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Installation/Operating Instructions
AeroLift 25 by Draper
1 Read instructions completely before proceeding.
2 Follow instructions carefully. Installation contrary to instructions invalidates
3 Do not obstruct operation of AeroLift 25 with fingers or any object. Serious
injury or damage could result.
4 It is not uncommon to overheat the motor during initial installation when setting limits. The motor is thermally protected and will stop working temporarily.
DO NOT physically pull the unit down when this occurs. Once it has cooled
to a safe temperature, it will begin operating again.
5 The AeroLift 25 is designed to accommodate ceiling suspended equipment.
Equipment should not be allowed to rest on ceiling closure during operation.
(Refer to section titled “Installing Projector.”)
6 Entire bottom of unit must be unobstructed to permit proper operation.
7 Unit must be installed level (use a carpenter’s level).
8 Unit operates on 110-120V AC 60 Hz. current.
Note: Unit has been thoroughly inspected and tested at factory and found to be
operating properly prior to shipment.
1 Based on screen location and projector specifications, determine proper
position for projector installation.
2 Confirm that there is adequate space for installation and operation.
Minimum clearance above ceiling level varies according to height of projector,
optional projector mounting bracket, optional ceiling closure and optional
Environmental Housing.
3 Arrange to provide service access to the unit.
4 When installed with Environmental Air Space Housing unit is suitable for
use in an environmental air space in accordance with in accordance with
Section 300.22(C) of the National Electrical Code, and Section 2-128, 12010(3) and 12-100 of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1, CSA C22.1.
5 Total capacity of lift is 25 lbs, including closure, projector and bracket.
As Soon As AeroLift 25 Arrives
1 Open carton and inspect for damage.
2 Locate the following parts:
A. The unit itself
B. Controls
C. Any optional equipment
Hanging Unit
The AeroLift 25 is provided with four (4) mounting angles for suspending or direct
mounting the unit from above or direct mounting from the sides. These angles
provide up to 1½" of adjustment (front to back). The AeroLift 25 is designed to fit
between joists spaced 16" apart on center (assuming 2" joists), and to close to
aproximately 4", not including the projector, bracket or closure. The unit should
be guy wired or blocked to prevent swinging. All installations should observe the
following guidelines:
1 Installer must ensure that all fasteners and supports are of adequate strength to
securely support AeroLift 25 and projector. It is recommended that hardware
structure be able to hold at least four times the combined weight of the lift,
projector, housing, closure and ceiling material attached to closure.
Caution: DO NOT hang from, "ride" or pull down on the unit.
This could create a failure and cause damage and/or injury.
2 Fastening methods must be suitable for mounting surface, and securely
anchored so that vibration or abusive pulling on unit will not weaken installation.
3 Bottom of unit must be unobstructed after installation. Sufficient clearance must
be allowed below projector or optional ceiling closure.
4 Do not use unit to support adjacent ceiling, light fixtures, etc.
5 Do not complete the ceiling below unit until electrical connections have been
completed and unit has been operated successfully.
6 Use slots on the projector plate and on the closure to adjust the unit to ensure
proper alignment of ceiling closure relative to ceiling opening.
Please note: Make sure electrical supply has been disconnected before
attempting to connect AeroLift 25 to electricity.
Terminal strip for field connections is located inside a junction box on the end
of the unit. Unit is shipped with internal wiring complete to the terminal strip.
Once the unit has been lowered, turn off power and remove the J-box cover. The
terminal strip is attached to the cover. Disconnect temporary pigtail from unit, then
complete permanent wiring to electricity and to switches. Wire to connect unit to
power supply and to switches should be furnished by installer. Connections should
be made in accordance with wiring diagram. AeroLift 25 should be operated and
checked prior to installing projector and/or optional ceiling closure.
When unit is first operated, be cautious! If unit fails to operate when the switch
is flipped “down”, return switch to “off” and recheck electrical connections
before proceeding. Cycle unit down and up several times to confirm satisfactory
110-120V Single Station Control — 3-position up-off-down switch permits
operation to be stopped at any point. Factory adjusted limit switches automatically
stop AeroLift 25 when fully down or fully up.
Optional 110-120V Multiple Station Control—Switches are similar in
appearance to 110-120V Single Station Control. AeroLift 25 stops when switch is
released and may be restarted in either direction. Factory adjusted limit switches
automatically stop AeroLift 25 when up or fully down.
Optional 24V Control — Three-button up-stop-down switches stop at any point
desired, operate in any sequence. Factory adjusted limit switches automatically
stop AeroLift 25 when fully up or fully down.
Optional Infrared or Radio Frequency Remote Control—If ordered, a threebutton transmitter is provided, with “up”, “down”, and “stop” buttons. Unit starts up
or down when appropriate button is pressed, and may be stopped by pressing
“off” button. Factory set limit switches stop unit automatically when projector is in
“show” position.
Optional RS232/Ethernet—Serial communication and network communication
optionally available with wall switches, RF or IR remote.
Optional Key Operated Switching — Two kinds of key-operated switches
are optionally available with this unit. 1 The key-operated power supply switch
controls power to the AeroLift 25 and switches. When it is “off”, the switches will
not operate lift. Key may be removed from the switch in either “on” or “off” position.
2 A three-position key switch permits the AeroLift 25 to be operated directly by
key. In this case, the screen’s operator must always have a key.
Testing the Safety Limit Switches
The AeroLift 25 is equipped with a Safety Limit Switch (see "AeroLift 25—Limit
Switch Adjustment (Bottom View)" diagram on page 3). This switch may be damaged during shipping or by rough handling on the job site. Once the AeroLift 25
has been installed in the ceiling, but before the projector and closure are attached,
the Safety Limit must be tested. Use a screwdriver or other tool to press and
hold the switch. While holding down the switch, have someone operate the unit. If
the unit works while the switch is depressed, the limit switch is broken and
must be replaced. Operating the unit without a functioning Safety Limit Switch
could cause the unit's motor to continue operating after the lift is closed, leading to
a failure and the possibility of damage or injury.
Please Note: As weight is applied to the AeroLift 25, the projector plate may
shift slightly. If this occurs, use setscrews on bottom of fabric roller brackets
to compensate for shift and level projector plate.
Electrical Connections
Unit operates on 110-120V AC, 60 Hz. current.
The AeroLift 25 is shipped closed, with a temporary field connection provided in
the form of a pigtail temporarily wired to the unit. After hanging the unit, make sure
power is off and use this pigtail to temporarily connect the unit to power and to a
switch, so the unit can be lowered to allow access inside.
AeroLift must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the Local
Building Codes, the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), CAN/CSA C22.1 and the
National Electric Code(NEC), NFPA 70. All operating switches should be “off”
before power is connected.
AeroLift 25 Mounting Hole Dimensions
Top View
Side View
to 10 /8"
14" to
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If you encounter any difficulties installing or servicing your AeroLift 25, call your
dealer or Draper, Inc. in Spiceland, Indiana, 765-987-7999, or fax 765-987-7142.
Ceiling Trim Kit
AeroLift 25 by Draper, Inc.
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Installing Optional Environmental Air Space Housing
Installing Optional Ceiling Trim Kit
The Environmental Air Space Housing is shipped pre-assembled in its shortest position. The height of the housing can be adjusted by moving the screws
to different mounting holes in side panels. The incremental adjustment for the
top screw and bottom screw is ½"; the incremental adjustment for the rest
of the screws is 1". You can install the housing in a pre-assembled state or
as separate components, which will require that the housing be completely
disassembled prior to installation.
Please note that if the Environmental Air Space Housing is to be installed in a
space where there is no access from above the housing, then it is recommended that the AeroLift 25 be installed to the upper section prior to installing
the housing. It is also recommended that an access panel be installed to allow
future access.
The AeroLift 25 is available with a ceiling trim kit, which consists of the lower
section of the Environmental Air Space housing and optional closure panel.
1 Install top section of housing using outer
four holes located on top of upper section.
If installing large housing, make sure it is
oriented properly to allow correct
placement of lift within housing.
2 If installing the large closure, attach
brackets to bottom of projector plate
(see drawing on page 3).
3 Attach AeroLift 25 to upper section of
housing through the inner four holes
in the upper section with the 5/16" –18 x 7/8"
hex head screws, 5/16" flat washers and
lock nuts provided with housing. The lock
nuts should be used above the housing
(one per screw).
4 Attach the two flat panels of the middle
section across from each other with the
clinch nuts to the outside of the housing.
5 Attach the two middle section panels with
the formed ends across from one another.
6 Attach lower section of Environmental
Air Space Housing.
3 Install projector and attach
optional ceiling closure to
AeroLift 25
(see instructions on page 3).
Environmental Air Space
Housing (collapsed)
1 Install AeroLift 25 as previously
described in these instructions.
Lower section of
Plenum Housing
2 Install bottom section of housing in
opening. This can be accomplished
by suspending with wire, or by
mounting directly to the ceiling
joists (if space permits).
(by oth tile
AeroLift 25 Inspection and Maintenance
Draper recommends inspecting the AeroLift at least annually
or every 300 cycles—whichever comes first.
A recommended maintenance schedule includes:
-Fabric: Inspect for fraying and proper tracking on the roller.
-Limit Switches: Make sure they are not damaged and are set properly.
-Wire Ties: Inspect wire ties attaching cables to the stabilizer arm.
-Closure: Make sure threaded rod remains seated firmly in the closure
panel corners, and that the nuts remain tight. If loose, tighten.
-Power Cord: Inspect condition of power cord for projector.
A - Upper Section
B - Middle Section
(Inside View)
C - Lower Section
(Ceiling Trim Kit)
Large Environmental Air Space Housing,
Lift, and Closure Dimensions
Small Environmental Air Space Housing,
Lift, and Closure Dimensions
Ceiling Trim Kit 233/16"
EASH Mounting Holes 205/8"
Ceiling Trim Kit 237/8"
EASH Mounting Holes 205/8"
Ceiling Trim Kit 23 3/16"
EASH Mounting Holes 205/8"
Ø 3/8" 8x
Ø 7/16" 4x
Closure Panel 25"
Closure Panel 25"
22 /8"
(765) 987-7999
AeroLift 25 by Draper, Inc.
Installing Ceiling Closure
Installing Projector
Draper’s optional Universal Projector Mount will hold up to 26 lbs.
1 Bolt projector to Universal Mount Arms.
2 Bolt Projector Pan with Universal Mount
into place on bottom pan.
3 Use center nut and spring-loaded bolts
to fine tune picture placement on
screen. If not using Draper’s Universal
Projector Mount, generally the video
projector should be suspended from
the bottom pan according to projector
manufacturer’s instructions. If installing
with a small closure, maximum projector
size is 18" x 8¾" (width x length x
Environmental Air Space Housing height).
If installing with a large closure, maximum projector
size is 18" x 18" (width x length x Housing height).
The projector plate is not pre-drilled.
When drilling inital holes for mounting
projector, or if for any reason the hole
placement must be changed, completely
lower AeroLift 25 before attempting to
drill holes. When attaching projector
bracket to plate, make sure screws are
short enough that they do not touch the
motor/roller above the plate when lift is
Unit and projection system should be
operated, checked and adjusted as
necessary at this time (see below for limit
adjustment procedures).
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If your AeroLift 25 is equipped with a ceiling closure system, it can be used as is, or in
conjunction with a piece of existing ceiling tile.
Please refer to diagrams at right for these instructions.
1 If installing with ceiling tile, you may need to cut tile so overall dimensions are the
same as (or slightly less than) the closure panel. Place tile into trim frame. Lay
closure panel on top (back side) of ceiling tile, and tighten screws to hold in place.
2 If installing large closure, attach brackets to bottom of projector plate (see fig. 7).
3 Attach 5/16" threaded rods to slots in projector plate or brackets.
Caution: Make sure bolts and nuts attaching brackets to AeroLift are
completely tightened.
4 Run unit “up” until bottom pan stops at highest position. Mark position on 5/16" rods
even with ceiling level and cut rods to length (removing from pan if convenient).
5 Run unit “down” until bottom pan stops at “show” position.
6 Attach closure to lower end of 5/16" rods by slipping into four corner slots and secure
with nuts above and below slots.
7 Run unit “up” again to highest position. Measure distance by which panel fails to
reach required “closed” height for surrounding ceiling.
Caution: Make sure nuts are completely tightened.
8 Run unit “down” then re-adjust mounting of 5/16" rods in traveling grid to raise panel
required distance.
9 Test unit operation to confirm that panel will stop in closed position just before
touching ceiling.
Caution: DO NOT hang from, "ride" or pull down on the unit. This
could create a failure and cause damage and/or injury.
PLEASE NOTE: Immediately upon completion of the surrounding ceiling, unit
should be operated to confirm that optional ceiling closure panel by Draper or
by others stops 1/8" short of touching ceiling in closed position. If closure panel
touches, the motor may continue operating after the lift is closed. If it continues
to cycle once the lift is closed, a failure may occur, making the unit descend
rapidly and causing damage and/or injury.
Warning: Keep fingers & other objects
away from ceiling closure when unit is
operating. Serious injury or damage can
CAUTION: Be sure all switches are in “off” position before adjusting limit switches
2½"new adjustment is being tested.
Always be prepared to shut lift off manually when
Limit switches for the AeroLift 25 are preset at the factory. The “Up” (closed) limit switch
12" Once unit is
is set for fully closed. The “down” (show) limit switch is set for fully lowered.
in place, the “down” limit switch may need to be changed to stop the AeroLift 25 closer
to the ceiling (that is, to raise the “down” position). Limit switches are located on the end
of roller, and are accessible by removing the cover of the junction box at the left end of
the unit. To adjust the limit switches, use a 5/32" screwdriver/allen wrench.
For Additional Safety:
1 Be sure the nuts that attach the threaded rods to the closure are tight.
2 Wrap a plastic wire tie around the mounting tab and the threaded
rod at all four corners of the closure panel (see drawing).
Please Note: Do NOT use a paper-covered or similar wire
tie—use only plastic wire ties for maximum safety.
AeroLift 25
Standard Closure
Caution: It is not uncommon to overheat the motor during initial installation
when setting limits. The motor is thermally protected and will stop working until it
has cooled to a safe temperature before it will start operating again. DO NOT
physically pull the unit down when this occurs.
AeroLift 25 with
Large Closure and Brackets
Large Closure
Adjusting “Down” (show) position — “Down” position may be adjusted by turning the
#1 limit switch adjustment socket. Turning the socket clockwise will stop the AeroLift 25
closer to the ceiling. Turning it counter-clockwise will cause the lift to stop at a lower point.
Adjusting “Up” (closed) position — Because the “up” (“closed”) position is preset at
the factory, Draper does not recommend changing this position using the limit switch.
The “up” position of the closure may be changed by changing the length of threaded
rod (see fig. 6). If necessary, however, “up” position may be adjusted by turning the #2
limit switch adjustment socket. Turning the socket counterclockwise creates a higher, or
more fully closed position. Turning it clockwise creates a lower ‘UP” (closed) position.
Down (open)
Limit Switch
Up (closed)
Limit Switch
AeroLift Clearance
Fabric Roller
Adjustment Setscrews
(one on each roller end)
Caution: Make sure limit switch is set so that the AeroLift 25 motor is NOT still
running after the lift is closed. If it continues to cycle once the lift is closed, a
failure may occur, making the unit descend rapidly and causing damage and/or
Caution: Make
sure there are
no obstructions
to the AeroLift's
Please Note: If load is off-center of pan, you may need to adjust the pitch of the
fabric rollers. One setscrew is provided on each end of both fabric rollers (see
above drawing). Use these to adjust roller pitch to keep entire fabric panel taut,
so load is evenly distributed. Use 1/8" hex key to adjust.
/8" Min. clearance
(765) 987-7999
AeroLift 25 by Draper, Inc.
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Wiring Diagrams
Single Station Control
Optional Multiple Station Control
Green (Ground)
Black ( Down)
White (Common)
Safety Up
Red (Up)
Green (Ground)
Black (Down)
Up Switch
Red ( Up)
White (Common)
Cap off with wire
nut and tape.
Single gang box by others
Min. 4" x 21/8" x 17/8" deep
Single gang box by others
Min. 4" x 21/8" x 17/8" deep
Location of key
operated on-off
switch if furnished
Dashed wiring
by electrician
Dashed Wiring
By electrician.
Location of key
operated 0n-off
switch if furnished.
To 110-120V Line
To 110 -120 Vac Line
Optional Lift Low Voltage (& Wireless) Control
Safety Up Switch
White-Neutral (Common) to lift & 110-120V AC
Red-to lift (directional)
Brown-to lift (directional)
Yellow-to 110-120V AC
Black-to 110-120V AC
White (Common)
Red (Up)
Black ( Down)
Green (Ground)
To 110 -120V AC Line
3 Button Wall Switch
(765) 987-7999
Dashed Wiring
By electrician.
Low voltage
wiring by others.
Location of key
operated 0n-off
switch if furnished.
Eye Port for IR Eye, RF Receiver or LED
Switch. If more than one of these three is
used with one Lift LVC, a splitter is required.
Aux Port for connecting additional Lift LVC modules
(up to six total-connect from Aux to Eye).
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