VistaMAX Safety Precautions

VistaMAX Safety Precautions
VistaMAX® Series
Safety Precautions
Read this document before using this product.
Download and read the full user manual for complete
information (see the VistaMAX® Support File Access
document for download instructions).
Failure to follow the safety precautions can result in injury to
the operator or damage to the equipment.
Keep this document in a safe location for future reference.
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Document Conventions
This document uses the following special formats to emphasize key information. Be aware of
all warnings and cautions before you begin to use the VistaMAX Series.
WARNING! Whenever you see this icon and heading, the associated text addresses or discusses a
critical safety or regulatory issue.
CAUTION: Whenever you see this icon and heading, the associated text discusses an issue which
could result in damage or abuse of the equipment. Carefully read and follow these instructions.
Note: Whenever you see this icon and heading, the associated text provides some important
information not directly related to the topic.
Safety warning translations are also provided in French, as indicated by italics, for CE
VistaMAX Series Safety Instructions - r02
General Safety Precautions
Read and follow the following safety instructions before installing or operating a VistaMAX
Series device.
WARNING! Before installing or operating this equipment, read all safety, installation and operating
sections. Retain this manual for future reference.
Avant d'installer ou de faire fonctionner cet équipement, lire toutes les sections sur la sécurité,
l'installation et l'utilisation. Conserver ce manuel pour consultation future.
WARNING! Follow all instructions - Failure to do so may result in damage to the unit or severe
personal injury.
Suivre toutes les instructions, sinon vous risquez d'endommager l'appareil ou de vous blesser
WARNING! Servicing should not be attempted by the user. There are no user serviceable parts
inside. Refer all servicing to factory qualified personnel.
L'utilisateur ne doit pas essayer de faire l'entretien. Il n'y a pas de pièces utilisables par l'utilisateur à
l'intérieur. S'adresser au personnel compétent de l'usine pour tout entretien.
WARNING! Shock Hazard - An electrical shock hazard exists when the chassis cover is removed as
is required to set internal controls. Always disconnect power from the unit before removing the cover.
Risque de choc - Il y a un risque de décharge électrique quand le couvercle du bâti est enlevé pour
régler les contrôles internes. Toujours couper le courant arrivant à l'appareil avant d'enlever le
WARNING! Cleaning - Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.
Ne pas utiliser de nettoyants en aérosol ou liquides. Utiliser un linge humide pour nettoyer.
WARNING! Do not work on the system or connect or disconnect cables during periods of lightning
Ne pas travailler sur le système ni brancher ou débrancher les câbles pendant un orage du foudre.
WARNING! Modifications not expressly approved by the manufacturer may void the user’s authority
to operate this equipment.
VistaMAX Series Safety Instructions - r02
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VistaMAX Series Safety Instructions - r02
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