Platinum - How it works
Advanced Bionics PSP
Platinum Sound Processor
Sensitivity control
Most comfortable level set at 12
Turn to left to decrease sensitivity in
noisy environments
Turn to right to increase sensitivity
when listening to quiet sounds.
Volume control:
This will be set so the most
comfortable level is at 12 o’clock.
It is adjusted in the normal way.
Program selector:
For turning on and off.
For selecting the
For listening with the
microphone tester.
The LED indicator
Gives information
3-4 quick red blinks
2 quick red blinks
1 red blink or 0 blinks
After the battery lights are
(communication finished, a continuously
flashing red light (once per
processor and
second) indicates problem
with lock
A rapidly flashing red light
indicates the wrong processor
or a problem with the
After the battery warning
and system
lights, the LED should flash
green in response to loud
sound but the green light
should not illuminate
What does it mean?
Battery fully charged
Battery sufficiently charged
Battery need recharging
Make sure headpiece is on
properly. If no improvement,
replace cable and then
Make sure the correct
processor is being used.
Contact the CI team.
This shows that whole system
is working correctly.
If it is illuminated constantly,
refer to CI centre.
For key to LED signals see Troubleshooting Platinum Processor
The auxiliary jack
Used for auxiliary microphone and telephone adaptor as well as other external
auditory input systems eg. iPod.
The auxiliary microphone
This can be used instead of the microphone on the headpiece. It can also be
used if testing reveals a possible problem with the headpiece microphone. It is
plugged into the auxiliary jack.
Microphone tester earphones
These are used to test the quality of sound received by the headpiece
microphone. While listening through the tester earphones, the LED display will
not function. It is plugged into the auxiliary jack.
The battery compartment
This slides on and off the bottom of the processor.
Audible alarm
A useful option for young children. When the headpiece falls off, the processor
beeps and the LED flashes red. If the beep continues once the headpiece has
been replaced on the head, this suggests a problem between the processor and
the implant. This might be solved by a new cable or headpiece.
The headpiece and cable
The cable should only be removed from the headpiece if it is being replaced.
The processor should always be switched off before removing the cable from the
The headpiece falling off
• There is a headpiece clip which uses hair to help keep the headpiece in
place. This is not available with the Hi Res 90K implant.
• Double sided wig tape can also be used to keep the headpiece in place.
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A complete user guide for this product with clear details on
everything you could want to know is at
There is also a series of video clips showing how this processor is used at:
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