Razor Electric Punk Owner`s manual

Razor Electric Punk Owner`s manual
O w n e r ’ s
M a n u a l
Razor Owner’s Manual
+ Safety Handbook
Table of Contents
were selected on the basis of their compatibility with the frame, fork and
all other parts. Certain after-market products may or may not be
compatible with your Electric Punk. Consult your retailer or call Razor
prior to modifying or replacing any component with a non-factory
specified product.
1. Parts of the Electric Punk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
2. Proper Fit and Size Adjustments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
3. Brake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
4. Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
4A. Un-box . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
4B. Install the handlebars and stem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
Razor recommends assembly by an adult with
experience in bicycle mechanics. Some tools
may be supplied, however we recommend the
use of mechanic’s grade tools and use the
supplied tools only as a last resort.
*4, 5 and 6mm hex (Allen) keys
* Bicycle-style tire pump for Schrader
valve tires, with pressure gauge
*15mm box wrench (seat adjustment)
* 10mm box wrench (belt adjustment)
4C. Install seatpost . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
4D. Adjust and tighten handlebars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
4E. Inflating the tires . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
1. Parts of the Electric Punk
4F. Adjusting the seat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
Throttle trigger
4G. Charging prior to use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
4H. Main switch with circuit breaker . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
5. Safety Check . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
6. Maintenance and repairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
7. Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
Brake lever
Seat height adjust
On/off switch
charging port
8. Limited Warranty and owner registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19
Seat “guts”
Battery pack
and motor
Motor and drive
NOTE: This manual contains many “Warnings” and “Cautions”
concerning the consequences of failing to maintain or inspect your
bicycle. Because any incident can result in serious injury or even death,
we do not repeat the warning of possible serious injury or death each
time such a warning is mentioned.
Handlebar height
adjust quick-release
Front fork
Rear shock
WARNING: Riding the Razor Electric Punk can be hazardous.
Proper inspection and maintenance of the product is your responsibility
and can reduce the risk of injury.
WARNING: The Electric Punk has been built to Razor’s design
specifications. All the original equipment supplied at the time of sale
Folding foot rest
NOTE: For safety reasons, the Electric Punk must be moving
at least 3mph before the motor will start. Kick to 3mph, then pull
the trigger to start the motor!
2. Proper Fit and Size Adjustments
Fit. When properly adjusted, the rider should be able to sit comfortably
and steer with both feet remaining on the foot rests at all times. If the
rider has to stretch to reach the foot rests or is too cramped, the seat
should be adjusted accordingly.
WARNING: The age recommendation is only an estimate. If you
are too small or too large to comfortably reach the pedals or
handlebars, do not ride the Electric Punk.
WARNING: Failing to properly adjust and tighten the screws, bolts
and clamps that affix the handlebars, seat and rear wheels can cause
you to lose control and fall. When properly tightened, you cannot twist
the front wheel out of line with the handlebars or move the saddle out of
adjustment. If you can twist or force these components to move or
come off by hand, readjust and properly retighten the screws and bolts.
3. Brake
Your Electric Punk is fitted with a hand-operated brake. The brake lever
may be positioned on the handlebar where it is most comfortable for the
rider. To change the position, loosen the clamping screw and slide the
brake lever to the new position and retighten securely.
adjusted and maintained on a regular basis. Check or have them
checked and adjusted by a qualified mechanic. Worn brake parts,
stretched or frayed inner wires or a kinked housing indicate brake
service or parts replacement may be necessary for proper function.
4. Assembly
WARNING: Razor highly recommends that you have your Electric
Punk assembled by an experienced, adult mechanic. Many retailers
provide assembly but some charge extra. If your retailer can’t do the
assembly, you can have your Electric Punk assembled at a bicycle shop
for a fee. Although you may have to pay up to $20 or even more for
assembly, it will assure the Electric Punk is properly assembled and
ASSEMBLY NOTE: Refer to the list of tools required for assembly
on page three of this manual. If you do not have the proper tools or
understanding of the instructions in this manual, take your bike to a
qualified mechanic for assembly, service or adjustments.
4A. Un-box. Remove contents from box (Figure 2). Remove the foam
separators that protect the various components from damage during
shipping. Inspect the contents of the box for scratches in the paint,
dents or kinked cables that may have occurred during shipping. Your
Electric Punk was partially assembled and packed at the factory to
prevent shipping damage and there should not be any problems, even if
the box has a few scars or dents. But if there are, contact Razor
immediately to resolve any problems.
Figure 1. Brake lever adjustment.
WARNING: The brake, when properly adjusted, is capable of
skidding the tire and throwing an unsuspecting rider. Practice in an
open area free from obstacles until you are familiar with the brake
WARNING: Cable operated brakes are very effective but must be
Figure 2.
4C. Install the seatpost
NOTE:: The brake cable and trigger switch wire are attached to the
controls on the handlebars. Be careful not to deliberately or inadvertently
kink or bend these wires during assembly.
4B. Install the handlebars and stem.
Insert the handlebars into the stem as shown in Figure 3a. Insert the
stem into the fork as shown in Figure 3b. Note the “minimum insertion”
line (“A” in Figure 3b). The stem must be inserted into the fork until this
line is no longer visible (Figure 3c). Align the stem square to the front
wheel and tighten the binder bolt securely as shown in Figure 3d. The
handlebars will be adjusted, aligned and secured in a later step.
Insert the seatpost and seat assembly into the frame as shown in
Figure 4a. Note the “minimum insertion” line (arrow in Figure 4a). The
post must be inserted until this line is no longer visible. Align the seat
square to the frame and flip the quick-release (QR) lever “closed” as
shown in Figures 4b and 4c.
With the QR lever closed, you should not be able to twist the seatpost
in the frame, even with firm pressure. The tension on the clamp can be
adjusted by tightening, with the lever open, the T-nut as shown in Figure
4d. Adjust the clamp so it is tight when the lever is in the closed
WARNING: Failure to properly engage the quick-release lever
may cause the seat to dislodge while riding which may cause you to
lose control and fall. With the quick-release properly adjusted and
engaged, the seatpost will not twist side to side or up or down.
Figure 3a.
Figure 3b.
Figure 4a.
Figure 3c.
Figure 4b.
Figure 3d.
WARNING: Failure to properly tighten the stem may cause the
handlebars to dislodge while riding and could cause you to lose control
and fall. When correctly tightened the stem will not slip from its secured
position inside the fork.
Figure 4c.
Figure 4d. Adjusting the QR clamp tension.
4D. Adjust and tighten the handlebars
With the seat installed and tightened, sit on the Electric Punk and, with
the stem QR open, adjust the handlebar square to the front wheel
(remember, the stem must also be square to the front wheel). When the
handlebar position is satisfactory, push the QR lever (Figure 5a) until it
is closed (Figure 5b). This will lock the handlebars in position.
With the QR lever closed, you should not be able to twist the
handlebars in the stem, even with firm pressure. If the bars slip, adjust
the tension on the clamp by tightening, with the lever open, the T-nut as
shown in Figure 4d. Adjust the clamp so it is tight when the lever is in
the closed position.
WARNING: Failure to properly tighten the stem may cause the
handlebars to dislodge while riding and could cause you to lose control
and fall. When correctly tightened the stem will not slip from its secured
position inside the fork.
Figure 5a.
NOTE: Although we make every effort to keep our manual up-todate, if your Electric Punk does not look exactly this, then we’ve made
improvements since this document was printed. Check out the Razor
website: www.razor.com for technical updates on the latest service and
adjustment procedures.
4E. Inflating the tires
The tires on the Electric Punk are inflated when shipped, but they
invariably will lose some pressure between the point of manufacturing
and your purchase. Both tires require 36 psi inflation pressure.
Periodically and regularly check the tire pressure and reinflate as
Using a bicycle style tire pump equipped with a Schrader-type pump
head, inflate the tires to 36 psi as shown in Figures 6a, 6b and 6c. Note
that the air valve for the rear tire is in a particularly tight spot! We have
tested this fit with different type of pumps and there is just enough room
between the brake and the wheel for most pumps to be connected.
Figure 5b.
Figure 6a.
Figure 6b.
Figure 6c.
Note regarding using an air hose at a gas station. The
pressurized air supplies found at gasoline stations are designed to
inflate high volume automobile tires. These systems are capable of
instantaneously over-inflating the tires of the Electric Punk. If you decide
to use such a supply to inflate your ties, make sure the pressure gauge
is working prior to inflating the tires. Use very short bursts to inflate to
the correct psi. If you inadvertently over-inflate the tire, release the
excess pressure immediately.
Figure 5c. Adjusting the QR tension.
4F. Adjusting the seat. If you desire to change the seat tilt (Figure 7),
or adjust the fore and aft position of the seat on the seat rails, this can
be accomplished by loosening one side of the “seat guts” using a 15mm
box wrench. Adjust the tilt as desired and retighten securely.
off the ground two or three inches and let go so it can bounce on the
ground. Does everything sound tight? There should not be any unusual
rattles or sounds from loose parts or broken components. If you are not
sure, ask an experienced mechanic to check.
5B. Brake. Check the brake for proper function. When you pull the lever
the brake should act against the rim and provide positive braking action.
The cable should have the proper slack so the brakes do not drag, yet
the lever should not touch the handlebars when pulled except under the
hardest braking action.
Figure 7.
4G. Charging prior to use. The Electric Punk will probably not have a
fully charged battery at the time of purchase. Therefore it is a good idea
to charge the battery prior to use. The charging input is located next to
the seat post tube as shown in Figure 8. The charger has two small
LEDs that illuminate to indicate the charge status. Red indicates the
power is on and green indicates the battery is charged. The initial
charge will take from a few minutes to up to 8 hours.
5C. Frame, fork and handlebars. Check for cracks or broken
connections. Although broken frames are rare, it is possible for an
aggressive rider to bash into a curb or wall and wreck and bend or
break a frame, fork or handlebar. Get in the habit of inspecting yours
5D. Bar ends. Your Razor is equipped with plugs in the end of the
handlebars designed to provide protection from exposed handlebar
ends, which can act like a cookie-cutter. If your bar plugs are worn out
or missing and the handlebar end is exposed, replace them or cover the
exposed end(s) with after-market bar-end protectors.
5F. Tire inflation. The tires on the Electric Punk require 36 psi inflation
pressure. Periodically and regularly check the tire pressure and
reinflate as necessary. If you get a flat tire, the inner tube can be
patched or a new tube can be purchased from Razor. See the section
on maintenance and repair for tire changing tips.
CAUTION: This product moves when used. Exercise caution and
common sense when riding.
Figure 8.
4H. Main switch with auto reset. The Electric Punk has a circuit
breaker that will automatically shut off the power to the motor in the
event an overload condition is placed on the motor. An excessive
overload, such as too heavy a rider or too steep a hill, could cause the
motor to overheat. If your Electric Punk stops running, wait a few
seconds and then toggle the switch to reset the breaker. Avoid whatever
conditions caused the breaker to trip and avoid repeatedly tripping the
5. Safety Check Before Riding
Always wear a helmet and protective gear.
Children should ride with the guidance of an adult.
Do not ride in water, at night or in low visibility conditions.
Avoid steep or rough surfaces.
Product must be assembled properly before use.
The battery must be charged at least 6-8 hours. Do not over charge.
Tires must be inflated to 36psi prior to use.
120 lbs. max rider weight limit - heavier riders may cause damage not
covered by warranty.
For safety reasons, the Electric Punk must be moving at least 3mph
for the motor to start.
5A. Loose parts. While straddling the Electric Punk, lift the front wheel
6. Maintenance and Repairs
6A. Brake cable adjustment. The main adjustment on the brake is to
take up the cable slack and bring the lever into adjustment. This is
typically accomplished with the adjusting barrel at the brake lever as
shown in Figure 9a.
NOTE: The brake system requires a break-in period. You may
have to repeat procedure 6F often during the first several hours of use.
Repeat as necessary from thereafter to maintain proper brake function.
6B. Brake lever reach adjustment. The Electric Punk is supplied with
a brake lever that adjusts to accommodate a variety of hand sizes. To
adjust the brake lever so it is easier for smaller hands to operate the
brake, turn the screw in the direction marked “B” in the photo below.
Leave enough gap between the handlebar and lever to assure proper
brake function. To readjust for larger hands, turn the screw in the
direction marked “A” as shown in Figure 9 below.
Figure 9a.
If there is too much slack, the lever will go all the way to the handlebar
without the brake being applied (Figure 9b). If there is not enough slack,
the brake will drag even when the lever is not pulled. Ideally, you want
2-3mm of play in the lever before the brake engages.
Figure 9.
WARNING: Always test the brake function whenever making any
adjustment to the braking system.
WARNING: Brakes are subject to normal wear and tear. Although
the brakes are pre-adjusted at the factory and should not require
additional adjustment at the time of assembly, it is the responsibility of
the user to periodically inspect the brakes for excess wear. If you do
not understand how to adjust the brakes, we strongly recommend you
seek the help of a qualified mechanic. If the brakes are not properly
adjusted the brakes may fail and you can be seriously injured.
Figure 9b.
To adjust, loosen the lock ring and turn the barrel 1/4 to 1/2 turn to
loose or tighten as required and squeeze the brakes to test. Continue to
adjust until the proper cable slack is attained.
If the proper amount of play cannot be achieved by adjusting the brake
lever, the excess slack must be taken up at the brake by loosening the
pinch bolt and pulling up the slack.
6C. Drive belt tension adjustment. The Electric Punk is supplied with
a self-tensioning drive belt that, under normal circumstances, should
never require adjustment. However, should the drive system become
loose, it could cause the belt to slip over the teeth of the timing pulleys.
If you suspect the belt is loose, with the power switch off, check the
tension by pushing against the belt as shown in Figure 10a. It should
deflect only very slightly under light pressure.
to separate the two halves and to remove and repair or replace the tube
and/or tire.
6) To reassemble, reverse the order of disassembly.
Figure 10a.
Figure 10b.
Figure 11c.
Figure 11d.
Figure 11c.
Figure 11d.
Figure 11e.
Figure 11f
If the belt requires tensioning, loosen the two screws and the locknut (A
in Figure 10b) and turn the adjusting screw (B in Figure 10b) in 1/8 to
1/4 turn increments until the desired tension is attained. Be careful not
to over tighten the belt!
Once the belt tension is correct, retighten the screws and locknut to
secure the adjusting mechanism.
6D. Changing a tire. Changing a tire or repairing a flat requires
removal of the wheel from the frame (rear) or fork (front). The following
sequence shows how to remove the rear wheel with the brake and drive
system. The procedure for removing the front wheel is not shown
because it only requires the removal of the axle.
1) Remove the brake anchor screw as shown in Figure 11a. The brake
anchor will disengage from the swingarm with the cable and return spring
still attached. You do not need to loosen or detach the brake cable.
2) Loosen and remove the rear axle as shown in Figure11b.
3) With the axle removed, slip the wheel up to release tension on the belt as
shown in Figure 11c.
4) Slip the belt over the swing arm and remove the wheel as shown in
Figure 11d. Watch the spacers! They may come off when the axle is
removed. There are two on the belt-side and one on the brake side
between the brake cover and the wheel.
5) The wheel is a two-part assembly and must be taken apart to remove the
tire and tube. Loosen the screws and nuts (shown in Figures 11e and 11f)
6E. Rear Suspension. The rear suspension allows for adjustment of
the spring preload. For heavier riders, tighten the adjusting ring
clockwise. For lighter riders, loosen the adjusting ring counter-clockwise
(see Figure 12).
required and are not standard equipment on the Electric Punk. We do
not recommend riding at night or in low-light conditions.
Wet weather riding. Do not ride in wet weather.
WARNING: Keep your fingers and other body parts away from the
drive belt, steering system, wheels and all other moving components.
WARNING TO PARENTS: Kids need to be taught and be
frequently reinforced of the importance of safe riding, the rules of the
road and the dangers and hazards of traffic, especially motor vehicle
traffic. Parents and children are urged to read and understand these
safety tips together.
Rules of the road
Figure 12
7. Safety
Helmets. Although not every state or municipality requires juvenile-age
cyclists to wear a helmet, Razor strongly recommends you wear a
properly approved helmet, such as ANSI or SNELL, even if the law
does not mandate the use of a helmet.
Suitable helmets are available in a variety of styles. The most popular
for kids is the skateboard-style “stunt” helmet. There are many brands
available and they come in various sizes to fit any child or adult.
Do not ride more than one person at a time. Never use near steps or
swimming pools.
WARNING: Helmets must be properly fitted and the straps
adjusted properly to be effective. Ask your dealer to help you with the
selection, fit and adjustment of your helmet.
Night riding and low-light conditions. Razor strongly recommends
against riding at night or when lighting or visibility conditions are less
than optimal (such as dawn and dusk).
Do not play in the road or street.
Do not ride on streets.
Do not ride at night.
Stop for all stop signs
Use crosswalks to cross streets
Always walk at crosswalks.
Never use near steps or swimming pools
Your driveway. Driveway accidents are frequent and often fatal.
Realize the danger of your own and all other driveways. There may be
obscured vision caused by trees, bushes or cars. Your driveway is not a
launching pad for fast roll-outs! Observe the following driveway safety
Look left, right and left again before exiting onto sidewalks or into
playground areas.
Stop signs. Running a stop sign is a sure way to get hit by a car and
killed. Remember, always stop at every stop sign or stop light. Always
stop and walk across only when it is clear. Do not assume that drivers
of motor vehicles can see you. In fact, assume that every driver cannot
see you and that they are not paying attention. Observe the following
safety tips:
Stop at all stop signs and lights, regardless of traffic conditions.
Look in every direction of traffic before proceeding to walk across.
Watch especially for oncoming traffic making left turns.
Watch for cars behind you or next to you making right turns.
Wait for traffic to clear before proceeding.
WARNING: Lighting for night riding or low light conditions are not
Turning without warning. Children are often struck from behind
because they made unexpected turns into traffic, or they inadvertently
veered into traffic when looking over their shoulder. Observe the
following safety tips for left turns:
Do not cut across the street, cross only at intersections.
Practice looking over your shoulder to the rear without accidentally
turning (do this only in an open space free from traffic and
Riding at night and in low visibility. Do not ride at night or in low
visibility. See section 4 for more information.
8. Razor Limited Warranty and Registration
The manufacturer warranties this product to be free of manufacturing
defects for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. This Limited
Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, tires, tubes or cables,
nor any damage, failure or loss caused by improper assembly,
maintenance, storage or use of the Electric Punk.
This Limited Warranty will be void if the product is ever:
used in a manner other than for recreation or transportation;
Wear a helmet. Wear shoes.
modified in any way;
Become aware of and learn your local bicycle laws and regulations.
Most states and communities have rules regarding helmet use,
bicycle licensing, riding on sidewalks, grinding and so on. It is the
responsibility of parents to make sure their children know and obey
all rules and regulations.
Rules of the Road.
The Electric Punk is intended for sidewalk and playground use. You
must share this space with others including, pedestrians, skaters
and other players. Respect their rights!
Ride defensively. Assume that pedestrians, skaters and other
players are so absorbed in their own world that they are not paying
any attention to you and that they will run you down or step out in
front of you, all without any warning.
Watch for obstacles such as pot holes, sewer grates, expansion
cracks, and road or construction debris (such as nails or other
foreign objects) that could catch your wheel or force you to swerve
into traffic or lose control.
Stop at all stop signs and lights.
Never ride with headphones or use a cell phone when riding.
Never carry a passenger.
Never hitch a ride with another vehicle.
Do not weave into traffic or make sudden turns.
Observe and yield the right-of-way as prescribed by local traffic
Riding the Electric Punk may be a hazardous activity and has inherent
dangers that no amount of care, caution, instruction or expertise can
eliminate. Certain conditions may cause the equipment to fail without
fault of the manufacturer. Activities involving the use of bicycles carry
the risk of injury or death.
Check local laws and regulations to see where you can ride your
Electric Punk legally.
The manufacturer is not liable for incidental or consequential loss nor
damage due directly or indirectly from the use of this product.
To obtain service under this warranty you must, within the
warranty period, contact Razor USA LLC directly by e-mail at
[email protected] Razor will provide warranty replacement
at its sole discretion.
Authorized warranty service is ONLY available from Razor USA
If your Electric Punk has a problem call Razor
USA Toll Free (866) 467-2967
SB 1918 (California) declaration:
Please read the owner’s manual thoroughly. If you still have
questions, check our website for updates and contact information.
Spare tires, tubes and batteries are available! Keep your Electric
Punk running for years with these and other genuine Razor parts.
Visit our website and e-mail us for more information
on spare part availability.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Patent Pending
EP Rev. 1.4/18/03 ©Copyright 2003, Razor USA.
Cerritos, CA
All rights reserved.
Photos by Arthur Cambridge
If your Electric Punk has a problem call Razor
USA Toll Free (866) 467-2967
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