patients it feels like film. There are
no wires hanging from their mouth. Because a PSP is
very thin, patients are highly unlikely to experience
discomfort. All sensors are thick and rigid, and have
less imaging area for a given size. They may even
break if dropped. Sensors are such an expensive
component that companies offer insurance
policies for them; a burdensome expense
not needed when using a PSP. A single
size 2 intraoral sensor costs several thousand
dollars. In comparison, PSP’s are very affordable
and may be used up to 3000 times, or more.
PSP technology, outstanding image resolution,
speed and ease of operation makes ScanX your
best value choice for digital imaging.
Think about the benefits of ScanX Digital Imaging.
Ask yourself…
Do I want to offer my patients more advanced dental care?
Do I choose to lead in my field?
Do I want to enjoy more of my day practicing elective dentistry?
Do I want to benefit from superior diagnostic image quality?
Would I like to eliminate chemicals, darkroom and processor maintenance?
Do I require my equipment investments to produce tangible, significant return?
When you say yes, you say ScanX.
Now ScanX has In-Line Erase. All models will read the PSP and then automatically erase it in one continuous
cycle. In-Line Erase saves time and simplifies your imaging process. Counter space is saved because the
need for a separate plate eraser is eliminated. These new ScanX models have the same rapid image cycle
times and compact dimension as prior models. If desired, you can override the In-Line Erase capability by
pressing a button.
Intraoral Phosphor Storage Plates
Size 0, PN 73445-0, Qty. 2
Size 1, PN 73445-1, Qty. 2
Size 2, PN 73445-2, Qty. 4
Size 3, PN 73445-3, Qty. 2
Size 4, PN 73445-4, Qty. 1
Extraoral Phosphor Storage Plates
Panoramic Size 5” x 12”, PN 73578-5, Qty. 1
Panoramic Size 6” x 12” (15cm x 30cm), PN 73578-6, Qty.1
Cephalometric Size 8” x 10”, PN 73578-8, Qty. 1
TMJ Size 5” x 7”, PN 73578-57, Qty. 1
Barrier Envelopes
Size 0, PN 73248-0, Qty. 100
Size 1, PN 73248-1, Qty. 100
Size 2, PN 73248-2, Qty. 300
Plate Guides
Size 0, PN 73566-0, Qty. 1
Size 1, PN 73566-1, Qty. 1
Size 2, PN 73566-2, Qty. 1
Size 3, PN 73566-3, Qty. 1
Plate Transfer Box
PN 73470, Qty. 1
Size 3, PN 73248-3, Qty. 100
Size 4, PN 73248-4, Qty. 50
Size 2 SealX, PN B4040,1500 per spool.
A/T ScanX
A/T ScanX Intraoral
24” H x 15” W x 15 1/2” D
15 1/2” H x 15” W x 15” D
45 lbs.
43 lbs.
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Up to 18 lp/mm
(depending on scanning mode/pixel
size selected)
Up to 18 lp/mm
(depending on scanning mode/pixel
size selected)
Laser Classification:
Class I Laser Product, Compliance with
FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and IEC 60825-1
Class I Laser Product, Compliance with
FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and IEC 60825-1
Imaging Medium:
Phosphor Storage Plates
Intraoral sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4; Panoramic sizes 5” x 12”
and 6” x 12” (15cm x 30cm); Cephalometric sizes
8” x 10” and TMJ size 5” x 7”
Phosphor Storage Plates
Intraoral sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Accessories include:
Power Supply and Cord
Computer Connector Cord (USB)
4 each Size 2 PSP Guides
1 each Size 0, 1, and 3 PSP Guides
20 each Size 2 PSPs
1 Box Barrier Envelopes Size 2 (qty. 300)
1 Plate Transfer Box
Power Supply and Cord
Computer Connector Cord (USB)
4 each Size 2 PSP Guides
1 each Size 0, 1, and 3 PSP Guides
20 each Size 2 PSPs
1 Box Barrier Envelopes Size 2 (qty. 300)
1 Plate Transfer Box
Minimum Computer System Requirements / Recommendations (A/T ScanX and A/T ScanX Intraoral)
CPU Speed:
2.8 GHz Pentium IV
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4 or later, or Windows XP Professional
with Service Pack 1 and the KB B22603 update or later.
1 GB
Hard Drive:
200 MB available disk space required
CD ROM Drive:
SVGA 17” 1024 x 768 or higher resolution, contrast ratio 450:1,
.22 dot pitch capability. For optimum viewing a CRT is recommended.
Video Display Adapter: 32 MB RAM
Backup Device:
Recommended for daily saving
Surge Protector:
USB Port:
Must be 1.1, 2.0 or later
ScanX models are warranted to be free from defects for
a period of 24 months.
A/T ScanX Intraoral
A/T ScanX
Yo u r D i g i t a l I m a g i n g S o l u t i o n
1295 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747
1-800-AIR-TECH (In the U.S. & Canada) / Fax 516-433-7684
Western Facility 1-800-822-2899 / Fax 909-898-7646
PN 9922-156 Rev. C
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