T h e va lu e
The UN Climate Conference in
Copenhagen defined CO2 emissions
reduction as having a global value
for the international community.
The reduction of this greenhouse
gas should be a global goal.
.count on me
T h e p r o du c t i o n
In 1896, gold miners at the Canadian Klondike river panned for gold
with a shovel, hoe, and sieve.
Changers credits, the gold of the 21st century, are generated with the
solar panel Maroshi and the intelligent solar battery Kalhuohfummi.
Your Kalhuohfummi measures your CO2 savings and reports these
contributions to the Community.
The production of one watt-hour of renewable energy is equivalent
to half a gram of CO2 savings, on average, as specified by the
International Energy Agency. This is the basis of our measurement
of individual and community savings.
“The only
by the sun”
The story behind it all
Kalhuohfummi and Maroshi
Make a decision,
produce your own energy
and change the world.
The history of Kalhuohfummi and Maroshi begins in the 16th
century with an unequal struggle for freedom and independence.
At the time, the greatest threat to the Maldives was Portuguese
conquest. The Maldivian people built a warship called Kalhuohfummi for their defense, which proved vital to the success of their
guerilla fighting. The ship’s sails were made on Maroshi, an island
where the warship was also loaded with drinking water for supplying the fighters.
Today, the greatest danger to the Maldives is the steadily rising water level caused by climate change. And again it is Kalhuohfummi,
the intelligent solar battery, which is docked to the island Maroshi,
the solar panel, that gets loaded with energy and supplies the
warrior of light in the fight against climate change and destruction
of our environment.
Technical Specifications
The idea behind Changers is to motivate as many people as possible to produce their own energy and thereby make a contribution
towards the prevention of climate change. We want to raise awareness of the impact that our behaviour has on our environment and
help make this world a better place.
The exchange
You can redeem your earned CO2 credits for sustainable
products and services on our marketplace.
The marketplace helps you discover great companies and
their exciting new approaches and you can change the
world a little more with every exchange.
This is your
life, do
what you
Safety Instructions: Solar Charger KALHUOHFUMMI
Safety Instructions: Solar Panel Maroshi
Protect the device against vibrations and shock. Keep it clean and dry and
protect it from overheating. Do not place flammable, explosive, or otherwise
dangerous objects in the vicinity of the device. Protect the device from rain
and humidity and do not place it in liquid. Never attempt to open the device
or repair it yourself. Use the device only in the temperature range of – 20°C
(– 4°F) to +60°C (140°F).
Do not place objects on the panel and do not sit on it. Never attempt to cut or
scratch the panel. Temperatures of over 90° C (194°F) may destroy the solar
panel. Do not expose the solar module to liquids other than water. Never
place any flammable, explosive or otherwise dangerous objects in the vicinity of the solar module.
Changers Solar Panel Maroshi
Height 37.0 / Width 19.1 / Thickness 0.2 (cm)
Height 14.6 / Width 7.52 / Thickness 0.078 (in)
Weight: 105 grams (3.70 oz)
Rated power (Pmax): 4 Watt
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 16.5 Volt
Current at Pmax (lmp): 0.24 Ampere
Open circuit voltage (Uoc): 23.25 Volt
Short-circuit voltage (Isc): 0.29 Ampere
Solar cable: 2m, DC-jack 2 pole 5.5 x 2.1 mm
Changers Solar Charger Kalhuohfummi
Height 9.6 / Width 8.25 / Depth 2.0 (cm)
Height 3.78 / Width 3.25 / Depth 0.78 (in)
If you do not intend to use the battery for a long time, store it at least
halfway charged (two LEDs should glow in the battery indicator).
When using the suction cups to attach the panel, please make sure that the
device is securely affixed to the surface. Failure to do so may result in potential danger from falling devices.
Power output DC OUT: 5V, max 1.3 A
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause overheating. Use the
battery only with compatible Changers solar panels.
Remember, the solar panel is flexible but not unbreakable. Excessive
bending may lead to loss of power.
Help & Contact Info
Legal Notices
hereby disclaim all express or implied conditions, endorsements, guarantees,
The Changers Solar Charger Starter Kit includes the following Changers
For answers to frequently asked questions, please check out our FAQ and our
helpdesk at: help.changers.com
For any further questions please contact us via e-mail:
For manuals in other languages, please visit our website at:
© 2013 Blacksquared GmbH. All rights reserved. Changers, Changers Credits,
Kalhuohfummi and Maroshi and the related trademarks, names and logos
are the property of Blacksquared GmbH and are registered in Germany and
other countries worldwide as trademarks and / or are used there as trademarks. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
mentation that may be restricted are hereby limited to 90 days from date of purchase
Weight: 161 grams (5.67 oz)
Power input DC-IN: 5V – 30V, max. 1A
Active MPP-tracking
Energy storage 4,400 mAh; Lithium-Ion cells
If it is not expressly prohibited by applicable law in your jurisdiction, Blacksquared
1. Changers Solar Panel Maroshi
Two suction cups with knurled nuts
Quick Start Guide/Manual
2. Changers Solar Charger Kalhuohfummi
Micro USB cable to USB type A
Charger USB type A to Adapter-plug device
8 adapters: 1 x mini USB, 1 x LG KG80, 1 x Nokia 2mm, 1x Sony Ericsson,
1 x Samsung D800, 1x Sony PSP, 1x Nintendo DS/GB, 1 x Nintendo DS lite
Quick Start Guide/ Manual
The two products are also available separately with the box contents as
described for each individual product.
Designed in Berlin, assembled in Germany.
Blacksquared GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Printed on 100% recycled paper.
representations or warranties of any kind. This also applies to any representations
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performance or non-performance of any software, hardware, services or third party
products or services, incorporated herein. The manufacturer is not liable for damages
caused by improper use.
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Our products are not designed as toys for small children. Adapters, suction
cups and screws can pose a choking hazard if swallowed.
1 Welcome
2 Register with the CHANGERS COMMUNITY
Thank you for purchasing the Changers Starter Kit. The solar panel Maroshi and solar battery Kalhuohfummi are your warm welcome into a
community that produces its own energy.
Go to Changers.com and click “Login” on the top navigation bar.
This opens a dialog box and there you can register with your email address
and a password. If you prefer, use a social media connection to register via
Facebook or Twitter.
From now on, you are contributing to the reduction of harmful CO2 emissions with the production of your own solar-generated energy. You also earn
credits which can be redeemed on the Changers marketplace.
To take advantage of all these features, please register a personal profile and
your battery Kalhuohfummi on Changers.com prior to your first use.
3 Installation of the CHANGERS SOFTWARE
Now you have registered and have a Changers user profile. The next step is
to download the software to allow you to link your battery with your profile.
Only then will your energy consumption, battery performance, and your
earned credits become measurable.
Click on your name in the top navigation bar to open a drop down menu.
Click “Device Settings” and open the “Download Changers Software” tab.
The registration is required to initialize your battery and connect it with
your personal Changers profile. Your battery is then ready to take in sun,
measure your energy balance, and earn you credits.
Choose the appropriate software for your operating system and install it on
your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions.
4 Initialization of the battery KALHUOHFUMMI
5 How the Solar Panel MAROSHI Functions
Your battery works like a small computer. It does much more than just store
energy and charge your devices. Connect the Kalhuohfummi with your computer using the provided USB data cable to take advantage of the battery’s
many features.
The solar panel Maroshi reaches its maximum capacity when unfiltered
sunlight shines directly on it. The panel is weatherproof and can be used
outside throughout the year, though it is best installed somewhere sheltered
from direct rain.
Activate the Changers software. Then press the battery’s round button and
wait for the software to recognize the battery. This opens a dialog box to
login and connect your battery with your personal profile.
If you choose to mount the panel on the inside of a window, make sure
the window is not tinted and does not have a UV filter to ensure the panel
works as efficiently as possible.
Log-In Data: Enter the e-mail and password you used to register a profile
directly on Changers.com.
Depending on whether you opt to install the panel outdoors or indoors,
mount the supplied suction cups accordingly. Affix the panel in a sunny
Attention: If you are logged in via social media on Changers, use the login
that is for your Facebook or Twitter account.
Complete the initialization and personalization of your battery according to
the instructions. Now you are ready to generate and track your own energy.
The solar panel has a durable 2 meter long cable with a DC plug that should
be plugged into the “Sun” charging socket of the solar battery. Check that
the plug is firmly secured and deep in the socket to ensure solid contact
between the panel and battery.
6 How the Solar Battery KALHUOHFUMMI Functions
7 Installation
The solar panel Maroshi is flexible but
not unbreakable. Please take care of
your solar panel.
8 Generate energy
Status LED for data transmission and
error messages
The solar battery has a control button and an LED display. If your solar panel
is illuminated directly by the sun, the charging process of the battery will
begin immediately and the LED display will flash.
The flashing of the LED display shows you not only whether the battery
is charging, but also indicates the amount of incoming solar power. At an
input of 10 watts, the LED light is solid unblinking and with an input of 3
watts, the display blinks 3 times per second, etc.
Depending on the angle at which the sun’s rays hit the solar panel, the
flashing frequency of the LED display will change. Once the battery is fully
charged, the charging stops automatically. Your battery has now stored the
energy of about 16 watt-hours.
9 Battery Indicator
0.1 watt to 0.3 watt
0.3 to 1 watt
1 watt
2 watts
3 watts
and so on
10 watts
flashes 1x every 3 seconds
flashes 1x every 2 seconds
flashes 1x per second
flashes 2x per second
flashes 3x per second
steady light
10 Charging mobile devices
You can check to what extent the battery is charged by pressing the round
control button. The LED display shows you the charge level of the battery for
5 seconds. If the Kalhuohfummi is completely discharged, no LEDs light up.
To efficiently store the energy inside the battery when not in use, the device
switches itself off. It is immediately restored by pressing the round button.
Flashing frequency for incoming
solar power
Cable for data transmission
and charging devices
Cable for charging
mobile devices
DC Jack
8 adapters for various
small devices
The battery Kalhuohfummi charges nearly all small mobile devices that can
take in 5 Volts via USB power. To charge a mobile device, use the supplied
USB to micro USB cable or the original charging cable that came with your
device. All Apple products should be charged with their original cables.
For full compatibility, a USB to DC Jack cable is included with 8 adapters:
mini USB, LG KG80, Nokia 2mm, Sony Ericsson, Samsung D800, Sony PSP,
Nintendo DS/GB, and Nintendo DS lite.
Plug the charger cable into the battery’s “Power Out” jack. The charging
process begins and the LED should flash. The flashing LED indicates that the
device is being charged, even though the device may report the opposite.
11 Your energy balance and credits
You’ve set up your account with Changers.com, created your profile, and
personalized your battery with your profile! Now you’re ready to save your
energy balance and share it with the community, and earn Changers credits.
Connect your battery with your computer using the provided USB to micro
USB data cable. Then press the round control knob of the Kalhuohfummi. A
dialog box will appear on your screen. Click the integrated middleware to
authorize the recording of your energy balance. Then simply follow the steps
on the onscreen menu.
Changers Manual
Version 2.0 EN December 2013
Download PDF