CyberResearch GDR 12 Series User`s manual

GDR 12 Series
12.1” Flat-Panel TFT LCD Display
GDR 12: 12.1" Color LCD Monitor, 300 nits, 800x 600
GDR 12-TR: GDR 12 with Resistive Touchscreen
GDR 12H: 12.1" Color LCD Monitor, 800 nits, 800x 600
GDR 12-TR: GDR 12 with Resistive Touchscreen
REVISION 1.0 – 2002
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Table Of Contents
1. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
2. Unpacking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
3. Connecting to a Computer . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
4. Image Control and Adjustment . . . . . . . . . .4
5. Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
6. Cleaning and Maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
7. Service and Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
Thank you for purchasing the GDR 12 rugged TFT display.
The GDR 12 range of products have been designed to provide the highest
possible image quality, in a rugged housing that has specifically been
manufactured to operate in environments that would normally be
considered too harsh for normal computer equipment .
What makes the GDR 12 different?
The GDR 12 is a high quality, Ultra-Bright TFT LCD display with a resolution
of 800x600. Sleek yet solid, our GDR Series displays feature a two-piece cast
aluminum shell with low-profile rubber buttons, designed to withstand the
shock and vibration of industrial and vehicle use. The screen is crisp, flicker-free, and brilliant
This well-thought out design is NEMA 12 dust and moisture resistant, with
elastomer-sealed OSD geometry controls on the front panel for convenient
screen image control. Locking power and signal connectors help prevent
accidental disconnection.
The GDR 12 has been rigorously tested to withstand severe shock and
continual vibration and features a panel protected by 3mm toughened
glass. Each display has a guaranteed 24-hour burn prior to shipping.
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual
Along with the GDR 12 rugged TFT, each box should contain the following:
Universal AC/DC Power Supply
2-meter VGA Connector Cable
3-pin IEC Power Lead
9-pin Serial Connector Cable
Touch Drivers CD-ROM (GDR 12-TR touchscreen model)
User’s Manual
If any of these items are not included, please contact CyberResearch.
In the unlikely event of product failure, please retain the original packaging
so that the units may be safely returned to us for service.
Important Note: Do not use any other power supply, other than the one
shipped with the unit. This may cause irreparable damage to either the
panel or the electronics, and will in all cases invalidate the warranty.
It is recommended that the display be used only in conjunction with the
VGA cable supplied. Deterioration in picture quality may occur if a poorly
shielded cable, or a longer cable is used in its place.
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual
Connection to the Computer
GDR 12 Model
Using the following simple instructions, the GDR 12 will be installed and
configured within about five minutes.
On the bottom of the GDR 12, there are two ports—a 15-pin VGA port, and
a power jack. One end of the VGA cable will already be connected to the
VGA port when the unit is shipped.
3.1 Turn off the computer.
3.2 Attach the VGA cable to the video port on the PC and ensure that both
thumbscrew connections are securely fastened.
3.3 Insert the power jack on the power supply into the remaining circular
port on the monitor, and connect the power supply to an outlet using
the IEC power lead.
3.4 Turn on the computer.
3.5 Turn on the display.
3.6 The display has not yet been configured, so the picture quality may
not yet be optimized.
GDR 12-TR and GDR 12H-TR Touchscreen Models
In addition to the above, the touchscreen model has an extra cable
terminating in a 9-pin serial connector which connects to one of the PC’s
serial ports.
Power, VGA, & Touchscreen connectors on bottom of unit.
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual
Image Control and Adjustment
There are two important steps in order to ensure that the best possible
image quality is now obtained:
4.1 Select the correct resolution and refresh rate.
The GDR 12 is intended to run at a resolution of 800x600 pixels.
Although the unit can display in full screen mode at 640x480,
we strongly recommend you now set the resolution to 800x600.
• Move the slider bar until the screen resolution is 800x600.
• Change the refresh rate to 60 Hz
• Set the number of colors to 256 k
• Save settings before exiting.
4.2 Run the On-Screen Auto Adjust Utility using the buttons on the front of
the monitor:
• Click the “Menu” Button once. The On-Screen Menu will now pop up and
will already be highlighting the “Auto Adjust” option.
• Click “Select.”
• The display will now resize and reposition until an optimal image is
• Wait five seconds and the On-Screen Controls will disappear.
Important Note: The panel used in the GDR 12 can operate between
a range of 60 and 75 Hz. The best frequency will depend on the driver card
in the PC. If at this stage there is any “noise” on the screen, we recommend
the following:
• Try increasing the refresh rate above 60 Hz. Do not exceed 75 Hz.
• Fine-tune the Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness functions using
the On-Screen Control.
4.3 The GDR 12 is an extremely bright display, operating at 300 nits (400
cd/m2). The GDR 12H operates at 800 nits (800 cd/m2). We strongly
recommend that, unless the unit is used in very bright lighting
conditions, the brightness be reduced to around 60 to 70% using
the On-Screen Control. This helps to eliminate any residual screen
noise, and also will greatly prolong the backlight life of the panel.
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual
4.4 Changing the screen resolution:
The GDR 12 can operate in full screen at either SVGA (800x600) or VGA
(640x480) .The unit cannot operate at any resolution higher than
In order to step down resolution, simply select the “Display” icon in
the Control Panel, chose “Settings,” and move the slider bar to the
desired position.
Note: When changing resolutions it may be necessary to run the On-Screen
Auto Adjust utility in the new resolution in order to maximize image
Whenever the display is being used at 800x600 the image quality will never
be as crisp and clear as when it is operating at its preferred resolution of
1024x768. This is particularly noticeable when viewing text, especially
small fonts. This is a due to the monitor “doubling” some pixels in order
to fill the screen and is completely normal.
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual
Display Type:
Active Screen Size:
Input Signal:
Backlight MTBF:
Contrast Ratio:
Refresh Rate:
Viewing Angle:
Response Time:
Power Consumption:
External Power Supply:
Stand Mounting:
Height with GDR D12:
Weight of Display:
Weight of GDR D12 Stand:
VGA Input:
Display Controls:
VGA Cable:
CE Conformity:
Ultra-Bright color TFT LCD flat panel display
Analog RGB
SGA 800x600 pixels, max.
40,000 hours
GDR 12: 300 nits (300 cd/m 2 )
GDR 12H: 800 nits (800 cd/m 2 )
(will vary with touchscreen options)
300: 1
60 Hz~75 Hz
Left: 75°, Right: 75°, Up: 60°, Down: 55°
(150° horizontal, 115° vertical)
60 ms rise, 50 ms decay
GDR 12: 18 watts, typical
GDR 12H: 29 watts, typical
60W, provided by low-voltage wall-mount
power supply, 100 ~ 240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz,
1.5A input, 12 V DC @ 5A output
Industrial cast aluminum alloy housing
with NEMA 12 sealed (water-resistant)
front panel. Rugged construction is ideal
for industrial use
VESA std 75mm mounting holes on rear
12.5" W i d e x 9.3" H i g h x 2.4" Deep
(318 x 235 x 59 mm)
With desktop stand 13.75" (350 mm)
6.7 lbs. (3.1kg)
3.4 lbs. (1.5 kg)
Analog VGA Input (connects to any
standard VGA port —no special video
card needed)
Low-profile, sealed rubber brightness &
contrast control buttons on front panel
6-foot VGA cable included
This product complies with the EMC
Directive, number 89/336/EEC
GDR 12-TR Analog Resistive Touchscreen Model
Opacity Clarity: 75% Light Transmission @ 550 Nanometers
Touch Resolution: 1024x1024
(Touch resolution not Video resolution)
Controller Communication: RS-232
Activation Force: 1~4 ounces
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual
Touch Life: Greater than 1 million activations at
a single point
Positional Accuracy: Less than 2% error
Drivers: Mouse Emulation
Touchscreen Connector: Standard DB-9 female connector.
A 6-foot DB-9 M-F serial cable is included
with touchscreen models
Environmental Specifications
Vibration: 1g @ 5 Hz~150 Hz for 2 hours. per axis,
Shock: 18 g half-sine for 6ms, 500 bumps per axis
in each direction (total 3000), operating
Operating Temperature: +32° to +122°F (0° to +50°C)
Storage Temperature: –13° to +140°F (–25° to +60°C)
Relative Humidity: 5 to 95%, noncondensing
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual
8 holes m5 helicoil *10typ
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual
Please note: specifications are correct at time of going to press and may be
subject to change without notice.
Cleaning & Maintenance
The viewing surface should be cleaned with a suitable general purpose
anti-static wipe. Never use industrial cleaners or solvents, as there are
special coatings on the viewing surface that could be damaged.
Service and Support
If you are not completely satisfied with your GDR 12, simply call our
toll-free hotline (1-800-341-2525) within 30 days of receiving the item.
A friendly customer service technician will arrange for a full refund,
replacement, exchange, or credit.
If you have any questions about your GDR 12, call our toll-free number in
the USA (1-800-341-2525), call worldwide (203-483-8815), send a fax to
(203-483-9024), or email our applications engineers at
GDR 12 Series User’s Manual