Midland G-11 Specifications
PMR446 Transceiver
” I N S T R U C T I O N G U I D E
Mi dlan d | PMR446 Transce ive r
PMR446 Transceiver
Thanks for choosing Midland! G11 is a portable transceiver that is free use in
almost all European countries. For further information, we suggest you to look
at the “Restrictions on the use” chart.
Midland G11 is a multi-task PMR446 transceiver.
Combining the latest technology in radio communication along with a sturdy
mechanical frame, G11 is the ideal and effective solution for the professionals
who need to stay in touch with the working team (in construction sites, buildings, shows, trade fairs or hotels) or for leisure users that just want to keep
up with friends and family.
Programming software (optional)
Thanks to Midland Programming software specifically made for G11, it is possible to increase the performance of your radio or to reduce its functionality
by disabling some of the default features (CTCSS, TOT...)
For further information, please consult the Programming software manual.
1 G11 transceiver
1 belt clip
1 wall adaptor
1 1600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack
1 desktop charger
Main characteristics
PMR446 Transceiver
Output power: 500mW
Channel spacing: 12.5KHz
Built-in VOX function (vocal-activated communication)
Beep keypad
Roger Beep
Battery save
The maximum range depends on terrain condition and is obtained during use
in an open space.
The only limitation to maximum possible range are environmental factors
such as blockage caused by trees,buildings, or other obstructions. Inside a
car or a metallic constructions, the range can be reduced. Normally the coverage in the city, with buildings or other obstructions is about 1 or 2 Km. In
open space but with obstructions like trees, leaves or houses the maximum
possible range is about 4-6 Km. In open space, without obstructions and in
sight, like for example in mountain, the coverage can be more than 12 Km.
Encoder: rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise to select the desired channel
Power/volume knob- turn clockwise to power on and
increase the volume level. Turn counter-clockwise to
decrease the volume level and power off.
Built-in microphone
Led indicator:
PTT: push this button to transmit, release it to receive.
Function key 1: Briefly press this button to activate
the Monitor function; keep pressed this button for about
4 sec. to enable the VOX feature. The radio will emit
an acoustic sound each time you press the button to
confirm that the desired function has been activated/
Function key 2: keep pressed this button for about 4
sec. to activate the Scan function. The radio will emit
an acoustic sound each time you press the button to
confirm you that the function has been activated/deactivated.
External Speaker/Mic Jack- allows the connection
with external devices such as headsets, microphones.
Power on/off and volume adjustment
Rotate the Power/Volume knob clockwise to turn the radio on.
Rotate the control clockwise /counter-clockwise to adjust the volume level as
you prefer.
Rotate the control counter-clockwise till hearing a mechanical “click”, to turn
the radio off.
To communicate, all radios in your group must be set to the same channel.
Briefly press the Function key 1 to enable the Monitor feature in order to
make sure that the frequency is not busy, then press the PTT button.
For a maximum clarity, hold the device at a distance of about 4/10 cm.
Release the PTT key to receive.
Only one user at a time can talk during radio communications. Therefore,
it is important not to transmit when you are receiving a communication and
use the transmission mode sparingly to allow other users to use the feature.
Transmission consumes a significant amount of energy and should therefore
be used sparingly to prolong the battery life.
If you are unable to contact a station that you have no problems in receiving,
the station may be using CTCSS tones or DCS codes.
The Monitor feature is for temporarily excluding (opening) the Squelch, in
order to listen to signals that are too weak to keep the Squelch permanently
Briefly press the Function key 1 to enable such function.
Keep pressed the Function key 2 for about 4 sec. to enable the Scan function: the radio will scan all channels from the channel in use.
Whenever any signal is detected, the radio will suspend the Scan; to resume
scanning, press again the PTT button.
The VOX sensitivity can be adjusted in 10 different levels (0,1,2,3…9) trough
the programming software:
0 means that the VOX is turned off, 1 is the lowest VOX sensitivity level and
9 is the highest one.
By default, the VOX sensitivity of G11 is set on level 5.
To activate the VOX feature, keep pressed for about 4 sec. the Function
The Squelch function suppresses noises on free channels and allows to receive even weak signals.
G11 has 10 different Squelch levels settable by programming software: 0
means that the Squelch is turned off; from level 1 to level 9 you will have
different levels of noise reduction. The higher is the level, the louder will be
the Squelch.
By default, the Squelch level of G11 is set on level 5.
Make sure you do not set an excessively high squelch level because in this
case you may not be able to receive weaker signals. On the other hand an
excessively low Squelch value could enable the Squelch even when no signals are present.
Squelch must always be adjusted when no signals are present.
The Time Out timer is settable from 30 sec to 270 sec. only through the programming software.
This feature is disabled by default.
Roger Beep (end of transmission tone)
When the PTT button is released, the radio will beep to confirm to other users
that you’ve finished your transmission and that they can begin to speak.
Beep Tone
This function permit you to produce a beep tone every time you press a button.
G11 enables hands free conversations through the VOX function: just speak
in the direction of the microphone and the communication will be automatically activated.
G11 is equipped for using a 7,4V Li-ion rechargeable battery pack which can
be recharged connecting the socket of the AC/DC wall adaptor to a mains
power socket and inserting the jack of the wall adaptor into the desktop charger plug.
It takes 4-5 hours to fully recharge the radio.
For maximum battery life, we recommend charging the battery pack when the
G11 is off and the battery pack is fully discharged.
! Using a different battery charger other than the one specified can cause damage to your device or may even cause explosions and personal
The Warranty does not limit the user’s (statutory) rights under applicable National
laws relating to the sale of consumer products.
During the Warranty period, the Manufacturer or the authorized customers service
will, in accordance with this Limited Warranty , remedy defects by repair or replace
the product.
This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country where the user
has purchased the product.
The Battery power saving feature enables a reduction in consumption of
up to 50%. If it has been set, it comes on automatically when the transceiver
does not receive any signal for more than 7 seconds in order to save the
battery life. Power saving can be set only through Programming software.
Your G11 was designed to fulfill any warranty obligations and to enjoy this
product for many years.
As for all the electronically devices, we recommend you to follow this few
›› Do not attempt to open the unit. Non-expert handling of the unit may damage it and/or annul the warranty.
›› When using regulated power supply, take notice of power voltage, that
must be between 6V and 8V to avoid damages.
›› High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, and warp or
melt certain plastics. Do not store the radio in dusty or dirty areas.
›› Keep the Radio dry. Rainwater or damp will corrode electronic circuits.
›› If it appears that the Radio diffuses peculiar smell or smoke, please shut off
its power immediately and take off the charger or battery from the Radio.
›› Do not transmit without antenna.
Warranty period
The warranty period starts at the time of Product’s original purchase by the first
end-user. The product may consist of several different parts and these parts are
covered by different warranty periods:
›› 24 month for the device
›› 6 month for these following parts: battery, chargers, headset , antennas..
How to get the Warranty service
In the event of a product defect, please return it to the authorized customer service
or to the Manufacturer himself. To make use of this warranty, it is necessary to
return to the authorized service centre:
›› The affected product (or accessory)
›› The original proof of purchase, which clearly indicates the name and address of
the seller and the date and place of purchase.
What the Warranty does not cover
The warranty does not cover:
›› Normal wear and tear of the product
›› Defects caused by rough handling (defects caused by sharp items, by bending,
compressing or dropping …)
›› Defects or damage caused by misuse of the product, including use that is contrary to instructions provided by manufacturer
›› Defects caused by other factors/acts beyond the reasonable control of the manufacturer.
The warranty does not cover defects or damage caused to the Product by misuse
with, or connection to, any product, accessory software and/or services not produced or supplied by the manufacturer or by use of the product for any other use than
for intended use of the product.
The warranty is not enforceable if the product has been opened, modified or repaired by anyone other than the authorized service centre; if it is repaired using unauthorized spare parts or if the serial number has been removed, erased, defaced,
altered or is illegible.
The warranty is not enforceable if the product has been exposed to moisture, to
dampness or to extreme thermal or environmental conditions or to corrosion, to
oxidation, to spillage of food or liquid or to influence from chemical products.
Frequency range
Working temperature
Operating voltage
Operate mode
Antenna impedance
Duty cycle
446.00625- 446.09375 MHz (PMR446)
100mm×58mm×33mm (without Antenna)
203g (Battery pack included)
Frequency stability
Output power
Max frequency deviation
Audio distortion
Adjacent channel power
Spurious radiation
Occupied bandwidth
< 60 dB
Within European legal terms
Within European legal terms
RF sensibility
Audio distortion
Audio response
Adjacent channel selectivity
Intermodulation rejection
Spurious response
<[email protected] dB SINAD
300Hz ÷ 3KHz
Within European legal terms
Within European legal terms
Within European legal terms
Within European legal terms
Hereby, CTE International declares that this G11 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. A copy of
Declaration of Conformity can be found at: www.midlandradio.eu
The radio doesn’t switch on
The radio switches off shortly after it has
been switched on
The battery pack does not recharge
The radio switches on but is unable to
receive signals
Possible Cause
The battery pack is discharged and/or has not been
installed correctly.
Verify that the battery pack is charged and that it has
been correctly installed.
Discharged battery pack.
Recharge the battery pack.
The battery-charger has not been connected or installed
The site of installation is too shielded.
The volume is too low
Inspect the connections of the battery-charger and the
installation of the batteries.
Move to an another area.
Adjust the volume level.
Check that the CTCSS tone or DCS code corresponds
to the one set by the parties you are communicating
Disable the Monitor function.
Select the same radio channel used by the parties you
are communicating with.
Incorrect CTCSS or DCS
Noise is always present in reception mode The Monitor function is enabled.
An incorrect radio channel has been selected.
The radio is installed in a shielded area or is too far from
Move to another area.
the party you are communicating with
Check that the CTCSS tone or DCS code corresponds
Incorrect CTCSS or DCS
to the one set by the parties you are communicating
Try temporarily disabling the Squelch by means of the
The signal is very weak.
Monitor feature.
The transmission distance is excessive and/or there are Move closer to the party you are communicating with or
obstacles in the transmission path
to another area.
Reception is fragmented and/or disturbed
Check the traffic on the radio channel by means of the
Other parties are using the same channel
Monitorfeature and select another channel if required.
The radio has been installed too close to equipment that Increase the distance between the radio and this
causes interference (televisions, computers, etc.)
The channel is used by an excessive number of parties
Select another channel. Ask the radio link provider to
Transmission is not always possible
or the transmission has been barred due to a busy
disable the block due to busy channel.
VOX causes the radio to accidentally
The sensitivity and/or environmental
Reduce the VOX sensitivity.
enable transmission
noise is too high.
The VOX feature requires speaking in a
If the environmental noise is not high, increase the
The sensitivity is too low.
loud voice
sensitivity or use an optional microphone.
Try reducing the transmission time and/or using a low
The autonomy of the battery pack is limited Commission time is too high.
Logic related faults (unreadable displayed Incorrect setting caused by a problem with the power
Recharge the battery pack
symbols, functions blocked, etc.)
It is not possible to communicate with
other parties
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