The one-box, one-company digital signage solution!

The one-box, one-company digital signage solution!
The one-box, one-company digital signage solution!
Increase sales.
» Upsell, cross-sell, merchandise, advertise.
Improve communications.
» Inform, educate, notify, alert.
Do it all with iCOMPEL™ from Black Box.
of the TMC
Product of the
Year Award!
Digital Signage: Grab Their Attention
It’s the ideal solution for:
Corporate campuses
» Government offices
»Schools and universities
» Hotels and restaurants
»Retail and entertainment
Digital signage: why you should get it.
Digital signage: now much more affordable.
No other medium makes it possible to deliver compelling content at the
right location at the right time for maximum impact. It works whether your
goal is to:
• Increase sales and profits.
• Inform, educate, notify, or alert.
• Encourage certain behavior.
• Satisfy customers or employees.
• Improve business processes.
• Or all the above.
People on the go often overlook or ignore posters, flyers, and other
traditional printed signage. Strengthen your marketing, as well as your internal
communications, by replacing boring static signage with eye-catching digital
signage in lobbies, waiting rooms, or any place frequented by your target
Digital signage is more affordable and easier to implement than ever before.
Out-of-the-box solutions cost as little as $3000 to $4000. Even small businesses
can afford and benefit from digital signage.
Plus, you can:
• Benefit from a choice of content-layout tools and ready-made layouts,
empowering you to create truly professional-looking presentations—
without adding creative and technical staff!
•Get up and running with minimal training.
•Easily deploy and manage your digital signage from any browser-based
• Get most or all of what you need upfront, so you’re not nickle-and-dimed
year after year with ongoing licensing or SaaS fees.
• Integrate it into an existing IT network without having to replace existing
equipment, set up a separate operating architecture, or buy extra PCs.
Digital signage: how the flexibility benefits you.
Digital signage: how to get started.
With today’s digital signage technologies, you can:
• Upsell, cross-sell, merchandise, advertise.
• Create welcome messaging, menu boards, and wayfinding screens.
• Share information faster, including meeting announcements, schedules,
event times, and public health information.
• Improve the in-store experience for customers, and create dynamic
product and service promotions.
• Use existing content to create compelling messaging.
• Integrate live video and Internet feeds like stock and news tickers, and
other XML or RSS feeds so you’re not forced to create and supply all
the signage content by yourself.
• Use all sorts of media, including PowerPoint ®, static images, stored
and live video, and audio file formats.
• Update content on the fly from any PC with an Internet connection.
We know choosing a digital signage solution can be an overwhelming task.
You may even find yourself suffering from decision paralysis.
Simplify the decision-making.
Simplify by going with an out-of-the-box solution that gives you
everything you need: flexibility, affordability, and the ability to get your digital
signage up and running fast—without having to navigate a sea of technical
and broadcasting jargon.
Simplify with Black Box’s iCOMPEL™. This family of digital signage
appliances turns any user—the average office manager, a business owner,
an IT technician, or an integrator—into a multimedia pro. If you still need help,
call Black Box for FREE 24/7 Tech Support.
Loaded with features, the iCOMPEL enables you to play recorded or
streaming content, manage it from a network, and automate content playing
for 24/7 customer engagement.
iCOMPEL: An Introduction
Set up vibrant, real-time displays with this one-box, one-company digital signage solution!
Front view: ICOMP
» FREE firmware and software upgrades.
» No recurring licensing fees. Very low cost of ownership.
» True plug-and-display technology—sets up FAST.
»FREE, unparalleled, 24/7 technical support from a
respected industry leader in both AV and IT solutions.
Create, distribute, and manage digital signage content easily with iCOMPEL
digital signage network appliances from Black Box.
Ideal for both large organizations and small offices, iCOMPEL appliances
work right out of the box with all software preinstalled— and no recurring
licensing or SaaS fees to deal with later. And software updates are always free.
Because the iCOMPEL units
support many media formats, you can
combine video with scrolling text,
» Affordable and scalable from
photos, Flash, and Web content. In
one to many displays
addition to HTML and RSS media, they
» A one-time investment
handle MPEG, AVI, QuickTime®, and
» Keeps digital signage simple
PowerPoint ® media; JPEG, GIF, and
» No learning curve to overcome;
TIFF images; and WAV and MP3
easy for beginners to master
» Easy to integrate; won‘t cause
You can also order the iCOMPEL
IT and security headaches
appliance with a built-in video capture
» It’s from an industry leader who
card. It’s ideal for applications where
can supply you with everything
you need to display both stored video
you need for an end-to-end
and live video—even side by side in
digital signage system—saving
zones within the same screen!
you both time and money!
Install the iCOMPEL appliances
on your network and manage them
via a browser from any PC or Mac ® on a wide area network (WAN).
One iCOMPEL unit used as a publisher can send media over the network
to an iCOMPEL unit functioning as a subscriber — even on the other side of
the world.
Scaling from a standalone installation to a multichannel network with many
screens is simply a matter of adding more iCOMPEL units and the iCOMPEL
manager to your standard IT network configuration.
Setup is easy. Just connect the iCOMPEL appliance to your network and
to an LCD or other display device, power it up, and once it has an IP address
from the network, you can use a browser to access the network appliance via
a DHCP server. Fixed IP addresses can also be set. (For sample applications,
see pages 6 –7.)
To upload media, drag and drop from your PC or Mac desktop or folder
to the iCOMPEL media folders on the appliance’s internal hard disk or use
the iCOMPEL user interface to browse for and upload the media files.
iCOMPEL appliances:
» Are complete all-in-one, plug-and-play devices.
» Work right out of the box with all software preinstalled
and tested.
» Function as standalone or networked devices. You can
set up multiple units as subscribers for a publisher unit.
» Can be controlled via a standard Web browser.
» Enable you to update screen content from any PC or Mac
with an Internet connection to issue alerts or customize
content for specific audiences.
» Can play recorded video content, as well as live video
from a set-top box (on the -VID versions).
» Feature drag-and-drop tools to manipulate layouts easily.
» Include FREE professionally designed screen layouts and
FREE software updates — no costly add-ons to buy later!
» Enable you to set up multizone layouts with each zone
playing different media from its own playlist.
» Use store-and-forward type of media distribution, so
they don’t compromise network bandwidth or resources.
» Are Linux® based with built-in firewalls.
Key functions performed:
» Content management
» Content scheduling
» Content distribution
» Playing of:
— stored media
— recorded video and even live video (on -VID models)
— local user “ad hoc” inputs
» System monitoring
FREE, live help in 20 seconds or less!
iCOMPEL: Sample Screen Layouts
Corporate logo
in banner
Latest news
provided via
an RSS feed
Video (recorded
or live) streamed
into screen
Stock market
ticker also fed
via an RSS feed
XML feed
Corporate office
In a lobby or reception area, digital signage strengthens communications
for businesses large and small. The iCOMPEL appliances enable you to easily
stream images and scrolling or static text into displays. And because they’re
widely compatible with many types of media—including HTML, PowerPoint ®,
Flash, MPEG, and QuickTime ® as well as AVI, JPEG, and GIF files—there’s no
need to create and reformat existing media for uploading to the system!
School logo
on background
school’s colors
Date/time stamping
Class and activity
streamed in
Ticker loop showing sports
schedule, cancellations, and
other up-to-the-minute changes
Used in a K–12 or higher-ed environment, the iCOMPEL gives you a
simple-to-integrate platform for informing, alerting, and notifying students
and staff in your buildings or on your campus. With the iCOMPEL, it’s easy
Hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices
can use the iCOMPEL to communicate more
effectively with patients, visitors, and staff.
The preloaded, easy-to-use design software
enables the average office manager or PR
specialist to quickly set up a messaging system
in lobbies, waiting rooms, and cafeterias to
broadcast announcements, menus, bulletins,
and other time-sensitive information. Devote
an area of the screen to promoting upcoming
wellness clinics, professional development
seminars, and other events. And because it’s
Web manageable, community relations staff
and other administrators have a simple,
cost-effective way to upload and distribute
media for viewing in facilities across a large
medical system.
to build eye-catching signage and stream content from your school Web site,
a campus TV studio, a central administration office, and your AV and IT
departments—without adding any technical or creative staff.
Date/time stamping
Photo stills set up to
rotate on a predefined
schedule according to
programmable playlist
Static or rotating
text in an area of
the screen devoted
to promoting
upcoming events
Stream local weather
via XML feeds
customized to
the look of your
graphics or
video illustrating
hospital services
Streamed-in text crawl
alerting visitors to
important announcements
iCOMPEL: Design and Publishing Tools
Resize and position items in precise increments or click and drag.
Includes FREE layouts. Customize them how you like!
Sophisticated layout tools.
The software that comes preloaded on the iCOMPEL units includes
a number of free layouts, so you can be up and running, displaying your
choice of content in a professionally designed format within minutes.
Or you can create your own.
The iCOMPEL intuitive layout and design tool makes it easy to create
and modify layouts. Adjust, resize, position, and layer zones with a simple
click and drag!
Also, you can manually set pixel or percentage measurements to achieve
pixel-accurate alignment or lock a movie zone to a desired aspect ratio (16:9,
5:4, or 4:3).
Set up one or more screen layouts containing one or more rectangular
zones for display. Every zone in the display layout has its own playlist
to which you can add multiple stored media files.
You also get the flexibility to format text so it’s consistent with the look
and feel of your business’ branding. That’s because the iCOMPEL supports
importing custom fonts. You can set their style, weight, and color, as well
as control their scroll speed across the screen.
Schedule playlists for different times of the day.
All iCOMPEL appliances used in a publisher role can produce and control
multiple content channels. This way, you can deliver a high-impact display
to the particular audience or segment of customers before you, whether you
need to show stored media or live media.
Every zone in the display layout can run on its own schedule. When you
activate a schedule, the relevant media will appear, as laid out, on your display.
Different layouts can be scheduled to play at different times of the day. Each
playlist runs in a continuous loop per a preset schedule
You can also show a video file stored on its internal disk (or on models
with a video capture card, show live video), show text from an internal feed,
and more. Using the RSS subscriber features, you can easily display text crawl
feeds from the Internet—which is great for streaming news or stock tickers.
Plus, all appliances support general-purpose input/output (GPIO)
capabilities so content playing can be triggered (or halted) by signals
originating from external device inputs. Attach a motion sensor, for example,
and program the system to activate a screen when the sensor detects
someone approaching—great for saving energy and extending screen life.
Or set it up to provide emergency notification based on a signal sent when
a secure door is opened or when an environmental condition occurs.
Activate scheduled content delivery from the playlist interface.
Key productivity tools:
» Drag-and-drop layout, design,
» “Ad hoc” function to quickly:
and zone manipulation tools
» A playlist folder for automating
content distribution
» An interface for monitoring
remotely over an IP network
» A direct link to external info, such
as Internet content, including RSS
ticker feeds
» A direct link to internal info
for local content updates
FREE, live help in 20 seconds or less!
— update messages
— issue announcements
— send out emergency alerts
— set up visual paging
— plug in table data
— switch to live video (on
iCOMPEL models with a
built-in video capture card)
— make a layout change
on the fly
iCOMPEL: Simple Application
Use for standalone signage…
The iCOMPEL appliances work right out of the box with all software
preinstalled and tested.
All the iCOMPEL appliances except for the subscriber-only models
(ICOMP03-H, ICOMP03-S) work one of three ways:
• As a standalone player, publishing to itself.
• As a publisher, through which you can create layouts, manage
playlists, then publish one or more channels to itself as an FTP client
or to a USB storage device or an external FTP client. It sends a snapshot
of all required files to an FTP file server at a preconfigured location in
your attached IP network.
• As a subscriber, pulling down new content and instructions from
an FTP client, a USB storage device, or another iCOMPEL unit.
In a basic standalone setup (like that shown below), a single iCOMPEL
connects directly to your network and to your display device.
Accessing the device can be done one of four ways: via a Web browser by
providing an IP address along with a name and password; via an FTP client by
providing a name and password (for uploading content to the iCOMPEL unit);
Secure Shell (SSH) by giving an IP address and root password; or via a local
keyboard (primarily to reset the unit). An Internet connection is required for
streaming of Web-based content, including XML and RSS feeds.
The Linux® based appliance’s built-in firewall keeps access limited to
authorized users only, and there’s no need to install any third-party software
or virus protection. Plus, it uses HTTP and HTTPS security protocols, and
supports the LDAP application protocol and VPN capabilities for secure remote
A typical standalone application:
Preview Display
User PC with
How it works:
1Connect your iCOMPEL unit to your computer network
7 8Activate the schedule. The relevant media will appear in the layout
and to a display device such as an LCD or a plasma screen. Add one or more layouts to a schedule, typically on a weekly basis.
pply power to the iCOMPEL unit. You’ll see a boot sequence
3 The iCOMPEL unit automatically obtains an IP address from the
network and shows the address briefly on your display.
If you have an iCOMPEL model with video card (-VID versions),
you can also stream live video from a CATV or satellite set-top box
via the S-Video or Composite video input on the iCOMPEL. Just
add the relevant video feed to your iCOMPEL playlist (unlike
standard video files, which are stored on the disk inside the unit).
11 To show text from an RSS newsfeed, just enter the URL of the
Internet feed into the iCOMPEL (which may also need to be
configured to access the Internet). Use a similar process when
you want to display actual Web pages.
Access the unit through a Web browser using the IP address.
5 T ime to get creative! Begin by uploading — copying and pasting — media files from your computer to the iCOMPEL system. The files
are stored on the disk inside the unit.
6You can then create one or more screen layouts containing one
or more rectangular zones. Each zone has a playlist to which one
or more of the stored media files can be added.
you created on the display device. Each playlist runs in a continuous
9 t the scheduled time and day of the week, different layouts will
appear on the screen.
iCOMPEL: More Complex Application
…or in large multiscreen, multisite applications.
Like in the standalone application, iCOMPEL units function as standalone
players, as publishers, and as subscribers in more elaborate multisite
deployments, too.
Used in a multisite application, however, the iCOMPEL appliance clones
its media from another iCOMPEL unit over a network, acting as a channel
manager, with the same digital signage presentation showing on screens
at different sites at specific times. And when working as channel subscribers,
the iCOMPEL units automatically download and show a channel that’s been
published by another iCOMPEL unit.
You can also log into each subscriber and customize content on an
“ad-hoc” basis. All iCOMPEL appliances support this function, but it’s
particularly useful in multiscreen applications where you want to locally
update screen content to issue alerts or customize content for specific
audiences. Ad-hoc messaging can be scrolling text, text entries in a table,
a collection of files in a folder, and similar content.
Update messaging in real time with “ad-hoc” capabilities. A welcome message
(like that shown here), can be rewritten for the specific site where the iCOMPEL
subscriber is located, replacing the default content on a specific screen.
A typical multisite application with local “ad-hoc” customization:
iCOMPEL Subscriber
iCOMPEL Publisher
Location 2
Central Control
FTP Server
Local Customization
Location 1
iCOMPEL Subscriber
How it works:
One iCOMPEL unit is designated as a channel publisher and your current
schedule is published as a collection of files on the channel server (either
the iCOMPEL unit itself or a file server on the Internet).
You then designate other iCOMPEL units as channel subscribers, which
download all required files from the channel server and activate the new
schedule. The subscribers then poll the publisher periodically for changes
that may have been republished, downloading new content and deleting
redundant content automatically.
Media on the publisher is designated as “ad-hoc” when added to a playlist
on the channel publisher. A user with ad-hoc access can log into a subscriber
and change the ad-hoc content, replacing the content that you’ve assigned
as the default content. Even if the ad-hoc content is changed on the publisher
end and the channel is republished, the subscriber will continue to display
the local custom content. However, if the ad-hoc content is removed from
the publisher’s playlist, then the local custom content is deleted from
all subscribers.
FREE, live help in 20 seconds or less!
iCOMPEL: Choose Your Model
Choose from three iCOMPEL families.
The HD Plus High-Speed family:
• F eatures Intel® Pentium® Core 2 Duo
processors and the highest video
processing of all iCOMPEL versions.
• Provides a maximum output resolution
up to 2048 x 1536 and features both
digital DVI-D video and analog VGA video ports.
• Boasts robust onboard media storage capabilities with a 500 GB, 7200
RPM HDD, as well as 2 GB of RAM.
• Provides up to four video zones — great for showing a mix of different
video feeds side by side! Plus, zones can be displayed with transparency.
• Enables you to set up 15 zones for playing HTML content, as well as an
unlimited number of text, stills, and audio zones.
• Supports connections to 10-/100-/1000-Mbps Ethernet networks and
includes six USB ports (two on the front).
• To also play live video, order the ICOMP-VID model. It has a built-in
video capture card with connectors for plugging in a CATV or satellite
set-top box. It features a video capture resolution of up to 640 x 480.
• Can be ordered with a kit for mounting on a wall or in a rack.
Media supported:
» JavaScript
» PowerPoint » Flash 9
» Real™ 1, 2, 3, 4
» MPEG 1, 2, 4 (DivX®)
» QuickTime » AVI
» MP3 and WAV
still images
» Static or scrolling text— in any
direction or at various speeds
» HTML (set up one or more
zones as a Web page from
an existing Web server or
an intranet)
» XML feeds
» RSS subscriber feeds (to
automatically collect and
display dynamic textural feeds
from the Internet)
» Live video (on the -VID
models with built-in S-Video
and Composite connectors via
their video capture card)
The HD Plus family:
Need advanced capabilities?
Please contact our FREE 24/7 Tech Support at 724-746-5500 and tell us
about your application and requirements. We’ll discuss how the iCOMPEL can
be used for your specific needs.
Also ask about the advanced emergency notification capabilities of the
iCOMPEL system. In addition to providing the traditional benefits of digital
signage for marketing, merchandising, and education purposes, the iCOMPEL
offers override messaging, which means the system can be used as a real-time
emergency notification and crisis-management solution—this is particularly
useful in education or government building settings. If a crisis occurs,
administrators or security personnel can issue evacuation notices or lockdown
alerts from a previously programmed iCOMPEL playlist. We’ll explain how.
as a 1.6-GHz Intel Atom™ processor.
Output resolution up to 2048 x 1536.
Equipped with a VGA video port.
Supports two video zones, up to
15 HTML zones, and unlimited text,
stills, and audio zones.
Offers 160 GB, 5400 RPM HDD storage integrated into unit itself—
no external drives required for media—plus 1 GB of RAM.
Connects to 10-/100-/1000-Mbps Ethernet networks and includes six
USB ports (two on the front).
Order the ICOMP01-VID version with integrated video capture card
for live video links via a set-top box. It features a video capture
resolution of up to 640 x 480.
Can be ordered with a kit for mounting on a wall or in a rack.
The HD family:
as a 1.6-GHz Intel Atom™ processor.
Output resolution up to 2048 x 1536.
Features DVI and VGA video ports.
Includes 160 GB, 5400 RPM HDD or
32 GB solid state drive media-storage
capabilities, as well as 1 GB of RAM.
Supports two video zones, up to 15 HTML zones, and unlimited
text, stills, and audio zones.
Connects to 10-/100-/1000-Mbps Ethernet networks and includes
three USB ports.
Slim and compact! Measures just 1" high and is VESA screen mountable
for attaching to the back of a screen.
The ICOMP02 can be used as a network publisher or standalone unit;
the ICOMP03 works as a subscriber only.
Can be ordered in ruggedized, solid-state memory versions with no
moving parts. They’re ideal for areas with lots of equipment vibration.
What customers are saying:
“The iCOMPEL is a great product that we are happy to add to our product
mix. Its power and flexibility make it a great fit for many applications.
Our customer immediately saw the value in using two units, one for static
display in the newly renovated lobby and one for use as an information
channel on the hospital’s cable distribution system. Our research into
competitive products showed that no other solutions offered the mix
of features and flexibility at this price point. We are excited about future
signage options with iCOMPEL.”
John D. Raymond, Vice President
Convergentech, Muzak of Toledo, Zaiser Communications Companies
“I really liked the flexibility of the iCOMPEL system. It has multiple zones
and if I want to add live feeds, local news, the time, etc., I can… It’s visual
Kevin Wall
Sound Environments
724-746-5500 |
iCOMPEL: Choose Your Model
Composite S-Video PS/2®
Buyer’s Guide | iCOMPEL
iCOMPEL HD Plus High-Speed
Digital Signage Appliance
Digital Signage Appliance
Digital Signage Appliance
iCOMPEL HD Subscriber
Digital Signage Appliance*
Features and Specifications
* A publisher model is required
for operation.
HD Media Player
(Not video capture)
(Not video capture)
Maximum Output Resolution
Up to 2048 x 1536
Up to 2048 x 1536
Up to 2048 x 1536
Up to 2048 x 1536
Standalone Player
Local Layout Creation/Editing
Central Media Publisher
Subscriber Player
Transparent Zone Capable
Portrait Mode
VESA Screen Mountable
Text, Stills, and Audio Zones
Video Zones
HTML Zones
CPU Processor
Intel® Pentium® Core 2 Duo
1.6-GHz Intel Atom™
1.6-GHz Intel Atom™
1.6-GHz Intel Atom™
Media Storage
500 GB, 7200 RPM HDD
160 GB, 5400 RPM HDD
160 GB, 5400 RPM HDD or
32 GB Solid State Drive
160 GB, 5400 RPM HDD or
32 GB Solid State Drive
Memory (RAM)
Internal Power Supply
Video Capture Resolution
2 GB
1 GB
1 GB
1 GB
Up to 640 x 480
Up to 640 x 480
(1) HD15 F (VGA); (1) DVI-D F;
(1) RJ-45 (10/100/1000); (1) DB9 M
(RS-232); (2) 6-pin mini DIN F
(keyboard/mouse); (6) USB
Type A F; (3) 3.5-mm F audio;
optional (1) 4-pin mini DIN F
(S-Video) and (1) RCA F (Composite
video) on -VID version
(1) HD15 F (VGA); (1) RJ-45
(10/100/1000); (1) DB9 M
(RS-232); (2) 6-pin mini DIN F
(keyboard/mouse); (6) USB Type A
F; (3) 3.5-mm F audio; optional
(1) 4-pin mini DIN F (S-Video) and
(1) RCA F (Composite video) on
-VID version
(1) HD15 F (VGA); (1) DVI-D F;
(1) RJ-45 (10/100/1000); (1) DB9 M
(RS-232); (3) USB Type A;
(1) 3.5-mm F audio
(1) HD15 F (VGA); (1) DVI-D F;
(1) RJ-45 (10/100/1000); (1) DB9 M
(RS-232); (3) USB Type A;
(1) 3.5-mm F audio
Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz;
Consumption: 60 W
Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz;
Consumption: 45 W
Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz;
Consumption: 12 W
Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz;
Consumption: 12 W
3"H x 11"W x 10.5"D
3"H x 11"W x 10.5"D
1"H x 10"W x 6.5"D
1"H x 10"W x 6.5"D
9.4 lb.
8.75 lb.
2.9 lb.
2.9 lb.
Ordering Information
Base Unit (Hard Drive)
Base Unit (Ruggedized
Solid-State Drive)
Base Unit with
Video Capture
Wallmount Kit
Rackmount Kit
NOTE: Need assistance ordering your iCOMPEL appliance or designing your complete end-to-end digital signage system? Just call our FREE, 24/7 Tech Support
at 724-746-5500. All information appearing in this brochure (including specifications, part numbers, and pricing) is subject to change without notice.
FREE, live help in 20 seconds or less!
iCOMPEL + Black Box: The One-Company Solution
Black Box: the total one-company solution
Black Box is not only your source for digital signage players, as well
as professional-grade screens, we’re also the industry-leading provider
of everything behind the screens! And we mean everything — video/audio
splitters, extenders, switches, converters, scalers, plus all the hardware you
need to integrate your multimedia distribution and management system into
your existing IT infrastructure. Not only are we knowledgeable about today’s
latest and greatest AV components, but we know IT networks, too. Black Box
has been handling IT for well over 30 years. Plus Black Box has a wide selection of cabling and connectors, patch panels,
raceways, and cabinets, along with power protection equipment, cable link
testers, and termination tools galore! The illustrated diagram here shows how
some of these components work in a typical iCOMPEL environment.
10 |
iCOMPEL + Black Box: the One-Company Solution
Products shown in the diagram:
1ServSwitch™ 4site (KVP4000A)
This KVM switch enables control of four
multimedia servers from one keyboard
and mouse, displaying the video from the
servers on one monitor at the same time.
Appliance (ICOMP) Used As Publisher
Watch our videos!
To see how to plan a digital
signage deployment step by step
and watch a video demo of how the
iCOMPEL software works, visit our
Tips for Techs video resources at
Here, we show how the iCOMPEL appliance
is used as a publisher to distribute content
over the LAN.
3iCOMPEL Appliances (ICOMP) Used As Subscribers
T hese iCOMPEL appliances receive
the content distributed over the LAN.
Go to
4HD View Transmitter (AC3000A)
Use it to broadcast high-def video, stereo
audio, and RS-232 data over CATx cabling
separate from that used for iCOMPEL
LAN-based distribution.
HD View Receiver
This unit receives the multimedia signals
sent from the HD View Transmitter.
Pure Networking™
Ethernet Switches (LB8505A-R2)
These affordable switching devices
manage traffic on the LAN segments.
CAT6 In-Line Surge Protectors
Don’t forget to protect cable interfaces
from damaging power surges
ServPower Omni (PS730A)
Install this 8-outlet networked power strip
in a cabinet to set up out-of-band power
management. Great for saving energy!
Smart-UPS (SUA1500)
Provide battery backup and enable safe
system shutdowns on devices linked in
your digital signage network.
FTP Service
Use it to transfer multimedia files.
Wireless Video Presentation
HD View Network
System II (AC1131A)
This ceiling-mounted receiver enables up
to 254 Wi-Fi® laptop users to stream PC
or Mac® video through a VGA projector.
SVGA Projector
Run brilliant, color-rich presentations
using one of our 1080p SVGA projectors.
Call us for the latest offerings.
Professional-Grade LCDs with
We also offer many professional-grade
LCD screens. Call us for the latest versions,
as well as mounting hardware for the
FREE, live help in 20 seconds or less!
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You’ll find it at Black Box.
The right products, the right support, and the right pricing.
Comprehensive digital signage,
audio/video, multimedia, and
networking solutions.
Get the objective advice you need, the industry-leading
technology you want, and the real support you can count
on from Black Box Network Services.
» Media
» Converters
» Extenders
& Plasma Screens
» Display
» Splitters
» Media
Storage Devices
» Video
» Cables
» Media
Cabinets & Racks
& Connectors
Switches & Extenders
Why buy from Black Box?
Exceptional value. Exceptional Tech Support. Period.
Recognize any of these situations?
• You wait more than 30 minutes to get through
to a vendor’s tech support.
• The so-called “tech” is a customer service rep
who can’t help you.
• You don’t have a purchase order number
or a credit card so the tech won’t help you.
• It’s 9 p.m. and you need help, but your vendor’s
tech support line is closed.
According to a survey by Data Communi­cations magazine, 90% of network
managers surveyed say that getting the technical support they need is extremely
important when choosing a vendor. But even though network managers pay
anywhere from 10 to 20% of their overall purchase price for a basic service and
support contract, the technical support and service they receive falls far short of
their expectations—and certainly isn’t worth what they paid.
At Black Box, we guarantee the best value and the best support. You can even
consult our Tech Support experts—FREE of charge—before, during, and long after
your transaction. It’s all part of our commitment to your success.
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