XL-7 and MP-7 - e
XL-7 and MP-7
Command Stations
E-MU’s new XL-7 and MP-7 Command Stations beg to be touched,
played, tweaked and pounded. Spend some “quality time” performing
with them and share the love with features that will put you on top.
Real Time controllers and Quick Edit
Main Screen and Mode View
Real-time Control Knobs let you quickly edit your Preset parameters
and act as assignable MIDI controllers. While in Quick Edit, the
default settings are labeled on the front panel below each knob. In
Programmable Mode, you can set each knob to its own MIDI
channel and controller number. All programmable settings are saved
in a Multi setup which allows for many specialized configurations.
There are two pre-configured knob set-ups which give you quick
access to Volume and Pan control for all 16 MIDI channels.
This is where you select the unit’s primary
functionality, Song or Pattern Mode. Pressing
the Preset Button allows you view the current
presets assigned to the Multi set-up. Pressing
the Mix Button allows you see volume and pan
levels for each MIDI channel. Using the Mix
Screen with the control knobs gives you a very
powerful mixing section
Removable end caps for Racking
Replace the endcaps with the optional
rack ears and mount your XL/MP-7 into
your rack. The chassis has also been
designed to allow all of your cords to fit
nicely behind the unit while racked.
This section provides you with
sequencer control - Stop, Play and
Record. The Record Button also allows
you to choose one of three recording
styles – Real-Time, Step, and Grid. You
can use the Tap Tempo button to lockin your groove.
Touch Strip and Transpose
The Touch Strip is a programmable
controller with a center detent. It
defaults as a pitch controller in most
cases, but can be assigned to control
just about anything. The Transpose
Buttons allow you to quickly transpose
the key pads over a 7 octave range.
The XL-7 and MP-7 Command Stations put all of the advanced features and sonic quality of E-MU’s flagship Proteus®
2000 sound module at your fingertips in highly tactile, intuitive tabletop packages. Each Command Station ships with over
1000 waveforms (the XL-7 and MP-7 feature Electronica/Dance and Hip-Hop soundsets respectively), but can be expanded
and customized with any of the Proteus 2000 expansion ROMs available (up to 128 MB total) or even burn your own custom ROMs using
E-MU’s E4 Ultra samplers. 128 voice polyphony ensures that you can play and sequence your fattest, layered sounds with confidence, while
32 MIDI channels give you access and control over a huge palette of internal sounds and all of your external gear. To match this powerful
sound engine, the Command Stations give you 13 quality velocity-sensitive pads with aftertouch to play your sounds and input data. These
pads have been specifically designed for the Command Stations and are extremely responsive, capturing all of the nuances of your
performance. The XL-7 and MP-7 Command Stations truly represent the ultimate melding of E-MU’s pristine sound quality, powerful sound
engine and cutting edge controller technologies and are uniquely qualified to serve as the control center of your MIDI studio.
The Command Stations not only provide you with over 100 BPM-based parameters per preset, but they also deliver
dedicated, real-time control over these parameters with over 40 programmable knobs and buttons for an incredible
number of modulation possibilities. Pick a preset and instantly have 16 knobs dedicated to synth parameters, or
quickly program the knobs to control any MIDI parameters – even in your external gear! Tweak E-MU’s legendary 12 pole filters for extreme
7 Segment display
This display allows you to view key elements
of the XL/MP-7 while using the main screen
to edit and sequence. Pressing the Edit
Button next to the display allows you to
change things like Tempo very quickly. You
can also view Bars and Beats, current Pattern
and Track.
This section allows you to edit your Songs, Patterns, Presets, Controllers
and Arpeggiators, with dedicated buttons for important functions like MIDI
setup, Save/Copy and Global Settings. Pressing the Audition button will
play a small MIDI sequence that previews your currently selected Preset.
Command Functions
These multi-functional buttons provide
you with quick jumps while editing a
Preset, and act as note inputs for Grid
and Step recording. They act as Track
Select and Mute Buttons during Pattern
or Song playback, and can also be
programmed as MIDI trigger buttons.
Each MIDI trigger can have its own
MIDI channel (A1-16, B1-16), Note
number, Latch or Unlatch status, and
velocity parameters. This is very
useful for firing off presets that have
Arpeggiators patterns or externally
locking in Sound Effects, drum loops or
vocal sample from your E-MU sampler.
13 Velocity Sensitive Pads
with Aftertouch
Configured as a one-octave keyboard,
the XL/MP-7’s 13 pads allow you to
perform music into the sequencer. The
Transpose Buttons allow you to quickly
move up and down the range of the
keyboard. Using E-MU’s proprietary
design, all 13 pads provide an
incredible range of velocity response,
and can also be used for data input,
offering you many short cuts while
editing sounds and patterns.
sound sculpting, change LFO rates on the fly, and modify your envelopes in real-time – without ever touching a menu. And if you do
need to access a menu, dedicated jump keys instantly take you to specific menus screens – no searching through pages in the heat of
your performance. Two internal effects processors round out your arsenal of sound tools, providing you with a host of quality effects,
everything from tempo-based delays to reverbs, distortion and more. Each Command Station also gives you two footswitch inputs and a
touchstrip for even more real-time control. Never has this much sonic power been so easy to control!
While the XL-7 and MP-7 give you total real-time control over your sound, these Command Stations
are unmatched in the performance arena. Under the hood you’ll find a 16 track interactive sequencer
with real-time, step and grid record modes that can be switched without ever stopping the creative
flow. 16 dedicated Mute/Select buttons allow you to add, monitor and modify parts on the fly without the usual cumbersome menu
scrolling. Each Command Station can store over 300,000 notes, and with E-MU’s E-Loader program, you can import and export MIDI
files to and from your Mac and PC with ease. In addition to its powerful sequencer, each Command Station can play up to 32 programmable, synced arpeggiators simultaneously. These arpeggiators are a powerful performance tool that can be saved with your sequence
for instant recall and can be modified in real-time using the control knobs. And the lightning-fast processor in each Command Station
provides dead-on MIDI timing for your most intense sequences, ARPs, and layered sounds. In a market littered with toys, only E-MU’s
XL-7 and MP-7 Command Stations bring this much real-time performance power to your tabletop at such an affordable price. Take
command of your music today!
Technical Specifications
Audio Channels: 128
MIDI Channels: 32 Internal/ 32 External
Pads: 13 Velocity Sensitive, 7 Octave Range, Aftertouch
Controllers: 16 knobs – Quick edit, Mix, Programmable (MIDI
channel, CC#)
Controllers: 2 Footswitches, 4 button switches, 16 triggers
(Latch, MIDI Channel, Note and Velocity)
Controllers: Center Detented Touch Strip
Displays: 2x24 LED, Four Digit 7 Segment LED
Navigation: Data Knob, two Cursor buttons, two Track/Channel
select buttons, 16 synth edit menu jump buttons
Lamp: 12 Volt goose-neck adapter
Presets: 512 RAM, 512 User
Layers Per Preset: 4
BPM/ MIDI synchronized parameters per Preset: >100
Sound Memory: 32 MB (expandable to 128 MB)
Internal Expansion slots: 3 additional
Expansion format: ROM (16/32MB) Flash (16/32MB)
Filters: 6/12th order (50 types)
Sequencer PPQN: 384
Songs: 512
Patterns: 1024
Tracks: 16 per pattern, 16 MIDI channels per Track, plus 1 Song
Track (16 MIDI channels)
Record Types: Real Time, Step, Grid
Sequencer Format: XL/MP-7, SMF import/export
Sequencer Storage Size: Internal, > 300,000 notes. External,
unlimited using E-MU’s E-Loader software file assistant
Arpeggiators: 32 simultaneous pattern based or traditional
Arp Patterns: 300 ROM, 100 User
Arp Editor: 32 steps – Key, Velocity, Duration, Repeat
Effects: Dual 24-bit
Audio Outputs: 6 analog (configured as 3 stereo), Stereo
Audio Inputs: Effects Return 1 In (Stereo), Effects Return 2 In
MIDI: In, MIDI Out A/Thru, MIDI Out B/Thru
Data Encoding: 16-bit linear, 24-bit DAC’s,
Signal to Noise: >100 dB
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz (+0.0/-0.1dB)
THD + Noise (DAC’s): <0.002%
Power Consumption: 15 watts
Voltage Input: 90VAC – 260VAC at 50Hz – 60 Hz
Maximum Output Level: +6dBV
Output Impedance: 1000 Ohms
Dimensions: Height 5.25" (Highest point), Width 18.60" –
20.10", Depth 10.50", Fits in standard 6 space rack when you
remove the end caps (requires optional rack ears)
Modes: Song, Pattern
Views: Song, Pattern, Preset, Mix
Menus: Song Edit, Pattern Edit, Preset Edit, Global, Controllers,
Arpeggiator and MIDI,
Additional functions: Audition, Compare, Save/Copy
Home/Enter, Tap Tempo
*All specifications subject to change
Sub Analog
Main Analog
MIDI Out/Thru
Footswitch Inputs
XL-7/MP-7 Expansion ROMs
X-LEAD (standard w/XL-7)
PURE PHATT (standard w/MP-7)
The X-Lead soundset consists primarily of analog, noise and
modern synthesizer waveforms. These sounds are rich in harmonic
texture and are a perfect match with the Z-plane filters in your
Proteus® family sound module. With the included software
upgrade, you now have access to dynamic and rhythmic features not
found on any other instrument.
The 32 MB Pure Phatt is E-MU’s latest Hip-Hop soundset that produces the
freshest and newest sounds and grooves from top notch producers from the East,
Southeast and West coasts. Pumping leads and basses, silky pads and those
unique hits, scratches and drones that your mix needs to bring it to the next level
are ready to provide the love. Pure Phatt goes were no other ROM set has
grooved before.
An amazing collection of traditional instruments from the four
corners of the globe including exotic stringed instruments, winds,
percussion, and chromatic percussion. World Expedition provides
you with the most realistic ethnic soundset in the world. Discover a
world of sounds to bring to your music.
Rob Papen and E-MU introduce the 32 MB Techno Synth Construction
Yard Expansion ROM, a compilation of synth, techno, and ambient
sounds from one of Europe’s finest programmers. From atmospheric
pads to punchy sub-basses and crunch drum loops, these sounds will
help you tear up the dance floor!
John Novello and E-MU present the 32 MB Definitive B-3 expansion
ROM, a diverse collection of tone wheel organ drawbar settings
sampled direct and with rotary speakers (chorale and tremolo) to
give you the most versatile and playable B-3 available!
The Orchestral Sessions Vol. 1 expansion 32MB ROM offers you the
most realistic and comprehensive collection of section strings
available—the same sounds featured in E-MU’s Virtuoso™2000
sound module, complete with legato, spiccato, pizzicato and
tremolande samples, and includes special presets for 4 speaker
The Peter Siedlaczek 32 MB expansion ROM offers you some of the
finest orchestral samples ever recorded from one of Europe’s most
respected sound designers, and brings together the finest string,
brass, wind and percussion ensembles of Siedlaczek’s legendary
Advanced Orchestra library.
P.O. Box 660015, Scotts Valley, CA, USA, 95067-0015
Tel. 831.438.1921 • www.emu.com
United Kingdom Office: Suite 6, Adam Ferguson House, Eskmills Industrial Estate,
Musselburgh, Scotland EH21 7PQ • Tel: +44 131 653 6556
The Sounds of the ZR Expansion ROM faithfully reproduces the diverse
sounds of ENSONIQ’s popular ZR-76 keyboard, including William
Coakley’s Perfect Piano. You’ll find everything from synths and
orchestral instruments to one of the finest pianos ever sampled in one
soundset. Put this collection of ENSONIQ®’s finest sounds to work in
your Proteus 2000 today!
The Orchestral Sessions Vol. 2 expansion 32MB ROM offers you the
most realistic and comprehensive collection of woodwinds, brass,
percussion, and solo strings available– the same sounds featured in
E-MU’s Virtuoso™ 2000 sound module, complete with velocity
switching between p/mf/ff samples, special presets for 4 speaker
applications and a percussion battery with over 20 instruments.
E-MU presents the 16 MB Protozoa expansion ROM– the ultimate
sound compilation containing presets from the groundbreaking
Proteus sound modules, all optimized for your Proteus 2000’s
advanced synthesis and filter architecture.
©2001. E-mu Systems, Inc., d.b.a. E-MU / ENSONIQ. The following are trademarks owned by E-mu Systems, Inc., registered in the United States and in numerous countries worldwide as indicated by ®: E-MU®, E-mu Systems®, the E-MU logo, ENSONIQ®, Proteus®, Virtuoso, and Emulator®.
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