Barracuda Control Server - Quick Start Guide

Barracuda Control Server - Quick Start Guide
Barracuda Control Server - Quick Start Guide
The Barracuda Control Server enables administrators to monitor and configure
multiple Barracuda Networks products from a single console. Through the web
interface, you can check the health of all connected devices, run reports that are
generated by gathering data from all the devices, and assign roles with varied
permissions to different types of users.
Getting Started
This guide provides you with setup instructions for the Barracuda Control
Server. We recommend reading these instructions fully before starting the
setup. To begin setting up your Barracuda Control Server, you need the
 Barracuda Control Server, AC power cord, Ethernet cables (included)
 VGA monitor (recommended)
 USB keyboard (recommended)
Physical Installation
To install the Barracuda Control Server:
1. Fasten the Barracuda Control Server to a 19-inch rack or place it in a
stable location.
2. Connect a CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cable from your network switch to the
Ethernet port on the back of the Barracuda Control Server.
3. Connect a standard VGA monitor, USB keyboard, and an AC power cord
to the Barracuda Control Server. Note: Immediately after connecting an
AC power cord to the unit, it may power ON for a few seconds and then
power OFF. This is because the unit is designed to automatically return to
a powered ON state in the event of a power outage.
4. Press the POWER button on the front panel to turn the unit on.
Configure IP Address and Network Settings
If you have a monitor connected, the Barracuda Control Server initially
displays the Boot Menu; once fully booted, the Administrative Console login
prompt displays. To begin the configuration, log in using the Barracuda Control
Server Administrator Account:
1. Log in to the Administrative Console using the admin login admin/admin.
2. Configure the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary DNS
Server, and Secondary DNS Server as appropriate for your network.
3. Save your changes.
If you do not have a monitor and keyboard, you can set the IP using the
RESET button on the front panel. Press and hold the RESET button per the
following table:
IP address
Press and hold RESET for…
5 seconds
8 seconds
12 seconds
Note: Barracuda devices you wish to manage through the Barracuda Control
Server must have a network path between the two devices and at least one of
the following ports available to communicate between the devices: port 80,
8000, 23557, or 48320.
Open Firewall Ports
If your Barracuda Control Server is located behind a corporate firewall, you
may need to open ports 1194 and ports 5120-5129 outbound for both TCP and
UDP to allow communication between the Barracuda Control Server and the
These ports are used to transfer data either to the Barracuda Control Server or
to another Barracuda Networks appliance over the Internet. To restrict
outbound network traffic on these ports, contact Barracuda Networks
Technical Support for a list of the IP addresses to allow.
Verify and Configure Access from the Web Interface
Use a computer with a web browser connected to the same network as the
Barracuda Control Server, and follow these steps:
1. In the browser address bar, enter http:// followed by the Barracuda Control
Server IP address, followed by the default Web Interface HTTP Port
(:8000). For example, if you configured the Barracuda Control Server
with an IP address of, you would enter the following:
2. Log in to the Barracuda Control Server web interface using the Barracuda
Control Server Administrator Account, admin/admin.
3. Go to the CLOUD CONTROL > IP Configuration page, and perform the
following steps:
 Verify the values for IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
 Verify the values for Primary and Secondary DNS Server.
 You can optionally enter the Proxy Server details.
 Enter the Default Domain. For example, <yourdomainname>.com.
4. Click any of the Save Changes buttons to save the entered information.
Barracuda Control Server
Barracuda Control Server - Quick Start Guide
Product Activation
Verify that your Energize Updates subscription is activated on your Barracuda
Control Server by going to the CLOUD CONTROL > Status page. Under
Subscription Status, make sure the Energize Updates subscription is
Current. If the Energize Updates status is Not Activated, click the activation
link to go to the Barracuda Networks Product Activation page and complete
activation of your subscriptions.
Connect a Barracuda Networks Device to the Barracuda Control Server
You can connect one or more Barracuda Networks products to a Barracuda
Control Server.
1. Log in to the Barracuda Control Server web interface as the Barracuda
Control Server Account Admin (this is the account created in step 9).
2. Go to the CLOUD CONTROL > Connect Products page, and follow the
steps in the web interface for each device you wish to connect.
Change the Barracuda Control Server Administrator Account Password
To avoid unauthorized use, we recommend you change the default
administrator password to a more secure password. You can only change the
administrator password for the web interface. You cannot change the
password for the Administrative Console; this is accessible only via the
keyboard which you can disconnect at any time.
1. Go to CLOUD CONTROL > My Account, and enter your old and new
2. Click Save Password.
Create Barracuda Control Server Users
Log in to the Barracuda Control Server web interface as the Barracuda Control
Server Account Admin to create and manage users.
1. Go to the CLOUD CONTROL > User Management page, and in the
Create User section, enter the user email address, and select the preferred
time zone.
2. From the Role drop-down menu, select from the following options:
 View Status only – User can view connected device statistics on the
CLOUD CONTROL > Status page.
 View Reports, Logs, and Status only – User can view connected
device statistics on the CLOUD CONTROL > Status page, and track
events on the CLOUD CONTROL > Audit Log page.
 All Actions – Use this role to create a Barracuda Control Server
administrator account; user can create users and assign permissions,
connect devices, view device status, and view tasks and task errors.
 Account Admin – Use this role to create a Barracuda Control Server
account admin; user can configure and manage the Barracuda Control
Server, update security definitions, and view tasks and task errors.
3. In the Access list you specify to which devices the user has access; note
that the Account Admin role always has access to all connected devices.
4. Click Create User to add the new user. The user displays in the User View
table, and an email is sent to the user’s email address with their login
Update the Firmware
1. Go to ADVANCED > Firmware Update to check for the latest firmware
updates. If there are none available, skip to Step 9.
2. Click the Download Now button located next to the firmware version you
wish to install. To view download progress, click the Refresh button. When
the download is complete, the Refresh button is replaced by an Apply
Now button. To avoid damaging the unit, do not power OFF during a
firmware update or download.
3. Click the Apply Now button to apply the firmware. This takes a few
minutes to complete.
Note: Read the Release Notes to learn about enhancements and new
features. It is good practice to verify settings, as new features may be included
with the firmware update.
Create the Barracuda Control Server Account Administrator
The Barracuda Control Server Account Admin creates users and connects
1. Log in to the web interface as the Barracuda Control Server Administrator
(admin/admin), and go to CLOUD CONTROL > Account Management.
2. In the Account Creation section, enter the account admin name and
administrator email address, and select the preferred time zone for the
3. A confirmation email containing the login credentials is sent to the email
address entered above. Use these credentials to log into the web interface.
Additional documentation, including an Administrator’s Guide, is available at:
Contact and Copyright Information
Barracuda Networks, Inc. 3175 S. Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008 USA  phone: 408.342.5400  fax: 408.342.1061 
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Barracuda Control Server
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