HRDi Data Sheet
HRDi Controller
Charge control and split charging for use with Rutland 503, 504, 913, 914i or
FM 910-3 Windchargers and up to 160W of solar panel input in one system.
The latest wind & solar controller
development from Marlec
The new HRDi evolves from and
improves on the successful HRDX
This contemporary design meets
the needs of increasing power
demands and features a useful
digital display that shows ampere
hours of generated free power !
Specifications :
Autoconfiguration to 12 or 24 V supply
Connectable to two independent battery banks with voltages shown on display
Clear alpha-numeric digital LCD screen with user display options
Push button activated and timer controlled backlight
Latest technology microcontroller based system shuts windcharger down when batteries
are full - much more convenient than heatsink type systems.
Shutdown switch to “brake” Rutland Windcharger and solar panels allowing safe
maintenance & access to batteries
Bulk and float phase charge control for best performance charging, status is indicated on
the LCD
Temperature compensation of charge voltage using internal sensor.
External temperature sensor included for optional use plugs into dedicated port and
overides the internal sensor
Wall mounted design with easy access connection ports
Accepts up to 6 mm² cable (SWG 11 or AWG 9)
Optional remote display can be added via dedicated port.
Part Number CA-11/44
Dimensions 193 x 127 x 40 mm
Weight 420 g.
Designed & Manufactured in the UK by:
Marlec Eng Co Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1536 201588 [email protected]
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