Canon RE-350 Instruction manual

Canon RE-350 Instruction manual
ELMO ......................................640-643
Sony .......................................644-645
JVC/Panasonic ..............................646
Sony/Telemetrics .........................650
Video Conferencing
Sony .......................................651-653
Video Printers
Sony .......................................654-656
Panasonic/JVC ..............................657
An integrated presentation system flexible to your needs, ProfCam features a sleek ergonomic gooseneck detachable light panel and LCD screen. It also provides you with three ways to control the
camera: Hand-held remote control, via the backlit keypad on the camera base or with user-friendly Windows
software. For ease of travel, the ProfCam collapses to fit in its own carrying case. Whether you are displaying
exhibits in a courtroom, viewing documents, showing 3-D objects or photos in a marketing presentation, or sharing documents over a Videoconference call, ProfCam is the convenient, compact
and contemporary solution for any presentation.
■ Automatic Focusing 14:1 (3.9-54.6mm)
4-Speed Power Zoom Lens (2, 3, 6 or 10
seconds) focuses down to 1 cm (widest
angle) and 1m (tele end).
■ Gooseneck technology lets you deliver the
most versatile, dynamic and complete
presentation possible. The flexible 27˝
neck allows you to display objects in ways
that stationary and hinge model document cameras cannot.
■ 450 Lines of Resolution (S-Video output),
Minimum Illumination of 1 lux and 6mode White Balance system: Auto, Indoor,
Fluorescent, Outdoor, Lock and Manual.
■ Detachable Light Panel offers a thin,
lightweight and high luminance surface
for viewing transparencies, 35mm slides
and X-rays on a monitor. The panel can
also be used to backlight 3-D objects for
ease of viewing by the audience.
■ On-Board, High-Resolution LCD screen
lets you view the projection screen without having to take your eyes off the audience. Presentations can be nerve-wracking
– the last thing you need is to worry
about hard-to-use equipment.
The ScholasticCam consists of a high-resolution color CCD Video camera
and internal microphone mounted on flexible 18˝ gooseneck, allowing precise, unobtrusive positioning of the camera for hands-free operation. Stateof-the-art design and ease-of-use make it the ideal solution for applications,
ranging from Video newsletters, instructional programs and reports to presentations, scanning and Video annotation. With limitless possibilities,
ScholasticCam is simply the best overall camera available on the market
today — whether it is used for classroom presentations, Video recordings of lesson plans, experiments or student progress, Videoconferencing in place of an overhead projector — ScholasticCam provides the highest quality and flexibility for clear, concise viewing.
■ High resolution 1/3˝ CCD camera incor-
porates a razor-sharp 5mm lens that
focuses from 1/4˝ to infinity, with effective magnifications of 50:1.
■ Sleek, flexible 18˝ wand lets you direct
the swivel-head camera (30° left or right)
at any subject for precise, unobtrusive
■ Output to a monitor, VCR, projector or
computer. An adapter cable converts the
signal from S-Video to Composite when
needed. Also compatible with Video digitizing boards for PC and Macintosh.
■ Effectively replaces the traditional opaque
projector to display documents and transparencies, present pictures from books or
magazines, display 3D objects like rocks
or organ models. Use with the optional
FlexLite for guided classroom presentations, such as dissections. Aid students
with visual disabilities.
■ Sophisticated Auto White Balance, plus
highly sensitive optical system allow them
to capture great colors under virtually any
light conditions, even down to 2 lux.
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■ Ideal for image capture, the lens is
designed to correctly image an 81⁄2 x 11˝
document when pointed down.
■ All electronics for the units are contained
in the base; a single cable – designed to
reduce desktop clutter – contains Power,
Video and Audio.
■ Built-in stereo microphones for recording
your voice clearly and crisply for Videoconferencing and other applications.The
mics’ directionality reduces background
noise and closely matches that of the lens.
Audio output is standard RCA line-level.
TeachCam w/IllumiBase
TeachCam is a high-resolution, color desktop Video camera that uses a
standard 8mm C-Mount lens for magnification of objects and technical
documents. For medical, scientific and teaching applications, it is ideal
for the study of Biology, Cytology, Pathology, Astronomy and other
branches of science. The sleek flexible 27˝ gooseneck wand lets you direct
the swivel-head camera at any subject for precise positioning. Or, with
the supplied microscope adapters, you can connect the camera to virtually
any microscope (or telescope) to display slides, X-rays or scientific objects
on monitors for group and classroom viewing.
Equipped with the IllumaBase, the TeachCam turns the classroom into
an interactive learning environment, while providing the ultimate quality in Video capture. The IllumaBase is a built-in light source in the
base of the camera, allowing presentation of micro images, such as pond
specimens without the use of a microscope. It also allows for 35mm slide
presentations without the use of a projector.
■ Sophisticated Auto White Balance, plus
cations from the desktop, while providing
the ultimate in Video capture. Razor sharp
8mm C-Mount lens focuses from infinity
down to 1/4˝, effectively producing a
magnification of 50:1 when viewed on a
25˝ monitor.
highly sensitive optical system. Color is
captured in virtually any lighting conditions, down to 1.5 lux.
■ Sleek 27˝ gooseneck allows you to direct
the high-resolution swivel head camera at
any subject for precise positioning and to
use on taller microscopes, or hold in place
while using the IllumaBase.
■ Equipped with S-Video output to provide
the highest quality images.
■ Compatible with most Videoconferencing
systems. Crisp, clear voice transfer is
achieved through standard line-level Audio.
■ When used in conjunction with a micro-
scope, the TeachCam provides a simple,
cost-effective way to present magnified
images on a monitor for group study.
■ IllumaBase can be used to view 35mm
■ Comes with everything you need for mul-
tiple applications, including its own storage box. You get a 20´ extension cable
that movement of camera away from the
monitor to where the students can interact
and three microscope adapters that will
provide seamless integration with most
industry standard microscopes. The
IllumaBoxes and IllumaSlides are transparent containers used for displaying small
objects, such as insects, as well as pond
specimens and protozoa without petri
dishes or external lighting.
slides, as opposed to using a slide projector.
The StudentCam is an affordable option for applications that do not require the added features of
the TeachCam. Supplied with three microscope adapters and integrated microphone (does not have
the IllumaBase), it is ideal for student presentations or attached to a microscope for class viewing
and Videoconferencing.
■ Equipped with S-Video output to provide the highest
quality images.
■ Supplied with three custom microscope adapters and
■ Standard 8mm C-Mount lens focuses down to 1˝ for
great close-ups and can work under almost any lighting conditions, down to 1 lux.
20´ extension cable for connection to virtually any
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■ Simplifies teaching and presentation appli-
Based on the original FlexCam design, the DocCam (Document Camera) is
designed for presenting or importing documents quickly, easily and with high
quality. Competing with the overhead “document cameras” from Elmo, Canon
and Panasonic, the DocCam offers equivalent capability at less cost. Features stereo
microphones, S-Video output and an automatic iris for superior quality.
■ Equipped with a razor sharp 6mm lens, the
■ Sleek, flexible 18˝ wand lets you direct the
camera can precisely image 8x12˝ documents when its neck is fully extended, so
they can be read without turning upside
down. The lens may also be focused from
infinity down to 4˝, which effectively
produces “microscopic” magnification of
50:1 when viewed on a 25˝ monitor.
swivel-head (30° left or right) camera at
any subject for precise, unobtrusive positioning.
■ Auto White Balance, Electronic Exposure
and a highly sensitive optical system let
you capture, magnify or project overhead
images in low light, down to 1.5 lux.
■ Sharp color presentations can be input for
computer, monitor projector, recorded to
VCR or transmitted with your teleconferencing software. Capture any document
for clear, crisp visual presentation, or magnify images for sharp close-up views.
MicroscopeCam is the ideal tool for medical, scientific, teaching and other applications using a fluorescent microscope;
its design is perfect for the study of any branch of science. Connect MicroscopeCam to virtually any microscope, using its
microscope adapters to display slides and scientific objects, or to view X-rays from fluorescent light panels on a monitor.
■ A color CCD desktop S-Video camera,
the MicroscopeCam uses a standard 8mm
lens designed specifically for use with fluorescent microscopes.
■ Sleek, flexible 18˝ gooseneck wand lets
you direct the swivel-head camera at any
subject for precise positioning.
■ Supplied cable allows you to use the
camera up to 25´ away from your viewing
■ Supplied Stereo sound microscope
adapters let you connect MicroscopeCam
to any microscope to display slides and
scientific objects, or to view X-rays from
fluorescent light panels on a monitor.
■ Simplifies presentations from the desktop,
while providing quality Video capture.
Lens focuses from infinity down to 2˝ for
great close-ups on a large-screen monitor.
Low light sensitive, down to 1.5 lux.
■ Automatic Iris provides true color from
any microscope — even fluorescent ones.
■ When used on a microscope or telescope,
MicroscopeCam provides a simple, costeffective way to present magnification of
subjects for group study.
■ MicroscopeCam is the essential tool for
linking Video applications via monitors,
projectors, VCRs, microscopes, telescopes
and other visual presentation devices.
A full-motion, S-Video camera designed to sit on the desktop or roll about — not
on a tripod — the IDCam is designed for photo identification applications. The
camera’s 16mm C-Mount (interchangeable lens) can be used for photo ID, fingerprint or signature capture. Includes a 2-button image brightness adjustment for
virtually any lighting condition and is compatible with all Photo ID capture cards
and software.
■ Flexible 18˝ gooseneck, 60° swivel head and 16mm C-Mount lens
make it possible to precisely position the camera for proper head
and shoulder framing between 4´ to 8´. Additional lenses are available for custom applications which require imaging from a range
of 3´ to 17´.
7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
■ Two-button Iris Control System (ICS) adjusts to any lighting
environment. With ICS, the IDCam can be integrated into an ID
badging system without the need for an external flash. Perfect for
use at any receptionist desk that would benefit from inexpensive
photo IDs for guests.
■ MedCam is a high-resolution, color CCD
camera using a standard 8mm C-Mount
lens with an electronic iris for seamless
integration with microscopes, telescopes
and other specialized equipment (surgical
microscopes, endoscopes, etc.).
■ Flexible 8´ cable lets you position and
move the camera head away from your
Video-input source. Supplied with three
custom microscope adapters for various
medical applications.
■ Use in applications ranging from
Dermatology, Ophthalmology and
Telemedicine to classroom instruction.
Dermatologists use MedCam to maintain
an ongoing progress record and diagnosis
of skin abnormalities, rashes and diseases.
Opthamologists and optometrists utilize
it for close-up viewing of the eye during
routine check-ups or specialized treatments. Labs attach it to the microscope
for the viewing of specimens and slides.
■ Industrial applications include mounting
to a retractable pole for nuclear reactor
testing for preservation and maintenance.
Circuit board assembly can also be easily
monitored for defects or imperfections
during remote or close-up inspection.
DocCam MedCam
Resolution V/H
Inverted CCD
Electronic Iris
Mechanical Iris
Manual Iris Control
Focal Length
1/4” to ∞
1/4” to ∞
1/4” to ∞
4˝ to ∞
1/4” to ∞
1/4” to ∞
1˝ to ∞
18˝ (45cm)
18˝ (45cm)
27˝ (65cm)
18˝ (45cm)
18˝ (45cm)
18˝ (45cm)
Cable Neck
5´ Cable
20´ Extension Cable
Microscope Adapters
Minimum Lux
Exterior Color
An affordable light base accessory for any VideoLabs desktop video camera, FlexLite has an 8˝ diameter base with one 5-watt light on each side.
Simply place the camera onto the pegs of the light base. The lights can be easily arranged to illuminate any document or 3D object..
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C-Mount Lens
MedCam features an 8 foot cable neck, versus the signature gooseneck, for those
applications that require more mobility. Its high-resolution C-Mount lens and
Audio capability make it the perfect choice for attachment to telescopes and
specialized equipment in a variety of medical applications.
Portable Desktop Visual Presenter
A true marvel of engineering, the DT-70 must must be seen to be appreciated. Incredibly versatile
and innovative, the DT-70 features 450 lines of horizontal resolution, a supplied lighting unit, and
zoom effect by simply adjusting the camera post. Ideal for teleconferencing, video imaging and presentation applications, the DT-70 folds down so compactly it easily fits in the smallest attache case.
■ 1/3-inch CCD and DSP circuitry pro-
duce crisp images with over 450 lines of
horizontal resolution.
■ Camera head is mounted on a column
that can be extended or retracted to give a
zoom effect.
■ The camera head can also be rotated to be
used as a conventional video camera for
use in video conferencing application.
■ Selectable composite or S-Video output
■ Built-in manual focus 4.2 mm lens lets
you focus down to 2-inches for fine,
detailed shots.
■ For extra convenience, the DT-70 incor-
porates an adjustable lighting unit. Use
the light to provide uniform document
lighting in any room setting.
■ Additional features include; auto and
manual iris, automatic gain control, automatic white balance, and built-in backlight compensation.
■ Small and compact, the DT-70 weighs
only 1.8 lbs. and measures 10 x 16 x 7.9”
(W x H x D) when set up. Folded down
for storage or transport it measures only
2.8 x 2.7 x 9.1” (W x H x D).
You can call them................
Call them document cameras, copy stands, videoconferencing cameras or just visual presenters, it doesn’t make a difference. The
ELMO DT-70 and DT-100AF allow you to capture information in any shape or form—whether its text, graphics, photographics or
3D objects— and use them in every way imaginable. Use them to add another dimension to otherwise dull meeting and training
seminars. Other applications include distance learning and classroom presentations for education, or distance training and videoconferencing for business.
DT-100AF Portable Desktop Visual Presenter
Although remarkably small and compact, the DT-100AF offers features usually found only in
larger video document cameras. Representing ELMO's most innovative design idea in a document/face camera, the DT-100AF features over 450 horizontal lines of resolution, wireless
remote control, 10x power zoom with auto focus, built-in microphone, RS-232 port, genlock, composite and S-Video outputs—all in a unique, fold-away portable design.
An essential device for all modern videoconferencing applications, the DT-100AF sets the
standard for a desk-top document/face camera.
■ 1/3" 410,000 pixel CCD image sensor
delivers over 450 horizontal lines of
■ Equipped 10x (5.8-58mm) auto focus
power zoom lens.
■ Rotatable camera head can also serve as a
face camera for videoconferencing.
■ Built-in switcher for additional video
■ Auto white balance, auto and manual iris,
automatic gain control and built-in backlight compensation.
■ Industry first -"LED Light Indicator"
allows you to locate and perfectly capture
the center of any object, including 2-D
images on the video monitor.
■ Loop through audio and built-in micro-
phone are standard.
We are on the web at:
■ Supplied wireless remote lets you control
all main functions. There is a convenient
storage space in the body for the remote.
You can also control all the main functions from a PC via the RS-232C control.
■ The DT-100AF has a unique design so it
can be conveniently folded for easy storage. When folded it measures 3.7 x 4.7 x
17.7" and weighs only 4.2 lbs.
Visual Presenters
The EV-400AF and EV-500AF are sophisticated video capture systems with features for
operational convenience and clear image video of any material from 3-D objects to
transparencies. Identical except the EV-500AF offers a 10:1 zoom (8:1 on
the EV-400AF) and RGB output, they both feature auto white balance,
color/B&W selection, iris control and S-Video output. State-of-the-art front
panel touch controls and rotating camera heads were designed with the user in mind. The
auxiliary lighting unit is standard, and a baselight is built-in for presentation
of slides, OHP film and other transparent material. They both include a
negative/positive conversion switch.
Superior Image Quality
■ Video inputs include two composite
410,000 pixels, they deliver over 450
lines of horizontal resolution. They also
produce outstanding contrast and picture
quality when capturing all types of 3D
objects, slides, transparencies, and
opaque presentation materials.
■ Auto white balance with color correction
and auto/manual iris control
(RCA) and two S-Video. For audio there
is a stereo and external mic input.
■ They both have one S-Video and two
composite outputs (one BNC, one RCA)
and a single (mono) audio output. The
EV-500AF (only) offers RGB output.
■ Has a passive video selector controller for
two additional external video sources.
Power Zoom
■ 8x (EV-400AF) and 10x (EV-500AF)
power zoom lenses with auto or manual
focus allow the capture of images and
objects as small as a 2x2 slide up to 12.6
x 9.4" documents. You can also use them
as live cameras, by rotating their camera
head up to 90° (360° on the EV-500AF?)
Remote Control Capability
They make remote control and communication easier than ever with built-in RS-232
(EV-400AF only) and 8-pin remote ports.
■ RS-232 serial control allows remote control from any PC or AMX or Crestron.
remote control systems.
■ The 8-pin control port is for connecting
the optional wired or wireless remote
Upper and Base Lighting
■ Upper lamp for low-light, baselight for
slides and other transparencies.
■ Negative/positive switch, genlock input
■ Use a small color LCD monitor with 1/4-
20 socket for previewing. (Optional monitor shoe adapter bracket is required).
■ When viewing black and white objects or
documents, a black and white switch
allows for improved clarity, and contrasts
without color
Visual Presenter for X-Rays
A full-sized x-ray to video presenter, the EV-X is an
ideal device for medical training , consultation and even
remote patient monitoring applications. It can capture
full-size (up to 14” x 17” x-ray images) and output
them as composite, S-Video, or RGB signals—for compatibility with all tele-medical and video-conferencing systems.
■ 1/2-inch 3-CCD camera head (380,000
pixels each) delivers 700 lines of horizontal resolution . The head is mounted
on a powered movable frame for x-y
directional control. (Also turns 90° horizontal).
■ 12:1 power zoom lens with auto and
manual focus. 12x capability lets you
examine detailed sections of x-rays.
■ Three selectable inputs (Main/AV1
/AV2) include composite, S-Video and
external sync. Outputs includes composite, S-Video and RGB with sync.
■ 14”x 17” capture area with base light-
ing. Offers a pair of built-in rulers for
■ RS-232 interface allows external con-
trol from a PC or remote control system. Includes a wired remote control.
■ Automatic and manual iris and white
balance, color adjustment controls, negative/positive conversion, color/BW
selection, on/off detail compensation,
gamma correction and pedestal controls.
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■ Equipped with a 1/2" CCD sensor with
Additional Features
Dual-Camera Visual Presenter
A presentation tool that redefines the standards of visual communications,
the EV-6000AF offers unprecedented features and versatility. In addition
to its 12x power zoom lens, it has a unique, detachable second sub-camera that gives you the ability to view previously impossible angles and close-ups. In also
has the ability to store 7 JPEG images in its memory to enhance your presentations.
Dual Camera System
7-Picture Memory
■ Both cameras are equipped with a 1/3-
inch 410,000 pixel CCD to deliver 470
and 450 (sub-camera) lines of resolution.
■ The main camera has an auto focus 12:1
power zoom lens which can enlarge or
reduce images from postage stamp-size to
B4-size (10.2 x 13.8”).
■ Can internally store up to seven JPEG
images giving you the power to enhance
your presentations with clearly detailed
pictures, charts, etc on demand. Images
are retained in memory even when the
power is turned off.
—Detachable sub-camera has a 5-foot cable
letting you shoot precise angles and previously impossible close-ups
—The main camera head rotates up 90°
enabling you to capture images off walls
or around the room. With the flip of the
attached close-up lens you can switch
between close-ups and distant shots.
highlight points of interest in your presentation.Pointer can be controlled by
mouse or via wireless remote.
■ Supplied mouse lets you smoothly con-
trol screen scrolling and enlargements.
Wireless remote (included) controls all
front panel functions and on-screen display adjustments. The remote stores neatly inside the presenter when not in use.
Additional Features
■ With two cameras, one main and one
detachable sub-camera, the EV-6000AF
offers the utmost in shooting flexibility.
■ An arrow-shaped video pointer helps you
■ RGB, composite and S-Video outputs
■ Color or B&W selection, negative/posi-
tive conversion
■ Has a pause mode that digitally freezes
the image on the screen so you can switch
visuals without interruption.
■ Images can be scrolled up and down or
left and right so there is no need to move
the object or visual.
■ Enlarge your visuals with the 2x magnifi-
cation function. Combined with the 12:1
zoom you get up to 24x magnification.
■ Upper lamp for low-light, baselight for
slides and other transparencies.
■ Optional LCD monitor and shoe.
EV-8000AF 3-CCD Visual Presenter
Elmo’s top-of-the-line presenter for those who require the absolute highest quality, the EV-8000AF incorporates three 1/3-inch IT
CCDs and DSP circuitry to produce crisp, high-resolution images with over 750 lines of resolution and a S/N ratio of 62dB. In addition
it has all the features of the EV-6000AF (doesn’t have the second camera) plus it adds a 15-pin SVGA capability, so you can output
directly to a computer or LCD projector without the loss of quality that normally occurs during analog-to-digital conversion. Last, it
also has a built-in color bar generator allowing you to properly adjust your video device.
450 Lines
450 Lines
450 Lines
450 lines
470 main/450 sub
Int/2 Ext
Int/2 Ext
Main/Sub 2 Ext
Int/2 Ext
Upper Only
Base Only
Upper & Base
Upper & Base
Upper & Base
Upper & Base
Remote Control
RS-232 Interface
Power Zoom Lens
Input Selection
Lighting Units
Video Output
Composite and S-Video
7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Wireless Remote and Mouse
Composite, S-Video and RGB
35mm Slide to Video Converter
■ Built-in CCD camera with 410,000 pixels
delivers over 450 lines of horizontal resolution and reproduces images that are amazingly faithful to the original.
■ Easy-to-use ‘joy-stick’ color corrector for
enhancing color, or to modify color combinations for your own unique special
■ 2.5x power zoom lens with power focus
allows you to get close-up images of just
the scene and visual information you want.
Image reduction can be used to allow
viewing of the entire image and to compensate for vertical slides. Lens adjustment
can be done via remote control.
■ Outputs include composite, S-Video and
RGB enabling direct connection to video
monitors, video projectors and computer
capture cards.
■ Built-in RS-232 interface for external PC
control. Optional wired and wireless
remote controllers are also available.
■ Slide Timer allows you to control slide
change intervals from 1.5 to 30 seconds.
Produce endless slide displays with up to 80
slides in a single tray.
■ Equipped with external sync function,
multiple units can be combined to produce smooth video editing with no distortion between cuts, resulting in a dynamic
multi image system.
Display Accessories for Presenters:
Carrying Cases
LM403N 4-inch LCD Monitor for EV-400/500/6000AF ........329.95
MS-201 Monitor TV Shoe for EV-6000AF ................................34.95
MS-100 Monitor TV Shoe for EV-400/500AF ............................34.95
4351-2 Soft Carrying Case for EV-6000AF ................................44.95
HQ22Y Soft Carrying Case for EV-400/500AF ..........................99.95
LA-75A Soft Carrying Case for DT-100AF ................................29.95
HQ77Y Soft Carrying Case for DT-70AF ..................................29.95
Lighting Accessories:
VP-4050V “Visual Plus’ Base Light for DT-70/100AF ..............159.95
8773 Pair of 18w fluorescent lamps for VP-4050V (repl.)............49.95
9356 Pair of 6w fluorescent lamps for upper and base lights for
EV-400/500/6000AF (repl.) ........................................................44.95
8549-1 Set of 24v 6-watt lamp for TRV-35H (repl.) ....................5.95
8595 Set of 12v 8-watt lamp for TRV-16H (repl.)........................5.95
Remote Controls:
RC-551 Wired Remote for EV-400/500AF ................................99.95
RCW-552 Wireless Remote for EV-400/500AF ........................299.95
RC-351 Wired Remote for TRV-35H ........................................99.95
RCW-352 Wireless Remote for TRV-35H ..............................299.95
9315-232C Control Software for TRV-35H (WIN 95) ..............89.95
TRV-16H 16mm to Video Converter
16mm film images are not only beautiful, but also preserve better, because unlike
video tape, they are unaffected by magnetic forces. But 16mm is obviously not the
most convenient viewing medium. The TRV-16H allows you to use any 16mm
film and converts it to a composite or S-Video signal with over 450 lines of resolution where it can be output to a monitor, VCR or tape. It is also equipped with external
sync so you can mix the output with other video sources. Manual focus, iris, framing, and
color correction are standard. Semi-automatic film threading and patented film transport
mechanisms protect your film from being damaged.
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1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
Accessories for ELMO Presentation Products
A third generation slide-to-video converter, the TRV-35H combines state-ofthe-art performance and design to produce stunning video images from your
2x2” 35mm slides. Ideal for use at trade shows, museums and in show rooms.
Video Presentation Stand
The VID-P50 is a cost-effective, high-powered imaging tool designed for shooting three-dimensional and flat objects and documents for display on TV monitors, or video projection systems.
It offers excellent quality images, versatile features, operating convenience and portability, making it an effective and valuable tool for presentations, meetings and other business applications.
■ Two-speed 12x (5.4-64.8mm) power zoom
ers clear image reproduction with 460 lines
of resolution.
up to 90° to capture images in a room.
■ One-touch, detachable close-up lens
■ Composite and S-Video output
■ Automatic focus, automatic iris, auto white
■ Built-in 4 watt fluorescent lamp reduces
■ 1/3-inch CCD with 380,000 pixels deliv-
■ You can flip-up and tilt the camera head
■ Document area of 11-7/8” x 10-1/8” (wide
mode) enables the use of A4 or letter-size
documents or other presentation materials.
(1” x 3/4” in tele mode) .
reflections and provides correct illumination regardless of light levels.
■ Lightweight and easy-to-carry. It measures
13-1/4 x 2-7/8 x 21-3/4” when folded and
weighs only 9 lbs.
VID-P110/VID-P150 Video Presentation Stands
With the VID-P110 or VID-P150 you can concentrate on conveying your message—not on
the stand. They offer memory presets for multiple settings, an RS-232 interface, and can
switch between camera and external sources. For added convenience, the VID-P150 incorporates a motorized camera head and comes with wireless remote control.
■ 1/3-inch CCD with 380,000 pixels deliv-
ers clear image reproduction with over 460
lines of horizontal resolution
■ Two-speed 12:1 (5.4-64.8mm) power
zoom lens
■ One-touch, swing out, close-up lens
■ Black and white mode for optimum dis-
play of printed documents.
■ Two (VID-P110) and four (VID-P150)
pattern memories. These are user-friendly
presets that let you restore multiple settings at the click of a button. Each memory stores focus, zoom, iris, white balance,
lighting and effect mode (positive/negative, BW/color) settings for the optimum
display of presentation material.
■ Default settings can be programmed for
zoom, iris, lighting, focus and white balance, allowing for quick set-up when multiple presentations are occurring and there
is minimal time between speakers.
■ You can flip-up and tilt the camera head
from the standard position to permit pan
(300°) and tilt (20°) movement. This lets
you capture images in the room as easily as
materials on the stand itself.
■ Dual arm lights, each with two 9-watt flu-
orescent lamps
■ Input selector for quick switching between
camera and two external video/audio
■ Composite, S-Video and stereo audio
input/output enables connection to LCD
projectors, TV monitors, and VCRs.
■ Optional LCD preview monitor is easily
attached with the accessory shoe
■ RS-232 interface for external PC control.
■ Built-in backlight provides very even illu-
mination of transparencies (up to full A4
or letter-size), slides or negative/positive
Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
■ Lightweight and easy-to-carry, they mea-
sure 17-5/8 x 7-3/8 x 25” when folded
and weigh 19 lbs.
VID-P150 Step-Up Features
■ Four pattern memories (two for document
mode and two for flip-up mode) vs. two
memory patterns on the VID-P110.
■ Equipped with a motorized (remote con-
trolled) pan and tilt camera head. Using
the supplied wireless remote control, you
can pan ±30° and tilt ±20° in document
mode or pan ±100° and tilt ±20° in flipup mode.
3-CCD Video Presentation Stand
■ Three 1/2-inch IT CCDs with 380,000
pixels and micro lens technology deliver
clear images with dramatically reduced
smear. The camera achieves 720 lines of
horizontal resolution, sensitivity of F5 at
2000 lux and a 58dB S/N ratio.
channel connector, the VID-P300 is able
to supply high quality RGB signals. Also
has an S-Video output.
high quality close-ups and long shots
with smooth zoom control over the entire
range. Objects as small as a 35mm frame
to 14-1/4 x 10-3/4” can be clearly displayed on the monitor.
■ Multiple setting like R/B paint, Master
Pedestal, Gamma compensation, SC and
H phase, field or frame mode and Detail
are easily adjusted via menu.
■ Genlock input for accepting external sync
signals. Allows the VID-P300 to be operated with an incoming reference signal.
■ You can flip-up and tilt the camera head
up to 90° to capture images in a room.
■ RS-232 interface for external PC control.
■ Built-in backlight provides very even illu-
mination of transparencies (up to full A4
or letter-size), slides or positive films.
Using a color video camera, Sony’s Presentation Stands are optimal presentation tools. They display three-dimensional objects as well as
flat objects, slides and negative/positive films on video monitors or video projectors. Advanced features and superb performance make the
video presentation stand ideal for use in a multitude of applications including education, corporate meetings and video conferences.
VID-P50 ..........................................................................1499.95
VID-P150 ........................................................................2495.95
VID-P110 ........................................................................1995.95
VID-P350 ........................................................................7695.95
CCD-PC1 Computer Video Camera
Here's the ideal camera for audio/video capture onto computers equipped with A/V inputs. The
CCD-PC1 is ideal for desktop video conferencing, still image capture, and audio/video presentations on a video monitor. A brilliant choice for all of your computer multimedia capture needs!
■ 1/4-inch CCD with 270,000 pixels pro-
vides high resolution capture
■ Built in microphone mounted in base for
simultaneous capture of audio with video
■ Flexible arm with swivel-mounted (±45°)
camera head for convenient camera positioning.
■ Manual focus from less than 1/2" to
infinity allows you to capture close-up or
distant images like stamps, coins, and
■ Composite and S-Video outputs for high
quality connection to TVs, video printers,
video monitors and VCRs.
■ Manual iris allows
you to adjust for
proper exposure even under different
lighting conditions.
■ 9 lux minimum illumination for superla-
tive images in normal home and office
lighting; no need for special video lights.
THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
■ Equipped with a selectable sync on green
■ 12:1 (7.5-90mm) power zoom lens for
Similar to the other Sony presentation stands with one big difference—the
VID-P300 incorporates 3-CCDs to achieve 720 lines of horizontal resolution
and a sensitivity of F5 at 2000 lux. An RGB output lets you take full advantage of the VID-P300’s superb optical performance. Additional features
include RS-232 interface, genlock capability and full automatic operation for
convenience. With advanced user features and outstanding picture quality, the
VID-P300 is ideal for applications as diverse as video capture for scientific
research and analysis, still video filing at post production houses, video conferencing and high quality presentations for business and education.
Video Presenter
With a JVC 1/4-inch IT CCD, the AV-P750 captures and presents
two and three-dimensional objects with exceptional clarity. So whether
in a seminar room or a conference hall the audience will be able to see
every detail. Packed with superior features like a unique book supporter
and slide film holder, full flat stage, and a 5-position arm, AV-P750's
space-saving design takes JVC's ease-of-use principle to a new level.
■ High-performance 12X power zoom lens
lets you enlarge or reduce documentation
continuously, from 35 mm slide films to
B4 size paper
■ Specially designed book support simply
adjusts to keep books as large as an encyclopedia horizontal and secure. Then simply zoom in to the areas of interest.
■ A 35mm slide holder positioned just
under the camera head ensures that slide
materials are precisely aligned and
focused. Negative film can also be displayed.
■ Cleverly designed 5-position arm further
enhances functionality. Present 3D
objects from any angle you want, not
only by rotating the camera head but also
by adjusting the camera arm to any of its
5 preset positions
■ Negative/positive selector and color/BW
■ Camera panning function lets you display
surrounding objects such as large presentation materials on a wall. This is
achieved by rotating the manual camera
control (can pan up to 180°.)
■ The front panel is equipped with mic and
audio (stereo) jacks allowing the AVP750 to be linked directly with a sound
system. Also has a second composite and
S-Video input on the front.
■ Rear panel has composite, S-Video and
stereo audio input/output as well as RS232 interface and genlock input.
■ Full flat stage makes it easier than ever to
present large and wide large and wide
objects. The stage also accommodates
four sheets of A4 size paper, allowing
quick presentation changes.
Video Imager
The WE-MV180 is an ideal tool for displaying literature, photos and even three-dimensional
objects on a monitor or on a screen via a projector. It also allows recording of material for
study and research applications. It can also be used effectively for video conferencing.
■ 1/3-inch CCD camera delivers 460 lines of horizontal resolution.
■ The camera head can be freely rotated 90° either to the right or
left for displaying a document on a wall or an instructor.
■ Built-in on-screen frame memory allows
an object to be replaced with the next
one to provide a smooth transition between presentations.
■ Auto focus and 12:1 zoom. At maximum zoom, the WE-180 pro-
jects items as small as 1.3” x 0.6” —in full on the screen.
■ Can read (scan) literature or photos up to
15.5” x 11.6”.
Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
■ The stage has a backlight feature for pro-
jecting transparencies, filmstrips and so on.
A negative/positive inversion switch
lets you project negative images as
■ Incorporates a 2.9-inch LCD mon-
itor eliminating the need for
a separate monitor. The
angle of the LCD monitor can be adjusted to
give you the best view.
Mega-Pixel CCD Visual Presenter
■ 1.5-million pixel CCD for extremely clear
and high resolution images
■ 12x optical power zoom lets you present
■ Variable progressive scan output provides
VGA, SVGA, XGA and SXGA resolutions.
■ Control and communication has never
been easier. RS-232 interface lets you access
all front panel controls from a PC. Via the
USB port you can capture JPEG and BMP
images and immediately transfer them to
any PC with Windows 98.
the head up to 90°.
■ Composite, S-Video and RCA audio out-
put (mono) and an external mic input.
■ Arms are fully adjustable (up/down) and
tiltable front to back.
■ When viewing in progressive scan mode,
you can digitally pan and scroll the image.
■ VGA loop-through allows an image on
your PC or laptop to be viewed through
the presenter.
■ Automatic white balance, automatic iris,
negative/positive for film and image freeze
■ Upper and lower fluorescent lighting
ensures proper white balance and color saturation in any lighting environment.
■ The supplied mouse has a built-in on-
screen pointer and line-drawing tool (in
three colors) that eliminates the need for a
laser pointer.
■ Includes a wireless remote control with all
front panel controls duplicated for complete freedom.
Helios Series of Visual Communicators
No ordinary visual presenters, the unique Helios series offer many features and functions
not found anywhere. For starters they are equipped with 1/4-inch DSP CCD and a
16x optical power zoom lens—the longest zoom in its class. They also feature rotating camera head, head lamp, and with an optional eyepiece adapter can be connected to
any microscope. SVP-5100 step-up features include a parallel port for downloading of images to a PC , while the top-of-the-line SVP-5200 adds a two-image
frame grabber.
■ 16x motor-driven optical zoom lens magnifies even the smallest
text or objects.
■ Parallel port allows direct transfer of images to a Windows 95-
equipped PC.
■ The camera head can be freely rotated 270° either to the left or
■ Optional ADA-5000 Microscope Eyepiece Adapter allows use
with a standard microscope to offer 10x, 25mm, 23.2x zoom.
■ Optional SMS-5000 Microscope Adapter
■ For lighting each are equipped with an overhead fluorescent lamp.
An optional light box allows presentation of slides or transparencies.
right, or 120° up or down.
THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
document with text as small as 8pt.
■ Tilting camera head allows you to rotate
The most full-featured visual presenter available today, the SVP-6000 is equipped
with a 1/2-inch 1.5-million pixel CCD to deliver outstanding contrast and brilliant
picture quality. From transparencies , 3D objects and slides to printed documents, the SVP-6000 is ideal for any professional presentation and conferencing application. In addition, the mega-pixel CCD also delivers an
unprecedented level of clarity and readability of small text from a standard
8-1/2 x 11” document. Adding to its versatility, the SVP-6000 offers a progressive output. This allows you to select any resolution from 640 x 480 to
1280 x 1024 for output to a projector, multisync or data monitor.
Other features include a tilting camera head with 12x zoom, RS-232
and USB interface and a Windows 98 driver for downloading of images.
Video Visualizer
A fifth generation Video Visualizer, the RE-350 is well equipped for today’s demanding
imaging applications. Built by Canon–the world leader in quality optics, the RE-350
delivers 450 lines of resolution for the view and capture of sharp,
detailed images—whether they are 3-D objects, flat art, documents,
photos, slides and X-rays, including larger than normal sizes. When
used with a monitor or projector the RE-350 is an excellent imaging tool for presentations, desktop publishing, videoconferencing, distance
learning, remote diagnostics and 3-D imaging. Best of all, it is backed by
one of the most experienced, nationwide service and support networks
■ 1/3 inch CCD with 410,000 delivers 450
lines of horizontal resolution.
■ 12:1 (5.4-64.8mm) 2-speed power zoom
■ Automatic and manual focus, iris (fine-
adjustable +/-2 EV) and white balance
■ All necessary controls are on the front
panel. This includes controls for focus,
zoom, negative/positive, lights on/off, etc.
■ Object stage area permit unobstructed
access of larger than normal art or x-rays.
Adjustable lighting arms also allow perfect
viewing of larger than normal objects.
■ Equipped with RS-232 interface, it can be
controlled by a PC or room control systems from AMX or Crestron.
■ Accepts composite and S-Video, stereo
audio and external mic. It outputs composite, S-Video, RGB and stereo audio.
■ Focus follow zoom technology for seam-
■ Text Enhancement function ensures opti-
less presentations
mal document legibility.
■ Integral backlight makes the RE-350 ideal
■ Add the optional Software Developer’s
for viewing and capturing images from
transparencies and X-rays.
Kit and/ or the optional wireless control
interface to enable even more capability.
■ Additional features include; genlock
—Optional IR Remote Control Kit gives
you added flexibility and freedom of movement. All functions on the RE-350’s front
panel can be controlled..Kit consist of: hand
held IR remote, IR receiver module, RS-232
cable and power supply.
input, negative/positive film conversion
and color/B&W display mode.
■ Folds down to a compact, easy-to-carry
size for portability or easy storage. Only
22 lbs. it measures (W xD x H)............
Stored: 19-1/8 x 20-11/16 x 7-1/2
In-use: 28-1/4 x 20-11/16 x 21-7/8"
Light box: 8 1 /4" x 11 3 /4"
Shooting Area:
13 3 /8" x 10" to 1 3 /32 x 13 /16"
—With the optional Software Developer's
Kit (SDK), you can integrate RS-232 control of the RE-350 into almost any application. SDK consists of documented RS-232
control commands and sample source code.
RE-350 Visualizer ................2295.00
Developer’s Kit (SDK).....................159.95
IR Remote Control Kit..........299.95
Hard Carrying Case for RE-350...... 349.95
VIZCAM 1000 Multi-Use Desktop Camera
Just one look at the VIZCAM 1000 is enough to convince you that this no ordinary camera. The
unique design of the product is enhanced by a rugged 3-axis articulated arm that rotates 180° at the
base and the camera head, and can be raised or lowered for endless applications from image
capture to portraits, presentations, distance learning, videoconferencing and macro imaging.
Engineered for exceptional durability over long periods of constant use, each arm can be independently positioned for consistently stable, motion-free imaging. Camera features 450 lines of horizontal resolution and can be used to display color video images of 3-D objects, documents and photographs (as
close as 5/16 of an inch) on any video monitor, projector or VCR with exceptional clarity and sharpness. Additionally, slides, negatives and transparencies can be viewed by using a light box.
Equipment Leasing Available
■ 1/4-inch CCD with 410,000 pixels deliv-
ers 450 lines of horizontal resolution.
■ Optical 2.9mm lens, with manual focus
■ Panning angle of plus or minus 90° elim-
tions, a manual override switch is provided for all automatic functions resulting in
greater stability and faster compressed
video transmission.
■ Integrated base station outputs composite
and S-Video. Also has a mic input and
stereo audio output as well.
inates the need to reposition documents
for viewing.
■ Negative/positive conversion for display-
Vizcam 1000 Desktop Camera...... 999.95
Portable Light Box ..........................39.95
ing positive images from film.
■ Control Panel Features:
—AGC Lock On/Off
—Negative/Positive Button
—Audio Mute On/Off
—Automatic White Balance with manual
—Selectable 1/60 (for 60 Hz operation) or
1/100 (for 50 Hz operation) of a second
shutter speed
Hard Case for Vizcam ..................129.95
and iris control, offers an extremely wide
viewing angle (63°) and can display
images from a full 8-1/2 x 11” document
to postage-sized object or image.
■ For videoconferencing/codec applica-
Whether your application is teleconferencing, remote monitoring, training or distance learning, the VC-C3 enhances communication by allowing audiences to see your point. Literally. The VC-C3 is an affordable
one-piece, remote controlled, high resolution camera integrated into a
pan/tilt pedestal base that can be operated by a hand-held remote control
or over long distance via RS-232 interface. You can program up to six preset
positions, or use the remote to pan/tilt/zoom in an infinite number of positions. With its combination of performance,
size, ease-of-use, versatility and affordable price, the VC-C3 is the industry-standard.
■ 1/3-inch CCD with 410,000 pixels deliv-
ers 450 lines of horizontal resolution and
46dB S/N ratio.
■ Two-speed 10x (4.2-42mm) power zoom
lens lets you go from wide angle to full
telephoto in just 2.0 seconds.
■ The VC-C3 is modular in design for
maximum flexibility. The Camera
Control Unit (CCU) contains composite,
S-Video and audio output, RS-232 and
8-pin interface for connecting to the
camera. You can attach the CCU to the
camera or keep it separate which is useful
when space is an issue. Detach the CCU
and you can mount the camera in areas
not normally accessible with pan, tilt,
zoom cameras.
■ The remote-controllable VC-C3 can
pan/tilt to infinite positions. Panning
motor is extremely quiet, typically less
than normal conversation.
■ Program and store up to six preset posi-
tions, or use the remote and/or VC-C3
Control Software to move the camera to
any pan/tilt/zoom position. Multiple cameras can be individually selected and controlled via the remote, even if they are in
the same room, via the ID Mode selector.
■ Backed by industry’s most experienced
nationwide service and support network
■ For multiple camera installations, up to
four VC-C3’s can be controlled by a PC
using Canon's VC-C3 Control Software.
The software, designed with the look and
feel of the remote, can control up to 4
cameras from one PC, move the camera
head diagonally, color correct the video,
and program the time and number cycles
(up to 10,000) for the six presets.
■ With the optional Software Developer's
Kit (SDK), you can integrate RS-232 control of the VC-C3 into almost any application. Consists of documented RS-232 control commands and sample source code.
VC-C3 Camera ............................1049.95
Developer’s Kit (SDK) ....................159.95
Wide Converter Lens ......................99.95
VC-C3 Control Software (PC)........179.95
THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
Remote Controlled Communication Camera
Pan/Tilt Video Camera
The EVI-D30 is a pan/tilt video camera equipped with a highly sophisticated
image processing technology that allows target objects to be recognized. It also features a 12x optical zoom with high speed autofocus, 6-position preset, RS-232 serial control, and a time and date generator.
AT (Auto Tracing) Mode
AT is a function which continually extracts a subject that you predefine. After picking up pixels of similar color and brightness around
the selected subject, the EVI-D30 extracts the target by using the
subject model based on light reflection and non-linear camera processing. There are four modes for pre-defining the subject.
MD (Motion Detector)
MD basically detects the difference between the initial reference
image and the current image.
This function follows the moving subject automatically by controlling the pan and tilt motors without the use of special sensors.
The conventional technique employed in MD uses only the brightness of the video signal. The EVI-D30 uses both the brightness and
color which enables even an object of the same as brightness as the
background to be detected.
This function automatically controls the zoom lens to ensure that the
size of the subject remains constant.
n Changes in light conditions are constantly monitored and the data
in the reference image adjusted.
The EVI-D30 employs an auto exposure and advanced backlight
compensation system to ensure that the subject remains bright even
in harsh backlit conditions. Because the subject position is known, a
comparison can be made between its brightness and that of the background, and the camera will subsequently adjust.
•Once motion is detected within the pre selected windows an alarm
signal is output. Use the signal to trigger a VCR’s record function.
•A user can set two rectangular detection areas of any size and in any
position of the scene.
• MD mode is made even more versatile by the ability to adjust the
detection brightness, color and area.
Serial Control Panels for the VC-C3 / EVI-D30 Pan/Tilt Cameras
The CP-ITV-VC3 and CP-ITV-D30 are RS-232 Serial Desktop Control Panels
designed to control the Canon VC-C3 or Sony EVI-D30 pan/tilt cameras. Up
to four camera systems can be connected and controlled by one panel—making them ideal for a host of teleconferencing applications.
■ A proportional rate joystick provides smooth, simultaneous
control of both pan and tilt operations.
■ Switches provide control over zoom, focus and iris adjust-
ments. Four programmable presets are also provided for each
camera for pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris control. The presets
are recalled by the selector switches.
■ A "Cycle
Mode" allows
the operator to
verify the four preset positions of any selected
camera. The "Autopan Mode" directs
the selected camera to continuously scan its entire pan range.
■ When using the Auto pan or Cycle Mode,only the selected
camera is functional.
We Exhibit At NAB, Infocomm, and Siggraph
Set-Top Videoconferencing Systems
Conference Rooms: Videoconferencing provides a natural meeting environment in conference rooms even though all participants may not
physically be in the room. Participants are able to meet face-to-face, while introducing graphics, computer applications, 3D objects and data
sharing into the conference. Meetings can be held, no matter what time of day around the world, without concern for unnecessary travel
time and expense.
Small Office/Home Office (SOHO): With the advent of set-top systems, videoconferencing has become a relatively inexpensive alternative
and solution to remote and home offices. Small offices, small companies and remote offices can now afford to communicate to the corporate home office and customers without leaving their location.
Distance Learning/Training Rooms: Universities, Schools and training facilities can provide specialized training, expert lectures and
advanced classroom studies to multiple students with distance learning and training via videoconferencing.
Dockable TrakCam Camera
■ An industry first, the TrakCam camera
can detached from the set-top base. This
gives you the flexibility of strategically
mounting the camera in a room when
you need the videoconferencing processor
at any distance from the monitor. It also
provides the ability to integrate the videoconferencing processor into complete
room systems regardless if the processor is
in direct contact with the camera.
■ TrakCam is an auto-tracking camera that
can detect motion and follow the movement of a selected individual.
■ Six remote-controllable preset camera
Graphics Transmission
and Data Collaboration
■ The system is capable of transmitting one
still image or multiple still images continuously in an annex-D format. Since still
pictures are clearer than moving pictures,
it is suggested that a user send a video as
a still picture if the picture contains a lot
of text. This is quite helpful when showing still documents or PowerPoint slides.
■ A data port on the back of the system
allows users to hook up a PC directly to
the unit. This port is used for T.120 data
collaboration when document sharing
and white boarding are required.
positions and pan/zoom/tilt capability let
you quickly focus on multiple people.
■ Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function provides
a self-view of the videoconference. PiP
can be moved to any corner of the monitor or turned off completely.
Remote Commander Unit
■ Supplied easy-to-use wireless remote lets
you control the videoconferencing
processor, any Sony monitor, even the
optional wireless object stand.
■ Single button controls allow for dialing,
dial lists, set-up, camera controls, menu
selections, volume, power, mic mute and
system control.
THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
Applications Include:
Videoconferencing has experienced a dramatic change over the past
few years. It has gone from very high end, high priced Rollabout
room systems to sub $10K, easy-to- use, plug and play set-top units.
But until now most of these have only lent themselves to small
groups and non-integratable rooms. The Sony Contact
Videoconferencing System changes all that. Giving you the quality
and functionality of high end systems, the Contact systems allow you
to not only take advantage of its compact size to function as a set-top box on top of a monitor, but also offers the versatility of integrating the box into rooms by utilizing the unique dockable TrakCam camera into larger room environments.
There are three Contact systems available; the basic Contact (PCS-1500) offers speeds of 128 kbps for high quality video
with 15 frame per second (fps) capability; for 30 fps video, the Contact-U (PCS-1500U) adds a 2 BRI Board that
allows speeds up to 384 kbps. The Contact-ME system has all the features of the Contact-U plus it adds multipoint software enabling you to connect up to 4 sites without using an external bridge or bridging service.
Contact Series Systems
■ Each system was designed for ease-of-
use. Units are self-contained with minimal wires to connect. You can control
all functions with a simple wireless
■ The processor has an integrated micro-
phone, dockable camera, built-in inverse
multi-plexer (IMUX- required for bonded calls), and audio/video inputs and
outputs for easy connection to a monitor.
■ The processor conforms to the ITU-T
H.320 videoconferencing Standard that
allows the system to "talk" to any other
H.320 systems on the market today.
■ Also H.323 ready, so if you add a LAN
card you can provide videoconferencing
over LAN/WAN environments.
Integrated Microphone
■ The microphone is built-in to the video-
conferencing processor so that no additional connections need to be made.
■ For those who require additional micro-
phones, two input jacks are provided on
the back panel of the system.
Compact Size
■ Made in the Sony PlayStation factory,
Contact has the same footprint as a
PlayStation system. It weighs only 6 lbs
10 oz and is one of the world’s smallest
set-top units.
■ Its compact design allows it to sit unob-
trusively on top of a monitor or for easy
integration when space is a consideration.
■ Additional video peripherals such as a
VCRs, DVDs, etc. can be incorporated
into the videoconference through the
video inputs on the back panel of the
Contact (PCS-1500)
128Kbps Set-Top System
This system gives you an affordable entry
into videoconferencing. With its ease of
use and low bandwidth cost, the PCS-1500
is perfect for a small business or first time
videoconferencing purchaser. The system
can be upgraded when higher bandwidths
and/or speeds are required, or would like
to have LAN/WAN connectivity.
384Kbps Set-Top System
This system configuration provides optimal
bandwidth and clarity for point-to-point
video calls. With thirty (30) frames per second (fps), you are afforded the industry
accepted standard for natural meeting environments.
384Kbps Set-Top Videoconferencing System with Built-in Multipoint functionality
This system is a must for those that
require face-to-face communications
and data collaboration with up to four
(4) remote sites. The ContactME is
only required at one site. All of the
other sites can be at a minimum connection of 128kbps and can be any
H.320 standard system.
The ContactME allows for four (4)
sites to be linked together simultaneously without connecting to expensive
external bridging services or bridging
devices. This is very similar to audio
conferences where all parties dial into
a selected number and are connected
on a single call. This system allows
for other systems to dial into it or for
the system to dial out to connect to all
four (4) parties.
PCS-1500 Includes: Videoconferencing Processor, Dockable TrakCam camera, Remote
Commander, S-Video cable, IR Repeater, ISDN cable, Audio cable AC Adapter Power
ContactU Includes: Same as the PCS-1500 plus it adds a 2-BRI board
ContactME Includes: Same as ContactU plus Multipoint Software
Required Connection
Any user to the H.320 video world will require at least one ISDN (Integrated Single Digital
Network Line) to get their system up and running. Additional lines will be required for higher
data and video speeds. This means that if you want clearer video quality and higher frame rate,
additional lines will be required. The Contact system only requires one ISDN line, the
ContactU and ContactME require three ISDN lines each in order to achieve the maximum performance level of each system. Also, if you have a direct hook up to your ISDN line, you will
require one NT-1 (Network Terminator) per ISDN line.
User Friendly
Optional PCS-DS150
Wireless Document Stand with Built-in Scan Converter
upon first time installation. The menu
guides users to configure LDN (Listed
Directory Number) and SPID (Service
Profile IDentifier) information as well as
far end camera control, data collaboration and frame rate.
The PCS-DS150 brings the meeting right to the conference room
table. It displays 3-D objects as well as documents.The stand is wireless to
the Contact system and is linked via a super IR blaster.
The PCS-DS150 has a built-in scan converter and computer port. You can
plug a PC to the stand and incorporate computer applications, such as
PowerPoint presentations, into the videoconference while viewing them on the
conference monitor. Both the near and far sides will be able to view the
■ All wiring is color-coded and an easy-to-
read instruction manual is supplied with
each system so you’ll be up and running
in minutes..
Contact Systems and Accessories
Additional Features
CONTACT (PCS-1500): 128kbps Set-top System ................................................3995.00
■ The system goes into sleep/standby mode
CONTACTU: 384kbps Set-top System ..................................................................6495.00
after one hour if the system has not been
used within that time. The system
"wakes up" as soon as any button on the
remote control is pushed.
CONTACTME: 384kbps Set-top with Multipoint Functionality ............................7995.00
PCS-DS150 Wireless Document Stand ....................................................................2695.00
A300 External Mic ........................369.95
PCS-I151 V.35 Board ....................599.95
loads are possible via ISDN.
PCS-I152 LAN Board ................1,795.00
1BRI Network Terminator ............239.95
3 BRI Network Terminator ............549.95
56k/64k~128kbps in 56k or
64kbps increments
Contact-U & Contact-ME
56k/64k~384kbps in 56k or
64kbps increments
V.35: up to 384kbps
LAN 768kbps
H.261, H263 (ITU-T
Picture Elements
CIF 352 pixel x 288 lines
QCIF 176 pixel x 144 lines
Frame Rate
704 pixels x 480 lines
1/3" CCD 768 x 494 lines
Input Signal
S-Video or AV Link
up to 6 position
Compression Method
H.261 Annex. D (4CIF),
Focal Length
5.4~64.8mm (0.21" – 2.55")
Transmitting Time
Approx.5 sec at line rate
Auto/Manual switchable
Auto, AGC
Bandwidth and Coding
G.722 7.0kHz at 48k or
G.711 3.4kHz at 56k or
G.728 3.4kHz at 16kbps
Zoom Ratio
Pan Control
Tilt Control
±25°(Detached), Motor-driven
Far-End Control
Auto/Manual (far, near)
±100° (Docked), ±100°
(Detached), Motor-driven
15 fps max up to 384kbps
30 fps max @ 384kbps
THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
■ Remote diagnostics and software down-
Operating Bandwidth
■ An installation set-up menu launches
A6-Size Dye-Sub Video Printers
The UP-2100 and UP-2300 are A6- size (3-1/2" x 5" ) color
video printers designed for business applications. With their high
image quality, fast printing time, multiple print modes and a compact design, they are ideal for medical and dental imaging, amusement imaging, video production, photo-proofing and scientific applications. The UP-2100 offers cost-effectiveness, while the UP-2300
with 310 dpi, RS-232 control, and multiple print media options offers higher performance
■ They offer various print modes that are
■ Sony's advanced dye transfer sublimation
■ 3.5" x 5" size prints can be made in 58
thermal printing technology provides 155
dpi (UP-2100) and 310 dpi (UP-2300)
photo-realistic quality prints with over 16
million color variations.
seconds. The UP-2100 uses the UPC2010 color printing pack (200 sheets).
suitable for any printing application. The
modes include 1, 4 and 16 split memory
and duplicate image prints.
■ They accept composite and S-Video
inputs, enabling them to be used in a
variety of multi-media applications.
■ Auto Live Mode returns you to live video
after the image has been captured and
■ Up to 200 sheets of print paper can be
placed in their paper tray for consecutive
■ Caption setting lets you write a caption
in the white border of the print.
UPC-2100 155 dpi Color Video Printer ........................929.00
■ The UP-2300 uses the UPC-2010 plus
allows use of many other media packs. It
accepts UPC-20S16 (16-split sticker),
UPC-2020 (B&W), UPC-2040A (lamination), UPC-2050 (transfer) and the
UPC-2070 (post card) paper. Using
UPC-2040A or 2070 paper requires the
optional UPA-2002 paper tray.
UPC-2300 310 dpi Color Video Printer ......................1349.00
Lamination and Passport Printing Modes:
Using the optional UPC-2040A media, duplicate images can be printed in the Passport mode.. There are two options, Flex and Fixed IPP.
In Flex mode, you enter the desired image size and the printer automatically determines the number of duplicate images to be printed.
In the Fixed IPP mode, you select to print 1, 4, or 16 images and the printer automatically selects the size of each image. Flex lets you print
any size. IPP is preset to U.S. and European passport image standards.
A6-Size (3-1/2 x 5”) Print Media and Accessories for the UPC-2100 and 2300
Color Print Paper for UPC-2100/2300 (200 sh.) ............89.95
B&W Print Paper for UP-2300 (200 sh.) ..........................79.95
Laminated Print Paper for UPC-2300 (120 sh.) ..............109.95
Mug Transfer Paper for UCP-2300 (1000 sh.) ................749.95
Postcard Print Paper for UPC-2300 (150 sh.) ..................109.95
16-Split Sticker Print Paper for UP-2300 (200 sh.) ..........149.95
Used Equipment Bought, Sold and Traded
One Button Foot Switch Control ..........................................24.95
Three Button Foot Switch Control ......................................79.95
Simple Wired Remote Control ................................................29.95
Wired/Wireless Remote Control (with 5m cable) ..................49.95
Paper tray for UPC-2040A and UPC-2070 paper......................Call
Roller cleaning kit for the UP-2100/UP-2300 ..........................Call
A5-Size Dye-Sub Video Printer
■ Thermal head with 2048 elements pro-
duces over 500 horizontal lines of resolution in video mode, and 300 dpi in digital mode (digital mode requires the
optional UPK-5502SC SCSI board and
UPK-5500 memory board).
■ Menu gives you easy control over print
quality, split print, captions, color and
gamma adjustment, and input select.
■ When the power to the UP-5500 is OFF,
■ Up to 5 x 6.5 inches of image area can
be reproduced from an NTSC video signal. Full color images can be printed in a
fast 40 seconds.
■ Split or duplicate image print modes:
2, 4, 8 and 16 different or duplicate
images can be printed in a variety of sizes
on a single page.
Board digitizes the analog video signal for
transfer of images to a computer, network,
or external storage device. Digital data can
be converted back to analog and viewed
on a video monitor. Photoshop plug-ins
are provided for Mac and Windows.
UP-5100 Video Printer ............................................................................................3795.00
UPC-5510 Color Paper (200 sh.) ..............................................................................169.95
FS-20: One Button Foot Switch Control ....................................................................24.95
FS-36: Three Button Foot Switch Control ..................................................................79.95
RM-91: Simple Wired Remote Control........................................................................29.95
RM-5500: Wired/Wireless Remote Control ................................................................49.95
■ Can generate up to 48 alphanumeric
characters which can be printed beneath
the image area as captions or titles.
■ Accepts composite, S-Video and RGB
signals. With the optional UPK-5501NP
memory board, the printer can accept
PAL video signals as well.
■ Incorporates four frame memories allow-
ing storage of four full images. Add the
optional UPK-5500 Four-Frame
Memory Board and you store eight full
images – each of which can be printed in
a variety of print modes–in either individual or duplicate images.
■ When the UP-5500 is set in the split
mode (Picture-in-Picture function), the
connected monitor can display both
source video and captured images in the
internal image frame memory simultaneously. You can then return to source,
capture another image, and place it in
the remaining split mode position.
UP-980 Black & White
Video and VGA Printer
The UP-980 is a full page black and white dual scan
video graphic printer that produces high quality hard
copy images in 10 seconds. Dual Scan allows the printer to sync up to any 15.75 kHz or
31.5 kHz composite signal. The UP-980’s optional blue transparency media produces high
quality film-like transparencies. Additional features such as multiple print capability, fast
print speed and UL260-1 listing, make the UP-980 ideal for medical B&W applications
such as ultrasound and cardiac cath lab.
■ 256 gray scale gradations for excellent
■ Fast 10-second per print, speed
print quality and contrast
■ UL-260-1 listed for integration into med■ Front panel LCD display for easy adjustical environments
ments without a monitor
■ Accepts NTSC and PAL composite
■ Multi-print capability (one, two, four or
(BNC) video signals. Accepts 120/220v
six images on one sheet)
AC power 50/60 Hz.
UP-980 B&W Video Printer..................................................................................4450.00
UPP-210HD High Density Print Paper ....................................................................36.50
UPP-210SE High Quality Print Paper ......................................................................26.95
UPT-210BL Blue Transparency Media ........................................................................Call
THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
images can still be viewed on a connected
monitor by looping through the printer.
■ Optional UPK-5502SC SCSI Interface
A breakthrough in dye transfer sublimation thermal printing, the
UP-5500 provides both an analog and an optional digital interface for a variety of applications, including video post production, computer graphic design, photography studios, archiving
and documenting images. Ideal for scientific and engineering research
and development applications as well. It delivers high-quality hardcopy images in less than 60 seconds, and it accepts
RGB, composite and S-Video signals from motion or still video sources. With and excellent feature set and ease-of-use,
the UP-5500 is a great asset in a wide spectrum of professional, industrial, educational, and artistic environments.
Letter-Size MultiScan Dye-Sub Video Printer
A high performance letter-size video printer with photographic quality
the UP-7200 is ideal for a variety of business and industrial applications, as well as photo journalism, publishing and sports analysis. It
incorporates advanced signal processing and state-of-the-art printing
techniques to ensure the highest quality prints, and with composite, S-Video
and analog RGB inputs it is compatible with a wide range of equipment. It also has hyper-multiscan capability to accept high scan computer outputs, as well as HDTV signals without any external conversion equipment.
■ Up to 7-1/8 x 9-1/2 inches full color
■ Has 52 signal frequency presets for auto-
images can be printed using UPC-7011
letter-size print media. Images can be printed in approximately 125 seconds.
matic signal detection. When receiving the
input signal, the printer detects the ideal
frequency from the presets and locks onto
the signal for the optimum image capture
and printing. The frequency can also be
adjusted manually for enhanced printing.
Up to four adjusted settings can be stored
in the built-in user memory.
■ Has analog RGB, composite and S-Video
inputs. An analog RGB high scan signal
and HDV signal can be input as well via a
15-pin multiple connector. Optional UPZ7000 cables facilitate the connection of
Mac and PC workstations.
■ Various settings can be easily selected using
the function menu on the unit's LCD display or when connected to a monitor.
Settings include color adjustment, caption
setting and input selection, pixel quality.
Also includes set-up for horizontal and vertical picture size, H/V picture shift, aspect
ration and print mode.
■ Compatible with horizontal frequencies
from 15kHz to 89kHz, the UP-7200 can
print from a variety of sources including
video equipment, computers and workstations. This also includes HDTV signals
(1150 lines, 16:9 aspect ratio).
For over 15 years the name RPL has been synonymous with people making money by
putting images on ceramic coffee mugs, 6” buttons, key chains, T-shirts, baseball caps,
frames, calendars and many other items.
Full-Wrap Mug Heat Press
Adjustable, full wrap press accommodates most
sizes of mugs and steins.
- Instant on; no waiting for warm up
- Automatic timer - Replaceable heater element
- Baked epoxy finish - Mug size adjustment knob
■ Both the vertical and horizontal length
of the image can be scaled down - up to
80% in 1% increments. The captured
image can also be reduced to 64% and
printed out.
■ External remote control operation via
the RS-232 interface. There is also a
supplied remote control unit (RM5500) that can be used both wired and
wireless, depending on the your application. An optional foot switch (FS-20) is
available separately.
■ Offers a unique 3D function that is
ideal for microscopy applications and
for motion analysis in the field of sports
analysis. Once the image is acquired the
moving parts of the image are printed
in color while the still portions are
printed in black and white.
■ In addition to the full size print mode,
2, 4, 6, 8 or 16 different or duplicated
video images can be captured and printed on one page. Similarly, either four or
six different high scan images can be
printed on one page. Up to 20 consecutive copies of the same image can be
printed out.
UP-7200 Letter-Size Printer ......7395.00
UPC-7011 Color Paper 100 sh ....229.95
T-Shirt Heat Press
This press will produce perfect T-shirts, mouse pads, posters, tote
bags, and all other flat, heat transfer accepting items.
- Enhanced electronics for long life timer
- Adjustable temperature - Adjustable tension
- Baked epoxy finish - Large 15" x 15" heating surface
Call For Full Line of Presses
Overnight Shipping Available
UPC-7021 B&W Paper 100 sh....217.50
One Button Foot Switch Control ..24.95
UPZ-7000M High video cable for
Macintosh ....................................169.95
High video cable for PC ..............169.95
Video Printer
■ Prints over 16.7 million colors, delivering
exceptional color quality with subtle hues
accurately reproduced. Prints are
extremely durable and resistant to color
fade. Built-in high-density frame memory
further assures clear, smooth prints
■ Strobe effect prints are possible, with
switching between set strobe speed and
variable strobe speed in the Swing mode
■ Card-Sized Print mode divides the print
down the center for two card-sized prints
of different images. The part of the image
for trimming is also selectable
■ Multi-picture Print mode gives you prints
divided into 4, 9, or 16 squares with a
different image in each square. You can
also get divided prints of the same image
with 4, 9, 16 or squares.
■ Composite and S-Video inputs/outputs
■ Zoom Print enables up to 2X enlarge-
ment vertically and horizontally, with onscreen confirmation. The part of the
image for enlargement is also selectable
■ The AG-EP50 is for easy operation to
GV-DT3 Dye-Sub Multimedia Printer
To match the performance of your camcorder, the GV-DT3 prints your recordings with the highest quality ever. Incorporating the latest printing technologies
and designed for easy multimedia connectivity, the GV-DT3 delivers extraordinary clarity with a full-color dye-sublimation printing system with 306 dpi
resolution—the equivalent SXGA resolution of 1.4 million pixels.
■ Print from digital video cameras via the
industry-standard i.LINK DV interface
■ Bi-directional serial port connection and
bundled software allows downloading of
images to a PC for retouching and then
■ Video output terminal for the viewing of
captured images.
the image quality of shots without any
additional equipment. An Auto Adjust
feature automatically clears up your
image for ideal print settings. Use Clear
Black for richer blacks, or manually
adjust for brightness, contrast and tint.
Settings can also be made for a twilight
lighting effect wih increased brightness,
or black & white and sepia coloration.
■ Capture video snapshots from analog
sources via composite and S-Video
■ Never worry about capturing the right
image again. Exact Frame Function collects 8 frames around the image you want
to print.
■ On-screen menus guide you trough a
variety of print and design option Print
1, 4, or 18 images per sheet Paper size: 4
1/2" x 3 7/8" For use with standard or
sticker type paper
■ Double-density printing and overcoating
raises resolution to 144 dpi x 2
THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
meet a wide range needs. Speed is only
75 seconds per print. On-screen display
offers picture quality adjustment indications for images stored in memory
■ Picture Processor Function lets you adjust
The AG-EP50 is a color video printer that creates high quality prints
from a variety of video sources. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to
deliver prints with outstanding picture sharpness, vivid colors, and
accurate skin tones. In addition to its superb picture quality the AGEP50 has a host of special print modes that make it a valuable tool
for business, security, law enforcement and educational applications.
With the addition of the optional foot pedal, it is absolutely ideal for medical and dental applications.
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