Unitech PA960 System information

Unitech PA960 System information
Laser Scanner
The PA960 has an integrated laser scanner, which
reads all major bar code labels with excellent performance.
Trigger keys are located on the left and right sides of the unit.
Press either one to activate the laser scanner.
The PA960 also has a built-in Scanner Setting.exe program
that allows the user to test the barcode scan function.
Scanner Setting.exe is located in directory \Windows\Control
and is also accessible by shortcut via “Setting\Control” on the
Start menu.
Operating the PA960 for the first time without the AC
adapter, and without fully charging the backup battery
may result in loss of data stored in RAM memory.
Note: Backing-up data by backup battery only without the
main battery installed in the battery compartment may take as
long as 8 hours. Therefore, in order to prevent data protection
failure due to backup battery failure, do not leave the PA960
without the rechargeable battery pack installed, or without
connection to AC power for an extended period of time.
It may take up to 72 hours to backup data when the PA960 is
automatically shut down because of very low battery power
while the depleted batteries are still installed in the battery
Power Status Indication
PA960 Windows CE.NET4.2
Your PA960 is a rugged, compact and lightweight
palm-size computer. It utilizes the Windows CE®
operating system, and incorporates an integral bar
code scanning laser device, color LCD with touch
screen, keypad, IrDA interface, and wireless
communication capability. It provides the user with
a standard Windows-based environment for
customizing and operating the device.
This PA960 product reference guide will guide you
to access your PA960.
Quick Reference Guide
Power system
Check Battery Status:
The battery menu item will show the status
of the main and backup batteries. There
are 3 kinds of status indicators — “Good”,
“Low” and “Very Low”. Bold characters
The optional Docking Station is a convenient accessory for
indicate the actual status, e.g. battery icons
daily use of the PA960. The charging will be completed
withing 3 hours. Or, when using the included Charging/RS232 in the illustration at right mean both the main
Cable or Carging / USB cable the charging time of the battery and backup batteries are “GOOD”.
pack is about 3 hours.
It is necessary to charge the battery when “Low” or “Very Low”
are displayed in bold characters. If “Low” or “Very Low” are
still displayed after charging, please contact Unitech
Technical Support.
Charging the Lithium-Ion Battery
Charging the Main and Backup Battery for the First Time
Note: Before using the PA960 for the first time, charge
the unit for 16 hours to fully charge the empty backup battery.
“Battery Low” icon: When displayed indicates the
battery is low and needs to be charged. In other words,
there is no external power supply, the battery charge is low or
very low, and charging the
PA960 is recommended.
Battery Low
“Battery Very Low” icon: When displayed indicates the battery
is very low. Stopping the operation and charging the PA960
immediately is highly
Battery Very Low
No icon: When displayed means there is no external power
supply to the PA960 but its
battery power status is good.
“Backup Battery Low” icon: When displayed indicates the
backup battery is low and
needs to be charged.
Backup Battery Low
“Backup Battery Very Low” icon: When displayed indicates
the backup battery is very low. Stopping the operation and
charging the PA960
immediately is highly
Backup Battery Very Low or
Backup Battery is not turned on.
Installing the Wireless Local Area
Network (WLAN) Card
Four different icons are displayed on the status bar to indicate
the on-board power status.
“Plug” icon: When displayed, this icon indicates that the battery
is charging. The PA960 is either plugged-in via the DC 12V/2A
power adapter or in the
docking station.
Plug with power adapter
Attach the snap-on antenna to the RF card if required (only
the Cisco card comes with a pre-installed antenna).
Attach pulling-tag to antenna.
Insert the RF card into the PCMCIA slot.
card front side
If the screen is blank or the unit fails to turn on, charge the
battery for 16 hours. If the battery is fully charged and the unit
still fails to turn on, reboot the device by inserting a pin in the
reset hole.
unitech PA960& Accessories
After opening the box, please make sure the
following accessories for the PA960 are present:
Tour of the unitech PA960
Bar Code Laser Scanner
Right Side Scanner
Press it to enable
laser sccanner to
read bar code.
Touch Screen
PA960 CD
RS232/USB/Charging Port
PA960 Main Body
PA960 Front and Left Side
This stylus is design for tapping
screen and also for accessing
batter door via the screw driver
in the stylus.
The Unitech PA960 is certified in the U.S. to conform to the
requirements of DHHS/CDRH 21CFR Subchapter J and to the
requirements of IEC 825-1. Class II and Class 2 products are
not considered to be hazardous. The PT930 contains
internally a Visible Laser Diode (VLD) whose emissions do not
exceed the maximum limits as set forth in the above
regulations. The scanner is designed so that there is no
human access to harmful laser light during normal operation,
user maintenance or during prescribed service operations.
PA960 Windows CE.NET 4.2
Quick Reference Guide
PA960 Back
IrDA port
CAUTION - Use of controls or adjustments or performance of
procedures other than those specified herein may result in
hazardous laser light. Use of optical instruments with the
scanner will increase eye hazard. Optical instruments include
binolulars, microscopes, and magnifying glasses. This does
not include eye glasses worn by the user.
The laser safety warning label required by the DHHS/IEC for
the PT930’s optional laser scanner module is located on the
memory compartment cover, on the back of the unit.
Power off the PA960
Remove the stylus, using the screw driver in
the stylus to remove the screw, and then
open the PCMCIA compartment
unitech PA960
European Conformity Statement
Declaration of Conformity with Regard to the R&TTE
1999/5/EC and EMC 89/336/EEC directives.
FCC Statement
This is a FCC Part 15 Class B product. In a domestic
environment this product may cause radio interference,
in which case the user may be required to take adequate
Reset Hole
Push enclosed
button for system
Battery pack
CF slot drawer for PA960
RF Card Cushion
Additional accessories are shipped separately.
Unpack the box and save the packaging in the
event the unit needs to be stored or returned to
unitech for service.
Check the unit for shipping damage. If anything
is missing or damaged, notify your unitech sales
PCMCIA compartment
Install PC card here.
CF slot compartment
Please remove the
battery door to access
CF slot.
Battery compartment
Install Lithium-ion battery
pack here.
First Steps with the Unitech PA960
There are three ways to provide power to the PA960:
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
RS232/Charging cable,USB/Charging cable
Docking Station
NOTE: data you enter may not be properly stored until
the built-in backup battery has been adequately charged.
Please be remided to turn on the back up battery before
you charge the terminal
Rev . A
Setting up the PA960
Your Unitech PA960 is shipped with a protective film over
the display. This film may be left in place to protect the screen
from scratches, however, it will slightly reduce the readability
and contrast of the image. You may remove the protective
film by peeling it off from one corner.
Supplying power to the PA960
Connect the RS232/Charging
Cable or USB/Charging Cable to
the PA960, and then connect the
AC adapter to the cable’s power
jack and an electrical outlet.
Flash Memory
Flash Memory is a re-writable
location in which to store up to
8 MB of programs and data files.
The benefit of this feature is that
files and programs saved in Flash
Memory are unaffected by the
PA960’s power status.
Power On/Off
Installing the Battery Pack
Or place the PA960 into
the Docking Station (first
connect the power supply
to the Docking Station).
CAUTION - Improper installation of the rechargeable battery
pack can cause the metal clips in the battery compartment to
bend or break. Carefully read and follow the procedure below
for installing the battery pack.
1. Remove the battery compartment door
(located on the lower back side of the
unit) by using the screw driver of Stylus.
Charging the Main and Backup batteries for the
first time
2. Position the battery pack with the label
side towards you, and the battery pack
strap towards the bottom of the unit.
Insert and fully seat the battery pack,
making sure the shape of the battery
pack fits the shape of the battery
It may take up to 16 hours to fully charge the empty
backup battery. The first time charge should be for at least
16 hours to insure a proper charge.
To access the contents of Flash
Memory, simply select “My Computer”
on the desktop and then select
“Flash Storage”. The programs and
data files currently stored in Flash
Memory will be displayed.
[ON/OFF] When the unit is off, pressing the On/OFF
key will turn the unit on. Alternatively, when
the unit is on, this key must be pressed and held
down for about two seconds in order to turn the
unit off.
The Escape key will perform the same function as
tapping the CANCEL button or the X button on the
touch screen.
To save to Flash Storage, select File,
Save To, and select Flash Storage just
like you would select any other
storage medium.
[Back space] The Backspace key is used to erase
previously input characters.
[FUNC] The Function key is used to perform alternative key
The Tab key is used to toggle between data fields
or to place the cursor at pre-determined places in
a programming or word processing application.
CAUTION: Operating the PA960 for the first time without
the AC adapter, and without fully charging the backup
battery may result in loss of data stored in RAM memory.
Before using the PA960 for the first time, charge the unit
for 16 hours to fully charge the empty Lithium backup battery
3. Position the battery pack and install the
battery compartment door by using sylus
screw driver.
Using the Keypad and Scanner
Initial Operation
Note: Be sure that you have fully charged the battery before
turning the unit on.
Insert CF card to PA960
Find the CF drawer from PA960 package, insert CF card
to the CF drawer. Then insert the CF drawer to the PA960
and place the CF slot door. Re-install the battery door to
PA960 with screw driver of PA960 stylus.
Setting Time Zone, Date, and Time
After Calibrating the PA960, the
“Date/Time Properties” dialog box will
appear. Follow the steps below to set
the date and time.
CF drawer
Pressing the ON/OFF Key
Press [FUNC] key and Cursor key to decrease or increase
screen brightness.
Calibrating the PA960
This screen will automatically appear
when the unit is powered-on for the first
time or after the system is reset. This
screen can also be accessed at any time
by pressing the hot key [FUNC] and
the [ESC] key.
The PA960 will prompt you to calibrate
the unit by tapping a sequence of screen
locations. Tap gently but firmly. When you have completed
the series of taps, press the [ENT] key to confirm it or press
the [ESC] key to cancel it.
When the PA960 boots, the default condition is Numeric Mode
on. When you toggle to Aphal Mode, the default condition is
CAPS mode off.
Software Keyboard (Windows CE Keyboard)
Since the PA960’s keypad allows input of numeric characters
only, the Windows CE Software provides a touch screen
keyboard for input of other characters. The Windows based
keyboard replicates the layout of a standard PC keyboard.
Opening the Windows CE Keyboard:
Follow the steps below to set up your
time zone.
Press Apaha key twice to toggle CAPS
Key in
Press Cursor-UP to enter selected character.
The Windows CE keyboard can be opened by tapping the
“keyboard” icon on the task bar.
Useful hotkeys
Tap the location arrow to see a
list of cities
Choose your location (or
nearest listed one)
Select the Daylight Savings Time
check box, if necessary
Tap the APPLY button
Setting Y ear and Month
Adjusting Screen Brightness
Alpha Key
The Unitech PA960 welcome screen appears.
The Windows CE® screen will appear
shortly thereafter.
The PA960 keypad contains 19 keys, including Cursor key,
0~9, Alpha key, ON/OFF, Function, Escape, Backspace, and
Enter key. Please refer to the picture in section 9.
Alpha Mode Press alpha to alpha mode, the default
condition is CAPS off.
Setting the Time Zone first
Your CF card.
The Enter key is used to initiate a process or
confirm a selection made by the user.
[Cursor] This Cursor key is used to navigate among
[Alpha] This Alpha key is used to toggle between Numberic
& Alpha Mode. This Apha key is also used to toggle
CAPS at Alpha Mode.
The PA960 provides eight combination hot keys to activate
specified screen setting functions or programs. These
hotkeys are useful for calibrating the touch screen, toggling
the backlight, and adjusting screen contrast when the
menu-driven operation is disabled. Below is the list of
hotkeys. To use them, press and hold the [FUNC] key in
combination with the corresponding second key.
[FUNC] + [ESC]
Check Stylus properties & Re-Calibrate the
PA960’s touch screen.
[FUNC] + [ ]
[FUNC] + [ ]
[FUNC] + [TA B *]
[FUNC] + [6]
[FUNC] + [7]
[FUNC] + [8]
[FUNC] + [9]
[FUNC] + [0]
[FUNC] + [Cursor]
Decrease screen brightness.
Tap the Left or Right arrows to scroll the month.
Tap here to directly
change year setting
Tap here to popup
list of months
Or directly tap location of year or month
to change the year or month setting.
Exiting Date/Time Properties Settings
Tap OK or X (cancel) button at upper-right corner to exit.
Keying-in Characters:
After tapping the “keyboard” icon, the Windows CE keyboard
pops up. Character input is the same as on a standard PC.
Simply tap the on-screen button corresponding to the
character you want to input.
International Character Support:
Tap the [áü] button to switch from the
standard English keyboard to the
European keyboard.
Moving the Keyboard:
Task manager
Use the stylus to point to the title bar
(the bar displaying “Input panel”) and
then move the stylus without lifting it
from the screen.
Scanner Setting.exe
Closing the Keyboard:
Scanner Setting utility
Tap the keyboard icon to close the Windows CE keyboard.
Increase screen brightness.
Toggle screen & LCD backlight.
System Information
Use Function key & Cursor “UP” to Toggle Display
[FUNC] + [Cursor] Use Function key & Cursor “Down” to Toggle
Keypad LED Backlight
Using the Laser Scanner
Left side
Note: Reading software must be enabled
in order to operate the scanner. This can
be a user-loaded application or a pre-loaded
utility such as Scanner Setting.exe.
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