FreeSpace® DXA 2120 digital mixer/amplifier

FreeSpace® DXA 2120 digital mixer/amplifier
FreeSpace® DXA 2120
digital mixer/amplifier
Key Features
The Bose® FreeSpace® DXA 2120 digital mixer/amplifier
features a 6-in by 2-out design that provides signal
processing, mixing, routing, paging and two-channel
amplification for installed applications. It offers three versatile
operating modes and is easily configured using the controls
on the front panel. No external computer is required.
• Six inputs: four mic/line inputs with choice of balanced
Euroblock or unbalanced RCA connectors, one page input and
one direct input
Product Information
The DXA 2120 digital mixer/amplifier can be used in both
low- and high-impedance systems. Each of the two output
channels delivers 120 watts at 4 ohms or 100 watts for
70/100-volt applications. An auxiliary output provides a linelevel signal for system expansion.
The DXA 2120 digital mixer/amplifier has six inputs – four
mic/line inputs, one page input and one direct input that
overrides all other sources when a signal is detected. The
four mic/line inputs connect to sources via 3-pin Euroblock
connectors or dual RCA jacks.
Three operating modes provide greater flexibility for installed
music or speech applications:
Mixer Mode – Each input can be routed to every output
simultaneously. Volume for each input can be controlled
independently, or a master volume can control both outputs
Dual Mono Select Mode – Two input sources are available
for each output channel. Volume control and source
selection are available in each zone.
Stereo Select Mode – Two selectable stereo sources can
be played in stereo in a single output zone. Volume control
and source selection are available in the zone.
• Two powered outputs that can operate at high or low
impedance: 2 x 120 W at 4 ohms , 2 x 65 W at 8 ohms, or 2 x
100 W at 70/100V
• Three operating modes for greater flexibility in installed
music or speech applications: Mixer Mode, Dual Mono Select
Mode, and Stereo Select Mode
• Easy setup and control via onboard controls – no computer
Product Overview
• DSP includes loudspeaker EQs and dynamic EQ functions
engineered specifically for Bose loudspeakers
• Opti-voice® paging provides a smooth transition between
music and announcements
• 24-volt DC backup power connection for added reliability and
integration onto fire and evacuation systems
Designed for a wide range of applications, including:
• Conference centers
• Retail stores
• Restaurants and bars
• Hotels
• Lobbies and conference rooms
The auxiliary output can be used with all three modes of
Two user interfaces, volume control and volume control with
A/B select, are available for operation from remote locations.
Bose Professional Systems Division
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FreeSpace® DXA 2120
digital mixer/amplifier
Technical Specifications
Power Rating
Amplifier Power
2 x 120 W at 4 ohms , 2 x 65 W at 8 ohms, or 2 x 100 W at 70/100V
Audio Performance Specifications
Frequency Response
40 Hz - 16 kHz (+0/-3 dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
75 dB (below rated power, A-weighted)
≤0.5 % (at full rated power)
Channel Separation (Crosstalk)
≤-60 dBV (below rated power, 1 kHz)
Dynamic Range
80 dB
Integrated DSP
A/D and D/A Converters
Sample Rate
44.1 kHz
Audio Inputs
Input Channels
6 channels
Connectors, Input
Mic/Line Inputs
4 balanced
3-pin Euroblock
Line Inputs
4 unbalanced
Dual RCA (summed to mono)
Page Inputs
1 balanced
4-pin Euroblock
Direct Inputs
1 balanced
3-pin Euroblock
Input Range
20 Hz - 20 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Input Impedance
Mic 2 kΩ / Line 25 kΩ
10 kΩ
400 Ω
18 kΩ
Maximum Input Level
Mic -20 dBu / Line 10 dBu
+10 dBu
-30 dBu
+8 dBu
Equivalent Input Noise
-122 dB (A-weighted/ 20 Hz - 20
-122 dB (A-weighted/ 20 Hz - 20
Audio Outputs
Output Channels
2 channels
Connectors, Output
Amplifier Outputs
5-terminal inverted Euroblock
Auxiliary Output
3-pin Euroblock
Nominal Load
50 Ω @ 70 V, 100 Ω @ 100 V
Output Impedance
400 Ω
Maximum Output Level
2.2 dBV
Indicators and Controls
LED Status Indicators
Blue LED: power, Green LED: signal present, Red LED: clip
Electrical Specifications
Mains Voltage
100 V version: 100 VAC; 50/60 Hz
120 V/220-240 V version: 120 V/220-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
AC Power Consumption
Idle: 39 W, Active: 350 W
Maximum Inrush Current
23.2 A @ 230 V ~ 50 Hz
33.2 A @ 120 V ~ 60 Hz
Overload Protection
T6.3AL/250 V (100 V and 120 V) or T3.15AL/250 V (220-240 V)
DC Backup Power/Connector
+24 V (±1 %) Connector 2-terminal barrier strip
Input Voltage Level
+24 V
Minimum Input Power
50 W
Maximum Input Power
150 W
3.5" H x 16.5" W x 13.8" D (90 mm x 420 mm x 349 mm)
Net Weight
32 lb (14.4 kg)
Shipping Weight
40 lb (18.1 kg)
Operating Temperature
32 °F - 104 °F (0 °C - 40 °C)
Storage Temperature
-40 °F - 158 °F (-40 °C - 70 °C)
40 % - 90 % relative humidity
Communication Port
RS-232 serial port
Bose Professional Systems Division
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FreeSpace® DXA 2120
digital mixer/amplifier
1. LCD panel – Displays menu selections for configuring and viewing system settings.
2. Directional buttons – Navigates system menus and setting options shown on the LCD.
3. SELECT button – Confirms selections and settings in the system menus.
4. POWER LED – Blue light indicates the system is on. No light when unit is off.
5. SIGNAL and CLIP LEDs – Shows signal states for Inputs 1 – 4.
6. Gain knobs – Adjusts gain for INPUT 1 – INPUT 4.
7. Enclosure door – Conceals system controls.
8. BASS and TREBLE knobs – Adjusts tonal balance for OUTPUT 1 and OUTPUT 2.
9. GAIN knobs – Adjusts gain for OUTPUT 1, OUTPUT 2 and PAGE.
10. SIGNAL and CLIP LEDs – Shows signal states for OUTPUT 1, OUTPUT 2, PAGE and DIRECT.
1. LINE INPUTS – Two unbalanced RCA audio jacks per input (summed to mono).
2. MIC/LINE switch – Adjusts for the proper signal level being used with the four Euroblock input connectors.
3. MIC/LINE INPUTS – Balanced Euroblock input jacks. One per input.
4. DIRECT INPUT – Balanced override input jack.
5. PAGE INPUT – Balanced audio input jack.
6. AUX OUTPUT – Fixed line-level signal output for other amplified equipment.
7. REMOTE – Input jack for volume-only control and volume control with A/B select user interfaces.
8. OUTPUTS 1 and 2 – Speaker connections for two powered outputs (70V, 100V or 4-ohm operation).
9. BACKUP POWER – For connection to backup power source.
11. FUSE – T6.3AL/250V (100V and 120V) or T3.15AL/250V (220-240V).
12. AC mains line cord jack – AC line voltage input.
13. 120V/220-240V switch – Switches between 120V and 220-240V AC input voltage. This switch is not provided on 100V AC input
voltage models.
14. COM – RS-232 serial port is reserved for system updates.
Bose Professional Systems Division
OF 5
FreeSpace® DXA 2120
digital mixer/amplifier
Mechanical Diagrams
Bose Professional Systems Division
OF 5
FreeSpace® DXA 2120
digital mixer/amplifier
Safety and Regulatory
The unit shall be a digital mixer/amplifier. The unit shall use a
digital signal processing architecture running at 44.1 kHz sample
rate. The frequency response shall be from 40 Hz to 16 kHz
(+0/-3 dB). The dynamic range shall be 80 dB (typical) 40 Hz to
16 kHz. The signal-to-noise ratio shall be 75 dB or greater (Aweighted).
The 120V/220-240V AC variant (PC 040753, PC 040754,
PC 040755, PC 040756) of the FreeSpace DXA 2120
digital mixer/amplifier complies with CE requirements, is
UL Listed according to UL60065 (7th edition) and CAN/
CSA C22.2 No. 60065-03; CB approved, according to
IEC60065 (7th edition), including group and national
differences; GS approved, according to EN60065 (7th
edition). It also complies with FCC Part 15B Class A (2003),
EN55103-1 (1997), EN55103-2 (1996), and CISPR13 (2003)
requirements. The 100V variant (PC 040742) of the DXA
2120 digital mixer/amplifier is PSE compliant.
The unit shall have mixing and routing capabilities as well as
amplification. The unit’s DSP shall feature selectable Bose®
loudspeaker EQs as well as dynamic equalization.
The input section shall have four mic/line inputs, one direct input
and one page input. The mic/line inputs shall have both 3-pin
Euroblock connectors for balanced mic/line inputs and dual
RCA jacks (summed to mono) for unbalanced line inputs. The
direct and page inputs shall have 4-pin Euroblock connectors for
balanced inputs.
The page input shall be operated in PTT (push to talk) or Auto
mode and provide automatic ducking for announcements.
The direct input shall automatically override all other inputs when
a signal is detected for emergency signaling purposes. The output
section shall feature two powered loudspeaker outputs with 5terminal inverted Euroblock connectors. The unit will have an
auxiliary output with a 3-pin Euroblock connector.
The amplifier section shall contain two powered outputs for high
or low impedance: 2 x 120 watts at 4 ohms, 2 x 65 watts at 8
ohms, or 2 x 100 watts at 70/100 volts. The THD shall be less
than 0.5 % @ full rated power.
The unit shall feature three different modes of operation: Mixer
Mode, Stereo Select Mode and Dual Mono Select Mode.
The 100V variant will operate at 100V AC. A second variant will
be able to operate at 120 V/220 VAC-240 VAC; there will be
an AC input voltage switch on the unit. The unit shall consume
AC power of 40 watts or less at idle, 350 watts at maximum
continuous rated power and also will have a 2-terminal barrier
strip for connecting a 24 volts DC backup power supply.
The unit will have a remote input with a 6-pin Euroblock connector
for using one or two volume controls and/or volume control with A/
B select user interfaces.
The unit shall be configurable via the onboard controls and
feature a “lockout” feature to prevent unwanted system changes.
An RS-232 COM port will be available for system updates.
Architects’ and Engineers’
Additional Notes
Amplifier Power
A single channel is driven to full power with the nominal load
impedance (120W / 4, 100W / 70V / 49, 100W / 100V / 98).
Output power is measured using a 1 kHz sine wave with a
THD of less than 0.5%, as measured at the amplifier output.
Dynamic Range
The output of the amplifier is connected to the rated load
impedance, and the input and output gains are set to
maximum. A dB-calibrated voltmeter is connected to
the amplifier’s output through an A-weighting filter (in
accordance with IEC 60651). A 1 kHz signal is connected
to one of the line inputs, and the level is adjusted to achieve
the amplifier’s rated output power. The voltmeter is then
zero-referenced. The signal source is removed, and the line
input is shorted. The dB-calibrated voltmeter now reads the
absolute dynamic range of the system.
Product Codes
120V – US
230V – EU
230V – UK
240V – AU
100V – Japan
PC 040753
PC 040754
PC 040755
PC 040756
PC 040742
Volume control user interface
Volume control with A/B switch user
PC 041966
PC 041967
The unit shall be the Bose® FreeSpace® DXA 2120 digital mixer/
All information subject to change without notice.
® 2013 Bose Corporation
All trademarks are those of their respective owners.
Bose Professional Systems Division
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