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Living room, office and playroom in one.
Telematic accessories make more of your Mercedes-Benz.
Business Calls.
Even when you’re on the move.
You’re on the road and want to arrange a meeting, you’re waiting for a text or you
have to charge the battery on your mobile. The solution is simple: The functionality
of your Mercedes-Benz convenience telephony1 can easily extend to meet all of your
communication requirements.
Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® (SAP) telephone module2 3 4
Mobile-phone holders4
Optimum reception – using the vehicle’s aerial allows the
Full reception – using the vehicle’s aerial allows the highest reception
highest reception quality, without exposure to radio waves
Drive safely – with hands-free system and multifunction
steering wheel control
Always reachable – charge your mobile’s battery via the
USB interface
Optimum phone usage – access to contact details saved
in your phone book/on your SIM card
Up to speed – read and receive text messages5
Item no.: A212 906 8600
­quality, without exposure to radio waves
Safety on the move – with hands-free system and multifunction steering
wheel control
Always reachable – charging function for your mobile
All the important numbers – access to contact details in your phone book
Easy to change – “intelligent” mobile-phone holders can be interchanged
with a simple “click!”
Broad selection – available for many different Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry
and Sony Ericsson models5
e.g. for iphone 4 & 4S: A212 820 16516/1751
1)Optional extra Code 386, Convenience Telephony.
2)Two versions of the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth (SAP) telephone module are available: one in the form of a closed box (pictured) and the other with a corded handset
(not pictured, depending on engine variant in conjunction with telephone console A212 820 0651). Both versions feature a SIM card reader.
3)SAP (SIM Access Profile) allows the module to read your mobile phone’s SIM card.
4)Can be used with optional extra Code 386, Convenience Telephony.
5)Depending on vehicle model and mobile phone. If you have any questions about compatibility with your particular vehicle and mobile, please contact your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer. For further information, go to
6)A212 820 1651 – with 30cm audio cable for connection to media interface - Allows use of the audio function onboard
Surfing, just like at home.
Courtesy of your car.
Read an email from a colleague or a quote from a supplier, buy presents for family or chat to
friends – you can now do all of these things in your Mercedes-Benz, using any WLAN-enabled
device or via the display of your COMAND APS.
Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot1
Mercedes-Benz InCar Internet3
Mobile office – receive large quantities of data,
send emails, prepare presentations
Always online – unrestricted surfing with web browser (when vehicle
is stationary), web radio and RSS feeds (while on the move)
Take care of the important things – shop online,
book a flight, buy presents
Easy to use – with controller in centre console and display on
COMAND APS monitor
Everyone’s online – up to four WLAN-enabled
Highly flexible – go online with COMAND APS either via the
Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot4 and connection to the vehicle aerial
devices can be used at the same time
Optimum reception – the system uses the vehicle’s
aerial to ensure a quick, stable connection
or via a Bluetooth® DUN mobile phone5
Always up to the minute – passengers can surf
while you’re on the move
e.g. for E-Class (W/S212): A204 870 7896
e.g. for E-Class (W212): A212 900 0312
1)System requirements: Convenience Telephony (Code 386) or Audio 50 APS (Code 525 or 511) or COMAND APS (Code 527 or 512); WLAN-enabled device with WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g interface.
If you have any questions about compatibility with your vehicle, please contact your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer.
2)Connections to data networks such as HSDPA/UMTS or GSM/GPRS/EDGE.
3)Only in conjunction with COMAND APS (Code 527 or 512). If you have any questions about compatibility with your vehicle, please contact your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer.
4)Up to four WLAN-enabled devices can be used via the Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot at the same time. In order to use the InCar Hotspot, a WLAN stick is required (B6 782 2602).
5)Bluetooth phone must be able to transmit internet data using Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN) profile and external modem use must be activated by mobile provider (tethering).
A new dimension to driving.
Navigation and more with Mercedes-Benz.
Whether you’re heading home or off to a meeting, you want to arrive on time, feeling relaxed
and stress-free. You can now transform your audio 20 CD radio into a high performance,
easy to use navigation system to provide you with the optimum route to your destination.
There’s plenty of entertainment on board too, thanks to Bluetooth, audio and USB interfaces;
perfect if you fancy a chat or want to listen to your favourite music.
Becker® MAP PILOT1 2
Practical extension – transforms Audio 20 CD radio into a
Always on time – navigation unit, providing audible directions in
fully fledged navigation unit
Easy to use – instrument cluster display, operated using controller
Arrive relaxed – integral TMC tuner, map data for 47 countries
e.g. for C-Class (W204 from 03/2011): A166 900 0001
18 languages, map data for 35 countries, integral TMC tuner
Well entertained – CD/DVD drive, USB/iPod connection and
AUX input, iPod/iPhone® video playback, 4 x 50 W output
Safe phone usage – hands-free system with integral Bluetooth® module
Convenient – operated via multifunction steering wheel or touchscreen
Long-term enjoyment – easy to retrofit, permanently installed and
­protected against theft
e.g. for B-Class (W245): B6 788 5199
Navigation 203 4
Get there faster - Reality View Pro, shows realistic depictions of road signs on motorways, Lane
Assistance Pro and destination input via map
Perfect entertainment - connections for your
MP3 player, iPod or iPhone
Simple safe controls – operated via multifunction
­steering wheel
e.g. for E-Class (W212): A212 870 0396
1)System requirements: Audio 20 CD radio, multifunction steering wheel Code 442,
Becker MAP PILOT as factory-fitted optional extra Code 509 or as accessory where pre-installation Code 508 is fitted.
2)Components: Becker MAP PILOT, navigation module in separate packaging, incl. USB
cable and brief user guide, holder for Becker MAP PILOT in glove compartment, cabling
between glove compartment and Audio 20 CD radio, GPS receiver.
3)System requirements: Audio 20 CD radio.
4)For details of compatibility with your vehicle, see page 13 or contact your
local Mercedes-Benz Retailer.
All the thrills of the cinema.
On a relaxing drive in your Mercedes-Benz.
Long car journeys can be demanding on any driver – even more so when there are
children on board. But with entertainment solutions from Mercedes-Benz, the passengers
in the rear will feel that the journey wasn’t long enough. Watching videos, listening to
music or surfing the internet on an iPad® keeps the rear seat passengers occupied and
ensures a relaxing journey for everyone on board.
Rear Seat Entertainment System1
iPad® Docking Station Plus for rear compartment2 3
More relaxing journeys – optimum entertainment for
Entertainment plus safety – iPad can be slotted into place and removed
rear-seat passengers, without disturbing the driver or
restricting rear visibility
Cinema atmosphere – two 17.8 cm colour screens, each
with integral DVD player and option of separate video playback
Also available with single monitor
Boredom-free travel – USB, SD card slot and AUX input
for image, video and audio formats, 2 sets of infrared
headphones and a remote control
Safety for all – screens are permanently integrated into
the seats
e.g. for C-Class (W204): B6 782 7057
1)For information about compatibility, please contact your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer.
2)No pre-installation required. Not in conjunction with optional extra Rear Seat Entertainment System/pre-installation (Code 864/866) or with accessory
Rear Seat Entertainment System (2-monitor version). Can, however, be combined with single-monitor version.
3)Available for iPad 1 or iPad 2.
simply, safe permanent docking station behind the head restraints
Go online during the journey – can be networked with internet solutions,
e.g. Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot
Always ready for action – charging function via USB cable, plus openings
for on/off buttons and headphone connections
Flexible – mount tilts and swivels
e.g. for C-Class (W204), iPad 2: A204 820 0276
At home in your living room.
Listening to music on the road.
Do you want to be able to listen to your favourite music during your journey? With interface
options from Mercedes-Benz, your iPod® can be connected to your vehicle plug and play-style
and you can instantly select a track via the instrument cluster display.
Mercedes-Benz iPod® Interface Kit1
Media Interface Plus2
Convenient controls – use the multifunction steering
Simply more possibilities – intelligent extension of the Universal Media
wheel to scroll through menus [A] and adjust the playback
Interface for Bluetooth® mobile users
Easy to use – menus shown on Audio 20 CD radio, operated using
and ­volume [B]
All your favourite music at hand – all song titles, albums,
playlists and artists on your iPod/iPhone® are shown in the
multifunction steering wheel and controller
Perfect entertainment – play videos and music from an iPod or listen
to music from a Bluetooth® mobile via audio streaming
instrument cluster display [C]
Safe and always available – iPod/iPhone is connected in
the glove compartment and charged (optional iPod/iPhone®
holder required)
e.g. for C-Class (W204 up until 03/2011): A204 870 4496
1)The iPod Interface Kit is compatible with the following models: iPod from 4th generation | iPod video | iPod photo | iPod U2 | iPod mini | iPod nano up to 6th generation |
iPod classic | iPod touch 1st and 2nd generation | iPhone 1st generation, 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S. No factory-fitted optional extra required. Does not support your iPhone’s phone
function. Please contact your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer for details of other function restriction.
2)For models with Media Interface (Code 518). To find out more about the compatibility of specific models and mobile phones, contact your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer.
3)In German and English only.
4)Text Messages and emails read aloud in English. German version A212 900 8012.
Always in contact – contact details saved on your mobile are shown
on the central display
Up to speed – text messages and emails are read aloud3 and can be
answered using set replies
Item no.: A212 900 81124
Telematic accessories for your Mercedes-Benz.
Bluetooth® (SAP) telephone module
Mobile-phone holders
InCar Hotspot
InCar Internet
■ 9 10 11
■ 9 10 11
■ 12
■ 9 10 11
Navigation 20
■ 9 10 11
Rear Seat Entertainment System
iPad® Docking Station Plus*
■ 13
■ 17
iPod® Interface Kit
Media Interface Plus
■ 14
■ 14
■ 17 18
■ 19
■ 18
■ 15
■ 13
■ 15
* For use in rear compartment
1)Only in conjunction with optional extra Code 386, Convenience Telephony.
2)Also available for GLK-Class (X204), E-Class Coupé (C207), M-Class (W164), GL-Class (X164), S-Class (W221), S-Class (V221), CL-Class (C216), CLS-Class (C218).
3)Only available in conjunction with Convenience Telephony, Code 386.
4)Available for E-Class Coupé (C207) only.
5)Available for C-Class (W/S204 up until 03/2011).
6)Also available for GLK-Class (X204).
7)Only available for C/A207 and W/S212 up until 06/11.
8)S-Class (W/V221) up until 05/08. Also available for CL-Class (C216) up until 05/08.
9)Available for C-Class (W204 from 03/2011), SLK (R172 from 03/2011), B-Class (W246 from 11/2011) and M-Class (W166 from 11/2011).
10)System requirements: Audio 20 CD radio, multifunction steering wheel Code 442, Becker MAP PILOT as factory-fitted optional extra Code 509 or as accessory where pre-installation Code 508 is fitted.
11)Available in the future for all model series with NTG4.5.
12)For B-Class (W245). Also available for A-Class (W169), Viano (W639), Vito (W639), Sprinter (W904).
13)Portable version also available for B-Class (W246) and M-Class (W166).
14)Available for B-Class (W245) only.
15)Available for M-Class (W164) only.
16)Available for S-Class (W/V221 up until 06/2009).
17)Also available for E-Class (W211) and E-Class Estate (S211) from year of modification 2004 and CLS-Class (C218 and C219).
18)Availability for E-Class (W212), E-Class Estate (S212), E-Class Cabriolet (A207) and E-Class Coupé (C207) depends on model year.
19)Available for SLK-Class (R171) only.
phone calls
Mobile internet
access on board
navigation system
Music playback
Access to contact
details in phone book
Connection to
vehicle aerial
Music playback
Video playback
Connection to
vehicle aerial
Use of WLAN-enabled
end devices
phone calls
Can be networked
with internet solutions
Multifunction steering
wheel control
Multifunction steering
wheel control
Charging function
for mobile
Multifunction steering
wheel control
For further information, and detail on other products in our range, please visit
Your local Mercedes-Benz Retailer can advise you on the accessories most suited to you and your vehicle.
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and specification of the products during the delivery period, provided these changes, while taking into account the interests of the vendor, can be deemed reasonable with
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