Minuteman SCV2426 Specifications

How to
SCV™24/26 Rider Scrubber
Pre-Demonstration Checklist
Clean the entire machine
Charge batteries
Check squeegee blades
Bring proper brushes and/or pads
Cleaning chemicals
Demonstration Suggestions
1. Always view SCV 24/26 video to educate yourself on
the use of the machine.
2. Sweep debris prior to scrubbing if using disc brushes
3. Fill solution tank after Feature/Benefit presentation
is completed
4. Show the use of the Off-Aisle wand
Cleaning cost analysis
5. Set up the machine and make final adjustments before
demonstrating the scrubber to customer
Prepare quotation with lease payments
6. Explain the features starting from the front of the
machine to the back
SCV™24/26 Literature and Fact Sheet
7. Walk along with the customer when they first operate
the machine
General Overview
The SCV 24/26 is a powerful, close quarter, cleaning rider scrubber. This scrubber will turn
in a radius of 59", which allows the operator to clean even the tightest areas with ease. The
SCV 24/26 is available in disc or cylindrical scrub decks. The scrub decks are interchangeable
just by removing four bolts. This rider scrubber is equipped with either a 24" or 26" deck, and
will cover 30,000 to 35, 000 actual sq. ft. per hr. respectively, while the operator rides in complete
comfort. The SCV 24/26 is available with an optional off-aisle wand that will allow the operator
to clean even in the tightest areas.
The SCV 24/26 is constructed with a rotationally molded polyethylene
solution/recovery tandk and a 1/8" x 2" x 4" structural steel tubing frame,
which is powder coated to resist corrosion. Explain how durable the
housing is where a standard steel frame normal has one wall, tubing has
multiple members for maximum strength.
Battery Compartment
Open up the battery compartment and point out the three, 12-volt, 210AH battery, 36 volt
system. This system will provide the customer with up to three hours of run time on a
single charge. The batteries sit in a polyethylene battery tray to prevent acid spills and to
protect the machine.
Drive System
The double reduction 3/4 HP positive magnet double reduction drive motor is mounted
on the front wheel. The SCV 24/26 features a built in E-Mag brake for automatic braking
when the accelerator is released and a parking brake when the machine is in the off
position. The motor also propels the scrubber up to 3.5 miles per hour in the transport
mode. Explain that the front wheel is 3.5" x 10" non-marking and is double crosshatch
threaded for added traction. The rear wheels are 3.5" x 12" soft ride non-marking.
Offset Scrub Deck
One of the most unique features on the SCV 24/26 is the offset scrub deck feature. To activate, simply
flip the horizontal switch located at the operator's right knee and the scrub deck will slide to the right,
offset 2", allowing the operator to scrub right up to the base board. Show your customer the value of
this design and how it will benefit them.
Cylindrical Motor System
The SCV 24/26 cylindrical scrub deck has two 3/4 HP motors to drive the counter rotating
brushes. The scrub deck is equipped with a debris hopper to collect any small debris that
may be on the floor. The brushes counter rotate at 900 RPM with two brush pressure
settings of 80 lbs. for general scrubbing and 160 lbs for heavy-duty scrubbing. The
cylindrical deck has four positive pressure, quick disconnect, spray jets that uniformly
disperse cleaning solution evenly over the total surface of the scrub head.
Disc Motor System
The SCV 24/26 scrub deck uses a 1 HP/1.25 HP drive motor respectively. The scrub deck
utilizes a right angle gear box that gives maximum torque to the scrub deck. This scrub
deck offers the operator two pressure settings of 80 lbs. for light scrubbing and 160 lbs.
for heaby-duty scrubbing applications. The disc deck utilizes a positive pressure cleaning
solution injection to the center of the gimble mounted drive hubs.
Easy On/Off Brushes (cylindrical deck)
To remove the two cylindrical brushes, simply pull the cotter retention pin holding the
side wiping skirt and swivel it away from the brush housing. Then remove the three 3/
8" wing nuts that hold the cylindrical brush hubs in place. Once this is done, simply
remove the brush by pulling it out of the brush cavity. The SCV 24/26 cylindrical
brushes are available in seven different grits that will help the customer scrub any
hard surface configuration.
Easy On/Off Brushes (disc deck)
To remove the brushes from the disc deck, simply remove the two 3/8" wing nuts holding
the brush shroud in place on either side of the scrub deck. Once removed, show how
easy it is to release the gimble mounted driver by simply pressing the two spring arms
located on top of the driver to give a quick release of the mount. The gimble mount allows
operation on uneven floors with complete brush contact at all times for superior cleaning
Rear Squeegee Assembly
The squeegee is by far the most critical feature of any rider scrubber. Minuteman is
proud of the industrial parabolic swing squeegee that is equipped with all SCV rider
scrubbers. The squeegee system includes a no-tool change and is available with linatex
squeegee for heavy oils and comes standard with a gum rubber squeegee for commercial applications. The squeegee itself can be turned over and reused up to four times.
Point out that this will allow the operator to keep cleaning even if a squeegee is damaged. The SCV squeegee system automatically picks up in reverse, saving the operator
from unexpected damage. Show how easy it is to adjust the squeegee, just by turning
the adjustment wing nuts located on the squeegee assembly. Point out the unique side
squeegees that contain any water that may leave the scrub deck. These squeegees are
attached to the scrub deck and allow for perfectly dry floors when turning. Point out that
the side squeegees raise and lower with the deck, reducing excess squeegee wear.
Recovery Tank Discharge
The recovery tank of the SCV has a 1/2" discharge hose that will allow for quick and easy
emptying of the recovery tank. Another unique feature of the SCV is the 4" clean out cap
that is a must when scrubbing in heavy sediment conditions. To use this unique feature,
just drain the tank of all recovery water, tip the tank back and flush the entire recovery tank.
Remember to remove the squeegee assembly first so that you do not deposit unwanted
sediment onto the squeegee.
Operator's Compartment
The Minuteman SCV 24/26 is designed to give the operator a 180 degree field of vision.
The machine is equipped with ergonomic adjustable, cushioned seat, and a three
position adjustable steering column. Have the operator sit on the SCV and adjust the
machine to their comfort level. Now show the customer the simple operation panel.
Located on the control panel are two knobs, one on the operator's left and one on the
right. The knob on the left controls the amount of water flow that will go to the scrub
deck. The knob on the right has five positions that allow the customer to select what
mode of operation they would like to perform. The panel uses universal symbols to
show the operator which mode the machine is in. Located at the top of the control
column is the battery condition meter which is on the operator's left. To the operator's
right are two vertical lights that indicate whether the rider is in the forward or reverse
Safety Features
The SCV rider scrubbers come standard with an emergency shut off switch and a master
100 amp magnetic fuse reset. Also, the SCV riders include and hour meter at no additional
charge which will allow your customer to schedule preventive maintenance.
Transportation Operation
The transport direction lever is located on the operator's far right side of the upper control
column. Show the operator how easy it is to shift from forward to reverse just by lifting up
to move forward (upper light will illuminate) and down to move in reverse (lower light will
illuminate.) Also, when the machine is put in reverse, a back up safety alarm will sound,
alerting any pedestrians of the rider's motion. The SCV 24/26 also has a horn that can be
operated by pressing the yellow button located on the far right side of the operator control
Optional Off-Aisle Wand
The Minuteman SCV 24/26 is available with an optional off-aisle scrub wand. This handy
tool will allow the operator to clean in areas that the rider cannot reach. This gives the
operator the ability to clean any hard surface area. This option can be ordered factory
installed or it can be field installed if the customer chooses to order at a later date. To
activate the off-aisle wand, simply flip on the vertical switch located at the operator's left
knee. This will automatically divert solution from the scrub head to the wand, turn on the
vacuum, and disable the transport drive.
Ask for the Order!!!
Bid Specifications for
the SCVTM 24/26
Automatic Rider Scrubber
Type: The machine shall have two types of easy -to-change cylindrical and disc brush decks and
be a 36 volt battery-operated automatic rider scrubber, capable of cleaning a floor by applying
solution, scrubbing the surface with either cylindrical or disc brushes and recovering the solution by
means of a negative air parabolic squeegee. The cleaning path shall be 24” or 26” in width.
Construction: The frame of the machine shall be made of heavy gauge structural steel tubing.
All components shall be coated with a powder paint to resist corrosion. The tank and body of the
machine shall be made of rotationally molded polyethylene.
Dimensions: The dimensions of the machine shall be 60”L x 22”W x 57”H, the weight of the
machine shall be 1,010 lbs. including the batteries.
Batteries: The machine shall operate on (3) 12v/210AH batteries, creating a 36-volt operating
system. The charging port for the batteries shall be located internally and shall disconnect the
machine from the battery pack, when charging for safety.
Drive System: A 3/4 H.P double reduction DC motor shall drive the machine. The machine
shall be capable of moving in a forward and reverse direction that is determined by a switch. An EMag brake shall be incorporated on the main drive tire. The forward linear speed shall be 0 – 6
mph, as regulated by a foot-operated pedal.
Tanks: The machine shall have solution and recovery tanks that will have 27 gallon capacities.
The tank shall be made of rotationally molded polyethylene.
Scrub Path: The machine shall have either two 12” or 13” counter-rotating, offset disc brushes
or pad holders, or a 24” or 26” cylindrical deck.
Squeegee: The machine shall have a 32.5” curved, swing-type, break-away squeegee with
extended soft ends totaling 33” on the SCV24/26 model. The squeegee shall be made of gum
rubber or Linatex as an option. When the operator selects the proper setting, the squeegee will
lower when the machine propels forward ,and lift up when the machine moves in reverse. No tools
shall be required to remove the squeegee from the machine, or to change the squeegees blade
themselves. The front squeegee shall have both slit and non-slit blade sides.
Bid Specifications for
the SCVTM 24/26
Automatic Rider Scrubber
Brush Decks: The machine shall use one 1hp motor for the 24” scrub deck and a 1.25hp
motor for the 26” scrub deck. Both scrub decks will encompass a double shaft motor with right
angle gearbox for the disc brushes and two .75 hp motors for the 24/26” cylindrical brush decks.
The disc deck shall rotate at 300 rpm and the cylindrical shall rotate at 900 rpm. The brush deck
assembly will raise and lower automatically. When in the down position the brush head assembly
will float with the contour of the floor. There shall be side squeegee deflectors to contain the solution. The scrubber shall also have a manual override switch that will allow the operator to raise or
lower the scrub heads without sitting in the operator position.
Brush Installation: The brush change shall be performed with ease. The disc brush shall
incorporate a gimbal drive hub that can be easily released by pressing two spring arms together.
These spring arms must be accessible from the top of the brush deck. The cylindrical brushes shall
be removed by unscrewing three ¼” wing nuts. The brushes shall be located behind the front wheel
in the midsection of the machine.
Tires: The machine shall incorporate the use of three tires. The tires shall be solid double crosshatch tread for traction. There shall be a rear isolator axle suspension.
Solution Control and Vacuum: The machine shall disperse positive pressure solution
only when the brushes are in the lowered position and operating. The amount of flow shall be set by
a manual solution knob located on the operator control panel. The machine shall use one 1 hp, 36
volt, 3 stage vacuum motor. The vacuum motor shall be a tangential bypass motor with 79 inches of
water lift and 76 cfm at a 1 1/2” orifice. The operator shall choose from five manual settings: transport, double-scrub, vacuum only, and all functions with two pressure settings: light and heavy.
Circuit Breaker: The motor and electrical system shall be protected by a re-settable magnetic
thermal overload.
Electrical System: The machine shall incorporate an E-Stop switch, Coupled to a Trio 150
AMP speed controller.
Charger: The charging system for the batteries shall be a 40 amp input, 115-volt, hands-free
automatic charger.
Gauges: The SCV24/26 rider scrubber shall have a battery condition meter that will also act as
a warning beacon for electrical fault codes. The machine will also have two vertical lights on the
control column indicating in which transport position the machine is set. The machine will also
come standard with a warning horn and a back-up alarm.
Safety Features: There shall also be a safety switch under the seat that will only allow the
machine to move, when the operator seat is occupied. The machine shall come standard with a
key switch.
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The SCV 24/26 turns in a 60" radius.
One chassis, four scrub decks to choose from.
Easy to remove brushes for replacement or changing.
Easy to adjust rear squeegee.
Cylindrical scrubbing deck has a wet sweeping addition.
Easy to understand controls.
3 1/3" wide tires that are double cross-hatched for excellent traction.
Large 4" rollers that protect the scrub decks and act as a wall guide.
Large 27 gallon solution & recovery tanks that are centered on the machine for balance.
Adjustable sliding seat & tilt steeringwheel for different size operator comfort.
Open view - 180 degree upfront vision.
Standard side shift scrub decks for right side wall scrubbing.
LED error code indicator for problem detection.
All steel frame for many years of machine service.
Tilt back rear solution tank & 4" clean out trap for easy maintenance.
Off-aisle wand option.
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