Service contracts (en)
Service contracts
Maintenance from the specialists
Predictive maintenance
“Would you like to avoid breakdowns and
unnecessary and non-budgeted expenses?”
takes our service a step up. By continually
monitoring the condition of a compressor
we are able to predict when it will require
maintenance rather than rely on pre-set
time intervals. The outcome is usually an
extension in operating time between
maintenance outages. In cases where
more maintenance is indicated,
breakdowns are avoided and steps can be
taken to modify equipment, operational
procedures and process systems to
improve operational life.
In that case the best solution is to enter
into a service agreement with Siemens
Turbomachinery Solutions, which will
give you access to priority service tailored
to take care of you very equipment
maintenance needs.
A Siemens Turbomachinery Solutions
annual Service Contract can maximize the
profits generated over the lifetime of a
product by improving system reliability and
reducing downtime.
A maintenance plan can be configured to
suit the particular conditions of use, with
maintenance being performed on either a
periodic or predictive-based basis.
We deliver measurable benefits to your
business in a number of ways:
 Expert staff dedicated to servicing your
 No impact on your head count
 Infrastructure saving at your site
through the use of our service facilities
 Enhanced performance, efficiency and
reliability through the expertise of our
skilled specialists
We tailor contract services to individual
needs with a focus on periodic
maintenance and predictive maintenance
Periodic maintenance
With periodic maintenance we undertake
regular pre-defined maintenance visits to
check and report on equipment plus
handle minor repair work during scheduled
maintenance periods. Cover for emergency
repair services can also be included.
Answers for energy.
Predictive maintenance is designed to
make savings over and above periodic
maintenance by only undertaking
maintenance work when it is needed,
rather than when it is scheduled.
Whatever your requirement is for the
maintenance of your Turbo compressor
equipment, we are your ideal partner to
deliver increased performance and reduce
 Assurance of regular servicing
 Use of the best specialist to service
 Savings through the use of our
service facilities
 Service budgeting is a breeze
 Priority on non-planned service
 Various discounts on phone support
Our other service offerings
At Siemens Turbomachinery Solutions
we strive to provide the best service to you
as a customer.
Therefore, you will always get solutions
and service products designed to suit your
individual needs. We can assist you with
everything from spare parts and training,
to refurbishment and upgrades of old
equipment and maintenance of existing
Service & trouble shooting
Our service team with its experience and
know-how is at your disposal to assist you
in achieving optimum utilization of your
You can choose between a wide range of
service solutions:
Installation and commissioning
Highly qualified experts install the
equipment, put it into operation and
provide on-site training of your staff.
Genuine Spare Parts
Published by and copyright © 2008:
Siemens AG
Energy Sector
Freyeslebenstrasse 1
91058 Erlangen, Germany
Our spare parts are manufactured to the
highest quality standards ensuring
continued trouble free operation.
Refurbishment and upgrades
We offer complete technical consultation
as well as project management on
refurbishments and upgrades.
Siemens Power Generation, Inc.
4400 Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL 32826-2399, USA
For more information, contact our
Customer Support Center.
+49 180/524 70 00
+49 180/524 24 71
(Charges depending on provider)
Our in-house service workshop takes care
of any repair work which may not be
effected directly on the spot.
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Subject to change without prior notice.
Printed on paper treated with
chlorine-free bleach.
Trademarks mentioned in this
document are the property of Siemens
AG, its affiliates, or their respective
The information in this document
contains general descriptions of the
technical options available, which may
not apply in all cases. The required
technical options should therefore be
specified in the contract.
For more information please contact:
Consultation and process
Use our outstanding experience to improve
you processing facility.
Siemens A/S
Turbomachinery Solutions
Allegade 4
DK-3000 Helsingør
Phone: +45 49 21 14 00
Fax: +45 49 21 52 25
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