March 16, 2010
1. Call to Order – The Chairperson called the regular meeting to order at 9:03 a.m.
2. Pledge of Allegiance – Mark Core led the flag salute.
3. Roll Call – Present: Commissioner District 1 - Lynda Ring Erickson; Commissioner District 2 – Tim
Sheldon; Commissioner District 3 – Ross Gallagher.
4. Correspondence and Organizational Business
4.1.1 The Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau announced that they are preparing to
reevaluate Mason County's Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule
4.1.2 Hood Canal Communications, Comcast and Broadstripe provided rate change notices.
4.1.3 Hall Equities Group thanked Commissioner Sheldon for his assistance on the WallaceKneeland Interchange Regional Infrastructure project.
4.1.4 Merrill Wallace is seeking reappointment to the Mason County Housing Authority
Board of Commissioners.
4.1.5 Richard Calvin is seeking appointment to the Mason County Historic Preservation
4.1.6 Ken Wilson is seeking appointment to the Transportation Improvement Program
Citizens Advisory Program.
4.1.7 Chris Giraldes is seeking appointment to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.
4.1.8 The Washington State Liquor Control Board sent notice of establishments in Mason
County with liquor licenses due to expire on June 30, 2010 and notice of an
application for added priviledge for Hoodsport Winery.
4.1.9 The Olympic National Forest Service provided notice of their intent to reconstruct a
portion of Forest Service Road 23.
4.1.10 The Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
announced that Schafer State Park has been added to the Washington Heritage
News Release – Housing Authority of Mason County position. Commissioner Gallagher read
the news release announcing that the Housing Authority of Mason County Board of
Commissioners is seeking to fill a position on their board.
Proclamation – 90th Anniversary of League of Women Voters. Commissioner Ring Erickson
read the proclamation acknowledging the 90th anniversary of the League of Women Voters.
Charlie Butros announced that the 2010 paint line contract has been awarded to Apply A
Line from Pacific, Washington at their bid price of $239,006.20.
5. Open Forum for Citizen Input –
Stet Palmer commented on Schafer State Park. He thanked the Board for their support
in saving the park. Community support has also helped save the park from closing. In
recognition of the State’s budgetary constraints, his group started a spring clean up for
the flood damage in the park. There has been a 9 month effort to create a long term
management plan for the park. They are also working on increasing the camping season
to increase tourism in the county. He stressed the importance of the community’s
March 16, 2010 - PAGE 2
Commissioner Ring Erickson stated that Schafer State Park is an incredible asset and she
looks forward to seeing a plan. She also noted that Commissioner Gallagher has worked
hard on this.
Commissioner Sheldon noted that it was estimated that about 50% of people have been
donating to parks on their licenses tabs.
Ken VanBuskirk commented that he has been doing some research for the League of
Women Voters. He was able to find an article at the Historical Society regarding the
formation of the League. He presented the Board with a copy of the article. He is
honored to escort one of the original ladies to the function today.
6. Adoption of Agenda - Cmmr. Sheldon/Ring Erickson moved and seconded to adopt the
agenda as published. Motion carried unanimously. RE-aye; S-aye; G-aye.
7. Approval of Minutes – briefing minutes for February 22 and March 1, 2010 and regular meeting
minutes for March 2, 2010.
Cmmr. Ring Erickson/Sheldon moved and seconded to approve the briefing minutes for
February 22 and March 1, 2010 and regular meeting minutes for March 2, 2010. Motion
carried unanimously. RE-aye; S-aye; G-aye.
8. Approval of Consent Agenda:
8.1 Approval of the resolution relating to the repair and restoration of County right-of-ways
following the installation of sewer lines in the Belfair Urban Growth Area.
Resolution 10-10 (Exhibit A)
8.2 Approval of the resolution authorizing the Chair to sign a contract with EnviroIssues of
Seattle, Washington to continue providing professional assistance informing the public of ongoing construction progress and activities to convert on-site septic systems to the Belfair
Wastewater Reclamation System.
8.3 Approval of a budget transfer for the Parks and Trails 2010 operating budget transferring
$9,800 from an Extra Help budget line to a Park Aide budget line. There is no net increase or
decrease to the Parks and Trails operating budget.
8.4 Approval of Amendment #21 for the 2007-2011 Consolidated Contracts C14956 with the
Washington State Department of Health for a $2,608 increase bringing the total contract
amount to $2,434.891. This is for the children’s immunization program and there is no
matching requirement.
8.5 Approval to adopt a resolution setting a hearing date with the Hearing Examiner on Tuesday,
April 13, 2010, 1:00 p.m. on the petition for vacation of a portion of Olympic Avenue, Plat of
“Hoodsport” recorded in Volume 2, page 6, records of Mason County, Washington.
Resolution 11-10 (Exhibit B)
8.6 Approval for the Public Works Deputy Director/County Road Engineer to execute Adopt A
Road Agreement No. 2885PION with the Pioneer Kiwanis for portions of Pickering Road,
North Island Drive and South Island Drive for litter control.
8.7 Approval for the County Engineer to advertise, set the bid opening date, award contracts and
authorize the Chair to sign all pertinent documents for County Road Projects (CRP) 1859 –
Beeville Loop Road; CRP 1874- Shelton Matlock Road and CRP 1921 – Harstine Island Clear
Safety Improvement Projects. The contract awards will be announced during a regular
meeting of the Board of County Commissioners.
8.8 Approval for the Board to execute the Annual Certification for Calendar Year 2009;
Certification of Expenditures for Traffic Law Enforcement – 2009; and, Certification for
March 16, 2010 - PAGE 3
Expenditures for Fish Passage Barrier Removal – 2009 to be included in the annual submittal
to the County Road Administration Board by the Department of Public Works.
Approval of the resolution removing the load weight restriction as indicated on approved
Bridge Limit Resolution 100-09 from Weaver Creek 1 Bridge, Hunter Creek Bridge, and
Tahuya River 2 Bridge. Resolution 12-10 (Exhibit C)
Approval of the agreement with Antonia’s Mexican Food to provide concession services at
Mason County Recreation Area during the 2010 season with options for the 2011 and 2012
Approval to schedule a public hearing on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. to review the
submitted request by Mel and Rita Armstrong for one parcel (20.0 acres) along Courtney
Creek Road and north of the Belfair Urban Growth Area to rezone from Rural Residential 20
to Rural Residential 5 zone.
Approval of Veterans Assistance Fund applications for: John (Irma) Miller – Food $100.00;
Scott Kaylor – Utilities $198.84.; Orville W. Roberts – Housing $525.00; George F. Valent –
Utilities $160.70; Eldon Fosdick – Food $200.00; Robert Holman – Housing $475.00 for a
total of $1,659.54.
Approval of the resolution closing Old Clifton Road and Roy Boad Road to through traffic to
allow the installation of sewer mains for the Belfair Wastewater Reclamation Project.
Approval of Warrants
Claims Clearing Fund
Warrant #s 170255-171526
Salary Clearing Fund
Warrant #s 3410-3466
$ 277,287.42
Direct Deposit Fund
Deposit #s 19156-19884
Approval to cancel the March 23, 2010 Commission meeting and Board of Health meeting.
Approval to authorize the Emergency Management Manager, Martin Best, to advertise,
interview, and hire for the Emergency Management Coordinator position.
Cmmr. Ring Erickson asked for clarification on item 8.13 and asked that item 8.16 be removed for
further consideration.
Brenda Hirschi had a question on item 8.2.
Item 8.16
Martin Best stated he is looking to fill a position that was vacated when someone unexpectedly
Cmmr. Ring Erickson noted that she is supportive of Emergency Management but her concern is
staff creep. There have been other vacated positions in the County that haven’t been filled. She
would prefer to table the item so she can see a work plan and better understand the operations of
the department.
Cmmr. Ring Erickson/Sheldon moved and seconded to table item 8.16 until April 6,
2010. Motion carried unanimously. RE-aye; S-aye; G-aye.
Item 8.2
Ms. Hirschi asked the amount of the contract.
Emmett Dobey responded that accounting has prepared a spreadsheet that better details the
grants and loans for the project. The report will be prepared each month to track expenditures.
This contract is part of the public involvement and education program. $400,000 has been set
aside for the program and this contract is about $240,000.
March 16, 2010 - PAGE 4
Cmmr. Sheldon was concerned about the amount of money.
Cmmr. Sheldon/Ring Erickson moved and seconded to table item 8.2 until April 6, 2010.
Motion carried unanimously. RE-aye; S-aye; G-aye.
Item 8.13
Tom Moore announced that Utilities and Waste has consulted with Public Works and they have decided
not to close the two roads. They will be able to reroute traffic with flaggers. He asked that item 8.13 be
Cmmr. Sheldon/Ring Erickson moved and seconded to approve Consent items 8.1 through
8.16, excluding items 8.2, 8.13 and 8.16. Motion carried unanimously. RE-aye; S-aye; Gaye.
Cmmr. Sheldon excused himself from the meeting at 9:38 a.m. to attend the Legislature.
9. 9:30 a.m. Public Hearings and Items Set for a Certain Time – There were no public hearings
10. Other Business (Department Heads and Elected Officials) –
Cmmr. Gallagher commented that the Board gets several requests for emails on
particular items and everyone is welcome to those requests.
11. Board’s Reports and Calendar - The Commissioners reported on meetings attended the past week
and announced their upcoming weekly meetings.
12. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:54 a.m.
Ross Gallagher, Chair
Lynda Ring Erickson, Commissioner
Shannon Goudy, Clerk of the Board
Tim Sheldon, Commissioner
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