Operating the Device
I.Loading the Battery
Please remove the insulation strip before using the
Snore•Stopper for the first time.(as shown in picture I)
1. Open the battery cover with the screwdriver (included) to
load AAA battery. Make sure that the
AAA + pole is placed towards “ON/
OFF switch / intensity level volume”
(as shown in picture II)
2. Close the battery cover and secure it
with the screw.
II.Sticking On the Electrode Pads
1. Use the moist alcohol swab to clean the two black conductive rubber pads on the
back of the device.(as shown in picture III)
2. Remove the self-adhesive electrode pads from their vacuum pack. Peel off the
printed side of the plastic film.(as shown in picture IV, V)
3. Attach the side with printed words on the waxed protective film to the electrode
pads onto the black conductive rubber pads. Press the electrode pads in a motion
to ensure better adhesion, and wait for fifteen minutes (as shown in picture VI, VII).
Thank you for buying Health Vision’siSnore•Stopper. We are sure that our Snore Stopper will help to improve your day to day life.
A good night sleep is essential for a healthier lifestyle especially in stressful times.
Please read the manual carefully to learn how to operate the unit correctly. A
complete and thorough understanding of the process outlined in the manual will give
you, as the user, a rewarding and lasting benefit of the Snore•Stop watch.
Snoring is linked to many leading health issues in today’s world including:
- Increased drowsiness;
- Increased risk of heart disease, stroke, fatigue and depression;
- Increased risk of high blood pressure;
- Increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, fatigue, and depression, etc.
Let’s not forget our beloved partners who also suffer when you snore.
Peel off the outside plastic film from the Electrode. (as shown in picture VIII)
Wear the Snore Stopper one inch below the wrist like a normal watch. Hook the belt
into the other “wing” of the Snore Stopper and make sure the hook is completely
locked. Don’t pull the belt too tightly as it may result in poor blood circulation.
IV. Testing and Using the Snore Stopper watch
When you wear Snore Stopper one inch below the wrist, the LED normally
changes from “red” to “green”, meaning the device has proper contact
with your skin.
If the LED still shows a red light, means the Snore Stopper does not have
proper contact with your skin. Adjust the wrist belt until the LED indicator
light is green. Or some time battery may be flat, please change it. Turn
the Snore Stopper “ON” by turning the Intensity adjustment knob to level
1.Check that LED is green and blinking. Press the TEST button three times
in a row. The Snore Stopper watch will emit weak electrical impulse for 5
This means Snore Stopper watch is ready for use. Adjust the intensity level
between 4 to 7 and start using the device.
Note: Due to variations in skin sensitivity, sometime you may not feel
the electrical impulse. Wear the snore stopper inner side of the wrist and
press the test button 3 times again.
How Does It Work
Names of the Components
Our device’s patented intelligent design can automatically detect snores
above 55 dB when there are no other background loud noises.
Now you can stop the annoying snores and have better quality sleeps in
the future.
V. After Use
LED indicator
ON/OFF switch / intensity level volume
Self-adhesive electrode pads
III. Adjusting the Wrist-Band
Normally when we sleep, our muscles gets relaxed. Snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone although it occurs more in men and people who are
overweight which worsens with age. Snoring occurs when the flow of air through the
nose or mouth becomes physically obstructed. A combination of factors can prevent
normal airflow including allergies. Most common factor of this obstruction is when
the tongue and throat muscles become too relaxed and they fall back into the airway
of the nose or mouth. Generally, snoring can be reduced if the snorer changes his/
her sleeping position which most often happens when given a slight nudge by their
Based on this concept, Snore•Stopper has been developed to reduce snoring by a
biofeedback process. When snores are detected, the device generates a 5 second
impulse onto superficial skin. Snoring may then be reduced in the following ways:
1) The snoring person changes his/her sleeping position; or
2) Muscle tension in the throat is increased by the gentle massage wave, bringing
those throat muscles back to their normal position.
Snore•Stopper provides a safe and intelligent alternative to reduce your snoring.
Give yourself (and your loved ones!) the gift of a great quality sleep!
Use only as directed. If any unusual symptoms appear, discontinue the use immediately and consult your physician.
Test button
Battery cover (AAA x 1)
In the morning, after you remove the device, please stick
the plastic film back onto the electrode pads to prevent
the contamination and to increase the life span of the
electrodes. In order to maximize the battery life, this
device will automatically switch off after 8 hours. But
it is advisable to turn off the power manually after you
wake up.
VI. Note
User’s FAQ
i. The background noise should be below 55 dB while using Snore•Stopper.
ii. You may need a few days to get used to this device. After that you will start enjoying snore free sleeps.
iii.Due to variations in skin sensitivity, you may not feel the electrical impulse. In this
case, press the test button 3 times and adjust set the intensity to your desired
level (maximum 7
If the electrical impulses are still weak wear the snore stopper inner side of the
wrist. If your wrist is hairy, please remove the hairs.
Sometime battery might be flat. Please replace it and try again.
Individual results may vary as it depends on the snoring cause like, age, obesity,skin
sensitivity etc.
1. Q : Why you snores and-Does Snore•Stopper really work ?
A: Snoring is caused when the airway is too narrow. When we sleep, our muscles
are relaxed. As air moves through the narrow airway during breathing, it causes
the soft tissues (tonsils, soft palate & uvula) of the throat to vibrate. This vibration creates the sound and we call it snoring. Generally, snoring can be reduced
if the snorer changes his/her sleeping position or is given a slight nudge by his/her
Exactly the same way, when snores are detected, by the Snore Stopper, it will
generate a 5 second pulse onto superficial skin. This make the snoring person to
change his/her sleeping position and/ or ii.) increases the muscle tension in the
throat back to the normal thus increasing the gap for the airway resulting to stop
the snoring.
Note: If you have a serious medical condition, refer to our introduction and warning sections. Use only as directed. If any unusual symptoms appear, discontinue
treatment and see your doctor. Proper use of Snore Stopper requires self-discipline, careful application, and time to train reflexes.
VII. The Snore•Stopper package includes:
• Main unit of Snore Stopper
• Wrist-belt with magic tape and hook
• 1.5 V AAA battery
• Self-adhesive electrode pads (3 pairs)
• Read Me First
• Manual
• Moist alcohol swab
• Screwdriver
• Warranty card
• Storag case
2. What is dB ? How do I know whether Snore•Stopper can be used in my home?
A : A dB (decibel) is a unit of measurement of sound intensity. In normal homes the
Sound Intensity is in the range of 30 to 50 db. Intensity above 70 db is considered
to be very loud and unsafe for human being. The design of Snore Stopper detect
the intensity above 55 db noise. You may read the following table to see the optimal sleeping conditions for use. Table as it is.
Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Indoor background noise and
Above 65 dB (within 50 cm from TV)
60 dB (within 1 m from TV)
55 dB (within 1m from air-conditioner)
Below 55 dB
1. In order to maintain the device’s desired performance, the self-adhesive electrode
pads should be kept out of the dust and keep clean. DO NOT rub the electrode
pads with your hands, facial tissue, or wool ,etc.
2.The electrode pads tend to lose their adhesion over time, therefore weakening the
intensity level. Moisten finger with a few drops of water and rub it gently against
the electrode pads to improve conductivity.
Snore•Stopper sensor
Seldom Activated
Seldom Activated
Seldom Activated
No Activation
Remarks : Under normal conditions, your home’s indoor background noise will be 30~50 dB.
3. Why does the intensity feel so weak during the testing procedures?
A: Snore Stopper is designed to use at night, If you test during the day you may
not feel the sensitivity to your skin because of the general day time noise. It also
depends on the gender, age, weight and hairs on the wrist.
It may also happen that conductive electrodes might not be in proper position
and or not adhered properly to the Snore Stopper. Battery might be exhausted,
change it.
You may wear the Snore•Stopper to the inner side of the wrist.
3.If moistening the electrode pads does not improve signal, replace the old pads
with a pair of new ones. Refer to page 4, section 2: Sticking on the Electrode
Pads. We recommend that you replace the electrode pads after 30 days of usage
(varies among individuals).
4.If the LED indicator does not light during the testing procedure, please check the
•Is the battery installed correctly? (“+” sign faces upward?)
•Is the battery’s energy low? If so, please replace with a new one.
4. When I ‘stimulate’ the snores in a silent background, Why device do not work?
A: To stimulate the device there should be at least 3 consecutive snores having
the snore sound frequency over 55db.
5.If the points mentioned above are checked, and the device still does not work correctly,
please contact Health Vision by email- support@healthvision.com.au or 1300 855
733 for further advise.
5. Why do I feel one long stimulation? Is something wrong with the device?
A: This is a special built-in device. As long as your snore frequency is continuously
more than 55 db the device will keep emitting electrical impulse till you change
your sleeping position. Thus you will feel long stimulation.
6. Are the two sides of the electrode pad different? Does it matter if there is no
proper contact?
A: Yes, the two sides are different., The side of the electrode pad that is to be
attached to the device has stronger adhesion (the side with printed words on
the waxed protective film).
Snore Stopper will not work, if the electrodes are not adhered properly
For further information please check the Maintenanace & Trouble shooting.
1. The intensity level volume should be adjusted to ZERO before
2.DO NOT wear the device if the self-adhesive electrode pads are
not stuck to it.
Also, when you are pressing the test button, DO NOT touch the
conductive rubber or electrode pads with your fingers.
Technical Specifications
3.DO NOT wash your hands when you are wearing the device. It is
not waterproof.
Pulse amplitude : Pulse rate :
Pulse width : Wave form : Power source : Detective timer :
Operation environment : Storage environment : Transport environment :
Maximum wrist belt length: 4.DO NOT use with other medical or electronic device AT THE SAME
5.DO NOT use with other medical electronic devices AT THE SAME
6.The device should be kept out of the reach of children.
7.Batteries must not be disposed in household waste. Return them
to public collection points or shops selling batteries of the same
Fixed 180µA peak into 1,000Ω load
Fixed 0.2 Hz
Fixed 800µs, Voltage adjustable 2.5-14 V, peak into 1,000Ω load
Asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse
1.5 Volt AAA battery
8 hours auto off
50˚F ~ 104˚F(10˚C ~ +40˚C ), 30 ~ 85 % RH
-4˚F ~ 122˚F (-20˚C ~ +50˚C), 10 ~ 95 % RH
14˚F ~ 122˚F (-10˚C ~ +50˚C), 35 ~ 85 % RH
22 cm. If you request a longer wrist belt, please contact your
local dealer for replacement.
( All electrical specifications are ±20% 1,000Ω load )
• Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Note:This device complies with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirement
of EN 60601-1-2 as specified in EEC Directive 93/42/EEC.
1. This device is NOT suitable for persons with implanted cardiac pacemakers, or
those monitored by electronic equipments (e.g. ECG monitors and ECG alarms)
Patent No. US D448,083S Germany 20106456.1 Taiwan 079184 China ZL01300251.1
Others Patens pending
2. Heart disease patients SHOULD NOT use this device except under advice of a
medical doctor.
3.Snore Stopper is not suitable for Sleep Apnea patients.
4.Do not use this device during pregnancy except unless otherwise advised by a doctor.
5.Patients with acute or infectious diseases may use this device only with a medical
doctor’s advice.
6. Patients with severe skin diseases or sensitive skin, or those in a state of bleeding
SHOULD NOT us this device.
Labeling & Information
This product meets the regulations of Directive 93/42 EEC in medical device
7.Do not use this device on swollen, infected, or inflamed areas, or on skin eruptions, e.g. phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, etc.
Manufactured by
8. Operation in close proximity (e.g. 1 meter) to a short wave or microwave therapy
equipment may produce instability in the device output.
Application part type BF