RC-1590 - Audiogamma
Stereo Preamplifier
Stereo Preamplifier
It’s all about control.
The RC-1590 stereo preamplifier has been engineered
to the highest audio performance levels and provides
an incredible level of control and flexibility for the
user. Starting with a high performance power
supply consisting of two Rotel custom built toroidal
transformers for maximum efficiency and low magnetic
fields, these transformers provide low-noise isolation
between the analog and digital signals. They are part of
a reference-grade power supply consisting of individual
analog and digital regulator circuits with custom-made
slit-foil capacitors. Slit-foil capacitors have very quick
charge/discharge times and low signal loss ensuring
tight bass performance.
Rotel engineers wanted to create a reference quality
stereo preamplifier to match with our new RB-1590
stereo power amplifier. Every aspect of component
selection and circuit topography was designed and
carefully evaluated during multiple listening sessions
to ensure the highest fidelity. For example, analog and
digital circuits were designed separately, by specialized
Rotel teams. Analog inputs are all very low noise
circuitry and include a high performance moving magnet
phono stage. Digital inputs are fully isolated and feature
a precision 32bit 768KHz Digital to Analog Converter
The RC-1590 is fully feature-laden with Balanced XLR
and Unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs, a TI precision
volume control IC, a fixed volume line output, dual mono
subwoofer outputs, digital outputs (Coax and Optical),
digital inputs (3 Coax and 3 Optical), Aux, CD, and
Tuner analog inputs, Internal APTX Bluetooth (supports
APTX and standard Bluetooth) with rear mounted
external antenna, a front USB iPod with 2.1A charging
input, and rear panel PC-USB 24bit 192KHz input
supporting DSD (Windows) and DoP (MAC computers
DSD over PCM).
Other essential features include a remote control,
2 x 12-volt trigger outputs, a dimmable display, an
automatic power off function (configurable), RS232 and
IP control for automation system integration, Internet
based software updates, Rotel Link connection, a
detachable IEC power cord, an external IR remote input,
and a front mounted 3.5mm headphone output jack.
For music enthusiasts who won’t accept compromise,
the RC-1590 preamplifier is in a class by itself, at a price
that belies its incredible performance.
Total Harmonic Distortion
(20Hz - 20kHz)
Input Sensitivity/Impedance
Phono Input (MM)
Line Level Inputs (RCA)
Line Level Inputs (XLR)
Output Level
Line Level (RCA)
Balanced (XLR)
Frequency Response
Phono Input
Line Level Inputs
Rotel of America
54 Concord St.
N. Reading, MA 01864 USA
T +1 978 664 3820
F +1 978 664 4109
2.5 mV / 47k ohms
150 mV / 100k ohms
250 mV / 100k ohms
20Hz - 20kHz, 0 ±0.2 dB
10Hz - 100kHz, 0 ±0.1 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio (A weighting)
Phono Input
Line Level Inputs
Channel Separation
Phono Input
Line Level Inputs
Digital Section
Frequency Response
Signal to Noise Ratio (A weighting)
Digital Inputs
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Standby Power Consumption
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Front Panel Height
Weight (net)
80 dB
110 dB
>75 dB
>75 dB
20Hz - 20kHz, (±0.5 dB, Max)
90 dB
SPDIF LPCM (up to 192kHz 24bit)
USB Audio Class 1.0 (up to 96kHz 24bit)
USB Audio Class 2.0 (up to 192kHz 24bit)*
*Driver installation required
DSD Replay - native or DoP
120 V, 60 Hz
230 V, 50 Hz
25 watts
<0.5 watts
78 BTU/h
431 x 144 x 348mm, 17 x 5 7/8 x 13 7/9 in
3U (132.6mm, 5 1/4 in)
9.2 kg, 20.28 lbs.
Stereo Power Amplifier
Stereo Power Amplifier
Power - refined, detailed, and plenty of it. Rotel’s new
Class AB stereo power amplifier is rated at 350 watts
per channel into 8 ohms both channels driven. That
is a lot of power, but larger listening rooms or less
sensitive loudspeaker designs require it to bring out
the best possible performance and attain realistic
audio dynamics.
But power unrefined has never been a Rotel design
goal. Every aspect of circuit design has been carefully
considered and each component has been rigorously
selected after extensive listening sessions. The circuit
topography has been laid out in a true monoblock
design ensuring maximum signal separation and
improved stereo imaging.
The impressive capabilities of this amplifier begin
with a solid foundation consisting of twin, massive
toroidal transformers custom made by Rotel. These
transformers are just part of a rock-solid power supply
that includes eight special British made BHC capacitors,
known for their low loss and quick response times.
These components will continue to supply all of the
voltage and current requirements needed, even under
the most difficult load conditions.
Features include: XLR Balanced and RCA input
connections, two pair of 5-way speaker binding posts,
12-volt trigger control, thermal protection circuitry, overcurrent, over-voltage protection circuitry, dual staged
power on relay to reduce surge current and extend
longevity, and a detachable IEC power cord all in
a 5 U chassis with included rack ears.
The RB-1590 has been designed for the most
discerning audio enthusiast and will provide the
highest levels of audio performance.
Continuous Power Output
(20 - 20kHz, <0.03%, 8 ohms)
Total Harmonic Distortion
(20Hz - 20kHz, 8 ohms)
Intermodulation Distortion
(60Hz : 7kHz, 4 : 1)
Frequency Response
(±0.5 dB)
Damping Factor
(1kHz, 8 ohms)
Speaker Impedance
Rotel of America
54 Concord St.
N. Reading, MA 01864 USA
T +1 978 664 3820
F +1 978 664 4109
350 watts/channel
10Hz - 100kHz
4 ohms minimum
Signal to Noise Ratio (A weighting)
Channel Separation
Input Impedance/Sensitivity
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
BTU (4 ohms, 1/8th power)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Front Panel Height
Weight (net)
120 dB
>64 dB
12k ohms / 2.2 V
100k ohms / 3.5 V
27.5 dB (±0.5 dB)
23.5 dB (±0.5 dB)
120 volts, 60 Hz
230 volts, 50 Hz
800 watts
< 0.5 watts
2100 BTU/h
431 x 237 x 454mm
17 x 9 3/8 x 17 7/8 in
5U / 221mm / 8 3/4 in
38.1kg, 84 lb
DAB+ Tuner / Internet Radio / Audio Streamer
The RT-1570 not only offers conventional radio
reception for FM and DAB stations (including
DAB+ where available), but features internet radio
streaming and audio playback from a media server.
Internally the RT-1570 features one of Rotel’s
renown toroid transformers with separate windings
for four independent power supplies; Two for the
DAC circuits and a third for the filter and output
stages. The filter/output circuits also include
‘Slit-Foil’ capacitors specifically developed for
this model. The fourth power supply supports
subsidiary circuits including the CPU and display.
All of these circuits feature independent regulation
and filtering as befits an audiophile product.
The Wolfson DAC offers the advantage of differential
outputs to maximise performance, in conjunction
with selected components for the signal path,
filter circuits and output stages.
As well as receiving FM and DAB (DAB+) stations,
the RT-1570 will accept a range of audio codecs
(most notably mp3, FLAC and AIF), with resolution
and sampling rates up to 24bit/96kHz. This versatility
means that most internet radio services and very
high-resolution audio files (normally stored on a local
media server) will be reproduced in their native format
and resolution. You may also be interested to know
that other Rotel products, such as the RA-1570 or
RC-1570 feature a special PC-USB input that can
reproduce digital audio files of up to 24 bit/192kHz
The RT-1570 can easily be incorporated into
multi room systems via RS232 and controlled
with the likes of Crestron or AMX. The ‘Rotel Link’
is a straight forward ‘plug and play’ method of
controlling compatible ‘Rotel Link’ products including
amplifiers and CD players. The RT-1570 includes
a 12V trigger for simple system on-off control.
Rotel of America • 54 Concord St. • N. Reading, MA 01864 USA
T +1 978 664 3820 • F +1 978 664 4109
DAB+ / FM / internet radio with network streaming
Separate 30 pre-set memory banks for DAB,
FM and internet radio
Audiophile Wolfson DAC converts the FM / DAB+
module’s digital output to analogue for improved
audio performance
Playback of high resolution files up to 24bit/96KHz
High performance Rotel designed and built
toroidal transformer
Wound sectional transformer to separate digital
and analogue circuits for virtually noise free audio
signal paths
4 independent voltage regulator circuits
for the digital and analogue circuits
Slit foil capacitors utilized in power supply section
to minimise noise and distortion.
RT-1570 circuit layout and components derived
from the RC-1570 pre-amplifier development
Both digital and analogue outputs are available
for maximum system integration and flexibility
DAB+ Tuner / Internet Radio / Audio Streamer
FM Tuner
Usable Sensitivity
50dB Quieting Sensitivity
Signal to Noise Ratio (at 70 dBf)
Harmonic Distortion (at 70 dBf)
Frequency Response
Stereo Separation (100Hz/1kHz)
Output Level
Antenna Input
DAB Tuner
Tuning Range
Audio Data Rate
Frequency Response
Analog Output
Antenna Input
Network Connection
File Formats
(UPnP Music Server)
Power Consumption
Standby Power Consumption
(normal mode)
Power Requirements (AC)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Front Panel Height
Weight (net)
22.2 dBf
27.2 dBf (mono)
65 dBf
60 dBf
10Hz-15kHz, ±3 dB
40 dB/30 dB
75 ohms unbalanced
-80 dBm
Band III (174-240MHz)
224Kbps (Max)
20-20kHz, ±0.2 dB
2.3V at 0 dBFs
75 ohms F connector
802.11 b/g
AAC, MP3, WMA (except
lossless), OGG vorbis,
16 watts
0.5 watts
120V, 60 Hz
230V, 50 Hz
430 x 99 x 310mm
17 x 4 x 12 1/4 in
2U (88.1mm, 3 1/2 in)
6.33kg, 13.96 lb
Rotel of America • 54 Concord St. • N. Reading, MA 01864 USA
T +1 978 664 3820 • F +1 978 664 4109
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