Amcor PLDM 22E User manual
User Manual
Thank you for choosing this innovative Home Dehumidifer. We suggest that you
keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. It explains the many benefits
and advanced features this unique product has to offer. Before you use your new Home
dehumidifier you should carefully read these instructions to maximise this products
For over 60 years Amcor has specialised in complete indoor environmental control,
manufacturing and marketing dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, coolers, air
purifiers, ionisers and aroma therapy scent diffusers. These world class products
incorporate the latest technological developments.
For your safety please read the following information.
Warning: This appliance must be earthed.
The appliance is supplied with a moulded 13 amp 3 pin mains plug fitted with a
13 amp fuse. Should the fuse require replacement, it must be replaced with a fuse
rated at 13 amp and approved to BS1362.
The plug contains a removable fuse cover that must be refitted when the fuse is
replaced. In the event of the fuse cover being lost or damaged, the plug must not be
used until a replacement cover has been obtained.
If the moulded mains plug is unsuitable for the socket outlet in your home or is
removed for any other reason, the the fuse should be removed and the cut off plug
disposed of safely to prevent the hazard of electric shock.
There is a danger of electric shock if the cut off plug is inserted into any 13 amp
socket outlet.
Important: how to wire a 13 amp plug
The wires in the mains lead on this appliance are coloured in accordance with the
As the colours may not correspond with the markings
identifying the terminals in your plug proceed as follows:
The GREEN AND YELLOW wire must be
connected to the terminal in the plug which is
marked with the letter E or with the earth
or coloured green and yellow.
The BLUE wire must be connected to the terminal
marked N or coloured black.
The BROWN wire must be connected to the
terminal marked L or coloured red.
13 Amp
Before any installation, use or maintenance, read the safety instructions in this
manual carefully.
Remove all packaging materials from the unit, keep it away from babies and small
children to avoid the danger of suffocation.
Pull out the water tank and remove the power cable. Ensure the cable is free of any
bends or kinks before use. Before inserting the plug in the wall socket make sure
that the voltage is within the range indicated on the rating label on the unit.
The dehumidifier is intended exclusively for the use for which it was created. Amcor
is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use.
As with all electrical appliances, please use with care.
The first time that you use the unit please ensure that it has been standing for
2 hours in an upright position before it is switched on.
NOTE: The unit is not to be used in temperatures under 5 °C. IMPORTANT!
• The unit is designed for indoor operation.
• Rating: This unit must be connected to a 220-240 V / 50Hz earthed outlet.
• Installation must be in accordance with regulations of the country where the unit
is used.
If you are in any doubt about the electrical installation, have it checked and if
necessary modified by a qualified electrician.
• Unplug when not in use. Do not unplug by pulling the cord.
• Do not operate this product with wet hands.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Do not clean the unit by spraying it or immersing it in water.
• Disconnect it from the mains before cleaning the unit or any of its components.
• Always unplug before changing the carbon filter.
• Do not connect the unit to an electrical outlet using an extension cord. If a power
outlet is not available, one should be installed by a licensed electrician.
• The appliance is not to be used by children or persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they
have been given supervision or instruction.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Do not use your dehumidifier under the following conditions:
Your AMCOR dehumidifier will begin to protect your home from the harmful effects of
excessive moisture as soon as it is turned on.
Excess moisture travels throughout your home, in the same way that cooking smells
spread around the house. For this reason, the dehumidifier should be positioned in a
central and clear location so that it can draw this moist air from all over the home. A warm
hallway or landing is an excellent position for your dehumidifier. If possible, leave interior
doors ajar to allow air circulation. Alternatively, if you have a serious problem in one area
you can begin by positioning the dehumidifier there and moving it to a more central
location at a later date.
For the most effective use, run your dehumidifier with external doors and windows kept
closed. Please note the unit should not be placed directly against a radiator or other
heat source.
When positioning your AMCOR dehumidifier, ensure that it is placed securely on a level
surface clear of any obstacle that may limit the air movement.
Before you move the unit, switch it off and empty the water tank.
Keep a minimal 0.2m safety distance between
the appliance and any inflammable surface
5. Air inlet & filter
6. Water tank
7. Supply cord
8. Continuous drainage port
9. Cable clip
1. Air outlet
2. Control Panel
3. Castors
4. Handle
7 6
LED indicators &
1. Water tank full
2. On/Off Switch
3. Timer
4. LED display
5. Humidistat
6. Low fan speed
7. High fan speed
Always unplug the unit from the mains before carrying out any maintenance or
cleaning the unit.
Cleaning the body
Use only a soft cloth to wipe the unit clean.
Do not use volatile chemicals, petrol, detergents, chemically treated cloths or other
harmful cleansing solutions. These could all possibly damage the abs case.
Cleaning the washable air filter
This dehumidifier is equipped with a washable filter.
This will capture most airborne pollutants like dust,
smoke, animal dander, mould spores and pollen to
create a less irritating living environment.
It is advisable to check the filter on a regular basis
(at least monthly and after storage) and clean as necessary:
• Extract the filter holder
• Use a vacuum cleaner or tap the filter lightly.
If the filter is particularly dirty, use luke-warm water with
a small amount of medium strength detergent and rinse
thoroughly under the cold water tap.
Make sure the filter is completely dry before replacing.
Do not expose the filter to sunlight or other sources of
direct heat as this may cause the filter and frame to warp.
When the water tank is full, the unit will switch off automatically and beep 15 times, t
he LED [1] on the control panel will light up. The tank needs to be emptied:
• Lightly press on the sides of the tank with both hands
and pull out gently.
• After discarding of the water, gently push the tank
back into its place. The LED light will go off.
1. Do not remove the float from the water tank,
the Water full sensor will no longer be able to
detect the water level correctly without the float
and water may leak from the water tank.
2.If the drainage tank is dirty, wash it with cold or
lukewarm water. Do not use detergent, scouring pads,
chemically treated dust cloths, gasoline, benzene, thinner,
or other solvents, as these can scratch and damage the
tank and cause water leakage.
3. When replacing the drainage tank, press the tank
firmly into place with both hands. If the tank is
not positioned properly, the “TANK FULL” sensor
will be activated, and the dehumidifier will not operate.
For the continuous drainage please refer to the following instructions and picture.
1. Switch off the unit and remove the plug from the electrical outlet.
2. Cut out the hole (move part A) for the drainage tube on the tank.
3.Push a drain tube (14mm outer diamete r,
10mm inner diameter) through the hole,
and connect to the continuous drainage
port (part B).
4. Place the other end in a drain. Make sure the tube
is free from twists and bends/
The water tank has to remain in place, even
when using continuous drainage.
Move the unit on a stable,
even surface.
Electrical products must not be disposed of with household waste. This product
should be taken to your local recycling centre for safe disposal.
Please, for your own convenience, make these simple checks before calling the service line.
1. Has the unit been standing upright? (for at least 2 hrs)
2. Is the unit plugged into the mains? Is the fuse OK?
3. Switch the unit on and wait three minutes to see if the issue is resolved.
4. Check whether the water tank is full.
If the unit still fails to operate call: 0871 620 1057 or fill the online form
Office hours: 9AM - 5PM Monday to Friday
Unit 2, The Nursery, Berristow Lane, South Normanton, Derbyshire, DE55 2FX
Made in P.R.C.
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