Computer Skills for Uni

Computer Skills for Uni
Dear new student,
You will need to use computers every day while you study at university. To get off to a good start you need
to be a competent user of email, word-processing software and the internet already, at the minimum.
Ideally, you will own a computer and have an internet connection at home. Why is this important?....
because most subjects (units) are supported “online”: readings, assignments and the unit outline are all on
the university website, and you will have to submit assignments electronically and sign up for tutorials
online. Being able to touch type will also be very useful.
I have my own computer and am fine with word processing, file management, Excel and
the web in general. Do I need to do anything?
Answer: All you need to do right now is to familiarise yourself with:
the university’s Current Students website:
webmail, wireless connections: IT service desk -
the library website:
MyLO -
I’ve never used a computer before, or only for email. What should I do?
Answer : It would be best to learn to use a computer to a reasonable standard before you start your study.
Doing a course with lots of computer hours is best, but there are online tutorials available if you have
access to a computer and some help from a friend. Here are some options you can investigate:
Getting a thorough grounding by taking the UTAS University Preparation Unit, UPP055 Using Technology,,
LINC Centres, local libraries and Online Access Centres offer free access to basic computer assistance, computers
and the internet, as well as free or low cost computing classes, such as Computing4me and E-Learn. To find out
what is available near you email [email protected] or go to:
The TasTAFE offers free introductory basic computing skills courses. Go to and
select Short courses and then Vocational Preparation/ESL, or call 1300 655 307
Try for details of online courses. Also look for free sites for learning to touch-type
(such as and for online tutorials to help you use specific
software such as Word and Excel, e.g.,
I have some experience but I’m not sure that it will be enough. What should I do?
Answer: Try the checklist —if you mostly answer yes and you are pretty good at “finding your way around”
a computer and the online environment, then you should be able to learn the rest along the way. If there
are a lot of no’s, then you should try the options above!
Tick which applies: Yes = I can do this; ? = I may need help; No = I can’t do this yet
Login to a computer using my user name and password
Use a mouse to move the cursor, highlight bits of text, and open programs
Save a file to a USB stick or the hard drive of my computer
Windows environment
Understand the parts of a desktop window (scroll bar, toolbar, menu bar, etc.)
Find your way around the basic directory and folder structure for file management
Open a program
Open and use multiple windows, programs and files
Delete, move, copy files or folders
Word processing
Create a new document or open an existing document
Basic formatting, including indenting and changing line spacing, font, font size and
Cut, copy and paste within a document or between documents
Use the undo, redo and do-again commands
Insert a table into your document
Use the spell checker
Insert page numbers and change margin sizes
Preview a document and print
Open a web page using a web browser, e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla
Follow links from one web page to another
Move forward and back through web pages
Use a search engine (e.g., Google) to locate information on the internet
Use an email system to read, create, send, delete or forward messages
Attach files to an email
Open or save files that are attached to an email
The UTAS online environment--find and be familiar with:
The UTAS home page and the Current Students web page
The eStudent
UTAS Webmail
The Course and Units Handbook
MyLO (NB: units may not show before the first week of semester!)
The Library web page
The web pages of my Faculty and its Schools/Disciplines
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Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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