issue two
Gemini evolution...
The worlds best-selling monolight just got better.
Entry-level lighting at 200 & 400Ws with the same
build quality as other Gemini monolights.
Gemini Classic
Opposite image, front cover and section intro photography by Chris Reeve: www.reevebanks.co.uk
The 250 & 500Ws Gemini ‘Classic’ series monolights,
& 500Ws Gemini ‘r’ series monolights.
Gemini Pro
Gemini Kits
money with the extra-value Gemini kits.
Travelpak - redesigned and
improved with detachable
Portrait reflectors
Ringlite convertor
Effects reflectors
Reflector kits
Special effects
lighting support
fluorescent light
The award-winning
light modifiers
Bowens professional softboxes
Octo Softboxes
Wafer lightbank system
go-anywhere gemini pro range.
The smart way to get into the Gemini system - save
QUADX 3000Ws studio generator
QUAD 2400Ws studio generator
Explorer 1500Ws battery generator
Generator kits
Flash heads & Ringflash Pro
Gemini R
Faster, more powerful and now multi-voltage - the true
radio-enabled for Pulsar or PocketWizard.
The award-winning digital precision, radio enabled 250
power packs
Studiolite fluorescent lightbanks
Studiolite accessories
Light tents
Remote triggering systems
Lighting stands & Booms
Reflect & bounce
Cases & bags
ceiling rail system
Building the system
Rails & brackets
Gemini has evolved...
Now with Gemini that range has been
improved and refined - offering four distinct
ranges designed to suit every type of
photographer from aspiring amateurs to
demanding commercial photographers and
everyone in-between.
5 - compact flash systems
Bowens monolights have always been at the
leading edge of studio and location lighting
with a wide-range of flash lighting and light
shaping accessories.
(page 8)
6 - Monolights
| gemini
For small studios, location photographers or
those just on a tight budget, the entry-level
Gemini 200 & 400 models are the perfect
lighting solution.
Small and lightweight yet tough and durable,
they have the ability to be powered from AC
mains or the optional Bowens Travelpak
With five stops of power control and multiple
modelling options, it’s a great way to get into
the Bowens lighting system.
Gemini Classic
(Page 10)
Gemini R
(page 12)
Gemini Pro
(page 14)
To become ‘radio-enabled’ step up to the
‘Classic’ range.
For more precise power-control choose the
Gemini ‘R’ range.
For greater power and faster flash-durations
the ‘Pro’ range is for you.
Available in two sizes 250 or 500Ws, the
Gemini Classic features two dials to adjust
the flash power and modelling power.
Available in two sizes 250 or 500Ws, the
award-winning R type Gemini features twin
dials to adjust the power in exact stops or
tenths of stops and functions can also be
controlled with the optional remote control.
Flash-durations as quick as 1/2400sec
capture split-second action, ideal for fashion
photographers and with faster recycling you
won’t be waiting for your lighting to catch-up.
The Gemini Classic also features the ability to
take a plug-in module (see page 21) to make
it compatible with Bowens Pulsar or
PocketWizard® radio triggers.
The Gemini R units easily become ‘radioenabled’ via an optional plug-in Pulsar or
PocketWizard® module.
With power from 500Ws-1500Ws the Pro
range delivers as much light as you need and
with it’s multi-voltage technology able to run
from 90V - 250V. It’s a winner worldwide!
The ‘Lamp-saver’ feature dims the
modelling lamp to half power if no
activity is detected for 30 mins.
Users can set Lamp-saver to activate
from 1 to 99 minutes.
Modelling can also be set to either
extinguish fully while recycling or gently
pulse as a visual indication when the
flash is ready to go again, in addition to
or instead of the ready beep.
The display can easily be inverted so
that if you are using the Gemini on a
ceiling rail system, such as the Hi-Glide
system, the information is always the
right way up.
Remote Control
Control the Gemini R & Pro models
remotely with the compact Infrared
remote control unit. (Page 21)
750PRO 1000PRO 1500PRO
Travelpak Battery System
500Ws - 1500Ws models
Fast flash-durations
Quick recycling
Stop & tenth control
Radio enabled
IR Remote control
250Ws & 500Ws models
Stop & tenth control
Radio enabled
IR Remote control
250Ws & 500Ws models
Radio enabled
3 modeling modes
200Ws & 400Ws models
Easy proportional control
3 modeling modes
| Gemini advanced features
Display options
The digital display on the side of Gemini
R and Pro units indicates the power
level set as well as other information in
advanced set-up mode.
from beginner to pro - we’ve got you covered...
Advanced Modelling
As well as Full, Proportional, Off or User
Defined, Gemini R & Gemini Pro units
incorporate soft-start lamp control for
extended life.
This system also ensures that there is
no power stored in the capacitors when
the unit is switched off.
The system can also “learn” the preexposure sequence to ensure perfect
flash synchronisation.
The intelligent power-management
system monitors the difference
between the previous and new power
level to decide whether to flash-dump
or simply resistive reduce the power to
the desired level.
Auto-Flash Dump
Automatic flash-dump is a standard
feature of the Gemini R & Pro models.
The smart photocell on Gemini R & Pro
units allows photographers to set the
cell to ignore pre-exposure flashes from
their on-camera flash.
The cell can be set to activate on the
first, second, third or forth flash
the complete flash system
7 - Monolights
R & Pro advanced features
gemini monolights
The ultra-compact Gemini 200 and 400 models
feature the same solid metal construction and
tough build of the more powerful professional
Gemini units.
with both models offering impressive flashdurations and recycle times and precise control
over 5 stops of power using a single simple yet
accurate dial which also controls the proportional
modelling lamp – simply press a switch for
modelling at 100% or off.
| Gemini 200 & 400
Ready Lamp Mode.
Five stops of power control.
Photo Slave Cell.
Simple to use intuitive controls.
And when you want to go, the Gemini is the only
truly portable compact flash system, able to be
The Gemini 200 & 400 monolights are compatible
powered from mains AC power or the optional
with the wide range of over 40 Bowens light
Travelpak battery system delivering up to 750
shaping tools, attachments, reflectors and
flashes per charge out on location.
(See page 35-49 for more information)
simplicity and ultimate durability.
DC Power Input.
Modelling Lamp.
Sync. Socket.
Photo Slave Cell.
Fast Flash-Durations.
DSLR friendly Low Sync Voltage.
Only Bowens can offer; power, true portability,
Spare Fuse Holder.
Robust Metal Construction.
Huge range of Bowens accessories.
The super-value Gemini kits are a great way to
AC Power Input.
Auto Power-save mode.
Recessed switches & sockets.
Gemini Kits:
AC/DC Power Switch.
Travelpak Battery compatible.
Proportional modelling control.
gemini kits
Ready Beep Mode.
Lightweight & compact.
is plug-and-go.
‘simplicity’ is the keyword here, the Gemini really
8 - Monolights
Gemini 200/400 - Key Features
Improved ergonomic design.
Performance has not been compromised either
Modelling Lamp Mode.
gemini specifications
Flash Tube.
Power Control.
Ready Indicator.
Attachment Release. Flash Test Button.
get your Bowens lighting system started.
Each kit contains two flash units together with
Gemini 200
Gemini 400
two 90cm silver/white umbrellas, two 120º wide-
Max Power
angle reflectors, two ‘Handy Stand’ lighting
Guide Number
support stands and a travel case.
Power Range
5 stops (6Ws - 200Ws)
5 stops (12Ws - 400Ws)
Recycle Time (Full)
0.7 secs
1.2 secs
Flash Duration (t0.5)
Sync Voltage
Gemini 200
Colour Temperature
5600K ±300
5600K ±300
Gemini 400
Ready Light
Small Travelpak
Auto Dump
90cm Umbrella
Lamp Saver
120º Reflector
Slave Cell
Light Support Stand
Modelling Lamp (230V)
BW1024 (BW1024/B 117V)
BW1024 (BW1024/B 117V)
Kit Holdall
Flash Tube
BW2030 (Clr) BW2032 (UV)
BW2030 (Clr) BW2032 (UV)
Rolling Kit Case
Battery Compatible
Flash Tube
Extra-Value Kits:
200 Kit
200 Travelpak Kit
400 Kit
400 Travelpak Kit
Modelling Lamp
Power Cord
Sync Lead
Travelpak Cable
230V Part No.:
230V Part No.:
117V Part No.:
117V Part No.:
| Gemini 200 & 400
With Bowens entry-level lighting
there is no compromise on quality.
Carry Handle.
The Controls
9 - Monolights
gemini 200 & 400
Get unwired with the Gemini Classic,
Bowens mid-range lighting, for even
more freedom.
The Gemini Classic 250 and 500 models feature
the unique ability to easily integrate with either
the Bowens Pulsar or PocketWizard radio trigger
systems by simply plugging in a small radio
trigger card.
These models feature a greater degree of
modelling control via the separate ‘lamp’ dial.
Simply set the 250W modelling lamp to any level
you require to indicate light and shadow
behaviour at various levels of power or use the
| Gemini Classic
Ready Beep On/Off.
Slave Cell On/Off.
Radio Trigger Card Slot.
Gemini Classic - Key Features
AC/DC Power Switch.
Simple to use intuitive controls.
Five stops of power control.
AC Power Input.
Spare Fuse Holder.
Travelpak Battery compatible.
DC Power Input.
Auto Power-save mode.
Robust Metal Construction.
Separate modelling control.
Modelling Lamp.
Sync. Socket.
Photo Slave Cell.
Huge range of accessories.
gemini classic kits
Max Power:
Power Accuracy:
Power Range:
5 Stops
5 Stops
Power Control:
Rotary Dial
Rotary Dial
Modelling Control:
Rotary Dial
Rotary Dial
Gemini Classic Kits:
Digital Display:
These excellent value-for-money kits are the
Ready Indication:
Illuminated Test Button
Illuminated Test Button
perfect entry into the ‘radio-enabled’ Bowens
Plug-in Radio Trigger Option:
lighting system. Each kit contains two flash units
Auto Dump:
IR Remote Control:
Flash Tube:
BW2030 (Clear). BW2032 (UV).
BW2030 (Clear). BW2032 (UV).
Fan Cooled:
Modelling Lamp: (230V)
BW1024 (BW1024/B 117V)
BW1024 (BW1024/B 117V)
Guide No. (m/100 ISO)
Recycle to full Power: (230V)
0.7 Secs
0.9 Secs
Gemini 250c
Flash Duration:
Gemini 500c
Colour Temperature:
5600K ±300K
5600K ±300K
Small Travelpak
Flash Inhibit:
90cm Umbrella
Sync Voltage:
60x80cm Softbox
Operating Voltage:
230V AC 50Hz or 117V AC 60Hz 230V AV 50Hz or 117V AC 60Hz
Travelpak compatible:
Voltage Stabilisation:
together with a 90cm silver/white umbrella, a
120º wide-angle reflectors, a 60x80cm softbox,
two lighting support stands and a travel case.
Studio Kit
battery system delivering up to 600 flashes per
charge out on location (see battery performance
Gemini Classic monolights are compatible
Wide-Angle Reflector
Lighting Support Stand BW1066 Rolling Case
Ready Light Indication:
BW1069 Trolley Case
table on page 19).
with the wide range of over 40 Bowens light
Audible Ready Sound
Flash Tube
shaping tools, attachments, reflectors and
170mm [63⁄4”]
170mm [63⁄4”]
Modelling Lamp
The classic Bowens monolight is so simple to
365mm [14 ⁄4”]
365mm [143⁄4”]
Power Cord
use it’s easy to see why it is the favoured lighting
(See page 35-49 for more information)
130mm [51⁄6”]
130mm [51⁄6”]
Sync Lead
Travelpak Cable
230V Part No.:
230V Part No.:
117V Part No.:
117V Part No.:
‘100%’, ‘proportional’ and ‘off’ options.
10 - Monolights
Modelling Lamp Level.
gemini classic specifications
Gemini Classic models are able to be powered
DSLR friendly Low Sync Voltage.
from mains AC power or the optional Travelpak
in photographic schools and colleges worldwide.
Flash Tube.
Power Control.
Reflector Release.
Modelling Control.
Flash Test Button.
Travelpak Kit
Studio Kit
Travelpak Kit
| Gemini Classic
Modelling Lamp Mode.
11 - Monolights
Carry Handle.
gemini classic
gemini r specifications
12 - Monolights
The award-winning Bowens Gemini R
digital monolights are a step-up from the
Gemini Classic for photographers who
demand a greater, more precise, degree of
lighting control.
The Gemini 250R and 500R retain the unique
ability to be powered from AC mains in the
studio or the award-winning Travelpak
battery unit out on location as well as a range
of advanced features designed to offer
photographers not only ultimate freedom but
unmatched power, durability and control too.
Take Control.
Why should precise control be complicated?
Simplicity is the key with Gemini. Digitally
accurate control is easy without a confusing
digital menu! Turn one dial for stops and the
other for tenths to instantly set five stops of
power with precision control, the LED display
confirms the power output.
Modelling control is also made simple with
one switch, choose from full, proportional or
off or even set the modelling lamp to any level
you desire.
Freedom is your choice
These days unreliable sync cords are a
distant memory for most photographers.
Now you can also forget bulky radio receivers
attached to your lights too! Thanks to the
unique radio-card facility on the Gemini R.
By simply plugging a radio trigger card into
the slot on the back, Gemini lights instantly
become compatible with either the Pulsar
radio trigger system or the PocketWizard®
system - the choice is yours!
Because the radio trigger card becomes an
integral part of the unit it is much more
reliable than an external receiver which can
only be as good as it’s cord connection.
Gemini R monolights can be controlled
remotely with the Gemini IR remote handset
[BW3960] which can adjust all features from
up to 7m (22’) away.
See page 16 for money-saving kit options.
Max Power:
Power Accuracy:
Power Range:
5 Stops
5 Stops
Power Control:
Stop & Tenth Dials + Remote
Stop & Tenth Dials + Remote
Modelling Control:
Select Switch
Select Switch
Digital Display:
Ready Indication:
Illuminated Test Button
Illuminated Test Button
Plug-in Radio Trigger Option:
Auto Dump:
IR Remote Control:
Flash Tube:
BW2030 (Clear). BW2032 (UV).
BW2030 (Clear). BW2032 (UV).
Fan Cooled:
Modelling Lamp: (230V)
BW1024 (BW1024/B 117V)
BW1024 (BW1024/B 117V)
Guide No. (m/100 ISO)
Recycle to full Power: (230V)
1.0 Secs
1.3 Secs
Flash Duration:
Colour Temperature:
5600K ±300K
5600K ±300K
Flash Inhibit:
Sync Voltage:
Operating Voltage:
230V AC 50Hz or 117V AC 60Hz
230V AV 50Hz or 117V AC 60Hz
Travelpak compatible:
Voltage Stabilisation:
Ready Light Indication:
Audible Ready Sound
170mm [63⁄4”]
170mm [63⁄4”]
365mm [14 ⁄4”]
365mm [141⁄4”]
130mm [5 ⁄6”]
130mm [51⁄6”]
230V Part No.:
117V Part No.:
Modelling Lamp Mode.
Ready Lamp Mode.
Ready Beep Mode.
Photo Slave Cell.
Radio Trigger Card Slot.
AC/DC Power Switch.
AC Power Input.
Spare Fuse Holder.
DC Power Input.
Modelling Lamp.
Sync. Socket.
Photo Slave Cell.
| Gemini r
| gemini r
Carry Handle.
The Controls
Flash Tube.
Power Controls.
Status Indicators.
Attachment Release. Flash Test Button.
13 - Monolights
gemini r
Available in four sizes from 500Ws to 1500Ws
the Gemini Pro monolights feature all of the
benefits of the Gemini R units but also offer
flash-durations as fast as 1/2400 sec and a
voltage seeking power system which makes
them useable just about anywhere in the
Capture split-second action
If you need to capture action, then the Pro
range is for you, the 500Pro has an amazingly
short flash-duration of 1/2400 sec! Compare
this to 1/900 sec on the Gemini 500R and the
decision is easy for fashion photographers.
The three electrode, flash tube is the reason
for the action freezing flash times on the
Gemini Pro monolights - the fastest Bowens
monolights ever! The flash tube is easily user
replaceable too - so, no expensive service
center fees if it needs replacing.
The true go-anywhere system
The Travelpak battery unit means that Gemini
Pro lights can ‘go anywhere’ out on location.
But what about when you are in the studio in
another country?
With the Pro range, the Gemini becomes a
true go anywhere system. Advanced circuitry
within the unit is able to seek the correct
voltage to operate on meaning that you can
take a Gemini Pro monolight anywhere in the
world, safe in the knowledge that it will work
wherever you go - inside or out.
More time to create
In photography everyone knows that time is
money. That is why the Gemini Pro range of
monolights boast recycling times to full
power faster than ever before.
Now you can spend less time waiting for your
lights to power up and more time creating
amazing images.
Fan cooling.
High power and rapid recycling equals heat.
The Gemini Pro fan automatically starts,
when needed, to prevent overheating.
Max Power:
Power Accuracy:
Power Range:
5 Stops
5 Stops
7 Stops
7 Stops
Power Control:
Stop & Tenth Dials + Remote
Stop & Tenth Dials + Remote
Stop & Tenth Dials + Remote
Stop & Tenth Dials + Remote
Modelling Control:
Select Switch
Select Switch
Select Switch
Select Switch
Digital Display:
Ready Indication:
Illuminated Test Button
Illuminated Test Button
Illuminated Test Button
Illuminated Test Button
Plug-in Radio Trigger Option:
Auto Dump:
IR Remote Control:
Flash Tube
BW2980 (Clear). BW1079 (UV)
BW2980 (Clear). BW1079 (UV)
BW2980 (Clear). BW1079 (UV)
BW2980 (Clear). BW1079 (UV)
Fan Cooled:
Modelling Lamp:
BW1024 (230V) BW1024/B (117V)
BW1024 (230V) BW1024/B (117V)
BW2515 (230V). BW2530 (117V)
BW2515 (230V). BW2530 (117V)
Guide No. (m/100 ISO)
Recycle to full Power:
0.9 Secs
1.1 Secs
1.9 Secs
2.3 Secs
Flash Duration:
Colour Temperature:
5600K ±300K
5600K ±300K
5600K ±300K
5600K ±300K
Flash Inhibit:
Sync Voltage:
Operating Voltage:
90-130/190-250V AC 60/50Hz
90-130/190-250V AC 60/50Hz
90-130/190-250V AC 60/50Hz
90-130/190-250V AC 60/50Hz
Travelpak compatible:
Voltage Stabilisation:
Ready Light Indication:
Audible Ready Sound
170mm [63⁄4”]
170mm [63⁄4”]
170mm [63⁄4”]
170mm [63⁄4”]
396mm [15 ⁄2”]
396mm [15 ⁄2”]
450mm [17 ⁄4”]
490mm [191⁄4”]
130mm [5 ⁄6”]
130mm [5 ⁄6”]
130mm [5 ⁄6”]
130mm [51⁄6”]
Multi-voltage Part No.:
NOTE: Add UK, EURO or USA to the end of the part number to ensure the correct power cords are included.
| Gemini Pro
The Gemini Pro range delivers more power
and faster flash-durations making it the
perfect portable flash system for fashion
or commercial photographers.
gemini pro range specifications
15 - Monolights
14 - Monolights
| gemini pro
gemini pro
115cm Umbrella
16 - Monolights
| gemini lighting kits
60x80cm Softbox
100x100cm Softbox
Wide-Angle Reflector
Lighting Support Stand
BW1069 Trolley Case
BW4054 Stand Bag
Flash Tube
Modelling Lamp
Power Cord
Sync Lead
Gemini - Travelpak Cable
750pro/750pro/750pro Kit
Gemini 1000pro
Gemini 1500pro
Small Travelpak
Large Travelpak
115cm Umbrella
90cm Umbrella
60x80cm Softbox
100x100cm Softbox
Wide-Angle Reflector
Lighting Support Stand
BW1069 Trolley Case
BW4054 Stand Bag
Flash Tube
Modelling Lamp
Power Cord
Sync Lead
230V Part No.:
Gemini - Travelpak Cable
117V Part No.:
Multi-voltage Part No.:
NOTE: Add UK, EURO or USA to the end of the part number to ensure the correct power cords are included.
1500pro/1500pro/Travelpak Kit
Gemini 750pro
1000pro/1000pro/Travelpak Kit
| Gemini Pro Lighting Kits
90cm Umbrella
17 - Monolights
Small Travelpak
500r/500r Kit
1500pro/1500pro Kit
Gemini 500r
750pro/750pro/Travelpak Kit
1000pro/1000pro Kit
Gemini 250r
250r/250r Kit
750pro/750pro Kit
500pro/500pro/500pro Kit
Gemini 500pro
500pro/500pro/Travelpak Kit
gemini pro lighting kits
500pro/500pro Kit
gemini ‘r’ lighting kits
location shoots easy thanks to its unique new
hot-swap battery feature.
Now if a battery starts to fade on a lengthy
assignment photographers can simply unclip the
control panel unit from the depleted battery and
18 - Portable monolights
| Travelpak Battery System
clip on a fully-charged battery - no more waiting
to charge up the whole unit.
The Travelpak system has two sizes of battery allowing photographers to choose the power and
size to suit their own specific needs.
Able to support up to two Bowens Gemini
monolights, the Travelpak can provide power up
to a massive 3000Ws, recycle to full power at
speeds up to 2 seconds* and offers up to 750
shots on a single charge*.
Only the Travelpak from Bowens offers
The Control Panel
Carry Handle.
Gemini Power Socket.
Charge Status LEDs.
Standard & extended battery options.
Power up to two Gemini monolights.
Fast & Slow recycling option.
Batteries can be charged independently.
New, attractive styling.
Recessed switches & sockets.
Robust all-metal panel construction.
Easy to read battery level indicator.
Durable moulded cables.
Dummy-plug stowage compartment.
Convenient quick-clip shoulder strap.
Recharge from mains or car-charger.
Control Panel Technical Data:
170mm [63⁄4”]
location photographers such portable
120mm [5”]
* See performance table.
140mm [51⁄2”]
Battery Level Indicator.
Shoulder-Strap Quick-Clip.
Charger Connection.
Fast/Slow Charge Switch.
On/Off Switch.
Fuse Holder.
Small Battery Technical Data:
Large Battery Technical Data:
1 Head
2 Heads
1 Head
2 Heads
375 (2 sec)
185 (4 sec)
750 (2 sec)
375 (4 sec)
300 (2.5 sec)
150 (5 sec)
600 (2.5 sec)
300 (5 sec)
185 (4 sec)
370 (4 sec)
185 (8 sec)
(8 sec)
Universal Mains Charger.
Travelpak - Gemini Cable.
Replacement or spare mains charger for
Travelpak batteries.
Includes a set of international plug types for
travelling overseas.
BW1227 Universal Mains Charger
For connecting a Travelpak battery unit to a
Bowens Gemini monolight.
Available in 3m and 8m lengths.
BW7632 3m Travelpak - Gemini cable
BW7632E 8m Travelpak - Gemini cable.
Car Charger.
Spare or Replacement Battery.
Allows Travelpak batteries to be recharged
from a vehicle cigarette lighter or auxiliary
power socket when no mains power is
BW1245 Car Charger
The modular nature of the Travelpak allows
you to have a spare battery to be fully
charged and ready to swap onto the control
panel on long photo sessions.
BW7690 Small Battery Unit
BW7691 Large Battery Unit
Order Codes:
150 (5 sec)
(10 sec)
300 (5 sec)
150 (10 sec)
110 (7.5 sec)
(15 sec)
220 (7.5 sec)
110 (15 sec)
The Travelpak is available together with a
small or large battery unit or just a control
panel unit.
(10 sec)
(20 sec)
150 (10 sec)
(20 sec)
BW7693 -
(15 sec)
(30 sec)
100 (15 sec)
(30 sec)
Travelpak with Small Battery,
inc 3m Cable & Charger.
BW7694 -
Travelpak with Large Battery,
inc 3m Cable & Charger.
BW7692 -
Travelpak control panel unit
inc 3m Cable & Charger.
BW7695 -
Travelpak control panel unit.
Recharge time: 6 hrs
Recharge time: 8 hrs
170mm [6 ⁄4”]
170mm [6 ⁄4”]
140mm [51⁄2”]
140mm [51⁄2”]
[3 ⁄4’]
120mm [4 ⁄4”]
| Travelpak Battery System
The multi award-winning, original Travelpak - Key Features
and unrivalled Travelpak battery Simple & lightweight location power.
system is now even better.
Unique easy battery swapping.
The restyled Travelpak makes working on long
Battery Performance: Typical Flashes (Recycle Time)
19 - Portable monolights
travelpak battery system
remote triggering
Sync. Out
Integrated radio triggering. Easy as one... two... three...
one. Insert trigger card.
two. Attach antenna.
free..! from sync cords.
Ready Sounder
Toggles On/Off
Tx/Rx Select Channel Select External Power 20 - Remote triggering
| Pulsar Radio Trigger System
Sync. In Photocell
Toggles On/Off
Test Flash
Modelling Mode
LED Indicator
Max / Usr / Relative
PC Sync. Out
Lamp Ready Indication
Toggles On/Off
Hot Shoe
Whether you are triggering flash heads for
complicated lighting setups or cameras
for remote control nature shots or special
effects, this system is for you.
Each Pulsar unit can be either a transmitter or
receiver and is capable of sending or
receiving signals beyond 100m [333’].
Unlike Infrared triggering systems, the radiotransmitted Pulsar operates around corners
and through walls.
The Pulsar has four separate channels,
enabling the photographer to isolate up to
four light sources or to combine them and fire
all of them at once without leaving the
Additionally, the Pulsar has a studio selector
switch, which provides isolation from other
Pulsar units using the same channel, and
allowing up to six different systems to
operate independently in the same space or
Other Pulsar features include:
• Long battery life up to 200 hours of
continuous use from two AAA batteries.
• Low voltage operation of just 3V, ideal for
use with digital cameras.
• Compact and lightweight design allows the
units to be mounted directly onto your
camera’s hot shoe or to your generator, or
Length - 90mm
Width - 49mm
Height - 44mm
Weight - 122g
BW5160 - Pulsar Twin Pack
BW5150 - Pulsar Single Unit
A clip-on platform is available allowing you to
clip the Pulsar anywhere that it is needed.
BW5155 - Pulsar Clip
Select 1-8 or all (O)
Power or Modelling level
Power or Modelling level
Flashes the unit
Channel Select
Flash Test
Pulsar Radio Trigger Card Pack
PocketWizard® Radio Trigger Card Pack
Gemini R & Pro Remote Control
Gemini Classic, R & Pro monolights can
become compatible with the Pulsar system by
using this unique upgrade pack.
Simply insert the Radio Trigger Card into the
slot on the back of the Gemini unit then fit the
antenna into the socket on the side and your
monolight is ready to receive signals from a
Pulsar unit mounted onto your camera.
Never be let down by unreliable sync cords or
connections again.
Bowens Radio-enabled Gemini monolights can
also become compatible with the popular
PocketWizard Radio Trigger System with this
upgrade pack.
After inserting the Radio Trigger Card and
antenna into the monolight the system will learn
the settings of your PocketWizard transmitter
and set itself to the same channel.
And as the card is integral to the monolight - no
more lost or forgotten receivers.
BW5180 433Mhz (Euro)
BW5185 344Mhz (USA)
The pocket-sized Gemini Remote Control makes working with Gemini ‘R’ and ‘Pro’
monolights a breeze. Weighing in at just 34g this diminutive device allows precise
control of features such as power, test flash, modelling, sounder, photocell and
channel setting without ever leaving the camera position - up to seven meters (22’).
Order Code: BW5170
BW3960 Gemini R & Pro Remote Control.
| Wireless
Studio Select
21 - Remote Triggering
Pulsar radio trigger system
packs &
23 - Generators
With precision controls and consistent light
output, Bowens generators are perfect for
today’s professional photographer creating
images with digital or film.
The latest generation of power-pack flash from
Bowens set new standards for studio lighting
in today’s digital world.
QUADX 3000
Flash head outlets: 4 (in two channels)
Power range:
31 - 3000Ws (6.6 stops)
with one head
16 - 3000Ws (7.6 stops)
with two heads
Recycle time:
0.4 - 2.0 sec.
Flash duration:
1/7100 - 1/1430 sec.
Power adjustment: /10-stop
Colour temperature:5800 K
Precision Power Control.
(±2% from 3000 to 200Ws)
The QUADX lets you control the flash output
of each head in 1⁄10-stop increments and offers
repeatable output flash after flash, which is
ideal for multi-shot camera backs.
Sync voltage:
17 x 37 x 37cm (w.l.h)
11.5kg [25.5lbs]
Consistent Colour & Short Flash.
Most Efficient Charging System.
The power-management system of the
QUADX monitors and adjusts capacitor
performance to ensure total output accuracy
and consistency, retaining a colour
temperature of 5800K, ±2%.
Capacitor switching delivers greater colour
consistency over the entire power range as
well as providing flash durations as short as
1/1430 sec. with a single head at full power
(1/7100 sec. with two heads at 250Ws).
The advanced charging system is extremely
efficient and extends the life of the
capacitors. The automatic mode provides a
slow initial charge and then, by monitoring
the temperature of the capacitors, offers the
fastest possible recharging times.
QUADX Features
Four flash head outlets with power divided
into two independent channels.
Power output from 3000Ws to 31Ws
with one head (16Ws with two heads!)
Colour consistency varies less than ±200K
when operating between 250 & 3000Ws.
An advanced charging system operates
most efficiently and extends capacitor life.
Flash durations faster than 1/7000 sec. are
made possible with the use of triple
electrode flash tubes in the QUADX head.
Auto-bracketing is easy to set up with
three-intervals from 1⁄10 to 9⁄10-stop.
An optional IR Remote Control System
allows photographers to control all
functions up to 30 feet away.
Variable-speed cooling fans respond to
internal temperature changes to ensure
peak performance.
The control panel of the QUADX is simple
and intuitive to use.
Power is divided into two independent
channels, A and B, one having a maximum
power of 2000Ws (A), the other (B) 1000Ws.
Each channel controls two flash-head outlets
in 1⁄10-stop increments.
When more than one head is used in the
same channel, the power of that channel will
be divided equally between those two heads.
When a head is connected to Channel B, the
pack automatically becomes asymmetric.
Once lighting ratio or contrast levels are set,
power level adjustments can be made to
achieve perfect exposures.
Advanced QUADX Features
With its sophisticated circuitry, the QUADX
gives the photographer access to many
advanced features including trigger delay,
flash counter, joules/percentage display,
multi-flash mode, memory function and
Flash Head sockets
Sync sockets
IR remote receptor
Ready indicator
Photocell receptor
Outlet On/Off switches
Power level displays
Channel A adjustment
Channel B
IR Remote Switch
Power adjustment
Modelling Lamp On/Off
Flash test button
Photocell Switch
Menu Navigation Keys
Other features offered by the QUADX include:
Auto Bracketing
Bracketing flash exposures is easy with the
QUADX. You can set up to three bracketing
intervals from 1⁄10 to 9⁄10-stop and monitor the
bracketing sequence and see what each
power level will be on the LCD display.
Infrared Remote
The QUADX is compatible with the RC3
remote control unit allowing full control of the
pack from up to 10m (30') away.
Head Failure Indication
The QUADX will indicate that a head has
failed to fire and the pack will not fire again
until that head is switched off.
Order Codes:
QUADX 3000 (USA)
QUADX 3000 (Euro)
BW7610UK QUADX 3000 (UK)
Special Effect Modes
Choose from trigger delay, trigger skip and
multi-trigger setup to fire up to nine packs at
different intervals or sequentially.
BW7686 QUADX Dolly.
BW7680 QUADX Higlide Mount.
BW7605 QUADX Pulsar Power Lead.
BW7805 RC3 Remote Control.
BW7685 QUADX 5m Ext. Cable.
| QUADX 3000 Generator
| QUADX 3000 Generator
24 - Generators
Stored energy:
The Control Panel
25 - Generators
The QUADX is a powerful, four-channel pack
with precise power adjustments and
dependable repeatability. With a maximum
power of 3000Ws and a minimum of just
31Ws with one head - a power range of 7.6
f/stops! The QUADX offers a wide range of
lighting control options with precision
adjustments and a user-friendly control panel
that lets you know exactly how much power
is coming out of each head, the flash duration
and a host of other vital statistics, all at the
press of a button.
QUAD 2400 generator
Power On/Off Switch
Power Cord Outlet
Flash head Sockets
Flash head outlets: 2 (in two channels)
Power range:
37 - 2400Ws (6-stops)
Recycle time:
3 sec (fast)
5 sec. (slow)
Flash duration:
1/1400 Sec. (600Ws)
1/300 sec. (2400Ws)
Power adjustment: 1⁄3 stop
26 - Generators
| QUAD 2400 Generator
Colour temperature:5600K (with UV tube)
Sync voltage:
28cm [11”]
18cm [7”]
34cm [131⁄2”]
9.5 kg [21 lbs]
The control panel of the QUAD 2400 is
designed for quick and easy use.
There are two flash-head outlets, each
operating on its own independent channel
with a maximum power of 1200Ws each.
A master control provides two-stops of
power control in one-stop increments, while
independent channel variators offer threestops of power control in 1⁄3-stop increments
to each channel.
Power levels for each channel are provided
in easy-to-read LED numeric displays.
A full-power indicator light lets you know
when the pack is 100% charged.
Sync. Sockets
Fast/Slow Recycle
Channel A
Power Level Display
Channel A
Power Level Control
Power Level Control
Channel B
Power Level Display
Channel B
Power Level Control
Modelling Lamp Mode
Audio Ready On/Off
Flash Test Button
Photo Cell On/Off
QUAD Power Versatility.
QUAD Precision Power.
Colour Consistency Mastered.
Modelling Lamp Control.
QUAD 2400 Features
With two channels, choose from taking the
full 2400Ws from a single socket, or dividing
the power across two channels giving a wide
selection of powers.
Once the pack is switched to its
asymmetrical mode, two channels, each with
a maximum power of 1200Ws are available.
As each can be adjusted independently of
the other a great deal of lighting flexibility can
be achieved.
Flash power can be adjusted in accurate
steps of 1⁄3rd f-stop, offering excellent control
of exposure.
Large LED displays show clearly the Ws
output per channel. Each channel can be
adjusted over three f-stops. With a minimum
power output of just 37Ws the QUAD 2400
has a range of 6 f-stops.
The overall power of the pack can be
reduced using a system of capacitor
By reducing the number of capacitors being
used a greater level of colour consistency
can be achieved. In practice this means that
the QUAD 2400 can be switched from
2400Ws, to 1200Ws to 600Ws with less than
70K shift in colour temperature.
In addition to selecting full power modelling
or lamps in proportion, the ‘Auto’ setting will
set the modelling lamp of the brightest head
to maximum, even when the overall flash
power of the pack is set at a low level.
This helps the photographer preview their
lighting, even at the lowest of flash powers.
The QUAD 2400 offers a host of features that
are designed to make the photographers job
Audio Ready Signal
This switchable signal lets you know when
your pack is 100% charged even when it is
out of visual range.
Flash Voltage Stabilisation
To ensure consistently dependable output
the QUAD 2400 offers ±1% flash-voltage
stabilisation at maximum power.
Two Sync. Sockets
Two conveniently located sync. sockets allow
you to simultaneously connect your pack to
your camera and your light meter without
time consuming disconnections and
reconnections. These sync sockets can also
be used for IR or radio triggers such as the
Bowens Pulsar; for wireless triggering.
Unique Modelling Modes
Intermittent modelling mode extinguishes all
modelling lamps when the pack is fired and
turns them back on again when the pack is
100% recycled. This provides a visual
indication that the pack, and each head, has
been successfully triggered and recycled.
Built-in Photo Cell
In order to activate your QUAD 2400 pack
from other flash units, a convenient photo cell
is built directly into the pack.
Order Codes:
BW7620EURO QUAD2400 (Euro).
QUAD2400 (UK).
QUAD2400 (USA).
BW7685 QUADX 5m Ext. Cable.
| QUAD 2400 Generator
Stored energy:
The Control Panel
27 - Generators
Explorer 1500 battery generator
Esprit Gemini power supply sockets
The Explorer 1500 represents the state-ofthe-art in portable battery generator
Weighing in at just under 12kg, this petite
power-pack boasts an unbeatable power-tosize ratio while providing photographers with
the flexibility of two independently digitally
controlled channels and offering total
freedom to create, whenever and wherever
quality light is required.
31Ws - 1500Ws
0.5 - 3.8 secs (auto)
0.6 - 9.0 secs (slow)
Flash Duration:
Power Adjustment:
Colour Temperature:
Sync. Voltage:
1/5700 sec.
1/2130 sec.
⁄10 Stop increments.
5600K (with UV Tube)
Recharge Time:
5 Hours
27cm [105⁄8”]
18cm [71⁄8”]
28cm [11”]
11.2kg [24.7lbs]
The control panel of the EXPLORER Battery
Generator has been designed to be simple
and quick to use.
The pack functions are controlled via three
multi-function buttons and a rotary dial. The
large LCD screen displays the packs current
status and intuitively guides users around the
extensive functions of the Explorer.
On the rear of the pack there are two
independent flash head channels, to which
up to 1500Ws of power can be divided either symmetrically or asymmetrically.
The rotary dial controls the power to each
channel in exact 1⁄10 of stops.
Two auxiliary power outlets on top of the
pack allow power to be channelled to Gemini
Pulsar radio trigger
Sync sockets
Carry handle
Charger socket
Flash head
channel A & B
Photocell receptor
Channel A /
Done button
On/Off button
• •
Flash test button
Menu navigation
rotary dial
Channel B /
Select button
Menu button
Bowens QUAD Heritage.
Power Where You Want It.
The Explorer Battery
Auto Bracketing.
Camera Synchronising.
More Power.
The Explorer features Bowens standard
QUAD sockets making it compatible with the
wide range of heads and accessories
produced for the QUAD and DUO generators
including the Ringflash Pro.
As well as precise control over the level of
power, the Explorer also allows you to decide
exactly where to channel that power. Power
can be asymmetrically split between channel
A & B or combined so that the full power is
available from one channel or symmetrically
split between them.
At the heart of the Explorer Battery Generator
is, of course, the battery itself. Inside the
pack sits a powerful high-capacity 12Ah
rechargeable battery providing the Explorer
with its impressive performance delivering up
to 150 shots at 1500Ws recycling in 3.8
seconds and 180 shots at 1200Ws ready to
go again in just 3 seconds.
Just like the QUADX and QUAD2400
generators, the EXPLORER boasts many
advanced features designed to make creative
photography simple.
Bracketing allows three consecutive shots to
be taken at power levels above, at and below
the selected power.
Bracketing flash
exposures with the EXPLORER is effortless.
Up to three bracketing intervals can be set
from 1⁄10 to 9⁄10 stop - the unit will check and
warn whether the selection is possible and
warn if it is not.
As well as the two sync. sockets located on
top of the pack, which allow time-saving
simultaneous connection to and camera and
a light metre, the EXPLORER also features a
built-in radio antenna so that you can make
trailing sync leads a thing of the past by firing
the pack via a Pulsar Radio Trigger mounted
to your camera. Synchronisation with other
lights is achieved by using the built-in
In addition to the heads powered on Channel
A & B you can add more light by powering up
to two Gemini units from the EXPLORER this can mean up to 3000Ws of flash-power.
Ultra-Fine Output Control.
Using the unique rotary dial, photographers
can enjoy a six stop power range, from 31Ws
to 1500Ws, selectable in 1⁄10 f-stop increments
for ultimate control.
Banish Sync Cords
The Explorer features a built-in 24 channel
radio slave, compatible with the Bowens
Pulsar Radio Trigger.
The mains or car charger can be plugged
directly into the battery. So you can charge a
second battery while using the Explorer pack.
Special Effects Modes.
Three trigger modes are available which allow
you to create delays, multiple flashes and to
sequence flashes using up to nine packs.
BW7640 Explorer Battery Generator.
BW7642 Spare Battery Cassette.
BW1245 Car Charger.
BW1227 Mains Charger.
BW7632 Explorer to Gemini Cable.
29 - Generators
28 - Generators
| Explorer 1500 Battery Generator
Stored energy:
Flash Head Outlets:
Power Range:
Recycle Time:
The Control Panel
| Explorer 1500 Battery Generator
generator flash heads
30 - Generators
QUADX Studio Set
QUAD 2400 Studio Set
Explorer 1500 Location Sets
QUADX Flash Head
The QUADX Studio Set delivers a high-power studio lighting
system perfect for fashion and commercial photography.
The QUAD 2400 starter kit is the ideal way to get started in
studio-based commercial photography.
The Explorer 1500 location sets are a great way to combine
the portability of a battery with the power of a studio powerpack.
The fan-cooled QUADX flash head is capable
of handling up to 3000Ws and features a
650W modelling lamp for maximum
The three-electrode, user changeable flash
tube is designed to deliver the fastest
possible flash duration.
A UV-balanced Pyrex dome ensures colour
integrity and safety.
When combined with Bowens reflectors and
accessories this system offers unmatched
lighting versatility.
Kit contains:
1 x QUADX 3000 Generator
2 x QUADX Flash Heads
2 x Flash tubes
2 x Modelling lamps
1 x Sync cord
1 x Power cord.
Order codes:
Kit contains:
1 x QUAD 2400 Generator
2 x QUAD Flash Heads
2 x Flash tubes
2 x Modelling lamps
1 x Sync cord
1 x Power cord.
Order codes:
BW7720UK QUAD 2400 Set
BW7725US QUAD 2400 Set
BW7720EU QUAD 2400 Set
One Head Kit:
1 x Explorer 1500 Generator
1 x 3KM Flash Heads
1 x Flash tube
1 x Modelling lamp
1 x Sync cord
1 x Power cord.
Two Head Kit:
1 x Explorer 1500 Generator
2 x 3KM Flash Heads
2 x Flash tubes
2 x Modelling lamps
1 x Sync cord
1 x Power cord.
Width: 10cm
Length: 23cm
Height: 10cm
Weight: 2.26kg
Order Codes:
BW7660UK - QUADX Flash Head
BW7660 - QUADX Flash Head (no lamp)
BW3019 Flash Tube
BW2503 650W Modelling Lamp
BW2504 300W Modelling Lamp
BW2982 Clear Dome
BW2983 Frosted Dome
BW7685 5m [16’] QUADX Ext. Cord
QUAD 3KM Mini Flash Head
Designed to compliment the smaller and
more portable Explorer 1500 battery
generator, the 3KM Mini Flash Head is also
compatible with the QUAD2400 and QUADX
Much more compact than any previous Quad
head, measuring just 160mm in body length
and weighing only 2.2kg, the 3KM maintains
the quality and performance of the QUADX
Flash Head and is able to handle up to
3000Ws of power.
Order Codes:
BW7646 3KM Flash with Clear Dome
BW7652 3KM Flash with UV Coated Dome
BW7653 Flash Tube
BW7657 Clear Dome
BW7658 UV Coated Dome
BW7659 Frosted Dome
BW2515 500W Modelling Lamp
BW2530 500W Modelling Lamp
BW2525 250W Modelling Lamp
BW2520 100W Modelling Lamp
| Generator Flash Heads
| Generator Kits
Width: 13cm
Length: 26cm
Height: 15cm
Weight: 3.17kg
31 - Generators
generator kits
Model ing Lamps On/Off
32 - Generators
The unique effect created by ringflash is
one of the most sought-after, and popular
styles of photography in todays fastmoving world of creative lighting.
Traditionally associated with high-end
fashion or smaller, macro photography, the
Ringflash Pro has been designed with
multiple photographic applications in mind. It
is suitable for photographers from all fields
ranging from fashion, product, portraiture,
studio based photography or even location
Adjustable Camera Bracket
Comfort Grip Handle
Twin-fan Vent
The Ringflash Pro is the most versatile, high
spec, user-friendly ringflash unit available on
the market today.
“unparalleled creative
Smaller, lighter, and more portable than ever
before and packed with plenty of new features
it offers photographers a sensibly priced,
high-end ringflash unit with unmatched buildquality that can out-perform its more
expensive competitors.
The powerful Ringflash Pro allows you to take
advantage of huge flash outputs in the studio
with generators like the QUADX 3000, or on
location using the Explorer 1500 Battery pack.
Capable of super-fast flash durations up to
1/4500 sec; the Ringflash Pro raises the bar in
ringflash photography.
The composition of lighting set-ups is a vital for
perfect images; the Ringflash Pro has ten 20W,
user-replaceable Halogen lamps controlled via
a pack or a switch on the unit. To ensure heat
is not an issue, the Ringflash Pro incorporates
Frosted Cover Glass twin cooling fans for optimum performance on
even the longest shoots.
A bracket can be mounted to the main unit so
the comfort-grip handle is in either portrait (for
traditional hand held shooting) or landscape
position, used when mounting the Ringflash to
a tripod, for complete freedom of movement.
For creativity, the Ringflash Pro comes with
both a clear and a frosted cover glass.
From high-end fashion houses to small
studios, the Ringflash Pro is a light shaping tool
that no studio should be without.
110º Ringflash Diffuser
130º Ringflash Reflector
Flash Duration:
1/4500Ws @500Ws
Flash Duration:
1/1600Ws @ 3000Ws
Guide Number:
86 (m/100 ISO)
Max Power:
Cable Length:
5m [16’]
204Ø x 80mm [8Ø x 3”]
Aperture Ø:
100mm [3.9”]
3.43kg [7.5lbs]
Order Codes:
Ringflash Pro (230V)
BW7670US Ringflash Pro (117V)
130º Ringflash Reflector,
Used to increase the size and intensity of the
flash output. BW7674
110º Ringflash Diffuser,
For reducing the contrast and to create a soft
light which is ideal for portraiture shots.
Spare / Replacement Cover Glass
BW7676 Clear Cover Glass
BW7677 Frosted Cover glass
| Ringflash Pro
| Ringflash Pro
Clear Cover Glass 10 Modelling Lamps
r in gflash pr o
33 - Generators
rin gf la sh p ro
tools &
35 - Light shaping
With over 20 different light shaping tools and
accessories, the Bowens range is one of the
most diverse available anywhere offering the
perfect effect from portraits to fashion, still life
to architecture.
Light modifying attachments are essential
when you want to move beyond standard
lighting and start to get really creative.
portrait reflectors
Designed as a spill-kill or to be used with umbrellas, this
15cm (6") reflector has a very wide, even coverage,
making it perfect to spread light over broad areas.
Its very small diameter creates hard shadows and highcontrast lighting.
36 - Light Modifiers
| Portrait Reflectors
50º keylite reflector
This is a very high output 24cm (91⁄2") reflector that
creates a highly specular result. It’s the perfect reflector
to be used where maximum light output is required. It’s
also a superb reflector for bouncing light off ceilings or
simply to give the maximum possible depth of field.
75º softlite reflector
This 38cm (15") matt-finished reflector is supplied with a
double diffuser cap that covers the flash tube and
modelling lamp for added softness. It is perfect for
portraiture, beauty and small product photography.
The diffuser cap can be removed, making it an excellent
large-diameter direct reflector.
high-performance reflector
This 32cm (13”) reflector achieves the maximum amount
of light output possible, great for lighting large groups and
bouncing light off of high ceilings.
The efficient parabolic design delivers a narrow, bright
beam of light with intense shadows and high contrast.
A must where sheer power is required.
grid diffuser (for softlite)
This is an accessory for the 75° Softlite Reflector that
creates a unique lighting effect combining a Perspex outer
diffuser with a honeycomb grid in the centre. The Grid
Diffuser gives a pool of direct light in the centre,
surrounded by soft-diffused light. The ratio between the
centre and edge is 3:1 - ideal for portrait applications.
40º sunlite reflector
A 43cm (17") white-painted reflector designed to replicate
sunlight for photographing items such as architectural
The white-painted interior of the Sunlite reflector helps to
ensure that an even light is delivered.
supersoft 600 diffuser
(for sunlite)
NOTE: All Bowens direct attachment reflectors feature
the standard ‘S’-type fitting which means they are
compatible with all Bowens monolights and generator
The Supersoft 600 mounts onto the front of the 40° Sunlite
Reflector. Its super-large 600mm diameter reflector &
unique two-layered diffusion design creates a large, soft
light source delivering perfectly round, even catch lights
for fashion and beauty shots. The internal baffle is printed
with a special light distribution pattern to eliminate
hotspots. BW1884
65º maxilite reflector
This is a good general-purpose direct reflector with an
even coverage and a high light output. Since it has a
small 20cm (8") diameter, the light it produces is
moderately high in contrast. The stippled surface
ensures a smooth and even light distribution.
honeycomb grids (for maxilite)
These grids fit on to the front of the Maxilite Reflector and
deliver a very tightly controlled pool of illumination,
creating a highly efficient spot effect.
BW1891 3/8” (9.525mm) grid for a wider angle spot effect.
BW1892 1/4” (6.35mm) grid for a narrower angle spot.
gel filter holder (for maxilite)
This handy accessory for the 65º Maxilite reflector
simply clips to the front allowing you to use coloured
gels and filters for added creativity.
BW2368 Gel/filter holder for Maxilite
BW2364 Set of 12 coloured gels & filters
barn-door and gel holder (for maxilite)
Another useful add-on for the 65º Maxilite reflector. The
four-leaf barn-doors allow a greater degree of control
over the light spread.
This attachment also incorporates a gel holder allowing
the use of the BW2364 gel set for creative lighting.
| Portrait Reflectors
120º wide-angle reflector
with umbrella mount
37 - Light Modifiers
light modifiers
effects reflectors
16º snoot
A good general purpose direct reflector with an efficient
pebble finish. With its rolled rim and indent, this mediumangle reflector will hold an 18cm (7") grid.
BW1863 grid reflector
BW1865 grid reflector with three grids
set of grids for 60º grid reflector
universal clip-on barn-doors
These are a must for anyone using direct reflectors.
Simply clip to the rim of your reflector to enable the spread
of light to be precisely controlled.
BW1869 clip-on barn-doors
(reflector not included)
ringlite converter
using the fresnel 200
fresnel 200 spot attachment
This 200mm Fresnel lens produces a Hollywood-style
classic light unique to Fresnel spots. A built-in iris gives
very tight control of the light pool, making it ideal for
product photography. It is also great for classic portraits
and for precise control in commercial work.
BW2914 fresnel 200
Fine art and portrait photographer, Faye Yerbury.
Faye: I really enjoy working with the Bowens Fresnel 200.
This modifier is definitely in regular use in the studio, and is
the one light modifier that I would not be without.
These are designed to fit a wide range of Bowens
The adjustable fittings clip over the rim of the reflector.
BW1861A 1⁄4” (6.35mm) grid for a narrower angle spot effect.
BW1861B 3⁄8” (9.525mm) grid for a wider angle spot effect.
For creating a simple spot effect, this 10cm (4”) cone
can also be used as a hair light, creating a pool of
illumination on the hair without spilling on to the face or
BW1888 snoot
BW1862 1⁄4” honeycomb grid for snoot
A set of three grids are available for the 60º grid reflector
which offer 1⁄8” (3.175mm), 3⁄16” (4.762mm) and 1⁄4” (6.35mm)
hole sizes, each with increasingly wide-angle spots of light.
BW1864 set of three grids
Thanks to this unique light modifying accessory, ring-flash
style photography is now possible at a fraction of the price.
Simply attach the lightweight and portable ringlite
converter to any Bowens ‘S’-type compatible flash-head,
position your camera in the central aperture and go.
BW1790 ringlite converter
The multiclip has thousands of uses around the studio.
This unique double-ended, swivel-mounted clip can be
used for holding diffusers, filters or gobos to light units or
for holding reflector cards between your light-source and
lens. A ‘must-have’ for all photographers,
BW1826/A multiclip
The set-up for this image was really simple; it’s something
that anyone can do. I placed a single Gemini 500Pro up
high above the model, at a 45º angle. The Fresnel, when
used at this angle, allowed me to create those wonderful,
deep shadows.
The Fresnel is an asset to any studio, it can enhance even
the most simple of portraits; you can instantly turn a boring
head-and-shoulders style picture into such a romantic
feeling shot without even trying.
39 - Light Modifiers
38 - Light Modifiers
| Effects Reflectors
universal honeycomb grid
Exceptional value-for-money starter kit containing a
reflector, snoot and four-leaf barn door. The efficient
60° reflector is optimised for light spread. The snoot and
barn door attachments connect neatly onto the main
reflector, providing instant control.
BW1882 basic reflector set
BW1057 set of coloured gels for reflector kit
60º grid reflector
| Effects Reflectors
With its 20 x 30.5cm (8 x 12") elliptical shape, this
reflector produces an oval pool of light that can be used
to create a natural vignette on a background or other
areas. Two spring clips allow coloured gels to be fitted.
BW2560 backlite reflector
BW2552 set of 12 coloured gels for backlite
basic reflector set
Model: Monika Trzpil. www.monika-t.com
backlite reflector
special effects
ringlite converter
It's not just a fan! The variable speed
Jetstream Windmachine is designed to
allow precision control over the direction
and speed of air-flow on set, making
special effects a breeze.
It is great for glamour shots and even
controlling smoke and fog effects.
For maximum gusts, turn the control to full
power and you'll send the fan up to 2500
RPM creating 940 Cubic Feet per Minute
of controllable wind.
Its extra long remote operating cable
enables you to control speed/power levels
from up to 3 meters (10’) away, so you can
go from a light draft to a gentle breeze to
an intense bluster and beyond without
leaving your camera position.
The Jetstream features a 5/8" mount to fit
most lighting support stands.
BW2550 Jetstream (230V)
BW2550B Jetstream (117V)
Universal Spot Attachment
Gobo set
This high-quality optical attachment allows
the projection of gobos, patterns, masked
shapes and cut-outs on the background or
onto your subject.
This set of M-size gobos features 12 different
patterns including stars, hearts, windowlight, lightning and cityscape.
It can also be used to tightly light parts of
your shot projecting a spot as small as 5cm
(2”) from a distance of 90cm (3’).
The integral gobo holder accepts M-size
(6.6cm / 2.6”) gobos.
BW1880 Universal Spot Attachment.
This collection is designed to fit the universal
spot attachment.
BW1879 Set of 12 Gobos.
Many photographers would love to achieve
the distinctive ringflash style, but that style
can be expensive.
Just to get started, you will need an often
pricey ringflash as well as a powerpack to
use it.
Bowens provide a unique solution for price
conscious photographers: the 'Ringlite
Converter' an innovative device which offers
photographers a durable and portable ringflash
style light at a fraction of the usual cost.
With the award-winning Ringlite Converter, you
won’t have to worry about buying additional
gear—a special attachment easily transforms
your existing Bowens flash heads into
ringflash-style lights.
Mount your camera using the portrait or
landscape brackets and fit the lens through the
center aperture to shoot.
The Ringlite eliminates stark shadows while
creating a softer, more pleasing light than
conventional systems, accentuated by striking
catchlights in your subject’s eyes.
You can even add coloured gels and filters for
more creative effects.
Shoot singular fashion spreads and portraits;
complex tabletop and technical work; interiors
and architectural details; or close-up medical
and scientific photography.
Get professional ringflash effects no matter
how tight your budget.
technical data:
Centre Aperture
BW1790 Ringlite Converter.
41 - Light Modifiers
40 - Accessories
| Special Effects
Jetstream Wind Machine
| Ringlite Converter
Length: 30.5cm [12”]
Width: 25cm [10”]
Weight: 6.3kg [13.5lbs]
reflector kits
Now you just need to decide what style of
photography you want to achieve and choose
the relevant pre-packed and ready-to-go kit
from Bowens.
effects reflector kit
portrait reflector kit
fashion reflector kit
advanced reflector kit
Bowens Gold/Silver Reflector Discs
This kit includes five professional light
shaping tools and accessories designed to
compliment basic lighting set-ups by
creating special lighting effects.
Contains seven of Bowens most popular
lighting accessories for portraiture lighting.
The Fashion Lighting Reflector Kit contains
six specialist light shaping tools designed to
create the very popular high-Key effect.
The advanced Lighting Reflector Kit covers a
broad range of lighting scenarios.
These innovative, collapsible discs offer two
reflector options from one tool.
The disc panels can be flipped or reversed
instantly so you always have the right tool on
Reflector Discs are extremely lightweight,
easy to use and do not require any assembly.
Their carbon-steel frames are welded to
withstand rigorous use and provide years of
dependable performance.
When not in use, they fold effortlessly into
small circles one-third of their open size.
Contains a Snoot and Four-Leaf Barn Door
set supported by a 60° Reflector as well as a
Backlite Reflector together with 12 coloured
gels and filters.
BW6650 Effects Reflector Kit
The kit includes a 60x80cm Softbox, a 60º
Grid Reflector together with three sizes of
Honeycomb Grid as well as a Backlite
Reflector with 12 coloured gels and filters & a
telescopic Backlight Stand. Finally an 81cm
Gold/Silver reflector disc, for adding warmer
or cooler tones completes the kit.
The kit contains two High-Performance
Reflectors for broad high contrast coverage.
An ultra-soft beauty dish with a grid diffuser
attachment, a 15° Snoot for highlighting
detail and a Gold/Silver Reflector Disc for
adjusting colour tones.
The kit contains a 60x80cm Softbox, two
Maxilite Reflectors with two sizes of Grid as
well as a Four-Leaf Barn-Door Set and a Gel
Holder with 12 coloured gels. The kit is
completed with an 81cm Gold/Silver reflector
disc, designed for easily adding warmer or
cooler tones to your images.
BW6655 Portrait Reflector Kit
BW6660 Fashion Reflector Kit
BW6665 Advanced Reflector Kit
Bowens Silver/White Umbrellas
Available in three sizes.
BW3225 81cm [32”] disc
BW3245 107cm [42”] disc
BW3265 122 x 92cm [48 x 36”] Oval
Telescopic Disc Holder
This telescopic arm is universal to take all
sizes of Reflector Disc and attaches to any
lighting support stand.
These dual-purpose umbrellas feature a
white interior surface backed by a removable
silver fabric with a black exterior.
This provides a soft but highly efficient
bounced light source.
For close-up lighting, the silver/black backing
can be removed, allowing you to get closer to
your subject by lighting through the umbrella
like a softbox.
Available in
three sizes.
90cm [35”]
115cm [45”]
140cm [55”]
Don’t forget...
120º Umbrella Reflector.
(see page 36)
| Reflect & Bounce
To make selecting the right accessories easier,
Bowens have created four unique lighting
reflector kits designed to cover ‘Basic Effects’,
‘Po rt ra it Lig hti ng ’ , ‘ Fashi on Li ght ing ’ a nd
‘Advanced Lighting’.
43 - Light modifiers
42 - Light Modifiers
| Reflector Kits
Light shaping tools are essential for creating
images with the ‘wow’ factor, but choosing
which accessories to use to achi eve that
perfect effect can sometimes be daunting.
reflect & bounce
Softboxes are a staple tool for studio-based
photographers, and thanks to our portable
lighting solutions they are increasingly used on
location too.
Bowens Softboxes and Wafer lightbanks fit
quickly & easily to the front of any Bowens
flash unit (or even other brands with our
adapter rings) to create a directional very soft
and even light.
45 - Softboxes
With nineteen different shapes and sizes
available, the Bowens range covers every type
of photography from still life and portraiture
through to fashion and commercial.
[ a]
[ e]
The Bowens range of six professional
softboxes has been developed to offer
photographers the very highest-quality
light source at a sensible price.
The silver interior of the softbox together with
its shallow construction offers a high degree
of efficiency while the translucent front
diffuser ensures an even light distribution.
For a completely even spread of light each
softbox features an internal diffuser* to
minimise the possibility of hotspots.
Bowens professional softboxes can also be
used with a variety of other flash systems by
using one of the softbox adapter rings which
are available separately.
* Softstrip 100 does not include an internal
a. Softbox 60-80
c. Softbox 100
e. Softstrip 100
60cm x 80cm [231⁄2" x 31"]
Rectangular shape perfect for portraiture and
product shots.
BW1665 Softbox 60-80.
BW1666 Softbox 60-80 spare front diffuser.
BW1667 Softbox 60-80 spare int. diffuser.
100cm x 100cm [391⁄2" x 391⁄2"]
Our most most popular size, suitable for a
wide range of photography.
BW1680 Softbox 100.
BW1681 Softbox 100 spare front diffuser.
BW1682 Softbox 100 spare internal diffuser.
100cm x 40cm [391⁄2" x 153⁄4"]
The narrow profile of the strip gives a much
sharper cut off, making it ideal for fashion
and beauty.
BW1670 Softstrip 100.
BW1671 Softstrip 100 spare front diffuser.
b. Softbox 80-100
d. Softbox 140
f. Softstrip 140
80cm x 100cm [31" x 391⁄2"]
For larger portraits or when a softer light is
BW1675 Softbox 80-100.
BW1676 Softbox 80-100 spare front diffuser.
BW1677 Softbox 80-100 spare int. diffuser.
140cm x 100cm [55" x 391⁄2"]
Ideal for large group shots as well as room
sets and general photography where a very
soft light is required.
BW1685 Softbox 140.
BW1686 Softbox 140 spare front diffuser.
BW1687 Softbox 140 spare internal diffuser.
140cm x 40cm [55" x 15¾"]
Perfect for full length fashion and beauty
BW1690 Softstrip 140.
BW1691 Softstrip 140 spare front diffuser.
BW1692 Softstrip 140 spare internal diffuser.
Softbox & Wafer adapter rings
Bowens Quickring
The original Bowens-designed Quickring is
designed to make the assembly (and
disassembly!) of any softbox or Wafer
lightbank easier than ever.
The advanced design of the Quickring allows
the center ring to be released and rotated,
this relieves tension on the support rods as
the softbox is being assembled.
Now broken and bent rods and sore thumbs
can become a thing of the past.
Assembling a softbox using the Qucikring
couldn’t be simpler.
First insert the rods into your softbox, then
unlock the adapter ring, insert all four softbox
rods into the Quickring, then close to lock the
adapter ring back in place and your softbox
is assembled - easy!
Bowens softboxes and Wafer Lightbanks can
be used with many other types of flash
system simply by changing the inner adapter
Bowens Adapter (shown)
Bron Pulso Adapter
Comet Adapter
Dynalite Adapter
Genesis/Elinchrom Adapter
Hensel Adapter
Multiblitz P Type Adapter
Multiblitz V Type Adapter
Norman 2000/4000 / Lumadyne
Photogenic Adapter
Profoto Adapter
Speedotron Adapter
White Lightning Adapter
| Softboxes
For quick and simple attachment to your
Bowens flash lighting the softboxes include a
speedring and a Bowens ‘S’-Type Adapter.
[ c]
47 - Light Modifiers
46 - Light Modifiers
| Softboxes
To ensure easy transportation of your softbox
for location shoots each softbox comes
complete with a simple zip-up carry case.
Bowens professional softboxes include the
main canopy, a rear cowell, front diffuser,
internal diffuser*, and four support rods.
Gold/Silver Reflector
Adjustment handle
Round front diffuser
Removeable tone reflectors
Rear mounted light
Rear mounted light
Silver reflective interior
Silver reflective interior
Diameter: 150cmØ [5’Ø]
BW1650 Octo 150
The other significant advantage of this design
is the evenness of illumination on the front
cloth. The interior silver and white surfaces
have been designed to ensure optimum
evenness of light.
Because the light is so even, it can be used
close to the subject to produce maximum
softness as well as maximum light output.
Assembling the large Octo150 is easy.
Simply insert the support rods into the
adaptor ring then zip up the two side zips to
create the octobox. At last a big softbox that
can be assembled, and disassembled,
quickly and easily.
The Octo150 comes supplied with a travel
bag for easy transportation.
Just like its bigger counterpart the
Bowens Octo90 is a large octagonal
softbox designed to create a perfectly
round pool of beautiful soft, diffused light.
The 90cm (3’) diameter of the Octo90 makes
it ideal for smaller studios who need a big
beauty light but don’t have room for large
parabolic reflectors.
Thanks to the easy to assemble zip-up
design of the softbox and its small
disassembled size, the Octo90 is also perfect
for location work
The unique round diffuser creates
aesthetically pleasing catchlights making this
the perfect beauty softbox and the softness
and evenness of the light means the Octo90
can be used from large lighting setups to
close in to the subject with no loss in the
quality of light.
To assist with creating perfect skin tones in
beauty work and portraiture, the Octo90
comes supplied with two removeable inner
tone reflectors, one gold and the other silver
and gold - use in conjunction with the large
silver interior of the softbox for amazing skin
Because the flash unit is mounted facing the
rear of the softbox there is no hot-spot on the
front diffuser - the light is bounced from the
rear of the Octo90 to create a remarkably soft
and even light.
To assemble the Octo90, insert the support
rods into adaptor ring, then zip-up the side
panels and secure in place with the fastening
tabs - fast and simple.
| Octoboxes
| Octoboxes
48 - Light Modifiers
Unlike other large octagonal softboxes
available on the market, Bowens Octoboxes
feature a perfectly round front diffuser for
perfectly round catch lights, which are
cleaner and more pleasing than their multisided counterparts.
Another difference is how your flash unit is
mounted inside the Octobox, facing the rear
- away from the subject. This offers two
softboxes. Because there are no extra layers
of diffusion fabric between the light source
and the front diffuser, it is a remarkably
efficient softbox and can be used with a
relatively small flash, such as a Gemini 500.
Round front diffuser
Diameter: 90cmØ [3’Ø]
BW1640 Octo 90
49 - Light Modifiers
Adjustment Handle
The Bowens Octo150 is a unique large soft
box which offers several unique features
that are particularly of advantage to
portrait photographers.
Gold Reflector
wafer light banks
Hexagonal Wafers
Portrait Wafers
Three reasons -
Wafer Strip 100
100 x 38 x 25cm [393⁄8 x 15 x 93⁄4”]
Ideal where more contrast and a sharper
edge to the shadows is required.
BW1180 Wafer Strip 100
Wafer Hex 100
100 x 70 x 30cm [393⁄8 x 271⁄2 x 12”]
Ideal for single head-and-shoulder portraits
or for greater contrast on 3⁄4-length shots and
BW1195 Wafer Hex 100
BW1194 Oval Front Diffuser
Wafer 56
56 x 25 x 28cm [22 x 97⁄8 x 11”]
Here is a compact soft box for small still life,
either as a main or rim light.
It can also be used as a great hair light.
BW1894 Wafer 56
light quality
The Wafer quickly changes to meet the
differences in lighting style and taste required
by individual photographers and variations in
specific subjects.
50 - Light Modifiers
| Wafer Light Banks
Wafer is created to match "your way", to be
as flexible as possible to meet your unique
and changing needs and with 13 shapes and
sizes in the versatile Wafer range - there is
guaranteed to be one to suit.
Wafer Strip 140
140 x 35 x 50cm [55 x 133⁄4 x 193⁄4”]
For longer coverage than the 100 Strip.
BW1181 Wafer Strip 140
Portrait Wafers
Available in five sizes
Strip Wafers
available in three sizes
The Wafer is probably the most innovative light bank on the
market, producing a beautiful quality of light and offering a
degree of control unmatched by similar products.
Its range of shapes and sizes is almost as big as its range of
accessories, making the Wafer suitable for a variety of work in
all disciplines.
The Wafer design is supplied with two internal Mylar baffles or
screens, each printed with a special pattern to ensure the
light distribution on the front cloth is absolutely even over its
entire surface. These baffles also assist in controlling the
colour temperature: one is white and gives a slightly warm
tone, the other is blue for more neutral tones.
Wafer light banks produce a crisp, smooth quality of light
while their narrow profile and silver/white interiors with two
interchangeable graduated inner baffles deliver unparalleled
flexibility and control.
The front cloth of the Wafer is recessed to help control light
spill. The resulting internal edge has a hook-and-loop lining,
allowing an accessory honeycomb to be fitted to the front for
additional directional control.
Hexagonal Wafers
Available in three sizes
The Wafer is supplied in a stowage pouch for convenient
portability and includes the flash adapter speed ring.
Brand-specific flash adapter rings are available for every
leading studio lighting system.
Wafers are available as Rectangles, which are by far the most
popular and versatile. Hexagonal Wafers are especially good
for portraiture whilst the Strips, which produce much sharper
cut-off, are popular with fashion photographers.
Wafer Strip 200
200 x 70 x 62cm [783⁄4 x 271⁄2 x 241⁄2”]
Full-length fashion with hard-edged lateral
contrast. Good overhead light source to
separate subjects from background.
BW1184 Wafer Strip 200
All Strip Wafers are supplied with one full-width
and one half-width front diffuser.
The half-width diffuser provides an even sharper
cut-off and harder edge to the shadows.
Wafer Hex 140
140 x 95 x 37cm [551⁄8 x 371⁄2 x 141⁄2”]
For single portraits or small groups where a
natural vignette is required.
BW1182 Wafer Hex 140
BW1185 Oval Front Diffuser
Wafer Hex 180
180 x 135 x 52cm [707⁄8 x 531⁄8 x 201⁄2”]
A broad beautiful light for almost any subject.
great for larger groups.
BW1183 Wafer Hex 180
BW1186 Oval Front Diffuser
Flash and Light Head Adaptor Rings
Wafer soft boxes can be used with most major studio lighting systems.
Simply attach the appropriate adaptor to the mounting rings supplied.
(As listed on page 47)
* Wafer Lightbanks are distributed in North America as Plume Wafer.
Wafer 75
75 x 50 x 28cm [291⁄2 x 193⁄4 x 11”]
This medium-sized soft box is great for still
life, single portraits or for more contrast
lighting in larger sets.
BW1895 Wafer 75
BW1196 Oval Front Diffuser
BW1160 Honeycomb Grid
Wafer 100
100 x 75 x 35cm [393⁄8 x 291⁄2 x 133⁄4”]
Our most popular size, this soft box is
suitable for full-length portraits, small groups
and product illustration.
Still compact enough for location.
BW1896 Wafer 100
BW1977 Oval Front Diffuser
BW1161 Honeycomb Grid
Wafer 140
140 x 100 x 50cm [551⁄8 x 393⁄8 x 193⁄4”]
For full-length portraits and fashion, also
good for larger sets. This unit is extremely
soft because of its size.
BW1897 Wafer 140
BW1197 Oval Front Diffuser
Wafer 200
200 x 140 x 65cm [783⁄4 x 551⁄8 x 251⁄2”]
An enormous soft light that is still lightweight
enough to hang on Hi-Glide tracking or boom
arms, the Wafer 200 is beautiful for full-length
work, group portraits and large products.
BW1898 Wafer 200
Wafer Accessories
Oval Diffusers
A translucent fabric diffuser with black oval
mask that converts rectangular lightbanks
into ovals. Perfect for those shots where a
rounded highlight or catchlight is desirable.
Wafer Honeycombs
A lightweight, aluminium honeycomb on a
frame is fitted into the recess at the front of
the Wafer lightbank. Ideal for product
photography, giving a soft, controllable pool
of illumination.
| Wafer Light Banks
Strip Wafers
51 - Light Modifiers
Why choose a Wafer Light Bank?
53 - Lighting support
Constructed from black aluminium for a sturdy,
attractive and non-reflective appearance.
B o w e n s s ta n d s f e a tu r e h i g h -q u a l i ty a l u m i n i u m
locking clasps, rather than plastic, to ensure ultimate
stability and maximum safety.
The world's best lights deserve the worlds best
Bowens Light Support Stands and Booms represent
exceptional value for money.
lighting support stands
light booms
Boom Accessories
Handy Stand
Compact Stand
Portable Stand
Heavy-Duty Stand
The very smallest of the Bowens
light stands, allowing you to place
your lights very nearly on the floor
at just 7cm from the ground or up
to a maximum height of 85cm.
Designed to be lightweight and
small enough for portability and
durable enough to withstand the
rigours of studio and location work.
Included in GM200 & 400 kits.
This portable and lightweight entrylevel light support stand is our best
seller and is included in Bowens
Gemini ‘Classic’, ‘R’ and ‘Pro’
lighting kits.
A superb all-purpose light support
stand, essential when extra height
is needed, it reaches 11¾' ( 355cm)
and closes to 39" (100cm).
This ultra-durable and sturdy
support stand easily withstands the
demands of a busy studio.
Max Height
Min Height
Closed Length
Order Code
Max Height
Min Height
Closed Length
Order Code
Max Height
Min Height
Closed Length
Order Code
Max Height
Min Height
Closed Length
Order Code
Max Height
Min Height
Closed Length
Order Code
85cm [34”]
45cm [18”]
225cm [6’4”]
82cm [32”]
85cm [33”]
1.4kg [3.1lbs]
305cm [10’]
83cm [33”]
86cm [34”]
1.7kg [3.8lbs]
355cm [11¾']
97cm [38”]
100cm [39”]
1.8kg [3.9lbs]
397cm [13’]
112cm [44”]
115cm [45”]
2.4kg [5.3lbs]
For precise control, the head extension offers
rotation up to 360˚ for unlimited directional
control. All angle movements are controlled
by a handle located at the pivot point, making
it easy to see exactly how the light falls on the
The sliding counterweight system easily
adjusts for different sizes of lights and boxes.
Just slide the weight bags to create the
perfect balance and lock them securely.
Once you have the balance set for your light
source, there is no need to lock the boom
into position, simply raise or lower the light to
the height required and let go. The boom
stays put without locking, clamping or
The minimized length of the counterweight
section makes this the perfect boom for
smaller studios.
The boom assembles in just minutes and
requires no tools.
12lbs. (5.5kg) Weight Bag (empty) RD1290
15lbs. (6.8kg) Weight Bag (empty) RD1295
Vertical Light Mount Stud (1⁄2" or 5⁄8") RD1280
Thumbscrews (set of four)
Compact Boom
Standard Boom
Great for location & tabletop photographers.
Measures only 132cm (52") long with a reach
of 81cm (32").
Supplied with a counterweight bag, suitable
for up to 6.8kg (15lbs) of weights, and
accepts optional head extensions of 46cm
(18"), 61cm (24") and 76cm (32").
Measures 1m (38") unassembled, weighs 4kg
(9lbs) and mounts onto any cine-type light
stand with a 5⁄8" female socket.
Perfect large sets and low angles.
Features calibrated angle indicators on the
height and rotating head movements.
Measures 2.9m (91⁄2') overall, has a 1.8m (6')
reach with a standard 46cm (18") head
extension and is supplied with two unfilled
counterweight bags.
For longer reach, 61cm (24"), 76cm (30") and
122cm (48") head extensions are available.
Measures 1.5m (60") unassembled and
weighs 7kg (16lbs).
RD1100 Compact Boom
RD1200 Standard Boom
| light booms
Backlight Stand
Bowens booms feature a parallelogram
design that makes it easy to precisely
raise or lower lights without changing the
angle of light in relation to your subject.
(46cm) Head Extension
(61cm) Head Extension
(76cm) Head Extension
(122cm) Head Extension
55 - Support systems
54 - Support Systems
| Lighting Support Stands
Simply adjust the padded dividers with their
velcro style fasteners.
This case features more padding than
before to protect your strobes in transport
and also features wheels at one end to
make moving your Gemini kits a breeze.
The Gimlet
Length: 102cm
Width: 28cm
Height: 26cm
Weight: 5.4kg
Order Code:
BW1066B Bowens Rolling Kit Case
Bowens has teamed with Crumpler®, to
create a funky & tough lighting kit bag.
The Gimlet kit bag is constructed from a
blend of weatherproof materials built for
comfort and durability.
The large main compartment includes three
dividers which can be easily positioned
wherever you need them for lights or
Travelpak. The two side compartments can
accommodate lighting support stands or
Trolley Case
Featuring over-sized tough, dependable and
sturdy wheels for speed and stability, this is
the bag to have when you need to transport
equipment safely and in style!
Length: 108cm [421⁄2”]
Width: 46cm [18”]
Height: 30cm [12”]
Weight: 6.2kg [13.6lbs]
Order code:
BW1070 The Gimlet Kit Case
The Bowens Trolley Case has been
designed to make transporting a complete
two-light kit convenient and easy.
The well-padded large internal compartment
can be configured to accommodate most
photographic equipment using the seven
padded, adjustable internal dividers.
The whole case is easily transported by
inserting the tough trolley which features a
telescopic handle and large durable wheels
which are spaced to ensure stability on the
Length: 103cm
Width: 28cm
Height: 26cm
Weight: 5.6kg
Weight: 1.4kg
Order Code:
BW1069B Trolley Case
Kit Holdall
Stand Bags
The Bowens kit holdall is a compact and
convenient way of transporting small lighting
kits together with stands and softboxes.
Transport your lighting support stands from
studio to location with ease.
Length: 89cm
Width: 32cm
Height: 18cm
Weight: 2.0kg
Order Code:
BW4052 Kit Holdall
Short Bag
Length: 86cm [401⁄8”]
Width: 22cm [11”]
Height: 15cm [101⁄4”]
Weight: 526g [1.15lbs]
BW4064 Short Stand Bag
BW4054 Long Stand Bag
Long Bag
98cm [40”]
22cm [11”]
18cm [10”]
544g [1.2lbs]
57 - accessories
56 - Accessories
| Cases & Bags
Rolling Kit Case
The Bowens Deluxe Rolling Kit Case is
designed to take a variety of Bowens
Gemini lighting kits.
| Cases & Bags
cases & bags
The Bowens Streamlite and Studiolite systems are
cool-running fluorescent lights; meaning they
produce only minimal heat making them perfect for
shooting anything from flowers and food to people.
59 - Continuous lighting
Bowens have developed a range of low-cost
continuous lighting systems which are perfect for,
not only, product and still life photography but are
also ideal for video use too.
Continuous lighting is becoming ever more popular
in working studios and even in design houses and
marketing departments.
streamlite kit
| Streamlite
60 - Continuous light
The ultimate point and shoot light, simply
switch on and the three 30W fluorescent
bulbs, combined with the detachable white
reflector, deliver a wide spread of directional
sunlight. The 5600K (±300K) lamps mean no
more time consumed on your camera white
balance to eliminate the blue or green hues
usually associated with fluorescent light.
Streamlite 530
The 7,000 hour, cool-running, lamps deliver a
soft, even light output equivalent to 330W of
tungsten light, ideal for situations where the
subject matter can be adversely affected by
high levels of heat, such as food, or even
close-up portraiture.
The Streamlite is supplied with an elasticated
diffuser to create an even softer light.
Order Codes:
BW3450 Streamlite 330 (230V)
BW3455 Streamlite 330 (117V)
The Streamlite 530 is the ‘Big-Easy’ of
continuous lighting. Five independently
controlled spiral lamps make large
creative lighting setups a breeze.
Featuring the same cool-running, long-life
lamps as the smaller Streamlite, two
additional bulbs mean a total output
equivalent up to 550W of tungsten lighting.
The unit has five switches on the back so that
the lamps can be switched on or off in any
configuration required.
[18”] inc reflector
[121⁄4”] inc reflector
[6.2lbs] inc reflector
Great for food shots.
Ideal for product photography.
Streamlite 330 Kit
The detachable reflector, with it’s brilliant
white surface, comes supplied with an
elasticated diffuser which fits quickly and
easily on the front for a wide, soft and even
light spread.
With its broad daylight balanced light, the
Streamlite is the next best thing to the Sun.
Order Codes
BW3460 Streamlite 530 (230V)
BW3465 Streamlite 530 (117V)
The Streamlite 330 Kit is the perfect
portable table-top studio - ideal for
product shots, still life and portraits.
The Streamlite 330 Kit contains two
Streamlite 330 lights, each fitted with three
low-energy, daylight balanced fluorescent
lamps. These highly efficient lamps make
each Streamlite 330 as bright as a 330W
tungsten lamp. The lights are supported by
two portable, foldaway, three section stands.
Streamlites run at low temperatures an so are
safe to use even when shooting subjects that
are easily affected by heat such as food,
flowers and people.
The Cocoon features three shooting holes so
subjects can be shot from many different
positions, enabling you to remove unsightly
highlights and distracting reflections.
If you want to shoot perfect still life pictures
then nothing is simpler or more effective than
the Bowens Cocoon. This semi-rigid light
tent will give perfect soft, reflection-free
lighting for every subject. The Cocoon is
made from four translucent diffuser panels
that simply zip together.
The cocoon is supported by a portable,
foldaway stand for quick setups perfect for
small studios where space it at a premium.
Order Codes
BW3470 Streamlite Kit (230V)
BW3475 Streamlite Kit (117V)
Streamlite 330 Kit contents:
2 Streamlite 330
Complete with lamps and diffusers.
2 Foldaway Support Stands
1 Cocoon 70 Light Tent
1 Cocoon Support Stand.
30W 5600K Lamp (230V)
30W 5600K Lamp (117V)
Replacement 330 Diffuser
Replacement 530 Diffuser
| Streamlite
[161⁄4”] inc reflector
[123⁄4”] inc reflector
[4.3lbs] inc reflector
Streamlite 330
For a constant stream of beautiful
daylight-balanced light the Streamlite is
the perfect choice.
5 x 30W
61 - continuous Light
3 x 30W
studiolite lightbanks
studiolite accessories
4 x 55W
40cm [153⁄4”]
65cm [251⁄2”]
12cm [43⁄4”]
5.0kg [11lbs]
8 x 55W
67cm [262⁄8”]
65cm [251⁄2”]
12cm [43⁄4”]
8.6kg [19lbs]
Performance (Lux)
62 - Continuous light
| Studiolite
The lightweight and robust, Studiolite lightbanks are
tailored to meet the needs of both digital photographers
and video studios.
The highly efficient reflector design maximises the available
light and creates a remarkably even light spread.
The stylish thermal design and ventilation of the Studiolite
ensures very cool running, maintaining colour temperature
and light output over long periods of operation.
Studiolites feature easily replaceable, lamps that have a
money-saving 10,000+ hour life, and come in a choice of light
output and colour temperature.
The Studiolite is dimmable and incorporates a 100KHz
electronic ballast to ensure flicker free operation.
For the widest choice in lighting situations Bowens have
developed a comprehensive range of light control and
shaping tools which includes everything from detachable
grids, softboxes, intensifiers and barn door attachments.
Order Codes:
BW4400 Studiolite
BW4401 Studiolite
BW4410 Studiolite
BW4411 Studiolite
Studiolite Starter Kits
Studiolites are also available as handy starter kits.
Each kit includes either an SL455 or SL855 Studiolite unit
together with a set of four barn-doors for the top, bottom and
sides as well as a complete set of 5400K fluorescent tubes.
Order Codes:
BW4500UK Studiolite SL455 Kit (230V)
BW4500US Studiolite SL455 Kit (117V)
BW4510UK Studiolite SL855 Kit (230V)
BW4510US Studiolite SL855 Kit (117V)
Choose the perfect light for your shot. Each set of
Studiolite lamps contains four 55W fluorescent lamps.
55W. CRI: >90RA. Lumens: 3000.
BW4460 5400K Lumilux lamp set.
Warm White
55W CRI: >90RA. Lumens: 3000.
BW4461 3000K Lumilux delux lamp set.
Top & Bottom Barn-Doors
For use with the top & bottom barn-doors, these adjustable
Side Barn Doors can be used to maximise the available light
to create a remarkably even and efficient light spread.
BW4451 SL455
BW4452 SL855
One of the most essential accessories for the StudioLite,
the Top and Bottom Barn Doors fit both the SL455 & the
SL855. These Barn Doors are used to reflect or control the
spread of light.
Soft Corner Set
Softbox Kit
Cool White
55W CRI: >90RA. Lumens: 3800.
BW4462 4000K Lumilux lamp set.
Warm White
55W CRI: 90RA. Lumens: 3800.
BW4463 3000K Lumilux lamp set.
Daylight (HMI Style)
55W CRI: 80RA. Lumens: 4800.
BW4464 5600K Lumilux lamp set.
Tungsten Style
55W CRI: 80RA. Lumens: 4800.
BW4465 3200K Lumilux lamp set.
For the SL455 and the SL855.
Attaches to top & bottom barn-doors and side barndoors to create a tight corner preventing light spill and
achieving more precise control of light spread.
(Set of 4).
Designed for the SL455, this softbox kit fits neatly onto
the front of the Studiolite creating a soft even light.
The diffuser is removable for when an intense direct
light is required.
| Studiolite Accessories
Light Source
Side Barn-Doors
63 - continuous Light
Studiolite Lamp Sets
studiolite accessories
64 - Continuous light
Octagonal Diffuser
To be used with the Top and Bottom Barn doors. Intensifier
Ends are a very high output reflector that can combined with
the Honeycomb Grid for more controlled lighting.
BW4454 SL455 Intensifier Ends
BW4458 SL855 Intensifier Ends
Grids for Intensifier Ends
Gel/Filter Rails
Studiolite Gel Rail accessory for the SL455 and the
SL855, simply attaches to the top and bottom of the
StudioLite to allow you to place a Honeycomb Grid or
gel filter directly in front of the light source.
Grids for Gel Rails
Cocoon 70
43cm [17”]
50cm [193⁄4”]
70cm [271⁄2”]
2.8kg [6.1lbs]
Cocoon 130
86cm [337⁄8”]
100cm [393⁄8”]
140cm [55”]
11kg [24.2lbs]
A simple, time-saving innovation that
makes lighting still-life objects easy.
For an even, soft lighting effect.
This simple-to-assemble fabric diffuser is designed to fit
an SL855 unit with Barn Doors, Side Barn Doors and
Soft Corners attached.
This honeycomb grid simply mounts onto the front of a
Studiolite unit fitted with Intensifier Ends and Top and
Bottom Barn Doors.
BW4455 SL455 - 30º Grid
BW4459 SL855 - 30º Grid
To create a more direct, precision controlled light.
Simply mount onto the front of an SL455 unit fitted with
Gel/Filter Rails.
BW4443 SL455 - 30º Grid
The Cocoon is a plastic cove made up of four
translucent diffusion panels fastened
together with zips for easy assembly and
storage. It features three photo portholes so
you can shoot your product from overhead,
at a 45° angle, or horizontally.
Unlike perfectly even boxes, the Cocoon
eliminates the blooming of digital highlights.
Cocoon 80S
80cm [311⁄2”]
61cm [24”]
58cm [223⁄4”]
1.2kg [2.6lbs]
Fabric Cocoon 80S
It is specifically designed for the angle of the
view and focus needed by a 55-60mm macro
lens on a 35mm camera or equivalent.
It’s the most versatile and helpful tool for
table-top photographers.
Available in two sizes.
Order Codes:
RD1600 Cocoon 70
RD1605 Cocoon 130
The Bowens Fabric Cocoon is a simple,
lightweight, collapsible cube constructed
with a translucent fabric that makes it
possible for you to light your subject from
any angle.
For an even more seamless picture a simple
matching fabric insert is included to provide a
flawless horizon behind your chosen item.
Easy zip acess enables you to place or move
your subject with ease.
The Cocoon 80S also incorporates a 20cm
(8”) slot to insert your camera lens when
you’re ready to shoot.
The cocoon collapses down to 35.5cm x 5cm
(14” x 2”) and fits neatly into a handy pouch
for easy storage and transport.
Order Code
RD1608 Fabric Cocoon 80S
| light tents
| Studiolite Accessories
This Fabric Diffuser has been designed for use with the
SL455, simply place over the top of the assembled
Intensifier Ends and Top & Bottom Barn Doors for a softer,
more pleasing light.
Intensifier Ends
65 - continuous Light
Fabric Diffuser
light tents
The working studio is a busy place...
Photographer, models, props and subjects are
competing for space with cameras, tripods, lighting
stands and cables.
Hi-Glide not only increases your shooting space
but also improves safety by reducing the risk of
injury or damage to you, your customers and your
valuable equipment.
67 - Hi-Glide System
Bowens Hi-Glide can transform even the smallest of
studios into an effective and creative shooting
As well as creating a better working
environment Hi-Glide also provides incredible
lighting flexibility.
68 - Hi-Glide Rail System
| The Design
All your lights, accessories, powerpacks and
backdrops can all be suspended and
positioned exactly where you need them;
making the best use of your studio space.
Moving rails allow for quick and easy
horizontal positioning while the wide range of
adjustable mountings and extension tubes
provide full vertical height control.
Locking devices hold everything in place so
there is no chance of disturbing your carefully
created lighting set-ups.
Hi-Glide can be used in just about any studio
with a wide range of accessories to ensure
that you can create a set-up that will be
perfect for your studio.
First, check whether you have enough
clearance height for Hi-Glide to be effective.
It is recommended to have a minimum floorto-ceiling height of 2.8m and ideally 3.5m as
the optimum height.
Second, check the ceiling is going to be
strong enough to support the weight.
Remember that it will have to carry the
combined weight of the rail system and all of
your equipment.
If you satisfy both of these requirements then, congratulations you are Hi-Glide ready.
The Design.
You will need a minimum of two fixed/static
rails which will be attached parallel to each
other on the ceiling. These should be placed
approximately 1.8m apart so that the moving
rail(s), when placed at 90° to the fixed rail,
have up to 60cm overhang at each end.
If the fixed rails are too far apart the moving
rail(s) will only be able to move at right angles
to the fixed rails.
For larger spaces, three or more fixed rails
can be used; Three fixed rails are
recommended when using 4.5m moving rails.
Consider where you will want to place your
lights when drafting your design.
You may want to always shoot in the same
position, or though the flexibility of Hi-Glide,
create more adventurous set-ups.
If you draw a plan of your shooting space you
can start to design a system that will be right
for your needs. Remember that moving rails
can move beyond the fixed rails so you will
gain shooting space beyond them.
Step one (Rails)
Step two (Fixings)
Step three (Rail Attachments)
Step four (Attaching Lights)
You should have an idea of how long the rails
will need to be for your studio.
If you need longer rails, the fixed rails can
always be extended using Rail Joining Plates
(BW2633). Moving rails cannot be extended.
It is very important that you use the correct
fixings for your ceiling, and that you use
enough of them to safely support the weight
of the Hi-Glide system and all the equipment
being supported.
At every point where a fixed rail crosses a
moving rail you will need a Double Carriage
(BW2603) and for stability it is recommended
that you use at least one Double Carriage
with Brake (BW2620) on each moving rail.
Always attach to a load bearing part of the
structure (wall or ceiling). If the ceiling height
is too high, use the Drop Supports to lower
the height of the fixed rails so that they are at
a correct level. It is important that the fixed
rails are level when secured or the moving
rails will not stay in position.
You will have decided how many items you
are going to hang from the rails.
Everything will need a carriage to mount it
onto the rail.
For lighter weight items use a Single Carriage
(BW2604), for heavier items the 6 Wheel
Carriage (BW2628) will allow for easier, more
fluid movement.
If your lights are always at the same height
then a fixed Length Extension Tube can be
used along with an additional Adaptor Spigot
(BW2652). The Litelift Pantographs allow
lights to be easily raised and lowered. Each
Litelift is supplied with type 1 & 2 springs, if
the item you are mounting weighs more than
5.4Kg you will need additional stronger type
3 & 4 springs.
To add items after your Hi-Glide has been
installed, you can use the Addalite Carriage
(BW2660) which can be fixed to a rail without
dismantling the whole system.
| Building the System
Remove the need for lighting stands and trailing wires.
The Hi-Glide Studio Rail System increases your shooting
space and transforms your studio into an efficient
working environment.
building the system
Are you Hi-Glide compatible?
69 - Hi-Glide System
hi-glide rail system
If you plan to use heavy accessories on your
lighting a Centre Of Gravity Bar (BW2622)
can be used to adjust the weight balance.
(Rails, Clamps & Brackets)
Support Rails
Universal Fixing Bracket
Short Fixing Bracket
Hi-Glide Support Rails are manufactured from structural
grade aluminium ensuring a strong, lightweight system.
(Rails are supplied in pairs).
BW2656 Rail 2m
[3.5kg per rail]
BW2600 Rail 3m
[5.5kg per rail]
BW2601 Rail 4.5m [8kg per rail]
The Universal Fixing Bracket is a full set of brackets, rail
clamps and fittings to attach rails to a flat or vertical
surface either parallel or at right angles to the rail.
BW2605 Universal Fixing Bracket [600g]
Rail Joining Plate
Fixed Rail Clamp with Spigot
Adjustable Girder Clamp
Fixed Length Drop Ceiling Support
This clamp with spigot is used to attach items to the rail
system that will not be required to move.
BW2635 Fixed Rail Clamp [275g]
The Adjustable Girder Clamp attaches rails to girders
(RSJ or I Beams) with widths from 6 to 20cm.
(Can be used with BW2632 Back-to-back clamp).
BW2650 Adjustable Girder Clamp [1.5kg]
The fixed length Drop Ceiling Supports allow the rails to be
fixed at the correct height for effective operation.
(We recommend 3.5m from the floor).
BW2661 30cm Drop Ceiling Support [800g]
BW2662 60cm Drop Ceiling Support [1.2kg]
BW2663 100cm Drop Ceiling Support [1.8kg]
This allows a single rail to be mounted from a wall.
BW2642 Mounting Bracket
Triple-Rail Wall Mounting Bracket
Back-to-back Clamp
Up to three rails can be simultaneously connected for
mounting perimeter curtains & cycloramas..
BW2646 Triple Mounting Bracket [2kg]
The Back to Back Clamp is used for mounting rails at 90°
to the fixing bracket or to each other.
BW2632 Back-to-back Clamp [374g]
Adjustable Drop Ceiling Support
Scaffold Clamp
| Brackets
For fixing rails to flat ceilings.
BW2629 Short Fixing Bracket [227g]
Rail Wall Mounting Bracket
The Joining Plate is used to increase the length of fixed rails
or to join together a perimeter track.
The Joining Plate cannot be used to lengthen moving rails
BW2633 Joining Plate
Designed to be used when ceiling height is uneven or
when mounting the Hi-Glide through false or suspended
ceilings which would not be able to support the weight.
BW2666 30-40cm Adjustable Support
BW2667 50-60cm Adjustable Support
BW2668 100-110cm Adjustable Support [2.2kg]
The Scaffold Clamp allows rails to be mounted parallel to
a standard scaffold pole.
(Can be used with BW2632 Back-to-back Clamp)
BW2626 Scaffold Clamp
71 - Hi-Glide System
70 - Hi-Glide Rail System
| Rails & Brackets
hi-glide system
hi-glide system
hi-glide system (Pantographs & Accessories)
Double Carriage
Double Carriage with Brake
Single Carriage
Cable Transfer Runners
Standard Litelift Pantograph
Which Springs to use:
Pantograph Springs
The type of spring you will need to combine with the Litelift
pantograph will depend on the weight of the equipment
you are attaching to it.
Six-Wheel Single Carriage
with Brake
The Single Carriage allows equipment to be
attached to the rails.
BW2604 Short Fixing Bracket [400g]
Addalite Carriage
Cable Transfer Runners carry the cable
along the rails. (pack of five)
BW2607 Cable Transfer Runners [130g]
Top-Running Cable Carriage
The LiteLift extends from 34cm (minimum) to 189cm
(maximum) and includes two compensator springs, safety
cable and a spring removal key.
BW2608 Standard Litelift [4.4kg]
Short Litelift Pantograph
Springs ensure that the Litelifts hold their desired
position. Higher numbered springs support greater
weights. Springs can be used individually or in pairs.
BW2610 Type 1 Spring
BW2611 Type 2 Spring
BW2612 Type 3 Spring
BW2613 Type 4 Spring
Extension Tubes
72 - Hi-Glide Rail System
| Carriages
Six-Wheel Single Carriage
The Double Carriage with Brake will stay
locked in position and should be used at
least one per rail to rail connection to ensure
rails stay in their desired position.
BW2620 Braked Double Carriage [400g]
For heavier items, the Six Wheel Carriage
ensures smooth operation.
BW2628 Six-Wheel Single Carriage [410g]
A braked version of the smooth running SixWheel Carriage ensures that your lights stay
in their set position.
BW2648 Braked 6-Wheel Carriage [600g]
This specially designed carriage can be
subsequently added to the rail without
removing the rail end stops.
BW2660 Addalite Carriage [399g]
This transports cables along the top of the
rail rather than hanging beneath.
BW2681 Top Cable Carriage [175g]
The short LiteLift has a minimum extension of 28cm and has
a maximum of 121cm and is designed for lower ceiling
heights. Supplied with two compensator springs, safety
cable and spring removal key.
BW2608/S Short Litelift
Extension Tubes connect directly to the 5/8th spigot on
carriages or below the Litelift for longer drops.
BW2615 30cm Extension Tube [400g]
BW2616 60cm Extension Tube [600g]
BW2617 90cm Extension Tube [1kg]
Weight (kg)
Spring Combination
1.8 - 2.7kg
1 of Type 2
2.7 - 3.6kg
2 of Type 1
3.6 - 5.4kg
1 of Type 1 & 1 of Type 2
5.4 - 7.3kg
2 of Type 2
7.3 - 8.2kg
1 of Type 3 & 1 of Type 2
8.2 - 9.0kg
1 of Type 3 & 1 of Type 4
9.0 - 10.0kg
2 of Type 4
18 - 20.0kg
4 of Type 4
You can use up to four springs on each litelift pantograph.
73 - Hi-Glide System
The Double Carriage allows two rails to be
attached while still allowing full movement
between them.
BW2603 Double Carriage
| Pantographs & Accessories
Use this table to ensure you have the correct spring
combination to safely support your equipment.
If the lighting equipment you are attaching to the litelift
weighs 15.4kg.
You would need to use two ‘Type 4’ springs (9.0 - 10.0kg)
and two ‘Type 2’ springs (5.4 - 7.3kg).
hi-glide system
hi-glide system
Centre of Gravity Bar
Background Paper Carrier
Curtain Runners
Quadx Hi-Glide Bracket
hi-glide starter kit
Cable Fixing Kit
Some large accessories such as softboxes
or spotlights may have a different centre of
gravity that can distort the Litelift.
Using the COG Bar restores the centre of
gravity to the correct position.
BW2622 Centre of Gravity Bar
A pair of hooks to carry up to three rolls of
background paper on a moving rail.
BW2649 Background Carrier [1.8kg]
Set of End-Stops
Adaptor Spigot
Use these to connect curtains, canvas or
muslin background cloths directly to the HiGlide rail.
BW2634 Curtain Runners [444g]
Enables you to mount a Quadx onto a HiGlide system away from the floor creating
more studio space and helps to remove
potentially dangerous trailing power cords.
BW7680 Quadx Bracket [2.4kg]
Tool and set of 10 bands to attach mains
cables to the outside of Litelift Pantographs
and Cable Transfer Runners.
BW2618 Small Band Kit
[27g per pack]
BW2625 Large Band Kit
[29g per pack]
Spring Adjustment Key
Safety Cable
Spring Retaining Clip
Here is an easy way to get started with the Hi-Glide system.
This converts the female end of the
Extension Tubes or Litelift Pantographs to a
male spigot for attaching lighting units.
BW2609 Adaptor Spigot [86g]
A Spring Removal Key should always be
used when altering the tension of a spring
when attached to a Litelift.
BW2614 Spring Adjustment Key [50g]
A single Safety Cable should be used for all
connections on Hi-Glide system; lights to
pantographs, pantographs to carriages,
carriages to rails etc.
BW2619 Safety Cable [57g]
Spare Retaining Clip for securing springs to
Litelift pantographs.
BW2699 Spring Retaining Clip [16g]
Short Fixing Bracket.
Double Carriage.
Double Carriage with Brake.
Single Carriage.
Litelift Pantograph (inc springs, safety cable, spigot & cable fixings).
Cable Transfer Runners
Hi-Glide Starter Kit (excluding rails)
See page 70 for details on Hi-Glide rails.
75 - Hi-Glide System
A set of End Rail Stops.
Includes eight end stops plus all necessary
screws and bolts.
BW2606 End Stops [74g]
Kit contains:
A. 6 of BW2629
B. 2 of BW2603
C. 2 of BW2620
D. 3 of BW2604
E. 3 of BW2608
F. 5 of BW2607
| Starter Kit
This set contains everything (except rails) to create a three head Hi-Glide system.
It is also a good basis for many other Hi-Glide configurations and is great for most small to
medium sized studios.
| Accessories
74 - Hi-Glide Rail System
Battery System
Travelpak Accessories
Travelpak Battery system
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Continuous Light
76 - Bowens System
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The Gimlet
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