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Bar code controller: the
scanner unit
The last thing you want is an
unreadable bar code - that’s why
Avery Dennison offers an optional
scanner to check bar code readability. The scanner can be used as
”Read after print”, scanning after
the label is printed and showing
an error message if the code is
not readable. Or, in combination
with the infeed unit, it can work in
”Read before print” mode. Here
the tag is fed into the printer, the
bar code data read and sent back
to the processor. The printer
receives the relevant variable
data and imprints the tag.
Big Spender.
The TTX dispenser with 1:1 output. Exceptionally easy to use.
Label dispensing can be started
by means of a light sensor or via
an optional foot switch. Flexible
as it is, it can process the most
varied selfadhesive materials
and label sizes. Additionally, an
applicator can be mounted on
the dispenser to attach the
labels directly to the goods.
Rewind: the
rewinder unit .
The rewind unit can be
fixed directly on to the printer
and makes rewinding of imprinted labels quick and easy. A 4“
(or optional 3“ or 1,5“) core is
available and the display controls rewind direction right of
The Applicator.
The applicator makes it easy to
apply labels quickly and accurately. It applies labels directly on
your products after printing, without the need for compressed air.
It automatically adjusts itself to
different product or package
Performance specifications of the TTX 450 / TTX 650 / TTX 950 / TTX 1050
Printing technology
Printing head
Material reserve
Plug-in cards
Automatic ribbon-saver
Material qualities
Punch recognition
Character modification
Bar Codes
Printing width
Material width
Printing speed
Dimensions W x H x D
Thermal and thermal transfer printer
Latest printing head technology in the form of a high-resolution, fast „Near
Edge Type“ printing head with integrated temperature control
Resolution: 12 dots/mm
Roll with max. outer diameter 210 mm, internal diameter 4“,3“ and 1,5“
Processing of fan-fold material possible
Standard serial and parallel (Centronics); option RS 485
2 slots each with 2 MB
From approx. 10 mm print-free area
Optional, high-performance, silent cutter
Double cutting device from 1 to 5 mm
Self-adhesive, cardboard and synthetics up to 240 g/m2
(TTX 1050 up to 160 g/m2)
Self-initialising transmitted light sensor, adjustable
between 2 -15 mm, optional reflex light sensor
17 fonts, 2 additional scaleable fonts
All fonts can be enlarged and tilted at 90°, 180° and 270°
Enlargement in X/Y direction up to factor 8, rotation by 90°, 180° or 270°
EAN 8 and 13 with add-on 2 and 5 UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 93, Code
ITF, Codabar, Code 128, Code 2/5M, Code 2/5l, Code 2/5 bar,
Code MSI, Code EAN 128, UPS Code 128, Post Code,
Option: PDF 417, Data Matrix
3-key control panel with 4-digit display
TTX 450
TTX 650
TTX 950
TTX 1050
106,6 mm
25,4 – 113 mm
100 – 300 mm/sec
310x305x480 mm
127,85 mm
25,4 – 154,0 mm
100 – 300 mm/sec
350x305x480 mm
159,94 mm
30,2 – 185 mm
100 – 250 mm/sec
380x305x480 mm
213 mm
100 – 254 mm
100 – 200 mm/sec
478 x 305 x 480 mm
The TTX –
a clean hit with many
• As fast as an arrow
printing speed up to
300 mm/sec
• Outstanding quality print
Near Edge printing head with
12 dots/mm resolution
• Compatible
fits with your EDP system
Avery Dennison Deutschland GmbH
Avery-Haus · 85385 Eching
Telefon: +49 81 65/9 25-0
Telefax: +49 81 65/31 43
E-mail: [email protected]
• automatic ribbon-saver
reduces costs
• robust and reliable
solid steel casing, sturdy
• ribbon reserve 600 m
minimises set-up times
Safety tested
Quality system certified
TTX 450
TTX 650
TTX 950
TTX 1050
When you´re
aiming for
a clean hit
with your
A clean hit
in every way
The revolution in label printing
is robust, reliable – and
enormously efficient. Forget
everything you´ve known up to
now regarding the quality,
precision, speed and reliability
of label printing! The TTX from
Avery Dennison opens up
undreamed-of possibilities.
And is as fast as an arrow.
Benefit from an output rate with
namely speeds of up to 300
mm/sec., as well as constant
excellence of printing quality.
With its automatic ribbon-saver
which „intervenes“ in the case
of unprinted areas of just
10 mm upwards, the TTX from
Avery Dennison produces
results which delight, i.e.
ribbon-saving without loss of
And on a long-term basis too.
The TTX is the printer with a
long life and high- precision
imprints. Reliable and robust
due to its fully-closed steel
casing and sturdy mechanics.
It can consequently even be
utilised under more arduous
industrial conditions.
Of course the environmental
aspect has also been considered in this conscientious
concept. As a result, the TTX
has been designed from the
very start with type-sorted
recycling in mind.
Keen on attractive results.
The automatic cutter is a useful
accessory in the TTX family. A
clean and sharp cut, label for
label. And with the double cutting function, removing punches from the labels is child’s
play – and the results are more
than just presentable.
At the start: a sprinter. On
the flat: a long-distance
Your insurance against long
stoppages. Ribbon and label
material can be changed in no
time at all. Insertion as far as
the feed facility is manual; from
there, intake and output via the
printing module are controlled
The advantages of the TTX are at
your entire disposal virtually from
the very beginning. Everyone can
operate it perfectly in the very
shortest time.
Fast, but long-lasting. The
immense reserve of 600 m
of ribbon minimises
setting-up times
Simply the right setting.
Via the control panel all printing
parameters can be set with
great ease. And in the event of
any disorder, the display indicates the most important information for speedy correction.
Masterminded by an ingenious head.
The new Near Edge
printing head. The
clever solution for
longer life-span,
improved print and
wider selection of
The TTX and your EDP:
harmony at the press of a
The printer can be connected
directly and controlled via
Avery Dennison´s EASY-PLUG
emulation. Alternatively, labels
can be designed and printed
with the user-friendly Avery
Dennison software-JETMARK.
Plenty of scope.
It processes labels from
25.4 mm to 254 mm wide.
The printing width measures
106.6 mm, 127.85 mm, 159.94 mm
or 213 mm, whereby the position
of the printing head and the roll of
ribbon can be varied over the
labels. To avoid wasted ribbon,
the ribbon width can be adjusted
according to the imprint width.
The printer processes material
weighing up to 240g/m2, e.g.
card, self-adhesive material or
synthetics for industry, trade
and textiles. Whether adhesive
despatch labels, general-purpose tags, price tags, pro-duction labels or fan-fold labels, the
TTX from Avery Dennison
stands for the most excellent
Avery Dennison - your Partner in
As the label experts we offer you more
than just excellence in printer technology.
We are a one - stop supplier for your labels
and printer consumables too. Labels can
be supplied in self adhesive form, in card
and textiles, in standard and special materials, in different formats and colours, with
special perforations. We also offer thermal
transfer foils in different qualities. In short a
total solution to your printer, label and consumable needs.
A good hand for you.
Company logos, fonts or special
graphics can be stored on memory
cards and can be printed via Easy
Plug, Jetmark or MVT III.
Exellent all-round design.
Irrespective of whether types or
logos are involved, the qualitatively outstanding print will convince you.
As will the clear and easily legible bar codes, made possible
by the printing head´s high resolution of 12 dots/mm.
Let your creativity run free as
never before. The variety of
types offered by the printer
opens up a huge range of
design possibilities.
TTX 450
TTX 650
TTX 950
TTX 1050
Plug-in cards for special fonts or logos guarantee
almost unlimited design possibilities, e.g. the memory
card for rating plate symbols
The right trick for lower costs.
The Junior Rewinder helps save costs
on more simple applications. Small and
light, it handles rolls of labels with an
outer diameter of up to 203 mm and a
weight of 2.5 kg. The width of the rolls
can vary from 19.2 to 152 mm. The
Junior is strikingly easy to use and
progressively adjustable for core sizes
from 1“ to 4“.
Ideal for large rolls.
The jumbo unwinder and rewinder are
ideal for environments where large
quantities of labels are used e.g. industrial applications. Suitable for outer
diameter rolls up to 400 mm changeover times can be dramatically reduced
by using these accessories.
to meet
The TTX printer family offers a
versatile, flexible solution to your
tag and label printing needs.
Upgrading is easy and modules
can be exchanged to make your
TTX printer work for you effectively and economically.
your needs
Cutter/Stacker for optimum labelling efficiency.
The cutter/stacker aids convenience and enhances efficiency.
Labels or tags can be accurately
cut into singles and neatly
stacked, automatically.
New Generation Label
The future in label dispensers is
Label Maxx C with Easy Load.
No complicated set up is involved - simply plug in, load the
labels and Label Maxx is ready
to go. It can handle labels from
22 mm to 152 mm width, both
rectangular and round. Even
transparent labels.
Rolls that don’t fit the core? No
problem with Label Maxx with its
adjustable 1 “ - 4 “ core. And the
Easy Load feature makes changing rolls quick and easy.
Impressive performance:
the infeed unit.
Single labels can be printed rapidly
at speeds of up to 200 mm/sec.
Just set up the print parameters on
the display and feed the label in.
Tags can be fed in for printing even
if they are already attached to a
garment. The ideal solution for
goods that are already labelled.
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