MobileMapper CX
Map anything. Anywhere. In any way.
A Universal GIS Solution
MobileMapper™CX is a highly flexible, accurate, affordable and rugged handheld GPS
receiver for universal GIS use. Compatible with Windows CE based GIS applications,
the MobileMapper CX provides real-time sub-meter and even sub-foot accuracy in postprocessing. Support of wireless technologies (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), DGPS networking
capabilities, huge storage capability, field-replaceable all-day battery, built-in
alphanumeric keypad, and a design that can withstand extreme outdoor conditions
ensures that the MobileMapper CX delivers uncompromised performance and productivity.
Together with Magellan's Mobile Mapping application, MobileMapper CX offers a turn
key solution for all your GIS needs. The software is intuitive, making proficient use
quick and easy with minimum training, and includes the GPS features you really need
without the burden of overly complicated, rarely used functions.
Driven by the powerful office support software, MobileMapper Office, Mobilemapper CX
provides clear and simple data display, editing and export capabilities. MobileMapper CX
makes creating or updating maps for analysis and storage in any Geographic Information
System quick and easy.
High performance features
Real-time sub-meter and sub-foot post-processed GPS accuracy
Open platform based on Windows CE .NET 5.0
Multiple DGPS modes: SBAS, Beacon, NTRIP, Direct IP, and RTCM
Support of Bluetooth and WLAN technologies
Removable SD card memory (up to 4 GB)
Rugged and waterproof design
Field replaceable all-day battery
Built-in alphanumeric keypad
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CX Advantage
The open platform design of the MobileMapper CX allows you to choose the right GIS application you need: Magellan's
easy-to-use Mobile Mapping application, or a large choice of GIS and navigation software offered by our Authorized
Business Partners.
With the option of using Bluetooth or wireless LAN technology, transferring or backing up your data is no longer a hassle. When
there's no time to transfer your files, the MobileMapper CX gives you the freedom to store them on SD cards up to 4GB.
The MobileMapper CX offers the most versatile GIS/ GPS system, using multiple operating modes and configurations to ensure
accurate positioning whenever and wherever you use it.
MobileMapper CX delivers sub-meter accuracy in real-time using many different DGPS modes such as SBAS, Beacon, NTRIP and
Direct IP. With the help of a Magellan external precision antenna and our MobielMapper Office tool, the MobileMapper CX can
achieve sub-foot accuracy in post-processing.
Along with its ease of use and high-performance features, the MobileMapper CX is a cost-efficient GIS solution offering the best
price-to-performance ratio in the market.
With competing products almost twice the price of the MobileMapper CX, you can provide personnel with more valuable
equipment, getting the job done faster, getting the job done better.
The harshest terrain and extreme conditions are no match for the durability and performance of the MobileMapper CX.
Able to withstand weather conditions that would leave consumer-grade products, such as PDA's, damaged, and rugged enough to
come out of a fall without a scratch the MobileMapper CX is ready for any environment.
MobileMapper CX is perfectly suited for all GIS field uses: public safety, federal and local agencies, utilities, environmental
monitoring, natural resources and any other industry where field asset mapping and management is critical.
ProMark3 RTK
in the
Field and in the Office
Mobile Mapping Field Software
Mobile Mapping field software offers you a powerful office tool with easy-to-use
features such as:
GIS feature libraries for logging feature descriptions
Point, line and area mapping from an easy to learn and use menu structure
Area calculation in the field for real-time area determination. Area data can be post-processed
in the office to enhance accuracy
Supports Raster and Vector map formats
Offset function for logging hard to reach features. This function eliminates the need to physically
occupy a feature, you simply need to input the distance and bearing to the feature
Nesting function for logging features without closing other features already being logged, e.g.
inserting a telephone pole while mapping a road
Repeat feature function for rapid logging of features with identical descriptions, e.g. poles
along a road
Grid mapping utility for collecting evenly distributed measurements (water depth, chemical
concentration, etc.) required for contour map generation
Software feature for collecting raw data for post-processed differential correction
MobileMapper Office
MobileMapper Office links the receiver to the GIS base system and provides convenient
features such as:
Full feature library generation
Preparation of job files for field data collection
Creating and editing lists of features and attributes for describing GIS assets in the field
Quick and easy display, editing and exporting of data. Includes support for
.SHP, .MIF, .DXF and .CSV files
Uploading or creating of vector background maps for use in the field
Post-processing of code and phase data recorded with the field receiver
Become a Software Business Partner
Magellan is actively building Business Partnerships for software
development and is focused on customer needs for complete
GPS/ GIS solutions.
These GPS/ GIS applications, integrated into the MobileMapper
CX platform, provide customers with simple all-in-one GIS
solutions, allowing them to focus on the task at hand rather than
device configuration.
Become a Software Business Partner and expand your
business through joint marketing, demand generation and close
collaboration with Magellan.
Natural Resources/ Environment
A highly sensitive GPS receiver means you will get high performance even in dense
canopy cover. Area and boundary mapping is easy with intuitive mapping applications.
Wetland delineation, environmental protection or land parcel measurements are easily
and accurately completed in the field with the MobileMapper CX.
Oil and Gas
In conditions that are not always the most pleasant the MobileMapper CX stands up
and performs without problem. Field mapping is made simple with the wide array of
software applications and the easy to use controls. Its rugged enough to get dirty
right along side you.
Utilities and Local Government Agencies
Connecting field and office GIS is made easy with the MobileMapper CX.
Modifications to GIS files are easily made in the field and updated in the office.
Managing assets is made simple and precise. With added vehicle navigation entire
job routes can be calculated and executed making efficient use of time.
Ideally suited for agricultural applications, MobileMapper CX gives you the power to
make accurate area and boundary measurements on native, fallow or cultivated
parcels of land. MobileMapper CX is an excellent tool for mapping fields that may be
eligible for subsidies such as European Union aid payment or US crop insurance.
Public safety
The rugged exterior and versality of software applications make MobileMapper CX
the first choice for Public Safety planning. Creation of first-response plans, mapping
fire boundaries, crime location, disease incidence and storm damage mapping are
conveniently done with one simple tool.
ProMark3 RTK CX
GPS Characteristics
14 parallel channels
L1 C/A code and carrier
Update rate: 1 Hz
Protocol: NMEA 0183 v 3.0
RTCM SC-104 version 2.3 (9.2 & 1.2)
Accuracy Specifications
Real-Time Performance (RMS)
I Sub-meter accuracy with SBAS(1), Beacon,
NTRIP, Direct IP or other RTCM corrections
Post-processing Performance (RMS)
Sub-foot accuracy (30 cm)(2)
Operating System
Microsoft Windows CE .NET 5.0
ARM920T based processor
GPS Utilities - provides initialization and setup,
mission planning and configuration of optional
beacon differential receiver
Bluetooth Manager - full-featured Bluetooth
connectivity configuration utility
Microsoft WordPad, Internet Explorer®,
Windows Explorer, Terminal, ActiveSync®,
Windows Media Player and Inbox
Microsoft File Viewers: Excel, Word and Image
Inbox - e-mail client
Wireless LAN Driver(3)
User Interface
I Full color, daylight readable, advanced TFT
liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight
I 320 x 240 pixels resolution with 262,144 colors
I Resistive touch panel
I Alphanumeric keyboard with backlight:
18 buttons
I Audio: built-in loud speaker
I 128 MB SDRAM, 128 MB NAND Flash memory
I Removable SD card memory: up to 4 GB
(non-HC SD)
I Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology
- Specification 1.2 compliant
- Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint
- Profiles: serial port, OBEX, dial-up networking
I Lemo coaxial external antenna connector
I USB: host and slave
I RS232
Language Support
Environmental Characteristics
Optional Accessories
I MobileMapper Beacon - Bluetooth enabled
beacon differential correction receiver
I External antenna
I Power cable with cigarette lighter adapter
I 3.7 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery
I External battery charger
I Stylus pens
I Carrying case
I Car bracket
I Clip-on I/O module with external power, USB
and serial ports
Operating Temp: -10°C to 60°C
(14°F to 140°F)
I Storage Temp: -20°C to 70°C
(-4°F to 158°F)
I Weather: IP 54 Standard
I Shock: 1.5 m (4.9 ft) drop to concrete
Power Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Size and Weight
I Size: 19.5 cm x 9 cm x 4.6 cm
(7.7 x 3.5 in x 7.7 in x 1.8 in)
I Weight: 0.48 kg (1.05 lb) with battery
Mobile Mapping Software Options
Mobile Mapping Software
I Point, line and area logging
I GIS feature libraries
I Offset function
I Raster and Vector map support
I Nesting function
I Repeat feature function
I Grid mapping utility
I Raw data collecting
Language support
I English, French, German, Spanish, Italian,
Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Finish
Battery type: 3.7 V lithium-ion, 3900 mAh
Battery life: 8 hour run-time with GPS
Removable, rechargeable battery
External power port for extended operation
Standard Accessories
I Clip-on I/O module with external power, USB
and serial ports
I Universal A/C adapter
I Removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
I 128 MB Secure Digital memory card
I USB data cable
I Carrying case
I Hand strap
I Stylus pens (2)
I MobileMapper CX companion CD includes
supported international language fonts and
Getting Started Guide
Emissions Certification
MobileMapper Office
I Feature Library Editor
I Background Map Craetion
I Job Creation and Editing
I Differential Correction
I GIS Data Display and Editing
I GIS Import/Export: ESRI .SHP, MapInfo .MIF,
and AutoDesk .DXF import/export and .CSV
Language support
I English, French, German, Spanish,
Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
Microsoft Windows CE operating system
language support such as English, French,
German, Spanish, Dutch, simplified Chinese
and Japanese
Immunity (EN 55022 Class B)
Susceptibility (EN 50082-1)
FCC and CE certified
System Requirements
I Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
I Pentium 133 or higher
I 64 MB RAM mini, 128 MB RAM recommended
I 200 MB disk space required for installation
Optional Modules
GPSDifferential Module for post-processing(4)
Software Development Kit (SDK) and GPS
Application Programming Interface (API)(5)
Accuracy assumes open sky environment, #SVs > 5 and PDOP < 4
Assuming GPSDifferential Module and GPS precision antenna are used for raw data capturing
Compatible with a specific USB Wi-Fi accessory (USR805421 from US Robotics)
For SW Integrators only
When a Business Partner Agreement has been approved
Mobile Mapping Contact Information:
In USA +1 408 615 3970 I Fax +1 408 615 5200
Toll Free (Sales in USA/Canada) 1 800 922 2401
In South America +56 2 273 3214 I Fax +56 2 273 3187
Email [email protected]
Magellan follows a policy of continuous product improvement; specifications and descriptions are thus subject to change without notice. Please contact Magellan for the latest product information.
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